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My new project! Hooray!

I found this story, The Reader and Protagonist Have to Be in True Love, in the forums where there were people talking about it. It's a romance adventure novel about a reader who is transported into the world of his favorite book. The romance is between the reader and the book's protagonist, hence the title. It's BL.


The main character, the reader Du Ze, is an ordinary person who is deaf (he has a hearing aid) and a bit of a troll. One day he decided to troll his favorite author by writing nonsense but, to his shock and horror, the author trolled him back by actually following his advice. The previously cool story about a cute, lovable protagonist with OP powers and a budding harem turned into a nightmare. The story became an edgy, dark narrative about a former hero whose evil lineage was uncovered. Just because of his hated ancestor, the protagonist was hated, betrayed, and hunted down until he was almost dead.

Du Ze then regretted his trolling but it was too late. The story had changed completely.

It is then that he was transported into the book's world where he decided to help out the poor protagonist.


The protagonist who had no one was suddenly presented with a person who supported him throughout all his troubles. Of course, the totally predictable happened and the protagonist, Xiu, decided to hold on to that one person and never let him go.


One of the coolest things about The Reader and Protagonist Have to Be in True Love is that the male lead can transform into eight different forms. That means 8 times the fun. It's almost like having a harem of different beauties, each with his own style, personality, powers, and kinks.

And yes, it does get very kinky at times. The fans particularly like the dragon form because it has two... *cough* you know...

The first chapter can be read here.


    1. readerz Dec 5, 2017
      Yes, I think Du Ze is holding that hardcore BL doujinshi. It adds +10 to charisma! @Boinkers
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    2. Boinkers Dec 5, 2017
      Duze so cuuuteee~~~
      Hmmm?... The one Duze is holding (the red book)... Is that probably the BL porn book (the 3rd companion)? Lololozz..
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    3. Yuslia Aug 11, 2017
      @1amdude yes it does, not many but the quality is sooo good in many level └(^o^)┘
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    4. LaDyViL Aug 11, 2017
      I remember @Yuslia started it 'coz she posted the arts over at Danmei Room and then it starts the talk about the story. The 8 forms made me think it was harem until I found out it's ALL the male lead. Yeeesshh!!!

      And then it evolved into a spoiler thread *poke @alexfilia *, lure in the translators and now we have the translations. Yeay.

      Thank you for translating this.
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    5. 1amdude Aug 11, 2017
      There's art?! nice.
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    6. SakuraHana Aug 10, 2017
      Already in my reading list. :D
      Bows Arigatou translator-sama!
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