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To my dearest friend, ​
There's something I must say from my heart, of course, you might find me or see me strange after but nevertheless, I want to express something to you. Don't you think there's something beautiful in destruction? Amidst the rubble and debris, lies a hidden beauty for all to see. For in the midst of destruction's grasp, I believe a new kind of wonder begins to clasp.
The shattered fragments of what was, may now lay scattered like nature's artful cause. Did you know? that every piece tells its own tales, of strength, of resilience, and fighting to prevail?
The chaos of destruction although I admit, can be frightening, but it can also reveal to us a kind of beauty that the heart feels. A new light will begin and repair amid the darkness and despair. Isn't that amazing?
So although I may sound crazy, perhaps a little insane, I just want you to know that we shouldn't fear the destructive force, instead, we must look for its source. For in the center of the devastation, a new kind of beauty forms. ​
Truly yours,
Your most loveable, dearest, best of friends
(now i know this might be an exaggeration but let me be ahh xD)

Actually they wrote it on my sketchbook, and I think I asked them for whom the letter was but they didn't say to whom it was supposed to be so I'm just gonna reply to that letter as it really was so poetically beautiful and intriguing, so to that friend of mine, I know you are dealing with a storm of your own, I hope this can find it's way to your heart and can comfort you even just a little bit, I wish for your successful journey, don't forget that you are never alone and that you can always come to us for comfort.


    1. Little Evil Mar 18, 2023
      You have to break something to make something else in its place~
      Important is to use the destruction to build something in its place I think~
      Else it really just turns out ugly ^^
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    2. amilhs Mar 17, 2023
      *pat pat*
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