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i recently started this manhwa lady to queen and i dropped it
the emperor was like the most trashy ML i have ever come across he is the next level of sovieshu:blobthumbsdown:
in the past and the present life he already had a trashy lover and was too dumb to know her true colors :blobtired:because of him in the past life FLs sister had a miserable life because she was his wife and on top of all that he was also the one who executed the FLs family
throughout his life he hated and manipulated the FL and at the end he ended up falling for her:blobconfused:

and most of all i cant understand the FL who after all this still fell for him and even had kids :notlikeblob:
i mean literally he was the one who destroyed her sisters life and also executed her family:blobdizzy:


    1. hypersniper159 Sep 22, 2022
      wait until you read "the remarried empress" lol its a different level of trashy. just read to chapter 200ish and the rest is just a repeat of what yo ujust read basically. Although that's just a guess. I only read to 220.

      basically, the part that did it for me was when ml literally gave the empress food that demolished any possibility to have children and then divorces her. Mind you she always wanted to live a normal life when she was younger which is when she got poisoned. the guys said nothing about it and divorced her later. Then ask her to be the 'his' queen again btw only the reader knows this.

      Although this novel has many, many MANY, flaws, it does the drama exceptional. The author only allows the reader to know everything. And other people don't talk to each other because of the plot and their relationships with one another. So if they hate each other then they wont want to clear the misunderstanding. I'm explaining it badly but if you read it you will understand.