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Kadupul flower* blooms at midnight*dies at dawn, Female
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@Bad Storm "you look your greatest when you feel like a damn queen"' :p.. we are all just playin a game tryin to win at life.."
Back from your poem..too sad!..

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    1. Bad Storm Nov 6, 2018
      Haha the last one? But the words are simple, the implications are a bit vague, too, the rhythm is barely there, is or really sad?

      Nice song btw
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    2. Silver Snake Nov 6, 2018
      Were the mountains hell? I hear that the high altitude can be... draining.
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    3. Emmyy Nov 6, 2018
      @Tycheri I love hiking..I always feel so alive when I go..come back refreshed..I think an inexperienced hiker might feel it draining:)
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    4. Emmyy Nov 6, 2018
      @Bad Storm I thought your poem's title all in caps made me say WHAT? Lololol
    5. Silver Snake Nov 6, 2018
      You were missed Emmyy! WELCOME BACK! HAHAHAHAHA!
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    6. Bad Storm Nov 6, 2018
      Oh, I didn't notice that '-'
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    7. Emmyy Nov 6, 2018
      @Tycheri HAHA.. I also found inspiration..I always pretend like Im a ninja in the Jianghu when Im roughing it lolol..might write a are yours coming?
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    8. Silver Snake Nov 6, 2018
      I think I'm giving up on my stories. I broke my writing hand doing something stupid. I think it's a sign I should probably stop writing. I think I'll try singing. I made a story called olympus online a week or two ago. You should check it out. It's in the community fictions section. I don't think you'd need to scroll down too long to find it.
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