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Found a cute story from danmeila and mc form is this image.
MTL summary
"To sprout Mouse Diary After marriage" strange by- a long spear picture -, t

Soviet noon is small flying squirrel in a forest, has the jet black bright big eye, the charming informer and has spread the lip gloss common small lip, is in the forest the most attractive sprouting thing.
Until one day, him turns into the human form, was caught up to descend the mountain by Dasongshu, making him do good to save the merit ......
Small flying squirrel of first descending the mountain after tasting the food of humanity, immediately fell to the enemy, but he does not have money to purchase more food.
Heard that the human husband retirement woman is perfectly justified, therefore, he decides to look for husband
o(*////▽////*)o~ to himself first
The inflammation flies to raise in the forest carries out the task is seriously injured, before coming to the verge of death, was been attractive the demon common youth to rescue by one as if, he has not thought how was good to thank this savior, the demon youth actually with all one's heart wants to be his "wife" ......
Soviet noon winks the big eye to go all out to him to sell to sprout: Flies to raise, flies to raise you to be my husband to be good, I will be very clever am obedient very much, so long as you give me every day little few food good ~
The inflammation flies to raise: ......
A few words synopsis: Sprouts the marital diary of mouse youth and blood and iron dauntless man
Sprouts the mouse youth VS blood and iron dauntless man to be attacked (inflammation to fly by (Su Wu) to raise), the unreliable imaginary story, favors Su Susu sweetly, gives birth, 1VS1, HE.
[Su Wu contour reference "the Siberia flying squirrel", everybody can Baidu, not look at the regret, is not the stupid author writes Soviet really intentionally spicily! Others were natural are the dark reddish purple sprout and existence of Su Po horizon!!! ]
"Sprouts Mouse Diary After marriage"


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