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This was written for the sole purpouse of my current self who suffers from severe heartache, so I can't promise I can fully censor what my loosetounge will say.
So as you know I've been running rampant on these past few weeks, I will now tell what the heck I've been goin' on by those times I've wreck havoc.
Maybe some of you still didn't know but my wife was @UnderconstructorKnight, and yes the "was" part was intentional cause it's all now on the past.
Little Short Story of our Story:
I was an honor student on our place where the standards for genuis children were damn high, so eventually it leads to a series of horrible events. Those pressured kids who want their parents to be happy tried to study hard as it's the only thing they thought will work, sadly they have been outsmarted by the opportunistic bastards whose eyes knows no boundaries. But where am I on those 2 factions? Actually neither of them can describe what kind of person really am I, cause I didn't put most effort yet been rewarded with the thing only those hardworkers deserved. Mainly I was an Indolent one who didn't like to socialize and just tend to be self-sufficient in terms of academic stuffs. So I'm surprised when they called me an outstanding student. This is where the story starts.
As I stated above, I've been up for no good. I'm always been involved with gangwars and slowly turns a sadistic cunning bastard who likes torturing my foes who'm we've captured on the strife. Those times my head was a bit twisted, then I just realized I've unconciously built a gang where strong rules the weak. We value strength as our core, we don't accept weaklings who depends on their team mates every single time. Along with the rapid growth in members, I've also strengenthen my self through hellish training, why? It's mainly because maybe someday they will try to overthrow me if I didn't get careful with my orders. Surprisingly, they loyal, to the part that they will throw theirselves on fire if I said so. And their reason? This;
"You're the only one who helped me when I need it the most!"
"You've win over my favor so in exchange, let me offer you my life."
"It's the courtesy of our town that whoever helps you needed to be repaid 10 folds!"
"Do I need a reason to offer my arms to you brother?"
Pretty dumb? Yeah, I'm cringing everytime I've remembered it. So anyways we always truimph on our war againts oposing gang, but there will be a shocking event that will eventually change how I view my life.
We fought a large scale war againts a local gang, we thought that we can win easily cause they're just a bunch of crybaby children, but were wrong. They decimated us with they're guns and stuffs, luckily they didn't kill anyone, just leaving them disbabled for a couple of months. But what really surprises me was they're leader, a woman. It's quite a stereo type here that women tends to rely on their husbands, but that was completely broken at the moment she weilds her revolver.
LOL this was the true story!
So I was a part of the selected few who have the highest IQ on our country, Revered as a genius whose a good title to begin with. I don't need this anyway since I was born on a noble bloodline whose name was quite well known. So I always tend to get bored so I also practiced all sorts of martial arts, also strengthening my core. I started to build a mini gym from my weekly allowance, soon I've finished saving up and bought the machines online. Now the story will start here. There was this one highschool student(I'm still gradeschool at that time yet I looked like a college senior)whom been bullied in front of their school campus. He was ganged up by 6 person where 3 of them holds the boy tightly to make sure he will not run. I just walk past on them but he suddenly shouted for help, no one dared to interfere so I just asked the one who looks like the leader.
"Hey kid! Do you like to die? Why do you punched my brother?"
Yeah, I pretended to be the older brother of that kid. They backed away when I glared at them full of murderous intent, but shortly they retaliated. I focused on their leader and throw an elbow strike on his chin, he immidiately collapsed. Seeing their friend passed out, they fled away. I assist the kids whom both lose conciousness to the nearest clinic, of course on their school! I placed them on the bed and call for a nurse, I stated what happened back there. So I gave him my phone no. incase someone need it. I left casue I still need to go home.
The next day, I recieved a phone call from an unknown number. I actually didn't want to answer it but I wonder why I picked it up? So it turns out that the one I saved was the brother of the caller, she thanked me because of my deed(It's my wife).
She then said their problems regarding the bullying issues her brother had, so she want's me to one more time help them. I said "No!"
Why? Do I gain something on it? Money? I don't need it! So I just didn't bother to pry further on their personal conflict.
She said she was willing to do anything if I help them, cause authorities ignored their pleas for help.
Anything? Being a child, I only wanted a play mate, and being my playmate means being my teammate. I always play DOTA on Garena that time yet I always lose because of my teammates, so I said I will help them on one condition!
"Huh? I'm not that cheap you pervert!"
That's her reply! Not on the teammate matters but because I've phrased the word wrong, I said "Be my lifetime partner!". Yeah, I admit that's one hella mistake I commited there.
But I explained the term as it was the duo thingy on OL games. I'm surprised she was a famous streamer when we played one time cause I was featured on one of her streams. I always watched her vids cause of her tips and tricks, so most of my moves came from her. So she decided to accept the deal, and I will start pretending to be the big brother of her sibling. When I state my age, she laughed. I mean who the hell would believed me when I almost look like a college graduate. So the bullying issue was stopped when I've shown up on school and declared whoever tries to harm the kid will eventually get rekt. I sounded like a cliched badass MC who likes to brawl for no reason. So everything went smoothly, except for my skills. I still suck at Dota, even when my wife assist me as hard as she can. So I decided I will go and pay them a visit for my lessons. I ask if I can go on weekends, she said it's okay. Then weekend arrived and I arrived infront of their house, a mansion rather. I'm a bit awkward at first cause it was far bigger than our house. So the maids greet me and guide me to her room. So I greeted her and she offer a chair to sit on. So the lesson begins smoothly but when were on the middle part where the teamwork part was needed, I sucked there very hard. She then said;
"I conclude your a solo player who don't rely on your teammates"
It's true tho, what always matter for me when it comes to gaming was personal gain. So we decided to continue the lesson until I'm deadbeat. I asked her permission to sleep on her couch and if it's okay if I remove my jeans, it's pretty hot even on airconditioned room. So I slept, and I was awaken with a sudden commotion. Turns out it's her father, argung about something. But what's this? Why was she on a bathrobe? Did she took a bath? That was on my mind when the man approached me and spout these words;
"Take responsibility you hooligan!"
Hmm... and then were married... yeah a bit fast forward but it's a shot gun wedding, and what I mentioned on the past about the thing being the marriage because of the sudden pregnancy was a joke, that's why she reacted violently. So now was we eventually have a kid named Fotiae prinkipas.
So our family condition on the november detiriorated when her father gave a shocking news, her ex-boyfriend whom she had a relationship before marrying me, arrived at their home from a world tour. He's the son of the revered ceo of a cell site company. So now, the situation got a bit out of hand when her father forced her again on that man and make her sign a divorce document. Gaining my sign was easy cause they used to have a copy of my original template I used to sign docs. Then on the christmas day, the divorced was approved. By now she was free from my surname and now not a part of my family.
But the pain still lingers until now. I already talked to it on Shem who were on that time willingly listened to me and gives advice. So I hope this will be clear by now right?


    1. Unsleepyknight Jan 5, 2018
      Nah, I don't like to have something to do with their family ever again
    2. Skullie Jan 4, 2018
      Fuck. I really wanna go there and assassinate those people for you....
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    3. Unsleepyknight Dec 31, 2017
      We had a child, the father just forced us, not sure what she wants but it's okay as long as she's happy... but still the pain lingers deep inside
    4. Clozdark Dec 30, 2017
      so no baby yet?
      did the ex boyfriend accept it or it just force marriage from your ex wife father?
      well it just the introduction of this question...
      did she still choose you or her ex?
      will she want to be with you even it's mean to do elopement?
      remember to prioritize her happiness first.
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    5. Unsleepyknight Dec 30, 2017
      I will manage thanks to your support! Though not now but I will eventually!
    6. Shem Dec 30, 2017
      *hugs cousin* one step at a time. You can do it. Maybe not now, but someday, trust me.
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    7. Unsleepyknight Dec 30, 2017
      Summoning @Shem! this was the summary of what really happened shemmy!