So... this dream I had.


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So I had this dream that I can remember disturbingly well. In the dream, I have this sibling that I can't remember(the only thing I can't remember). I don't remember if they were a boy or girl or their face, but I do remember that they were young. They were about 7 or 8 years old.
I was with my family at the park. We all came in the same car, so when I see my dad drive off quickly in the car with my younger sibling, I get worried. I and my mom didn't know what's happening, so I called my dad. He doesn't answer. We continued to call and a few hours passed, we started to slightly freak out. we searched over the whole park and couldn't find them. I suddenly saw my dad's car driving, it was still going super fast. I chased it and called my mom to tell her I see the car. Because of the speed it driving I couldn't catch up but the area is by a big deep river and not a lot of buildings so I could kinda see where it was going. I continued to follow in the direction of the car. by the time I arrived, I see police cars and man surrounding the place and setting up the tape. I started to panic, I started hoping I was in the wrong place. I talked to a policeman about the accident. He told me a man committed suicide by driving his car into the river with his child in the back seat.
The dream cuts to the funeral. I'm walking into the service. I'm smiled at each person I make eye contact with. Each smile gets harder and harder to create. Halfway through the service, I felt my self starting to break down. I quickly walked out, keeping my eyes down. I'm almost to the bathroom, and I suddenly make eye contact with someone. I tried to make a smile but it only forms halfway on my face. My heart was hurting so much was hard to breathe. I felt tears fall off my face. I ran into the bathroom. I started dry heaving into the sink and crying. my body was so tense I bearly felt the women rubbing my back. I didn't notice her when I came in.
Then~~~ someone else alarm woke me up. I could feel the things I felt in my dream. Sooooo I'm glad I woke up from that dream. It's kinda been bothering me and in the back of my mind. It's nice to vent a little. Hopefully, I can forget about this dream and its feelings.