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The temperature is dropping and more and more blankets are being added to my bed. When I leave the house I use thicker clothing. My love for warm drinks, such as tea, grows evermore. The leaves on the trees have already turned from green, yellow, red, and brown. Half the trees don't even have leaves on them. But my favorite thing right now is my sore throat and cough. Oh, how I love to scare everyone in a mile radius with my majestic cough. When my throat feels like it has been scrapped with lovely sharp objects I can't help but cry a little. I even get to feel the best of both worlds. One side is dry as the beautiful Sahara desert. While the other side is like awe-inspiring Niagara Falls. I'll have to thank my dear dear friend for gifting me this exquisite little virus.

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    1. Loni4ever Dec 6, 2019
      Ah yes, the joy of colds and running noses, known and loved by everyone. Heck, I think I might experience it soon myself, with a sore throat indicating the blessed time to come. Boy, am I in for a ride, and I can't wait!
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    2. 25th bamm Dec 6, 2019
      Oh, ginger! I'm definitely going to eat some. haha I even have some ginger tea!
    3. Snowbun Dec 6, 2019
      I hope you get better soon! Have some ginger and chicken soup!
      (Sometimes ice cream helps soothing the throat too)