Blitz's dare list



Playing ping-pong around the milky way~ ☄️
Blog Posts:
  • Make a thread about people favourite animals
  • Sing a song
  • compliment people with poems(6/10)
  • Make 5 blogs
  • use a digimon avi
  • make a thread about a certain someone
  • create a minigame

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    1. Bad Storm May 4, 2021
      Ahh yes, another dare list. As expected of Blitz :blobrofl:

      why you too lazy to them early
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    2. Blitz May 4, 2021
    3. Bad Storm May 4, 2021
      fun fact: I got one of your 21 dare list under watched blogs... some aren't crossed out yet
    4. Blitz May 4, 2021
    5. Bad Storm May 4, 2021
      two years later and we're still waiting for that song
      help me out here, @Archaic pickle and @Ruyue (if you're still alive and well)
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    6. Ruyue May 4, 2021
      @Bad Storm True, he had to sing a song. @Blitz how much longer will you keep the world waiting?
      If your unsure of a song, how about this one?
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    7. Bobasis May 4, 2021
      Did you ever do the bath water one @Blitz
    8. Blitz May 4, 2021

      @Ruyue that's astley ain't it? also I'm ready, it's just that tato hasn't appeared again
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