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I'll be honest, I played this game when it first came out. Unfortunately, I lived in the middle of nowhere, so I couldn't do much. I didn't have wifi either, so even if I did go somewhere, I wasn't able to do anything unless there was public wifi. As you might expect, I didn't play long.

Well, today, my coworker found out that our school has a gym. Well, I am going to leave my mark. I've decided to start playing Pokemon Go again. To my surprise, there is a gym and two areas of interest within range of my house. Some other places are also nearby. Thinking about it, they might be the convenience store. Regardless, leveling is going to be a lot easier than it once was.


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    1. Lissi Dec 8, 2021
      Oh, congrats! I also used to live in the middle of nowhere and my parents wouldn't let me play games in the car... I was just like, nope this game doesn't work for me lol :blobjoy:
    2. AliceShiki Dec 8, 2021
      Have fun~

      I tried it once when it came out, but it lagged horribly on my super old phone, so I gave up very quickly~

      I'd probably be able to play today, but I can't say I have the mood for it... >.>