Spoiler 소꿉친구를 폭군으로 키웠습니다: I Raised a Childhood Friend as a Tyrant

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    Waiting for update :blobsleepless::blobwoah:
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    can someone please explain why viche was isekai'd in the first place? thank youu
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    • Someone one is calling out for Viche, "Empress!" as she's walking towards the exit.
    • It's poor Benjamin who's chasing after Viche.
    • It's been 5 years since the day of their wedding and Viche's still not used to palace rules, etc.
    • Viche protests to Benjamin why can't she travel up North to go ice fishing.
    • Jade is in another territory having to deal with political matters and well, she's lonely and bored. It's their 5-year wedding anniversary so she wants to do something. Head to the cottage/cabin where Jade proposed to her with a ring.
    • Benjamin is cringing at his peaceful life going down the drains because he knows Jade will be upset to come home and find his Empress gone and..
    • He starts to admonish Viche that's it's really cold up North and it's dangerous and if she get sick....:facepalm:
    • Viche tells him don't worry she's got maids and knights and then she closes the carriage and everyone heads out leaving Benjamin crumpling papers in his hand shaking with frustration as now he has to deal with the mess.
    • The royal entourage accompanying Viche arrives and it's very cold.
    • The lake is pretty thick so Viche asks everyone to warm up and the Knights do rock-paper-scissors who's going to start to dig a hole to provide an opening or the Empress to fish.
    • Viche plans to stay in the cabin for a few days and excited tomorrow to start fishing
    • While the maids are preparing the cottage/cabin, she tells them to not worry as she can prepare food for herself. Well she can't really as she still is a terrible cook.
    • She tells the maids and staff to head back and tell Benjamin that is all is okay as she knows her cousin is a bit miffed at her leaving so abruptly and leaving him back at the palace to "handle" things.:blob_pout:
    • After the maids leave, a few hours have passed. Viche starts to be lonely in the cabin by herself. A knock on the door and it's the knights
    • It's starting to be in the late afternoon toward the evening as there is a hole the size of a watermelon for her. Viche sits on a log and starts to try to fish.
    • After 30 minutes, it's starts to get really cold as the wind blows. Viche is shivering and thinks if she get's sick poor Benjamin will be in trouble with Jade.
    • Suddenly a warm cloak is placed on her shoulders. Viche turns to thank the toughful knight and instead is confronted by a pair of beautiful violet eyes.
    • "Jade."
    • "Benjamin is very angry right now with you," he tells her. :blobnom:
    • Viche thought Jade would come the next day or later. He tells her the reason why he's late is that he thought she'd be at the palace when he returned. When he found out she left he took a horse and pretty much nearly killed the poor thing riding hard to catch up with Viche before the day ends.
    • Realizing he's exhausted she asked him why did he come so fast as he's so tired.
    • Jade tells her he's rather be exhausted than Viche hating him for missing their anniversary. :blobmelt:
    • Viche sighs as it's unfair that he doesn't give her any ammunition to hate him for anything. He's always there for her and her heart throbs again.
    • Jade chuckles telling Viche that she can continue to love him too much of her heart's content.
    • He then notices she hasn't caught any fish yet and gentle takes her fishing rod and starts fishing
    • Jade teases her, if this is going to be her dinner she's going to be starving.
    • Watching her husband she asks if he's cold as it's his cape she's wearing outside.
    • Jade tells her he's fine but Viche isn't convinced and she warns Jade if HE gets sick Benjamin will give her a REALLY hard time, so Viche decides they need to go inside.
    • Jade reaches out his hand to Viche who thinks it's time to go. Instead, Jade pulls Viche into his lap and starts to cuddle with her on the log.
    • Viche tells him, not outside and he teases they haven't done this yet.
    • Finally, she convinces Jade to head inside as there is already a fire burning. Jade tells her he'll cook her a warm meal as well since he knows, she really can't cook.
    • They tease each other they're eating the neither of them has changed as much.
    • Jade teases Viche that's he's hungry for something else causing Viche to blush.
    • As they are snuggling by the fireplace both talk about how much has also changed. Jade has been able to now live without the pressure and pain in his body, etc. and he tells her it's because of Viche he can live like this.
    • Jade starts to make out with Viche on the sofa. Jade tells Viche, he misses her. Then getting excited he lifts her up and takes her upstairs to bed and proceeds to make love to her throughout the night. Just like her first time.
    • Viche wakes up the next day with Jade's arm wrapped around her waist and tells her she can sleep a little more..
    • Viche grins and cuddles with Jade as they stay there a few more days.
    • Benjamin is irritated and is shuffling papers on his desk. With Jade just leaving to find his wife, guess who has to do all the work.:blobupset:
    • With Jade finally returning, he's still irritated.
    • Jade noticing his agitation tells him he needs to go on vacation and visit his home and property for a while. It's been so long for his friend.
    • *Sighing* Benjamin for the first time in a LONG time agrees and heads out.
    • When Benjamin arrives at his family's estate, their servants are so shocked they gasp in glee as they had not seen their master in such a long time.
    • They prepare to make him feel welcomed as his parents rush home to see him as well.
    • They tell Benjamin that Duffrey his brother was just visiting a few days ago himself.
    • That's right, Benjamin thought, he needs to visit his brother who stationed himself at a temple nearby and away from the capital.
    • Benjamin was curious his brother moved away from the capital, he had been so busy lately he forgot to ask.
    • Two days later he visits Duffrey. Duffrey seeing his brother asks teasing if he ran away to join him because he did something bad at the capital and is here in hiding
    • They have a good laugh and Duffrey asks why Benjamin is home.
    • Benjamin tells him that he's finally got time for a vacation and also Jade told him he needs to go...LOL
    • Both brothers have tea and Duffrey asks if their father's been nagging the both of them on marriage every time he sees any of his sons.
    • Both admit they're way too busy and Duffrey says that Benjamin needs to tell their father there is no hope for him.
    • Benjamin thinks Duffrey is odd as throughout their life Duffrey's has had women here and here why now that he's no longer thinking of dating. Did something change?
    • At the small temple, Duffrey is listening to man's name Max's confession.
    • Max tells Duffrey that he fell in love with his brother's fiancee.
    • Finally, he confessed his feelings later on. She felt the same way and offered that they run away together.
    • Max rejected her offer and walked away leaving her crying as he felt guilty for his feelings and did not want to destroy his' brother's life.
    • She finally died recently and he regrets it now. He tells Duffrey the woman's name is Stella.
    • Duffrey tells Max he will pray for him but Max refuses. He tells Duffrey he didn't come for a prayer or forgiveness, just a a prayer for her.
    • Duffrey kneels as the man leaves and for some reason the story bothered him.
    • We find out a few days later, the man jumped to his death in an apparent suicide. Duffrey realizes, than man knew he wanted to die and wanted one last prayer for the woman that he loved.
    • It's been a few days as Duffrey kneels quietly in the room at the altar.
    • A gentle voice asks if he's going to be there for a long time, and why does he pray so hard?
    • It's Cecilia.
    • Duffrey tells her he's asking for mercy for poor souls
    • Cecilia asks him to tell the truth
    • He asks her what truth.
    • She tells him the reason why he's praying so hard right now is that his feet are asleep from kneeling too long.
    • This makes Duffrey burst into laughter as it's only either Viche or Cecilia that can take him off guard or make him laugh
    • She teases him telling him the God he resents slightly sent her here to him so she's glad to see his precious smile.
    • Duffrey tells her that her words are blasphemous
    • Cecelia replies only he's hard on her for that.
    • He asks if she came by carriage. She tells him yes and to have a meal with her as she's hungry.
    • Sighing he gets up AND yes, his legs are numb:blobsweat_2:
    • As they are having a meal, Cecelia asks if she should be stationed here at this temple.
    • Duffrey asks her why?
    • "Because you will not come, so I have no choice but to come to you."
    • Duffrey scoffs Cecelia wherever he is at should have nothing to do with the saint.
    • She asks why does he say things so meanly.
    • He asks how everyone is since it's been 4 years since he departed. She tells him everyone is well and tells him he needs to come back.
    • Duffrey tries to make the excuse that he's got more things he needs to do and Ceclia notes he looks tired.
    • She brushes the bangs that droop from his forehead.
    • "Would you rather cry?" she asks him.
    • Duffrey bows his head as when she said this...as if her words release him, he sits there eating with her as silent tears fall.
    • She tells him softly, "That's better."
    • As both walk outside on the temple grounds, Ceclia knows that Duffrey left because of her because he was afraid of his feelings for her.
    • Ceclia sits on the stone wall and chuckles inviting Duffrey who walks silently with her to sit down with her.
    • They have small talk but Duffrey finally asks why she is here.
    • She tells him again. Because he was not there at the capital, that is why she came.
    • At her answer, Duffrey feels stuffy and warm, he comments that her behavior will make others misunderstand or confuse others.
    • Cecelia grins saying what is there to misunderstand and also someone was running away from their feelings.
    • Duffrey gets really embarrassed as Ceclia asks why he is so uncomfortable around her and what can she do.
    • She tells him she'll win out anyways so just do as she says.
    • He tells her he should really be around her.
    • She asks him why? What is he so afraid of?
    • He tells her if he is greedy for what he covets then it would end in tragedy.
    • She asks him what has he seen.
    • He finally tells her what he's been struggling with. He doesn't want to see the end of Love like the young man who killed himself.
    • She tells him sometimes priests make mistakes like that. Thinking they need to burden all the tragedies in life.
    • “Human capacity cannot bear the sorrow of everyone. It’s enough to just remember what you’ve seen and heard and comfort them.”
      If anyone heard it, it could be said that he was not very affectionate as a priest.
      “They force the priest to be overly altruistic and sacrificial. I think that is the noble spirit.”
      “You speak as if you know the inner human being.”
      “A little?” Cecil answered with a smile. She, as always, used to confuse whether her youthful voice was playful or confident.
      “You are comforting someone when you can’t even comfort yourself.”
      'You can't comfort yourself.' Why does the word keep lingering in his head? She was right. Can one give meaning to someone to comfort the believers without even solving their own problems?
      Looking at Cecil in front of his eyes with such a question, all other thoughts faded and only one question came to mind. At this moment, it was also forgotten that he was a priest.
      Rather, it was Cecil who opened her mouth first. “It just takes a little courage.”
      "Who are you?" The question came out of Duffy's mouth as if it was an outrageous question if anyone else heard it.
      "Duffrey, you are a delicate soul. Smart and quick-witted.” Cecilia was not at all embarrassed by the question. On the contrary, she was even smiling casually, as if she had expected it.
    • She asks him what he thinks.
    • Duffrey tells her that she is not an ordinary or normal person.
    • She reaches out to help Duffrey who then sees visions of angel wings, devil wings, fire, then life where trees grow and nature blooms.
    • "What do I look like in your eyes, she asks him and then asks again "What have I become to you?"
    • Duffy breathed out a long breath. What he saw contained everything in the world. How can you put it in one word? There was only one word he knew that could contain it all.
      Duffy was staring up at Cecil, sat quietly and was smiling. A gentle wind blew from behind his back.
      Duffy closed and opened his eyes. Cecil was still looking down at Duffy with that look on his face.
      "To me, you...….” A surprisingly calm voice was coming out of his mouth, which had fallen hard.
      "It's just you, Cecilia." Duffy's gaze, which was wandering in the air, fell straight into Cecil's eyes as if he had found his way. Cecil's expression subsided calmly at Duffy's answer. Cecil had no choice but to laugh at the answer that was not what she thought.
      "Yes, I'm Cecilia."
      Yeah, well, maybe that's why this being was so lovely. Cecil stretched out her arm towards Duffy. She was ready to be whatever he wanted. If he wanted God as a priest, she could be willing to be anything if he wanted to separate God, Angel or Devil, Good from Evil.
      But the answer is that she was barely the human Cecilia he wants her to be.….
      "It's your Cecilia." It was the most enchanting moment of a long, long time.
      Cecilia's stretched hand touched Duffy's cheek. Warm warmth passed to the palm of the hand. There was no desire in his eyes. If he was a greedy priest, he would see himself as a god, and if he was greedy, he would find darkness, or if he wanted salvation, he would find a creature with pure white wings.
      Duffy's head tilted with Cecil's hand.
      To choose only love, how could it not be beautiful?
      “Now don’t leave my side.”
    • Benjamin visits Duffrey the next day and is a bit shocked to see Cecilia sitting next to Duffrey with her head on his shoulder.
    • He asks why is the Saint here.
    • She tells him, she's on vacation
    • He tells her the same.
    • Benjamin is at a loss to describe the situation. Wasn't it just yesterday his brother was saying there is no hope for him falling for someone, yet here Duffrey was, content and well...seeming like in love with the saint.
    • Benjamin thinks..traitor...:blob_pout:...now their father will nag him to because if a priest can find someone...
    • Cecelia notes there is an imperial messenger that has arrived as she gazes out the window.
    • They make a bet to see who is the gets the message, the Saint, the Emperor's right hand man, or the high priest Duffrey.
    • The messager arrives and tells him.
    • He has a message for all 3 of them. :blobrofl::blobrofl:
    • The messager hands the note to Benjamin who opens the letter. A look of shock comes after.
    • Both Duffrey and Ceclia ask what's the urgent news?
    • "She's pregnant." Benjamin says out loud. All three looks shocked.
    • Then Duffrey turns to Cecilia. "What? I don't know everything." :blobsweat_2:.
      Especially in the case of Viche, it was not a life in Cecilia's power. All her moves were full of surprises for Cecil. That's why Cecil felt happy just by looking at Viche. All that she couldn't anticipate, entertained her.
    • Benjamin looks up and declares, "I'm done with my vacation."
    • Benjamin rides like a wildman rushing back to the palace. He's hasn't bathe or changed his clothes yet and looks for the Emperor.
    • Jade is with his Empress.
    • Sighing he walks to them.
    • Since Jade sent the letter out, he hasn't been working.
    • When Benjamin opens the door to meet them. Both look VERY guilty.
    • Benjamin still disheveled tells both of them "Congratulations"
    • Jade asks why did he return, isn't he on vacation?
    • Benjamin goes into a quick story of everything that's happening, where The Saint is, and that he rode here once he heard the news.
    • Viche wants to help her cousin out so she tells Jade he needs to work really hard from now on so he doesn't get behind and miss when the baby is born. She winks to Benjamin who sighs in relief as Jade agrees to do that.
    • Viche grins as Jade sighs and leaves with Benjamin to get back to work.
    • Viche's made Sophia brings items from her father's home to the palace. There are her baby things when she was young, etc.
    • Sophia is so excited she presents something to Viche. It took her a long time to find it.
    • Inside the cloth is a 4 leaf clover she searched and searched for a while and when she found it, she paid to preserved with magic to last as a good luck charm.
    • Viche is very touched.
    • Due to the pregnancy, Viche's been very exhausted lately and is awaken late at night when Jade lays by her side after working so hard.
    • She asks him anything happen.
    • he tells her he only got scolded for missing her too much.
    • This makes Viche laugh.
    • Then he tells her a message from the Kingdom of Nerpasa came congratulating her on her pregnancy.
    • There is an envoy coming.
    • Viche looks at Jade and asks if there is a problem with that?
    • Jade can't tell her he's conflicted so instead he asks her if she's craving anything.
    • She tells him teasingly that she's craving strawberries or peaches. Will he grow some for her.
    • The tells her yes he will but it's not the time of the season. She tells him, "no strawberries, no peaches, just stay by my side" and falls asleep again.
    • Benjamin and Viche are outside playing a game when it's announced an envoy from Nerpasa has arrived.
    • Benjamin leaves and after being curious, Viche decides to head to where Jade is greeting them.
    • As the room opens her for here, Viche is shocked to see the envoy is General Kentrick!
    • She hadn't seen him in years and he left so quickly. Viche wants to shake him up and down asking what's being going one as she walks over to Jade.
    • Jade announces coldly to Kentrick, "The Empress". (T/N: I think Jade wants to say "My Empress")
    • He looks a bit sour as he has to politely greet Kentrick where as Viche is excited to say "hi" to her friend. :blobsweat_2:
    • General Kentrick offers his congratulations and also the kingdom has come baring many gifts for the Empress.
    • He turns to Viche and addresses her title.
    • Jade stiffens as everyone turns to Viche who still not use to formalities smiles and tells General Kentrick Thank you for coming from so far away.
    • Both suddenly laugh.
    • After the former greeting Viche runs down General Kentrick who turns to her and bows.
    • She starts to question bomb him asking how he's been, what's he's been up to, how's the kingdom, etc.
    • This makes the general burst into another round of laughter.
    • The general is worried about Viche's condition as it will take time to answer all her questions and he doesn't want to keep her standing.
    • So Viche invites him to tea to have a chat.
    • As they talk, he asks about the Clinic and if it's still open.
    • She tells him of course and she's sure Ber and Valentine would be happy to see them again.
    • Viche tells him he looks better now, more gentler and softer than before.
    • He quips that , “Is it because I failed my first love and matured?”
    • "Huh?" Viche is confused at the comment and then she sees that General Kentricks eyes look straight behind her and there is a cryptic smile on his face.
    • "Your Majesty."
    • Viche turns and Jade comes from behind Viche with his hands on her shoulders facing the general. :blobamused:
    • Jade having heard the comment starts to banter with Kendrick saying his fever for a specific love made him ill.
    • Kendrick tells him he had this love illness for a long time which makes Jade's hand's grip Viche tighter.
    • Viche is completely lost. :blobwoah:. She has no clue what the two are talking about and she's worried so she asks Jade isn't he busy?
    • "Do you wish I wasn't here?" Jade asks in a low voice..and warning bells go off in Viche's head.
    • Viche sputters, that' not it, and starts thinking of offering Jade a seat next to her as General Kentrick starts to laugh at them.
    • General Kentrick rises and asks to be excused as it's been a long journey for him.
    • Viche tells him very well and then he turns to both of them saying he's glad it looks good.
    • Viche can't tell whom he's directed that comment to so she tells him they'll schedule a visit to the clinic after he's well rested.
    • He nods and heads back into the palace.
    • Viche tells Jade he looks better now than when the last met.
    • Jade shakes his head.
    • Viche looking at him asks if he's jealous? :blobamused:
    • She questions if he's misunderstood her again.
    • "What?---" but he comes speechless so Viche tells him then he needs to go to and get some rest.
    • Sighing Jade turns around rubbing his forehead and Viche suddenly calls his name.
    • "Jade."
    • "Yes?"
    • Viche puts her hands on his face and stands on the tips of her toes and gives him a kiss on his lips
    • Surprised, Jade touches his lips.
    • Viche kisses his cheeks then as Jade's expression softens. "Well, I'll go to the office...….”
    • Viche watches her husbands back retreating and he's ears are red.
    • She thinks he's so cute.
    • Jade's been irritable lately since finding out that General Kentrick was coming.
    • When he saw them outside and Viche kept looking at him, it made him even more irritable as he just wanted to kick the General out right there.
    • But he put up with it because of Viche.
    • Benjamin seeing Jade's sour expression tells Jade so. Benjamin knows why Jade's getting all worked up.
    • As papers are fluttering, Jade then asks when the Nerpasa delegation will be leaving.
    • Benjamin feels like his worries are increasing again.
    • There is a big banquet to welcome the Nerpasa delegataion.
    • General Kentrick avoid many and instead plays an instrument
    • Viche watches and listens to the general play. She is happy that her friend is doing alright.
    • The next day Viche tells a frowning face that she's heading to the Clinic. Her friend, the general is meeting with the kids and she doesn't want to miss their expresses when they do.
    • She comforts him it will be fine and don't worry. She tells him to not be jealous (doesn't work) as she leaves and heads out.
    • Jade grimaces.
    • As they arrive at the clinic, Viche calls out to Valentine and tells him to guess who's here.
    • Valentine grins and greets the general. Viche's surprised expecting a bigger reaction only to discover that Nerpasa has been supporting the clinic every year since it's opened.
    • The general has sent supplies and items to them and writes to them quite a bit.
    • Embarrassed as she didn't know this, she tries to cover up her shocked expression which makes the General laugh.
    • They go and find Ber who's with a group. of wizards.
    • Ber excitedly hugs the general and they all go for tea and snacks.
    • The 4 talks about what's been happening and Viche discover how wealthy the general is as that is how he can support the clinic so generously
    • It's getting late its getting to be night.
    • General talks about how the desert get's cold at night as well and Viche tells him when her child is born she's like to visit the desert.
    • He grins saying he will be their guide.
    • She asks him why he isn't married yet.
    • He tells her he still has shortcomings and that, he jokes, he's been ill with his love for a bit.
    • Both agree it's good to be friends and the General tells Viche she looks really happy and bright.
    • He tells her as a royal himself, living in the palace is hard so the Emperor must put a lot of work to keep her so happy.
    • She grins and tells him that is true as the Emperor loves her and she loves him. She hopes that he will find a love of his own as well soon
    • She challenges him when she gives birth, she hopes to hear an engagement of his as well.
    • The asks isn't that kind of too soon?
    • She says "nope" and they both share a laugh.
    • Viche comments the Nerpasa delegation sure stayed shorter than expected:blob_pout::blob_pout:
    • She tells the departing Kentrick she hopes to see him soon.
    • He tells her he might return when their child is born which pleases Viche.
    • “Please come. I will welcome you anytime.”
      While sending off the envoy, Viche was sending General Kentrick away with tears in her eyes. Jade snorted at him.
      “Your Majesty, please be well.” Kentrick greets Jade warmly.
      “Not so. I hope that Nerpasa's envoys also reach their homeland safely." Jade replies like a warning.
    • Kentrick can't help but tease Jade and tells Viche in front of Jade, if the father of her child is heartbroken, she can come to Nerpasa any time.
    • "Kentrick!"
    • Jade stiffens and Viche has. to calm him down telling Jade it's a joke as she was giving him a hard time yesterday.
    • Kentrick bows and again leaving and trying his best not to burst into laughter.
    • Later that evening with a barely calm Jade, he asks Viche what Kentrick and her talked about yesterday.:blob_pout:
    • Exasperated Viche throws her arms around Jade and hugs him telling him that he's the only man that she loves and why would she look at anyone else when he's the perfect husband?
    • Viche looks at him with sparkly eyes which causes Jade to lose it. He starts to laugh.
    • Viche joins him on the sofa and he lays his head in her lap.
    • They've been working on crafting baby shoes and Viche's been embroidering.
      "Just give me a kiss. I think that would be better.” he tell her and she agrees.
    • Time flies by and Viche is very swollen.
    • She's been worried as she's never given birth before and hopes it will go well as she is afraid of the pain she nows that goes along with it.
    • Tossing and turning in bed, Jade asks her what is wrong.
    • She wonders if she will die from giving birth.
    • Jade tells her that will never happen as a matter of factly. He even reminds her that he want to hell when she was dead to bring her back.
    • Suddenly with these words, her fears suddenly start to fade.
    • "That's right. You will protect me."
      "And our children." he tells her confidently.:blobmelt:
    • Viche falls asleep smiling.
    • Viche was walking out in the garden after having and interesting dream talking with Cecelia.
    • Her stomach has dropped and in the middle of her walk...
    • "...Um...Hanna"
    • "Oh my god!!!..."
    • Viche's water broke.
    • She's rushed back in the room to give birth.
    • She's in labor for hours and after a terrible pain she recalls Jade's voice and a baby's cry as she looses consciousness.
    • Viche hears her name and starts to open her eyes.
    • "...Jade.."
    • As she looks to her husband, tears are in his eyes.
    • I've never imagined this kind of face. I couldn't help but laugh at the sight.
      "What on earth…… Why…… Are you crying…….” The weak words came out hard, and Jade clenched my hand.
      "I'm glad. I'm glad. Thank you so much.… really."
      What's so fortunate and grateful. Looking closely, Jade was down to his knees.
      "People are watching…….” What if the Emperor is on his knees? I wanted to beat myself up, but I didn't have the energy.
      "What about the baby?"
      Jade beckoned the maid at my question, and two maidens came up with the baby's little bed. Jade took the baby carefully from bed and put him in my arms.
      "You look like an angel."
      The figure was like an angel. You can say it's holy. The face of the sleeping baby twitched as I swept her cheek with my fingers, and I shed tears.
      I could feel Jade's hand patting my hair. Me, the baby, and Jade were sitting in the air.
      "Did you see the baby……?
      "Yes, I saw it. I saw it again and again. I saw it in my eyes.”
      "You look like an angel."
      "That's right." It felt like the pain had been washed away in a moment. I didn't feel any pain at this moment. I just had to admire the mystery of life.
      I patted and patted the child, shedding tears endlessly.
      "She's a daughter that looks like you.
      "Goodness... What will be your name?"
      "Lucy..." Strangely, the child's name seems to have been Lucy from the beginning. It's as if she was born with it.
      "Do you like it?”
      "Hold on to it." It was a shining moment when I met Lucy.
    • Since Lucy's birth, Viche hasn't slep much.
    • That's because even though they have nannies and maids, Viche wanted to be with with daughter all the time.
    • Well there was sort of a problem. Lucy would cry in Viche's arms and calm when she was in daddy's arms which was pretty disappointing for Viche. :blobpats:
    • However her daughter was asleep this time so Viche decides wants to hold her one more time before she sleeps.
    • Jade comes in and helpse get Viche comfortable as both parents dote on their child, watching Lucy sleep.
    • Jade rubbs Viche's legs. Though they are not swollen anymore from being pregnant, its a habit that Viche liked to keep with her husband.
    • She asks if her requests is strange and he smiles and tells her no.
    • She teases the she wants her husband's attention for the next few hours before they go to Lucy their daughter.
    • This makes both laugh and Viche starts to think she's a mess but Jade reassures her, she's just beautiful.
    • At the end the start to have deep long kisses instead of conversations.
    • Baby Lucy utters a sound and Jade asks if she just said "Dad"
    • Benjamin hearing the sounds is doubtful.
    • Dufffrey and Ceclia are there as well to celebrate Lucy's 1st birthday.
    • Usually when a royal child turns 1 years old there is a huge celebration but Viche was having none of that.
    • Instead, Viche wanted something small and more intimate.
    • Soon Ber and Valentine joins them and Jade paths both on the head affectionately.
    • Cecilia greets them noting how nice for the kids to get an emperor's pat.
    • Lucy, who was shaking her rattle, made another sound.
      "Did you hear that this time?”
      "I don't think so."
      "No, I heard it right. My daughter must be a genius.”
      "Here we go again…….”
      Cecilia turns to look at Jade. Jade and his daughter's foolishness has begun again.
      “And in the first place, don’t moms and dads do this?”
      "If you want to know, why don't you give birth to her and raise her?"
      "Do you want to pick a fight now?" Benjamin was furious at Cecilia's answer. You know you can't even date, so what are you raising?
      "Shouldn't the news come from there?"
      Duffy scratched his neck at Benjamin's words.
      "Well, we're happy enough to see this little princess Lucy. You're so cute."
      Cecilia waved her finger at Lucy, who was swinging her arm to grab her.
      "Oh, my God, you have strong legs.”
      Cecilia observed Lucy curiously as she walked.
      "Look, my daughter is a genius."
      "……so one can hear the sounds of geniuses by just walking, yeah it’s a good world.”"
      "One more word, and I'll cancel my work at dawn."
      At Jade's words Benjamin approached Lucy's front. And she held her hand tightly and said with her eyes shining.
      "You are a genius of the century.":blobrofl::blobrofl:
    • Duffrey kneels down with Benjamin and grins looking down at Lucy.
    • “Hmm...who does she resemble more?”
      “Um, does the Empress have a cute face?”
      “Sometimes her violent temper seems to have been abandoned.”
      "Temper? There's no such thing as a young princess being violent and sleeping."
      Benjamin shook his head firmly at Duffy's words. "That's because you didn't get hit by a jewel rattle."
    • Cecilia looks at Jade.
      "Your Majesty, you look so happy."
      "I couldn't ask for more."
      "Why can't you ask for anything? I saw our cute princess grow up and get married...….” :blob_pout:
      Jade's forehead was narrowed by her words. "Married?"
    • What you're not going to let your daughter go, Cecilia asks?
    • Jade tells her his daugther will be the Empress so she has no time for such trivial things. :blobrofl:
    • Jade then takes walks over to pick up his daughter.
    • "Wow! It's been a long time since we've all been together like this!"
      All the friends I love were gathered. Benjamin, let alone every day, was hard to see, as Duffy and Cecil took root in the temple in Duffy's home town.
      "I know, you're still the same."
      “Cecil, you don’t know how much I miss you. Come back to the capital quickly.”
      “Well one has to be above to live where you are.”
      As Cecil's love-filled eyes turned to Duffy, I coughed. Yes... yes, you two...… I've heard rumors, but I've already guessed it, but seeing this result with my own eyes, I felt something cringe-worthy. It's like my brother and my friend are dating.…, well, yes.
      "Valentine, Ber. It's been a long time since you've been to the Imperial Palace, hasn't it.'”
      "We met three days ago. In the Imperial Palace."
      Ber answered clearly. Ber was taught by the Imperial Palace wizards these days. Thanks to that, I saw you often.
      "Valentine is..."
      "I saw you a few days ago to give you a present for the princess at the clinic."
      Boy, they're a bunch of kids who don't know how to feel.
      "Anyways, everyone, thank you for coming to celebrate Lucy's birthday."
      Jade came next to me with Lucy in his arms. Lucy smiled and shook her rattle wildly to see if she knew she was the main character.
      "It's all thanks to you that Lucy is growing up so healthy. I really want to kiss each and every one of you...…but I'll skip it because I have a jealous husband.”
      A roar of laughter broke out. Even Jade laughed at my words.
      “Did our Lucy find this funny too? Do you know your father well?”
      Lucy's rattle shook violently.
      “Your Majesty, how about saying something to everyone?”
      As she gently suggested to Jade, who fell into his thoughts for a moment. Oh, it looks like he was figuring out what to say.
      Everyone waited curiously, and then Jade's mouth opened.
      He said with a smile that was gentler than any smile she had ever had in his life.
      “To our three families, let’s live well.”
      So, in addition to Jade's words, I opened my mouth. “We will live happily ever after!”
    • <the end,>

    And that is the end of our tale.:blobsmilehappyeyes::blobsob:

    Saw a few questions:
    1. Yes Cecilia is some immortal being/god who create the story to watch over Viche and of course that being is in love with Duffrey. The author doesn't really go into Cecelia's story as much.
    2. Yes Viche is the empress.
    3. Don't recall why Viche was transported into this world only that she thought she had to die as the only way to go back to her world.
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