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Cold City of the Hot Island


Knows a lot of books, only to reread Sevens, Male, from Cold City of the Hot Island

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    1. JackStone
      "Noli me tangere" sup fellow Filipino.
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      2. youseiki
        I thought you would never guess, oh well just chilling in the cold city
        Nov 16, 2017 at 11:45 AM
      3. JackStone
        Considering I made a whole report on the book about it a year ago, I'd never fail to recognize it.
        Nov 16, 2017 at 11:48 AM
      4. youseiki
        hahaha, this is one of the novel that is hard to read because it was disturbing enough, and you reported it... wow dude
        Nov 16, 2017 at 11:54 AM
    2. LoliSlave
      Welcome to NUF :D
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      2. Ddraig
        I believe tony him/her self checks all the reviews so maybe you can talk with him/her about them
        Nov 13, 2017 at 11:50 AM
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      3. youseiki
        No, that's not the problem, the reviews points out a lot of things which most reviews does not, removing them will just let the unreliable reviews to take the Top Spot
        Nov 13, 2017 at 11:55 AM
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      4. Anon2.0
        Nov 13, 2017 at 12:43 PM
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    3. episod3ux
      welcome to NUF
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      2. Axiel
        welcome o/
        Jun 21, 2017
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      3. youseiki
        Oh thank you, guys
        Jun 21, 2017
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      4. CDLevit
        Welcome to NUF!
        Jun 21, 2017
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    Cold City of the Hot Island


    What was passed down in the world to come as the start of the empire.

    It was recorded in the books, and passed down in the songs.

    There was a single large country.

    Over its long years of rule, its politics faced corruption, and its nobles grew too prideful in their bearing. In fact, from records of the time, numerous documents have been found that detailed events as if they weren’t giving any thought to their people at all. Impossible enlistments on top of a willing shortage of food.

    An oppression of feudal lords who voiced out against this superpower. In only a few years, it has been the deaths of several million were recorded. Counting secondary casualties, many historians have calculated this reign to have led to the deaths of over one hundred millions people.

    The one who stood against that country was the legitimate child of the Walt House, an influential noble house of the time. Expelled from his house, he drifted to Beim, where he built up power, and appealed to the various surrounding countries for the formation of an alliance.

    That was the first emperor, the 【God Emperor Lyle】.

    Some say he was loved by the Goddesses, while others say he cut them down in his wake, the records of the time showed such an unprecedented nature that many question their validity.

    Putting the phrase, the Hero gets the Girl, into actual practice, it has been said by the time he reached the throne, his mistresses numbered twenty five.

    He travelled the continent in his youth, and many songs remain of his various encounters with women across the lands. Many voices claim it was that unheard-of behavior that caused his expulsion from his house in the first place.

    These stories of the first emperor have been changed in name to appear as heroic tales time and again.

    In order to save the woman he loved, the crybaby noble heir who took a stand.

    The Holy Knight who saved the holy maiden.

    The adventurer who stood against the army of monsters.

    All these fairy tales derive their origin from the legends of the first emperor.

    The reason these tales spread and flourish is likely because when it came to heroic songs of the time, songs of the first emperor were the popular trend.

    The first emperor had a popular elf minstrel as one of his mistresses, so it is thought that this was a political plan he devised to spread his authority.

    And like this, the first emperor’s name remains from the strangely abundant materials on the time. High in historic value, and easy to research… they even serve as reference for the highly-popular period of the empire’s collapse and warring states period to follow.

    The descendants of the heroes who performed in this period of war were often likened to the emperor and those around him, some even falsely claiming to be his descendants in order to increase their authority.

    That’s just how influential the first emperor’s name was at the time.

    This also owes to the fact that the first emperor… in contrast to his personality, had future public order on his mind. Or perhaps he had someone to give him advice, as he made a new system of rule and even the succession of rule.

    Numerous documents remain on his preparations to leave matters to future generations, and he showed a proficient side as a statesman.

    But because of that, it is also true the other emperors of history festered a desire to leave their names in history as the first emperor had.

    The reason his name came out in the warring period far after his death was because it was so hard for the other emperors of the great empire to stand out.

    While he left numerous documents, as there are also numerous unrealistic records, it was an era one may regard as myth, but the fact the great empire ruled over the continent is an undisputed fact…
    • Fantasy:
      • Problem Children Seem to be Coming from Another World?
      • The Bathroom Goddess
      • The Lazy King
      • Twelve Kingdoms
      • Fate/Zero
      • Fullmetal Alchemist
      • Charging the Hero
      • Slayers
    • Romance:
      • Psychological
        • Three Days of Happiness
        • Iris on Rainy Days
        • Qualidea of Scum And a Gold Coin
        • The Place You Called From
        • In a World Without Life
        • Parasite in Love
      • Drama
        • Sayonara Piano Sonata
        • Alluring Secret - Black Vow
        • I Want to Eat Your Pancreas
        • Pain, Pain, Go Away
      • Adventure
        • Allison (One)
        • Lillia to Treize (Two)
        • Meg and Seron (Three)
        • The Story of One Continent (Four)
      • Slice of Life
        • Manuscript Screening Boy and Manuscript Submitting Girl
        • Memoirs of a Traveller
      • Slice of Life Fantasy
        • Even a Cicada Becomes a Dragon If Reborn
        • Your Name.
      • Sci-fi School Life
        • The idiots, The Tests, and The Summoned Beasts
      • Shoujo
        • The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine (prequel)
        • The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine ~Fight!~ (sequel)
        • The Hero and the Swamp
        • Mary-san Comes on Foot
        • Swamp Girl!
        • The Noble Girl Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off, Today as Well Pushes the Prince off from the Tower
        • Scapegoat Sister Vs Second Prince
        • The Hero and the Swamp Girl
      • Josei
        • The Wolf Lord’s Lady
    • Harem
      • Adventure
        • Sevens
        • The Rising of the Shield Hero
      • Melodrama
        • When Hikaru was on the Earth......
      • Slice of Life
        • Unpopular As I Am, I Have To Meet a Heroine Within Five Days
        • Shall I make you big brother?!
      • Supernatural Academy
        • Anti Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon”
      • Ecchi
        • Silver Cross and Draculea
      • Futuristic Ghost Town
        • The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village
      • Mature
        • Magika Swordsman and Summoner
        • Jobless Reincarnation ~ It will be All Out if I Go to Another World ~
        • How to Kill Reincarnators from Earth
    • Slice of Life:
      • The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife
      • Our Journey to the End of the Ceasing World
    • Mystery Thriller
      • The Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria
      • Kamisu Reina Series
      • Moonlight
      • Tada, Sore Dake de Yokattan desu
      • Mimizuku and the King of Night (prequel)
      • The Poison-Breathing Princess and the Star Stone (sequel)​
      • Sugar Dark​
      • The Pygmalion Is Planting Seeds​
      • The Witch’s House – The Diary of Ellen​
      • Bad End Night​
    • Dark Fantasy
      • The Girl Who Ate a Death God
      • Barusak Chronicles ~ Riku the One-Winged and Rook the Silver
    • Sci-Fi
      • The Ending Chronicle
      • Amaryllis in the Ice Country
      • Elysion Virtual Region
    • Collection of Short Stories
      • The Story of a Macaron-Loving Girl Who Lived a Thousand Years Somehow.
      • A Game To Make Him Fall
      • The Probability I Can Kill My Wife Without Being Found Out
      • About the Reckless Girl Who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man Like Me
      • It’s Because You Said There Would Be Candy!!
      • The Witch and the Gourd of Stories
      • Bluebird, Redbird
      • That One Time the Essay a Child Wrote over Summer Break was Way too Fantasy
      • That One Time the Essay a Child Wrote over Winter Break was Way too Sci-Fi
      • Otome Game ni Tensei Shita ga, Watashi wa Akuyaku ni Nari Sugita
      • A Broken Engagement, A Wake Up Call
      • Until the Saint Loves Back
      • Oreo Tensei!
      • Villainess or Heroine? First and Foremost, That is the Question?
      • Maria from Hell!
      • Me, a Hero? Not Possible!
      • Arachne
      • My Hero
      • The Little Macho Girl
      • I Have Reincarnated into「Welcome to the ○○ Town!」Townsperson A, But the Last Dungeon Was Right Around the Corner
      • When I Became Able to See Status, I Got to Know My Classmate’s Secret
      • Because My Toilet Turned Into a Dungeon, Taking Care of My Business Has Become too Difficult​
      • It’s Not a Dog, That’s a Dragon​
      • 10PM Door-to-Door Sales
      • The lady who does not want to be the villain in the otome game loves her fiancé all the more.
      • Watashi wa Iwayuru Akuyakurashiga, Kichinto Batsu wa Ukeru Node Minogashite Hoshi to Omou
      • I was told the engagement is cancelled, but I am not your fiancée
      • The Daily Life of a Certain Girl and Her Best Friend
      • I Won’t Hand Him Over to Some “Saint”!
      • There is a Narrative Trick in this Story
      • Is it alright for the common villainous lady to say such things with that kind of feeling?
      • I Will Definitely Keep This Engagement Breaking in my Absolute Memory