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Okay, this is just a story dump where i either dump this story idea or will make it. This is just a idea and its free to take if you want to take this idea into your own novel.

This is Part 7 of my work and if you want to see the other works, just head down to the links.


I'm just an ordinary guy who owns an internet cafe on a county side. While the business is a bit weak, it is still stable.

Then, one day, a mysterious door appeared which suddenly connects me to a world full of fantasy and mystery as people began to swarm at the door steps and play games and entertainment in my ordinary cafe.

"Bro! This Dark Souls is a bit hard and complicated but why can't i stop playing it?!"

"This guy's playing the entire game wrong! He keeps intentionally shooting a bit higher than normal but he is entertaining to watch."

"Brother... *Cough* Can i use the private room to do a... Bit on these research? Nono! I'm not indecent or anything but i kinda want study them to find some weaknesses..."

While i find this mysterious world to be fasinating and dangerous in a long run, with the help of this mysterious AI system, i'll try my best to manage this internet cafe of mine and turn it into the best entertainment for these people and my other world.


The plot begins with the MC just finishing the construction of a small internet cafe and managing it and find that it wasn't as profitable as he had hope. He slowly hesitates to close down the internet cafe of his when a mysterious door appeared and he entered into a world of fantasy.

There's an internet cafe here that he would managed and an AI system that would help him manage the store as the costumers find the MC's place to be unique and innovative while hard to decipher.

He continues to expand the internet cafe while slowing achieving his dream of being a restaurant owner while managing the internet cafe and turning it into the store of entertainment.

In the end of the story would be the MC asking the FL's hand in marriage as they continue to manage the utopia they managed.

The End.


The MC is easy-going and helpful but while he's hard-headed, he is open to new ideas and not easy to get dragged into the AI's cold and calculating expansion of the store.

He isn't smart but always cautious due to the danger of the store and the unforseen future on continuing to manage it.

While he isn't strong, he always find alternate solutions to find the best possible method by relying on people and sometimes being reckless into danger for the sake of helping others.

His relationship with the FL is awkward. While he tries to turn their childhood friends into Lovers relationship, he doesn't want to ruin it suddenly and slowly approaches her while trying his best to win her over against his rivals.

The FL isn't beautiful as the MC met in the fantasy world or those in the city but cute enough to have the MC have rivals.

She is caring of the MC and tends to treat him as a sibling but slowly develops feelings for him as he slowly matures. She once saw him as a bit of arrogant due to being able to go into a university in the city but after the MC got involved with the other world and the system, she finds out his kindness and his love for her and in the end, falls for him.

While there are other girls who are also attracted to the MC, in the end, he MC chooses the FL.


While i do find this to be interesting to write, i can't help but would be lazy enough to ignore this as i would with my other works.

Well, maybe if i can finish a single story, i might be able to start writing this.

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    1. Ryuukage Jul 28, 2020
      Now this is interesting, just like restaurant in anotherworld but with internet cafe instead.

      Putting this here as a book mark
    2. Coffea to Ell Jul 27, 2020