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I regret not saying this when I should have. Instead I said "Come back!" "Don't go!" and even "Troll" and accused you of "eating up" my likes lol...

You remember my blog about waiting? It was worth it ... That's why I waited. That's why I could get impaitient. Also the words at the end "assure me that I would miss you the same way if you aren't here".

But now it's futile. Maybe I should accept it. So I can stop hurting myself. So... I am not waiting @Ruyue. You have become a part of my memories regardless. I will miss you.

I was asked to create a thread about you... But I am not sure what will be the reaction... So I chose a more safer and silent place.

Ruyue, you were a troll. A tease. But I came to know that someone will only troll and tease you if they were close and comfortable with you. That's why I even trusted you with @Blob fund chan lol. (I hope this isn't a secret? Regardless I don't want it to be lol).

I will miss you scamming me for avatars.
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Obviously I was... Thank you so much... @Blitz x @Ruyue (BLUE} forever!!! You can't change my mind!
PS: he was already short on nuffies!

I will miss you spamming me with 2k+ alerts for the first time lol (and nobody has yet beat this personal record of yours to me lol). Honestly those spam were embarrassing, they gave me both first hand and second hand embarrassment lol. But it gave me a laugh.

I will miss you crack shipping me lol. Thanks! (This is a part I find pretty embarrassing so... I would rather not go in too much detail lol)

On that note tbh... I found you really... supportive. You were legit labelled a "rebel" but I liked how you didn't "decieve" me and donated all your meagre amount of nuffies for @Blob fund chan. Thanks for the hyperthink :blobhyperthink: blob its really like you lol. Also... That's honestly when your wifey @Blitz got on my nerves for apparently going against it lol. (But ofc he did help lol, but it's easy for me to get salty :blobsalt:).

Also thanks for shipping @Blob fund chan with @Get Tony To Tease Parth Fund as well lol..

So... *Shrug* I guess I ranted enough. I dunno if I did a good job directly mentioning the names of users but... Lel :blobtongue: I dunno if you will even see it. But I needed to let it out...

Also I promoted @Ruyue as my brother :blobtriumph:.

See you,


    1. SamGoingHam Apr 20, 2019
      ;-; I become inactive for a bit and Ruyue is gone. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob:
      @Nyan sempai thanks for the blog. At least we'll have another thing to remember Ruyue by :blobdog: and many others who missed the opportunity to get to know him will also see it. Unfortunately, the person who this Blog is dedicated to may never seen it. :blobcry::blobsad:
      Let's all wish him good luck on his journey in life \o/
    2. AMissingLinguist Apr 17, 2019
      That's deep. I didn't know someone like @Ruyue would want to become long lasting friends online with Nuffians here. :blobwoah::blobsob: So long, happy wishes, and good luck! :blobsalute:
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    3. SummerForest Apr 17, 2019
      Lol Sempai, when did I ever say that? Don't cry please, I just meant that it's really difficult to believe that someone is a friend online.
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    4. Nyann Apr 17, 2019
    5. SummerForest Apr 17, 2019
      @Bad Storm, I opened your linked thread from a desktop.
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    6. Bad Storm Apr 17, 2019
      @TwilightForest You can't see it even when your phone is on landscape mode? If that doesn't work then you could just apply desktop mode on your browser.
    7. SummerForest Apr 17, 2019
      Thank you, @Bad Storm, for reminding me how to see a signature. I'm on a phone and the signatures don't show here automatically.
      @Nyan sempai, I read what Ruyue wanted everyone to know. He wanted a 'real' friend and not just an 'associate'. But in cyber world, real friendship is extremely hard to come by. Interactions through role play and a few random convos can never give that sense of security and belonging that define true friendship.
      It's easier to find nice, relatable people, but to become friends with them needs more endeavour from both end and that's where we get stuck.
      There was never a chance of him accepting me as a relatable person, 'cuz I was friendly with the person in his ignore list and I never made any attempt to know him well. I guess I loved to watch him playing around happily with the young brigade *sigh*
      Sempai, next time you find someone this relatable, just hold them tight, ok?
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    8. Effugium Apr 13, 2019