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So hey
If you're wondering about the title
All will come
So basically I was talking to this guy yh for a while and he asked me out and I wasn't sure so we kinda started just trying it out but he was cool with that anyway I didn't tell any of my friends apart from one who had known since the first day we started talking cause I would send her screenshots all the time. Anyway so I tell my other friend after we started dating and I send him screenshots and he said a load of this like it is as wholesome etc and then she was like assasin u Def the top in this relationship

I just copied it cause I don't know how to put an image in
[03/11, 18:18] Ash: Okay
[03/11, 18:18] Ash: Thx
[03/11, 18:20] Ash: OMG I SHIP YOU TWO
[03/11, 18:20] Ash: WAIT ARE YOU TOGETHER NOW?
[03/11, 18:20] Ash: THIS DUDE OMG HES COOL
[03/11, 18:20] Ash: DKAKMALANDNEJE
[03/11, 18:20] Ash: why everyone taken and then there me -_-
[03/11, 18:20] Ash: I’m lonely
[03/11, 18:21] Ash: He seems so nice and he definitely really likes you
[03/11, 18:21] Ash: Mans is breedable and submissive that’s a fact
[03/11, 20:00] Ash: Lol ya, you are definitely top in this relationship

I laughed so hard and then sent him the screenshot cause why not
Random but came to my head


    1. Wizard007 Nov 26, 2021
      @Foxyfoxs oh damn I forgot y r here, I kinda told u well skimmed over it but hey
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    2. Foxyfoxs Nov 26, 2021
      Sad I wasn't told anything like this TwT but good for you! Ash is always very supportive!
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    3. Wizard007 Nov 24, 2021
    4. Tech is life Nov 24, 2021
      That's good. He's considerate.
    5. Wizard007 Nov 24, 2021
      Well...yeah I guess, Def not domineering but not submissive either and puts me first.. @Tech is life
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    6. Tech is life Nov 24, 2021
      Imao so he isn't domineering and puts you first? A simp?
    7. Wizard007 Nov 24, 2021
      @Tech is life nothing not even a bit, well to some it all up my friend called the guy I told u about before submissive and Breedable
    8. Tech is life Nov 24, 2021
      Is it just me who didn't understand anything?