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I only let you dance when no one could see you,
only let you sing when no one could listen to you
only let you cry when no one could hold you.

Friends, families, coworkers, and lovers
No one,
Not even one person knows you are always in there.
Lusting to be let out for a second,
even for a moment.

Yet the dog is always aware that you are in there
and the birds know your beautiful voice is soft enough
to put their songs to shame.
Yet these gray walls know how beautifully you dance.

I am scared.
I am scared of how pure you are.
Of what I will become,
If I let you out, let you sing,
and let you breathe,
I am scared of losing my miserably small and safe world
to accept who I am.

Money runs out, people move on like strangers,
Friends move away, never to be seen again.
And I keep my fake smile, up and up.
Until my cheeks ached
Until my eyes become parched,
My smile falls and falls till it isn't even a smile anymore.

I look around, and I find people devoid of dreams,
and their little kid long dead,
Say a certain man in a certain place
all tired, eyes red,
walking down the long alley to work, just like he did
Yesterday and the day before yesterday,
Just like that certain kid who stopped playing the piano one day,
and you never saw him smiling again,

just the piano lying in the backyard,
all broken and torn down.

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    1. Raven Evernight Dec 15, 2021
      Hmm old friend I see you
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      CEO role play