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I really want to write one of the prompts, but I feel like I'll just make it bad and disappoint everyone with my bad writing skills!
Please tell me whether I should do it or not!

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    1. Stripedhatbecomesgay Sep 27, 2022
      Honestly, I think I'll do that later today
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    2. Stripedhatbecomesgay Sep 27, 2022
      Haha I still have tons of likes to give
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    3. Orris Sep 27, 2022
      i ran out of likes to give Orz

      but good to see youve decided on a prompt
      it was first come first serve reservations
    4. Orris Sep 27, 2022
      The title of this blog?
      it doesnt, it just says Help! <.<

      i initially thought you were going to write with some random topic
    5. Stripedhatbecomesgay Sep 27, 2022
      I'm gonna do it since I have to go soon
      I think I'll take #10
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    6. Stripedhatbecomesgay Sep 27, 2022
      Hey how does my title help you figure that out?
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    7. Orris Sep 27, 2022
      *thinks* now that you say that there was a yuri writing blogpost
      <.< *looks at your title*
      *nods* mhm makes sense~ _( :з)∠)_

      #13 sounds easier to right maybe but thats just me~ ( ̄▽ ̄✿)
    8. Stripedhatbecomesgay Sep 27, 2022
      Oh, I thought you already saw the blog, oops
      #10 - Strong body, but soft heart meets a tease
      #13 - Popular x Mob character
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