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An upside down woman who bullies watermelons once said to me

I hope you enjoy creating hundreds of thousands of words and a completely new grammar structure.....

And, well, it is a problem.

But it also has a very simple solution.

We are going to generalise like hell.

Joy? Happy? Good? Healthy? Fix? Excitement? Repair?

All are one word. That word would be decided later on, or you can give recommendations now, and it would be defined as

Anything positive.

Same with

Sad, depressed, sick, ill, hurts, wounded, dead....

Okay, we probably need a few more words.

Dead definitely needs its own word, give recommendations.

And coming back to negative words

Sad, depressed, bad, useless, ill, broken

All will be same word. Give recommendations what, and it would be defined as

Something bad.


If you are sad, sick, depressed, same words will be used.

If your bone is broken, if your house is burnt, if your friends betray you, the same word would still be used.




We need some adjectives.

Very, excess, big, etc, will be one word. Decide what it would be.

Small, little, few, etc will be one word. Do your thing now.

Also, one thing I saw in Toki Pona,

The meaning of nibble is same as little.

And meaning of glomp is same as big.

Weird, right?

So, about pronouns.

Even though they will exist(probably) I rather not use them. Let's have that unless its not confusing, pronouns can be skipped.



Should be enough to say "I am Agentt."

Or so I hope...


This is a bit late but, about consonants, I searched and found that 'p', 't', 'k', 'm' and 'n' are almost universal consonants.

That is, they are found in almost all languages.

So...hopefully, these 5 consonants will be enough.

I know they won't be. So, let's include B, D, V, S and K as well.

Also, regarding the vowel system, I have decided to use

Aa, as an AAAHHH

Ow, as in cow

Au, as in awe

O, as in Oh

Oo, as in gloom

Ae, as in Hey

I, as in wryyyyyyy

So....get to work people. I need some new words.

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    1. Isaac20 Jun 20, 2021
      Haha? :blobcat_hyper:
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    2. Agentt Jun 20, 2021
    3. Isaac20 Jun 20, 2021
      Tsktsk... I knew you were weird. But not to this extend.:facepalm:
      But you can do it as Vivi said.
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    4. daisukenowaifu Jun 20, 2021
      "Break the pinata" will become "pinata sad" or something? "Let me break that sugar cane for you" will become "Let me make sugar cane sad"? It sorta corrupts the meaning, but I guess this should be used as a second language, aye? The human brain is weird, it will work a pattern for native speakers, I guess.

      And for pronouns, I don't like them! Just use names like Japanese, and for plural make one word. Or... make all pronouns one word, except first and second-person cause I don't know how that'll work.

      And that narcissism is just excellent:blobokhand:
    5. Agentt Jun 20, 2021
      If I have a broken car, I can say "Make car happy". Same if my bone is broken, I can say "Bone sad"
    6. daisukenowaifu Jun 20, 2021
      "Fix" and "repair" can't be considered as positive; neither can "broken" and "useless". Even though these terms are used by the english-speaking mass for other purposes, it all actually stems from the original verb, right? So, maybe they can't be the same?
    7. Agentt Jun 20, 2021
      No, no, you are misunderstanding. I am giving you the honor of working with me
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    8. daisukenowaifu Jun 20, 2021
      Creator of this thing is you... and you wish for us to work?