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So i was playing this new game i got which is a Open World RPG, its quite quirky a lot if weird stuff and so many little details that you have to keep in mind or else you'd get killed there's this weird thing they added with Aliens that if you're not careful you'd get impregnated by it and i was like what? and you need to drink Sulfuric Acid to get it purged, Pretty weird. I always try to keep my characters Appetite to Full cuz i got killed by starvation once and didn't wanna die in such a dum way again, though i never thought that there'd be some quirky function again (thinking back it should've been obvious but i never encountered a game the increases your weight when you overeat and reduce your speed stat.)
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Not cool desu~ (个_个)

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    1. Agentt May 30, 2021
      What's the name?
    2. KhayDesu May 30, 2021
      yeah its pretty fun desu~ @Agentt though im still grasping the game mechanics desu~! I can't wait to slaughter the entire village once i get strong
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    3. Ddraig May 30, 2021
      Sounds like someone decided they liked PMD and Maidensnow Eve a lot >.<
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    4. Agentt May 30, 2021
      Sounds a pretty fun game to me
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    5. KhayDesu May 30, 2021
      it decreases my Speed desu~ I'm a thief so im a speed Build and it is crucial desu~ I may have to starve myself to regain my weight. Im already riddled with sickness in the game lol desu~ @SylviaViolet
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    6. SylviaViolet May 30, 2021
      Does it increase anything or is it just to show that you're a glutton?
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