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Cause I'm telling you to >_>

ok, more seriously, it's a comedic take on the usual transmigrated female mc. The mc is originally from a post-apocalypic world with zombies. Humans there have evolved to have powers. Anywho, she dies, transmigrates into a female emperor (who is forced to pretend as a male so her mother and maternal grandfather can basically run the country). Unfortunately for them, the mc is freaking ridiculous.

This isn't the usual transmigrated female novel. For one thing, the mc is OP. She can talk to animals, heal people, and bring down a building with a single punch. She bullies anyone who tries to bully her into wanting to cough up blood and/or faint.

Also, there's sex. The mc is pretty cavalier about it all, after sex with the Male lead, she comforts him by saying: “Don’t let it weigh on your heart. It’s easy to get excited the first time, but it’ll last longer when you have more experience.”
Interactions between them are weird cause they're always thinking on different levels.

It's a short novel with only 384 chapters. There isn't too much redundancy and fluff.

As a last uh, measure of enticement, the MC is a master of the Dao of Brick. goes around cracking people on the head with a brick or chucking a chariot at them.

Also...it's cracks me up. Chapters rarely fail to make me chuckle.

This totally isn't cause I need more people to discuss the novel with cause I'm bored. Totally not cause of that.

There's a homo-interspecial cat who is like a fanboy for the male lead

Also what is it with people saying "sorry, female mc, I won't read." If you don't want to read, why do you feel like you owe me an apology? It's like you're admitting you're wrong.

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    1. Alina Moktan Oct 22, 2017
      Funny novel that makes you laugh whenever you are sad.
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    2. gggo Oct 18, 2017
      thanks, imma check it out.:sushi_potato:
    3. AMissingLinguist Oct 16, 2017
      I did read it. The comedy was interesting, but the side characters are very useless except for "shock and awe".
    4. Ruyi Oct 16, 2017
      I...I support this blog entry! >u<! *waves around Ninny Ning flags*
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    5. LaDyViL Oct 16, 2017
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    6. leegood Oct 15, 2017
      Sounds fun~

      *looks at 20+ bookmarks of webnovels that have chapters out*

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    7. Cryotic Oct 14, 2017
      Parth in full endorsement mode