I guess I'm a "Well-Known Member" now.


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Well, would you lookie there! I've been upgraded to a "Well-Known Member"! Hmmmmm:hmm: But am I really well known? Do a lot of people really know me?? I wouldn't be surprised if someone said no. I've only been here for a few months. some people have their likes and posts in the thousands and I've never seen them before. I must say avatars help a lot! If someone changes their avatar I probably won't recognize you. but if they keep their avatar I probably will recognize them. any whooo~~ I think it's pretty cool that I was upgraded. Okay cool, thanks, bye~~:sushi_bye:

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    1. Naruin Aug 16, 2019
      *nods* *remembers you*
      heya congrats!! *scatters confetti*
    2. Nyann Aug 16, 2019
      I see and remember you too o/ you also had joined in the @Tony avatar infection o/
    3. Bad Storm Aug 16, 2019
      You're familiar to me. I see you here and there on threads. :cookie:
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    4. Lonelycity Aug 16, 2019
      Most ppl change their avatars all the time and I think it won’t help you much in keeping track of ppl~~
      But heeey grats on being well known even if you ain’t really but it’s a title XXD