Greed and Dissatisfaction



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Blog Posts:
Among top bloggers I am at #5 now.
And top commenters #7

I am probably gonna shortly break through the notable members list too. But a slight dissatisfaction remains.

I am pretty satisfied with the rank of by blogs as far likes and comments are concerned. Same for my threads. But I have always being slightly dissatisfied with the number of views. But it is something I cannot make others force to do so. Blogs are just what I feel written in a blunder of words~

But threads are a different case though. Also the older threads have statistically a lot more views than newer ones. More or less similar case for blogs. This figures make me a bit sad as I am someone who wants to see this forum continue to be alive. :blobsad: but I cannot help it though~ I will just keep creating more. I still have wtg for 100 blogs~! blobmelt_thumbs

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    1. AliceShiki Jul 20, 2019
      It's kinda sad, but it does seem like NUF isn't as active as it was before... I don't think it's at a decline in activity though, just not at its peak anymore~
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    2. Nyann Jul 19, 2019
    3. Emmyy Jul 18, 2019
    4. Nyann Jul 18, 2019
      @Blitz I still don't get it :blob_tilt: busted blogs? You mean he has a blog titled that?
    5. Blitz Jul 18, 2019
      @Nyann when I busted blogs this was the first one I saw and that was what came to my mind first
      @Fossil of course
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    6. SpearOfLies Jul 18, 2019
    7. Nyann Jul 18, 2019
    8. Fossil Jul 18, 2019
      @Blitz, did I actually say that?!