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  1. 25th bamm
    25th bamm
    I was like, anime, tv shows, crochet. Mostly reading tho.
    Feb 12, 2021
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  2. Silver Snake
    Silver Snake
    That's adorable.
    Feb 12, 2021
  3. OnceandFutureLurker
    what no eating ?
    Feb 12, 2021
  4. Martialegg
    It is an attempt to get closer after all. Seeking similar hobbies or interest is essentially a good way for an icebreaker or get to know you more.
    In a sense, they are seeking info if you had anything similar to them or anything that he/she has experience with, so that you both could talk similar topics.
    Clearly, reading is not one of them for him/her xD
    Feb 12, 2021