Chinese Bai Yueguang breaks up everyday

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    Name: Bai Yueguang [White moonlight] breaks up everyday 白月光分手日常
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    When N ancient dog blood sour and cool routines, the world greeted her beautiful face mercilessly
    When N Baiyueguang became a female cannon fodder, a passerby stepping stone background board
    Instead of being abused, it’s better to tell the hero in advance——
    Happy breaking up, happy to you
    I also wish me a variety of styles that have nothing to do with you
    [World One: When I became the current girlfriend of Mr. Nai]
    Male lead his mother: Give you four hundred million, leave me and smash it!
    Me: Arrange! Than heart! love you! Dear aunty, do you still lack the intimate little quilted jacket? The same account book guarantees that your son will completely give up!
    Mr. Milky:? ? ? I cry for you!
    [World Two: When I Become the Dog Emperor’s True Love Shield Queen]
    All the concubines: with a grin on their face, and a lot of criticism
    Me: I fell in love with my sisters at first sight, and goodbye (orange buff in orange)
    Emperor Dog:? ? ? Do you try to tease girls again?
    [World Three: When I became the fiancée of the top tyrannical Alpha]
    My scientific experiment successfully differentiated from Omega to Alpha, and showed a honey smile to the male protagonist
    Big Brother:? ? ? ? ? ?
    Damn, how did my wife become brother? I'm fucking afraid of QAQ
    Ok? The male protagonist always wants to make a way for me to fall in love?
    Sorry, I am a very ideal and pursued fairy. I just want to complete the list to accumulate merits, and successfully drew 100 thousand mansions in hell for retirement!
    Bring a small garden that can raise pigs!
    *Slap face and abuse scum, quick routine
    *The heroine plant becomes essence, not human, so she is heartless
    *Each small world is 1V1, the dog man chasing his wife in the crematorium
    *Big sweet and small abuse, HE dominates, the stock market is risky, you need to be cautious when buying shares
    [Occasionally female attacks appear, private settings have more pearls than milk tea, girlfriends eat carefully~]

    Content Tags: Female Matching Shuangwen Revenge and Scumbag Heterogeneous Legend
    Search keywords: protagonist: weak ┃ supporting role: ┃ other:
    One sentence brief introduction: I wish me thousands of styles, which have nothing to do with you.
    Conception: The world kisses me bitterly and strikes it with a sword.

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    Arc 1: Five million White moonlight

    Five Million White Moonlight (1)

      "My ex-boyfriend with whom I have been in love for ten years is married, but the bride is not me.
      Thinking like this...
      I'm so f*cking happy."
      She [above I] is finally going to live a happy life with a bald little wild dog behind her left-handed little wolf-dog and right-handed little milk dog!
      Well, don't doubt, this "dog" is just a normal dog, completely indifferent to dog men.
      How can dog men be cute and clever?
      Similar to her ex-boyfriend, she was born with a golden spoon. When the time came, she patted her butt to study abroad, transformed herself into a super turtle, set fire to her heart, and formed the dream of many billion girls.
      Before long, the dreams of many billion girls were shattered, because his girlfriend, who has been occupying the palace status since high school, appeared!
      Said to be the main palace, in fact, it is worse than the eighteen-line little pheasant girlfriend around her ex-boyfriend.
      Obviously, there is a righteous, pure and beautiful, gentle and considerate girlfriend in the bowl. This dog man just can’t help stealing fish. He gnaws a handful of grass in the east and a bunch of flowers in the west. The young master of the entertainment media is on the ground in two days. Sou, who was as weak as carrying a real girlfriend, was scolded bloody by netizens.
      What are you scolding?
      Scolded her for being unwilling.
      You said that you [Origibnal host] are a rich and beautiful white, you want a father and a mother, you can go to the hall, you can go to the kitchen, and you can play the violin. Why don't you have to be a broken-winged angel for a scumbag?
      Yeah, so weak I can't figure it out.
      The original owner has such a good condition, such a good configuration, why can't she do it, she must chase behind the scumbag's butt and she will not regret it and let her heart be practiced? Raising ten more eight huskies and demolishing the house to the scumbag makes him restless and makes him suffer from schizophrenia and hemiplegia, is it okay?
      No, he is not worthy. Her Archie has the ancient and noble blood of the Siberian Husky. He is born to despise human beings and cannot be wasted on dog-men!
      My heart roared a lot, so weak [Ban ruo], and still curled the hair around my ear calmly, extremely gentle and meticulous.
      After all, she is now working as a fairy girl who grew up drinking only dew. If she doesn’t do well, the stingy human will be deducted from her salary. Although she doesn’t have much salary to deduct, the meat of the mosquito’s legs is also meat, she doesn’t. Dislike it.
      The dim cinema was playing a zombie apocalypse, watching the hero chew the human brain to pieces, and sip a tube of taro mud and pearls so weakly.
      I thought to myself, it would be nice if the dog man was so neat.
      After watching the movie, she licked her lips weakly.
      She passed a group of stylishly dressed college students and went to the toilet to wash their hands and touch up makeup.
      After coming out, the weak peripheral light glanced casually and met a tall, fair-skinned boy in the crowd. The boy next to him seemed to be pushing his shoulders and making a fuss. The latter turned his back shyly. Show her a very delicate back of his head.
      If it weren't for her fairy image, she was, Ban Ruo and wanted to blow a whistle, just the kind of gangster molesting the Liangjia women.
      "Ting Bell--" The phone rang.
      So weak [Ban Ruo] opened the screen to see, yo, dog man's number, made five or six calls when she was silent.
      Before she went out to watch the movie, she sent a picture of milk tea and movie tickets to Moments.
      Friends who are familiar with her feel that she has been greatly stimulated, otherwise, the little fairy, who is weak and weak, shrinks in the bed and does not dare to move when it thunders, can watch this kind of horror movie with fear?
      Didn’t that kill the little fairy half-life!
      They were so distressed. On the one hand, they dared not expose her scars and coaxed the little fairy to watch the movie and blocked their eyes. On the other hand, they set up a group called "Gu scum [The scum surnamed Gu - Gu Yan], you can't die with a thousand swords", and pulled the main master. When they came in, the brothers and sisters concentrated their artillery fire, took turns to whip the corpse, and beat Gu Yan to the point that they didn't even know their mother.
      After the whip was over, everyone began to speak truthfully, without turning back the arrow, so that Gu Yan should not impulsive marriage because of his temper, and calmly think about it.
      Can that eighteen-thread pierced-earth little pheasant be comparable to the little fairy that the Chen family has held in her palm since she was a child?
      According to that dog man's temper, the more he drinks water on his head, the more he can lift the human skull with a donkey hoof.
      It is this counter-effect that is so weak.
      After picking up rubbish for ten years, she has finally achieved her merits and soared on the spot. Now it is time to abdicate and let someone who really loves rubbish take over!
      Love who is so, what is love.
      Anyway, the original owner's wish was to let her break up decently, and not to let her recycle the garbage.
      "Excuse me, is it Miss Chen Banwei?"
      A sexy and enchanting female voice came from the other end of the phone.
      "Who are you?"
      A weak gaze glanced at the opposite brother.
      She has a pale face, wide shoulders, a thin waist, and long legs. It's not bad, she likes it.
      "I'm Ayan's fiancée."
      The tone could not conceal the pride, "Recently, we were preparing for the wedding, and we were as busy as a top. We were so soft when we posted a wedding post, I was so dizzy and embarrassed that I left you behind. . You are Ah Yan’s ex-girlfriend. Anyway, you have known each other for at least ten years, and you should come to have a wedding wine—"
      Smiling weakly. [Ban Ruo smailed?]
      "Little pheasant, send me a wedding invitation, did your garbage know that ?"
      Weakly [Ban Ruo] held her forehead, a weak Liu Fufeng, a pitiful standard green tea posture.
      "I was stolen by trash once, and there was a piece of meat in my stomach, which is amazing? I thought I could push the palace to the upper rank? Believe it or not, I just need a call back and be soft, and the celebrity wedding you have always dreamed of will immediately melt away. "
      Why did she break up with her ex-boyfriend?"
      Because she was arrested and raped in bed this time, the dog-man was completely annoyed and turned into anger.
      The other side was silent for a while, and suddenly said hoarsely and touchingly, "Miss Chen, please, let me go alive, I really fell in love with Ayan, and I have miscarried so many times for Ayan, the doctor said. , This is my last child, please, please lift up your hands and fulfill my wish of being a mother..."
      In the end, I couldn't cry.
      It's so weak, this is the recording, right?
      Little pheasant really loves to play with herself.
      Fortunately, she also lights up the full-level green tea skills.
      Who won't add a show?
      So weak [Ban Ruo] immediately mobilized every cell and every hair to present awards for her acting skills.
      Shaking all over, with tears in her eyes, she couldn't be weaker anymore.
      She was very weak and choked, "Miss Li, don’t worry, love is great, although you climbed into Ayan’s bed when you were carrying me to the international performance and became Ayan and I’s junior [Mistress], but the child is innocent. Yes, I will fulfill your wish of being a mother. I will attend the weddings and weddings."
      With a snap , I hung up neatly without giving the other party any opportunity.
      "Well... Wipe it."
      A long, slender hand stretched out, and the handsome-faced boy walked up to her and handed her a fragrance-free tissue.
      "Thank you."
      The green tea fairy went down to the earth and wept today.
      After further questioning, the boy realized that she and her boyfriend who had been in love for ten years had broken up because of Xiaosan [Mistress], who even called to demonstrate and made the person angry and crying.
      The little milk dog originally fell in love with the goddess at first sight, and wanted to muster the courage to come forward and strike up a conversation. As a result, the love of the goddess was broken. Isn't it a god-given opportunity to take advantage of the emptiness?
      The little milk dog silently condemned his nasty mentality, his hands were not half soft, and he was about to reach the phone number of the goddess.
      Relying on a strong cheeky, the rich second-generation little milk dog with a mine at home moved into the goddess’ apartment at Hikari, and met her repeatedly. In less than a week, he went into the house and could help the goddess pack and throw the dog. The man stayed. Things out.
      Be careful and ready to move, the rich second-generation little milk dog tidied up the weak [Ban Ruo's] room very clean.
      For the first time he was lying on the bottom of the bed, and any male objects were swept into the trash can, along with some expensive memorials, he coaxed people, donated them to charity, and then casually added his own things.
      And taking advantage of the night before the wedding, the rich second-generation little milk dog used his clever head again, and felt that she needed a male partner for the banquet, so he offered a reasonable and well-founded recommendation.
      Therefore, at the wedding dinner the next day, she was so weak [Ban Ruo] that she took her newly-launched boyfriend into trouble.
      Everyone was shocked.
      Gu Yan, the groom's official, said with a smile for one second, Yan Yan was entertaining the guests, and the next second he fell a wine glass, his eyes were blood red, and he went crazy on the spot.
      He clenched his weak arm with crimson fingerprints, almost squeezed from between his teeth, "So weak, what do you mean? Deliberately find a dog man to piss me off? Ah? You fucking give it to me. Can I be patient?"
      The flower protector frowned dissatisfied, "You let go, you hurt her."
      Gu Yan smiled instead, "Brother, did you drink milk? Don't interrupt me about the adult."
      "Ah. Banquet, don't make trouble, he is not young anymore."
      Her eyes flowed softly, her voice and expression soft.
      Little milk dog Jun's face turned red.
      This sounds very subtle.
      But when he saw it, the goddess looked serious and firm, and it seemed that he was thinking too much.
      "Introduce, Zhang Jiayuan, my boyfriend is also my future husband." The weak broke free from the arms of the desperate man and clasped her little boyfriend's fingers.
      The sweet scene irritated Gu Yan. He bit the tip of his tongue and smelled of blood like rust.
      Is she serious?
      Since the day he met her, she has been a serious and self-disciplined girl, never clubbing, never racing, never speaking swearing, a good girl is always surrounded by flowers and applause, unlike him, who is frivolous, all day long. flirt.
      Gu Yan couldn't figure out, why would such a little fairy fall in love with him?
      No one knows that the arrogant Gu family is weak and inferior in the feelings of gains and losses. He stepped on her bottom line, again and again, staying at night, drinking and racing, trying to prove that he is a bad person and is not worthy of the pity of a fairy.
      However, when the day came, the fairy was about to abandon him, and Gu Yan was in a mess.
      He even grabbed the weak [Ban Ruo's] wrist in a little panic, "You are lying to me, right?"
      The weak maintained an impeccable smile.
      Gu Yan pulled her to escape the divorce feast, so weak stopped him.
      Pamper as always.
      "Okay, Ayan, stop making trouble, you are twenty-five years old, not fifteen years old, you want to be like an adult, don't lose your temper at all times, the guests are here, you want Gu's face to be trampled on Is it on the ground? Uncle and Auntie have a bad heart. Don't be angry with them anymore."
      Seeing his bow tie crooked, she stretched out her hand to straighten it.
      "From now on, you will learn to be a good husband and drink less alcohol. Your stomach problem is not healed. You have to take medicine on time. Do you remember the few small dishes I taught you? You can cook for your family occasionally Taste it, it’s a pity, I thought I was the first to taste it.”
      At this time, the bride came with her wedding dress and sneered when she heard the second half of her, “I don’t need Ayan’s marriage life. Your ex-girlfriend intervened. "
      Look, here comes the killer.
      "Shut up!"
      Gu Yan roared.
      So weak [Ban Ruo] and not angry, holding his face in both hands, forcing him to turn his head.
      She stared at the man’s red eyes, using those clear eyes that were not stained with dust, she said softly, “I’m sorry, I’ve loved you for ten years, and I’m tired. It’s time to leave the stage. I am destined to miss you in the future. Your birthday, your Valentine's Day, your wedding anniversary. But I still want to wish you a happy marriage."
      Her whisper was inaudible.
      "I also wish us a happy breakup."
      After the breakup, she will become the red mole on the heart of this dog man, with blood stabs in the bone, making him uneasy forever in the time he cannot spend with him.
      Gu Yan finally believed that the good girl who had loved him for ten years was really leaving him.
      "No... I'm not getting married anymore, I want to propose to you. So weak [Ban Ruo], don't look at me like this, serious, this time I'm serious, I won't mess around anymore. You believe me, I, I will listen to you."
      He knelt on one knee, raised his head, begging her, "Give me another chance, okay?"
      Weakly [Ban Ruo] bowed her head down looking down at him, and said softly and compassionately.
      "No way, Ayan."
      "You are really...too dirty."
    Five Million White Moonlight (2)

      After dizziness, she opened her eyes weakly.
      An indifferent and beautiful face was magnified in front of her, and the endless night was spreading behind her, the river was rushing, and the flowers on the other side were blooming.
      Here is Hell Wangchuan.
      "Lord Fujun, I haven't seen you for many days, and my concubine is like crazy." The female voice is soft and soft, and she is like a cloud of bright moonlight, blooming among the dark green whirling trees. The branches are coiled, and palace lanterns are hung, either dim or bright, faintly illuminating the flawless and beautiful feet of a woman.
      She rested on the branch with one hand, and held a palace lantern in the other, with a loose skirt and frowning her eyebrows, as if she had had a nightmare.
      Isn't it a nightmare?
      She worked so hard for ten years, and finally raised her eyebrows and was about to beat the male lead dog that fell into the water, and the result was passed back to hell! Oh, day! Hateful! Fate, this damn little fairy!
      She is so weak [Ban Ruo] that she hasn't taken turns to take turns in her 18th scum stunt!
      Cui Fujun, the chief judge of hell, was expressionless, staring at a palace lantern beside her.
      "So weak girl, you messed up again."
      The wick of the palace lantern was burning with a faint blue flame, and it turned blood red at this moment, filled with hostility.
      The shrill scream became stronger and stronger.
      On the road to Huangquan, the souls are dead.
      How to properly settle the wronged souls has been a headache in hell for thousands of years. After the young girl’s heart bursting into the throne, the little Yan Luojun often ran to the world for ten and a half months. When he came back, he came up with a "I opened the harem in a parallel copy." "s project.
      To put it more generally, it is to find someone with good acting skills, carry a ray of grievances, go to their parallel world to talk about love and then engage in career lines, let the grievances of the grievances disappear, and then Be happily reborn as a human being.
      Of course, the young girl's heart belongs to the girl's heart, and the business is still to be done. The souls who can be selected have merit in their bodies, and they can only exchange their merits for their wishes.
      This merit karma is the main driving force for the weak [Ban Ruo] to do things.
      The little Yan Luojun is also generous, hell only extracts 20% of the benefits, and the remaining 80% is naturally more work for the able.
      This is so weak [Ban Ruo] that it is not that Party B is not working hard, but that Party A is too dogged and wants to go to heaven in return.
      For example, the first order she received was from a young lady from the Republic of China. Her husband's family returned from studying abroad. He didn't like an arranged marriage. On the day of the wedding, he escaped with his hot little rose, so the ladies had no face to see people. Xuanliang committed suicide, and she hopes that her new life can make her husband change his mind and bring family harmony.
      How do you feel weak [Ban Ruo]?
      As soon as she went over, bought the bandit, yelled, took the knife off, interrupted the leg of the fleeing bridegroom official, and then pretended to be ignorant, greeted him with warmth, served in-laws, and got the title of the first good wife in the Republic of China.
      How harmonious and beautiful.
      She was so weak [Ban Ruo] and compassionate that his hot little rose came in and became a concubine, and she wiped and fed the talented man every day, fulfilling their desire to be together for life, and also saving money to buy a maid!
      Little Rose has lost the sky of freedom, love begets hatred, and she always beats and scolds the talented man with a broken leg. On the contrary, her good wife has become the latter's life-saving straw, and the attachment of men has also deepened.
      As for not having a baby? It was too simple. She was so weak [Ban Ruo] and held the family's assets. She adopted an excellent nephew, who was motivated and filial.
      She [Ban Ruo] went back to business with confidence, but she [The client] cried and cried, calling her a heartless, how can she be so heavy on her husband? How sad she was watching her talented husband, who was a talented person and learned to be rich, turned into a paralyzed person in bed!
      The unjust soul can't wait to swallow such a weak [Ban Ruo's] life.
      Then it was so weakly [Ban Ruo] kicked into Wangchuanhe and brainwashed.
      Fortunately, there is no need to deduct food for legitimate defense.
      Hey, it's really hard to be a perfect Party B!
      "My lord, the concubine is very sad, do you know."
      The weak [Ban Ruo] complained to him.
      "This time the concubine learns the experience and lessons, strictly follows the timeline of the plot development, and has been a little fairy for ten years. The dog man abuses me thousands of times. I treat the dog man like my first love. It is not easy. On that day, what is it dissatisfied with?"
      Weakly [Ban Ruo] glanced at the bright red palace lantern.
      The innocent soul inside said out of grief and indignation, "How can you scold him for being dirty? Do you know how much shadow your words have caused him! You deny his meaning in life!"
      So weak [Ban Ruo] thought for a while, yes Isn't it? What life meaning does a dog man wandering through the flowers need?
      So she said sincerely, "You don't seem to be very clever, do you need to go to Wangchuan to wash your brains? The concubine body is a simple task, don't be polite."
      Suddenly, the soul stopped speaking.
      After going through several worlds, she feels that the initiative is best in her own hands. Party A can't let her mess around. She really can't bear the colorful blackness.
      She discussed with the cold-faced little brother Cui, "Can my concubine open a small shop by herself, clearly mark the price, and those who wish to take the bait?"
      These unsatisfied souls relied on the agreement of "substitution if dissatisfied", and they always turned their faces ruthlessly and weak in the middle. I suspect that they are reluctant to give their merits and deliberately come for nothing. After changing to another public official from the hell, it is estimated that she would have to wait on her little ancestors, but fortunately, she was outside the establishment, so she could eat a lot of food, and she could leave at any time if she wanted to go crazy.
      Little Cui said in a hard tone, "Cui will report truthfully to Yan Jun, please wait a while for the weak [Bn Ruo] girl."
      "Then I will trouble Mr. Fujun."
      The beauty in white bowed down and bowed, her black hair and her red lips were on her palms. Waist, the ring between the skirt creaked, as if shooting a god.
      She is a person who knows about men and women, makes good use of the beauty of a blade, and even calls the Lord Fujun softly, and also adds her own thousand-layer routine.
      Isn’t the homonym of Master Fujun the same as "Master Fujun"?
      The members of the hell called the judge Cui Jue to be "Master Cui", but she was different.
      Under Xiao Cui's matchmaking bridge, she was so weak [Ban Ruo] and successfully drew the number. She rented a small store of five square meters, and put it in a modern style. It was a small bathroom, so shabby that she shed tears of sadness.
      So weak [Ban Ruo] vowed to be the most gentle profiteer and realize her dream of buying a garden mansion in hell [Netherworld] as soon as possible!
      Profiteers happily took the first order of opening.
      She passed the employer's memory a little bit, and extracted the keywords of the plot.
      Campus, rich family, ex-girlfriends, five million, going abroad, stand-in, sadomasochism...Well, there are quite a few elements of dog blood?
      She was so weak [Ban Ruo] and rude to sum it up, and it suddenly dawned on her that she was the former girlfriend of Bai Yueguang who was humiliated by the male protagonist’s mother for five million and then went abroad to study!
      The long-haired girl in the blue and white school uniform was soaked in a glass of lemon juice.
      "No matter what kind of monster you are, this is five million, leave my son."
      Weakly [Ban Ruo] stretched out the wet eyelashes, and the eye was a well-maintained face.
      A middle-aged woman with a dark gray skirt and a valuable jade bracelet on her wrist, holding a glass with a little trace of water, her expression is obvious disgust.
      Table 7 suddenly changed, and the hall of the western restaurant was instantly audible.
      The gazes of the guests vaguely swept over the two of them. One was a mature and capable career woman, and the other was a childish female student. Is it the original drama that humiliated the young mistress? Everyone saw that the young girl reached out and took the lemon slice sticking to her face. With a flick of her finger, she slowly combed the broken hair that covered her eyes to the back of her forehead.
      Was she fucking humiliated by the hero?
      Don't panic, the problem is not big.
      With the thunderous force, the weak [Ban Ruo] slapped the person with a crisp slap, and the man was slapped, and she presented the male lead's mother with a glass of lemon juice in front of her. Finally, she asked with a pear vortex on her cheek.
      "Auntie, have you calmed down?"
      "It's okay to break up, but let's talk about the price."
      "The price of pork has risen recently. Your son will not be the price of cabbage. That's shabby."
    Five Million White Moonlight (3)

      clam down?
      After being slapped in public by a junior and splashing a glass of lemonade, how could the superwoman Yu Luoxia calm down!
      She is the eldest girl of the Yu Group, and her husband Su Chi is a strong business marriage. The relationship between the husband and wife is not salty and not weak. After a few years of marriage, the family business is getting bigger and bigger. The couple often travels all over the world and is too busy. In fact, the number of meetings is pitiful.
      Under the urging of the elders, the two took time to do test-tube babies, the melons were ripe, and they got a baby son.
      Speaking of her son, Yu Luoxia is unstoppable pride in her heart.
      Su Yun has been a "child of someone else's family" since she was a child, and has been firmly on the throne of the school year after year. Especially under the guidance of her father-in-law, Su Yun is smart and sensible, and she hasn't bothered her. The only thing that embarrassed my mother was probably that my son was a bit withdrawn, had a cold personality, and didn't like to communicate. Fortunately, there were a bunch of good buddies in the compound who often met after going to different universities.
      Yu Luoxia is generous and has a good relationship with the juniors.
      On business trips, Yu Luoxia often brings gifts to them, asking these good friends to take care of her son.
      No, the second generation of the rich were stubborn and short-handed, turned around and sold Su Yun, and first-hand information was sent to Chairman Yu's hands.
      ——A Yun has made a beautiful little girlfriend. The new student enrolled in the Dance Academy this year seems to be a small and famous wild model. She has a big chest and a thin waist, which is very attractive!
      ——That girl is pretty awesome, she's not drunk for a thousand cups, and the standard and well-behaved toasting gesture gave Lao Tzu a whole lot of haha.
      ——Fuck, Ayun said he fell in love at first sight, and the two moved in together last month! The speed at which this iron tree blooms is amazing!
      ——Auntie, please persuade Ayun, he just talks too little about love, his routine is too shallow, and he doesn’t know if he is deceived! That girl is not easy!
      ——That woman is very unconscionable, she must have come for the Su family's money.
      A girl was labeled "wild model", "drinking", "cohabitation", "hook three and four", etc., which is enough for the well-known chairman Yu to throw a person into 18 hells and never live beyond life.
      That's why there is this confrontation.
      Yu Luoxia has worked for many years and never procrastinates in her affairs. Isn't she just looking at the wealth of the Su family? Just give it!
      The last thing their Yu family and Su family lack is money!
      However, when we met, Yu Luoxia saw a young girl with a sexy figure coming enchantingly, pretending to be innocent and wearing school uniform, and she lowered her face to call her aunt. Yu Luoxia suddenly thought of the sexy secretary next to her husband, and she was disgusted. Can't help but pour a glass of water on the other party.
      As a result, she was also soaked.
      Hey, where does the little girl have two faces?
      Yu Luoxia trembled and smiled with anger. She raised her hand and prepared to retaliate to the other party. She was so weak and simply sat down, elegantly avoiding the attack of the other party, and said softly to the stunned waiter next to her.
      "Excuse me, brother, can you get me a clean towel?"
      Yu Luoxia's slap fell to the ground, experiencing embarrassment for the first time in her life.
      "Auntie, don't you sit? This is very eye-catching, and it may be on the headlines tomorrow."
      The weak [Ban Ruo] maintained a decent smile.
      The employer also suffered eight lifetimes of blood mold, and encountered the brutal social beating of the mother and child.
      You Bianwei is an orphan. She grew up in an orphanage and went to college with all her hardships. She wanted to be an excellent dancer.
      On the day of school, the rich and handsome hero Su Yun fell in love with her at first sight, the cold iceberg melted into a spring of water, and the mode of stalking started for an unprecedented time. This girl doesn't have much experience in love. The other person has a good face, good family background, and talent. She was slightly moved and was soon chased by someone.
      Su Yun was madly happy, thinking that this was a destined arrangement from heaven, but his group of good buddies didn't think so.
      ——Easy to succeed is always too cheap.
      They regarded the extremely weak knowledge and interest as sleek and cunning, and regarded her hard work as a gangster, and the natural good figure of young girls would inevitably be pointed out by men.
      Everyone was preconceived and put on colored glasses to attack her.
      Besides, Chairman Yu Yu Luoxia, the male protagonist is so fucking screaming, and at the beginning of the game, he used 5 million to humiliate the weak and let her leave her son. Who doesn't love money? When she was very weak, she used to live a hard life, thinking that money is second only to life and dignity. However, when she fell in love for the first time, she gave her sincere heart. How could she accept this cold money insult?
      The self-esteem, especially weak and tough, rejected the huge sum of money, but at the same time, she was also anxious about the huge wealth gap between the two. Under low self-esteem, she gave up aggrievedly.
      How could Su Yun agree?
      He gave roses for a week, and the two are reconciled as before.
      Seeing that the relationship is going so smoothly, the hero's mother felt uncomfortable. She subsidized the school, first used a project to transfer Su Yun away, and then spread the rumors that the girl worshipped money and vanity as a peripheral girl.
      How outrageous?
      Once you were walking down the school road, especially weak [BanRuo], a boy with acne ran over and asked how much she could sleep for one night.
      Which normal girl can bear this kind of humiliation?
      You were so weak that she cried until the world broke, and made several phone calls to her boyfriend. At that time, Su Yunzheng was very busy and had no thoughts. It was fine for two or three times. The number of times was more. He felt that his girlfriend was a bit hypocritical, and the rumors were not just clarified. Okay? Need to call him every day to talk about this?
      He didn't know that malicious rumors were sharper than a knife and crushed the pride of a girl.
      Youban participated in the self-service study abroad without saying a word, and set off immediately after the application was successful. She was discouraged and only briefly said the breakup in a text message.
      This time it was the male protagonist's turn to be crazy.
      Brothers and buddies all persuaded him that a vain girl who worships money is not worthy of his nostalgia.
      Under the repeated bombing, Su Yun was brainwashed like this.
      But he still feels uncomfortable and wants to vent!
      What to do about this?
      It doesn’t matter. The silly white sweet hostess who resembles her ex-girlfriend voluntarily sent her to the door to save her mother. Su Yun made her look like an ex-girlfriend. At first, she was full of malicious humiliation, but as the time along with her got longer, He was gradually infected by the cheerful sunshine of the girl.
      At this time, especially weak [BanRuo] returned to China after studying and opened a dance studio.
      Unfortunately, she was stared at by the male lead again.
      The male protagonist left the surrogate heroine and pursued his ex-girlfriend again, chasing after her, rekindling his love, and seeing half of his foot step into the marriage hall, the surrogate heroine could be tortured enough.
      Then the male protagonist's fucking show operation came again. he threw a five million breakup and buckled the shit plate on the extremely weak [BanRuo's] head in one fell swoop, successfully stimulating the male protagonist's sensitive nerves.
      Su Yun refused to listen to her explanation, and forcibly changed the name of the bride to a stand-in hostess.
      As for the ex-girlfriend?
      The wedding was gone, her boyfriend ran away, and the studio fell. She was suffering from depression, and she ended up in a situation that was pointed out by a lot of people, which was naturally black.
      At the end of the story, the ex-girlfriend rushed into the wedding and was about to stabb the dog man. At the end of the day, the substitute heroine bravely blocked the knife. After waking up, he was moved by the hero.
      Good day, this plot is too fucking awkward.
      It's definitely not a route that she, the green tea fairy who looks like a rabbit and has a wolf inside, can go.
      So let's talk about the issue of mental damage fees after breaking up.
      First set a small goal to break up.
      For example, earning 200 million damn for the male lead.
    Five Million White Moonlight (4)

      "Miss, your towels."
      The waiter gave two clean new towels. Because they were so weak [Ban Ruo], they asked for them first, so he delivered them to the young girl as soon as possible.
      Chairman Yu's expression tightened, a little unhappy.
      The weak [Ban Ruo] ones are quickly estimating the wealth of the Yu family and the Su family. One is engaged in brand cosmetics and the other is engaged in media entertainment. They are both reputable family businesses, with a combined market value of over 30 billion.
      So she wants two hundred million, which is really a conscience price.
      So weak and well versed in negotiation skills, she did not immediately ask for 200 million yuan, but said, "Auntie, let’s do this, I’m an honest person, and I won’t go around with you. The price is 50 million. If you don't say anything, I'll get out of here, as far as you can go."
      Yu Luoxia just sat down and almost didn't mention it.
      Just this little pheasant, who has no identity and no background, dare to challenge her for 50 million?
      The weaker [Ban Ruo] saw the male lead's mother sneer and didn't speak, and made a supplement, "Of course 50 million is the current price. After waiting for a while, it will be more than that. Look, the price of pork is increasing every day. Are people more expensive? Auntie, I advise you to think clearly as soon as possible."
      Yu Luoxia couldn't help but patted the table.
      "What do you think of my son?" She said to weakly [Ban Ruo].
      "Of course it's sky-high pork."
      I can't talk anymore this day.
      Yu Luoxia was so humiliated that she left without waiting for the dishes to be served.
      "Auntie, wait."
      The young girl stopped her.
      "I'm a poor student, you won't let me pay the bill? Okay, you are an elder, and I can pay the bill. Even if you are currently in short supply, can you deduct from my 50 million?" She looked confident, as if Fifty million is already in her bag.
      Chairman Yu was so angry that one Buddha was born and two Buddhas ascended to heaven. Her expression really wanted to chew people up.
      She shouldn't have come to see this little bitch!
      In short, it was the male protagonist mother who paid the money because of her face, and weak [Ban Ruo] enjoyed a good Western meal in a cheeky manner.
      Everyone is happy.
      So weak [BanRuo] hit a car and went back to school happily.
      This day is Saturday and there is no class. According to the original schedule, as a representative of the freshmen of the dance school, I went to the square to shoot a school celebration MV in the morning. Who knew that the male lead had a phone call and bombed her and pulled people to the west. The restaurant has not had time to change to the school uniform.
      The male protagonist Su Yun didn’t know that his mother was too angry to eat by his baby. He is a man in the Department of Finance of the School of Economics and Management. He is a sophomore and has excellent grades. He is highly regarded by teachers and has more opportunities to participate than ordinary students. National science and innovation projects are easy to disappear without class.
      Fortunately, he remembered his male ticket status, the project came to an end, and immediately went to his own female ticket to relieve the suffering of lovesickness.
      In order to surprise the other party, he did not call, but asked a student, and set off to the public dance studio.
      The glass windows reflected the colorful clouds at dusk, and a slender figure stretched out, with long legs pressed against the wooden handlebar, with beautiful and charming lines.
      Su Yun had heard people describe the body of a supermodel before, saying that "there are all legs below the neck", which is quite funny thinking about it.
      But his girlfriend is indeed a standard nine-headed beauty, a devilish figure, and a pair of long legs that are so beautiful. Gao Lingzhihua quietly reddened her ear roots, and when the heat subsided, he recruited a school girl and asked her to call someone out for help.
      "Are you finished?"
      The other party was a little surprised. She had a towel around her neck and a thin layer of sweat on her collarbone.
      He looked away shyly and coughed slightly.
      "Are you hungry? Let's go to eat, I have something to tell you."
      So weak [BanRuo] and gentle said , "Just right, I have something to tell you."
      "What do you want to say?"
      "I'm hungry, I'll talk later."
      On the pedestrian aisle, Su Yun pretended to be calm and took her hand.
      And so weak [BanRuo] felt a dampness.
      The male protagonist was very resuscitated in the early stage, and he won in two months. It was particularly weak. When the semester was younger, the two were dating for four or five months. After discussion, the two moved out of the dormitory and lived together at the speed of light. Little lovers who look like glue in the eyes of others, do you dare to believe that they are just chatting under the covers this month?
      Let alone a home run, the unconvincing hero dare not even go to second base!
      I understand it so weakly [BanRuo].
      The idol drama she has watched is not one thousand but eight hundred. The male lead’s heart has given the female second white moonlight, and of course the body must be reserved for the female lead. Therefore, no matter how close the male protagonist is to Bai Yueguang and how deep his feelings are, he never takes a step beyond the thunder pond. Instead, the female protagonist accidentally falls on the ground, or goes to the wrong room drunk, and can easily take away the male protagonist. Innocent for the first time.
      The two went to a small shop near the school to have a pork chop meal, and then went to the supermarket to pick out snacks and drinks.
      On weekends without classes, there are always a lot of guys hanging out in the supermarket, especially in the area near the school, where they are basically young and beautiful college students. Because of their excellent appearance and temperament, the young couple Ban Weak [BanRuo] and Su Yun were paid attention to by the people.
      "Do you want chewing gum? What kind of flavor do you want?"
      He asked casually when he moved to the cash register.
      Su Yun subconsciously looked at the row of iron shelves, and after a second, the whole Jun's face was flushed like a monkey's buttocks, in sharp contrast with his white neck.
      So weak [BanRuo] and weird, turning her head back, is this person's hand broken? Why is it so wet as the sea?
      A pair of young couples followed. Girls frequently paid attention to handsome guys, and boys were extremely upset. They slashed the culprit viciously along the way. It is a pity that Su Yun was immersed in the joy of shopping in the supermarket and failed to catch the brainwaves. At this moment, seeing Su Yun looking at a loss, the boy secretly said, the opportunity for revenge is here.
      The boy whispered, "Brother, I recommend that..."
      "Indecent! Shameless!"
      Su Yun's face blushed, like a cat with its tail stomped on. The whole person was blown up, as weak as it was carried, and ran away like the wind.
      The cashier was dumbfounded.
      "Hey? You didn't give me any money!"
      In the end, so weak [BanRuo] came back to clean up the mess. Who made the male protagonist reluctant to step into the supermarket?
      "What are you doing?"
      She carried things and looked at the big boy beside the flower bed on the road. The tall and thin shadow was slanting on the ground, and the colorful neon lights of the street shining on his short-sleeved white T, dyed very beautifully. , He grabbed half of the round collar, awkwardly blocking half of his face, but he did not know that this tugging revealed a thin waist.
      It was a pity that it was too dark and she didn't see the beautiful mermaid line. It is said that the male lead was once the individual champion of the National University Fencing Championships. He loves to exercise, and the meat must be delicious.
      Sorry, she is introspective, she is sordid, she is the body of a greedy male protagonist.
      "From now on, I will not be allowed to come to this black shop in the future!"
      Such a weak [BanRuo]: "People are so good, what illegal things did they do?"
      Su Yun blushed, "Anyway, in short, it is moral corruption, and God's law is difficult to tolerate!"
      During the speech, the boy Putting down one hand, came over to hold her, the other hand was still holding the collar to cover his face, and sneaking around her.
      "By the way, in the dance studio, what are you going to say?" Su Yun asked again. He is an inquiring character and can't sleep unless he asks clearly.
      Such a weak [BanRuo] smile.
      "Do you really want to hear it?"
      Su Yun saw her smile, unconsciously moved closer, lowered his head, his eyes soft.
      "Say it, I'll listen."
      The girl under the neon sign was crooked.
      "A Yun, let's break up." When we break up, we must also learn to diversify our investment. Eggs cannot be put in the same basket.
      The male protagonist costs 200 million fucking to break up, and the male protagonist can't let it go!
    Five Million White Moonlight (5)

      Divided and divided...handed?
      As a young tyrant who has not experienced severe beatings from the society, Su Yun shut himself down on the spot, and his face that had been flushed with something before turned pale.
      Ouch, always looks good.
      There is a torturous beauty.
      So weak realized that she was gone, she immediately reflected and warned herself that it was wrong and hindered the performance of her acting skills.
      She forced herself to concentrate.
      ——Staring at the side of the road with the male protagonist.
      Su Yun shuddered his shoulders, and struggled to find his own voice, "Why...what?"
      At this time, the weak [BanRuo] emotions were brewing, and the slender eyes were covered with water. The wicked first complained, "Your mother. Today, she asked me. She didn’t give me a 100 yuan taxi fare. She also poured a glass of water on me. If it weren’t in the restaurant, I think she would like to hit me. I think your family has a gene for mania and depression. It's not suitable for my child's future growth!"
      The young tyrant is always angry, distressed, funny, and shy. In short, he is quite emotional, somewhere between autism and flowering.
      He went to hook his weak little finger and said softly, "Don't worry, I won't hit a child." He glanced at her, and quickly added, "I won't hit the child."
      The point is after marriage. Life?
      Boy, at the age of 20, you want to engage in a dangerous jail project like early marriage?
      You kind of ask the marriage law, it doesn't agree with this marriage!
      "But your mother might beat her daughter-in-law, she is not as good as you." Being weak [BanRuo] gives people a point.
      The point is that your mother was so arrogant and arrogant today that she gave you the female ticket to get off the hook. If your female ticket is wronged, find a place to get back!
      "I don't allow her to fight... well, my wife, I'll make my mother behave."
      Su Yun licked his dry lips, the roots of his ears were burning soft and red.
      Obediently, I'll knock your mother, kid, don't you listen to the point and try to blush me?
      So weak [BanRuo] decided to sacrifice her big move and brainwash BMG, and put on the male lead BUFF.
      "I know, you all look down on me, yes, I am an orphan, with no identity and no background, and only one person left. But I am also studying and working hard. I eat with you and rent a house with you. This five months, I received your seventeen bunch of roses with a birthday gift worth three thousand, but I also played two weeks of work, you buy a pair of shoes more than two thousand ah. "
      "I figure Is it your money? No, I pictured your body!"
      "I live innocently, and I haven't done anything wrong, so I will fall in love with you, the rich second generation, so why should I worship gold and behave badly? Will you fall to me?"
      The tears of the green tea fairy came just as they said.
      She was so weak that she knew how to cry beautifully, making people sympathetic and pitying, so she controlled the fire and let the tears roll slowly in her eyes.
      "Your mother is like this. She insulted me when she came up and called me sordid. The same is true of your friends. They said in front of you that I was good, sensible, mature, and would take care of others, in private? They laughed at me as a scheming bitch, yes, I’m a woman of gold, I can do anything to get a good position!" "But you know, I usually go to class, dance, and then work as a model and dance teacher part-time. Is it my fault that I have a good figure? I wear it. Is it a slut to be sexy? How can I not be a good girl if I drink a thousand drinks without getting drunk? Why do I get involved in teaching people to dance?"
      The tears that had been planned for a long time finally fell.
      Her eyes were so faintly red, and her voice was hoarse and almost lost her voice.
      "I love you, but not them. Why do you want to violate me one by one? What do I owe them? Ah? Say, what do I owe them? Did I kill their family or kill them? My dear dear?"
      With a bang, the bag she was carrying fell to the ground.
      A bottle of cola cans rolled to the side of the green plant flowerbed, and a faint blue light was refracted under the street lamp.
      But the weaker [BanRuo] is squatting down, with loose hair, covering her face with pain with her hands, whimpering like a small beast.
      The male protagonist had never seen such a big battle, and was stunned on the spot.
      To tell the truth, his brain was messed up into a pot of porridge, which was still burnt.
      When they met at the party, didn't Huzi and the others behave well, some of them talked and laughed, how could they still say bad things about his girlfriend in private? And what the hell, how old is it to humiliate her future daughter-in-law? Doesn't she want to be a grandmother in her 50s?
      Su Yun was so worried that she was bald at an early age.
      This thing reversed so quickly.
      He thought that his love was receiving the blessings of the people of the world, but he did not expect that fate slapped him in public, and those crippled calves forced his true love to Liangshan!
      He took his mother and got involved too!
      People clerk.
      "You... don't cry..." Su Yun also squatted down and eagerly persuaded others. With a net height of 1.9 meters, he was so wronged that he became a white ball. "I'll buy you milk tea, OK? "
      The young boss now doesn't have so many sorrow routines, and his girlfriend is upset. He coaxes him, is it okay to drink pearl milk tea? When his girlfriend was tired from class, he continued to coax her, okay to drink fresh taro barley milk tea? The girlfriend was getting up, he went on to coax, drink white peach oolong milk tea, okay? Half price, buy two cups, double the sweetness for you.
      There was a muffled sound in the gap between the knees.
      "You keep buying it for your next girlfriend!"
      "I'm mean, I'm depraved, I can't stand the blessings of your noble brothers!"
      Su Yun suddenly panicked, anxiously pale, "Who, Who is depraved? If they dare to say that to you, I will interrupt their dog legs!"
      "What if your mother said?"
      Su Yun stuck.
      His dad might interrupt his dog legs first.
      She lifted up so weakly [BanRuo], her chin rested on her knees, her long hair curled up, and her face was pointed, which looked only the size of a slap, so pitiful.
      She choked and said.
      "Ayun, I beg you, let's break up, they won't let us be together. Your mother said, if I... if I continue to follow you, she will go to school, spread my gossip rumors, and say I am a peripheral girl, not serious, I...I will be ruined by your mother, do you know?"
      Su Yun saw her crying out of breath, feeling uncomfortable, and red eyes.
      "I won't let my mother hurt you. If she really dares to do this, I, I will, I will..." Su Yun spent a long time on me. He was raised by his grandfather since he was a child, and he was taught to be clean, reserved, dignified and steady. He never said a swear word or let go of a harsh word. Suddenly, he didn't know what to do.
      Su Yun blushed and said something that he thought was childish, "Then I will take you away, and we will not see them. We will come back when they admit you."
      With a weak [BanRuo] red nose, "You Swear?"
      "I swear."
      "Then your mother slanders me and splashes me with dirty water. You must trust me and protect me."
      "Your buddies say bad things about me, you have to teach them fiercely."
      "Then you... why don't you come to kiss me?" She sobbed aggrievedly, "My eyes hurt, I want you to coax me, milk tea, and kisses, no, no, no I turned my face, an angry girlfriend can do anything."
      Su Yun's heart exploded and his cheeks blushed.
      He dangled for a long time, lowered his neck, his hot lips touched her eyelids, shivering, and moved from the tip of his nose to her lips.
      He sipped it shyly, and took another bite.
      He was so shy that he balled his entire head into his knee.
      Oh my God, he is not pure anymore, he is going to burn and stick to the pot and can't rescue him, he, he...he loves his girlfriend.
      That night, the successful second base male protagonist bought 30 cups of milk tea, pearl milk tea, stockings, milk tea, panda milk cap, durian milk cap, Tieguanyin milk cap, matcha frappuccino, cherry powder Frappuccino, etc.
      Thirty times sweet, it is an unimaginable happiness.
      She is ready to make milk tea refined at any time.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] that she would have a day of crying after drinking milk tea, thanking the male protagonist for breaking her world record.
      She gave the rest of the milk tea to the dormitory decisively, and the girls on the whole floor were cared for once, and said what kind of fairy love it was.
      They called Su Yun brother-in-law.
      Su Yun held hands with each other unconvincingly.
      Really, too out of the ordinary.
      He should buy five hundred cups so that he can invite the whole female dormitory to drink milk tea.
      The two walked back to their nests, still chatting purely under the covers, but this time the male protagonist was a little bit bolder and hugged... he was satisfied to fall asleep with a strand of her long hair.
      What can you say?
      She pityed a handful of the male lead's hair, and she dared to pull it if he dared to pull it.
      Fortunately, there was nothing to do overnight.
      The next day I was weak and got up early. According to the custom, I laid a yoga mat in the living room and became an elegant golden rooster independent.
      Halfway through, the bell rang, and she saw a familiar number and cut off decisively. At noon, the weak did not go to the plot where the favorability bonus is not much like having lunch with the male lead, but found a secluded place and called back.
      "I can give you fifty million, but you have to go abroad right away, and you can't come back for ten years. When Ayun asks, you just say that you want to study further, and you don't want to be dragged down by others, so you can't mention our deal anyway." His mother couldn't wait to make a request. After returning to the western restaurant, Chairman Yu suffered from liver pain all afternoon. Everyone with a face was afraid of being entangled in poppies and ruining their reputation.
      Yu Luoxia decided to take action, slashing the mess and chasing away the little bitch.
      "Auntie, it's the next day now." Such a weak[BanRuo] and gentle reminder.
      The male protagonist's mother: "???"
      Of course Chairman Yu knew that it was the next day. She was so full last night that she didn't sleep well!
      "Every other day, the interest doubles." A weak smile, "Excuse me, I want one hundred million."
      Chairman Yu, who has cultivated for many years, couldn't help but explode.
      "You are an old lady and a boy who disperses money?!" "How come, my aunt is not young anymore." So weak [BanRuo] and innocent.
      Yu Luoxia's internal organs were on fire, and she wanted to beat this little bitch on the spot.
      Then the slut sent a torturous blow to the male lead and his mother, "Auntie, what you have lost is one hundred million, and what I have lost is youth, dignity and love."
      Yu Luoxia slammed and fell. Cell phone.
      F*ck youth dignity love, she is the lion's mouth open!
      So weak [BanRuo] heard the busy tone, smiled, and dialed her son's cell phone number.
      "Are you busy? I don't have class in the afternoon. Can I cook and eat for you in the evening?"
      Su Yun, who was promoted to the dormitory's brother-in-law, did not hesitate to abandon his teacher and brother, and went back with a swish.
      The ten fingers are so weak [BanRuo] that they don't touch the sun and spring water, and they burned a table of green, yellow and yellow things for the male lead.
      "Does it taste good?"
      she asked tenderly.
      In trouble, quantum mechanics. Not enough cooking skills, let's get warm.
      "It's... it's okay." Su Yun bite the bullet and ate two bowls, and couldn't bear to hit her self-confidence.
      "What can be improved then?"
      Su Yun hesitated for a moment while holding his job. "I said, you won't beat me?" The iceberg melted, so how could he look cold and withdrawn? It is clearly a cat that loves to meow! The weak [BanRuo] thought of her beloved cats and dogs, and decided to care for the weak, "No, you can say it, I can bear it."
      The male protagonist's expression was tactful, "This...this dish is a bit soft." Like a pool of strange things.
      "That's because when I was cooking, I wanted you to feel soft and feel soft."
      Su Yun fought between blushing and stomachache, struggling to death, "That...the rice is also a bit hard."
      "That's because of me. I hope my man can become a tough guy after eating."
      The tenderness in her eyes can overflow.
      Su Yun gritted his teeth and said, "Well, let's have another bowl."
      She was so weak [BanRuo] and good-natured. he gave her two hundred million a spoonful and piled up a small bag very deliberately.
      "Come on, eat more, and have more meat."
      It's about the dignity of a big pig farmer. Before breaking up, she can't let the male protagonist become hungry and thin, otherwise it will damage her professional quality!
    Five Million White Moonlight (6)

      Under the eagerness of his little girlfriend, Su Yun cooked four bowls of super hard rice, and drank half a jar of soup, his belly swelling like a balloon.
      Then the male protagonist akimbo and went downstairs to digest.
      He didn't even go to the toilet! This is unscientific!
      Very weak [BanRuo] and surprised.
      Is it really the great power of love?
      She was very moved, and decided to treat the hero to a night supper full of love and warmth.
      That night Su Yun was made to almost sleep in the toilet.
      Nevertheless, seeing his girlfriend's peaceful face in sleep over the years, he still couldn't bear to blame for being so weak [BanRuo]. In the morning, he took a hot bath, his legs were weak, and he rubbed his stomach to go to school.
      He has a morning class at 8 o'clock on Monday morning.
      Su Yun went to the breakfast shop near the school. They used porridge, wontons, burritos, fried dough sticks, glutinous rice chicken, salty rice dumplings, etc. They were full of ingredients, varied in patterns, fresh and cheap. They were for the student party who got up early and did not want to go to the cafeteria. Favorite. Su Yun seldom eats breakfast at the stall outside. He is slightly clean and unwilling to get too close to the crowd. He either cooks it himself or visits the cafeteria.
      This time he overslept, and it was too late to go to the cafeteria, and Su Yun had to bite the bullet and squeeze into the noisy crowd.
      "Huh? Isn't this the eldest brother-in-law?"
      The two girls instantly recognized Su Yun. He was really huge, like a giraffe breaking into a hamster's nest, very conspicuous.
      "It's you?"
      Su Yun also recognized the two. He has a good memory, especially the person who had only met the night before. Su Yun remembered that they were girls in the weak dormitory. They were relatively short and professional in dancing. At that time, he distributed milk tea and they were the happiest. "Are you here to buy breakfast too?" Su Yun always had regrets about 500 cups of milk tea, and couldn't help but want to do something to make up for it. "What do you want to eat?"
      Does this mean to be a treat?
      The two girls looked at each other, cheered happily, and clicked seven or eight in one breath.
      Have they finished eating so much?
      Su Yun frowned slightly and stretched out again. He is not a very enthusiastic person, and Su Yun is rare to give a good face because of their relationship with their girlfriends. Relying on the bully's long hands and legs, the male protagonist moved quickly and packed neatly in front of five or six small stalls. During this period, some girls would always "carefully" rub his waist or chest.
      Gao Lingzhihua's brows are so tight that they can catch flies.
      "Excuse me, can you stand up straight and don't rub me? My girlfriend will be upset."
      The girls walked away in a jealousy, and some people murmured.
      "What, do you think you can pull it if you are handsome?"
      Su Yun said with a cold face, and automatically filtered such words. Anyway, every piece of meat on his body belongs to his girlfriend, and no one else wants it, even the taste. Don't smell it!
      It's illegal to smell it! Go to jail if you touch it!
      "Su Yun really has a mine in his house. I really envy you as weak [BanRuo] as she is. She has a very good life. As soon as school starts, there will be a super rich second-generation chase! Now I haven't broken up in the next semester. Ah!"
      "Hey, who makes the parents look good! The figure is convex and backward, maybe D, which man doesn't like it? "

    "Is it because of the plastic surgery? And she wears makeup every day, she looks so sulky. Have you seen that she had a lot of cosmetics before, and a cabinet is full of them, my God, they are all big names!"
      The girls were chatting hand in hand, and they condemned the same object with indignation.
      “I’m angry when I talk about this. Didn’t I go on a date with my boyfriend that time? I didn’t have the foundation, so I wanted to borrow her. No one was there. I was in a hurry and used it first, but she didn’t say hello when she came back , Scared me and broke her bottle of toner. She actually asked me to pay the original price! I rely on more than six hundred madness!"
      "Wow, it's not necessary, her boyfriend is so rich, unlike us, now I also asked my family to ask for money, just over 1,000 for living expenses, how can I pay it back?"
      "That's right, it's too stingy. We were in the same dormitory anyway, and she said I stole her! Bah, she didn't know how many people she had done with. It's so dirty. Do I need to worry about her? Ghost? Know how to earn it? I tell you, I saw...Ah! It's hot! You are crazy!"
      The screaming and cursing stopped abruptly.
      In front of him was a cold face.
      "Su, Su Yun..."
      The girl shook her shoulder in fright.
      Su Yun had no expression on his face, put two hot oil pot stickers on their foreheads, and then withdrew his hands in disgust.
      "You said my girlfriend messed with a lot of people? What about the evidence?"
      The two of them looked away and did not dare to say anything. They were a little guilty in their hearts. After all, they caught the bag in public. But Su Yun is too much, right? How could he put such greasy things on girls' heads! They hurriedly tossed away the bags, feeling their hair greasy.
      They were aggrieved and angry when they were stunned by a handsome iceberg guy.
      "The Criminal Law stipulates that anyone who blatantly insults others or fabricates facts to slander others, and the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, surveillance, or deprivation of political rights."
      Su Yun made a sound.
      "I will report your insults to my girlfriend to the grade director and the school. In the future, if I hear any rumors about my girlfriend at school, you will be the first suspects and you will never be able to get rid of the suspicion."
      The girl on the left was very unconvinced, "What's the matter with me? We are telling the fact that she often goes out and is unscrupulous--"
      The second half is automatically silenced.
      Su Yun's eyes were gloomy, like a ghost, so cruel that he could skin people.
      The two girls took a step back unconsciously, with lingering fears.
      Fortunately, he regained his indifferent expression in the next second, and his tone of voice was alienated. "I do what I say. There are many lawyers in my family, and I can change tricks every day. The most feared thing is litigation. If you have a lot of things, dare to spread rumors, though. Try it." After speaking, he turned and left with the remaining seven or eight breakfasts.
      The girls face pale.
      However, things are not over yet.
      After class, Su Yun received another fucking call.
      "Ayun, how about a small party for your 20th birthday tomorrow? If you have a class, please ask for a leave. Your dad is also true. Yesterday, he had to go on a business trip for five or six days. This business has a son. Does it matter?"
      Yu Luoxia complained a few words about her disregarding husband, and then tentatively said, "Shao Chen and the others said that they have rarely seen you recently, so what are you doing?"
      What are you up to?
      Of course, the young boy who is in love is busy swimming in the stream of love. At least he has to learn a dog plan first, otherwise he will be drowned.
      Su Yun went to fall in love during his sophomore year, and found a house at the beginning of the next semester, and started the cohabitation life he dreamed of. After the relationship stabilized, Su Yun took his girlfriend and introduced her to the buddies who grew up together. After going to the party two or three times, he found that his girlfriend seemed a bit resistant to such small meetings, and couldn’t ask. Later I didn't go there.
      But they went there last week, just a few days now?
      Su Yun felt strange, and heard his mother say it again.
      "Your little princess from Uncle Peng's home is back, and she came to visit her house and bought us gifts. Ouch, I really wanted to."
      Yu Luoxia said more and more vigorously.
      "... She is really slim, cheerful and lively, and feels a lot more energetic after returning to the country. When you were young, didn't you often chase people to call your sister? You also said that when you grow up, you want to marry her as a bride."
      Su Yun felt that his mother was getting more and more ridiculous.
      When he was a child, he had red lips and white teeth, and he looked like a porcelain doll. He was given a nickname. Men like to bully him, and women's hostility excludes him. He is too lazy to get out of the door and is annoying when he sees people. As for the girl from the Peng family, she was the one who bullied him the most, and she took some gravel and scratched his face.
      Su Yun replied with a frog, frightening and crying.
      "Mom, don't you know that I have a girlfriend? You saw it the day before yesterday." Su Yun decided to spread out and said, "I like her. When we graduate, we will get married. She is very good, we are all good, you Stop making your own claim and trouble her. If you have anything to tell me, I will solve it. "
      Perhaps it is the love power of those bowls of hard rice, and the soft-eared Su Yun is rare and tough in front of his family.
      Chairman Yu's ears were harsh and uncomfortable.
      Her son is withdrawn and talkative, but he has never refuted her opinion. It must be the woman who said something to him.
      Really disturbing the family!
      Yu Luoxia took a deep breath, "Son, it’s not that my mother said, your eyes are really bad, your little girlfriend, who is not polite at all, came up and slapped me! This is a shame, mom. I didn't want to tell you, but now my mother has to say it. She is just looking at our family's property. She is reliant on your love!"
      The boy squeezed his phone, his finger bones turned white, "Mom, You really are—"
      In order to frame her, I even told the lie that I was slapped! Is it fair to say that the elders frame the younger ones?
      Su Yun was very disappointed.
      Since childhood, his parents have been absent from his life, and now he finally has someone he wants to guard, and the fucking one is going to separate them for the first time!
      He resisted his anger, "I beg you, can you stop insulting her? She is the girl I like, your future daughter-in-law, what will happen if you are more tolerant? Yes, she doesn't have much money, but I I will earn, I am married to a wife and not a gold nugget!"
      Yu Luoxia frowned, "What are you doing so loudly? Is this your attitude towards your mother? Ah? Did she say something? Mom said, this The woman is very scheming, don’t have any tactics, she is instigating the relationship between our mother and son! If you still recognize my mother, you will break up with her, now, right away!”
      Under the full-level green tea, this pair is in the plot. For the first time, the happy mother and son had a disagreement.
      Yu Luoxia has always been strong, and without waiting for her son to reply, she hung up the phone with a snap.
      Su Yun's chest rises and falls, her face sinking.
      His mother is crazy!
      So weak [BanRuo] went to a dance training class to teach belly dance at five o'clock in the evening. After work, it was already the beginning of the Hua Deng. She was sweating, wrapped a sports jacket around her vest, and decided to go back for a run.
      A ball squatted on the side of the flower bed, his face buried in his knees, only his eyes were exposed.
      Haunted pervertedly.
      So weak [BanRuo] and ran over without squinting.
      Su Yun: "..."
      Can he not see such a big pile? Is it true that the couples have a good understanding of each other?
      "So weak." [BanRuo]
      The person didn't look back.
      "Especially weak!" [BanRuo]
      Hey, this man runs faster than a rabbit.
      Su Yun had to catch up. Fortunately, he had long legs, took three steps in two steps, hugged her from behind, and said bitterly, "I'm giving you milk tea for nothing. You can't even smell your boyfriend." Come out, what use do you think you have?" Little conscience, he broke up with his mother for her, and she went to class leisurely!
      The little girlfriend raked back and said, "You are ashamed to say that you have poured me five or six cups of milk tea, which made me fat into a ball, and dancing is not good, how will I wear a camisole and short shorts to seduce you in the future!"
      she said With confidence, Su Yun's ears were red with blood dripping.
      "...You don't have to seduce me..." He smoked from his throat, a little difficult, "You can wear something else you like..."
      "Swimsuit? Sailor suit? Witch dress? Or do you prefer cat suit? "
      Weakly asked innocently.
      The male lead banged into the tree.
      Su Yun clutched the bridge of his nose and screamed. His whole body squatted down in pain, his back curled up into a ball of dried shrimps, which looked very miserable. So weak, she bent down and patted him on the shoulder, but she was caught with a tail finger.
      "From now on... Don't talk nonsense..." Half of his face was shrunk in his knees. His eyes were high-purity black, without a trace of impurities. Normally, they looked calm and deep, but now because of pain, he felt a bit of pain. Thin tears, wet, shy, and at a loss.
      "After all...I am also a boy."
      The 1.9-meter tall man squatted on the ground, his head in his knees aggrieved, occasionally glanced at her with a small eye, and wanted to see her but didn't dare to look, so he hooked on the weak one. Fingers shook and shook, swinging on a small swing.
      It's like the innocent look of kindergarten children who are in love.
      "Very bad, it will bully you."
    Five Million White Moonlight (7)

      The night is low and the traffic is endless.
      There is a bus shelter nearby. There are huge TV drama posters in the glass. A pair of popular variety show couple CP, the two are holding their faces and kissing. The sweetness of the national couples has attracted the attention of many passersby.
      The single dog shivered after seeing the poster.
      "Valentine's Day is over, do you want to abuse the dog like this? "
       "What's this? It's all fake CP, here, look at the real CP on the opposite side."
      By the side of the road, under the big tree, there was a man squatting high. A superb boy from Ma University, black hair, white T-shirt, and long legs.
      He shook his arm around his girlfriend's little finger and dangled it like a child. The street lamp shone orange light, engulfing the figure of the little lover. The girl with the ponytail seemed to have said something. The boy was so excited that he jumped up, hugged the girl, snapped, and pressed it to the tree.
      Oh day.
      The adrenaline of the crowd soared.
      Damn it, it's a bright day, broad daylight!
      F*ck, what a shameless couple!
      Although, you are a f*cking dear boy, you are so tall, you are so courageous as a little hamster, their passersby are so impatient, they want to rush forward and press their heads.
      Su Yun sensed a scorching gaze in the distance, as if going to penetrate his hard skull.
      Turning his head to see, there were twenty-three pairs of green faint eyes.
      It feels like-"Ding! Hello, anchor! At present, your president forces the number of online viewers in the live broadcast room to be 23! Please keep working hard!"
      So, how are these people like this?
      Su Yun's ear roots were red again, and he fled as weak [BanRuo] as he carried.
      Fortunately, his little girlfriend changed his mind that night and didn't tease him so that Su Yun could live without incident until Tuesday morning.
      He went to the laboratory refreshedly, and caused the seniors to look at him several times.
      Su Yun, the little baby that their laboratory professor snatched from crying is cold and never talks nonsense, but just now their cold little baby actually said a few more words, "The weather is good and the air is very fresh. Brother, you have eaten it." No, I ate pineapple buns" and other nonsense!!!
      The senior senior in the laboratory sighed, "Spring is here, and the younger brother is here to meet... Aw! Don't kick the butt! I was wrong with the younger brother !"
       The noble and cold brother retracted his long legs, bowed his head, and meticulously tidied up. data.
      During the lunch break, Su Yun answered a phone call.
      The iceberg melted instantly.
      Su Yun: "Um... well, I'm good, I can eat, you also want to be good, eat more, don't be picky eaters. Tonight? My birthday? Huh... I forgot, it's okay, you like everything you send. Um, What do you want to eat? Huh? Chewing gum!!! No...nothing, I will go to the supermarket, remember, turn around and bring you two bags of sugar-fried chestnuts."
      So weak [BanRuo]: "I want to kiss, you forgot to give it to me last night Now, make it up."
      Su Yun: "Ah...MUA!"
      The eavesdropping seniors looked like hell.
      Is their cold baby going to become Pink Peppa?
      Su Yun couldn't accept the enthusiasm of the monkeys walking around in the laboratory, and quickly packed up the desktop stuff and went to the cafeteria to have a meal.
      Things in the afternoon were more complicated. Su Yun was fascinated, and it was seven o'clock in the evening unknowingly. He looked at his watch and said that it was bad. It was too late. He originally wanted to go to a large supermarket a little farther away to purchase, but it seemed that he could only patronize the "black shop" again.
      He touched his neck, embarrassed and asked a senior next to him.
      "Brother Cai, I want to borrow your hat, and I will pay it back tomorrow." Senior Brother Cai threw away his cool cap, and said casually, "Little brother, don't you hate wearing hats the most? What do you want a hat for?"
      Su Yun sighed, her expression solemn.
      "Senior brother, you don't understand, I'm going to the supermarket."
      Senior Brother Cai: "???"
      It's just going to a supermarket. How do you feel that you are going to sacrifice heroically? Don't do stupid things to scare brother when you are young.
      So at 7:30 in the evening, the cashier witnessed Su Yun, who was fully armed, wearing a black J-letter peaked cap, with oversized sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, and a piece of collar pulled by his white and slender fingers, which was tightly covered. Snout.
      Cashier: "..."
      Handsome guy, are you going to rob this shabby little supermarket that is only over 40 square meters?
      Su Yun didn't know that he had become a dangerous person in the eyes of the cashier. He only grasped the handrail of the trolley and waited for the checkout. I don't know if it is the illusion of the cashier, the gentleman's eyes are always slanted to the small iron shelf next to the cashier.
      Died early and overtaken birth early, and 20 years later, he will be a hero again.
      Su Yun took a deep breath and stretched out her hand.
      The boy in line ahead was faster than him, grabbed two boxes without hesitation, settled the bill neatly, and left.
      Great pride.
      Su Yun immediately stood in awe, watching the warriors leave with some envy like watching a superhero.
      Okay, he wants too.
      The next moment, the tall boy pulled on the collar of the dark green plaid shirt, covered his face awkwardly, grabbed two handfuls of gum indiscriminately, and threw it to the checkout counter.
      The cashier who was almost stunned: "..."
      Brother, you just buy a chewing gum, as for?
      Su Yun came out of the supermarket with two large bags of things, and he was very relieved, feeling like a survivor.
      It’s just that my stomach is too tense and it hurts a little bit.
      He rubbed his stomach, followed the navigation, and went to the small cake room near the school.
      The two are going to meet here.
      Su Yun walked fast, there were still thirty minutes before the appointment, so he simply went inside and waited, only to realize that his female ticket had already arrived.
      She is decorating the cake with cream under the guidance of a girl, her smooth long hair is tied into lively balls, her forehead shows a bunch of thick lanugo hair, the strawberry checkered apron, tender and sweet, pure and sweet. .
      Wai Wai Wai Wai...The temptation of aprons?
      Su Yun felt that she was going to keep on heating up again.
      Fortunately, before it dried up, he was so weak [BanRuo] and finished, she took off her apron and rushed towards him.
      Su Yun was trained to be a reflex reaction by her in the past two days. She instinctively opened her arms so that her little girlfriend could walk on his arm.
      "Where is the chestnut?" Weakly craned his neck to look at what was in his hand.
      Su Yun's face froze.
      ...He forgot afterwards.
      As a qualified green tea girlfriend, how can he accuse her boyfriend in person? She smiled at him so weakly, and Li Wu said lightly, "I'm going to punish our family... um... carry me back."
      Is this a burden of love?
      Su Yun's heart is very sweet.
      Then he went to a chestnut shop with the best reputation, and he was willing to line up in a long queue.
      The hero was afraid that the little fairy from his family would smell of oily smoke. He deliberately put the person far behind and asked her, "You stay here, I will buy two packs of chestnuts." I have to say, very much. Boyfriend's talent.
      The little green tea fairy obediently agreed, and turned around to find the male lead for fucking trouble.
      "Auntie, you consider how well? It is the third day, Cheng Hui 200 million, after this village, no this shop, you are a wise man, or to be decisive point."
      One in which whine whine The voice of Qi made Chairman Yu's heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys aching.
      She would rather throw two hundred million in the water, even if you can't hear any sound of water, she wouldn't be cheap this little bitch!
      "Heh, little girl, I advise you not to take yourself too seriously. Yes, Ayun is obsessed with you, but this is very superficial and ridiculous. He knows in his heart that family talent is the most important thing."
      Yu Luo Xia sneered, "To tell you, today is my son’s birthday. I have invited his friends to come home. With my phone call, he can leave you behind and go home. A nonchalant girlfriend can have Is brother important?"
      "Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that Ayun's Qingmei has returned to China, and the two of them have a good relationship. There must be many common topics for in-depth exchange." Chairman Yu also hypocritically reminded.
      She smiled weakly [BanRuo] and tenderly, "Well, let's make a bet, just bet, your son will not receive any call from his mother, his brother, his green plum, or any call tonight. If I can keep him for one night, I can keep him for life. Believe it or not?"
      "When I become the young grandmother of the Su family, these two hundred million may not be enough to stuff my teeth."
      Yu Luoxia was once again pissed off by the faceless rogue to throw her mobile phone.
      "Auntie, what's the matter?"
      The girl who came with the fruit plate was generous, "It's almost half past nine now, Brother Yun, when will he be there?"
      A group of boys booed beside her.
      "There is a green plum who is thinking about such a moment, Su Yun is too happy, how can I not have this luck."
      Peng Yi bowed her head in shame, revealing a beautiful neck.
      In such a weak [BanRuo] and strong contrast, Yu Luoxia liked Peng Yi as her future daughter-in-law.
      A rare woman look soft, "I told him to hurry back to this, Yuanyuan you do not like to eat chestnuts? A permit that schools have a very well-known, I let him buy it back."
      "This, this will not It will be too much trouble." Peng Yi was at a loss.
      "What's the trouble, Ayun, he liked you so much when he was a child, and he called your sister. It is right to run errands for you." Yu Luoxia gave a final word, "I will fight."
      Phone vibrating.
      Su Yun just took it out of his trouser pocket, before looking at it, he took a sip on his cheek caught off guard.
      "What...What are you doing."
      The little girlfriend raised her neck and was extremely aggrieved, "You have been waiting for a long time, I have only 5% of the battery left, so I have to charge it, otherwise it will shut down, so I can't give it to you. Girlfriend service is provided."
      Su Yun's legs were so weak that she remembered the phone.
      "Then you... have you finished charging?"
      "No, it's only 10%! You give me two more slurs, eh—"
      Su Yun covered his unabashed girlfriend.
      His snow-white face was stained with crimson, and his whole person was almost cooked.
      "Be quiet, we are outside, so many people are watching." How embarrassed.
      Due to their weak [BanRuo] previous attention, their dog lovers have been murderously outflanked by this candy-fried chestnut team, and they have become key surveillance targets.
      Su Yun has a stable personality and doesn't like to be pushy. At the moment, being surrounded by people watching her affectionately, his shame is almost blasting the surface.
      The hero's phone vibrated for the second time.
      "Wait, I..." answered the call.
      Su Yun was about to pick it up, but was pushed by her little girlfriend upset.
      "I just saw it with both beautiful eyes! A few girls came over to talk to you, just the sailor suit you like, pure and beautiful, did you give them your phone number? Ah? Say ah Why secretly look next to you? Are you guilty?"
      The green tea fairy is shocking when she gets jealous, and the reason is easy to understand.
      Su Yun was at a loss, his black pupils glowing with a clear Lingling light, innocent and innocent, "I don't have one."
      He was helpless, looking at the mass witnesses beside him as if asking for help.
      The dear man behind suddenly became so proud, and the happiness of a brother in the second half of his life will depend on him to help the poor!
      This brother shouted when he saw the unevenness on the road, and when he sent warmth to the male lead, he was immediately thrown on his face by a crackling curse. The beautiful girl spoke without panting, just like a bamboo tube pouring beans. , No one can plug in.
      "You still said no, why are you so nervous about your phone? Just look at it and not look at me? You still don't allow me to kiss you! What's the matter, is it embarrassing for your girlfriend to kiss you? I see, are you disgusted with me? Yes, I'm not cute, not considerate, and cooking is hard, you definitely don't like me anymore."
      So weak [BanRuo] said that my eyes were red, and I was about to cry in the next moment.
      Su Yun was in a hurry and pressed the person on his chest. After a good meal, he almost raised three fingers to swear to the sky.
      "Then I... can I continue charging?"
      Weakly tugged at his sleeve, pitifully.
      Su Yun subconsciously looked at the surrounding people who didn't know when they got up. They seemed to be surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to get into the manhole cover.
      "Then you charge it secretly, okay?"
      Su Yun asked in a low voice.
      So weak [BanRuo] and still wondering, how can this secretly be used in all eyes?
      The fresh saponaria scent, smelling like moonlight after rain, the boy unbuttoned the plexiglass button of his shirt, raised his hand with one hand, and wrapped the weak inside the shirt.
      He was very shy to coax her.
      "You quickly charge up 100% of the battery."
    Five Million White Moonlight (8)

      # Source Dayan value net red chestnut shop online visit dog #
      At ten o'clock that night, a small video rushed to the hot search on the Internet. At first, it was reposted crazy on the school forum, and then it became popular, and it hit the headline in half an hour.
      The original video is not high-definition, but the sound is very clear, and the intercepted footage shows the "breakup crisis" of a young couple. At the end of the video, the tall boy unbuttoned his shirt with embarrassment and hid his jealous girlfriend inside.
      The two teamed up into a happy ball.
      "Brother Shao, this seems to be Xiao Yun?"
      There were a bunch of people sitting on the sofa in the living room of Su's living room. Someone was holding a mobile phone and approached a boy who was playing with a lighter.
      The boy raised his eyebrows, "Dog abuse? What is it?"
      A group of people leaned forward to express their opinions.
      "Fogweed, pixels are scumbags, but this girl is more punctual than Peng Yi."
      "Look, isn't this A Yun's phone? We gave this phone case together!"
      "The recording time is very delicate. Yes, didn't Aunt Xia just called? No one answered."
      "Hey, this kid—"
      Everyone looked complicated, and finally unanimously decided to look at the boy in the black T-shirt.
      "Brother, what should I do? This kid actually put us pigeons on his birthday, and is going to drive to school to beat him up?"
      Shao Chen bit a chocolate bar and lazily said, " Why , he is now being a fan of little fairies. You have to be dizzy, you dare to go to bad people and good things, brothers have nothing to do.”
      In the rich second-generation circle, Shao Chen is the most rebellious and publicist. He is a multi-national mixed-race, smart, and he has finished college at the age of 18. , With a lot of family business not inherited, God went to the sky to be a vacant boy, because his appearance was too sexy and beautiful, he squeezed the first-class male celebrity on his head, causing an incident that fans asked for an autograph by mistake.
      In less than two years, Shao Chen was tired of flying in the sky, and went to the bottom of the sea to find his mermaid, and achieved the position of second officer all the way.
      As for women, Shao Chen is a playboy, and his ex-girlfriend has gone to the sea. There are so many people who can form a football team. He has a good personality and can play different tricks. Peng Yi saw that the legs of a person were differential, and languidly sank into the peach-heart back chair.
      How can the drunk gold fan and depressed noble son brother not be liked?
      Of course Peng Yi likes it, but Shao Chen is too bothered, and his girlfriend is very diligent. Even if she is confident that she can sit in the position of Shao's grandmother, she can't hold the heart of a wild man. It's Su Yun, who has a prestigious education and strict self-discipline. She doesn't worry that the other party will steal food after marriage.
      Thinking of this, Peng Yi went to please her future mother-in-law again.
      So Yu Luoxia suppressed her anger under her seemingly begging, and called her son Su Yun again.
      After the two of them bought the candied chestnuts, they just returned to the downstairs of the small apartment, and Su Yun's mobile phone began to vibrate again.
      The little girlfriend's eyes glanced over.
      Su Yun unconsciously straightened her shoulders and cleared her throat, "I really didn't give them the number, don't believe me."
      The note of the caller number is "Chairman Yu".
      Su Yun doesn't have many contacts, and the only person with the surname Yu is his mother.
      The lively little couple suddenly froze.
      "Take it up, why don't you pick it up?" She said weakly [BanRuo] and faintly, "Your mother must have a lot to say."
      Su Yun...he dare not pick it up.
      He only quarreled with his mother yesterday. Chairman Yu is used to being strong and doesn't like being disobedient. Therefore, this call is largely either scolding him or scolding his girlfriend. He finally coaxed his weakness [BanRuo], and if his mother had a few more irritating sentences, Su Yun couldn't imagine the terrifying end at all.
      "Oh, things are so heavy!" The male lead exclaimed, "Let's go upstairs first, and I'll call our mother back later."
      "... Mom, you are so shameless."
      The weak [BsanRuo] blushed and struggled.
      Su Yun was blushing as soon as he accidentally exposed his intentions. After all, he was a boy. He grabbed her hand hard and said in a low voice, "Call ahead and you won't lose a piece of meat."
      The small apartment's stairs are very narrow. Only two people can pass through. When the upstairs and downstairs residents meet, one of them has to avoid it sideways, which is more troublesome. However, Su Yun really likes this kind of small pattern and small troubles, because at this time, he can protect his girlfriend behind his back with a sense of satisfaction.
      So weak [BanRuo] opened the door with the key, and Su Yun went to the small living room first and placed the snacks in the bag like drinks.
      Then came the cake made by the weak and hand-made.
      The host praised her without conscience, "Well...this cream is very white, and the fruit is cut very well, and it has improved."
      Sorry, this cream and fruit are all prepared by the little sister in the cake shop. She just pinches. When the male lead came, he squeezed a cream and became a good wife and mother.
      Green tea has no conscience, so she is happy to accept the compliment.
      After the lights were turned off, the candles were lit, and the two sweetly sang a birthday song, urging Su Yun to make a wish quickly.
      Twenty small candles fainted the warm light and shadow, and the 20-year-old boy's side face was clear and calm. He closed his eyes earnestly, with his fingers crossed on his chest, his eyelashes grew like a Persian pony, thick and docile, making the ends of his eyes A shadow also became warm.
      He opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was so weak, with stars flickering in her black eyes.
      "What are we going to wish for today?"
      With his weak elbow propped on his chin, he was cute with his cute nickname.
      "I don't tell you... it won't work if I say it."
      The boy shyly avoided.
      "Then blow the candle, it's over!"
      Su Yun didn't move.
      Such a weak blessing to the soul, brought their faces together, and the little couple intimately blew out the little colored candles face-to-face. The room fell into dim darkness, only the side of the window was amazingly bright, and the moonlight was in full bloom, illuminating the corner of the ginger sofa.
      So weak [BanRuo] she pushed his head into the cake.
      It was Su Yun's nineteenth birthday, and no one dared to tease him like this. For a while, he stupidly raised his creamy face and didn't react for a long time.
      So weak [BanRuo] and tentatively he wiped a piece of cake on his face.
      no response? Come again.
      Su Yun grabbed her hand and said, "...Don't be naughty."
      The weak [BanRuo] surface agreed well, and she turned her head and smashed him again, and went straight away.
      Su Yun was angry and funny, and took out a small cake, ready to respond. The two chased in the living room for a few laps, so weak [BanRuo] that they ran into the hunter's arms and ran directly into the arms of the hunter. She screamed and was picked up by someone, "I see where you are running."
      The cake was close at hand.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] and immediately dressed up and pulled his collar, "No, you grown up have a lot, people don't want to wash your hair."
      Father's little boyfriend feels soft again, and only touches her nose with a touch of cream from his fingertips. "Let's not take it as an example. To punish you, I have to wash my face tonight."
      The weak obediently did.
      Su Yun turned on the incandescent lamp in the bathroom, washed his face with hot water, and took out the creamy crumbs on his hair by the way. So weak [BanRuo] holding the towel in both hands and raising it above her head, the respectful dog legs made Su Yun laugh and cry. He deliberately stretched his face and said, "Come here and wipe it yourself."
      Just as weak as [BanRuo] he opened his legs, he was lifted high again. Up.
      "I was wrong." She was very well-behaved, shaking the head of the ball, "I won't dare next time."
      Su Yun really lost his temper with this little green tea.
      "Ah, yes, gift, I haven't given you a gift yet."
      She lowered her forehead against his forehead.
      "What's the matter?" Su Yun walked while hugging her, touching the wall with his palm, planning to turn on the light.
      She said mysteriously, "Don't tell me, I want to...grow a pig strawberry in a super conspicuous position." The proud and proud look seemed to be doing something extraordinary.
      Su Yun was so panic that the soles of his feet almost slipped.
      "You... don't mess around, it will be discovered by my senior brother." He lacks confidence and retreats under her eyes, "Well, that can't be too ostentatious, face, neck, um, no, it's hot now, If I can't wear a turtleneck sweater, people will think I'm crazy, eh..."
      She smiled in her eyes and made trouble on his shoulders.
      The splendor of spring is so reluctant to die.
      He wanted to hide her in the deepest and gentlest black shirt, and never show her to others.
      For the first time I fell asleep until noon, she rubbed her head and sat up, suddenly her scalp tightened. The boy turned his face to her, holding a strand of her hair in his hand, sleeping very deeply, with messy black hair, smooth and beautiful shoulders and neck lines, and a sense of sanctity was reflected by the bright light by the window, and his skin was dry And warm.
      She rescued her hair and went to the toilet.
      The phone rang again.
      With so weakly [BanRuo] squinted sleepy eyes, she went to the balcony to answer.
      "Where is my son? Where are you? What do you want to do?" The other side scolded her bloody, "Do you know how many people came to the house yesterday, all waiting for him, you actually let Ayun release After everyone’s pigeons, what do you make his brother think? Do you care about your sex than your friends? You are ruining Ayun's reputation!"
      "Early in the morning, how did you get angry with Auntie?" said weakly [BanRuo] and slowly." Watch out for oral ulcers."
      Yu Luoxia's temples jumped suddenly, "What else do you want to do?"
      "Nothing, I just feel tired of staying here, I want to go abroad to play, well, so distressed, a single It is very inconvenient for women to live abroad."
      Yu Luoxia said loudly, "Do you want Ayun to go abroad with you? Bah! Who do you think you are? What kind of country does he live well in China?"
      She smiled so weakly [BanRuo] and didn't get angry at all." Why don't we make another bet. Ayun will not only go abroad with me, but his future career will also be there. As for going home, it will be fine once a year. Now that the Internet is so developed, what kind of day can't be talked about? Don't worry, I'm not so cruel. When our children are born, they will recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors."
      A heavy breathing sounded from the other side, weak and not anxious, supporting his chin and admiring the surrounding scenery.
      "Two hundred million, you go abroad."
      "Auntie, today is the fourth day of ......"
      "Four million three in the afternoon, the old place sign the agreement, after signing his aging mother to get out immediately!"
      Green fairy resilient, it is bound to make Party A’s father is satisfied, "Okay, no problem, what you said is right, I will roll immediately, do you think I roll horizontally or vertically? Would you like to record a video for you to check?"
      Yu Luoxia was so angry that she felt a pain in her liver. , Hung up with a snap.
      At two o'clock in the afternoon, I picked up a favorite retro floral chiffon skirt, and I was walking barefoot on tiptoes, holding a pair of ginger yellow shoes in my hands. Over the bed.
      A thin, white hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed her.
      "...Where are you going?"
      The opponent's eyes were so sleepy that they hadn't fully opened, and they narrowed into a seam with a hoarse and low voice.
      "I'm hungry, go downstairs to buy buns." She rubbed his head, "go and go back."
      "Then you come back soon, I want to see you soon."
      He shook a stick on his head Dumbfounded, he shook his finger again, and reluctantly let go of her hand.
      Replied with a weak smile.
      It's impossible to return, she is going to be in love with her four hundred million yuan and stay together.
    Five Million White Moonlight (9)

      Chairman Yu in the western restaurant saw the little bitch's blood pressure rises, intracranial congestion, endocrine disorders, and menopause came early.
      She is all ill.
      "Oh, what a magnificent box, do you plan to cost a lot of money?"
      The weaker [BanRuo] walked in under the guidance of the waiter, and the beginning of the game came with a sorrow that made Chairman Yu myocardial infarction, "Auntie, I am a poor student. , You will definitely treat you?"
      Chairman Yu squeezed two words between his teeth, "I invite!"
      She has been in business for so many years, what kind of ghosts and ghosts have never been seen? But no matter how difficult the customer is, there is a limit, it will not make the two parties too ugly, and this set of interpersonal skills is a display in front of the little bitch, and her shameless state has been supernatural!
      Yu Luoxia thought bitterly, why didn't God smash this scourge to death?
      So weak [BanRuo], ignoring the male lead’s mother's disgusting eyes, ordered the dishes by herself, and smiled sweetly and beautifully at the waiter’s brother.
      "That's it, I can't eat more, thank you."
      I don't know if her smile played a role. The appetizer was soon on the table. It was a butter chicken pastry box with crispy pie skin and soft chicken. Exuding a strong creamy fragrance, the warm salty and sweet taste immediately conquered the weak stomach.
      She decided that she would buy ten cream boxes, eat one and get one free, and experience the happiness of the rich!
      Yu Luoxia took a deep breath, "Can you stop eating? We are talking about business!"
      The temptation from money made her weak [BanRuo] to give up the devil's impulse to lick the pan.
      The green tea fairy wiped the corners of her mouth a little, her back was straight, her smile was dignified and serious.
      "You are welcome, you can insult me as much as you want with four billion, and you can smash my face and body. Oh, do you pay by card, transfer or cash? If it is the last one, I may have to advance five million. Hire a security car to transport it back.”
      The male lead mother shook her lips, and her body was shaking again. She was weak [BanRuo] and worried that she would die on the spot.
      It's not bad, can you just check out first?
      Then his mother slapped her angrily on the table.
      There is also a USB flash drive on the table.
      "What is this?" asked weakly and curiously.
      "Recording." Yu Luoxia consciously pulled back a city, and her pores were relieved. "I have recorded our calls these days. As long as I listen to my son, he will know how his girlfriend is. You can sell anything for money. You want four hundred million? Why don’t you rob the bank!"
      "Auntie, you are really joking. I am a law-abiding citizen. How can I rob a bank? "
      I laughed so weakly [BanRuo] that Limao was shallow, and with a bang, she slapped the table with her backhand.
      Yu Luoxia's eyelids twitched.
      With the weak [BanRuo] palm of her hand removed, a round U disk suddenly appeared, with a small Firefox pendant sleeping with its tail tied around it, which looked like a cute girl in the cute style.
      "It's a coincidence, I also made a video. That day, from the time I walked in, to when you poured a glass of water on me, it was recorded clearly."
      She sighed.
      "How can there be such cruel parents in this world, who are busy with their work, did test-tube babies, and threw the baby to an old man to take care of them. They are absent on their birthdays and parents' meetings. There are three hundred and sixty-five days a year. It’s fine to be at home in twenty days."
      "My son grows up and has a girlfriend he likes . It’s fine if his parents don’t support him, and he insults her secretly and uses money to separate a couple of lovers. What if this The son knows that his mother is so bad, guess what?"
      She is so weak [BanRuo] and sublimated to her important position. Anyway, she is now the main body of the male protagonist, just the early stage.
      Yu Luoxia's eyes darkened with anger, "You little bitch!"
      "Mutual concessions to each other."
      Relying on her superb shameless skill, her weak success reached 400 million.
      From now on, she is also a great woman with a black card!
      It's worthy of doing business, and the agreement is written neatly and coldly.
      The **** mother ordered her to break up immediately and deal with the study abroad within a month. If she can't do it, she will drop out. Anyway, she will have to roll her up, and she won't be able to stay for a second. Within ten years, the weak [BanRuo] can no longer step into the country. At the same time, they must have a confidentiality agreement and cannot bring up this "dirty money transaction" in front of the male lead.
      Like weak [BanRuo] thought, asked, "I have no problem, but if met by chance, he took the initiative to come to me or what?"
      "Then you take the initiative to roll!"
      Was put out of breath is more than falling clouds Chong, "What's the problem? Come on!"
      Chairman Yu didn't want to stay in this ghost place for a minute. She was full of anger when she saw people.
      There is really a problem.
      Said weakly [BanRuo] and sincerely, "Can I tell him face to face to break up and happy? This is more unfeeling and makes people easy to give up."
      Chairman Yu: "..."
      What evil did her son do to be stared at by this black widow? on.
      In fact, she was so weak [BanRuo] that she remembered the thousands of RMB she had deposited in the piggy bank. Her part-time job as a dance teacher was a daily salary, and the cash was also paid, which would be useless for a while. And her clothes, her shoes, her cosmetics, the little strawberry she just bought last night, and the total sum of them is more than 10,000 yuan. It is a pity to throw them away for nothing.
      As for the "go or not" flag she set up an hour ago to buy steamed buns?
      It doesn't matter, the little girl can bend and stretch, what does it matter if her face is swollen, the wallet is swollen is the last word!
      So weak [BanRuo] bought a cage of steamed buns and returned to the house happily.
      The scent of white porridge and green onion pancakes came from the kitchen. A weak [BanRuo] probe showed that the male protagonist wore a pair of black boxer shorts while cooking porridge. His six-pack abs was bathed in the sunlight from the small window, which was very sexy.
      "Why have been there for so long, the porridge is cold."
      While complaining, he walked over and picked up her bag, and asked casually, "What's the stuffing?"
      So weak [BanRuo] showed a standard green tea smile, not grinning. "Sesame."
      "Sit down first, I'll heat up the porridge."
      So weak [BanRuo] and kind, when the male lead got into the kitchen, she also got into the room and took out a small suitcase from under the bed. She is a little disgusted, what can this capacity hold? Forget it, install the valuables first, and then call the moving company to do it again!
      Su Yunre finished the porridge and yelled a few times in the living room, but he didn't respond. He returned to the room strangely, and saw someone standing by the cabinet, like a locust crossing the border, sweeping skin care products into the bag.
      He was dumbfounded.
      "You, what are you doing?"
      "Can't you see it? I'm packing things!"
      Su Yun looked around the room, the curtains were removed, the sheets were removed, the pillows of the same style were gone, and the feminine femininity disappeared. Without a trace, the whole cozy couple's room instantly became empty.
      He was a little panicked and grabbed her hand, "Why are you packing things up well?"
      "Can't you see it? I'm going to break up with you!"
      The weak [BanRuo] also grabbed his hand and her eyes were firm.
      "You are very good, but I am not worthy! I have thought about it carefully. I have no money, no background, no cooking, always love to make trouble, you are really wronged when you fall in love with me, I want to let you go and find The next girl who is better, gentler, more considerate, and more right with you. By the way, where is my limited edition Mermaid Ji's lipstick?"
      Su Yun replied subconsciously, "In the right pocket of my camel coat ."
      Such a weak and polite thank you, and opened the closet to find lipstick.
      The male lead finally got over, staring at her incredulously.
      "Are you real?"
      Is the money collected and fake?
      Su Yun was very angry, breathing tightly, and a pain in his chest, but when he saw his little girlfriend's delicate lips, he was shy again at the speed of light, red from head to toe. He licked his lips, his voice trembled, "Don't be angry, can't I be wrong if I was wrong? I know I might have performed badly last night... But, but I have no experience, so you can endure it first. Can't it? Big deal, big deal, I will practice hard in the future..."
      So weak [BanRuo] almost shaken.
      At the critical moment, the four hundred million yuan was like a needle in the sea, which tied her fawn running wildly.
      "Don't blame yourself, it's not your problem, it's all my fault, and I don't deserve you."
      She held his hand, sincerely, "You just treat me as dead, and don't come to me again in the future. Break up Happiness, I wish me happiness, and I wish you happiness, love, goodbye.”
      When the male protagonist was bewildered, she gently put her beloved expensive lipstick into the cosmetic bag and snapped it into the hidden button.
      Successfully pack the box, pull the bar and leave.
      She pulled it for a long time, but didn't pull it, sinking very badly.
      When she looked back weakly [BanRuo], the male protagonist's buttocks were firmly pressing on her little pink suitcase, and his slender and straight legs were steadily twisted in a posture that violated the laws of the human body.
      He clung to the pole and insisted on life and death.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] and watched the round robot cat on her cute little box collapsed like a leaking ball.
      It's too much to be difficult with a strong box.
      Before she condemned the male lead's excessive behavior, the clean and delicate boy exploded with foul language for the first time in his life. His eyes were red and he yelled at her.
      "You have the ability to break up, you have a way to take me away, if you don't admit it, you bastard, try to go out for me, believe it or not, I will interrupt your dog legs!"
    Five Million White Moonlight (10)

      "Can't you come down?"
      Looking weakly at this ex-boyfriend who has formed a big ball, if he doesn't come down, her poor little Doraemon will really be crushed by his ass. What did this little box do wrong? You want to abuse it like this.
      She thought to herself that the IQs of the men and women who broke up were zero, but fortunately she was not like that.
      Sure enough, four hundred million made her IQ a huge fat.
      "I'm not going down! Don't break up! Don't leave! What are you looking at! Look at me!"
      Not only did the male lead return to zero IQ, he was also as stubborn as a little donkey.
      So weak [BanRuo] and deliberately wanting to say, "Don’t make trouble, it’s almost done. Anyway, we’ve already fought. Adult love is good to get together, can’t you disperse, can’t you be a little broad-minded, okay", but looking at the male protagonist’s stubborn red eyes, She swallowed the scumbag and replaced it with a milder and harmless one.
      "Well, since you're so fond of the box, I send you, you broke up as a gift, remember Oh, do not give you any next girlfriend to see Oh, I fear revenge, thrown in the streets on the bad."
      Worthy It was me, and kindly gave the souvenir of the breakup.
      Thank you four billion for making her heart swell.
      After Su Yun listened, he looked at this little green tea with a shocked expression.
      He doesn't know whether he will be corpse in the future, anyway, now he is about to die suddenly, the kind that can't be rescued.
      How could she do this!!!
      Su Yun is going crazy, who can tell him that his girlfriend only went downstairs to buy a bun, so why did she suddenly break up with him as if she was lowered?
      Is he still awake? This nightmare is also terrible!
      The ex-girlfriend who was lowered by the money nodded gently at him.
      "Goodbye, my love."
      Carrying huge sums of money, running happily.
      Su Yun was dumbfounded for a minute, and with a bang, he overturned the car with his suitcase. He didn't care about the pain in his knees, and hurriedly chased her up. After chasing all the way to the stairs, Su Yun found himself naked. He was ashamed and annoyed, and ran back to put on his clothes indiscriminately. When he rushed downstairs panting, the people were long gone.
      Su Yun hated to lift the manhole cover under his feet.
      He was uncomfortable, angry, helpless, and flustered, and walked around in anger, as if thinking of something, he immediately took out his mobile phone in his pocket and gave a dozen or so serial calls to the running bad girl.
      "The user you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please dial later..."
      Quick answer, bastard.
      Su Yun bit his lip, sweating in a hurry.
      He gave up the method of finding people on the phone and opened a small bubble chat app.
      There is a kid in his pocket: Where are you???
      There is a kid in his pocket: You can plant it!!!
      There is a kid in his pocket: Speak clearly before leaving!! ! I really really want to go crazy!!!
      You are always sexy like raising pigs online: you are great, but I am not worthy. There is no grass in the end of the world. Forget about me. Next, drink more hot water and don’t be bald. Everyone loves studying to earn money. Everyone loves them.
      Sexy like always raising pigs online: goodbye.
      The male protagonist suddenly became angry with a puffer fish, his ten fingers flew on the keyboard, and he sent a sentence, "You come back and tell me clearly!"
      [Sexy always online pig farming has turned on friend verification, and you are not his (her) friend. ]
      Su Yun: "..."
      He is really going crazy.
      Su Yun forced his rioting temple to calm down, and he went to squat on the weak Penguin.
      The other party’s signature was changed to—
      [It hurts after breaking up, let’s go, we raise pigs and make a fortune and go to a well-off society]
      Su Yun wants to beat people again. She recently read some weird novels.
      He was unwilling to log in to the Big Eyes social app.
      The other party's dynamic is directly -
      [Do not disturb when looking for a pig]
      Su Yun exploded in place.
      He went to school, one by one, he went to the classroom and dance studio where she was attending, and then asked the teacher and the counselor. He learned that the other party had asked for leave first, and would come back next Monday.
      "What's the matter with you? What happened?"
      The counselor asked very carefully, and the girl happily came to ask for leave, a far cry from the half-dead state. Who didn't know that the great handsome of the School of Economics and Management forced to fall in love with the great beauty of the Dance Academy? In addition to matching their looks, their family backgrounds are extremely different. The student group also bet on when they will be divided.
      Su Yun was unwilling to tell the fact that the two broke up.
      No, she broke up unilaterally without his consent. In short, it is not a break up!
      He recovered from the frustration, and returned a few words from the counselor.
      Halfway through, Su Yun suddenly remembered that she was so weak [BanRuo] and talked to him about fucking things. His mother humiliated her and poured her a glass of water.
      Could it be his mother who harassed her again?
      So, she accompany him over his 20th birthday before she cruelly propose to break up? Just to leave him the best memories of this day?
      What a silly girl! I have something to tell him!
      Su Yun replenished his brain, and his heart was suddenly softened. He couldn't wait for a moment, and called a car to go home. After more than forty minutes, he was in a state of confusion and kept contacting his girlfriend, but the person's portrait was still not on.
      "Furcao, you kid finally came back! Where did you go fooling around last night?"
      There was still a wave of brothers in the Su family. Last night, the protagonist was not there. Shao Chen simply withdrew the birthday party and changed it to a beautiful beauty, Peng Yi. , The carnival until the early hours of the morning, it is the playing card darts and the truth or the adventure, and the atmosphere is very hilarious. With Shao Chen's control, everyone also skimmed over Su Yun's release of the pigeons like a joke.
      From the perspective of the elders, Chairman Yu likes Shao Chen's easy-to-eat character. However, this appreciation immediately sounded the alarm after seeing Shao Chen's interaction with Peng Yi. This kid, with excess hormones, must quickly introduce him to a girl, or her future daughter-in-law will run away.
      In the afternoon, the "corpses" on the sofa and the floor began to rise. Chairman Yu instructed the kitchen aunt in advance to cook sober soup and a table of porridge and side dishes.
      At the moment everyone was eating in the living room and laughing. They saw Peng Yi coming out of the room and laughed, "Brothers and sisters are coming soon, I will keep the meat buns for you." They winked at Su Yun, "Xiao Yun, Your Qingmei is back, so don’t you have anything to say?”
      Besides a group of brothers in their early twenties, Su Yun was the youngest brother, and they were regarded as little brothers, but Su Yun was arrogant and treated them as peers, never Ken called out brother.
      Su Yun's inner chaos turned into a pot of porridge. How could he have time to pay attention to their ridicule, and he went straight to the point, "Where is my mother? Is she home?"
      "Aunt Xia went out this afternoon and hasn't come back yet." Someone replied.
      Su Yun's expression sank.
      "What's wrong?"
      It was the first time they saw Su Yun's gloomy expression.
      After a short while, Yu Luoxia finished her mind, bought a box of imported fruits, and bumped into her son in the living room.
      Su Yun stared straight at his mother.
      After being baptized by the violent storms of this weak [BanRuo] bitch, Chairman Yu is now an unprecedentedly strong psychological quality, without any guilty conscience, but frowned, "Where did you go last night? I couldn't get through on the phone? Ah? You let me. People waited at home for so long for nothing, did Grandpa teach you this way?"

    Su Yun turned his head and said softly sorry to the brothers.
      Then he stared directly at Chairman Yu.
      Chairman Yu: "..."
      "Mom, from 2:30 to 3:30, where are you?" Su Yun said softly, "Isn't this your nap time?"
      "Oh, there is an event to cut the ribbon." Yu Luoxia found a top pot, "The scene is not well prepared, I will watch it more."
      "What event?"
      Chairman Yu: "..."
      This is to break Is the casserole asking, why doesn't she know that her son has the skill of Holmes?
      "A Yun, have you forgotten, that is a real estate project that our family did with yours." Shao Chen smiled and said, "It has been two years of preparations and a lot of funds have been invested. Aunt Xia is the main person in charge. What if you don't keep your eyes on it ?"
       Su Yun's attention was really diverted.
      Yu Luoxia breathed a sigh of relief, found a reason, went to the bedroom, and released the guys on the blacklist, "Are you pouring ecstasy soup for my son again? He suspects me now! I warn you, if you dare What tricks, I— "
       "Oh oh oh!"
      Chairman Yu: "..."
      The little bitch is insulting her for being a pig, right? Must be?
      Thirty seconds later, the voice finally became normal, "Sorry, I was picking pigs in the pet shop. The baby here is a bit irritable. Don't be offended. Auntie." Yu Luoxia didn't want to discuss the issue of piglet breeding with her at all, she just wanted to Let his son Su Yun give up on this little bitch and get out of their lives at the speed of light.
      Facing the challenge of Party A's father, I feel very aggrieved by the weak.
      "I'm very serious and hard to say that I broke up! I went back to pack my things, and didn't even want to keep a curtain for him, because I was afraid that your son would see things and think about people. After all, I'm so attractive, right? Then, I'm non-stop. I went to ask for leave, so that he can calm down these days! I dare to swear to my four hundred million, I did not mention you dealing with dirty money at all!"
      Tiandi conscience, she is very professional!
      Chairman Yu was very cold, "I don't care, since you have taken my money, you can settle this matter quickly for me!"
      So weak [BanRuo]: OK, it's my father who gives the money.
      She held her newly baked pet and dialed a number.
      "Sorry, I'll answer the call."
      Shao Chen bit his cigarette and turned the phone on the table with his fingertips. The brother next to him held him down, with a mean expression, "Is that the beautiful stewardess here again for reconciliation? Or is the little hot girl in the bar caught the bait? You scumbag is careful to die young." Shao Chen cursed with a smile. Get out, don't leave, with tired eyebrows, connected in front of them.
      "Brother Chen, it's me."
      The tender voice fell into a macho heart.
      Shao Chen raised his eyebrows, "What's wrong with my baby?" Who are you, little girl? No matter what, let's make do with screaming first!
      The other party's tone is very well-behaved, but why the more you hear this, the more wrong it becomes?
      "Brother Chen, I listened to you, played with Su Yun fiercely, and abandoned him, finally let out a sigh of foul for you! I am now qualified to be your girlfriend? By the way, when are you? Buy me a luxury house in Linjiang Garden? It doesn't need to be too big, 1,000 square meters will do. The last time we went to see it was pretty good."
      Su Yun's body became stiff, and his face suddenly became pale and weak.
      Shao Chen: "???"
      He was fucked by green tea for many years when he was a teacher???
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    Five Million White Moonlight (11)

      There was no sound in the Su's living room, and they were all staring at them, Shao.
      You are so good, you knocked your little brother a sap in silence. Now the little couple is so enthusiastic that they have to cool down overnight.
      The big guy is really a showman!
      Everyone secretly gave him a thumbs up.
      Shao Chen: "..."
      I said I don't even know who this woman is, do you dare to believe?
      Shao Chen interacted with too many women, sister Yu's, hot, innocent, some of them didn't even remember their faces, let alone their voices.
      Who knew that this pot was so coincidental, so bloody, that it was snapped on his head?
      A dark shadow swayed in front of him, and Shao Chen's entire collar was violently pulled up, and a sharp abdominal muscle line appeared under the pure black T-shirt.
      Su Yun stared at people with red eyes, breathing slightly.
      Shao Chen is five years older than Su Yun. He is not visible on his appearance. He is 1.92 meters tall, with long legs, a mixed-race face, high eyebrows, deep eye sockets, and a light grayish glaze color, like a mist in the mist. Light, sloppy, and tired.
      "Let me explain, this green tea is deliberately instigating our brothers' feelings." Shao Chen said, "I never met her privately."
      "She is not, you are not allowed to insult her!"
      Su Yun yelled lowly.
      Shao Chen shrugged, "Okay, she is not green tea, she is your baby, your heart, so your brother deserves to let her plant and frame her to suffer a loss?"
      Su Yun straightened her lips.
      The female voice on the phone fed several times.
      "Hey... Brother Chen? Brother Chen, are you listening? My cell phone signal is so bad... Hello?"
      Shao Chen was proud of his love for so many years. For the first time, he was put in a sack and got stuck in a routine. But he held a lot of grudges, he remembered the green tea that knocked his sap.
      People who are remembered by him usually end up unfriendly.
      Shao Chen leaned back and raised his neck, "Since you don't believe me, I will prove it to you. I will ask her to come out and have a bang--"
      Su Yun banged the bridge of the nose with a bang.
      "Fuck! Xiaoyun, calm down!"
      A group of people urged.
      "Calm? I'm very calm! Very calm! Shao Chen, you bastard!!!" Su Yun went crazy.
      Everyone looked at each other.
      Come on, this child is poisoned too deeply, and the evidence of the tricky tricks is clearly in front of him, and he is still obsessed!
      It's time to give him a bucket of cold water to clear his mind.
      "Xiao Yun, it's not like my brother said, your horse is really not a good bird. Look at the college students who came out of the orphanage, poor and white, and miserably receiving social subsidies. Who has her to live so nourishingly? Huh? I'll buy you more than two thousand brand-name shoes!"
      Su Yun's face flushed, and she immediately retorted, "That's what she earned by working hard!"
      "Then did you see her working?"
      Su Yun got stuck.
      He usually picks up people from where she works, and rarely stares at them.
      "Look at your expression, right? That's it!"
      "But, but she AA with me, she won't ask for my money, she is not that kind of person!" She said, she was just trying to get him. Body. Thinking of this, Su Yun's ears began to faintly warm again.
      However, some people always want to cruelly break his illusions.
      "Haha, idiot Xiaoyun, she's going to catch a big fish on a long line! You ignorant little lamb can't understand. There are so many girls' routines that you can't imagine!"
      "That is to say, I am a little bit, Jian Jian. Daren, any demon, ghost, never want to escape the golden eyes of brother! From the first time I saw your horse, I knew that she was definitely not ordinary green tea, she was pure in front of you, what a thousand cups are not drunk, I see it all It’s for you to drink more!"
      Everyone, you and I derogate as weak.
      Shao Chen was wiping the nosebleed slowly, and he was beaten up by his dad, and a small injury didn't get in the way at all. However, when he grew up, it was the first time he was beaten by his little brother in his compound because of a woman. It was so exciting and novel that he couldn't help but want to kill the little fairy with the surname You.
      Before he could figure out a solution, Su Yun broke out first.
      "Shut up, you guys!!!"
      The black-haired boy's chest rose and fell violently, his teeth clattered.
      "Why do you criticize a girl who has only met a few times? How did she deserve to be humiliated by you if she provokes you in her previous life? She was born with a good drinker? You didn't live next door to her since you were a child. Is that kind of person? Do you know how hard it is for her to work part-time? Do you know that she is too busy to be a volunteer? Do you know that she ran three streets to buy me my favorite food?
      "You didn't talk to her again? Once in love, how could you know that she is the cutest girl in the world! "If you don't understand anything, you will be forced!" "
      Why should his favorite girl in the world suffer such unwarranted grievances!
      The calm and self-sufficient little brother made such a big fire for the first time, everyone was frightened and looked at each other.
      " "Hello?" Brother Chen? are you still there?"
      The gentle voice flowed like a clear spring, making the angry Su Yun instantly awake.
      "I'm here, little baby." "
      Shao Chen's eyes were cold, and the corners of his lips curled. "Thanks to you, I was beaten up by your ex-boyfriend. Are you happy?" "
      "Huh? what did you say? I didn't hear it? Hello? Brother Chen? The signal here is not good, speak louder!"   
      There were some screaming noises in between.
      It was a bit like...a pig?
      Everyone was holding their breath. Is this woman positioned on the farm ??
      The understanding Shao Chenze It was a smile but a smile.
      Okay, play this selective deafness trick for him, and see if he doesn't play her to death.
      "This Saturday is my birthday, baby, will you come? I can't wait to introduce your girlfriend to my other brothers." He deliberately bit the word "other brothers", "Oh, yes, Don't be shy, remember to put on the new waistless starry sky dress from the M family. I always wanted to see you wearing it, and then match it with the hottest Hengtian Gao from the G family. You are the most beautiful girl in the audience and be a boyfriend. You have a lot of faces."
       These two things, not tens of thousands of dollars can not be taken down, Shao Chen depends on how she pretends.
      So weak [BanRuo] and obediently agreed.
      "Stupid boy, wait for Saturday."
      After Shao Chen hung up his phone, he glanced at the gloomy and silent Su Yun, loosened his shoulders and neck again, his frivolous tone hidden blood.
      "Brother Saturday will open your eyes to you."
      Is it a person or a demon or a ghost, don't you know if you take a photo of the demon mirror?
      Chairman Yu listened to the audience silently at the stairway, after some thought, he made a phone call.
      "Are you going to Shao Chen's birthday party on Saturday?"
      "Huh? Of course not!"
      So weak [BanRuo] was confused by Chairman Yu's anti-human speech.
      The phone scam is fine, why should she rush up to slap her face? Unsurprisingly, Su Yun must be there, and it will definitely be a wave of Shura field by then. Wouldn't it be okay for her to quietly tease the little fragrant pig and spend the afternoon chasing a drama? Moreover, she has to apply to study abroad, her homework is also very tight, and she has to study after finishing the show.
      Although the four billion yuan is in hand, she is weak [BanRuo] and doesn't like the feeling of sitting and eating the mountains. If you want to read, you have to read, and if you want to make money, you have to make money. Sometimes when you are unhappy, you can be a salted fish and let the four billion raise her.
      As a plant fairy, she feels so weak that she is really motivated.
      "Then why are you agreeing?" Chairman Yu couldn't help but want to hit someone every time she talked to this little bitch.
      "F*ck him!"
      Yu Luoxia wanted to throw the phone on her face.
      "Auntie, is there anything else for you? My Dudu is hungry, I want to feed it."
      Chairman Yu took a deep breath, "You have a trouble on Saturday and let Ayun give up."
      Little bitch's tone revealed a subtle dislike.
      "Auntie, you are not right. The product is okay, but you have to ask for after-sales time and time again. You make it difficult for me to do this. How can I say, I was a principled person before, I betrayed my youth, Dignity, and love are already very conscientious..."
      "Five million, no bargaining."
      The weak [BanRuo] and full of blood resurrected, and put aside the screaming little pig.
      "No problem, wrap it on me!!!"
      The host didn't know that his girlfriend was making a mess again. He just couldn't sleep. He wrapped his girlfriend's little pink quilt on his head late at night and sat in the living room. Peel the corn one by one.
      "Break up, don't break up, break up, don't break up, break up, don't break up...break up."
      Su Yun stared fiercely at the last extra corn kernel, and when it wasn't paying attention, she slammed her mouth and chewed it up.
      Little corn dared to persuade him to break up?
      He wants to let it shatter into pieces, and it will never be superborn!
    Five Million White Moonlight (12)

      On Saturday morning, I was so weak [BanRuo] and put on an outfit, carrying her fresh and warm five million, and went into trouble.
      Shao Chen's birthday party is bigger than Su Yun's.
      He has many friends and many confidantes. Yingying and Yanyan are surrounded, jealous, and undercurrents are raging.
      The K room was full of different pungent perfume smells. Su Yun was extremely uncomfortable with Shao Chen's ex-girlfriends' miserable Shura field. On the contrary, his group of buddies chatted with them very happy, and both sides unanimously complained about Shao Chen's radish. The person concerned was also disapproving, drew his hair, and smiled as they watched their troubles.
      Su Yun let out a sigh, tugging at his tight neckline, looking at his watch over and over again, walking around anxiously.
      He is very elegant and gentle, and he is a representative of good students. Many girls have a little meaning to Su Yun, but it is a pity that the other party is now like a cat with fried hair, who will stare at anyone who talks to him.
      "Don't worry, the ones that should come will always come."
      Shao Chen bit a slice of orange-flavored salty and sweet biscuit.
      Su Yun's face is ugly. It has been 97 hours since his girlfriend had lost sight of her. How could he not be in a hurry?!
      "Hey, at the door, it's coming."
      He raised his chin.
      Su Yun reflexively looks for his girlfriend.
      She pulled her hair to one of her shoulders, exposing her white and slender neck, and the ocean blue earrings reflected mottled ghosts on her collarbone.
      Su Yun rushed forward regardless and hugged her hard.
      "You bastard, where did you go? Do you know that I am worried about you?" He straightened up slightly, holding her face in his palms, and murmured, "I'm losing weight... I'm losing weight." !"
      She is so weak [BanRuo] and embarrassed to say that she has gained three pounds in the past few days, and the skin on her belly finally has a fleshy touch.
      Sure enough, after she became the flesh of his heart, the hero filter is different!
      The ex-boyfriend asked like bullets, "Where do you live? Do you have money to pay for the rent? Do you want to eat? Or order takeaway? Do you know that it is unhealthy? I can make it for you! By the way, I will transfer it to Have you used your money? Don’t save it. Look at you, you are all thinner than ribs..."
      He was as worried as an old hen, for fear that his little boy would not be able to eat and drink without him. Great.
      A male palm rested on Su Yun's shoulder and spoke gently.
      "Ayun, you made a mistake. This is my girlfriend. Come on, baby hero, come in my arms. These days, I really want to go crazy thinking about you."
      He broke ground on Tai Sui. he almost killed him.
      With a weakly [BanRuo] curled lips, she smiled.
      She broke free of Su Yun, her father's ex-boyfriend, and ran towards Shao Chen's chest sweetly.
      "What silly thing to say? Haven't I been with you all the time?" The girl groaned coquettishly.
      The hero was left in place by her, and his ruddy face instantly turned pale.
      His lips trembled, and his body reacted faster than his consciousness.
      Su Yun grabbed the girl's wrist, hard and painful, and asked her in a very light and humble voice, "That call... is all true? You just wanted to give Shao Chen a sigh of relief. , Is it good to me?"
      The noise in the K room was a bit quiet.
      "Now that's the matter, I won't hide it from you anymore." With a weak [BanRuo] smile, she held Shao Chen. "You should remember, Brother Chen likes a girl in your compound, but she likes you, so she rejected the minister. Brother's confession."
      So weak [BanRuo] noticed that Shao Chen's arm was stiff, and his tone became more gentle and watery.
      "In recent years, Chen Chen has been swaying on the surface, but in fact, he has been healing the wounds, but you are still his brother, so you can’t tell."
      A man’s mind is actually easy to understand, as long as you use it skillfully, "The whole world thinks you are at a height Only I know the scenery, you are lonely, and other hinting techniques can draw people to their own camp bit by bit.
      As expected of me, I made up another knife for the two brothers.
      Su Yun was a little at a loss, why didn't he know about this?
      He turned around and looked at the people inside. Everyone seemed to know it well, and obviously acquiesced.
      The little green tea fairy strikes while the iron is hot, "You said, my man was f*cked like this by you. Because of brotherhood, he is not easy to do. I am the woman who loves him the most. Can't I go out and find a place for him??"
      Su Yun emotional mess, one is guilty sorry for the brothers, on the one hand and was angry like a weak [BanRuo] vomiting blood.
      He opened his mouth for a long time, and then he was reluctant to scold her, and then held out a sentence.
      "Then you, then you tell me clearly, you, how can you play with me like this?"
      That night she got into his arms like a deer, but that's not what she said! She forcibly planted him many beautiful strawberries, praised his mermaid line, and said that he was the best. Her favorite thing in the world is Doudou!
      This big liar!
      Su Yun was very sad and indignant.
      "How can I vent my hatred in this way?" So weak [BanRuo] and confident, she waved her hand again, very magnanimously, "It's OK, I won't play with you in the future, right? Now, let's count the two cleansed up, I If you don't trouble you, you don't trouble me, come on, call my sister-in-law, this matter will be exposed."
      Su Yun looked at her in shock.
      what? Call her sister-in-law? Did she think he was not cool enough to die?
      She was so weak [BanRuo] and understanding, "Forget it, just don't want to call, I am not such a stingy person. Ah, I am hungry, do you have anything to eat?" She sat down on the sofa in the middle of the sofa, which was Shao Chen. The position she had just sat in was so weak [BanRuo] that she wore a pair of hollow laces. She was a model and she was taller than girls of the same age. This made them even more of a background.
      "Huh? What are you playing? King's game, okay, I also play!" She said very delicately, "People are not very skilled yet, please don't embarrass your sister-in-law too much, or your brother will be angry."
      Everyone Choked with anger by green tea.
      What is it, this is the money?
      They looked at the protagonist of the birthday party, Shao Chen hooked his mouth, pressed Su Yun's shoulder and walked over, "Then play with your sister-in-law, don't go too far."
      Everyone glanced at each other tacitly.
      Hehe, of course, they will "show mercy".
      Shuffle, deal, draw.
      The king is chosen.
      "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm lucky." The weak fingertips spun out a ghost card and said with a smile, "Congratulations on accepting the baptism of sister-in-law's love. Then, let's have a bang with the classmates of No. 2 and No. 3. Hot spot."
      These two are boys.
      According to the general rules, kissing of the opposite sex should be separated by something, and the same sex is very casual. Although the green tea was very uncomfortable and weak, but when something interesting happened, the dudes immediately coaxed the two to kiss as if they had been beaten up with chicken blood.
      The weak [BanRuo] phone retained this wonderful photo.
      One of the boys had an ugly face and blocked his face, "Hey, what are you doing taking pictures?"
      "Don't be aggressive with me." So weak [BanRuo] made an aggrieved expression, "Otherwise I'm afraid I would send this photo accidentally. Buy a hot search for both of you, and let everyone in the world wish you all come out."
      "My fucking sexuality is normal!" The boy gritted his teeth, "Bitch!"
      There are even more bitch kids.
      The appearance of a justice messenger with a weak [BanRuo] face replaced the moon to destroy him, "What sexual orientation is normal? Is homosexuality a disease? They just happen to fall in love with people of the same gender! As long as it is not disgusting to cheat on marriages, ridicule women, what is there? No? No, I'm so angry, I want to send out your discrimination against homosexuality, and let the netizens see your ugly face!"
      "You fucking—"
      The boy couldn't argue with his words, his blood was on his head, and his brain rushed. Go up.
      So weak [BanRuo] pushed Su Yun away, slapped him backhand, and slapped him with a crisp slap.
      In order to make people sober, she was so weak [BanRuo] and reluctant to slap him another slap.
      Today my old lady is going to CARRY the audience!
      A boy named Xiaohu quietly moved his butt and fled the battlefield.
      Out of the brothers’ conscience, Xiaohu hesitated and ran to Su Yun's side and whispered, “I’ve seen it, this is the true face of green tea, you have been deceived by her! The surface is soft and weak, in fact one can fight Ten! Huh? Xiao Yun, what's the matter with you, your face is so red? Damn, your body is so hot, you have a fever?"
      Su Yun's heartbeat speeds up and his eyes are blurred.
      At the reminder of his brother, the little moron hurriedly covered his face and lips with the back of his hand, and his snow-white palms contrasted sharply with the blood-red skin of his face.
      The tip of her pink ears moved shyly.
      "Don't you think... she... um... beautiful?"
      Brother: "???"
      Buddy, are your brains broken?
    Five Million White Moonlight (13)

      The rich second generation in the K room was so weak and frightened.
      They are young, they have only graduated for one or two years, and they are backed by wealthy parents. Either they are at ease with their parents, or they are supported by their parents to be a company name, and be a more relaxed and young boss, tease girls, drink and drink, and have a small life. Nourishing and moisturizing, without being wronged too much, where have you seen such bloody and violent scenes?
      This person is easy to fart when he is idle.
      Everyone regards clubbing and picking girls as a great record. When they have gone through a lot of battles, they can see the essence of green tea bitch and white lotus at a glance. They breathe fragrances every day and think that they are very righteous.
      So weak [BanRuo] that this group of young men and buddies are living too delicately.
      How can you be a human with peace of mind if you have not experienced the severe beatings of the society?
      "Ah, you dare to beat me, you fucking old man killed you!"
      The boy's eyes were red and he raised his fists.
      Without waiting for Su Yun to take a shot, she kicked the person on the side of the coffee table, and the beer bottles poured down one after another, and the liquor and foam splashed all over his face.
      The audience was silent.
      She is so weak [BanRuo] that she doesn't like to use her hands, she is worried that her hands will hurt, but she will never force her if she has to do it. Thanks again to the employer from the dance department, she practiced her internal skills every day, and her solid foundation allowed her to easily complete the difficult martial arts movements.
      The boy shivered from the shower, and yelled angrily when he reacted, but before he got up, he was stuck with his hands and feet by the chair pop.
      He held the handle so weakly [BanRuo] and steadily, no matter how he flicked, his legs could not be pulled out.
      The dazzling light and shadow in the K room shone on the beautiful face of the young girl, and she spoke with pity and kindness.
      "F*ck you every day, do you have any tutoring? Kids, have you read the dog's belly in the nine-year compulsory education? Drinking, smoking, tattooing and picking up girls are all complete, but you love to spread rumors. Recycled rubbish."
      Everyone couldn't tell the strange thing.
      Probably it was because she was too tender when she scolded people, and even when she heard the word "trash", she brought a feeling of spring breeze on her face.
      When scolded without dirty words, it humiliates people invisibly.
      "When I worked for 18 hours to earn tuition, I walked to the bottom of my feet to save 30 yuan for a taxi. What are you doing, kid?" The employer is a girl with strong self-esteem and never treats these embarrassing things. Speaking to others, she bid farewell to the gloomy past and tried to show her glamorous and sensible side, but she was always misunderstood.
      Strong girls who can't cry always don't get hurt.
      "How do you care about my as*!"
      "Yes, it's none of your as*, then what does my private life have to do with you? Did you see me stepping on two boats with your own eyes? Or flipped over the bank card? Seeing someone take care of me?"
      The weak [BanRuo] hand loosened, the U disk fell from the sky and hit the boy's head.
      "Don't worry, I know you guys are arrogant and won't apologize, and I don't need your apology. This is a video of your cheating in the high school entrance examination. I bought it for 30,000 yuan ."
       Green Tea smiled on her lips. meaning.
      "Children, I hope you behave well, otherwise I will be upset. I will post this video on the Internet, or send it to your school, your work unit, or your future wife. No matter how high or beautiful you are, it will be too. Pin you on the shame frame."
      She ignored the boy's angry and faintly scared expression, and gently patted the palms of her hands.
      "Come on, two are out, it doesn't matter, there are more people, let's continue."
      No one said.
      With a weak [BanRuo] backhand, there are a few more USB flash drives on the coffee table.
      It's time for these ignorant rich second generations to see my combat power of 45 million yuan!
      Since fighting the wits and courage with the male protagonist, he has thoroughly studied this small world of modern words. Mobile phones, cameras, and USB flash drives can definitely be ranked among the top three fairy killers this year. They are home travel blackmailers. A must-have product for intimidation and lure! But the USB flash drive that was so weak [BanRuo] that day was negotiable, and it was purely to scare the male protagonist. It was her fault that she didn't check it.
      Seeing this exactly the same ghost thing, everyone's expressions turned blue, as if swallowing a fly.
      Who knows what handle is in the hands of this green tea? Didn't you see that the brother who clamored the most fiercely was autistic? He is not the only child. There are two capable younger brothers. Once the evidence of cheating in the senior high school entrance examination is grasped by them, the prince will also end up.
      "Come again."
      Green Tea greeted them with a smile.
      The second generation of the rich swallowed to accompany the play.
      No matter what they do, the weak [BanRuo] always hold the ghost cards firmly and give orders to them.
      "No. 7 and No. 11 exchange mobile phones for five minutes. Remember, you have to read all the chat records and photos."
      No. 7 and No. 11 are two girls, and they are also very good girlfriends.
      The two are interested in Su Yun, and every time they have a party, they are so weak [BanRuo] that they spread the rumors of her plastic surgery and sugar daddy. They were reluctant to exchange their mobile phones, their faces suddenly turned ugly, and then they fought, scratching their hair and scratching their faces, like a shrew.
      One has a crooked nose, and one has a slanted face and a slumped chest.
      Everyone is stupid, aren't these two beauties who claim to be pure natural makeup and have never used a knife?
      The weak [BanRuo] old god was there, and there was another wave of devil operations.
      "No. 9 with No. 10 also exchange the phone, the phone has to tell the other side of the girlfriend loves you, they can not see recognized. How is it? But you boys, eh, not afford it?"
      Both men Hsin Tao, Isn't it just a tricky prank for your brother and girlfriend?
      What's the big deal!
      ——Two mobile phones, the same voice.
      The two boys were put on green hats on the spot, and the brothers didn't have to do it. One left the table angrily, and the other chased up and punched him.
      Shao Chen's birthday party was so weak that it turned into the murder scene, and it also alarmed the staff in Hall K.
      Under everyone's resentment and trembling eyes, the weak [BanRuo] picked up another card.
      "I'm a country...Huh?"
      Good fellow, changed her card.
      Shao Chen turned his fingers lightly, and the blood-red clown on the card had a grim smile.
      His eyes are faint.
      "No. 3 and No. 9, kiss for five minutes."
      The weaker [BanRuo] is No. 3.
      And Shao Chen then opened another card that belonged to the king on the table, No. 9.
      Su Yun knocked over the glass at hand, and the wine spilled all over the floor.
      She was as weak [BanRuo] as if she hadn't seen the gaffe of her ex-boyfriend at all. She Limao was shallow, with a bright smile, stepped over two people, leaning down and touching the forehead of the mixed boy against her forehead.
      Shao Chen discovered that her eyes were long and slender, like fox eyes, both eager and charming, but when she smiled, she would show a small white canine tooth.
      It's very immortal.
      The female voice is tender and scratching her ears.
      "A kiss to my Majesty the King."
      Xianxian's green tea kissed her ex-boyfriend in front of him.
      Damn, it's the kind of forced throat lock!
      Shao Chen was pinched and his face flushed and he couldn't breathe.
      Su Yun went crazy on the spot.
      He has never been chained to kiss this bastard why! ! !
      The weak waist tightened and her eyes turned, she was violently carried to his shoulders.
      The other party ran for a thousand meters, her hair blowing and blowing.
      The young man's physical strength is really good, so weak [BanRuo] and sincerely admired.
      Then he stooped into a small hotel, and the front desk almost took out her anti-wolf electric baton.
      In short, it was a tossing, and the male protagonist successfully shut the weak [BanRuo] into the small room.
      The room is very narrow, there is no balcony, the bathroom is very crowded, it is difficult to turn around, maybe because it is a couple room, the hotel is generously equipped with a round frosted shower room. Su Yun entered the door and saw that his whole body was red from head to toe. He bit his lip and suddenly smelled the quilt.
      Then he was so weak [BanRuo] that he wrapped it into white rice dumplings with a quilt, leaving only two eyes to see people and two nostrils for ventilation.
      "Why are you kissing him!"
      Here came the male lead, he came with a jar of jealousy.
      "I like him, why don't I kiss him?"
      Su Yun choked.
      He was very angry and sad, but as soon as he saw his girlfriend's blinking eyes, all his anger turned into small grievances.
      "You...what do you like him?" So weak [BanRuo] did not hesitate.
      "He is different from you. He is sunny and cheerful, and can take care of people. He is a very special boy. He loves to play and laugh. He can go to the world and the sea." He added, "The abdominal muscles are also sexier than you!"
      Su Doudou I hate to bury her alive with a pillow.
      The quilt has been silent for a long time.
      Su Yun panicked and took off the pillow in panic.
      She blinked under the quilt, black and bright like a star, apparently teasing him.
      This little bad beast smashed his careful liver, but he still likes her, he likes to have insomnia, and he has to hug her little pink quilt to fall asleep.
      "Then I, then I'm not worse than him."
      Su Yun promoted herself with shame, "I, I increase the amount of exercise, and the abdominal muscles must look better than him!"
      If you are so weak [BanRuo], open your mouth and say no, the male protagonist looked at her mouth. The model exploded, buried her in the quilt again, and buried herself alive.
      In the darkness and sultry heat, a hairy head arched her.
      He said dullly.
      "Yes, I am not as advantageous as Shao Chen, but I and I are also in love for the first time. I have no experience, a lot, and a lot of it. I don’t understand a lot. I may make mistakes and make you unhappy. Then you, then you slow down. , Teach me, tell me, what is not good, what should be done, I will study hard until you are satisfied."
      He really lacks enthusiasm, lacks romance, and a person of twenty years lives like a textbook template Excellent, never out of line, toe curled up when speaking of this kind of words.
      In order to coax his girlfriend to change his mind, Su Yun tried.
      He doesn't want his face anymore.
      The twenty-year-old boy was sweating, and he was so weak [BanRuo] that he was scorched.
      He whispered shyly, "Let’s not break up, okay? I will be able to earn enough money myself soon, buy you a milk tea shop, buy one at school, buy one by the road where you work, and let us downstairs. Drink milk tea every day after you wake up!"
    Five Million White Moonlight (14)

      If there is an Otome love game in front of him, the weak [BanRuo] may encounter such an option.
      "Su Yun, the innocent male protagonist of "Standover Little Wife", sent you a composite message and was willing to give you 3, 100 square meters milk tea shops as your future betrothal gifts. Do you choose to accept it?"
      "A. Shyly Nodding, red ears, revealing a white neck (this option has a greater chance of triggering a kiss on the pious forehead of the male protagonist, and promotes the spiritual bond between you and the character. Players are recommended to choose)."
      "B. shook his head tearfully and leaned forward. Embrace the male protagonist gently and tell him that you are such a fool (this option is easy for the male protagonist to mess with you, please choose carefully)."
      And the weak [BanRuo]with a huge amount of money just wants to mess with him.
      So weak and painful thought, there is no way, your mother asked me to f*ck you, as an ex-girlfriend I have loved, I can only try to make you on the road painlessly.
      "We are not suitable."
      "Is it really not suitable?!"
      Su Yun was anxious and pulled the weak [BanRuo] from the quilt. He had to firmly circle her arms to feel that this person was still beside him.
      "There is someone in my heart, I betrayed you, I am not pure, I am not worthy of you."
      She is so weak [BanRuo] that it is really difficult for her to make money. She has been wronged for four to five million. !
      The hero should give her the award of "Best Conscience Store"!
      Su Yun did not hesitate, "I don't mind! Let's start from the beginning!"
      "My man not only has a high IQ, but also a high EQ, mature and magnificent, and he can't be like a stupid piece of wood. Just plant a strawberry and chirp. I almost got caught and went to the police station when I bought a chewing gum." She was very disgusted when she said that, especially that night, the male protagonist was shy on the door frame, drowsing and refused to go out, and had to take her with her.
      Su Yun's face was hot, and he couldn't help pulling a shirt to cover half of his face.
      "Isn't mine, isn't it the first time I bought something like that."
      He raised his fingers and said to him, "I also know how to swim. When I accidentally drown, you can give me artificial respiration."
      "My man needs to be strong, ambitious, and start from nothing, don't rely on it. a large family will be able to kill four. "
      "And most importantly, he must be assertive, not soft ears child, can not believe what people say on what, who wants to talk about a love had to go to jail bankrupt it? "
      Su Yun is The sudden serious expression of the girlfriend was so scared that he did not dare to pant.
      He knew that she was complaining about him, Xiaohu they told him, he was so bad, but he didn't notice it in time. Moreover, for the first time today, he knew that this circle was so messy. The people around him wearing masks seemed to have some ulterior secrets, smog, and a lot of bad debts.
      He wants to keep an eye on it, Su Yun thought secretly.
      In the future, stay away from the brothers in the compound, especially the bastard Shao Chen!
      So weak [BanRuo] and laughed again, Rua gave the male protagonist's soft ears.
      "To deal with this kind of boy, my suggestion is to chop off the roots of his ears and have a crisp steaming."
      Su Yun stiffened, calmed down, and said softly, "I won't."
      So weak [BanRuo] A finger pressed against his forehead, "When will your land duck learn to swim, and then fight for the opportunity to talk to me, I want to see your determination to change." She beat him mercilessly, "Compared to you Brother, your mouth is stupid, you are timid, boring, unromantic, and can't let go of anything. You really don't have the charm of a man at all."
      Su Yun was disparaged by his girlfriend and bit her lips aggrievedly.
      He usually doesn't like to do these small movements, it feels very naive, but once his emotions are on his head, it is difficult for him to control his micro-expressions.
      "Bite your mouth, are you dissatisfied with me?"
      "No, no."
      Su Yun received another gentle scolding and left the small hotel dejectedly.
      Before he left, he almost took away the quilt that was contaminated with his girlfriend. Fortunately, it was not too abnormal, and it was neatly folded.
      Su Yun reluctantly glanced at the round frosted shower room.
      After getting married, he must build a big one.
      So weak [BanRuo], half-coaxed and half-deceived to send away the male lead, turned around and called her boss, to the effect of "Kiss, are you satisfied with the baby in this shop, if you think it's okay, light up three rows of stars for the little girl and give a five-star. Praise it, good people will live a safe life!"
      Chairman Yu arranged an "inside line", of course, she knew what happened to Shao Chen's birthday party.
      This little bitch made all of Su Yun's brothers in one go. Everyone hated her. If she wants to reconcile with A Yun in the future, the first brothers in this group disagree, and it will be even more difficult for her to enter the circle. A Yun is affectionate and will never fall out with his multi-year brother because of a girlfriend who has been dating for less than a year.
      Chairman Yu was very satisfied, and subconsciously wanted to remit 5 million to the little bitch to reward her, but it was not right until halfway through, she had already paid the money!
      Damn little bitch, how dare to induce her!
      The male lead duck who had been in drought for twenty years went to learn to swim. His unprecedented move stunned the brothers in the laboratory. He learned that he was changing for love, and all of them shed tears on the spot, vowing to train the younger brothers to become The most beautiful little white dragon in the water!
      Su Yun's motor nerves were developed, but he couldn't do it when he was in the water. Xiao Bailong almost drowned in the pool, and even his brother who taught others choked with water.
      Su Yun had a hard time, but her weak [BanRuo] application was through studying abroad, and she handled various procedures for her little Xiangzhu Dudu one week in advance.
      She is a person who has attained the Taoism and ascended to heaven. When she comes to her, it is a glorious one who becomes rich and raises pigs!
      As soon as the visa was issued, I was so weak [BanRuo] that the piglet was loaded into the airbox. It seemed a little uneasy. He yelled, so weak and [BanRuo] patiently calmed him, "Don't worry, Dudu, you have successfully promoted to the current boyfriend, I will not I will abandon you like a hero."
      Dudu rubbed her palm, twisted his butt, and went in obediently.
      On the other side, Su Yun successfully went ashore.
      "Little brother, congratulations, I finally learned how to swim!"
      Senior Brother Cai was full of tears. Although he was just a dog, it was not very beautiful, but it also progressed, isn't it?
      Su Yun plucked his drenching hair, a little embarrassed, and couldn't hide his joy. He could finally talk to his girlfriend! Not being able to see her this month is really trying to suffocate him, but fortunately, it will be over.
      He was about to clean up, another senior brother came running out of breath.
      "Little brother, do you know that your girlfriend has gone to the airport? She is going to study abroad! A schoolgirl from a dance college told me, I don't know, cough, is it true?"
      Su Yun's bath towel on his shoulders slide.
      He rushed into the locker room and pressed the familiar number.
      No one heard.
      Su Yun's expression freezes.
      An unprecedented panic swept him.
      Ten minutes later, Su Yun stopped the car and went to the airport. He didn't even change his swimsuit. He asked the counselor where she was going to study abroad and checked the flight. The earliest was three o'clock in the afternoon.
      When he got out of the car, the blazing sun made his mind heavy, and he felt his ears roar. He swam for an hour, exhausted and hungry, and his eyes turned blue at the moment. Su Yun licked her dry lips, ignored the strange laughs of pedestrians, and squeezed into the strange crowd in confusion.
      "I'm sorry, I'll find someone, let me."
      He entered the check-in area and was stopped at the security check.
      Su Yun walked back in despair, passing by a figure.
      Weak [BanRuo], heavily armed, helped her sunglasses, and said in secret, it was dangerous, but fortunately, she was ready!
      Then she was hugged from behind, and her feet even left the ground.
      His eyes were red and he was almost crying.
      The trembling voice was slightly crying.
      "Don't tell me, you went to the airport to buy buns!"
      So weak [BanRuo]: "..."
      Why is this airport related to buns? Does the male protagonist seem to have an inexplicable hatred for buns?
      Without waiting for her to speak, the other party grabbed her hand and held her out.
      So weak [BanRuo] and not moving.
      "Don't be fooling around, I'm going to board the plane. Su Yun, I really don't love you. I just think you are a person. With the shelf of top students, it will definitely be fun, so I played for a while. I knew you couldn't afford it. , I won't provoke you."
      The knuckles on her wrist tightened every inch, almost white, and made her skin hurt.
      Su Yun's tears finally shed. He tried to maintain his shaky self-esteem, but he still lowered his head and made a dumb voice.
      "Especially weak [BanRuo], I give you one last chance to stay, no matter how difficult it is, we... let's start again."
      So weak [BanRuo] broke away from his hand and left neatly.
      Su Yun squatted on the ground, covering his face, tears streaming from his fingers.
      "Haha... It's ridiculous... I was deceived again..."
      "Su Yun, you are a fool, a big fool..."
    Five Million White Moonlight (15)

      After saying goodbye to the male lead, she went to study and raise pigs.
      She raised it for ten years.
      Under the feeding of the weak and full of love and care, the "existing boyfriend" Dudu lived up to expectations and successfully gained 150 kilograms. Every time he slipped on the road, he would gain a big eye.
      Dudu is very proud. It raises its head upright and is never afraid. If a vicious dog or unkind people pass by, Dudu is obliged to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the owner, and it will sit down and die.
      Of course, Dudu is also worrying about his host's marriage.
      What kind of blue eyes, green eyes, purple eyes and dark eyes, do not stop at the weekend, ring the doorbell early in the morning, and seriously occupy the time it spends with its owner! But Dudu is a conscientious pig. The owner feeds it meat. How can it ruin the owner's happy life?
      Dudu swallowed his anger and told himself that he is the current boyfriend, the owner's eternal heart, so why not be generous?
      Boys abroad chase the weak [BanRuo] and chase them very often, even with Dudu, they are loved by them. Its small room is full of various gifts, all of which are given by the weak [BanRuo] birthday because the girls they like are from China. They are more reserved, and will never accept their gifts unless they are on special holidays to avoid misunderstandings.
      They can only use the name of their birthday to please the goddess house mascot.
      Anyway, as long as Dudu walks with them, he is basically carried back every time.
      Who is not a baby yet?
      Dudu is very useful, and graciously draws them into the ranks of candidates for the male host.
      And when she refused, she also made it clear that she likes boys with stronger muscles, so in the years she was studying, the male classmates in the same class were all strong and physically strong, and they were completely absent when they carried Dudu for 400 meters. Excuse me.
      In the end, a caring young boy with blond hair, blue eyes and blue eyes came to the fore. He began to fall in love with the weak [BanRuo], and Dudu happily accepted the feeding of the little male owner and gained another ten kilograms of fat.
      When the school was over, the blond boy had to go home to inherit the family business, and asked his first love if she wanted to go together.
      Looking at his family situation so weakly [BanRuo], more than a dozen cousins stared at his position, guessing it was awkward. She is not troublesome, holding his hand with tears in her eyes, probably in this life. We didn't have the chance to continue in the next life, and the big boy was tortured to the blood, and wept all the way from her home to the airport, so weak [BanRuo] that he almost made the headlines in the society.
      All in all, she was very reluctant to think about it when she was abroad, and she also invited a master chef who cooks Chinese food to eat in different ways every day.
      Until she received a call.
      "Is there anyone next to you?"
      The other party veiled and lowered her voice.
      "Who are you?"
      To be honest, she is so weak [BanRuo] that she can't remember her memory. Her memory is very good, but it is a bit difficult for her to let her listen to people after ten years?
      "Who am I? Your ex-boyfriend's mother!"
      The other party said grimly.
      "I'm sorry, I have a lot of ex-boyfriends, which mother are you? Could you please make it clear, I'm afraid of misunderstanding?"
      Chairman Yu was so angry that he warned her not to be angry. Crow's feet are easy to get angry!
      "I'm Su Yun his mother!"
      So weak [BanRuo] immediately remembered.
      That is necessary, she lives so freely, thanks to the auntie of Party A who spent four hundred and five million dollars!
      To this day, she is still grateful to the damn male lead, and even wants to burn a few incense sticks to offer her up. She is proud of her pride and blesses her to make a fortune and buy a mansion after returning to hell.
      "Oh, auntie, you finally think of me when you have time. Are you looking for me to do business? Of course, you are an old customer and the price is easy to negotiate." How kind and kind you want.
      Yu Luoxia: "..."
      Money, money, money, this little bitch is vulgar! Can't you find her if it's okay? No, she's okay, why should she look for the little bitch herself!
      Chairman Yu took a deep breath and simply got to the point.
      "According to the agreement, after ten years have passed, you can come back."
      It sounds like a weak one [BanRuo] is not a gift, the enthusiasm is greatly reduced, and the interest is lacking. "Thank you for your concern. I am here to eat and drink, learn and have fun. I don't plan for the time being. I went back." You Fanwei [You BanRuo] is an orphan. She was thrown in front of the children's orphanage on a snowy day. She grew up lonely all the way. She was just like that bunch of relatives who passed away directly. It doesn't matter if she doesn't go back.
      She was originally a heartless plant spirit, and she didn't think much of the human blood bondage, especially when she just borrowed her employer's shell, and she couldn't empathize.
      On the contrary, she has a "favorite" for Chairman Yu's weakness. She slapped her and made people unable to get off the stage in public. The other party even gave her 400 million yuan regardless of previous complaints!
      It's a good person to give charcoal in the snow.
      She sighed so weakly [BanRuo], and said to Chairman Yu, "Don't worry, you are good to me, I remember it in my heart, let alone ten years, I can still stay here for 20 or 30 years without moving, never Will go back to find your son, I will do something, don't worry! "
      Also, it will be another 20 or 30 years? Do you think you are a mushroom?
      Chairman Yu had a cerebral hemorrhage and forced a smile, "No, no, you should come back. I didn’t think much about what happened at the beginning. Young people, it’s normal to fall in love. The past is gone, I don’t. Blame you, dear child, come back quickly, foreign countries are not your root.”
      Suddenly, the weak [BanRuo] is wary, “Auntie, the goods have been sent and will not be returned. Do you still want to recover the original break-up fee?”
      Director Yu Long no f*ck to say.
      You can't talk about feelings with a little bitch, she only recognizes money and is vulgar!
      Chairman Yu despised her again and offered a price, "You should finish your studies, right? I need you to go back to China to do something, and I will give you five million if it is done."
      "Auntie, I Very busy."
      "...50 million."
      "Auntie, I have a current boyfriend and eat a lot."
      "One hundred million, don't do it!"
      Chairman Yu's chest rose and fell, almost crushing her mobile phone.
      What kind of sin did she commit in her last life, she finally cut off the kidney and invited the plague god out, and now she is going to cut the liver and invite the plague god back!
      "Auntie, don't worry, I will book an afternoon ticket right now to save you from the fire!"
      Chairman Yu suddenly felt moved, and she quickly patted her face to wake up.
      She gave the money, and the little bitch should be so diligent!
      "Chairman Yu, who are you calling? The meeting is about to begin."
      The male voice was low and cold.
      Chairman Yu's heart jumped slightly, put her phone back in her suit pocket, and calmly said, "Didn't I say that you can only come in by knocking on the door of the chairman's office?"
      He mumbled, "Sorry, I just want to get familiar with this in advance. An office, after all, you have become a young woman .” Yu Luoxia, who has been a strong woman for many years, became angry and slapped the table.
      "Su Yun, is this your attitude when talking to your mother?"
      "Working hours, only subordinates, this is what you have always emphasized."
      The man's eyebrows are drooped, and there is no extra look on his face.
      "Besides, this is the Su family enterprise, not the Yu family group. Sooner or later, you have to retire and hand it over to your son? Don't worry, I will help you and dad to carry forward the family business together."
      Tai Shang Huang Su The power of the chairman has been emptied by Su Yun, and chairman Yu, the queen-mother, is also at risk. The projects she led are either yellow or black, and the momentum has plummeted.
      On the contrary, it was Su Yun, the new prince who came to power, who killed Quartet as soon as he graduated. He was despicable, shameless, and cunning. He could do all kinds of detrimental tricks, and he didn't want to talk about his colleagues.
      Now the Su family dominates the media industry. Su Yun himself is also known as the father of a billionaire. The men and women fans take turns to confess in the official blog, although I never respond.
      Chairman Yu laughed angrily, "You have hardened wings and want to go to heaven! I tell you, don't think that I am as cheating as your dad. Do you want shares? Don't even think about it! I am your mother, forever. It's your mother, something that I don't agree with, you absolutely can't do it! I won't give you Su's, and that woman can't enter our door! You can afford to lose this face, I can't afford it!"
      "One The little bitch/child who is being kept, still wants to change from a small chicken to a phoenix? Bah, she thinks so beautifully!"
      Su Yun's brows were thin, "Mom, I advise you not to say this too early, she will Becoming your daughter-in-law, your face will also be lost."
      Chairman Yu was so excited by her rebellious son that she lost her mind, and suddenly became a little bit reluctant to say anything.
      "Su Yun, you are not cheap, what are you doing with women, you have to make a stand-in, and wait for the Lord to return to China, look at her not to be disgusting or disgusting! You never want to chase people in your life!"
      Man He said lightly, "Mom, you think too much, but you are a good ex-girlfriend. I have tasted it and it tastes like that."
      "I forgot what she looked like."
    Five Million White Moonlight (16)

      Chairman Yu sneered.
      "You have the ability to say this in front of me!"
      Su Yun's dark eyes are as calm as water, "I dare to speak in front of me. Chairman Yu, working hours, don't talk about personal affairs."
      Yu Luoxia was about to say something, knock. The sound of the door sounded and the employees urged them to go to the meeting with a frustrated expression.
      The confrontation between mother and son came to an end temporarily.
      After hanging up the international call, for her 100 million, she actively packed her luggage.
      Dudu currently weighs more than 300 kilograms. Although it is still the cute mini baby who yells at her in the pet store in the eyes of weak eyes, it is really choking to fly on a plane because of its huge size. The owner can only reluctantly entrust it to the master chef who makes Chinese food, and ask the master to swear to the heavens that he can't just stew Dudu in a greedy mouth!
      Toot [Dudu]: "Oh oh oh!" Did you hear me!
      Master: "..."
      Does he look like that kind of cruel human?
      However, it was the first time he saw a pig with such a red face, smooth fur and bright eyes. The meat quality must be... The master coughed and asked when the weaker [BanRuo]would come back. If it takes a long time, he will go for a training and study some. New dishes, striving to retain the stomach of this benefactor's father for a lifetime.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] and touched her chin. At the beginning, she managed to get 4-5 million in one month, but now the hero of the milk chir seems to be blackened, and the difficulty should rise from C-level to S-level. One hundred million is not good Get it. So she generously took the master's half-year vacation and asked him to learn more novel dishes.
      Of course, the most important thing is that the Dudu in her family can't get hungry and lose weight. It's not easy for her to raise a catty by catty!
      I arrived at the airport in the afternoon, and the flight was unexpectedly delayed.
      She had nothing to do, she called the damn hero's mother again, complaining pitifully that she couldn't come back on time.
      The little bitch’s tone was full of loss and grievance, like a great employee who made selfless dedication without asking for reward. Chairman Yu was infected and subconsciously comforted her, “It’s okay. Hold on for a few days, take your time."
      So weak [BanRuo]: "Auntie, you are so kind, I really like you! Then I will go to the nearby amusement park for a few days. It is said that it is newly opened and the reputation is good. I will give you Bring souvenirs!"
      Yu Luoxia: " your as*, hurry back to the old lady, or you will be deducted from your wages!!!"
      You shouldn’t give this little slut a good face. Also want to open a national chain dyeing workshop!
      Why can't she go to heaven if she is so capable!
      After the meeting, Chairman Yu bitterly cut the line.
      Probably because she got used to it, Chairman Yu didn't cover her heart anymore, she was calm and looked at the file.
      "Boom boom boom——"
      The knock on the door sounded again, and Yu Luoxia shouted to invite in . Seeing the face of the person, she instinctively wanted to stand up.
      Chairman Yu's ass was just one centimeter away from the cushion of the boss chair and sat down firmly again.
      That little bitch just called her and said that she was stranded at the airport and could not come back so quickly. Besides, the little bitch speaks sweetly, with guns and sticks. It is not profitable and can not afford to be early. Nothing is courteous. It is non-toxic and not a girl. If she really smiles and shouts to herself, Chairman Yu thinks she has several hundred million Can't keep it!
      The other party bowed their heads shyly, "Today for your birthday, Ayun and I are going to cook you a meal at home. Please come. But Ayun will be attending the brother's bachelor party tonight, so I want me to accompany you."
      Chairman Yu's temple jumped.
      "Mom, what! Do I agree with you calling me like that?"
      Seeing the other person talking about the little daughter-in-law against this gorgeous face, it didn't make much sense.
      I don't know from which corner of the lump Su Yun dug out the little chicken. If she didn't investigate beforehand, she would still be regarded as the other's twin sister. They look exactly the same, but they also reached an astonishing nine points!
      I heard that Su Yun paid a lot of money to hire a famous dance teacher to teach her dance and body shape, resulting in a very similar figure. For a little stand-in who graduated from pheasant university, it was really hard work!
      Chairman Yu couldn’t help but sneered, “I’m not a formal employee, who was so bold to let you in? Why, I haven’t even stepped into the threshold of my house. This is a big heart. I want to turn over and become the mistress of my Su family. Yes? I advise you to save the time. No matter how much Yu Luoxia loses, I won't want a daughter-in-law who used to sit on the stage in a bar. You shameless, I still want to face!"
      The other party was frightened by her. Jumped, his eyes blushed slightly.
      Chairman Yu: "..."
      She hasn't opened the tuba yet when she curses, why cry?
      Sure enough, the little white rabbit is the little white rabbit, without any fright.
      Change to that little bitch, it is estimated that this will be shamelessly misrepresenting her mental loss.
      Chairman Yu felt tired. She knew that the little bastard had a deep-rooted affection for the little bitch. Ten years later, he made a disgusting substitute for her. It was better to agree to them.
      That is especially weak [BanRuo] in a foreign country, and the emperor is far away. She doesn't know how the other party is doing, but at least the applicant is also a prestigious foreign school, and the degree is barely acceptable.
      Unlike this one, who wants to sell herself to save her mother, there are still a bunch of best relatives in the family.
      Once she went to the countryside to investigate, and an old lady in ragged clothes touched her car. Fortunately, the driving gear proved her innocence. Of course, Chairman Yu couldn't bear this breath, and she immediately called the police and notified the lawyers to sue the other party for extortion.
      The old lady was so confident and clamored that her relatives were the head of the Su Group, she had a good relationship with Chairman Yu, and the grandson-in-law Su Yun loved her granddaughter very much and would definitely not let her go.
      Yu Luoxia was choked mad at the time, and she was disgusting.
      When she revealed her identity, the old lady changed her diligent face again, saying that the flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple and the family did not recognize the family.
      Bah, who is a family with you.
      The hostess Yan Nini was kicked out by Chairman Yu before meeting, and she was too disgusted.
      Especially Yan Nini also begged Su Yun. Su Yun turned his head and asked Chairman Yu to withdraw the appeal to the old lady, and endured this boring loss.
      Chairman Yu doesn't like Yan Nini's opinion, but his son is determined to marry her!
      Look, now all the employees of the company recognize their "future boss wife" familiarly, and the other party can get in and out by "brushing their face"! Yu Luoxia heard that the little bastard was planning to take her to Xiaohu's wedding tomorrow. Isn't this indirectly revealing the identity of the two's unmarried couple?
      After thinking about it, she had to release a high price to let the little green tea essence sell.
      "Ayun said he doesn't mind."
      Yan Nini took a deep breath, holding back the trembling sound.
      "Of course he doesn't mind. Anyway, you are just a stand-in."
      Chairman Yu deliberately disgusted her, like her old lady disgusted her, yin and yang said weirdly, "If it hadn't been for my son's too good ex-girlfriend to go abroad, you think Is there a place for you to stand here? When someone comes back, do you still see my son in your eyes? Do you still want him to marry a little pheasant? Dream!"
      Yan Nini shook her body.
      On the other hand, Little Green Tea is extremely efficient. Even if people are in foreign airports, they still think of her enthusiastic one hundred million.
      She first made a twenty-minute call and then logged into her big eyes social app.
      National small club Hanhu Ming # # wedding day
      With weak [BanRuo] eyebrows and crooked eyes , use your account to leave a message.
      ——Brother Xiaohu mind if I have a wedding drink?
      Among the many brothers of Su Yun, Han Hu is lively and playful, speaks honest and straightforward. He is not in the entertainment industry, but he likes to expose the inside story of the circle. The reason why he is not beaten by the sack is because the family is strong enough and the brotherhood is also Enough.
      And Han Hu has a second-degree illness, his face is tender, and he likes to call himself "Brother I". It is most uncomfortable for someone to call his younger brother. Who dares to call him like that, even if he is a fan, must be torn by himself.
      As soon as the weak [BanRuo] message came out, everyone apparently thought of the girlfriend fan who was torn by hands. They lined up to watch the show and pushed her to the front row.
      The groom-to-be official, Han Hu, had a bachelor party on this day and invited a group of brothers, no women.
      Shao Chen is still the protagonist of the halo in the circle, but his interest has reduced his sense of existence, allowing the groom to control the field.
      And Su Yun, with an indifferent look, did not touch alcohol or cigarettes, and he gnawed at the buns with no expression on his face.
      I stretched my head to see, hey, it's still sesame stuffing.
      Everyone deliberately didn't look at the scene of him biting the buns.
      Snow-white teeth tore the thin bun skin, for some reason it always feels inexplicably bloody.
      Halfway through the game, the manager knocked on the door and said that a female guest came and was looking for Su Yun.
      "This is an anti-alcoholic medicine, you should drink less, don't have a stomachache."
      Su Yun's brows were slightly cold.
      "I asked you to come here?"
      "Yes, I'm sorry, I was just too worried about you, you fainted last time..."
      Everyone looked at the excitement and looked at the door.
      This face! This figure! Oh my god! The demon!
      The brothers who were rectified have a deep memory, and their faces are faintly blue.
      Yan Nini was kept secretly hidden by Su Yun for five years. She often trained in the dance studio and had little contact with outsiders. The week before Su Yun lifted her ban on going out and finally went to the company to say hello to the "mother-in-law". Seeing a group of good-looking men, they nodded shyly, "Hello, my name is Yan Nini, Ayun's girlfriend."
      Yan, Yan Nini?
      Everyone lost their speech ability.
      Someone in the crowd whispered, "Little Tiger, look at your dynamics."
      Han Hu glanced at him strangely. The atmosphere was strange. What dynamics should I watch? Aren't you afraid that your brother won't have to do it?
      Then he opened the screen and his smile solidified.
      "Especially weak and [BanRuo] want to return home to drink my wedding wine???"
      Han Hu was so scared that he dropped his phone.
      It doesn't have to be the case, he still wants to walk upright to the wedding scene.
      The original weird atmosphere dropped to freezing point.
      Yan Nini was confiscated by Su Yun's mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other communication tools. Occasionally Su Yun accompanies her to go home. During the dance practice, she did not know the ups and downs of the outside world.
      But the woman's instinct tells her that person is very important.
      She asked cautiously, "This is?"
      Shao Chen, who was in his trouser pocket at the end, passed Su Yun without a trace, and chuckled.
      "Introduce, it's so weak [BanRuo], Su Yun's ex-girlfriend, my current girlfriend, or--"
      The man's grayish glaze pupils were very charming under the light and shadow.
      "You can join your boyfriend and call her sister-in-law."
    Five Million White Moonlight (17)

      Su Yun glanced at Shao Chen, who was smiling.
      "Why does Xiao Yun looks at his brother like this? Can't I tell my younger siblings like this?"
      The brother on the left and the younger brother on the right. Han Hu, the bridegroom officer of the sandwich biscuit, fought with each other, crying without tears.
      Wouldn't he spend his last wonderful single night in the police station with tea?
      Just as Han Hu wanted to persuade him, he heard Su Yun's indifferent voice.
      "That's right, Nini, call eldest brother."
      A dim light flashed through his eyes, "After all, there will be a lot of getting along with each other in the future."
      The air was filled with murderous gunpowder, and everyone swallowed inexplicably. Ten years ago, Su Yun was not so "behaved". It was difficult to hear his elder brother. Now Su Yun is more indifferent than before, but the ability of humanity and sophistication is advancing by leaps and bounds.
      How to put it, it feels like it has been specially modified.
      Exquisite and hypocritical.
      Everyone thought so in their hearts, but didn't dare to speak out in front of Su Yun. In recent years, their brothers' feelings have been alienated a lot. Except for necessary gatherings, such as weddings and full moon wine, Su Yun basically does not attend. What he maintains with them is the plastic brotherhood.
      They knew that Su Yunji hated himself, and they hated them when they said such weak [BanRuo] bad things in the first place, which indirectly affected the feelings of the young couple. In the end, the woman left the country silently and had not returned for ten years.
      On the other hand, their age is also there. As 35-year-olds are running between family and career, so many entertainments and worries, people will inevitably become reality.
      There is a saying that money is not everything, no money is absolutely impossible.
      Their youngest brother, Su Yun, walked out of the school’s ivory tower, riding on Juechen, and within two years he surpassed them who were eating and waiting to die. The hot business upstarts, not to mention them, their fathers also bowed to please Su Yun, and repeated their fate, so that they must follow Su Yun and don't ruin their long-standing brotherhood.
      And they can only smile bitterly.
      Su Yun's oil and salt didn't get in, and the brotherhood was blown away by a tornado called "especially weak [BanRuo]".
      Han Hu flattered Su Yun slightly, "I'll mention it with the manager later, so that You can... Sister You can go in without an invitation."
      Shao Chenle said.
      "Xiaowu, you are stupid, she is my girlfriend, I will pick up the plane tomorrow morning, and she will come with me at that time."
      Su Yun is still expressionless.
      Han Hu is about to cry, brother, aren't you the most winking one, don't you say a few words, brother doesn't want blood to splash on the spot.
      In short, in the absence of me, the weak [BanRuo] going to the wedding was settled by a group of men by default.
      It's like serving Hades.
      The brothers have sorrowful expressions. Most of them are "It's over and I'll be abused by the ultimate boss tomorrow", "If I can't, I have to stay healthy, or I will be knocked out with a slap, what should I do?" Brothers do not lose face when lying together" and other psychological activities.
      Yan Nini, the only female, didn't insert a word from beginning to end.
      She couldn't help touching her face, panicking in her heart.
      The owner of this face... is coming back?
      Will Mr. Su still want her?
      Yan Nini remembered what Su Yun had done for her in the past five years. He paid her mother's medical expenses in one lump sum, pulled her out of the poor native family, gave her money for plastic surgery, and asked the teacher to teach her to dance.
      Even if Yan Nini knew that he was thinking of another woman through her, she was willing to pretend to be that person and stay with him forever.
      Su Yun is the most outstanding man she has ever met in her life. She is harsh and cold, rational and self-disciplined. Even if he never said a word of love to her, Yan Nini feels that he loves herself. This drama is too much. Wouldn't it be fake?
      Yan Nini couldn't help but puffed up her chest. She is no longer the gray ugly duckling once, and even if the real swan comes back, she will not be much worse than her!
      Her hard work and dedication will eventually pay off!
      Real swan is used to being aloof and accepting other people's pursuit, so how can she be willing to bow her head for love like her?
      Yan Nini cheered up for herself, and Mr. Su would definitely see her well.
      Because she had the desire to compete with the real swan at the wedding, Yan Nini woke up before dawn and changed her clothes. For the first time, she disobeyed Su Yun’s “conservative dress” request and chose a very bold one. Her waistless dress perfectly shows her beautiful back.
      The stylist sighed astonishingly, saying that she would dominate the audience and steal the bride's limelight.
      Yan Ni cocked her mouth.
      Su Yun didn't even look at it, and when the time came, he squeezed people into the car.
      Yan Nini suddenly suffered a heart attack.
      The black luxury car quickly came to a seaside hotel. It was an open-air wedding on the beach designed by a well-known wedding company. They fully referenced the taste of the young couple and chose to do it at night. Su Yun, who was not the best man, pinched it, and the venue and lighting were almost finished.
      He also saw the cruel ex-girlfriend who had thrown him abroad. She climbed on Shao Chen's shoulder and joked. She was a woman and a man, with a talented appearance.
      The blood is boiling, and the chest is noisy.
      Every nerve in him was violently quake.
      And he is no longer the foolish Su Yun ten years ago.
      In less than a minute, the male protagonist Su Yun returned to normal, with a hint of red at the end of his eyes, which was barely covered by the night.
      Under the observation of the brothers, the two couples finally met.
      Here comes, the world war is about to begin! Protect our bridegroom officer!
      Su Yun's gaze slipped, her face expressionlessly commenting on the weak dress, "It's a fancy, vulgar."
      So weak [BanRuo]: "???"
      Her skirt covers her neck to ankles, and she can't even see her toes. How can you tell Spoiling the morals?
      "I haven't seen him for many years. Mr. Su speaks really funny and humorous."
      She smiled openly and stretched out her hand enthusiastically, wanting to shake hands with him and say hello.
      Su Yun coldly refused.
      "Didn't Miss You say that a qualified predecessor is the same as dead? What is the best way to shake hands with a corpse?"
      The weak [BanRuo] and black male protagonist dissed crazy, turned her head, and dissed the romantic second man, transferring the damage.
      "Your brother scolded me, are you watching? My sister-in-law is too shameless, right?"
      Talking bad things in public can be said to be very green tea.
      Shao Chen reprimanded Su Yun with a few words, and put a weak [BanRuo] hand to his mouth, he sighed, "It doesn't matter, even if it is a corpse, you are the most beautiful dead, you have to treat yourself, He has confidence in his beauty."
       The weak [BanRuo] stepped on his foot, and the latter did not change his face, "Baby, my shoes are hard, don't hurt your little feet."
      The atmosphere of the two was very harmonious.
      What is so weak and [BanRuo] astonishing is that the male lead Su Yun managed to endure and did not attack. Could it be that her white moonlight halo has disappeared? She went to see the heroine again. There was only a slight similarity in the original world. Now everyone thought she was her twin sister. Especially in the dark, the two were more likely to be mistaken.
      "Oh my God, time flies so fast, and it's another exciting part! Ladies and gentlemen who are not married, please hurry up to the stage. Can you receive the bouquet and seize the chance of happiness? It depends on this time. ! "
      "well, the bride turned around, raised her bouquet, the groom countdown 3 seconds! "
      bridegroom Korean tiger had a very excited audience saw unmarried men, listless.
      —— Shao Chen and Su Yun are impressively listed.
      A grunt came from Han Hu's throat.
      "This side of the bride!!!"
      "Well, I'm not married yet at the age of forty, you guys who slap my hair?!"
      "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! Don't grab the bouquet is mine!!!"
      The scene exclaimed loudly, the sound was deafening.
      The bouquets drew a graceful arc in mid-air, and in the background of the ebony crowd, two figures aimed at the time and jumped high at the same time.
      The girls were suddenly arrested by this handsome scene.
      So weak [BanRuo] is a party of passersby watching the excitement, she stood at the outermost periphery, inexplicably moved.
      At the beginning, her Dudu jumped up with such enthusiasm and coquettishness, which attracted all her attention and made her fall in love with this coquettish and contrived little pig!
      "Hey, don't squeeze!"
      Yan Nini covered her face with her hands, and was squeezed to the weak [BanRuo] side by the crazy crowd.
      The weak [BanRuo] greeted the hostess friendly.
      Yan Nini bit her lip and didn't respond to her.
      At the end of the flower bouquet, a dark horse came out.
      The silent Su Yun violently rushed to the basket with a three-step layup, grabbing food from his mouth.
      The girl exclaimed and exploded.
      And the peculiar concern of such a weak [BanRuo] point was the waist that he inadvertently exposed.
      Damn it scared her, is this a human muscle!
      The male main abdominal muscles are so terrifying!
      After the founding of the nation, he still dared to make a centipede!
      Just when she was wondering whether the centipede master was going to be a bodybuilder, a bouquet of lilies of the valley was stuffed into her arms.
      She raised her head weakly [BanRuo] and hit the male protagonist's deep black eyes. His hair was cut very short, with sharp edges and corners, like a blade of blood in his throat.
      Unexpectedly aggressive.
      "Mr. Su, you have admitted the wrong person, and your Miss Yan is on the other side."
      Su Yun stared at her.
      "I haven't seen you for many years, Miss You, your madness has improved. Maybe I should have been killed by your bed in the first place. It's a hundred."
    Five Million White Moonlight (18)

      She blinked weakly. [BanRuo blinked.]
      The male protagonist whose centipede became fine seems to be very black at present.
      In the past, how dare the male protagonist say such nasty things to her in public! She praised him for his good figure and pulled the collar to cover his face. He was so embarrassed that she touched his waist lightly, and the reaction was big, like a small mimosa, which was especially fun.
      Now the little mimosa has become a cannibal.
      'She was so weak and' [BanRuo] couldn't help but wanted to reply, "Should you bump into it again" to tease the male lead.
      But think about the one hundred million that she hasn't got, 'so weak that she' [BanRuo] suppressed her devilish thoughts, and smiled politely at him, "I'm so bad, it made Mr. Su bother."
      A male palm put his arms openly. With her weak [BanRuo's] waist, he even smelled the lily of the valley in her hand, and curled his mouth like a smile.
      "Sure enough, what others give is incense."
      'So weak and' [BanRuo was] calm, "Yes, your brother is worried that you, an older young man, will not get married at the age of thirty-six. Well, he specially helped us grab the bouquet and bless us. Get married early."
      Shao Chen unexpectedly cooperated.
      "Then the relationship is good, when shall we get the certificate? I am considered to be a successful result of the ten-year long-distance love run, right?"
      Shao Chen had come to find her abroad, but he said that he was accidentally lost as a tourist.
      Yes, he was fascinated and fascinated at the gate of her school.
      She took him to the celebration at night, and he bit off her ice cream and joked whether he wanted to compensate her for a boyfriend.
      Three points are true, seven points are teasing.
      So weak [BanRuo] knows what kind of horrible idea this guy is playing. It's nothing more than that she was messed up by him once, and he was very upset. The eldest brother couldn't hold back his face and wanted to get it back with his own charm.
      To be honest, she really doesn't eat Shao Chen's type if she is weak [BanRuo]. Even if he is beautiful, she likes photosynthesis, but she also likes pure boys. It doesn't matter if she is silly and white.
      The story of the prodigal son turning back may touch the emotionally sensitive human girl, but not her ruthless green tea spirit.
      Because this training process is always strenuous.
      Five or six relationships in her twenties are okay, and more than ten paragraphs... she thought of Gu Yan in the last world subtly.
      Not so good.
      There are so many ex-girlfriends that can form a football team, one with a little breath, and the other with a little color. How long will it take you to wash off the imprints of his predecessors?
      A man with too much experience in both sexes is just like a ripe fruit that is about to rot, weak and self-aware, no matter how hard you practice, you can’t reverse the species. From a camellia essence to a preservative essence, you can keep it fresh. Fruit for a lifetime.
      Too many predecessors means that she has many enemies and enemies.
      I saw them at Shao Chen’s birthday party that day, all of them were not fuel-efficient lamps.
      Although it is not a boyfriend or girlfriend, the relationship is very ambiguous.
      So weak [BanRuo] I don’t believe in the nonsense of being friends after breaking up. In this case, it’s mostly because I don’t love deeply enough, so it doesn’t matter, or I love too humble to lick a dog, or I feel that the other person is in good shape and occasionally lonely.
      Of course, she respects their personal choices, but she really doesn't want to listen to her boyfriend comforting other girls late at night.
      When she called, he rushed out to the bar to find people. When she was away, the girl in the passenger seat sat casually. When she was there, there was still a girl Jiao Didi who asked her boyfriend to help twist the bottle cap. What is even more annoying is that your boyfriend also thinks that you are hypocritical and not generous, restricting their freedom of making friends!
      What kind of stuff, what kind of love the central air conditioner is talking about, it is the last word to make a brick to stop him from powering off!
      'So weak' [BanRuo] felt that this kind of life in the palace fighting for men would be too exhausting to think about. But then again, if the merits can increase her tenfold and a hundredfold, forbearance is not impossible, she is very enlightened.
      For a carefully selected employer like her, her wishes are simple and touching.
      'Especially weak' [BanRuo], I want to be a rich man with sparkles!
      Domineering! have a future!
      So when Shao Chen said the phrase "I might like you" that day, she lifted up the ice cream 'weakly' [BanRuo] and confused his handsome face.
      If you don't like it, you don't like it, and I hope I won't leave it to him!
      As for the unexpected kiss that day? If he doesn't change her cards and gets in the way of her, can she be so weak [BanRuo] to get him?
      In front of the black male protagonist, he said that he would get a certificate with Bai Yueguang. It was so weak and [BanRuo] sure that Shao Chen was going to be cold. Before the male Erliang, in order to thank him for his cooperation, she hypocritically sent warmth.
      "Okay, let's get the certificate when we have time."
      Shao Chen asked with a tight hand around her waist, "Really?"
      "Is there a fake?"
      With a little coquettish voice, Green Tea's acting skills are always online. .
      "Don't steal my ice cream like last time, I will promise you."
      Facing her sincere eyes, Shao Chen pulled the bow tie unnaturally and fiddled with the petals.
      Everyone was amazed when they saw it, but they didn't expect that the hot-spot heroes would also have a bad day! Is this prodigal swimmer going to climb ashore?
      Su Yun turned and left without saying a word, Yan Nini stayed there for a while, holding the flowers, which hadn't been given to her yet. She bit her lower lip and ran after her with the skirt of her skirt.
      Everyone is mixed in the circle, seeing more of this kind of love and hatred, and discussing a few words, the enthusiasm turned back to the wedding.
      Han Hu held the wedding tremblingly, and the best man did things tremblingly. He was frightened for a whole day, and found that it went smoothly in the morning.
      Oh my god, the surname You is not doing anything!
      Oh my God, they didn't get slapped!
      Oh my God, they managed to survive for 26 hours in the wedding survival game!
      Oh my God is so touched!
      The red-eyed brothers cried with each other, and felt a sense of suffering.
      Then at the breakfast banquet the next day, Han Hu's wife said, "It's boring for two honeymoons. Why don't you take your family to play with us! We are all covered!"
      The brothers froze.
      Han Hu's wife has dozens of mines at home. The old man's background is very hard. They are not comparable to those of the middle-aged and rich second generation who barely make ends meet. So when this young lady said something, most people agreed.
      Shao Chen caught the weak [BanRuo] crystal shrimp dumplings and asked her if she could go.
      So weak [BanRuo] agreed very happily.
      When registering the list, Han Hu found that the names of Shao Chen and Su Yun were one after the other, one was written with dragons and phoenixes, and the other was written well and thickly, particularly eye-catching.
      He almost burst into tears, these two obviously have a grudge, why do they want to get together? Can't distance produce beauty?
      Han Hu’s wife is very playful. She is a ruthless woman who is soaking wolfberries and dancing. Her first stop is the famous foreign bar, because she and Han Hu met here.
      In less than half a day, Shao Chen had already sent a lot of uninvited guests to the weak [BanRuo], "You can really provoke people." He complained half-jokingly, but quietly killed a few beers.
      Shao Chen didn't want to get drunk. It wouldn't work to stay awake in this kind of place, but he didn't know what happened today, he was a little restless.
      Except for him and Su Yun, all the people with the group are real couples. If you kiss and hug casually, there is a calm, warm and enviable atmosphere, as if a single eye can reach your heart.
      He is indeed quite old.
      What is it like to be a husband and father?
      "Or... let's make do with it..." He lay on the table, half-squinted, eyes blurred, so weakly [BanRuo] that he could only hear what he said intermittently, "Look, Su Yun and his bastard. Stand-in, obviously don't put you in the eyes, you marry me, mad, mad at him, okay?"
      He childishly hooked a strand of her hair.
      "I must treat you well..."
      A cup of blue Marguerite fell on her weak shoulder. The waitress was flustered and helpless, quickly looking for a tissue to wipe her, and was about to cry.
      "Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!"
      The female manager came to the rescue, first apologized, saying that the girl was new, her hands and feet were not neat, and she provided her with compensation, free of drinks tonight, and was responsible for putting her skirt on Wash and dry. So weak followed the female manager to change the clothes they prepared. Everyone kept a mindful and asked a couple to follow her.
      In the changing room is a polka-dot red tie-neck long skirt with a beautiful back, which is sexy, and the tag inside has not been cut.
      'So weak and' [BanRuo was] inexplicably familiar.
      She walked out, leaning against the wall with a thin figure, his shirt pierced into his black trousers, and unbuttoned a button stingly. He lowered his eyelashes, and the slightly dim lamp in the hallway fell on the side of his collar, reflecting a light sheen.
      The couple was nowhere to be seen.
      "Why are you here?"
      asked the weak [BanRuo asked].
      The man straightened his waist, his dark eyes fixed on her, "Didn't you let me wait for you?"
      He bit two words, Nini.
      So weak and [BanRuo] tilted her head, "Do you want to exchange two big people under someone else's eyelids? Su Yun are you crazy? I advise you to see a doctor quickly."
      Su Yun walked over, calmly and methodically narrated The current situation, "She has passed, maybe you can open your eyes later and see how Shao Chen kissed her and loved her. Do you think he really likes you? Don’t be silly, he likes your face and figure. , Another person, the same face, do you think he recognizes it?"
      He went to hold her hand and was thrown away as expected.
      Su Yun did not force her, and said calmly, "In the past ten years, I know what dance you have learned, where you went, what treasures you collected, what performances you completed, information about your tutor, information about your ex-boyfriend, And your strange neighbors, your three hundred catties..."
      At this point, he suddenly got stuck, as if trying to search for adjectives in his brain, "I know the out-of-shape piggy, I know everything ."
       "Do you really know everything?"
      Green tea started again. Contrived.
      The shadow buried half of his silhouette, and the black eyes swallowed up excess emotions, as cold as inorganic matter.
      "Are you saying that my mother gave you the four hundred and five million?"
      Oh, I knew it.
      So weak [BanRuo] felt that she didn't answer well and would lose her life on the spot, but even so
      -the weak [BanRuo's] eyes were firm and did not hesitate.
      "Yes, your mother is very generous. I like her very much. Now we are revolutionary comrades who say nothing! She is happy and I am happy, and when she is sad, I am sad. If you have any dissatisfaction, even use the check to humiliate me. , Don't hurt my aunt!"
      She is a green tea spirit with professional ethics and will never speak ill of her employer behind her back!
      Su Yun was about to export a series of angry questions about "How can you bow to my mother/How can you sell our love for money/How can you XXX".
      He choked.
      His face turned blue.
      He wanted to jump into the Yellow River with his eyes open, the kind that didn't look at him.
    Five Million White Moonlight (19)

      On a feasting night, the sound of rock and roll in the bar was deafening, and the men and women on the dance floor writhed.
      Through the carnival crowd, Yan Nini walked a little staggering.
      The couple who took her were very familiar with these and blew a whistle.
      Yan Nini glanced at them subconsciously.
      The man suddenly felt a faint pain on the half of his face he had been beaten back then, and hurriedly made a smile at her, "Are you hungry, do you want me and Yinyin to buy you some supper?"
      Yan Nini was stunned.
      Why did they suddenly become polite to her?
      The other party didn’t speak, and the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing. The woman stabbed the man with an elbow to round the field for her husband, “You’re blind, Brother Shao is here, so it’s not necessary for you to fuck this stall!”
      “Yes, I’m confused. Sister You just pretended to be a fart just now."
      Yan Nini suddenly felt that she was "especially weak [BanRuo]" now. The "Sister You" they called "Sister You", it is said that she studied abroad in her freshman year, a top-notch direct PhD student, young and beautiful. Su Yun and Shao Chen have been attracted by the two male gods, Su Yun and Shao Chen. The former has been obsessed with her for ten years, and the latter seems to have been rejected directly abroad. It took only two or three years to cultivate a positive result after being single, and a little secret love. It really means.
      Whether it was Su Yun or Shao Chen, they were all characters that Yan Nini could not touch before.
      Now she can talk and laugh with a group of rich children, all for borrowing another face.
      Yan Nini has a crush on Su Yun for a long time.
      Once she had a part-time job, delivering food to the Su's building, she ran into Su Yun who was on a business trip head-on, in a suit and leather shoes, with a grim expression, which was in full compliance with Yan Nini's fantasy of a girl.
      It may be a destined fate between the two. Yan Nini found Su Yun's wallet. The photo in the wallet surprised Yan Nini. After a little bit of joy, she was disappointed.
      She was so disheartened, she couldn't compare to this glamorous girl.
      Some people have won at the starting line when they were born. She has a bad life and can't help it.
      Yan Nini returned the purse to the mad owner, gathered up the courage, hesitated to invite him to dinner, but was refused on the spot.
      The two hadn't seen each other for half a year. When she saw each other, her mother was ill, but she didn't even have the money to take a taxi in her pocket. Yan Nini was so distraught that she rushed through the traffic light and rushed to the road by herself, thinking about her death.
      It was just such a coincidence that she ran into Su Yun's car.
      After Yan Nini woke up, she found herself disfigured.
      She really didn't want to live anymore. She wanted to jump out of the window while the nurse was away. Su Yun's assistant rescued her.
      Yan Nini broke down and cried, holding someone to vent her misfortune.
      And the man who had been sitting on the sidelines suddenly asked her if she wanted to change her life. Of course, he was not a philanthropist, and she had to pay the price. He spoke coldly, but the desperate Yan Nini seemed to have caught a straw, nodding and begging desperately.
      Su Yun drafted a five-year contract, 50 million yuan fell from the sky, stunned Yan Nini who had never seen the world.
      Su Yun resolved all her worries for Yan Nini, and Yan Nini couldn't help but fall in love with this man who had been affectionate for many years. A few years ago, because of low self-esteem, she did not dare to integrate into his life too much.
      Later, the dance teacher enlightened her and praised her for being beautiful now, and Yan Nini re-trained her courage.
      Until the Lord returns home.
      The man asked her to fulfill the agreement immediately.
      —— Live seamlessly for a month with a particularly weak [BanRuo's] identity.
      Yan Nini was heartbroken from crying, but the other party did not move at all. He calmly narrated, "Miss Yan, I don't think I have anything to misunderstand you. I clearly stated in the agreement that everything is forbidden while pretending to be a couple. Relationship. I spend money to let you do things, not to make you mess with me. I lack love, but I don’t need you to send warmth, do you understand?”
      Yan Nini’s heart was so broken, she really doesn't understand.
      She didn't understand why his heart was so hard. She stayed with him for five years, trying to help him get out of his emotional injury, getting plastic surgery for him, learning to dance for him, she devoted so much time and energy, in the end it was just a cold one. deal?
      Couldn't he see her sincerity?
      But it’s useless if Yan Nini doesn’t understand. Su Yun dumped all her bills for the past five years, including her plastic surgery fees, mother’s medical expenses, the bills owed by her brother for gambling, and the old lady’s fall wind on New Year’s holidays, etc. , That is the money that Yan Nini can't make back for five lifetimes.
      "Miss Yan, please know that I am in business, not to help the poor. If you can't fulfill the agreement, then I will reclaim everything you get."
      He said politely, but his tone was extremely alienated, Yan Ninise flinched and agreed with tears.
      That's why there is today's dress change event.
      Yan Nini was led back by the couple. She lowered her head, avoiding everyone's gaze, afraid of being seen through. However, Shao Chen hugged her and sprayed his thin alcohol on her face. He locked her with his blurred and sexy eyes, "You haven't answered the question I asked just now."
      By such a handsome man . Looking at it with affection, which girl is not tempted?
      Yan Nini's heart beat wildly, and Su Yun's ascetic and indifferent face appeared in her mind, and she subconsciously leaned back.
      She could feel that the man's gaze was a bit complicated, as if surprised, and as if he laughed at himself, and murmured, "I, Shao Chen also had a day of self-humiliation..."
      Yan Nini felt distressed for a moment.
      "Wow, Su Yun, where are you going to play, for so long!"
      Yan Nini suddenly raised her eyes when she heard the name.
      The man with noble temperament was placed in the background of the flurry of demons, his side face was indifferent, his long legs were straight, and his 1.9-meter tall was very eye-catching. He was paying full attention to the girl next to him. When the whole world was in his eyes, the noise around him had nothing to do with him.
      Yan Nini was jealous again, angrily, put her arms around Shao Chen's neck, and kissed him fiercely.
      The men and women around her wowed in surprise.
      Is she... actively kissing him?
      Shao Chen's eyes widened slightly, and the girl's kissing skills were naturally green, which made his lips hurt.
      Shao Chen was not angry, and his heart was sour and numb. What was sad was that his many years of dreams had come true. What was numb was her unique reaction. She didn't seem to have much experience, and she was like a little girl who had just started her love. Shao Chen turned against the guest, held her head and kissed deeply.
      The mentality of revenge produced a subtle sense of pleasure, and in front of her was a blessed mixed-race face. Yan Nini couldn't help but enjoy it. Without Su Yun, she also had a lot of little brothers to love!
      Even so weak [BanRuo], he saw the kissing scene at the bar, and thought about a hundred countermeasures.
      At first she wanted to take the path of sadomasochism.
      The process is like this.
      First, she had to hold a wine glass in her hand and smash it with a snap to attract attention. She stared in shock, and then tears ran across the corner of her eyes poignantly, her mouth trembling, she couldn't say a word. Then in everyone's surprised eyes, she hid her face and fled. At this time, if Shao Chen is smarter, he will find the clues, catch up with her and explain to her, and then blabla...
      With her beauty, passers-by asks her for a cocktail.
      Then she squeezed tears, but did not squeeze them out.
      The key is that Shao Chen didn't give her half a dime. This actor is not paid, and you want her to perform a real crying scene for free?
      Bah, he is so beautiful!
      Everyone saw the woman in the long skirt holding the wine glass and stepping on her high heels, walking murderously.
      "You, the pretender, let the trouble go first."
      The weaker [BanRuo] has no feelings for the heroine Yan Nini, has no good feelings, and has no dislikes, just a very ordinary stranger. But if the other party dared to hold her face, hold her identity, and soak a man she doesn't like, no matter what the reason, dare to get her head, so weak [BanRuo's] hands will not be soft.
      However, she thought that the heroine might have been forced, and instead of doing it immediately, she let her go.
      Yan Nini seemed to be irritated by the words in her words and kissed more fiercely. Shao Chen could hardly resist her enthusiasm.
      Hey, the hostess is really a naive, simple and contrived little girl.
      She likes it, really.
      She laughed so weakly [BanRuo laughed], Lima was shallow, revealing a white canine tooth. Su Yun seemed to realize what she was going to do. He stretched out his hand to hug her waist and was about to take people away from the scene of the crime. She leaned back and hit Su Yun's chest hard with her iron head training head. His face was twisted. Snorted.
      Everyone hurts listening.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] that she had long legs, and she kicked off the bar chair where Yan Nini was sitting on her ass. She flew out like a missile, and the metal chair feet made a harsh sound. Screaming to a broken sound.
      Yan Nini leaned forward and fell into the crowd in embarrassment.
      She held the glass so weakly [BanRuo], her hands were steady, and the liquor did not spill out at all.
      "Why are you crazy?"
      Shao Chen was furious, and Huo Ran stood up.
      So weak [BanRuo] raised her wrist and showered his head.
      Shao Chen was stupid.
      "Are you sober? Do you want to nibble?"
      He suddenly realized something and opened his mouth to explain, "So weak [BanRuo], I am—"
      What is there? It's just that he can't control his little brother.
      Said weakly and tenderly [BanRuo tenderly said], "Happy breaking up, little stallion, I wish you blind every day and love every day."
    Five Million White Moonlight (20)

      The weak [BanRuo] stood in place, waiting for Shao Chen's "breakup compensation".
      Young Master Shao is generous, whether it is a recognized genuine or underground lover, breaking up can get a lot of mental damage fees, black cards, mansions, personal connections, etc. She and Shao Chen are contracted lovers, but they are holding hands and arms around their waists. How can she be regarded as the dream goddess of the other side's love for several years?
      A substitute hostess can get a real estate as a charter wife, but it's impossible for the hostess to get less than a dime?
      Then she failed too much when she was green tea!
      Besides, when it comes to the encounter between the second male and the female lead in the original plot, I really thank her employer. Yan Nini pretended to be her and attracted Shao Chen's attention. She felt that she was also only green tea. She ridiculed and mocked in the early stage. Later, she gradually discovered that Yan Nini's "green tea face" had a refined spirit and slammed her into the wall.
      The canary stand-in is better than the diligent master, and it feels sad to think about it.
      It's not the same for being weak [BanRuo], she wants to get rich if she is in love!
      But I don’t know if her image of a goddess is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Shao Chen is unwilling to use money to insult her, but intends to use love to save her evil and greedy heart!
      "I'm sorry, I was wrong. I was blind and I was mistaken."
      Shao Chen pulled her hand and lowered his eyebrows, "You can beat me and scold me, don't hold it in your heart."
      He was also suffocated. A blast of fire, what kind of thing, dare to calculate it on his head!
      Chen Shao calm down, "I really did not think Yan Nini would you dressed, hair, makeup, clothing, and fifth perfume, tell you exactly the same, this is definitely not spur of the moment, but premeditated."
      He Glancing at Su Yun.
      "So what?"
      So weak and [BanRuo] persuasive.
      Brother, how about your breakup compensation?
      "So?" Shao Chen was stunned and didn't quite understand.
      At this time, with such a weak [BanRuo] temper, shouldn't she go to tear Su Yun who looks like the mastermind?
      Although confused, Shao Chen had a good attitude of admitting his mistakes.
      "I will keep a distance with her from now on, and don't say a word to her! I will kneel on the durian until you are satisfied, forgive me, okay?"
      The weaker [BanRuo, the more] you listen, the more disappointed.
      This romantic and golden male second hasn't f*cked with the male lead yet!
      Also play a deep ball of sadomasochism!
      She suddenly lost her interest, and gave someone a soft knife.
      "I think you are quite committed, and your body is so fit. I wish you a good relationship for a hundred years and give birth to a good son."
      Shao Chen did not expect that he was sentenced to death for a mistake, and he was executed immediately!
      "So weak [BanRuo], you can't be so cruel!"
      I'm sorry she really can.
      Shao Chen pressed the tip of his tongue and saw that someone was about to leave, reaching out to hug her.
      Here comes, the overbearing boy classic coaxing routines, first strong hug, then strong kiss, no work, hey, talk about the actual black card compensation, isn't it? Have to engage in these falsehoods!
      She was so weak [BanRuo] that she wouldn't accept the guy who kissed other girls in the last second to fuck herself, so she resolutely waved away the person and walked to the hostess.
      "What about you? What last words do you want to confess?"
      The heroine's act of pretending has no effect on her, and she can't let her step on her face softly.
      First of all, I still have to apologize to me and soothe her "frightened" little heart, right?
      It may be that she kicked the chair too hard, and the heroine lost her face, with tears in her tears, and said something like this - "A rich man who plays with people like you will only trample on sincerity and love!"
      So weak [BanRuo]: "? ???"
      I thank you for your veritable compliment?
      It's a great honor to be promoted to a wealthy person as weak as [BanRuo] she is, but she has worked so hard to start from nothing, and finally made a fortune.
      It would be more perfect if the prefix were removed.
      In short, after the hostess finished venting, she cried and ran out of the crowd.
      The hostess is wearing her luxurious high-definition dress. The fairy can go to heaven, but the only downside is that she doesn't have a pocket and can't hold her mobile phone or wallet.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] that she could see clearly, the hostess just carried her skirt and ran away immortally, and she didn't take the bag and mobile phone on the bar.
      The hostess should be able to speak foreign languages, right? She thought so weak [BanRuo] and uncertain that Yan Nini didn't have a strong sense of existence this way, and her attention was drawn away by the little brother on the street. It was not clear whether she had lightened foreign language skills.
      But everyone is thirty-year-old adults, and she is not so kind, and she is as worried about her as an old mother.
      She does not owe the hostess.
      So weakly [BanRuo] slammed the shiny white shell bag, "It's not fun, I'm full, I'm going back."
      Shao Chen winked with anger.
      No one dared to speak for their eldest brother.
      Now unlike in the past, Green Tea’s combat effectiveness has doubled, and her interpersonal circle is more terrifying than they thought. Offending her from famous school circles, art circles, financial circles, and director circles is tantamount to stabbing a hornet's nest.
      Offending Shao Chen may lose a thigh, but offending Sister You, they will add a dead end!
      Sorry, brother, you can go with peace of mind. Our family members are very strong and will not shed tears!
      She is so weak [BanRuo]. She is a wealthy, beautiful and career little fairy. She is overwhelmed by others. What's wrong with her temper?
      She flicked her hair and left.
      The tall black shadow followed.
      "What are you doing with me? Find your stand-in!"
      Out of the bar, she looked back at him weakly [BanRuo]. At night, the hustle and bustle of the market, flashing neon lights over her cold white skin, and the familiar scene made Su Yun kick him. Stepped into the whirlpool of memories.
      At that time, he kissed her, his heart exploded like popcorn, and he was so emotional that he almost went into shock.
      He thought about getting married and about children.
      Only never thought that they would become strangers in ten years.
      "It's not a stand-in." He straightened his lips. "It's just a deal. I didn't touch her and didn't have the energy to cheat."
      He still compromised and chose to explain it.
      He followed her during the winter and summer vacations two years before she went abroad. Self-esteem didn't allow him to lower his head, so Su Yun put on a hat and a mask, and concealed himself as a night cashier and takeaway boy in a supermarket near her, part-time pet care.
      She happily adapts to her new life, and the boys around her are dazzling and enthusiastic.
      He was jealous, worried, and sadly insomnia, thin and depressed.
      Until a blond and blue-eyed kid frequented her room, Su Yun panicked and pulled on a mask to intercept people.
      He begged her to change her mind.
      Su Yun did not expect that one day he would be so humble to beg for help.
      It's just that he really, really can't think of any way.
      "Can the transaction become my face? Don’t you think that I should be my face? Do you still want the civet cat to change the prince to make me Yan Nini? It’s not that I discriminate against her. In all fairness, she didn’t even have three books. It's the best, why do you make me bear her native family? Obliterate my personal struggle? You don't love me, you are disgusting and hurt me!" So weak and [BanRuo] aggressive.
      I am sad, I want money compensation!
      "Then did you choose for me?!"
      Su Yun was broken when she was asked about his quality for five consecutive years, and the negative emotions suppressed in his heart erupted like thunder.
      "Promise to associate with me is to retaliate against Shao Chen! You lied to me to go swimming but went abroad! Playing with boys under my nose! I was deceived by you for no reason, abandoned by you, hated by you, and I can't kill you. What can you do with this bastard? I'm taking sleeping pills and vomiting and I'm driving crazy by you, don't you know!"
      "Then you find a girl to love and marry a happy life to get out of the shadows. Stand-in!"
      The weaker [BanRuo] who is competing with the male lead has better lung capacity, neither of them panted.
      Su Yun is like an anxious rabbit, with red eyes, he wants to jump up and take a bite at any time.
      "I'm not a stand-in, I only love you fucking, I just want to change you back, who told you to never answer my call!!!"
      "Why are you so loud that you want to yell at me!!!"
      Such a weak [BanRuo] quarrel The aura is stronger.
      The hero collapsed to choking.
      "You bastard who wants money! Will you let me hurt and I will die? I am not rich!!! I have more money than your aunt, OK!!!"
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    Five Million White Moonlight (21)

      The protagonist "I have more money than your aunt, okay" has been in his weak mind for a long time.
      Be thrilled.
      The deer was hit and killed.
      So weak [BanRuo] asked, "Are you really richer than my aunt? Don't you lie to me?"
      The male protagonist who was about to tear his throat and arguing for three hundred rounds suddenly choked.
      The liar, after talking about his body, her eyes lit up when he heard Qian [Money].
      "...Really, what did I lie to you."
      His eyes were red and his voice was hoarse.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] that she heard a kind of grievance to the explosion, but she couldn't shake her iron heart in the slightest.
      "Why cry, let me show off my wealth first!" See if I can buy off my dark conscience!
      Then passers-by saw two white balls squatting under a graffiti corner.
      The tall man indulged in a woman, his knees were pitifully balled up, his shirt was wrinkled, he held up a mobile phone, his fingers flicked across the screen from time to time, "This is a video operated by the Su Group four years ago. Website, netizen attention TOP3, last year, a total of 1.59 billion profit."
      "There is also this youth group, called Kamen. At the beginning of this year, they released a very popular album, the album title is damn ex-girlfriend, 700,000 copies sold. "
      Weakly [BanRuo] watched one of the arrogant raps.
      ——I wish you Singles Day every day, lingering without your share, and lover without your share, our country does not give scumbags.
      ——I wish you no half price for milk tea and no double serving of cones.
      ——I wish all the stores you loved closed down, and I wish you have broken your high heels and no one’s back.
      Listen, is this human?
      Is the ex-girlfriend still the first sinner in the universe? Can't you even drink a cup of milk tea at half price?!
      Too humiliating green tea who worked so hard with money!
      She narrowed her eyes so weakly [BanRuo] and looked at the guy next to her dangerously.
      A certain ex-boyfriend had a guilty conscience and unnaturally pulled the laces of his white sneakers with his tail fingers.
      So weak [BanRuo] suddenly stood up.
      Su Yun was stunned.
      "Mr. Su, I'm sorry. Although you are very rich, I am a pure and principled person. Since I promised your mother at first, I will not engage you again, so we should get together and stay away."
      So weak and [BanRuo] upright.
      Her move was called erring, and also called wanting to catch it. It was very likely to irritate the black male protagonist, and the other party forced her to kiss him, carried her 800 meters, and went to the dark corner to do something indescribable.
      Then the next day they dressed similarly to Svenpai, with cigarettes in one hand and tickets in the other, with a cold smile, and said, huh, but so, let's get the money.
      Super belt sense.
      Such weakness [BanRuo] can almost make up for Su Yun's cold and disgusting expression after this flower of Gaoling was contaminated by her.
      Unexpectedly, after she said these words, the male protagonist not only did not blacken, but even milked more seriously!
      It is insulting to the face of the black world overlord!
      "When will you bastard want to play with me?!" He yelled, holding his head, "If you can take the money to break up, why can't you take the money together? Don't you want money? The company shares a luxury villa with a cassette. I give it to you and I give it to you, okay, bastard!!!"
      The vulgar green tea was numb at the base of her ears.
      "I'm deaf, can you just keep your voice down? It's shameful that people are watching!"
      "What's the shame of you! It's me who is ashamed! Asked her to reconcile if she was fucked up by someone!"
      "That's you. Depravity!"
      "Then I am depraved, why is it bothering you?!"
      "Yes, you polluted the air and caused me to lose appetite when I took a sip. You said you were guilty!"
      Gao Lingzhihua was guilty of her. Scolded to autism, a pair of black eyes became watery.
      After a long while, he sobbed.
      "Just... just be vulgar, let me bribe you and pollute you, isn't it good? I don't ask you to love me more, you smell the smell of money and like me a little bit every day."
      The male lead fingered He grabbed her skirt, raised his face, and looked at her with red eyes.
      Blame the poor.
      So weak [BanRuo] has always advertised herself as a liar with professional ethics. After receiving Chairman Yu's order, she can't break the rules of the world.
      "Not good!"
      She could only reluctantly refuse the male lead, and walked away in the night without looking back, just like she did at the airport.
      Just leave without procrastination.
      Su Yun was hoarse and couldn't call her back.
      A beating heart, from hot to cold, from heaven to hell, is only a moment.
      He smiled miserably, tucked his hair, laughed at himself sadly, planning for five years, put so much effort into it, but was crushed by her with a single kick. She is so vulgar, superficial, pretentious, and unfeeling, why can't he let it go? Why do you want to tear open your own wound blood drippingly, just begging her to hurt yourself?
      It's cheap!
      What's wrong with him? Is she going to f*ck him like this? If it wasn't for her to keep ignoring him to see him, does he need to make Yan Nini angry with Chairman Yu? It was her who greeted him, and it was her who went abroad. It was her who said she loved him, and it was her who said he didn't love him. He was really going crazy!
      So weak returned to the hotel, turned around, and harassed again, no, she dialed the male protagonist’s mother's mobile phone number.
      "Auntie, have you eaten yet? You manage everything every day, but don't starve your stomach."
      Chairman Yu almost choked in her throat and died on the spot.
      Judging by her years of experience, this mustard little green tea call Jiao Di Di will not be a good thing!
      "If you have something to say, let your fart go! I have no time to go around with you!"
      Since the two have reached a number of cooperation projects for "abusive male protagonist", Yu Luoxia has not bothered to act in the role of a dignified, virtuous and good mother in front of Green Tea Up.
      Anyway, the two are embarrassed and gang up with each other, they are not good birds.
      Also, install a hair.
      So weak and [BanRuo] did not hesitate to sell Su Yun to his mother, and said worriedly, "He already knows that you are rewarding me with money. You must be careful."
      Dear, my billion-dollar red envelope It hasn't been sent to the account yet, you must not get cold.
      Chairman Yu told her to return to China this time. There are two things. One is to hold Su Yun, making him useless and unable to participate in a large project of Su's family. Let Yu Luoxia become the dominant person and take a firm position as a major shareholder. . The other thing is that the CP is about to be dismantled. The CP is cold before being so weak [BanRuo].
      She makes a steady profit.
      "It's no wonder that this little bastard is so angry." Yu Luoxia squeezed her brows, "Okay, I know, I have worked hard for you."
      "There is also, oh, my loyalty to you is obvious to your son. Be loyal and unyielding under the 10 billion money offensive." The weak [BanRuo] devil said, "You think, if I hadn't retreated from the precipice, your son would have to take me back to the country to get the certificate. Then I will enter the door of the Su family and my heart will grow If you want to grab your company, take your shares, and encourage your son to sweep you out!"
      Yu Luoxia: "..."
      "But! Even if I can make it to the sky in one step, I will stand firmly by your side! Nothing else, It is your old customer who is generous, loyal, reliable, and trustworthy!"
      Chairman Yu was furious.
      "Fart is loyal and reliable! You greedy little bitch wants to lick my old lady again!"
      She smiled weakly [BanRuo smiled], but no, she caught a dead lick.
      Fortunately, the male protagonist was accustomed to her sitting on the floor and raising prices, and he also bargained with her.
      "...Let's say, how much do you want? I have a tight hand. It would be nice if I could collect one hundred million for you, and then I can buy you a good stock, which can rise and rise." At this moment, Chairman Yu is particularly good With the shrewd attitude of the market aunt, you can buy green onions for yourself.
      So weak [BanRuo] thinking, always give the fat sheep a chance to grow hair.
      She said empathetically, "Auntie has been working hard recently. Just give me 95 million. I will put together a total of 600 million. You can buy more pig brains for the remaining 5 million and stocks."
      Director Yu Chang: "..."
      This little bitch seems to be turning around and scolding her?
    Five Million White Moonlight (22)

      At two o'clock in the morning, everyone carried the drunk Master Shao back to the hotel.
      The broken-hearted man who is drunk crazy is terrible. She is so weak and [BanRuo is] sleepy that he is not in the mood to coax the sea king and wave his hand to ask them to find Yan Nini. After all, she is innocent and has a gun. Why do you want to clean up the mess for the hostess?
      Everyone had to find Yan Nini.
      She and Su Yun were in two rooms, and everyone knocked on them for a long time. They asked the manager to go to the safe and get the keys of the room card.
      Where did you go in the middle of the night?
      In an unfamiliar place, finding someone is like finding a needle in a haystack, especially if she doesn't bring a mobile phone!
      Everyone was so anxious to call the police that they didn't sleep all night.
      As a closely related person to the disappearance, the weaker [BanRuo] was interrogated by the local police and the consular corps. After learning that their faces were 90% similar, the guys who watched more criminal investigation dramas began to make up for her passionate murder scene.
      After putting it back, the so weak [BanRuo] kicked the male lead again to see what he had done to her!
      Su Yun rubbed his waist, apologized in a low voice, and followed the police to search for people.
      As a result, at noon the next day, the troubled hostess came back by herself. She changed into a new dress with a high collar and her face was shiny, like a ripe peach.
      "You play until dawn?"
      Yan Nini was startled, not knowing the seriousness of the matter.
      Seeing how innocent she was that day, a fishbone got stuck in everyone's throat.
      Su Yun just came back, saw someone, and asked in a deep voice, "Where did you go last night?"
      Yan Nini was a little nervous, grabbing the collar, hesitating, "I am, I went to the fried chicken shop to sit all night."
      "A lie." Su Yun was expressionless, "You didn't bring your phone or money, but you washed your hair and changed into a new dress. Your face was ruddy and you seemed to be sleeping well."
      After all, it was a girl, Su Yun. Leave her a fig leaf.
      In Yan Nini's state, other couples have long seen that something is wrong with her.
      However, Yan Nini didn't appreciate it. She was like a rebellious adolescent girl, speaking with a sullen tone of success in revenge.
      "Yes, I had sex with other men last night, how? Are you qualified to control me? You are not me!"
      Su Yun's eyebrows were cold with a trace of disgust, "I care who you fool with, file I sent your email, remember to pay the money early."
      Yan Nini's expression froze.
      That's it?
      Isn't he a little bit painful, guilty, or regretful?
      Su Yun left after speaking, but Yan Nini was flustered and confused, unwilling to chase after him.
      So weak [BanRuo] gave a long yawn, OK, the farce is over, she can make up for it.
      She was half-filled, found groggy, something was wrong, and struggling to open her eyes.
      Abandoned factories, piled up in the corners of rusty steel bars, exudes a rotten and moldy breath.
      As weak as [BanRuo] the story of being forced to walk: "..."
      I have a group of grass and mud horses, and I don't know whether to put it right or not.
      There were also two people tied up at the same time, Su Yun and Yan Nini. The former was pretending to sleep with his eyes closed. In fact, the hands tied behind the chair were sliding slightly, and a cold light was so weak [BanRuo].
      Does the male protagonist carry a small blade? ??
      Approximately noticing the sight of her, Su Yun's eyelashes quivered, and half a fan was opened. The peripheral light slid out towards her, and whispered, "Shhh, don't be afraid, I am here."
      And so weak [BanRuo] staring at him Take advantage of the skilled technique of cutting hemp rope.
      I don’t know what the male lead’s brain has made up. The tips of his ears are slightly pink, “I’m not going to do this to you, my feet hurt when tied up.”
      So you really thought about it? ??
      The moment Su Yun untied the twine, people also came. She was a young and beautiful foreign woman with wavy blonde hair and sexy red lips. She was very charming and she spoke fluent Chinese.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] and clarified the cause and effect in the other party's curse. It turned out that the hostess ran out that night and put her fiancé to sleep. No, the fiancee with a fierce temper came directly to the door, trying to scratch the face of the little bitch.
      Coincidentally, that hotel is the property of this eldest lady.
      The men were stupid and couldn't distinguish the two, so they tied up together.
      As for Su Yun, he heard the movement and went out to check, and was also taken away from the pot.
      However, I still want to pickle the male protagonist into salted radishes, and eat them crisply one bite at a time.
      "Which one of you is that little bitch?!"
      The female kidnapper asked angrily.
      So weak and [BanRuo] silent, this is not her pot.
      The hostess didn't say a word either, she was afraid of being scratched.
      This undoubtedly angered the other party, "Don't speak, right? Okay, then never speak!"
      She motioned to her subordinates to come forward and opened their eyes with a watermelon knife!
      According to the employer’s physical fitness, the strength of the weak [BanRuo] and different worlds fluctuate. In order to protect herself, she will read and practice "Guidelines for Breaking Up the Crematorium Fire Fighting" and "How to Destroy the Male Protagonist" every time she enters a world "Escape by hand", "A hundred ways to make ex-boyfriends not wanting to live", etc. self-saving exercises.
      So weak and [BanRuo] silently, she broke off the shackles of the hemp rope and prepared to counterattack.
      There was a scream next to her.
      "No, it's not me. I, I'm just a stand-in. If you take money to do business, how can you sleep with you man!" Yan Nini was so scared that her hands and feet trembled, her teeth trembled.
      "It's not you? It's her?"
      Yan Nini didn't have the courage to look at her as weak as [BanRuo] she trembles, crying and nodding, "Please, don't kill me, my mother is very sick and still The ward is waiting for me to go back!" She feels guilty for Yu Banwei [You BanRuo], but she is an orphan, and she has a mother, grandma, and younger brother to raise, she must not die here!
      She believes that being especially weak [BanRuo] can understand her mood.
      Moreover, Yan Nini finally had this unique face, and when her cooperation with Su Yun ended, the other party would definitely not give her any more money. It's not the same if you are so weak [BanRuo], she is so rich, seven or eight times more!
      For the female protagonist's idea of "I am weak, I am the most reasonable, if you are strong, you will suffer more to benefit the world", so weak [BanRuo] gave her five English letters.
      The female kidnapper waved her hand to change her subordinates.
      Seeing the blade approaching, the weak [BanRuo] pretended to be panicked, ready to wait for the next blow.
      "Puff." The
      The blade entered the meat, blood flowed.
      So weak and [BanRuo] stunned.
      Foggy grass! The hero of Xiaoyan, he took it empty-handed!
      Su Yun took advantage of the time when the little brother was scared and stupefied, and took his watermelon knife, like cutting vegetables, chasing and slashing the kidnappers. Before she was so weak [BanRuo], there was an employer who was a female forensic doctor. She learned a little about it, so she observed it and found that the male lead's technique was very ruthless, stabbing the meat with a knife and avoiding the key!
      It's a werewolf.
      Yan Nini vomited uncontrollably when she saw the blood all over the floor.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] that she couldn't help moving the foot of the chair and stay away from her.
      After a while lying on the ground, Su Yun pulled out the rope and stringed it.
      Seven melons on a vine are very beautiful.
      After the incident, the male lead stood up, subconsciously licked the open wound of the tiger's mouth with his tongue, and walked towards the person with his long legs.
      His black hair was drenched, half of his snow-white face was splashed with blood, and his breath was cold and extremely gorgeous. The pure white T-shirt was torn into strips, revealing faintly tough abdominal muscles, covered with a thin layer of sweat, that natural male color made the weaker look intently.
      The male centipede master was remorseful, shy and shy, and covered her eyes.
      Said in a twitchy manner like a little daughter-in-law.
      "I'm very dirty, wait for my body... um... will I show it to you after I wash it?"
    Five Million White Moonlight (23)

      Looking at him so weak and [BanRuo] shocked, he taught Su Yun with an expression on his face, "How can you think so badly as a mental boy?"
      Then she asked confidently, "Can I look at your abdominal muscles up close?"
      She saw such a powerful eight centipede for the first time!
      Su Yun's ears changed from red to white, and from white to red. It felt like riding a roller coaster, and the blood circulation in his brain was not smooth.
      "... Hmm..."
      Su Yun's stunned gaze was so weak that he took off the rope, and he really touched it with his hands. Before reaching it, the other party shyly shrank his muscles and turned into a vacuum belly!
      Oh my god! Transformers! Awesome! Awesome!
      So weak and [BanRuo] unclear, I admire him in my heart.
      And Su Yun was bathed in the eyes of such a weak [BanRuo] "magic girl", and was hot with shame. When he was about to say something, suddenly his brows condensed, and the blade was sharp, "Quickly go! Someone is coming!"
      Su Yun guessed the group. It's a nest.
      The footsteps are numerous and messy, and there may be guns. To be on the safe side, he did not intend to assault from the front door, but jumped out of the window and escaped.
      Then Yan Nini saw Su Yun hugged her weak [BanRuo] leg and lifted her to the high window.
      The man’s voice was hurried and hard to hide his distress, "You endure, when you jump, you land on your toes, bend your knees, then squat, roll, you must roll, otherwise your joints will be injured, can you hear it clearly?" When he finished speaking, he rolled into the hay.
      When Su Yun heard the rustling noise, his heart was upset, worried that she was crippled, and she also took a run-up, kicked on the wall, and his tall body tried to get into the broken window frame, making a toothy creak. sound.
      Yan Nini stared at the window in disbelief.
      They just ran away? ??
      What about her? ??
      She was anxious and angry, yelling, and soon attracted the attention of outsiders.
      Facts have proved that the heroine halo is effective. Yan Nini is not waiting for a group of fierce brawny, but the search and rescue team attracted by Su Yun using various distress signals.
      She was saved.
      But the male protagonist seemed to be exhausted all his luck, and when he was so weak [BanRuo] to escape, he stomped down and rolled down the hillside.
      Hit a big rock.
      Su Yun was curled up in pain, but he was so weak [BanRuo] that he was firmly wrapped in his arms, with only a few minor bruises.
      The footsteps sounded again.
      Su Yun's face was pale, and he hurriedly pushed her weak [BanRuo] back, "My foot seems to be hurt, I can't go, you run!"
      So weak [BanRuo] nestled in his chest and did not move, "I smell the breath of justice! You can Don’t worry, I’m dizzy, someone is coming to save us."
      Su Yun laughed angrily, "Is your dog's nose so good?"
    He gave him a weak look [BanRuo looked at him], "I wanted to say it a long time ago, don’t use my BB bath anymore. It's revealed, those are my tastes ten years ago, and now men with their own milk fragrance are unattractive!"
      Su Yun: "!!!"
      With a shot.
      When the search and rescue team arrived, they saw a man holding a woman next to Dashidun. His eyes were dull and motionless, as if he had been dead for a long time.
      They launched an intense rescue.
      "Sir? Sir! Please wake up! Be sure to hold on!"
      Su Yun was carried into the hospital with a slight fracture of his left leg, was given a cast, and hung up.
      The long legs below the male lead's neck were finally wrapped in big pig's feet today.
      The brothers who came to visit the illness expressed their deep sympathy.
      She is so weak and [BanRuo] a little conscience, the male lead was injured for her, she is rare to accompany the bed peacefully. But life in the hospital is too difficult, and occasionally people who are weak [BanRuo] will have some fun on their own.
      For example
      -so weak: "You take a breath and move."
      Male lead: "..."
      So weak [BanRuo]: "I think your muscles are not good. Muscles that can't dance are not good muscles."
      Male lead: "..."
      Su Yun looked helplessly at a black hand on his stomach. "Are you hungry? I asked them to buy you something to eat?" She really loves to toss.   
      She was so weak and [BanRuo] insisted, "You do it first."
    Su Yun had to inhale and exhale, shrink his abdomen and lift his abdomen, finely exert his strength and control his muscles, and perform a song and tearful "belly dance" for her.
      So weak [BanRuo] also made up a piece of music on her own, urging him to keep up with the beat and not to fall behind.
      Male lead: "..." He is a patient.
      My abs are too hard.
      "Baby, you are awesome!"
      Su Yun was panting, sweating on his forehead, so weak and happy, taking a mouthful of beautiful abdominal muscles.
      The male lead almost didn't roll out of the hospital bed. He grabbed the bedsheet with both hands, his eyes were red, and he spits at her, "It's blue and white, I'm not ashamed."
      So weak and [BanRuo] happy, she ignored his mumble.
      "Da da da—"
      Someone pushed open the door of the ward.
      Such a weak [BanRuo] spirit lifted up.
      Oh! God!
      This familiar and heavy lady perfume!
      She smelled the sinful smell of money!
      "???! Son, how are you all right leg connected to it yet it does not matter, we will go to this hospital failed to cure another hospital, you do not give up hope in life,"
      Su Yun: "???"
      he fell and broke a bone. Isn't it that serious?
      It was Chairman Yu who came here, and she hurriedly flew in after being fooled by such a weakness [BanRuo].
      "She's so weak [BanRuo], mom, I'm fine." Su Yun was fainted by his ex-girlfriend.
      "Are you really okay?"
      Yu Luoxia didn't believe it at all. Su Yun didn't worry about him since he was a child. She was very good at physical exercise. He was the only one who killed his opponents. Yu Luoxia didn't know how much to send back those hapless classmates. I went to the hospital for training. A young man with such a good health and spirit was suddenly kidnapped and entered the hospital. How could she not worry about being a mother?
      "Auntie, you have worked hard on the plane, let's eat a piece of fruit."
      So weak [BanRuo] is the kind of apple that can cut the male protagonist to her and turn her head to honor the fucking bastard.
      The smile is sweet and harmless to humans and animals.
      The natural fox face can also interpret the style of a good wife at home.
      Yu Luoxia, who had been knocked for more than 90 million yuan, saw this face still got a bit of toothache and got angry.
      But do not eat for nothing.
      So, Su Yun watched as his mother was dragged away while eating the fruit. It was said that she was talking about his condition.
      The two women went to the small garden downstairs of the hospital.
      "Auntie, please calm down first. I have something I want to tell you."
      Chairman Yu got a chill on her back.
      It seems that this little bitch also said "calm down" to her on a certain day and a certain month, and then corrupted her by four hundred million in one breath. This time Ayun's legs are scrapped, what else does she want to do? Chairman Yu's heart sighed, she burned her brain frantically, and tried her best to figure out the next step of the little bitch, so as not to be scammed again.
      Suddenly, a flash of light flashed.
      Chairman Yu figured it out.
      What better way to turn the enemy into your own daughter-in-law and let her pit outsiders? Instead of letting that stand-in little pheasant take the lead, it is better to let the genuine product sit in the East Palace! Maybe if the little bit is grateful, she won't have to repay her close to 200 million bills?
      "So weak [BanRuo], Auntie also has something to tell you."
      Chairman Yu forcibly pretended to be kind to the future mother-in-law.
      So weak [BanRuo]: "You speak first."
      Chairman Yu: "You speak first."
      The two looked at each other, OK, just talk.
      The green tea that wanted to squeeze the wool and said, "How do you think that you think that I am a goddaughter has made your son give up?"
      The rich and powerful woman who wants to save money said, "Do you think that being my daughter-in-law disciplines my son not to do things How is it?"
      The two: "???"
      At this moment, the two enemies who had been in love and killed for ten years saw a series of real and blank question marks in each other's eyes.
    Five Million White Moonlight (24)

      Su Yun lives in the best hospital in the area, so the small garden is built-in spring, full of flowers and birds.
      Under this beautiful scenery, the male lead's mother was at a loss.
      She just heard that Ji Li Gulu was a bird language rather than a human language?
      Otherwise, how could a green tea spirit open up and say that she wants to be her goddaughter, and let her ex-boyfriend become her god-brother and stage a dog-blood brother-sister sadomasochism? ??
      Chairman Yu was shocked in a cold sweat.
      Yes, this is a small animal that can reach out for money while lying in a coffin. Why can't she do something bad?
      She is going to squeeze out the last little grain of her Yu Family and Su Family!
      Yu Luoxia imagined that if she really thinks that she is as weak as [BanRuo] a goddaughter, even if she is a plastic mother and daughter, she must at least divide her a little red envelope, a little share, a little real estate, a little favor, a little care, etc., rounding up. Just a moment, that's how much of her hard work has been scraped away!
      When it comes to the terrible problem of marrying someone, as a godmother, she will definitely protect her muscles. If she doesn't care, she will be pricked in the backbone by those hypocritical rich wives!
      After finally waiting for someone to get it done, the troubles also came.
      Your goddaughter is married, godmother is going to have a wedding drink, right? Are you going to seal a red envelope? Do you want to add makeup?
      Your goddaughter has a baby, godmother is going to have a full moon banquet, right? Shouldn’t the Centenary Banquet and the Zhou Banquet also have to be grasped with both hands? Isn't that going to give three people money? That child’s school registration and other complicated issues, can’t he run off her leg?
      Out of thin air, one more daughter wants to be rich, and the middle-aged Chairman Yu is not well.
      It's better to have a daughter-in-law, there is that little bastard, you don't need a mother-in-law at all!
      And the other side is so weak [BanRuo] that the male lead's mother's words are scorched outside and tender inside.
      Was she sleepwalking or was the hero's mother flying on the plane?
      She actually wanted a green tea that had pitted her six billion [600,000,000] yuan to be her daughter-in-law of the sky-high price!
      Regardless of previous complaints, what a glorious and great!
      After all, she was so weak [BanRuo] after all, and within three seconds of being moved, she immediately thought coldly about the male lead's mother intentions.
      In this "consummation HE" relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, there is actually a hidden murderous intention!
      First of all, if she gets along with the male lead, then the partnership breaks down and she fails to get things done. Will the money in her hand be returned? Then she didn't get rid of the basket? Secondly, when a daughter-in-law is a daughter-in-law, is it necessary to serve her husband and father-in-law to give birth to children? Then can she still knock her mother-in-law as she pleases?
      Of course, she believes that the male lead will raise her, but being raised by others and raised by yourself are completely different things!
      At least so weak [BanRuo] to spend her own money is justified, unrelenting, and extremely happy.
      The two ghostly women met their sights again, preparing to persuade each other to become their own daughter-in-law or godmother.
      At this time, it is very important to be the first.
      Yu Luoxia thought that she was an elder, so she straightened her chest and opened her mouth.
      Such a weak slap [BanRuo] on the forehead of the rich and noble lady, patted the person almost without dementia.
      "Hey! What a big bug! Auntie, don't be afraid, it's not poisonous!"
      Not waiting for Chairman Yu's anger to react, her little mouth screamed vigorously.
      "Auntie, I hope you will seriously consider my proposal! Because you humiliated me with lemonade ten years ago, and caused my young soul to be deeply traumatized, and now I can’t get out of the shadow! If I become your daughter-in-law, I will definitely Make your harmonious family miserable, provoke your mother-child relationship, let you be swept out, living on the street, and the evening scene is bleak."
      "Then I will build the plank road secretly through Chencang, sell your company secrets to opponents, and make your son a pauper Your family drink the northwest wind!"
      She said that her face was blue and her heart was hairy, so weak and [BanRuo] sisterly, she held the male lead's his mother's cold hand with a warm smile.
      "If I were your goddaughter, it wouldn’t be the same. It’s all in the family. You can just give me a little favor, and I will unite with you. If you let me go east, I will never go west. I will be your eyeliner, your warm baby, and your intimate little padded jacket!"
      "That's what I said, but..."
      The strong woman felt something was wrong.
      "No but, I promise with my credibility that from now on I will not cheat you, let's cheat your son together! I will vent your anger!"
      Greet your comrades with the warmth of spring, and freeze to death with the coldness of winter The enemy, so weak [BanRuo], relying on her two faces, successfully conquered the hero's mother!
      The two women, arm in arm, returned to the ward peacefully.
      She seemed to perceive the male protagonist’s surprised gaze, so weak [BanRuo], while she was going to the toilet, she leaned in his ear and said, “Don’t worry, I will take care of your mother. She will no longer oppose us.”
      Su Yun was caught in her lips The heat of my ears softened my ears.
      He remembered their only unforgettable time, she also pressed his ear like this, exhaled while kissing, saying that Doudou, you blush so cute, Doudou, you are really a thief, and Doudou I love you the most.
      It's sticky like a piece of rice cake.
      As soon as he let go, she started to sob and cried fake, followed by bathing, blowing hair, drinking water, and sweating squishyly.
      As a result, this cute and explosive little nasty guy said the next day to go downstairs to buy a bun, she...she changed!
      Su Yun remembered the bad things she had done before, gritted his teeth with hate, couldn't help but grabbed the weak collar, and bit her ear viciously through her thick long hair.
      So weak [BanRuo]: "..."
      Would she like to get a rabies vaccine? The male protagonist has been very dogged recently and always bites her for no reason.
      Su Yun stayed in the hospital for a month, removed the plaster, got out of bed, and walked, and soon became alive again. However, since the incident of three people being kidnapped, Han Hu’s honeymoon group disbanded a long time ago. Shao Chen visited Su Yun twice, each time his eyes were very complicated, and then he bought a first-class ticket, silently. To leave.
      But Yan Nini was not so lucky. Su Yun cut off all her living expenses. She was used to being big-handed and ran out of Kari's money within a few days.
      Fortunately, the road to heaven is endless, she ran into that handsome foreign man again. Yan Nini was seriously frightened that day, thinking about revenge on her nasty fiancée, half pushed and half pushed, and the two of them got better.
      The man fled to the country with Yan Nini.
      Yan Nini was so happy, she left Su Yun aside and embarked on her love elopement journey.
      She is so weak [BanRuo] that she has no time to pay attention to the heroine. With a stolen face, she dares to make such waves. Sooner or later, the heroine will make waves. At present, what she cares most about is how to collect the wool of the male owner and his family. After all, the employer only wants to get rich. Faced with such a simple and touching desire, how can she not do things well to satisfy a simple employer!
      Unexpectedly, the male protagonist is also very on the road. After taking her back to China, he immediately gave her a set of luxury homes worth tens of millions!
      Oh day! By the sea! With a small garden! She loves it so much!
      The weak [BanRuo] found that the furniture has been bought, and the stunning and comfortable retro style is all new and bright.
      He slipped into the bedroom and was shocked by the antique babu bed, sandalwood, ivory, pearls, etc., sleeping on it, and even nightmares filled with the sweet smell of money!
      Seeing her staring at the large furniture, Su Yun's pale face was stained with pale pink.
      He pulled his collar to cover his face in embarrassment.
      "In broad daylight, pay attention to the impact."
      Such a weak [BanRuo] also pay attention to the hair!
      She ran to hold his hand, her eyes light up, looked excited, "I send you a wedding room, when we meet with your parents ah?"
      Acknowledged family as early as possible ah, or go back on the male his mother, cook The cooked duck is flying!
      See, meet, meet the parents?
      Su Yun was caught off guard by being asked, his heart beaten up, his tongue was dry, "Wait, wait..."
      Love came too soon, he was a little flustered!
      "Well, brother, take me to see your family!"
      Su Yun's legs were softened by her delicate voice, and the T-shirt collar was also deformed.
      "...Well, I promise you...Don't scream...I'm dizzy..."
    Five Million White Moonlight (25)

      She has heard of faint, what is wrong with faint?
      Looking weakly at the 1.9-meter big guy, he suddenly squatted down, wrapped his hands around his knees, and formed a ball by himself.
      In the thick black stubble are the red ears, betraying the master's bewildered care.
      "What are you doing?"
      The girl poked his ankle with her tender feet.
      The new house was cleaned early, and the dust was not stained, so weak [BanRuo] that she didn't want to wear disposable rubber shoes with a strong smell, so she ran in barefoot with her high heels. Su Yun also accompanied her barefoot to go crazy.
      Boys’ ankles are narrow and thin, like a tall bamboo, clean and sharp, which is completely different from the softness of girls.
      So weak against his ankle, only feeling hot.
      The main man burned.
      "The altitude is too high and it is prone to hypoxia. I... I will come down to catch my breath and cool off."
      He rubbed the sweat on his sideburns with his head, and did not dare to look at her, as innocent as a young man who had just started his love.
      So weak [BanRuo]: "Are you turning around and calling me a short man ?"
       Male lead: "..."
      She can always find any reason to give him a scapegoat.
      Su Yun stretched out his finger and pressed her toe in revenge. The transparent and shiny nail polish was embedded with a chubby light yellow ingot. He felt inexplicably funny, but his mood became clear in an instant.
      He lived for thirty years. He was addicted to his studies for the first twenty years, and for the next ten years. In a life called Su Yun, a thief shamelessly robbed him of a third of his precious time.
      He received an elite education, and his emotions were too cold and rational. Only the memories of his ex-girlfriend were the strongest. He could not remember how many medals he had won, but he clearly remembered her dressing style and her reading habits. When she tied her hair, her tail fingers were slightly raised.
      When she said "When shall we meet your parents", Su Yuntian exploded.
      It was so sweet that he had forgotten the countless long nights of insomnia, and forgot the fear of crying to the point of his body twitching and brain collapse and hypoxia, like the first river that opened in the early spring. The thick ice layer was cut, and the chapped and mottled scars would eventually heal.
      His insomnia is getting better.
      His ten years are about to bloom.
      That's great, it's really great.
      Su Yun returned home in the afternoon and found that his father and mother were there, walking on the same hands and feet, of course, I still looked calm and steady.
      For the first time, Yu Luoxia, who pitted her son in front of her, was a little nervous and bumped her husband's arm.
      The middle-aged man who was conscious of being the head of the family put down the remote control and coughed slightly to break the deadlock, "Xiao Yun, don’t go back to the room. Let’s tell you something, cough, that’s it. After years of investigation by your mother, We all agree that this girl is especially weak [BanRuo]. Although she is an orphan, she is highly motivated, capable, and kind..."
      Kind-hearted Jade Emperor!
      Chairman Yu couldn't help but pinch her husband.
      Mr. Su was inexplicable, "What are you doing? You asked me to talk about my strengths, and I was right. People say you want to be the intimate little quilted jacket of your old witch. How kind of a child! You are so kind! I don't know the blessing in the blessing!"
      Su Yun scratched his ears embarrassedly when he heard his dad, an old steel man boast about his girlfriend.
      "Actually, it's not as good as what you said... She... is a bit squeamish..."
      After he finished speaking, he was a bit squeamish..." he was a bit regretful after he said that, for fear of leaving a bad impression on his parents, he quickly added, "But she is very hard-working and gets a scholarship every year. The career is also developing very well."
      He added silently in his heart, if you don't bully him, that would be even better.
      Mr. Su smiled, "It seems that you really like her, OK, you agree, your mother agrees, I have no objection, we are a family, it is better to hit the sun if you choose a day, let her come over tomorrow Sunday How about eating a meal? Don’t worry, your dad, I will cook the food myself, and I will surely make the little girl eat well, and I won’t be able to run out of our house after eight feet!"
      Su Yun's cheeks were hot and his mouth was quite hard. "Dad, can you do it? Don't eat and we will go to the hospital as a family ."
       Yes, the family, he likes this word invincibly, and his heart suddenly rises. A strong and stable sense of belonging.
      "How can a man say no!" Mr. Su rolled up his sleeves, "I'm telling you, little bastard, don't underestimate your Lao Tzu, I haven't heard of you before? Walk around, you drive, and Lao Tzu picks vegetables and lets you Don’t you young people often say, your father is still your father, you have to respect the old, don’t you?"
      "Dad, there is also a saying that the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and the front waves die on the beach."
      "Hey, you Why is this little bastard so skinny? Curse your dad?"
      The father and son quarreled and finished the supermarket.
      After returning, Mr. Su, who had let the big talk, sneaked back to the bedroom, called his catering friend, and began to embarrass himself. Chairman Yu, who was shut outside, didn't know what she was going to do. She found a cross from a rich wife from the utility room, polished it and hung it on her chest, and said a few words by the way.
      On the other hand, Su Yun put the vegetables and ingredients into the refrigerator one by one, mopping the floor and cleaning the windows, and cleaning the house again.
      He also went out and bought a large box of cute plush decorations, and he was busy until three o'clock in the morning.
      When approaching dawn, Su Yun took a cold shower, dried her hair, and nervously chose clothes in front of the closet. Does she prefer the calm black or the more intellectual gray?
      Su Yun suffered a sweet torment.
      "Ding Ding Ding—"
      At ten o'clock in the morning, the doorbell rang.
      Su Yun jumped to her throat with caution.
      She wears light makeup, her lips are light orange, and the pure black long straight of a good girl is paired with a pearl white knee-length dress, which is the favorite dress of the elders. It can be seen that she has done her homework.
      Thousands of words didn't know what to do, he blushed and suffocated a sentence.
      "You are here."
      She smiled at him.
      "Well, I'm here, I've been waiting for a long time."
      Su Yun was so shy that his heart exploded, he went to take the gift box bag in her hand, and whispered, "So heavy? Just let me pick you up."
      "Then. I can't show my feelings for my parents." She said softly.
      Su Yun's ears burst red.
      Mr. Su’s head came out in the kitchen, and he yelled, “This girl is so handsome, wife, have you cut the fruit? Why are you still grinding when everyone comes!”
      Chairman Yu swallowed, killing a thousand knives. It's not good to buy any fruit. She has to buy durian, so she is so pierced that she has almost fainted! Who told that little bitch love to eat it! She really owed her in her previous life!
      "It's fine if you are here, what do you urge!"
      Su Jia Ji Fei Gou jumped for two hours, and finally made a warm meal to entertain the guests.
      Chef Mr. Su picked up the serving chopsticks and put a piece of braised pork for the weak, "Although it's a bit mushy, it's still delicious. Try it more."
      "Thank you, uncle."
      Mr. Su is very kind, "both. After eating our family's food, you still call him uncle?"
      Su Yun almost couldn't hold his chopsticks, and clenched his other hand on his knee, poking, and his heart was dying.
      So weak and good, "Dad."
      Mr. Su sighed.
      Weakly [BanRuo] glanced at Chairman Yu again, and under her slight twitching performance, she shouted a meaningful mother.
      Ms. Yu trembled.
      Then finally it was the turn of the male protagonist who was watched sympathetically by his mother-
      Su Yun cut off the power, and his head was softly resting on her shoulder, "My parents are here, you, don't call me like that." How embarrassed it is.
      "What's the shame of my mother-in-law?"
      The weak [BanRuo] face is very well-behaved, and his eyes flicker like stars.
      "Brother, thank you for giving me this opportunity to be your family and your sister. I don’t know how other brothers and sisters get along, but I must do my sister’s duty, care for you, take care of you, and when necessary. You can be your wingman, let your brother get off the order as soon as possible! I will try my best to be the best sister in the world!"
      Su Yun's job fell.
      His face turned pale, staring at her, every word, murderous.
      "You, again, say, once, again!"
      So weak-hearted [BanRuo], you can say it ten times again, the iron warrior is fearless!
      "Brother, we are all in the family, please take care of my little sister in the future!"
    Five Million White Moonlight (26)

      As Su Yun's rice bowl shattered on the ground, the happy atmosphere at the dinner table instantly solidified.
      Chairman Yu couldn't help holding the cross on her chest. She finally understood why those hypocritical ladies always bought Jade Buddha and hung them on their necks. She wanted to buy a box of Jade Buddha Town House Town Ghost Town Green Tea now!
      This little bitch actually f*cked her!
      Chairman Yu was still wondering that her son turned around and happily invited people to the house for dinner. He misunderstood that he was a boyfriend and girlfriend meeting his parents! The little bitch didn't tell anyone clearly!
      She also said that nothing is wrong, and everything is wrapped in a small padded jacket, she shouldn't believe her evil!
      Chairman Yu was so angry.
      On the contrary, Mr. Su was also kept in the dark. He didn't understand what was wrong with the heart-warming remarks that the little girl said, so that his son's expression changed drastically, his face was as dark as Yan Luo? When he was confused, Mr. Su saw his son grab the girl's wrist and pulled her to her leg. His actions were reckless and imaginative.
      What is the attitude of the older brother to the younger sister?
      Mr. Su lowered his face, "Su Yun! What are you doing! Letting you be someone else’s brother, who made you a gangster? Don’t let go!"
      Su Yun clamped such a weak [BanRuo's] waist with amazing strength, his teeth clenched. "... You lied to me? You partnered to lie to me? Don't tell me, you passed April Fools' Day early, so I deserve to be fooled?!"
      His sullen gaze swept across the dazed Mr. Su, and tried to disguise himself. Chairman Yu revealed a trace of guilty conscience.
      Su Yun doesn't know who is doing the ghost, but no normal person can calm down in such a joke!
      "She, my ex-girlfriend, I am chasing after a woman who has been in love for ten years, and you want her to be my sister?...sister? Ha! Why don't you just kill me!" He knuckles Pan-white, holding the tablecloth, one hard, the soup splashed the two elders all over their bodies.
      Chairman Yu was absent-minded and was affected the most, and her bone soup was so hot that she screamed.
      "Su Yun! You are crazy!"
      Mr. Su cursed, ran to the kitchen, and took an ice towel to cool down his wife.
      "It's not that I'm crazy! It's all of you crazy!"
      Su Yun's neck was bruised and his eyes were scary red.
      The male lead dared not say anything, and winked at the little bitch. You are a fairy and think of a solution!
      So weak [BanRuo] was shouted before she finished shouting, "You shut up!!! Who the fuck is your brother!!!"
      He angered everyone.
      Including his heart.
      Su Yun pulled her up without pity, kicked over the chair, and dragged people up the stairs.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] that she was frightened. She hadn't yelled "Dad" in her mouth, but his big palm blocked her tightly.
      Su Yun's movements were quick and anxious. When Mr. Su reacted, he snapped and the door was locked.
      The weak [BanRuo] and angry male protagonist threw into his territory. She staggered and hit the wall of award cabinets.
      There were piles of large and small objects such as awards, trophies, medals, and so on. She was smashed to pieces, and a small head was dazed out of the bright golden light.
      The gold medal was swaying between the ears, and she felt that she was full of wisdom all over her body.
      She shook her head and shook her gold medal jingle, but she didn't get rid of it.
      Stupidly cute.
      Su Yun was made angry, funny, and distressed by her hand, but was so angry just now, his abdomen was stretched and painful, he forced his heart to harden the person in the sea of gold medals.
      "I'll give you a chance to explain, otherwise...I will strangle you to death." He gasped and said harshly.
      She didn’t do anything that was too weak [BanRuo] o push her nose on her face. If she didn’t believe in the male lead, she could get a cruel hand. However, she was afraid of pain. Of course, her skin injuries could be avoided. So she opened her mouth and lied, "Your mother asked me to do this." Yes, she thinks that I worship gold and vanity, not worthy of you, a good man, and afraid that you will miss me as a bad woman, so let me be your sister and let you give up."
      Su Yun listened to her charmingly talking. Just about to feel soft, the door was smashed open by Mr. Su with a bang.
      The male lead's mother's face is as black as a pot of dust.
      So weak-hearted [BanRuo], oh huh, the bad things behind the back were caught.
      Chairman Yu was really overwhelmed by Xiaobian's popularity. He was angry and thoughtless, "Fart! She lied! Obviously, she proposed to be your sister! I think she just hates you and doesn't want you!"
      Too Ruthless, the flames of ten years of comrades-in-arms will be extinguished if they are extinguished!
      So weak [BanRuo], her eyes rounded.
      That being the case, the dead Daoist does not die the poor Dao!
      She twisted her head, tears fell in her eyes.
      "Yes, I'm lying, but I can't help it. I'm an orphan, no identity, no one to protect, not as big as your family's great cause, you can kill me with just one finger. I knew that Su Yun was like this. If I have money, I, a poor student, should not provoke him. Otherwise, I won’t be humiliated by Ms. Yu splashing water in public and ridiculed by his brother in private."
      "I understand very well. If I don’t do it, Ms. Yu will definitely use other things. The light method, called me shameless, forced me to surrender, and forced me to leave Su Yun."
      Chairman Yu was about to explode on the spot, rushed up suddenly, and was caught by Mr. Su.
      She kicked her legs angrily in the air, "You little bitch, what are you talking nonsense—"
      The weak [BanRuo] voice overwhelmed her scream, "Nevertheless, I still respect, respect, and look up. Ms. Yu, she protects her calf so much, she can do everything for her son. If I reborn as her daughter, I will be very happy..."
      Yu Luoxia's crazy movements suddenly stopped.
      What did she say?
      Little bitch said to respect, love, and look up to her? Damn it!
      "I haven't met my mother, but in my dreams, she must be beautiful and gentle... I don't blame her for not wanting me, it's because I was born at the wrong time..."
      She cried and laughed.
      "But I hurt, why doesn't she want me? Shouldn't my mother be Ms. Yu like this? Strong and assertive... Yes, I have calculated Ms. Yu and Mr. Su, because I really want to be you, My goddaughter, I want you to protect me and stay with me. I don't want to be dismissed for a lifetime, saying that it is a wild species without parents..."
      Chairman Yu didn't go crazy anymore and looked awkward.
      "Then you can't lie to my mother..."
      "Then what can I do? The teacher didn't teach me how to recognize my mother! You, you hate me again, and want to kill me!" She sobbed.
      "I, I— " Yu Luoxia didn't come out for a long time. She said that she was angry. She was very angry, but she seemed a little surprised and delighted. The taste was strange and complicated.
      After all, she relied on her "maternal love charm" to influence her enemies!
      The disguised trumpet went online, so weak and [BanRuo's] teary eyes, "If I obediently admit my mistakes and stop lying, will you really recognize me?" In order to squeeze the wool, be obedient for a second, no more.
      Oh, the little girl was crying so poorly, her nose was red.
      Chairman Yu saw too much of her domineering and lawless side, and she couldn't bear to soften her coldly.
      Under such a touching atmosphere, I crouched in the shell where the chairman's motherly heart was weak [BanRuo] pull-out corpse-like, hesitated, "It is not impossible ......"
      like a weak [BanRuo] smile through tears, a "mother" is not the word She shouted, and the corner of his lips was bitten by the male lead.
      The blood was spreading, and it was painful.
      His finger bones are like blades, pinching her neck, his tone is so peaceful that it makes people hairy.
      "If you let her be my sister, I will let you have the legal news every day."
    Five Million White Moonlight (27)

      So weak [BanRuo] looked at this, and then at that, all with a dull expression.
      The hero's cruel words really shocked his parents.
      But I can't help her pretentious green tea!
      The weak [BanRuo] pretending to have a sore throat, and the weak and weak [BanRuo] choked.
      The hero’s father finally returned to his soul and raised his voice, “Su Yun! Any misunderstandings, I’ll talk about it later! Do you really want to choke someone to death?!”
      Su Yun turned his head, the girl’s eyes were red, and tears filled her eyes. , Her face tightened and flushed red, and she tried to inhale, "cough...cough..."
      shocked, terrified, and collapsed, she looked at him as if staring at a demon.
      Su Yun was stunned, and suddenly let go, feeling helpless.
      "You bit me... and you pinch me! You pinch my neck!"
      She rounded her eyes in disbelief.
      The hero has turned bad, and he gnawed his ears when he was the hardest before, and didn't dare to pinch her!
      She was so weak [BanRuo] that she had dealt with Su Yun before, tears rolled in her eyes, and she was so aggrieved that she stubbornly refused to let it go.
      As long as the acting is good, the routine is not afraid of old age!
      ——If it wasn't for your bastard partner to trick me into admitting my sister, can I be so fucking angry?
      The male lead's eyes conveyed his bizarre anger.
      However, even though Su Yun is now furious like thunder, gritted his teeth and gritted his teeth, when he saw her tears, he had nothing to do. He ran halfway like a wild horse without rein, and couldn't worry about the bastard master at home, so he bit the rein. , The grievances ran back, pouting their hoofs.
      He really owes her.
      "Sorry, I was too impulsive..." He lowered his head and muttered, "Let me see where it hurts."
      Green Tea is used to going to the house and uncovering the tiles. She loses her confinement, a slap, and a medal hit by her. Everywhere, she hid behind the fucking man's lead, shivering, how pitiful and pitiful.
      Chairman Yu rarely had maternal love overflowing, so she patted her, "Okay, it's okay."
      Such a weak [BanRuo] one is "moved", and the misfortune comes out of the mouth.
      "Mom, you're so good..."
      A certain word accurately stepped on the landmine of the hero, and the feeling of guilt because of his excessive force collapsed again. He collapsed and shouted, "What the hell is Mom! Who recognizes you as a sister!" That's as weak as [BanRuo] my mother, you bastard, can you just point your face!!!"
      No, she is a bastard, she has a tortoiseshell and she doesn't need a face.
      The male protagonist was so angry that his eyes were red and his tone choked.
      He kicked away the medal at his feet and rushed to drag her out.
      So weakly [BanRuo] pulling the male lead's mother's sleeves, hiding, shaking.
      Ms. Yu somehow became the "single bunker" and "shield" of the little bitch, and she felt at a loss when she was affected by the innocent.
      The two sides pulled back and forth, and the brain hurt.
      Chairman Yu became impatient, rolled up her sleeves, and joined the melee, "What are you doing, Su Yun? Are you crazy? You think you are the bandit leader. When you go down the mountain and see a beautiful girl, you snatch it back and become the wife of the village? Ah? People just want to be my daughter and don’t want to be your wife, do you know? Su Yun, you can reflect on yourself!"
      So weak [BanRuo], the male protagonist's mother is really a mudslide in the wealthy and noble women’s world. She was crippled and helped. Look at her, good person!
      Su Yun laughed angrily.
      "Introspection? Good! Trouble Ms. Yu to hand over the people, let's give you a grandson to play with, and the father's debts will be paid. It is natural and righteous. You can punish him every day to face the wall and think about it. Just be happy!"
       "You, you ......"
      Chairman Yu was shocked by the shame of her son.
      Is this still personal?
      Where is her dignified, reserved, gentle son?
      "Enough! Shut up!"
      The hero's father was so confused by their quarrel, his temper came up and he was also anxious.
      "If you quarrel, let's go to the police station to cool off!"
      Chairman Yu shut up angrily, Su Yun looked at the right time, pulled out the weak as if pulling a radish, and held it in his arms.
      "Hey, you little bunny trick..." She was angry.
      Mr. Su glanced.
      Ms. Yu is as quiet as a chicken.
      In short, everyone was able to sit down on the sofa and chat calmly.
      Mr. Su clarified his thoughts in the twists and turns of the plot.
      "So Xiao Yun wants to marry the weak [BanRuo]?"
      Before Su Yun reacted, the weak [BanRuo] responded first, "Dad, that's just brother..." She forced her to change her words under the eyes of the opponent's milky murderer, "That's because A Yun is not mature enough. He’s just a little bit brooding about my going abroad, and he’s still holding his grudges. In fact, even if I don’t go abroad, we will break up after graduation. After all, our family background is so different, and the three perspectives of interest can’t fit together.”
      Chairman Yu Can't help but nod, "It's like this, I have seen examples..."
      Su Yun banged the ashtray.
      Everyone was taken aback.
      "Su Yun!"
      Mr. Su lowered his face, "Does your grandfather teach you to lose your temper in public?"
      "Yes." The young man smiled sarcastically, "My grandfather taught me to read and write, to teach me how to read and write, to know etiquette and morals, you taught me. What am I? Sending my girlfriend out of the country without telling me? Will I dismantle myself for the rest of my life after I broke it up for ten years? Come and leave, who gives you the right to dictate my life?"
      He pointed at the Su family The parents yelled, but they looked like Ming Jing in their weak [BanRuo's] hearts. This guy was pointing at Sang Huai and cursing her for being careless.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] and calm, but Su Yun couldn't calm down. His chest was stuffy. Two of them were elders and the other was heart-wrenching. They couldn't express too much temper. He kicked the foot of the chair violently and rushed upstairs without a word.
      The door was slapped vigorously.
      The remaining three people didn't have any thoughts to talk, and hurriedly ended the topic of confession today.
      Chairman Yu drove her back.
      Before the weak [BanRuo] opened the car door, the male lead's mother was a bit awkward and apologized, saying that the godson had nothing to do, so she didn't care.
      She smiled sweetly and shook the hand of the wealthy lady.
      Just when Chairman Yu thought she was going to give some exciting speech, she opened her mouth and said, "Auntie, the transaction is going on normally, don’t forget me 195 million. Although you were splashed by your son today, I am too If your son pinched, this account will be canceled."
      The male lead his mother said: "..."
      The liver hurts greatly.
      The old lady took a motherly heart to the gutter and fed the dog!
      Humming weakly [BanRuo], returning to her mansion to breathe the scent of money, she lifted her eyes and looked at her phone.
      99+ messages.
      The hero is going to blow her head.
      She was so weak [BanRuo] and could not see until a phone call came in.
      "Hello? Sister-in-law? You come to a bar for a while! Brother Shao is not working!" The little brother cried with a little fear, "He drank and vomited. It is estimated that his stomach has been pierced. We persuaded him not to listen."
      So weak [BanRuo] and surprised. , No, is the second romantic man an infatuated kind?
      Why doesn't she know?
      She pondered, and wanted the male lead to nod her head to recognize her as her sister. In addition to getting his father and mother done, she also wanted to get some money from the bottom of the pan. So slap your legs, it's OK, ready to pull hatred, don't use it in vain. She put on her coat, rode a small electric donkey, put on a safety helmet, and went all the way with sparks and lightning.
      Armed with a helmet, she rushed to the bar eagerly, lapped around like little brothers squatting in prison.
      And, the man with an expressionless face in the center.
      Her suckling male protagonist has broken his studies, so he is fishing law enforcement! !!
      "I called you 138 calls and sent you 159 messages. If you don't answer, you blacked it out." Su Yun stood up slowly, his voice hoarse, like a fingernail passing through frosted glass, again and again, in a hustle and bustle The night scene is extremely gloomy. "As a result, when he makes a phone call, you worry about your death, and you don't even sleep with the precious beauty sleep."
      Su Yun let out a cry, with cold eyes and no smile, "It seems that Brother Chen is your true love. Congratulations."
      Such a weak [BanRuo] heart said that it was not good, so turned around and slipped away.
      It is a pity that the oil on the soles of her feet was not wiped well, and the fencing champion blocked the dark alley with a clothes pole, and flew the dark bird on the electric pole line.
      As she shoved, the helmet rolled down to her feet, and she was so weak [BanRuo] that she stretched out his feet and tried to hook it back. Instead, she was kicked violently by the male protagonist and Gurulu rolled into the depths of the alley.
      Qingjun's eyebrows were swallowed by the dark night, and the long eyelashes jumping were dim red shadows cut out of old neon lights.
      A few of my little lovers were frightened by someone’s wicked aura, each of them ran faster than a rabbit, and was so weak [BanRuo] that I heard a girl crash and scream, "Asshole, dare to run more than your aunt's grandma. Quick! Divide, we must divide!"
      She who loves to join in the fun can't help but look sideways, and her chin was moved back by his cold fingertips.
      She was forced to look up at him.
      The national fencing champion is awesome, and she used the fork of the clothespin to accurately fork her wrist while unbuttoning her shirt. Normally weak [BanRuo] is a hand-controlled party, so she immediately noticed his God's hands, which are very suitable for playing the piano, with fair complexion, clear wrist bones, neatly trimmed nails, and refreshing.
      When these beautiful art-like hands play hooligans in front of her, it is simply a burst of pheromones.
      She felt that she might be dying, so weak [BanRuo], she meditated on the twenty-four-character body protection exercises such as prosperity, democracy, civilization, and harmony.
      If I was not careful, my mouth was bald.
      "What are you going to pay?"
      Su Yun didn't hear it very clearly, and then sneered, snarling her face fiercely and fiercely.
      "I think you owe it!"
    What to do when a handsome man forces you to play a gangster in front of you?

    Of course, she rushed, played with him, and attacked with poison.

    Such a weak [BanRuo] succumbed to the beauty of her ex-boyfriend. Seeing him unbuttoning the buttons, it took him a long time to unbutton them. She didn't think it was very good.

    She asked sincerely, "Do you need my help?"

    Su Yun was stunned.

    What help?

    Soon he understood the meaning of being so weak [BanRuo]. He used a clothes rail to fork her on the wall with one hand, and he could still make trouble with the other. She squeaked twice, and the row of buttons on Su Yun's white shirt suffered, shyly revealing a beautiful and smooth mermaid line in the night.

    "What are you doing!"

    He clutched it, and took a step back in shock, holding the champion in his hand, but couldn't hold a plastic clothes fork, and fell to the ground with a snap.

    "F*ck me for you."

    So weak and [BanRuo] free, and even more unscrupulous and lawless, of course, the expression is very innocent, "I think you haven't made the next step for a long time, and you can't eat your tofu, so I am a little anxious."

    Su Yun who was forced to become hot tofu: "???"

    When the hero was still convincing himself, she was like a small fish, wagging her tail and swaying away in a blink of an eye.

    Su Yun was ashamed and angry.

    This bastard doesn't have a word of truth in her mouth, and runs faster than anyone else. It's a pity that she doesn't become an 800-meter athlete!

    He stepped over the clothes fork with long legs and caught up with the wind.

    She was so weak that she parked her little eDonkey in a safe area. At one time, there was a street market near the bar. All the people who made fun of it were all crowded. The flow of people on weekends was so much that she was a fan of the little eDonkey and crowded with other motorcycles. Together, like canned sardines, they are densely packed and difficult to start.

    But it's hard to say that she vowed to become the god of autumn mountains!

    The lock was opened in three seconds with a weak and [BanRuo's] neat technique, with a push of the hip, a fork of her legs, a fork of the key, and a twist of the accelerator.

    Prepare to shoot away like a meteor.


    A sturdy chest was pasted on the back, and the other party's ass accurately stuck her back half of the seat, and the legs were too long and it was fine. The other party was sturdy and fast, which made her amazed.

    So weak [BanRuo]: "..."

    She wanted to ask before, where did the male lead practice this unique skill, the feet are so flexible that she feels ashamed.

    Dududu, the little eDonkey started slowly.

    Su Yun took the driver’s license at the age of eighteen. According to his wealth, he came up with four wheels. He hadn’t ridden this kind of sloshing two wheels. He was quite curious and couldn’t help asking her, “Is there no electricity? Up?"

    He also dignified and laid down two legs, swaying like a two-stroke paddle of a rowing boat, trying to be a humanoid motor, so that she didn't drive so hard.

    So weak [BanRuo]: "..."

    I thank you.

    The male protagonist relied on his show operation to make the two of them the most beautiful cubs on the night market.

    The weaker [BanRuo] is definitely a qualified law-abiding citizen, so through the crowd, Da Da Da drove to the brand store and bought two safety helmets of the same color, one large and one small.

    Su Yun was a little flattered when he took it. This was the first time a bastard who was desperate for money paid for something for him ten years later.

    He was very moved, and said, "Don't worry, I will love it like I love you, and polish it every day, so that it won't be wronged with me."

    People in the car shop: No wonder this handsome guy is so good, he turned out to be mentally retarded.

    Su Yun put on a fan helmet and didn't know how to tie it. After dragging it for a long time, she couldn't find the way. Weakly grabbed his belt, patted it with both hands, and snapped it on.

    He looked at her eyelashes a little lost.

    Dududu, the little eDonkey is on the road again.

    At such a close distance, he could kiss her on the back of the neck as soon as he lowered his head. Su Yun had difficulty breathing and forced himself to look away, asking her questions at different times.

    "Have you taken a driver's license?"

    He remembered that before she went abroad, she was still in subject two. After four rounds of exams, she failed four times. She almost couldn't think about hanging the southeast branch.

    So weak [BanRuo] and surprisingly angry, there is a guy who dares to question her driving skills!

    She twisted the gas pedal, suddenly soaring far away, Su Yun was bumped into a crooked buttock, caught off guard, sucked the smell of sauerkraut by the ditch of bad breath.

    But she was still very angry, so she sneered, "Then you got your driver's license?"

    Su Yun didn't know where she was stepping on her tail, holding the metal handles with her hands back, his chest was slightly tilted back, his posture was well-behaved, and he answered honestly, "Did you forget, I just passed it once."

    Yes, I'm chatting to death this day.

    But this is indeed a fact. As a blessed academic domineering man, Su Yun has a flexible brain and muscular muscles. No matter what he does, he can do everything he can.

    Huanwei waited for the traffic lights with the other car owners, and after a bang, continued to turn on the taunt mode.

    "Really? Why did we nearly die and be injured in a traffic accident that day?"

    The hero only stepped on the gas pedal and forgot to break, but she hit a bag on the back of her head! The soul is gone!

    Su Yun was stunned.

    Immediately after that, at a speed visible to the naked eye, his ears were red, his neck was red, and his back arched like dried shrimps, and he was so hot.

    Many car owners saw the tall man snap his head against the girl's back.

    "...I'm not a novice...Can't you be more tolerant..."

    Su Yun's nerves burned, and he didn't know what he was talking about.

    Everyone looked ugly, the buddies were too much, and only a few seconds after the traffic light, they fed them a ton of dog food.

    So weak [BanRuo] had not finished cleaning up the male lead, and rode a small electric donkey to a hotel in a wild road, lovers, themed.

    Su Yun glanced at the demon-like signboard and frightened, he slammed his head down, pedaling desperately on the concrete road, pulling the little eDonkey hard and fast.

    Oh oh oh oh, hurry up and go fast.

    In the rich second-generation circle, Su Yun is a wonderful work, clean and self-conscious, strict in self-discipline, and can be called a model of top students. If it were not for his brothers, he would not step into the bar alive or dead. That's it, everyone has to accommodate him from time to time, and choose a Qing who seems to be more suitable for a good family.

    Su Yun doesn't even tilt his eyes when passing by a love hotel like this kind of coquettish bitch.

    I satirize noblely and coldly, huh, silly place.

    As a result, today he was going to be so weakly [BanRuo] pulled into this place where he vowed to never step on a foot.

    The male protagonist has his own little stubbornness. He planned to abandon the car and flee, but was twisted with his waist and abruptly crooked.

    The lady at the front desk asked them what package they needed.

    Su Yun didn't want to do it, he just wanted to pick up people and run away.

    The weak [BanRuo] guarded him early, stepping on his toes to watch the meal.

    So weak [BanRuo] I want to tease the male protagonist, let the front desk recommend it in detail.

    The front desk is dedicated, "If you two love nature, I recommend this Alice in Wonderland. It is a hammock room with green plants. The lighting is dreamy, and it will definitely promote the atmosphere of the two people’s heart-to-heart talk. Also, this passionate black truffle is a burst of chocolate color. , The classic design of famous designers, the romantic big round bed, the classic brown wooden barrel, sweet but slightly astringent, full of the sweet taste of first love..."

    Su Yun was ashamed and embarrassed, not knowing whether to cover his ears or cover his weak [BanRuo's] eyes.

    So weak [BanRuo] asked him, "Which one do you want?"

    He became irritated, "Girls, can you be more reserved, don't mess around, come back with me!"

    Yes, the girl, in Su Yun's mind, she is so weak [BanRuo], even though she is a bastard, but she will always be his innocent and pure little girl.

    "Who is fooling around with you."

    So weakly [BanRuo] poking his toes, he actually doesn't like to wear leather shoes. Most of the time, they are limited edition running shoes in black and gray. The texture is soft and elastic.

    "You are making such a big noise, don't you just want me?"

    She raised her face and looked at him, "Just give it to you, don't make trouble unreasonably, can you do it, it hurts everyone's peace, I have a headache."

    The understatement made Su Yun's shyness frozen into ice.


    Is he making trouble out of nowhere?

    It's like being stripped in the ice and snow, a bucket of ice water poured from head to toe.

    Panicked, embarrassed, and at a loss.

    He has cooled down.

    Su Yun's ruddy face faded clean.

    His fingertips are shaking, his nerves are restless, and the world is collapsing.

    Under the ambiguous yellow light, the young man's lips trembled, and a piece of silver, moist, and melancholy gradually overflowed in his black eyes. He bit his words jerkily, "Do you think...I just want to sleep with you?"

    So weak [BanRuo], she tilted her head and seemed to say "Ah, isn't it?"

    Of course not.

    Su Yun wanted to yell at her, but his voice was hoarse as if he had been scraped over and over again by the sharpest blade.

    He finally realized the difference between the two.

    She is so proficient, so mature, and charming, laughing and cursing in the world of affection, with ease.

    It is him who is innocent, it is him who is reckless, and it is him who stands still.

    He suddenly had a terrifying conjecture. In these ten years, how many predecessors have influenced her from innocence to perfection? Is the concept of "unique" the only one in the set from beginning to end? Maybe he was a little humble, didn't dare to ask for all of her, he just wanted to take some leeway and live in her heart not too embarrassed.

    Su Yun's heart curled up.

    He was sad.

    My chest was unspeakably stuffy, and there were bursts of pain.

    After she went abroad, he fell into an infinite remorse. He hated his lack of romance and tenderness, so he read books, read comics, watched TV series, and observed how the young boys around him took care of the girls.

    He learned a lot of routines and sultry skills.

    But still can't compare to her.

    Not comparable.

    The thickness of his nostalgia is not comparable to her playful love.

    More than 3,600 late at night, he used his memories to please himself.

    But what about her?

    Did she cry or laugh in the arms of other boys?

    Has she ever thought about the house they arranged by themselves? Have you ever thought about their promise to go skiing together in winter? Do you think of him occasionally when it rains?

    He was at a loss. He didn't know the answer to all these questions.

    he loves her.

    But I don't know if she likes him.

    Love and liking are never a level of weight.

    He feared the answer.

    The only one who feared that he would dig his heart out was only one ten-thousandth of the opponent.

    If hope is broken and then glued, it is not hope, but despair.

    Su Yun was cold all over.

    "I want to go back……"

    In the bewildered gaze of the front desk, Su Yun stiffened her shoulders, turned, and stepped away from her long legs.

    Yes, he is going back. Go back to the nest. There is the strawberry-colored quilt she washed white, and the same toothbrush and cup she used. Everything is for two people, pretending that she is still there. He had insomnia for too long, and he was used to falling asleep in the smell of his ex-girlfriend.

    So weak [BanRuo] to pull his hand, all in a cold sweat.

    Su Yun threw her away for the first time.

    He was like a beast in a cage, with red eyes angry at her.

    "Do not touch me!!!"

    Seeing her yelled at him, Su Yun's stomach suddenly cramped. He gritted his teeth and walked out step by step.

    Yes, that's it, don't touch me, don't pull me, don't make me look back.

    I am softhearted.

    I am afraid that the last bit of dignity will also leave me.

    This shouldn't be Su Yun, that proud Su Yun.

    Su Yun had a stomachache and fainted on the road.

    A group of enthusiastic college students took him to a nearby hospital and received an infusion. He quickly woke up.

    Ah, I went to the hospital again.

    Su Yun stared straight at the ceiling.

    "Man, are you okay?"

    He slowed down and looked down. The young and beautiful girl was wearing a bright yellow dress, with red cheeks and extremely pure.

    In fact, after the breakup, Su Yun thought about cutting off the past. He tried hard to persuade himself to start a new relationship. He would like a kind-hearted and enthusiastic girl with long black and straight hair, white skin, and rosy skin. Too smart, don’t need to be too ostentatious, just be well-behaved and sensible.

    Anyway, it's the opposite of talking to her.

    Like Shao Chen said, the people in their courtyards have stood on high ground from the very beginning, wanting the wind to get the wind, wanting the rain to get the rain. Which one is not the one who has experienced all kinds of battles and fought hard to achieve the supreme true love.

    So weak [BanRuo] is a part of the "magic sprite".

    She was so restless that she ate the grass on the edge of the nest, causing him and his brothers to have a rift for her.

    She came specifically to defeat him.

    Knowing that his heart was rotten into carrion, he wanted him to dig it out and show her the truth.

    Why are there such bad girls in the world?

    "Handsome guy, where do you live? You have set a password on your mobile phone, I can't open it, and can't notify your family."

    The girl looked at him shyly.

    Su Yun thanked him and took the phone.

    Phone password.

    Su Yun paused and entered the day of the traffic accident.

    The screen lit up, and his ten years came into view.

    The girl next to her quietly took a look, his face instantly turned pale.

    It was a sexy home photo. The girl was wearing a very thin and very close-fitting tank top and shorts, and a standard one-word horse, with a high ponytail, dangling, hanging from the back of the neck to half the waist, and the waistcoat was half-hollowed with laces. , As the body stretches and opens, the graceful shoulder blades can be seen in full view.

    Just looking at the back, she is the goddess of the masses.

    The young girl wanted to convince her that this was just a wallpaper, but the candid picture quality and the perspective of her boyfriend made her die.

    She barely said a few words and left in a hurry.

    Su Yun clicked on his avatar and opened the message box.

    The more than one hundred messages he sent today lay quietly in it, without a response.

    Tetanus pocket: Why should I be my sister?

    He waited for five minutes, and the other party sent a smiley face.

    Indulge in Dudu: You are a good person, and I want a brother like you.

    Good guy?

    Su Yun, who was sent a good person card again, sneered, stabbed all over.

    [Can you warm the bed and cover your feet, brother? 】

    [Except for your filthy soul, where are you unfamiliar to me, still use recognition? 】

    After he finished playing with his mouth, he blocked it directly, not receiving any of her messages.

    After Su Yun finished the fluid infusion, he cut the mess with a quick knife to deal with the follow-up, and left the hospital.

    At three in the morning, he did not go home.


    On the green side of the road, a woman with heavy makeup ran into him in a panic.

    Without much effort, the drunk man fell into the grass with a thud like a broken kite.

    "Sorry, sorry...Huh? Su, Su Yun!"

    The woman smashed the bushes and breathed.

    The delirious man has a superb skin, messy black hair, drooping eyelids, perhaps stained with feasting ambiguity, three or five meticulous buttons, and a beautiful collarbone with clear lines. He turned his upper body over, with his long legs draped, and slowly got up, sitting in the grass stubble, his eyes blurred, his face was hooked with blood stains.

    Men who have always been social elites have lost their order and measure, and become extremely sexy in slump.

    Yan Nini was a little dry, "You, why are you here?"

    She reached out to help him up, and was slapped in the palm of a branch by a branch.

    "Don't touch me."

    He held the twig and faced her solemnly.

    "She will be angry."

    Yan Nini was about to say something, when messy footsteps sounded behind her.

    Someone yelled.

    "That woman is there! Don't let her run away!"

    She was shocked, and she was anxiously crying, "Su Yun! Save me! I have no money and they will cut off my finger! Are you rich? Have you brought it? First, save me and repay me later. Here you are!" She wanted to search her body as she said. She was hit by Su Yun's twig, and the back of her hand turned red. She was angry, broke the twig, and touched his trouser pocket.


    She was overturned.

    A dark shadow stood under the street lamp, his clothes in untidy clothes, but his eyes were like poisonous snakes, surprisingly cold.

    "You, are you not drunk?"

    Yan Nini was stunned, grievances rushed to her heart.

    "Why are you hitting me?"

    At this moment, the person behind grabbed Yan Nini's arm and snorted, "You dare to run away if you owe money? You stinky girl!"

    "Hey, what do you tell her, with a little white face, a man who dares to seduce the boss's wife, and a lot of good darlings, I have to lame her leg!"

    Yan Nini's heartbeat to her throat, "No! You can't do this! That is obviously your boss's voluntary! And we are worshiping brothers and sisters, I did not seduce him!"

    One person slapped her face.

    "Still here to pretend to be your brother? You girl, relying on yourself for being beautiful, hooked up in three ways, like a peacock, so proud every day! A man kisses your face and gives you money, Do you still worship brothers and sisters? I still worship Tathagata!"

    Someone stabbed the man secretly.

    "Brother, the peacock is male."

    "...Shut up, as long as you have culture."

    "Okay, bro."

    The man taught the little brother, and cursed again, "Yan Nini, you are a three-year-old child. You don’t understand the meaning of accepting all gifts from a man? The boss’s wife is really bad for eight lifetimes. You are so pitiful to make you Going to work in Jinyutang, what did you type out? Ah? Let me tell you, if you ran away without paying the money, our brothers will keep your account on behalf of the boss!"

    "Go and take her back!"

    "No, no, no! I, I have money! Yes, he is my boyfriend! Su Yun, have you heard of Su Yun? He is rich, I am ten times, no, a hundred times!" Yan Nini said she caught the drowning straw and dragged Su Yun to keep him from leaving.

    The tall man looked at Su Yun as if he did not believe him. The other party was a head taller than them. His face was clear and elegant, but he was covered with tendons, his eyes were cold as stars, and he felt full of oppression.

    They swallowed.

    "Hey, are you really her man?"

    Yan Nini winked desperately, please!

    "Man? Isn't it right?" Su Yun said hoarsely, "Yan Nini, it seems that a beautiful face has been made, and your last shame is gone. Why don't you tell them that you still owe me six thousand Four hundred and fifty-nine thousand seven hundred and fifty-five yuan and three cents? I haven't collected the debt yet, but you have come to the door. It just so happens. Let's settle it, or I'm going to send you to court."

    The big guys were all dull.

    Six thousand, four hundred...What a million? ??

    But they understand one thing, this woman is awesome, she is carrying huge debts at a young age! No, you have to pay back their boss's wife first! They are all counting on the boss's wife to pay!

    Everyone neatly moved Yan Nini back.

    Yan Nini cried and struggled. Seeing Su Yun still watching with cold eyes, she made a fierce expression, "Su Yun, believe it or not, I scratched this face, I will let you never get it!"

    Why, he spent a sky-high price to get her to do things, so he didn't say anything, and he got his nose on the face?

    When Su Yun grew so big, that bastard stepped on his face, which was still his willingness.

    Other irrelevant, why?

    "Repay the money, or go to jail, you choose."

    Yan Nini was dragged away by despair, and she screamed, but Su Yun never wavered.

    His patience was exhausted on the other person, so that he was so exhausted, he lived like a walking dead, and he couldn't take any interest in other things.

    Su Yun returned to the small room near the school with a heavy head. He bought the entire small apartment without selling it or decorating it. He tried to keep it as it was. Ten years later, it climbed on the moss and became old. , Incompatible with the fresh and bright buildings next to it.

    The world is moving, time is moving, and history is moving. Except for him, everyone is moving forward, happily rushing into the shining future.

    Does he... still have a future?

    Su Yun touched the rough mottled wall with his finger, and slowly went upstairs, slowly listening to the heartbeat frequency.

    Outside the building is the boiling hustle and bustle, inside the building is the silence and loneliness.

    He made himself smart and painted the ground as a prison. Then, the arrogant red line trapped him, and the harder he struggled, the more pain he was strangling.


    Grumbling, the heat is blowing up.

    Su Yun used an electric kettle to boil himself a pot of hot water, put two rock candies, blew it, took a sip, and let the sweetness spread in his mouth. Wrapped in a pink quilt, he leaned back on the sofa, his eyes drifting from the ceiling to the window, wandering endlessly.

    The succulents she left died in a torrential rain in a hot summer.

    Just like his grandfather, he walked with him in the morning to admire the flowers, in the afternoon he was lying in a rocking chair and reading, with a pair of reading glasses in his hand, the sun spread out, and the noise of cicadas was noisy. Everything was ordinary to no longer ordinary days. I was too lazy to ignore that trace of abnormality.

    He coaxed his grandfather back to the room to sleep, gently took off his glasses, and the moment his hands touched, he noticed that the warmth was not there.

    The parting was caught off guard.

    Grandpa left in the fourth year she went abroad. At that time, he was standing alone in his grandpa's mourning hall with his arms wrapped in black yarn.

    At that time, she had a new boyfriend.

    Grandpa kept asking him when he was alive when he would take his girlfriend home for his grandpa to take a look.

    He always said, wait, wait.

    Wait for you to stop wandering, wait for my missing planet to find its trajectory and reconnect with the vast universe.

    Wait for you, love me again.
    The hero ran away like crazy, scratching her head weakly [BanRuo], did not chase, and rode her little electric donkey back to the mansion.

    Her work and rest are very regular. After finishing a big bowl of hot and sour powder, she washes her face and bathes, and puts on a facial mask, her legs are tilted on the sofa, and she responds to the male protagonist’s message. . What if it loses more than two hundred catties, she will definitely not recognize it!

    Human tragedy.

    The weaker [BanRuo] she thought about, the more distressed she became. She couldn't hold back her lovesickness, so she opened a video with her master and asked him to weigh himself in public.

    Oh, God, her darling has lost twenty catties of meat!

    Oh baby, how long has it been away from her!

    Dudu yelled at her with tears. Master, little baby Dudu thinks you are hungry and thin. Come back soon!

    Master: "..."

    I'm sorry, it was his fault. I didn't take care of this little ancestor. It was obvious that Jinzhu's father could eat anything when he fed it. Why did he poke his butt disdainfully when he fed this little ancestor?

    Such a weak [BanRuo] heartbroken stuffing with dumplings, swears to the sky, again and again, she will go back as soon as possible.

    Then Dudu was happy, wagging his small round tail, inhaled the storm, and ate a large plate of fruit in front of him.

    Master: "..."

    The little ancestor has become a fine, the kind that can fly.

    She was so weak [BanRuo] and soothed her baby, and she was relieved, hung up the video, and got up to take out the trash.

    A drunk salted fish was lying on the side of the weak [BanRuo] mansion aisle, erect, his hands and feet lined up neatly.

    Just one coffin can be buried perfectly on the spot.

    So weak [BanRuo]: "..."

    She came down to take out the garbage, can this be touched too?

    She pretended to be sleepwalking, turning a blind eye, preparing to float back to her babu bed.


    An abnormal noise came from behind, so weak [BanRuo] and quietly turning back.

    Ouch, let me go!

    Does the Xiaoyan hero have to climb the railing and step on the glass slag after taking the hand-to-handle? Is he not afraid to pierce big feet?!

    "Don't go, catch me!"

    If you are childish, you are thirty years old, do you think you are the invincible cute flying squirrel? Suicide without receiving it?

    So weak [BanRuo] put aside the trash can, wind on her legs, and walk faster.

    Just kidding, her small body was squashed by the male protagonist, that's okay!

    Su Yun was so angry that he was so autistic, he kicked and jumped, fiercely throwing people down.

    So weak and [BanRuo] unable to dodge, was pressed to spout a mouthful of old blood.

    Oh, day.

    She trembled and touched the pockets of her pajamas. She wanted a cell phone, she wanted to call the police, and she wanted the police uncle to take away the mentally retarded man who didn't sleep in the middle of the night and had a cos mouse crawling on her wall!

    "Weak [BanRuo]..."

    "Weak [BanRuo] you, a fairy!"

    He didn't say a word, but his tears rushed into a river, pattering.

    "...What are you doing? My hair is getting wet by you."

    She is very disgusted.

    "You are fierce to me, you don't want me, you are on the street, you bastard!!!"

    "How can I not want you? Didn't I let you be my brother?!"

    "I'm not your brother, I want to be your husband!!!"

    "Climb the wall and dream of a pervert!!!"

    So weak [BanRuo] took a breath.

    Nothing, this guy compares his lung capacity with her when he gets excited. She was a little full tonight, her belly bulged, and she couldn't exert much fighting power.

    So she twisted his sensitive waist.

    Su Yun insisted on holding it back without saying a word.

    After a long time, he said softly, "You are so weak [BanRuo], this is the last time I beg you, do you want to try, like me, stay with me? I hate you for always lying to me, I can’t tell you. Lies and truth, I care about your past, I am jealous of any boy who kisses you."

    "But, but I don’t want to miss you. You are my first love, my first woman, a scar that I can’t get rid of after ten years. I’m cheap, addicted, hard to care, you are a little fairy. , Just take pity on me, go down to the world and save me, okay?"

    The boy who was shy and covered his face in the moonlight ten years ago had cut short and sharp hair, and his brows became mature and stable.

    He learned a lot.

    Learn to be cruel and conspiracy.

    The only thing that can't be changed is the bad condition of the eye sockets when she gets excited in front of her.

    Grandpa, your grandson is really being bullied to death, why are you not here? If you are there, you may be able to advise your grandson.

    It is said that the bystanders are clear, but he is the player in the game, really too stupid.

    He never understood what she wanted, as if everything was wrong.

    The only way is to cut the heart and liver out and expose it under the moon to see if you can wait for a rich rainy season to resurrect.

    The young man put his hands on her ears, "Su Yun is no longer the Su Yun of ten years ago. His ears are not soft and his heart is very hard. He knows what should not be, and knows how to protect you from the gossip, even if it is My parents, even my brothers, I will not let anyone hurt you. Just let me stay within half a meter of you, okay?"

    She knows that the male lead’s heart is the softest now, so he said softly, "Then what is the difference between being my brother and being my husband? Being my brother, you can still spoil me." How dangerous the relationship between husband and wife is. , A boredom is the itch of seven years, not as good as her brother, there is no interest entanglement, to come more purely, to provide stable rear protection for her wool output.

    "How many times do I have to say it to understand that brother and husband are different!"

    Su Yun, who was finally calm, was going to be driven mad by her again.

    So weak [BanRuo]: "Then you still say you don't greet me, making people doubt their charm."

    Su Yun: "..."

    He died.

    Su Yun really wanted to choke her to death, halfway through, thinking that it was him who was distressed, and he was too lazy to move.

    He looked down at her with his head down.

    "Even so weak [BanRuo] bastard, I'm serious, I'm thirty years old, I'm not young, I'm not playing family with you. If you don't coax me, I won't be able to coax me, I won't love you again, I will no longer care about the ass of your eating, eating, sleeping, or sleeping. I will like other girls, like you did at the beginning, unwilling to turn back, moths to the fire, I burn myself to death."

    "Okay." She smiled, "You go find your sister-in-law to play."

    The finger bones are pinched and loosened.

    Okay, Su Yun, isn't it just wishful thinking? I knew it a long time ago, didn't you? F*ck, what the hell are you crying?

    Su Yun abruptly held back the tears, got up from her, and helped people up again.

    Alienated, courteous, like a stranger who broke into another person's courtyard.

    So weak and [BanRuo] heartless, she called him, "Hey, I have the key, I'll open the door for you, don't climb the wall, what should I do if my aunt feels distressed?"

    Su Yun remained silent, still able to turn over the glass slag wall.


    A very soft voice fell in the grass.

    The moonlight is dazzling tonight.

    "F*ck!!! What irritated Su Yun?"

    A group of brothers were stunned.

    Empty, delete the number.

    No trace of it.

    Su Yun deleted all the things that were as weak as [BanRuo] his ex-girlfriend, and it was empty as if covered by snow.

    They called.

    There was a calm male voice on the other end of the phone, "Don't worry, I won't commit suicide yet. What's so great about love."

    Without love, the sun still rises from the east, and he can still live well.

    He is more workaholic than workaholics and has meetings all night long.

    He was seriously ill.

    Afterward, Chairman Yu was ousted from office by his own son, and, like Mr. Su, retired early.

    Yu Luoxia: "..."

    He's crazy is absolutely crazy!

    "Su Yun, I'm your mother! You f*cking dare to yin on me!" The strong woman is also going crazy, she is proud of her career, and is not willing to end up defeated. It's not that she is incapable, but that Su Yun is too evil, too thief, and even her own wife dares to calculate! This little bastard doesn't plan to be a human anymore, does he?!

    "Mom, I have worked for many years and have worked hard, so I should rest early."

    Winter is here, and most of Su Yun's face is covered in a dark green plaid scarf, unable to conceal the pale and haggard, occasionally the corners of his lips are exposed, like dried blood.

    Ms. Yu was frightened when she looked at it, "Then...Would you like to see the hospital?"

    "No, I'm fine, I can't die."

    He looked at the office window, occasionally passing by the traces of birds.

    The eyes are like stagnant water, calm and unwavering.

    Chairman Yu seemed to have figured out something, "You bastard, don't you still hold grudges? Do you hate me for opening the two of you?"

    Su Yun was silent.

    Pulling his mother down from a high position so that she can no longer use her own advantages to humiliate others, can be regarded as a sigh of relief for him.

    He can only do so much.

    Because Ms. Yu is his mother, his elder, and everything about her is "for his good", he has no strength to hate. He can only blame himself, he is not delicate enough, not smart enough to properly handle every bomb planted by time.

    He is all on his own account.

    Seeing that he was silent, Ms. Yu wanted to curse, but she choked when the words came to her lips.

    She drove to find some guy but accidentally found her packing in the mansion.

    "where are you going?"

    "Go back."

    She shrugged her shoulders so weakly [BanRuo] and answered heartlessly, "Our transaction failed. You were kicked down by your son. I also failed to be her sister. Two hundred million, no, I'm still in this sad place. What are you doing? Do you feel hurt?" And it was about to snow here, she was a little bit afraid of the cold, and wanted to move her nest.

    "Then when are you coming back?" Yu Luoxia was a little anxious.

    So weak and very surprised, he glanced at the fucking male lead, "What am I doing back?"

    "He, here are your friends and classmates." She said badly.

    "Hey, an acquaintance in general, forget it when you see it."

    So weak [BanRuo] continue to stuff things.

    "Then you don't want to find your relatives?"

    "Is the guy who made me an orphan for thirty years counted as a relative?"

    The former chairman was choked by her sharp teeth again.

    "Then what about Su Yun?!" The male protagonist was damned out.

    Being weak is even stranger, "This is your son. Just take care of him and love him. What does it matter to me?"


    Full of gas.

    The little bitch really doesn't understand human words!

    Yu Luoxia took a deep breath, "Although I am bankrupt now, my son is not broken. He is very rich and can use the mine to raise you. Don't leave, stay and be my daughter-in-law. Before, what happened before, I’m careful, and I apologize to you. You don’t need to live with us when you get married, and I don’t need you to support your care.

    After being slapped by green tea, she had to apologize for 400 million yuan. The former chairman thought that it was really miserable for her to mix up.

    But what can be done? Does she want to watch her son become a monk? What if that little bastard died young!

    She was so weak and [BanRuo] wanted to send her a word to her bankrupt aunt.

    If there is a cause, there will be an effect, and your retribution is my little ancestor.

    When Chairman Yu poured water on her high, how could she have thought that today she would ask her to go back and be a daughter-in-law?

    So, be a human being, don't be too arrogant, who knows when the retribution will come?

    Although she sympathizes with her bankrupt aunt, she still has to go.

    "I will miss you with my current boyfriend when I am abroad!"

    Yu Luoxia was so angry that she turned around and left. The little bitch had raised her little white face, so what else did she do? When she went back, she told Su Yun so weakly [BanRuo], "If she has a boyfriend, you should die of this heart! By the way, it is tomorrow’s plane. Whether you go to chase it or not is your own business. The old lady is too lazy. worry!"

    Having said that, but the next day I saw Su Yun sitting in the living room with a cold and depressed back, quietly cutting the New Year window grilles, only the sound of scissors rustling, Ms. Yu held a breath in her heart, "You can What a fool! Can’t you hug your thighs with your face? Can you sit like this? Are you afraid of hemorrhoids in your butt?

    She didn't care, and ran upstairs to continue sleeping.

    Su Yun stayed for a while, rolled up his scarf, and went out.


    The first snow of the year fell last night. It was not thick, thin, and the treetops were covered with silver shavings.

    "Are you cold?"

    On the way to the airport, someone walked with the weak [BanRuo] and confusing mixed-race face. Who was Shao Chen? This guy was decadent for half a year, doing nothing, and finally confessed that she wanted to chase her again the night before she was leaving, bold and enthusiastic. He broke all contact with his ex-girlfriend on the football team, ready to change his mind.

    "A little bit."

    She was so weak and [BanRuo] wore fluffy gloves, which Shao Chen thoughtfully prepared.

    Shao Chen was about to say something when his weak [BanRuo's] cell phone rang.

    Her face changed slightly, and the driver asked the driver to find an intersection and let her get out of the car.

    "what's happening?"

    Shao Chen asked.

    "There is something, let me take care of it."

    Shao Chen grabbed her hand and asked, "Am I with you?"

    "No, it's a private matter, you go first, take my luggage, let's meet at the airport!"

    He gradually let go and lowered his eyes, "Okay, you be careful."

    Shao Chen saw her blocking the car from the car window. The door was pulled and her long legs spanned. It was cool and charming. Like that day, she had a bright and proud smile with a ghost card between her fingers. He subconsciously chased her, unconsciously discovered her advantages, and then fell, and left everything behind to follow her.

    He might be terribly tempted.

    Isn't that the same for Su Yun?

    And Su Yun gave up and gave up, he had no chance.

    Shao Chen couldn't help but cocked his mouth.

    So weak [BanRuo] followed the navigation and ran to the theme park out of breath. The master also returned to China half a month ago because of his relatives. Dudu returned to his master's cordial embrace after all the hardships. This time she had to return early because of a performance, so she asked her teacher to continue to take care of Dudu and return on the next day.

    Who knew that there was a bear kid in the family who stole the key and slipped out of the pig while the man was away.

    Squeaking Dudu and strayed away, and ran away without a trace.

    Only then did the bear child realize that a catastrophe had occurred, and went home crying.

    She was so weak [BanRuo] that she gritted her teeth, if she catches that bear kid, she will surely beat him up! She tore off the scarf, sighed, stomped her feet again, and dazzled in the theme park.

    "Oh oh oh!"

    She vaguely heard the familiar sound and ran over.

    The children who circled under a big tree poked their heads curiously. And in the middle of the circle, there is a tall man wearing a scarf, and a pig that is too fat to float. The man squatted down, tore open the packaging bag, poured the nuts on the palms of his palms, and gently fed the little fat pigs with one handful of them.

    Suddenly so weak [BanRuo], I was shocked.

    Oh! The man who feeds the pigs is so damn charming!

    She is all right again, she wants to stay and continue to talk about her stupid, bankrupt mother-in-law.

    Su Yun felt a scorching gaze and raised her head slightly.

    He froze.

    She rushed towards him and hung on his sturdy waist.

    Su Yun was turned around by the kiss, holding her hips tightly with both hands, fearing that she would fall.


    A voice came from the side.

    The two heard it and didn't take it seriously.

    She asked crisply, "It's okay if you don't be my brother, then you can raise pigs with me! Su Yun, can you raise pigs?"

    Su Yun stammered, and the two thin ears in the sun became red and began to heat up.

    His teeth were knocking on his lower lip, it was very painful, and he touched the blood. He tried to make a sound, slightly crying, slightly hoarse, and hurriedly loudly, for fear that she would not hear it. "Yes, yes, I have read a lot of books, that, the practical science of pig raising, postpartum care of sows, pig diseases have long known... I can build a pig house, shave, and take a bath, uh, I worked in a pet shop."

    "Idiot, Dudu is male!"

    He laughed embarrassedly, shyly, a little embarrassed, "Then I, let me learn about postpartum care of young boars."

    Dudu: "???"

    You fucking say it again? ??

    Su Yunfu said in a weak [BanRuo's] ear.

    My first love, Bai Yueguang, the world’s favorite, stay. I can raise a pig for you for a lifetime.
    "Oh oh oh!"

    A hot thing arched Su Yun's legs vigorously.

    He looked down and saw that the little boar was staring at him fiercely. He was too fat. His double eyelids were fleshy, almost folded into three eyelids, his small eyes were narrowed into a slit, his nose was spraying heat, and it looked a little bit instead. funny.

    "Dudu seems a bit cold, shall we go back?"

    Toot [Dudu]: "Oh oh oh!"

    This pig is not cold at all, you bad guy stay away from Master Dudu!

    Su Yun tentatively captured his look.

    He actually wanted to squeeze her weak face [BanRuo] with his hands to see if she would be angry and see if it was a dream.

    After going out, he actually didn't know what to do, so he wandered aimlessly. Suddenly a pig jumped out of the bushes and rammed, chasing a group of children behind his ass.

    He is not a nosy person, it's just this pig who has confirmed his eyes, like the dudu he took care of in the pet shop, because he is the beloved baby of his ex-girlfriend, he loves the house and the crow, takes care of him very carefully, and also learns A bunch of useful and useless pig raising techniques. So Su Yunqing couldn't help but join the ranks of shooing pigs, bought some snacks by the way, and coaxed the fat pig that looked like Dudu, and waited for its owner to pick it up.

    Who knew its owner was his ex-girlfriend who was going abroad?!

    Su Yun felt that he was really dreaming, with limp hands and feet, dizzy by the clear winter sun.

    Has he really waited?

    His star is back, does he no longer need to be lost in the vast universe?


    She was so weak and [BanRuo] kissed him again, and the pole of her foot slid flexibly, Su Yun held her waist to make people stand firm.

    Su Yun looked at her greedily.

    She took good care of herself, her white skin, her black eyes, and her camel seahorse wool sweater with a torn corner. She put her hair down in her royal blue jeans as she pleased. The hair was put down, and the small curls were on her waist. There was a lively wave swaying between. Su Yun noticed that her lipstick was worn out, and he reminded shyly, "Well, you and your lipstick seem to be eaten by me."

    So weak [BanRuo], she said to comfort him, "Don't be afraid, I've robbed this for a long time, it's a limited edition, I also checked it specifically, food-grade raw materials, natural pollution-free, you will not die if you eat it!

    Su Yun's ears were redder.

    "Oh, oh, that's good."

    In fact, he didn't know what he said.

    His brain freezes, and his nerves are even hotter, all based on instinct.

    "Then let's go home."

    She was so weak [BanRuo] that she was fascinated by the male protagonist, and her mind was filled with the gentle appearance of him lowering his eyebrows and reaching out to feed the pigs.

    Su Yun was dizzy, "Okay, okay, go home."

    He held her hand tightly for fear that someone would run away.

    Just after taking a step, he felt that his back was going to be burnt.

    A little boar was grieving and clawing his hoofs.

    Su Yun hurriedly came back to drive the pigs.

    Dudu was heartbroken by the two of them, and refused to leave.

    It's useless to coax it so weak [BanRuo].

    What's wrong? Didn’t you still eat nuts happily just now?

    The pig's heart is so complicated, and I feel a little worried about being weak as a plant essence, and I feel that I can't tune to the same channel.

    Su Yun moved his stiff hands and feet, then took a breath and carried Dudu on his back.

    Phew, it's heavy.

    He blushed all over.

    For Su Yun half a year ago, the guy carrying more than two hundred catties is more than enough, and he is not breathless, but after he was ill, he neglected to exercise and was somewhat powerless. So weak [BanRuo], afraid that he would squeeze the male lead, and quickly persuaded him to give up the idea of carrying the pig home. The two hired a truck and moved back to the mansion that So weak [BanRuo] lived in before.

    The inside was cleaned up, but the furniture was still there and it was not troublesome to live in.

    After busying, Su Yun set up a family business for Dudu, and fed him a meal of delicately cut fruits and vegetables, and served him comfortably.

    Dudu hum fell asleep.

    The sweaty Su Yun breathed a sigh of relief, and finally coaxed the little ancestor.

    The great ancestor hugged him from behind again, and stepped on him with her feet, "Wow, I sweat a lot, you smell so bad."

    He was a little nervous, "I'll take a shower."

    So weak [BanRuo] hung on him, tilted her head, and smirked.

    Su Yun began to suffocate due to hypoxia.

    The sound of water, bells, wind, piano, rustling snow.


    And at this moment, the forehead was against the forehead, the tip of the nose was against the tip of the nose, looking at each other's wet and embarrassed appearance, they made a narrow smile.

    The ivory white sofa collapsed in a corner, and layers of soft blankets of strawberry powder were piled up.

    Sweat soaked through the ends of Su Yun's hair. He put his arms around her and looked at her, feeling very satisfied without opening his mouth.

    "You have lost weight, and your abs don't look good."

    She complained.

    Su Yun followed the people, "Okay, I will strengthen exercise and gain... fat."

    She instantly opened her eyes and smiled, "That is, you have to learn from Dudu, eat more, men with meat are the sexiest!"

    Su Yun meditated on the beeping body shape for a while, and said with difficulty.

    "……I'll try."

    So weak and [BanRuo] satisfied, as if thinking of something, stretched out a thin white arm, swayed, and went to fish for the mobile phone that slid under the sofa.

    Su Yun's heart tightened, and his hot body began to stiffen again.

    "Let me call Shao Chen."

    He shook.

    Su Yun let out a weak voice from his nose, very aggrieved, but did not dare to express aggrieved.

    He was so weak and [BanRuo] cute, so she rubbed his shoulder.

    She glanced at the time and dialed Shao Chen's mobile phone number, "Hello? Are you still at the airport?"

    She was telegraphed by the male lead, and one of them had almost forgotten this buddy.

    "Well, at the airport."

    Shao Chen leaned against the tree and occasionally kicked the little snowman by his foot. I don't know which unlucky kid piled up, crooked his nose, and ugly. He listened to the familiar female voice on the phone, slightly hoarse, like dipped in honey, which made his heartstrings tremble and pained densely.

    He could imagine how she acted like a baby in front of Su Yun.

    Where were the gloves he gave away? The door? Shoebox? Or the sofa? Will the hairballs be accidentally pulled out?

    Shao Chen laughed at himself. These are not important anymore. They are just a pair of hand-made, rough, and worthless torn gloves. How can men and women in love care about its fate? Maybe she doesn't have to wait until tomorrow, tonight she will put on new, beautiful, valuable gloves.

    Just like him, after being left behind and waiting for a long time, there was only a cold apology.

    ——Sorry, I will not go abroad, for the time being, I wish you a good time.

    He had an ex, who was a very beautiful but very temperamental girl. She was playful at first, but then she became interested and became more involved in manipulating his life. When they broke up, she smashed all the things he gave, pointed at him, and cursed, wishing him choked to death when drinking water, was killed when he went out, the woman was robbed by his brother, and his life was empty and lonely.

    Shao Chen still smiled at the time, disapproving.

    Now he finally experienced the complex and unspeakable taste, like falling from a height of 10,000 li, to pieces, and forever.

    Congratulations, he got retribution.

    Shao Chen pulled the corner of his mouth and took out the cigarette case and lighter from his pocket.

    Click, click, click.

    He took a sip unskilled and was choked to tears for the first time in his life.

    After the performance of the weak [BanRuo] friendship, the new year has come.

    Su Yun originally wanted to go with her, but at her strong request, she was forced to stay to see the house, um, in fact, to take care of her beloved. Su Yun tried his best to make Dudu gain 20 kilograms of fat. On the day she came back, she drove a truck with Dudu to pick up people near the airport.

    She is so weak [BanRuo] that she really loves this knowledgeable and witty man. When the wind blew in her ear, she was very useful, and followed him back to Su's house.

    Ms. Yu was squatting at home and she was about to get moldy. She wanted to go back to work, but Su Yun refused to give it. She couldn't sleep well, and she didn't eat well. Knowing that the weak [BanRuo] daughter-in-law was going home for the Chinese New Year, Ms. Yu's brains strayed and her heart became hot, and then she received a grand reception from her future mother-in-law with the highest five-star courtesy.

    She also kneaded the dough herself, steaming a basket of steamed buns, yes, sesame stuffed, weak [BanRuo] favorite taste.

    When Su Yun smelled this, her whole body was not good.

    Sesame buns are definitely the scariest shadow in his life. He clearly remembers that after his girlfriend went downstairs and bought this bag of buns, they broke off!

    Since then, sesame buns are honored to be included in Su Yun's top ten blacklists.

    He was forced to stuff a hot bun in his hand, and it collapsed somewhat.

    I used to eat this sesame bun to vent my anger, but now, everyone is coaxed and hugged home by him. The two are equivalent to reconciling again. He ate it... won't it break again?

    Su Yun's face was green.

    "How is it? Is it delicious?"

    Ms. Yu's eyes were eager.

    Su Yun didn't want to spoil the rare good atmosphere at home, so she pretended to smell it, "Very, very good..."

    "What is good if you haven't eaten it? Do you eat it with your nose?!"

    Ms. Yu was so angry that he pointed at someone and cursed, "Su Yun, don't go too far. Although the old lady is bankrupt, the old lady is still your old lady, and she has dignity as a person——"

    The host's father shouted in the kitchen, "Who made the ugly pie? It's going to be battered!"

    Ms. Yu screamed, and ran back, as if it was hot, yeah, yelling, so she didn’t forget to eliminate others and promote herself, "Bah! Where is the ugly old lady’s cake? Your eyes are muddled by shit!"

    "You don't like to eat sesame seeds?" Weakly [BanRuo] cocked his head.

    Before Su Yun could react, she took a big bite and finished it in three or two, and her fingers were licked clean.

    "It's delicious!"

    She smiled so that her eyes were full of bright stars.

    When Ms. Yu brought her beautiful cake to the table, her son's head was almost buried in the chair. Why didn't she know that his waist was so good?

    "Ding Ding Ding—"

    Someone rang the doorbell.

    Ms. Yu glanced at the video doorbell screen.

    Who is this? Was wrapped up like a mummy in broad daylight? It looks suspicious!

    "Su Yun! Su Yun, I know you are here! Please help me, I, I really don't want to live anymore. If you don't see me, I will jump into the river, woo woo woo."

    So weak [BanRuo] was about to join in the fun, was held down by Su Yun, "I'll deal with it, you eat first."

    It was Yan Nini who rang the doorbell.

    She is really desperate.

    The proprietress of Jin Yutang forced them to be like mice crossing the street. She was still gritting her teeth and insisting, but the man who followed her to escape here gave up early. He was accustomed to being pampered, and tired of the scenes of sleeping out for love, turned around and hooked up. The boss's wife, works together to cuckold the boss.

    At this juncture, that hot-tempered fiancee from abroad also came after her. New hatred and old hatred broke out. This time, the men did not catch the wrong person. Without the weak [BanRuo] top bag and the male protagonist’s IQ, Yan Nini would only cry. So it cools quickly. The fiancee hated her cheesy face so much that she was sent to the operating table, making the doctor ugly.

    The doctor was a young guy, and he felt sorry for Yan Nini's appearance. After all, it was rare to be so beautiful and natural these days, so he didn't make any cruelty. Yan Nini's facial features are still the same, which is very common. Before the plastic surgery, she still had some characteristics similar to those of weak [BanRuo]. She smiled with aura, and now she was rubbed out.

    It's not ugly, but it's so ordinary that you can't find it in the crowd.

    The fiancee was a little dissatisfied, but seeing Yan Nini collapsed and shouted like a madman, saying that this was not her face, she breathed out a sigh of relief, and finally felt relieved.

    Yan Nini couldn't accept this dull face at all. Before she was walking on the road, people would accost her from time to time, including scouts, inviting her to film! Having tasted the taste of the stars Gongyue, who can bear to fall into the mud? She tried to contact the richest second-generation richest person on the phone and asked him to transfer some money. After cheating two or three times, she was just in vain, and she moved her double eyelids!

    Seeing her true face, the rich second generation felt cheated and was angrily blacked out.

    Yan Nini had to look back for Su Yun, and she begged him, "A Yun, based on our previous love, you help me, you give me money, not much, five million, I must pretend to be her, I will give you the time of my whole life, okay?"

    This is a mistake.

    Su Yun clearly realized his waywardness. He thought he was mature, but he was actually quite naive, and even tricked her into returning to China with a trick like a substitute. He made a phone call and called Yan Nini's family. Without his instructions, those people pleased to laugh and tied Yan Nini back.

    He received a text message.

    ——Big boss, happy cooperation.

    His eyes were indifferent, and he clicked delete.

    "Why are you so long?" His waist was poked.

    Black Heart Ba always became smaller and shy in seconds.

    "No nonsense, it's all here."

    Three years passed in a flash.

    It was another scorching summer, with the noise of cicadas, the heat waves rolling, and the weak [BanRuo] wearing a cherry sling, holding a big watermelon, holding a silver spoon, and chasing drama while eating.

    There was a splash of water from the bathroom.

    Yes, don't want to be crooked, the male host is taking a bath for Dudu, he is very uncooperative, and bumps around.

    When Su Yun came out of the bathroom, his body was steaming hot, his hair and clothes were wet, he was wearing a sports vest, and his strong and sexy eight-pack abs were looming. Especially when he was wrapped in a towel with Toot, the huge weight of nearly four hundred jins, he carried on his shoulders effortlessly, and the lines of his arms were so fierce that they were as weak as [BanRuo] faint.

    He's so handsome and sexy. She's going to be pollinated.

    He was so weak [BanRuo] that he didn't want to eat watermelon anymore, and she bit on his tough flesh with a few silver teeth.

    Su Yun didn't care about the tickling pain, his broad palms pressed her little head, "Aren't you going to go shopping later? Aren't you afraid of weak legs?"

    He was so weak [BanRuo] and squeezed his brain into his arms, her eyes were bright, "Isn't there still you back?"

    Su Yun: "Accept with humility, and then do not change your life, you just owe it."

    So weak [BanRuo]: "Yes, yeah, yeah, pick me up."

    Su Yun could only clean up her meal, tossing over and over, frying cherry red on both sides.

    Halfway through, it rained.

    Su Yun kissed her shoulder, jumped up, skillfully took a clothes fork, and went to collect the clothes.

    The summer rainy season is coming again, but he has gotten used to it, got a serious illness, and healed again.

    Then he told himself.

    Su Yun, you have been beaten and swollen now, right?

    Living to death, love is really fucking amazing!

    Arc 2: Full harem white moonlight


    So weakly [BanRuo] shaking the small silver bell in her hand, there was an illusory figure sitting at the low table.

    The five-square-meter small shop is really shabby. A small table takes up most of the space. The weak [BanRuo's] legs can't straighten out, so I just hug my knees and squat in a very well-behaved posture.

    She blinked her eyes and looked at her Party A father.

    Dear, the rich gift package you want has been delivered perfectly, can you give a five-star praise?

    The figure distorted for a moment, making a hoarse noise.

    "I'm not satisfied with what you did. I want to apply for another counterattack."

    Hey, here comes, Party A's father is going to f*ck her again.

    But the one who gave the money was the uncle, who was so weak [BanRuo] or explained in a good voice, "Dear, you think about it again, you see, this contract clearly states that you hope you can become a rich man worth more than 100 million yuan. , No longer at the mercy of anyone."

    She feels that the two hard targets of "super-rich" and "flying waves" have basically been reached.

    "But you use my body to fall in love with Su Yun!" The figure screamed unwillingly, "Why are you!"

    She smiled softly, her eyes wafting with water.

    she says.

    "Don't you want him to be your slave?"

    Like a devil, it can break through the secrets of people's hearts.

    The figure shook.

    So weak [BanRuo] smile and bend her eyes.

    In fact, taking 10,000 steps back, the piggy bank is not within her scope of service.

    Especially weak [BanRuo], she gave her one-fifth of the merit value, and she gave her one-fifth of the wish, and exchanged for equal value. It's fair, isn't it? As for Su Yun, the employer didn't give her any merit to letting her engage him, and she didn't take it seriously if she was weak [BanRuo], so she just followed her heart.

    Because she was really greedy for the tendon meat he raised after raising pigs.

    This is the advantage of the contract. The wishes are clearly written, and no one can go wrong.

    "That's your slave, not mine!" The other party couldn't hide her anger.

    Oh, she understands, the employer felt that Su Yun fell in love with a fake one who was so weak [BanRuo], and she felt very unhappy.

    But they were originally two people, no, they were one person and one plant essence.

    "Seriously, kiss, I think you are a little bit arrogant." The weak [BanRuo] said seriously, "If the underworld wants to help the evil spirits counterattack, it must charge all the merits, but they are a small business, so it is very affordable. After receiving one-fifth from you, you acquiesced to my rules and made a wish to make yourself rich. I also helped you achieve it. The transaction is complete, isn't it?"

    "I can't agree with what you did, I won't pay for it anyway!"

    The employer's tone is tough.

    So weak and a [BanRuo] little bit sore.

    Encountered this kind of recklessness again.

    If you say that you really hate the male protagonist, if you give merit to me, I will f*ck him. If you don't give it, you don't say it, that is to say, that she does it casually and does it all. How can this be done?

    But it is impossible to go back, after all, she also does things according to the contract.

    In addition to being free and not violating the regulations, if the employer is not satisfied, it doesn't matter if you give a bad review. Why eat the King’s meal?

    It's too hard to do a small business!

    So weak [BanRuo] had to call the urban management Xiao Cui brother to solve it.

    Brother Xiao Cui held an indifferent face. After understanding the cause, he issued a token to the unjust soul. The newly-researched order of resurrection from the underworld was expensive and scarce.

    With this token, the wronged soul can wear back to the world before she was alive, but she will only survive for one year.

    It's so weak [BanRuo] that it uses the token ability without saying a word.

    The weaker [BanRuo] invited Lord Fujun to sit in a row with her on her knees, divided him into small melon seeds, and watched the play. In fact, what is particularly weak [BanRuo] is not her original world, but the parallel world on another node. She once faced the same situation as the weak [BanRuo], and was humiliated by Chairman Yu with 5 million.

    The employers were so angry that they didn't have a little foreshadowing, and they knocked 800 million people up, really stunned by their weakness [BanRuo].

    Chairman Yu became angry from embarrassment and told Su Yun about the matter without hesitation.

    Su Yun, who was so weak [BanRuo] at this time, was so weak [BanRuo] who used a soft knife to sharpen her pockets for ten years. He loved her so much that he lost his reason, and he was willing to do anything for her. She didn't think about the timing, and let Su Yun sever the relationship between mother and child, or they would break up.

    Then after a tug-of-war, they were divided, and before graduation, they were divided vigorously and thoroughly.

    Su Yun went to study abroad.

    Especially weak [BanRuo], the whole person is stupid.

    In this year, she did not earn 800 million, did not apply to study abroad, did not make Su Yun fascinated by her, and even Su Yun and his brother did not get back the slightest interest on the harm that Su Yun and his brother caused to her.

    What embarrassed her, even more, was Su Yun's attitude towards her.

    How can he easily say that he won't love if he doesn't love?

    A deceitful guy can teach him to be a good boyfriend with twenty-four filial piety against her face, and he will be around her for the rest of his life.

    And she just told him to sever the relationship with that vicious woman, he would not agree!

    You are so weak and desperate to come back.

    She was so weak [BanRuo] and succeeded to double her merit value, so she smiled and said thank you very much.

    As long as she is willing to pay the bill, she has nothing to complain about!

    The employer couldn't help but sneer when she saw her look like a money fan, "A man is really blind, so he will like your green tea."

    So weak [BanRuo] smiled shyly, "Thank you for the compliment."

    She can make people blind and wear a halo of dignity, she thinks this is an affirmation of her business ability!

    If every world can do this, why not worry about getting rich?

    After sending away the grievances, I was so weak and [BanRuo] cleared the account with Xiao Cui. Although she had a little meaning for the handsome face, but now the two of them are not relatives, and she stings again, she can never take advantage of his token Right? Those who are weak [BanRuo] like their brothers to settle accounts, one yard goes to one yard, no one owes anyone, life is easy and comfortable.

    I hope that her next employer will also be a Party A's father who pays attention to the spirit of contract. She can do as much work as she gives her!

    She is so weak [BanRuo] and carefully selected, and she chose a beauty in ancient costume, because she looks like a woman in the world. Generally speaking, this kind of person is quite proud. Shouldn't she owe her debts?

    With a particularly weak [BanRuo] example, this time, the weak [BanRuo] has grown a little bit, and I cross-examined the employer in all directions. It is really not letting go of the wish of the hair!

    Immediately she asked the other party to explode on the spot, and on the spot, she had to change from the queen of the mother's world to the mother's Yaksha.

    So weak [BanRuo] quickly slipped away.


    She knocked her forehead to the ground.

    Adding to the heavy headwear pressure, it feels as weak [BanRuo] that her neck is about to split.

    "Queen, the evidence is solid, what else do you have to say?"

    A majestic and thick male voice came from above.

    She held her neck so weak [BanRuo] and looked up. The other party was wearing a mysterious robe with a diaoyu on his head, handsome in appearance, and eyes like cold stars.

    It's a pity again.

    Putting it together with the logic of the novel, this is actually a harem little sweet text, a ruthless emperor who sits on the harem three thousand, and an ignorant and innocent little palace lady, fell in love on a night when the sky thunders and the ground fire.

    Then the employer who was the original partner of the palace will naturally be passed away, giving the emperor's cautious place a place.

    However, the little palace lady's family background is ordinary, and she is the little daughter of the seven-rank Zhi-pin official. Putting it at the feet of the emperor who is full of high officials and has many gentry-like dogs will be a bit of a loss. It is conceivable that if the little palace lady dared to stand upright on the ground like this, the officer's father would surely be able to drown the court and nail the dog emperor to the shame of the king.

    So what does the dog emperor who is proficient in the emperor's heart do?

    He set up a shield for his guard, starting from the employer, the real queen, he continued to favor her and provoked the jealousy of the harem concubine. He had five or six illnesses a year and almost didn't belch.

    The dog emperor saw that she was about to die, and swiftly shifted the target. Hey, he turned to her enemy, the imperial concubine. What kind of silk, satin, and delicacies were all sent to the imperial concubine’s palace, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally. I ignored the queen's share.

    Now the two most noble masters of the harem will not carry it?

    The boss fights and the subordinate suffers.

    The concubines in the harem stood tremblingly and concentrated their firepower to attack the opposing camp. Today you stepped on my face, and tomorrow I will fuck your whole family. I'm hard at the backstage, I'm afraid of you!

    While everyone was trying to fight for their boss, the Dog Emperor and his little palace lady had an affair in the kitchen, in the hot spring, and in the Buddhist temple. That was excitement. In short, the feelings warmed up very quickly.

    Yes, the dog emperor played a very popular dress-up code, disguising himself as a poor little eunuch. He felt that the little palace lady was not showing his status, but his people, and the coquettish bitches in the harem. are different.

    When the queen and the imperial concubine are exhausted from the battle, the dog emperor has enough handles collected by the emperor.

    The two got off the stage together, and the family was uprooted.

    The dog emperor cleared the obstacles for his true love, and finally amnesty the harem. Fortunately, the little concubines of low status, the ministers don't often see them, and if they conceal something, they can still get married and find a good man. And those who often show up at state banquets are unlucky. Who dares to ask for the emperor's woman? Ten heads are not enough!

    Therefore, the employer was tied up by secular rules and was forced to eat fast and reciting the Buddha for a lifetime.

    Oh, day.

    The weak heart [BanRuo] let out a sigh, and then turned her attention back to the present.

    The situation is like this. In the mid-term plot, the employer and her enemies are in full swing and intoxicated. Just gaining the upper hand, the dog emperor thinks it’s impossible. He is afraid that the east wind will overwhelm the west, so he turns to support his beloved imperial concubine. Take a good breath.

    The imperial concubine of national beauty and fragrant beauty leaned on the dog emperor’s chest, crying like pear blossoms with rain, I felt pity, "Sister, why do you have to be so bitter to my sister? How come you think of such a pickled way to put medicine in the tea, so that Traitor...Woo, your majesty, the concubine, the concubine has always admired her sister, and now she is so disgusted by her sister, it is better to die."

    She trembled even harder.

    Damn, sisters, holding one hand and one step on it, you are also a green tea with explosive combat effectiveness.

    She looked around weakly [BanRuo looked aroung], and there were people kneeling on both sides of her. One was the close-fitting court lady who had been bought by her side, and the other was the guard who kept shaking.

    Both of them confessed her.

    At this time, the employer has become more black and tried every means to step the imperial concubine into the mud. So under the bewilderment of the spy sent by the dog emperor, her brain heated up and implemented this shit plan to frame the imperial concubine. . If she admits that she is so weak [BanRuo], the Dog Emperor must have laughed at this handle, and he will not hesitate to copy his home every day.

    Don't panic, she's a full rank, she can't stand it.

    So weak [BanRuo] took a deep breath and added an orange buff to herself.

    She snorted, her eyes flushed, and her eyebrows were haggard.

    Tears rained down.

    It seemed difficult to tell, and made public the secret that she hid in her heart without seeing the sun.

    So weak [BanRuo]: "Qingqing, you really misunderstood, that dog man is as dirty as mud, how can he touch your noble and flawless jade finger!"

    Imperial Concubine: "???"

    So weak [BanRuo]: "Didn't Mrs. Ronghou tell you that since the day of the lantern festival, I fell in love with you at first sight, goodbye to you, and I have promised my life at the three sights. Asking what love is in the world is a promise to life and death. . But I know, I am a woman, this relationship is too shocking, I can only resist not telling you."

    Imperial Concubine: "???"

    So weak [BanRuo]: "But I’m suffering, it’s unbearable that I can’t see each other. When you enter the palace, I also enter the palace, thinking that I can see you every day, and fearing that others will learn of my infatuation, I will recruit you. Disaster, you can only find faults and thorns. But you must believe me, my heart for you is clear, heaven and man learn from each other, and I will never do such sloppy things! It is too late for my palace to love you! "

    Imperial Concubine: "???"

    What is your old godly woman talking about?
    Yes, the green tea buff of the imperial concubine was ferociously suppressed by the weak [BanRup's] lily buff.

    She was like a peony that was split by thunder, scorched from the inside to the outside.

    Big Peony trembled in the wind in a pitiful, helpless, dazed, and frightened manner.

    Huang Huang Huang, this old godly woman actually loves her?!

    See the hell!

    The harem concubines who don’t know that the queen and the imperial concubine are a pair of life-and-death plastic sisters. On the surface, they are soft and weak and affectionate and yell to their sisters and sisters. Can't wait to kill the other little Sao hoof.

    The imperial concubine is the daughter of the Ronghou, a family of military generals, holds the power of war, and was a popular candidate for the queen in the future. Who knows that the daughter of the Taifu was killed in the middle, as weak as [BanRuo] Zhen Zhen!

    This black horse was silent, weak when he was young, and had been recuperating in Nantang. When he was old and about to get married, the dog emperor brought Bai Yueguang back to the capital.

    Before the dog emperor ascended the throne, he was a miserable black dog. Father didn’t care for his mother. In order to avoid the struggle in the palace, he took the opportunity of reading to go to Nantang where there are many scholars. His daughter played with his childhood sweetheart's first love complex.

    My husband slapped me in the palm of the school today, um, I bullied his daughter to go!

    My husband punished me to copy the book, it was okay, I asked his daughter to write love poems for me!

    The husband scolded me, hey, I let his daughter coax me!

    In a word, in this wonderful atmosphere, Zhen Bian was weak and firmly seated in the dog emperor's first in line, Bai Yueguang, who squeezed the imperial concubine from the position of queen.

    That year, the warmth of spring blossomed again, and many gambling shops in the capital closed for good.

    The imperial concubine's face was swollen, and all the hundred taels of gold she had slid were smashed into the water, and no sound was heard when she smashed it in.

    The two of them had a big deal with Liang Zijie.

    To ask the imperial concubine who hates the most in this world, the old goddess will not waver for a hundred years!

    Even if her charm is boundless, and the old goddess has a passion for her, that would not be possible!

    "Your Majesty."

    The imperial concubine called out Jiao Didi.

    She was so weak and [BanRuo] stared at her.

    Royal Concubine: "..."

    Dog Emperor Yan Weak Yi: "..."

    If you don't speak, then the green tea will begin to perform in situ.

    So weak [BanRuo], crying and crying, while launching her whitewashing business.

    "Your Majesty Rongzi, my concubine has loved my sister for a long time. My sister is my concubine's medicine, my concubine's bright moon, my concubine's heart, and I will never do such a humiliating thing!"

    Yan weak [BanRuo] clothing is the kind of enchanting dog emperor, subwoofer, big long legs, a pair of Danfeng eyes, thin and long, not serious, as if hiding a hook of the soul, the corner of his lips curled slightly, and he sneered." With that said, they were fascinated by the Lord Yan and started talking nonsense?"

    The weak [BanRuo] looked at the two of them, saying that they were confidants, but they were actually the powerful eyeliner of the Emperor Dog.

    Produced by Xichang, cruel and cruel.

    The Emperor Dog pulled the two out because he wanted them to take the opportunity to feign death, conceal their eyes and ears, and help him do some ugly things.

    Don't look at them now pretending to be like grandsons, they're embarrassed by picking up her natal family.

    She was so weak and [BanRuo[ didn't sacrifice herself to fulfill everyone's great feelings. She would have to be plucked and boiled by the dog emperor in full view. How could she care about the life and death of these two white-eyed wolves?

    She said without hesitation, "Your Majesty, this is what the concubine is worried about. Yingxiu has been with her for two years, and she persuades her to hurt her concubine every day. She can always bring out all kinds of amazing things, all in the palace. The banned concubine can't even get the concubine, but she did it, and the concubine's face was swollen!"

    "The concubine is worried that if she doesn't follow her idea, she will take action against Qingqing. It's better to be a wicked concubine and find the master behind the scenes." She is so weak [BanRuo] and hangs up her teammate, the imperial concubine, "Qingqing is not afraid, this palace I promised your mother that I will protect you."

    The imperial concubine: "!!!"

    When did her mother entrust her to this old godly woman? Bah, what entrusted her to, that is not good intentions at all!

    Yan Qianyi laughed angrily at her trick of throwing the pot away, "Then how do you explain this guard? Who gave him the courage to provoke my concubine?"

    "Then blame the concubine Qingqing for being so charming..."

    The weak [BanRuo's] eyes looked very sad.

    The imperial concubine got goosebumps, and she was so scared that she was disconnected from the harem channel.

    The dog emperor listened to her mouthful of concubine, and his forehead was sore as the sea of tenderness.

    "One-sided words, how ridiculous!"

    So weak [BanRuo] is to follow them to the end, "If your majesty doesn’t believe me, it’s better to ask Grandpa Liu from the Dongchang factory. He has the best way of extorting a confession by torture. I’m afraid I can’t ask anything. Concubine really doesn’t believe they are just ordinary court ladies. Guard."

    The faces of the two changed.

    They belong to the West Factory and are rivals to the East Factory. Once they fall into the hands of the East Factory leader, they will survive and be disabled for half their lives.

    Before the weak [BanRuo] hatred was over, she went on to say, "The concubine always suspects that this is the conspiracy of the family. If you overthrow the concubine, the concubine's Qingqing will become the only target of the harem, saying that Mu Xiu Yu Lin Feng will destroy it. So, doesn't this push her to the mouth of the storm?"

    Hearing this, the imperial concubine was excited.

    "So my queen is going to bend to a trick?"

    Yan Qianyi flipped the hem of her bullet suit.

    "If your majesty feels unfair, then bring your concubine into the West Factory." The words were righteous, but she was so weak [BanRuo] that she was afraid of pain, and she added very carefully, "It's just that before your majesty welcomes your concubine into the palace, he promised your concubine. You can't fall off a single hair on your body. If you lose one, your Majesty will cut a catty of meat. Your Majesty is a man upright, so he can't speak a word?

    The dog in the love period is really a lie, deceiving people and not paying for their lives, and can swear any vows to coax people.

    Zhen Banwei originally wanted to have a couple for life, and refused to enter the palace alive and dead. The dog emperor robbed her and coaxed her heart away. Then he coaxed her body again. If you don't marry, you have to marry. The first three years of entering the palace were simply a highlight moment for the employer, and the imperial concubine has not succumbed to her pressure.

    Three years later, the sixteen-year-old little palace lady entered the palace, and the dog emperor turned into a little eunuch.

    When true love comes, the white moonlight turns into slimy rice particles.

    Now that the employer has been in the palace for five years, the cold is almost the same. If it weren't for the aura of the white moonlight struggling to support it, it might not have been able to sustain the happy ending of the male and female masters.

    Yan Qianyi seemed to smile but not, "Is the queen complaining that I violated my oath and was not struck by lightning?"

    So weak and [BanRuo] hypocritical, "Your Majesty the Ninth Five-Year Lord, the dragon among the people, the hegemon among the lords, how could he be struck by lightning?"

    "What is it?"

    "The concubine is complimenting you, your majesty doesn't have to think too much."

    A good questioning scene turned into a flirting and cursing show for the empress. The imperial concubine was so wronged that she was so weak [BanRuo] before she spoke, "Your Majesty, it is not too late to take these two to the East Factory, the concubine must be Take the crime and perform meritorious service and supervise the whole process, so as not to let them have the slightest chance to escape!"

    Yan Qianyi remembered that she was most afraid of blood, and had the heart to teach her today's nonsense, so she responded with a smile.

    There are only two pawns left and right.

    Unlike the TV series, the East Factory was not built in a gloomy dungeon. Each room was antique and exquisite. The instruments of torture were cleaned up, but the smell of blood was very sticky. The dog emperor put his hands around his chest, and let the chief of Dongchang to be sentenced himself.

    So weak [BanRuo] couldn't help but sympathize with these two white-eyed wolves. See what dog owner they were with, and they were cruel, too miserable.

    The screams suddenly sounded, so weakly [BanRuo] startled, she screamed.

    I don't know when the dog emperor stood next to her, blowing into her ears.

    "The call is really nice, let me call it two more times."

    He is so weak and [BanRuo] sure, he cuts black and shakes S.

    Fortunately, she cuts green and trembles too.

    Everyone is a member of the S family.

    So weak [BanRuo] replied, "Your Majesty also yelled twice, with heavy yang energy, pressing down on this mountain."

    Yan Xiaoyi's eyes circled around her body.

    So weak and [BanRuo] straightened her back.

    What's the matter, what's weird, she can't set up her love because of love and hatred? Look at the employer. Originally taught by the Tai Fu to be dignified, virtuous, gentle, and generous, only a few years after entering the palace, she became the kind of "narrow-minded", "jealous", and "not tolerant" in the dog emperor's mouth. Bad lady.

    She can't lose her temper yet?

    As for whether this change will anger the Emperor Dog and implicate her whole family, she feels weak [BanRuo[ that her father and her brother are still able to survive.

    So she waved first, anyway, the wave won't die.

    She was thinking, being held down by the dog emperor, her chest was rising and falling, and her breath was warm, "The queen is wrong, and the yin and yang can work together to get twice the result with half the effort."

    Ok? Double repair in front of the dead?

    This dog emperor really has a good appetite.

    The weak [BanRuo] hand was itchy, and while wondering whether to slap the left cheek or the right cheek first, a Jinyiwei hurried in, attached to the dog emperor's ear, and said a few words.

    "Miss Yuan...cut vegetables...hands...bleed..."

    Yan Qianyi's eyes flashed the distressed color, but he put away the ruffian's behavior, making people send the weak [BanRuo] back to the palace, and stepped on a pair of black boots to leave, the clothes fluttering, and the wind was chic.

    If your man rushes to coax other little lovers in front of you, how do you feel?

    It's so weak [BanRuo], and I even want the hostess to blow up the kitchen by the way. It's best to blow up the dog emperor to a half body.

    Besides, she is not the one who swears each other with the dog emperor Shanmeng, nor is she who does not marry the emperor. She is just a wage earner who comes to help the employer with work. What kind of affection can she have? She is a bastard who can run away after sleeping without admitting it! She was so weak [BanRuo] at best that she felt that the dog emperor was so f*cking f*cking, and then she was carried on the sedan chair and returned to the palace comfortably.

    So weak [BanRuo] took off the heavy court clothes, rolled into the soft pillow on the high bed, hugged the quilt, and slept dimly.

    Wake up with a big appetite, let the small kitchen make a lot of delicious food, this summer is scorching, first bite a popsicle to relieve the heat! Oh? No popsicles? The ice bowl is also fine. Mix fresh lotus seeds, white lotus root slices, water chestnut, etc. with crushed ice, pour it in sugar water, and chill it for an hour or two, and it will have a cool and sweet taste.

    So weak and [BanRuo] cool.

    With her hips akimbo, holding her three-month-old belly, she wandered around her turf to digest.

    The weak [BanRuo] asked her maid, "Can this harem raise pigs?"

    Maid: "This, this servant doesn't know."

    So weak [BanRuo] changed her question, "Can the queen keep pets? The stronger one."

    Maid: "Yes, it should be okay."

    In the frightened gaze of the palace ladies, their virtuous and virtuous mothers are the empresses of the world——

    She drove a chubby little white pig back.

    I don't know if it is contaminated with the nobleness of the empress. The eyebrows of this pig are a little red, and it looks...very delicate?!

    So weak [BanRuo] gave it a name, green hat, nickname hat hat.

    The hat and hat step on your majesty’s clothes, use your majesty’s bathtub, and still sleep and sleep on your majesty's bed?!

    Girlfriends are welcome to watch the touching movie series about dogs and men are not as good as pigs online~
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    When the weak [BanRuo] in Raiders fell in love with her little white pig, the male protagonist also got online with his true love little palace lady.

    The heroine Yuan Qiaoer is currently working in the dining room. She is not good at the start. She is a low-level fire girl. She is clumsy, but she is kind and humble, and her personality is lively and cheerful. The pampering of all the uncles and aunts protected her.

    Recently, Yuan Qiao'er took the big luck, got the favor of Zhu Yuchu, and recognized his goddaughter.

    Zhu Yuchu wanted to let his goddaughter inherit the mantle, so he opened a small back door for her, from a wood-burning one to a vegetable-cutting one.

    After a while, Yuan Qiao'er chopped off her hands, and the dining room was turned around.

    Zhu Yuchu had to prepare separate cases for the women of the palaces, so he had no time to take care of his god-daughter, so he let Yuan Qiao'er take a half-day holiday and went back to treat the wounds. Jin Yiwei, who was sent to protect her, was watching secretly. Seeing the little girl crying so miserably, she naturally wanted to pass the injury to her master.

    Yan Qianyi changed into the clothes of the little eunuch, and went over the wall to Yuan Qiao'er's room.

    Small green brick, single room.

    Compared with the magnificent palace of the maidens, it was not even a bit worse.

    However, compared with the little ladies who have not even gotten their heads or even a name, Yuan Qiao'er has already ascended to heaven. There is no need for five or six girls to squeeze on the kang, and to go to the latrine, you have to get up and line up early with their noses pinched, fearing. Wrong duty.

    He lifted a rough blue curtain.

    The little girl sat on the bed, still crying, as if she was about to die. He thought it was very funny.

    Didn’t it just hurt your hand, as for?

    But the women in the world seem to be delicate, unbearable with a little skin injury, as weak as Zhen, and almost killed her every time he is defeated.

    "Little Yizi!"

    Seeing that tall figure, Yuan Qiao'er yelled in surprise, and was ashamed to hide her hands behind her head, "You, why are you here?"

    "Let's see how you make Qiaoer chicken feet, I don't know how it tastes."

    He calmly sat down on the edge of her bed, not a little embarrassed, Yuan Qiao'er was also used to his familiarity and got closer.

    "You, you are bad."

    Being so molested by the ambiguous object, Yuan Qiao'er shyly punched him in the chest.

    "Let me see where it hurts."

    Yan's Qian clothes were faked to help her privately, took the best wound medicine to her, and skillfully wrapped the gauze.

    Yuan Qiao'er's hand was caught by him, and the man's generous and warm palm made her shy.

    "Thank you, Yizi."

    Being alone in the same room with a man and a widow is a bit fanciful.

    The two of them had been sticky for so many days before they almost pierced a layer of window paper.

    However, Yuan Qiao'er still had some worries in her heart, so she dodged a little.

    Xiao Yizi works as an errand with your majesty. The mix is okay. The key is that he is very good, not the red lips and white teeth like a little eunuch, but a masculine charm and gentleness to her. Of course, she likes him. , But he is a little eunuch, Yuan Qiao'er was taught by her mother before entering the palace, and she understood a little bit about men and women.

    She is not sure whether she can accept the other's physical defect.

    Her mother said that eunuchs cannot give women normal happiness.

    Yuan Qiao'er thought of the guard elder brother who had confessed to her, and looked at the little eunuch who was bandaging her, the weight in her heart shook.

    Such silence is not a problem.

    She cleared her throat and asked for a topic, "You are good at bandaging, have you done it for someone else?"

    The other's slender fingers paused.

    The sixth sense of a woman is the most mysterious, and Yuan Qiao'er suddenly becomes nervous, "Is it bandaged for other little palace ladies?"

    Yan Weiyi's eyes slightly picked.

    To be precise, it was not the little palace lady, but the ten-year-old Zhen Banyan who was fooled by him. The lady who did not touch Yang Chunshui with her ten fingers went to the kitchen, and she chopped five of her ten fingers, which is also very capable. Ever since meeting Yuan Qiaoer secretly, he rarely thought of this fake and serious woman.

    Thinking of her, Yan Qianyi thought of her saying that she liked the imperial concubine today in order to get rid of crime.

    Yan Qianyi refused to believe a word.

    Whether she loves him or not, her body's reaction is clear at a glance.

    Yuan Qiao'er saw that he was wandering, feeling sore in her heart, her temper came up, and drove him out.

    Yan Qianyi was not angry, so let her rest, and he would come to see her another day.

    Not long after he left, there was a stomping sound inside, and Yan Qianyi couldn't help laughing.

    This is the difference between Yuan Qiaoer and the harem concubines.

    She is very real, there is no city, there is a little girl who should be, unlike those harem evildoers, a person has ten faces, and can change anytime and anywhere.

    Willow shoots on the moon, three-point breeze.

    "Your Majesty, it's late at night, where are you going to rest tonight?"

    The father-in-law Li Jinxi bowed to ask.

    Yan Qianyi put down the cinnabar pen and slipped the words "Emperor Concubine" in his mouth, and changed it to "Go to Chaofeng Palace."

    He sees whether this woman can fall in love with the imperial concubine on his dragon couch tonight!

    The old eunuch was stunned. Chaofeng Palace was the place of the empress. His Majesty visited five or six times last year, and again in the spring of this year.

    Li Jinxi recovered and made people get ready to go quickly.

    Long Nian swayed on the road, and Yan Qianyi's body also shook, and she felt sleepy. He crossed his two fingers, tried to support his heavy eyelids, and asked about the situation of Chao Feng Palace at random.

    The old eunuch thought of the report of the young eunuchs, and had a sudden heart attack, biting his head.

    "The Queen Empress slept for an hour, and ate six ice bowls, ten red apricot crisps, and two eight-treasure roast ducks after she woke up... Well, she also hurried back from the dining room a little white pig with a reddish-brown. "It is said that the queen was walking in the wind, shouting to keep pigs under the knife, frightening Zhu Yuchu in the dining room.

    Yan Qianyi suspected that his ears had bugs.

    "What is it? What pig?"

    If he hadn't heard the second half of this description, he would have thought that the queen had made him a man.

    Is she going to turn his sleeping place into a pigsty?

    The old eunuch couldn't bear the emperor's thunderous anger, and honestly shook out the news he had learned.

    Not only did the empress greet the little white pig back to Chaofeng Palace with great fanfare, but she also treated his majesty's clothes as a towel, personally wiped his body, shaved and fed, hushed and asked for warmth, she was so thoughtful and thoughtful to wait for him, she was more attentive than waiting for his majesty.

    Li Jinxi strangely sympathized with the noblest man in the world, and the treatment in Chaofeng Palace was not as good as a pig.

    Seeing the general manager's father-in-law's gaze dodging, Yan Qianyi knew that there was still intelligence that had not been dug up.

    "What is the queen doing?"

    Father-in-law: "Your Majesty, before the minister said, I wanted to avoid a gold medal."

    Yan QianYi: "Quality."

    The father-in-law in charge: "The empress gave Little Bai Zhu a personal name, a nickname hat, a big emperor."

    Yan QianYi: "..."

    This is the second time the Emperor of Jin Dynasty was laughed angrily by his queen today.

    After he became an adult, he was fully pro-government and developed a temperament that is difficult to distinguish between anger and anger. His servants watched his face and acted, not to mention the women in the harem who were attached to him alive.

    Yan Qianyi stepped into the boundary of Chaofeng Palace.

    The eunuch had already sneaked in to report, so the weak [BanRuo] teasing hat was carried out of the house by her maids and the maids to greet the holy driver.

    She was so weak [BanRuo] in the harem before. She has a bright mind and learned etiquette. Most dynasties are actually the same, so her posture of saluting is not wrong, but her gaze is too obvious, and she doesn’t give anything at all. Yan QianYi clothing saves face.

    Yan Qianyi dragged her in, "I heard that the queen has a fat little pet that is more anxious? I want to take a good look."

    Then he saw the little white pig rolling happily in his clothes, arching around, with a white robe on his head, and his eyes were amazingly bright.

    The maid almost fainted when she saw this scene.

    One person and one pig's eyes widened.

    The dragon and phoenix canopy bed was specially built by Yanqiyi for the internal officials. It is made of agarwood, eaglewood, gold lacquered and red embroidered. It uses more than six thousand taels of silver. here has. Of course, these introductions are not important, what is important is why a pig will climb on his dragon bed.


    Yan QianYi has his clothes around his chest. He is tall and tall. According to his weak estimation, this 猹 is 1.93 meters tall, while Zhen is weak only 1.60 meters. The difference between a typical tiger and a kitten.

    She looked up at him so weakly [BanRuo], feeling pain in her neck.

    How to love each other at different altitudes!

    "Oh, your majesty, my concubine will give you a formal introduction. It's a hat. The concubine is too useless. I haven't given birth to my majesty a baby in these years. I feel ashamed, so..."

    "So you let a pig be my son?"

    The maid was shaken into a sieve, and when it was over, your majesty was confused, and it was no longer necessary to even claim to be. Your majesty was going to run away!

    "Your Majesty, don't worry, the concubine will not use the treasury. The concubine has a dowry and can afford it." She was serious.

    Yan Weiyi smiled back with anger.

    "Run to pee on my head, Zhen is as weak as [BanRuo] Zhen, you are really good at it!" He said in a bad mood, "Go away!"

    So weak [BanRuo] feet slipped fast with oil.

    "Not talking about you!"

    He took a long leg, grabbed her waist, raised his brow at the palace man, "Aren't you rolling?"

    Everyone scrambled and ran away, closing the door by the way.

    She was so weak [BanRuo] that she couldn't take it off. She was hit by the dog emperor's arm, hugged her waist and bent her legs, and threw her into the canopy bed.

    With a cap and a fat body as a buffer, so weak [BanRuo] that it doesn't hurt to fall, he climbed up.

    Oh, the dog emperor removed the big waistband in front of her.

    The Mianfu is complicated, and in the past, a few palace people were required to serve, and he did it, and the speed was not slow.

    At this tense moment, she was so weak and [BanRuo] left a god. As his boy Bai Yueguang, she was the first person to get the body of the dog emperor, but the height difference between the two was rather outrageous and out of sync, which caused the employer to want to talk very much. Platonic love does not want to fulfill the obligations of husband and wife. But the dog emperor was unwilling, and had to press her down because the two parties were always a little bit unhappy and separated.

    The employer feels that the dog emperor doesn’t love her enough, otherwise, why should he force her to do things that she doesn’t like?

    But the dog emperor felt that I wanted to lose my heart and my heart, but you were talking about spiritual love with me. You refused to do it. Is it for other wild dogs to defend themselves like jade?

    All in all, it is about leaving a pure emperor and male protagonist for the female protagonist. Although the dog emperor sits in the harem for three thousand, but the real relationship is only as weak as [BanRuo] Zhen, and the rest of the concubines are miserable. The dog emperor uses a substitute for him Big move, he smiled and wore a green hat full of the harem.

    So weak and [BanRuo] thinks he might be a little shaky.

    Just crazy.

    I am afraid that only the little warmth of the hostess can cure him, she can't, she is afraid that she will ride his face with a kick.


    The little white pig was kicked out of bed by Yan QianYi clothes. He tore all the smelly clothes, knelt up on his own, took out the veil, and went to blindfold her. Although he had great muscles, he was weak and [BanRuo] didn't really want to communicate with him in-depth. She kicked him on the knee, struggled, and was caught back halfway.

    Her nails left bloodstains on his face.

    "Zhen is so weak [Zhen BanRuo], do you think you can still reject me? This is the harem, not Nantang. What are you playing with, if I spoil you, you have to accept it!"

    Yan Qianyi's black eyes condensed coldness, without the slightest pity in his actions.

    The cap loyally protects the lord, shoveling his hooves and pressing it up.


    The cap was hit hard again, fell to the ground, and started groaning.

    Dare to domestic violence her little love pig?

    So weak and [BanRuo] distressed, the backhand is just a slap.

    "It's you, bastard! Before entering the palace, he said that he would pick me up the stars and the moon, and promised me any request, but after entering the palace? I was ruled by your old lady, pushed into the water by your woman, and said by your courtier Three things and four are not virtuous and dignified, what's the matter, I owed you in my previous life, not you crying and kneeling and begging me to enter the palace, do you think I'm rare to be the broken queen?"

    The bright red palm prints clearly appeared, Yan Weiyi looked at her solemnly, biting his words gloomily.

    "what did you say?"

    So weak and [BanRuo] sound.

    "I can't make it through these days, I want to get along! You can choose your true love queen to go! Let's get together and relax!"

    Seeing how generous and tolerant she is, the regular wife moved her seat personally after the end. It is really touching sisterhood. Now the officer's father can't say that her small belly is intolerable, right? Although I don't know if we can divide the marriage property, she has a dowry, and her hat and hat are more than enough to feed her!

    The dog emperor who loves who wants to go! She has a big clearance! Free delivery!


    Wife chasing crematorium, come sooner or later, come sooner or later!
    "Heli? [Divorce?]"

    The dog emperor's expression suddenly became gloomy, and the rain was about to come.

    She was so weak that [BanRuo] she didn't want to care about him, so she got out of bed to comfort her cap [Hat], but was grabbed by her wrist and pinched into the soft bedding with a snap.

    Yan Qianyi: "The queen said so loudly. Your salary is from me. Do you think you can live without me?"

    So weak [BanRuo]: "I have a dowry." You can sit and eat.

    Yan Qianyi: "You have a fine skinny confession made by me with a bowl and a spoon. You are not working with your limbs, and you don't know the grains. You leave me, huh, you will starve to death sooner or later."

    So weak [BanRuo]: "I have a dowry." You can ask the cook.

    Yan Qianyi: "You are my queen, life is my person, death is my grave, who dares to take you? You have to keep your widowhood for a lifetime!"

    So weak [BanRuo]: "I have a dowry." Can raise a little white face.

    Yan QianYi: "..."

    The dog emperor finally choked gratifyingly.

    So weak [BanRuo] got out of his elbow, hugged her beloved baby to check the injury, not at all disgusting, and personally patted the footprints on the little white pig's body.

    "Ohhhhhh!" The master kicked me! This man can't take it anymore!

    The little white pig shook his head and squeezed into his weak [BanRuo's] arms. It was so fragrant after bathing, and it smelled a bit greedy when she was so weak [BanRuo]. The same is true when raising Dudu, so weak [BanRuo] always wandering between eating and not eating. In the end, the loving mother's heartbeat the gluttonous demon.

    Hey, she is so great.

    "Let me see where the kick hurts."

    So weak [BanRuo]] clutching her heart.

    Yan Xiaoyi almost didn't lift it up in one breath. He untied his big belt, his shirt was half loose, and the outline of his chest was looming among his black hair.

    So weak [BanRuo] glanced.

    Good-looking lines are good-looking, but the abdominal muscles are not as refined as a centipede, but a thin and smooth layer, bad reviews.

    But it’s normal to think about it. Although Yan Qianyi is a dog emperor, his annual performance is okay. He goes to work regardless of rain or rain. The minister’s assignments show the momentum of the instructor, and even typos and sick sentences are caught for you. The class criticized in public, and a large number of subordinates were angry and cried.

    After all, he is an emperor-level male protagonist. In addition to his face value, he must also be proficient in arts and sciences. Unlike the thin and short-lived Emperor Xian, Yan Qianyi looks like a scourge for thousands of years. He himself is a high-achieving sports student with perfect scores in riding and shooting. He has been sitting in the office for too long, so hasn't he neglected to exercise?

    The dog emperor was still there, so he yelled at her full of anger.

    "Zhen is so weak [Zhen BanRuo], do you really think I dare not divorce you?"

    "Yes and Li."

    She is too weak [BanRuo] to correct her seriously. Regardless of the difference between the two characters, according to the law of the Great Jin Dynasty, she has a lot of dowry, but she still has to work hard for the small amount of money she can get.

    Seeing that the dog emperor couldn't play with her, he started to drop his book bag.

    "Have you ever read the history books? In the 1,300 years since the opening of the Great Jin Dynasty, no queen dared to reconcile!" You learn to point your predecessors!

    So weak and [BanRuo] caressed his palms, "The feelings are good. If you want to be a concubine, you can be the first person and leave, so that you can add some prestige to your majesty, and you will be alive forever."

    What prestige? That's a bad reputation for throwing rotten eggs!

    Yan Qianyi stroked his forehead, feeling that he couldn't say much to her. If he said too much, it would be easy to get into her circle. He got up and hugged people. There was nothing that couldn't be solved by a single night's sleep. If so, then two. So weak [BanRuo] expressed contempt for the dog emperor's rude and rude coaxing skills, and smashed him away, "The concubine has a word, I don't know if I can speak it."

    The Dog Emperor resisted his impatience, "Speak."

    "Every time I lie down with your majesty, my concubine is actually like going to the guillotine. I don't know how the other sisters still laughed the next day after going to bed." So weak [BanRuo], "Your Majesty is still like this after five years.", You can imagine the difference in talent. Although the concubine does not need to reward you, but the concubine is also a victim. Do you think you should work harder and learn more?"

    What reward?!

    What kind of training?!

    Was he a dignified emperor reduced to a chap of the Qing court?!

    "Zhen is so weak [Zhen BanRuo]!!!"

    The dog emperor who was pointed at the nose and said no is finally going crazy!

    She was so weak [BanRuo] that she was afraid that he would run away and smash the baby in her palace, Jiao Didi caressed his chest, "Your Majesty is not angry, my concubine dislikes you, but my sisters certainly don't dislike you. Tonight, my concubine feels bad, so I won’t serve your majesty."

    Speaking of pushing the person out of the door, the thin, soft arms seemed to be full of energy, and the door closed with a bang.

    Yan Qianyi stood outside the door, rubbing his nose with dust.

    He was shaking all over.

    "Outrageous... Outrageous!!!"

    He couldn't help kicking the door.

    The two lantern ladies lowered their heads and acted as quails.

    Li Jinxi still waited loyally, "Your Majesty, do you think?"

    "What do you look at! Show the Yongchang Palace!"

    Yongchang Palace is the place of the noble concubine, but you really don't have to shout so loudly, your majesty, the minister is not yet old-fashioned.

    Yan Qianyi then sneered, "Go, go to the dining room and bring me a little black pig back."

    Li Jinxi: "???"

    The dog emperor replenished his brain, and his anger suddenly subsided, and he said calmly, "This pig nickname is a rice meal, the big name dog queen, I remember, I must serve her well and pay a monthly salary, um, just press talent. I’m never stingy with people’s treatment."

    Inside the door, I heard it clearly and weakly [BanRuo]: Thank you, I was offended.

    Hats, hats, and rice, abbreviated as the offense.

    Your majesty is absolutely extinct.

    Li Jinxi counted, it may not be long before the evil wind of raising pigs will blow up in the harem.

    Not long after the dog emperor left, the maidservants fell asleep with a frustrated expression.

    The Queen Niang annoyed your Majesty, how can these little ladies of the court stand out?

    So weak [BanRuo] didn't care about their mood very much.

    Zhen Bang has been weak [Zhen BanRuo] in the palace for many years, and she has also cultivated from a little fairy who only loves piano, chess, calligraphy, and calligraphy to a great demon of intrigue. She has raised batches after batches. The loyal protectors are basically zero, which can be said to be the most mixed. The failed queen.

    These guys basically do things with money. Rich is a mother, and no money is a fart. After Zhen is weak and [Zhen BanRuo] was taken down by the house, they pushed the pot on her head one by one.

    The employer herself didn't know that she was so stingy and coveted a little girl's cheap header!

    After all this, the employer wanted to open it anyway.

    She feels that nothing is more important than being happy, so she wants to be as weak as [BanRuo] she wants to kill her. It is not important not to retaliate, but the important thing is that she must not be wronged!

    She has really suffered too many wrongs in her life. In the family, her parents prefer sons to daughters, and it is always her brother who has always seen her. After marrying, she met the damn dog emperor Yan Qianyi, and spent her life in the harem for nothing.

    She didn't become a ghost, it really was because of her good cultivation!

    As for the others, oh, she cares about them life and death!

    So I fell asleep so weakly and [BanRuo] comfortably, with her pig, her money, and her little white face in her dream. I couldn't be too happy.

    It's a pity that dreams are easy to wake up.

    So weak [BanRuo] was shaken awake.

    "Queen empress, wake up, don't sleep anymore, the emperor and noble concubines are here, just waiting to please you!"

    She was like a salted fish, with sleepy eyes trying to stand upright, and the maids washed her face, put on her clothes, and combed her hair bun, almost not crushing her neck by the heavy golden crown. But thinking that what she had on her head was money, wealth, and proud net worth. So weak [BanRuo] immediately felt that her neck no longer hurts.

    She played Shishiran and went to work on the first day.

    "See Empress."

    Regardless of the fact that everyone wants to kill her high, as long as the weak [BanRuo] real person is present, the Xiaosao hoofs must honestly collect the foxtail and send her greetings.

    The mood of the imperial concubine yesterday can be described as ups and downs. First, she was frightened by the weak [BanRuo's] lily halo, and then she was suddenly exposed by the drug. She felt that she had a miscarriage for some reason. She was so angry that she did not eat dinner, and then her Majesty again. Here, staying with her for a whole night, deeply comforted the wounded heart of the imperial concubine.

    Especially when he learned that your Majesty came from Chaofeng Palace, the double happiness hit the soul.

    So today the imperial concubine came with a radiant face.

    The crowd laughed at the audience as soon as the game started.

    "How was the queen's rest last night? I heard that it rained a little bit later in the night. Alas, it's a pity that my concubine slept so hard that I didn't hear any sound."

    As for how to sleep and die, the imperial concubine asked the concubines to make up for it.

    The more the brain makes up the more scratching the heart.

    The weak [BanRuo] Chaofeng Palace suddenly filled with the sour smell of overturned vinegar jars, and more than twenty vinegar jars were knocked over at once.

    So sour.

    For the noble character of Empress Ao, she resisted the urge to touch melon seeds.

    It was half weak, and it was discovered that the imperial concubine was also concave, but she was concave, and the other concave was her neck, like a giraffe working hard, eager to be found by the zoo director to be unique, and Let your companions be jealous and envy.

    As weak as [BanRuo] the largest garden head in the harem, she took a close look, and finally saw a beautiful hickey on the left side of the giraffe's neck.


    A weak [BanRuo's] mood is very complicated.

    To be honest, the dog emperor's skills are really bad enough, just like his terrible kissing skills, he hasn't improved a little over the years.

    Only nibble.

    So, to sum up, he couldn't plant such evenly colored, beautifully shaped, and reverie hickeys. It is estimated that a certain Jinyiwei did it for him.

    So weak [BanRuo] respected him.

    In this way, the Emperor M, who is dedicated to cuckolding his own harem, has been the only one and no other branch throughout the ages!

    So weak [BanRuo] was not stimulated, but it was the imperial concubine Shu concubine who was the head of the imperial concubine.

    Concubine Shu used to be a talented girl in the capital, a popular candidate for the queen, but unfortunately, she was unpopular, and she was also paid miserably. She was the disaster-level player who caused the closure of five or six gambling houses.

    Zhen Banwei is the daughter of the Taifu, the Qingliu family, it doesn't matter if she is pressed on her head, why should a swordsman and a spear-fighting martial artist's daughter be pressed on her head?

    Concubine Shu has always been self-reliant on her identity, unwilling to be forced off the court, and is a neutral party. At this moment, the imperial concubine's show of affection is too eye-catching, and she ridicules lukewarmly, "Sister, the flowers are not red for a hundred days, after a night of rain. , Who knows whether the peony in the Royal Garden has withered?"

    So weak [BanRuo] peeled a longan, so sweet.

    The imperial concubine held her precious neck and squinted her eyes. "My sister is thinking about it. Falling red is not a ruthless thing. Even if it turns into spring mud, it can benefit all people, unlike the lotus floating on the water. Look It’s beautiful, but it’s rootless."

    So weak [BanRuo] knocked a walnut, very crisp.

    Concubine Shu's veil covered her mouth, "My sister is really joking. The lotus has roots, but it is hidden in the water. It is not known. As the so-called Xiuwaihuizhong, the inner quality is far more important than the outer appearance."

    The imperial concubine from a military commander family blushed. She felt that she had been offended by Concubine Shu. Isn't this a mockery of her lack of brains?

    Concubine Shu was particularly puzzled, and she pulled her weak as [BanRuo] she was watching a show into the water.

    "There are also a few pots of lotus in the Empress’s palace. My sister is so displeased. Could it be that Empress also—"

    The tone of this hesitant turning point was used very well, successfully turning the weak [BanRuo] from a gorgeous background board into a dazzling cannon fodder.

    Damn little bitch! The imperial concubine almost broke the veil in her hand and had to get up, unwilling to apologize, "Sister..."

    Weakly [BanRuo] held her soft, boneless hand, with deep and firm eyes in her eyes.

    "Qingqing, you don't have to say much. If you don't like it, this palace will not plant it. What a big deal, look at your mouth, this palace grows the big peony in the Qinglong Wo Mochi that you like?"

    Concubine Shu: "???"

    The imperial concubine: "!!!"

    The imperial concubine felt as if countless insects had crawled over her hands, her ruddy face fell pale, and her shoulders trembled with fright.

    "Qingqing's hand is as tender as mutton jade, it's truly unparalleled in the world..."

    "Sister, elder sister, there are many jades in my sister's palace, can I give it to my sister?"

    "Huh? Why is that so embarrassing?"

    "Sister, sister just like it."

    The imperial concubine suddenly felt that the word "elder sister" was full of indescribable charm.

    Concubine Shu could not sit still when she saw the two of them look like sisters. The most annoying in her life was that others regarded her as a transparent person. "Queens, empress, the queen mother’s longevity feast is coming soon, elder sister, very diligent, forever Chang Gong got ready early, and it is said to embroider the Thousand Buddhas Picture."

    The face of the imperial concubine changed from pale to iron blue. This little sao hoof really doesn’t open the pot or lift the pot. The walls of the harem have ears. The concubines have long heard that the queen’s empress wants to embroider a hundred-character Buddhist scripture to win the favor of the queen mother. Xiao Xiami was afraid to find The bad luck of the harem boss, honestly avoided the option of embroidering the scriptures.

    But the imperial concubine did not want to fight with the queen and secretly prepare the thousand-buddha embroidery.

    It’s better to let people hear it!

    The imperial concubine is so angry that she can't wait to eat Concubine Shu raw.

    And the weak [banRuo] is also staring at Concubine Shu.

    This guy is a talented girl, who is very knowledgeable, has sharp teeth, and can cause troubles. She doesn't end up, but she is happy to muddy the water in the pond, and then she becomes a little fairy who is indisputable. The relationship between the employer and the imperial concubine deteriorated sharply, and Concubine Shu was behind the scenes to fuel the flames.

    To be weak [BanRuo] in the harem for some time, she must find a way to clean up Concubine Shu.

    What better trick than Lily buff?

    She bends her eyes so weakly [BanRuo], "Sister Shu, I heard that you are proficient in all kinds of piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting, especially the painter, so superb, which is worthy of everyone. If there is nothing else to do, let's accompany this palace to discuss it."

    The implication is, dear, I admire your talents, don't leave after you clock in, stay and continue to work overtime.

    Concubine Shu had not experienced the torture of the imperial concubine's closed wheat yesterday, so she straightened her chest proudly.

    "Since the empress and the empress have spoken, I'm showing off my ugliness." Quite self-satisfied.

    She was so weak and [BanRuo] smiled and let the other concubines go back. The imperial concubine usually pays attention to the good and virtuous persona, and lets the other sisters go first. This time, she slipped faster than everyone, and within a few moments, she couldn't see anyone.

    Concubine Shu said to her heart, could she be afraid that her action would hurt her self-esteem?

    Takeo's daughter, huh, she doesn't know how to learn.

    Concubine Shu, like a proud red-crowned crane, walked into the side hall of Chaofeng Palace.

    "Come on, grind Concubine Shu."

    Huanwei made a small request, "Sister Shu, how about playing a small game that I said you draw? Have you never played it? Is it too difficult?"

    Concubine Shu's dress was fluttering, as if she was a fairy concubine, "Why don't you please give me your instructions."

    "Um... just paint, before and after the flowers, the two young ladies interlocked their fingers... Qingquan is cold, the two take off their socks and play, and then..."

    The more Concubine Shu painted, the more wrong it became. How come this distance gets closer and the clothes fade less?

    What a wall, what a knee pillow, the concubine Shu who opened the door to the new world has weak [BanRuo] wrists, sweating on her forehead, red face and red ears, her voice is like smoke, and she is as nervous as a little pitiful.

    "The emperor, the empress..."

    She was so weak [BanRuo] that she didn’t know when she stood behind her, chuckled close to her ears, “My sister is so good, is she also a fellow?” She pinched her waist, causing Concubine Shu to scream twice and tears came out.

    Then Concubine Shu was in tears and did not say politely, holding her skirt and running without turning her head.

    She is dirty, and she is no longer the pure and transparent talented woman like snow! !!


    In other words, camellia is a hermaphrodite flower (dangerous speech)
    After sending away the enemy, she was so weak and [BanRuo]went to the study to fiddle for a while, so she moved in Zhang Meiren's chair and lay lazily outside the hall, watching the hat and hat throwing hoofs.

    It was tired from running, and groaned obediently by her side.

    After Yan Qianyi dealt with the affairs, he saw such a picture of peace in the world, stability in the world, and tranquility between people and pigs.

    All ascended to heaven.

    More comfortable than he was an emperor.

    The corner of his eyes twitched and he caught people.

    "Do you still have a face to bask in the sun? What did you do to Concubine Shu? She was so frustrated that she would cry and laugh for a while!"

    "Huh? Did she laugh? Why?"

    Sit up straight in a weak [BanRuo] moment, and focus directly off the track.

    Yan QianYi: "..."

    The general weak [BanRuo] view of the Lord came, and did not entangle this issue, but dragged people to the study of the side hall.

    Yan Qianyi is no stranger to the Queen's study. The tables, chairs, books, and inks here are all from his handwriting, which perfectly restores the little boudoir of the queen's teenage years. Every time he was hit on the palm of the hand by Mrs. Zhen's family, he was not convinced, so he stepped over the wall and entered the lady's courtyard, bullying her and ruining her.

    The first love is also the despicable result of his racking his brains.

    What's the matter?

    He asked Jin Yiwei to beat him severely, in the study, coaxing her to apply medicine, and finally overwhelming people in front of Duobaojia.

    After entering the palace, he thought that the two were married and she would be closer to him, but she always resisted the harem, thinking that he had destroyed her dream of monogamy. Yan Qianyi was only twenty years old at the time, young and frivolous, suffocating his breath, and did not say that he slept with those women.

    What annoyed Yan Qianyi the most was her attitude towards bedtime. Every time, she lay up straight, like a salted fish, just like going to the execution ground.

    Is he that bad?

    She is obviously not happy!

    Yan Qianyi had to blindfold her hatefully, not seeing her.

    However, the queen occasionally shows weakness, such as pulling him into the study, tacitly accepting that she does something indescribable.

    Yan Qianyi looked at the big sun outside, and it was even more sultry when he stepped into the study, and there was no ice inside.

    "Your Majesty, my concubine will show you a big baby."

    So weak and [BAnRuo] excited.

    Yan Qianyi said in his heart, didn't you just want to sleep with me? What reason do you find, all the big treasures in your temple were given by me, and what else I don't know? His Cheng'en Hall is the closest to Chaofeng Palace, and there is also a way to come. The court clothes are thick and thick, and his back is completely wet.

    Yan Qianyi was not very happy, but thinking about it, the queen would rarely want him. As the emperor, how could he refuse?

    He can ask Jin Yiwei to do the work for the concubine, but the queen absolutely can't.

    Who touched him and chopped who.

    Even if he didn't love her, he wouldn't allow other wild dogs to touch her.

    She was so weak and short, she found a piece of paper and a book from the grid, but it took her half an hour to ponder every word, and the degree of her intentions touched her, even she didn’t even have four hundred million at the beginning. Over. Then she squeezed the paper and turned her head, and saw a stalwart male corpse.

    Oh, humiliation.


    When she retracted the previous words, the dog emperor's muscles are still quite resistant, with wide shoulders and narrow waist, long legs, and strong legs. He is the kind of excellent player who can keep you out of sight. Unlike ordinary butter niches, his body was covered with knife wounds and sword scars, the most conspicuous one spanning most of his chest, almost splitting his whole person in half.

    "Would you like, hurry up, I'm so hot, you women are in trouble?"

    Yan Qianyi removed Mianqi impatiently.

    He saw the paper in his weak [BanRuo] hand again, what might be an unequal agreement.

    Miss Zhen Jia was bullied by him and couldn't do him anymore, so she thought about it and came up with such a laconic trick to make three chapters with him so that he could not commit the crime again.

    Most of these rules can only restrain acid scholars and fools, and it doesn't work for Yan Qianyi, a ruthless dog emperor, but he knows that if you don't have any sugar to eat, you can always stop for half a month.

    Then, it became more and more intensified.

    When he became the emperor, he became the first person, and the whole world was king, and he became even more impatient.

    The Nine-Five Lord wants someone, who dares to stop him?

    He was still admiring the dog emperor's figure, the other party was very annoyed, maybe it was the hot weather, maybe it was too much teasing in her eyes, he scratched the itchy neck, and strode over.

    "What's so beautiful? Hurry up, I'm going to check the preparations for the Queen Mother's birthday banquet. I don't have the time to spend an hour with you, and at most I will give you a stick of incense."

    She raised the He Lishu in her hand. Before she could even speak, Yan Qianyi didn't even look at it. She bit her finger, pressed a red mark, and raised her bushy brows, "All right?"

    I really don’t know what he is doing, what kind of bastard he is, she’s seen big since she was a child, doesn’t she know? Others spit with a hammer, and he didn't recognize it because he patted his butt. At most, he would see her angry and pretend to be.

    Okay, the inequality agreement is over, and it's time to do business.

    Yan Xiaoyi hugged her waist and suddenly felt that something was wrong.

    Her eyes are too bright.

    Even more amazing than daylight.

    He didn't cross the line with her when he was chewing people, and he was a bit at a loss for a while. He paused, did it himself, picked up a belt again, and prepared to cover her.

    Such a weak [BanRuo] expression is weird, "Your Majesty, do you know what you just signed?"

    Yan Qianyi casually said, "What can you have? Your women going back and forth are just—"

    He saw the content.

    And away from the book.

    The dog emperor's expression split on the spot.

    She was so weak and [BAnRuo] blew the blood that hadn't dried up, "A gentleman said, horses and horses are hard to chase, your majesty is rich in the world, and giving a few loads of precious gems and jade to your concubine is just a piece of cake, and the concubine will thank you first." She was quite pleased. Unexpectedly, He Lishu got it so soon. In the beginning, she broke up with Dudou, and had to coax people, coax and deceive people, and consume her brain cells.

    "Zhen is so weak [Zheb BanRuo]!!!"

    It was so good that the dog emperor who was hanging on by a wicked woman was so angry that he became a pufferfish, and Dan Feng's eyes widened as never before.

    "You are crazy!"

    So weak and [BanRuo is] very calm, break up, just get used to it.

    It's a male protagonist who wants to train his heart. How could she be stinking for thousands of years without a steel heart.

    She gave him a rational analysis, "Your Majesty, shoes don't grind your feet. You don't know until you wear them. You see, the concubine wears you for five years, and you wear it for one year, so you are so stinky for one year.

    "The concubine had misunderstood it before. All the sisters in the harem are as celestial and kind as a bodhisattva. When the concubine looks at the deer, she smashes her and feels strange. If the concubine is a man, I must try this Zuo Yu The fairy in the right hug."

    She patted her head, regardless of the bloodshot eyes of the man with the smelly shoes, she said to herself, "Concubine, you have worked hard and stayed up all night, I have considered it for you. The concubine is old and does not suit your Majesty's taste. Liang Fei is gentle and soft. , Nanzhen place. Sister Shufei, noble personality, a little arrogant, suitable for ancestors. There is also a small virtue, beauty is beautiful but too young, young and thinking, easy to turn in the gutter.

    "The concubine thinks about it, the imperial concubine sister is the most suitable. If she takes over, the concubine can also smile at Jiuquan!"

    At this moment, the weak [BanRuo] instructor decided to turn around for the imperial concubine!

    She sincerely and enthusiastically voted the most important vote for the harem girl group, which will determine whether the imperial concubine can quickly PK off other players and directly advance to the queen.

    If the imperial concubine can remember her generosity and give her some treasures from time to time, so much the better.

    Regardless of whether Yan Qianyi can smile at Jiuquan or not, he is now cold all over, staring at the murderer under Jiuquan.

    "Do you think Heli is a family home? The harem can come and go as long as you want. Do you live in the inn? Zhen is so weak [Zhen BanRuo], I can seriously warn you. This is the second time. When I hear your nonsense, you are dead!" He seemed to feel that his aura was not strong enough, and he just squeezed a word from his teeth.

    "I copied your family!"

    The dog emperor doesn't often say such threatening words. He feels that it is too shameful to talk about it. If you want to do it, just do it directly.

    So weak-hearted [BanRuo], you were ransacked by you anyway, it's just a matter of time.

    Fortunately, she prepared a second hand, clearly marked on the Heli book, and must not involve her natal family.

    After being reminded by her, Yan Qianyi finally calmed down again, "Are you really playing with me?"

    She was so weak and [BanRuo] wondered, "Does the concubine look like a joke?" She was so careful every time she broke up!

    Is not it?!

    First, I said that I liked the imperial concubine, and then drove him a pig back to the palace. Now it's better. He Lishu patted his face directly!

    Dare to ride on his head, it is simply unreasonable and bold!

    Yan Qianyi was forced by her to stagger his brows and burned with anger. Especially in a hot day like a stove, it was even more difficult to keep calm, "Don't make me angry, even a woman, I can't beat it! "

    She is so weak and [BanRuo] really not afraid of him, she just needs a reason to use the topic.

    "Then you fight! We'll be divided after the fight!"

    She jumped in front of him, straightened her chest, raised her face, as if a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water. Of course, you will never be wronged if you are weak [BAnRuo], and the pain on your face is really painful.

    She used to be a dragon, knowing what it means to slap the heroine. At that time, she was so angry that she failed to teach her every time. Instead, she made the director look at the heroine's eyes more and more wrong, more and more disgusted. Directly promoted the weak [BanRuo], came a feng shui turn.

    Therefore, she is more adept at borrowing skills.

    So weak [BanRuo], ready to touch porcelain and contribute to the acting skills of the actress.

    But she didn't expect that the dog emperor was stunned by her words of "divide as soon as the fight was finished", and he was stunned on the spot for a while.

    The palm of the hand did not fall for a long time.

    "You fight, what are you staying for!"

    She was so weak and [BanRuo] straightened her waist, and directly scared the Emperor Dog to take a step back.

    He was obviously aware of this, his face was sullen, and his aura was as deep as a tiger, but the slap that was raised above his head without moving a cent betrayed his panic.

    So weak [BanRuo] that I feel akimbo for too long, a little sour.

    Coincidentally, the dog emperor also felt that his arms were raised too high, and he was so tired.

    The two men reached a consensus and declared a truce to rest.

    So weak [BanRuo] with lethal weapons, I am not afraid that he will not surrender.

    Yan Qianyi stared straight at the He Lishu in his hand, and suddenly put on his trousers without saying a word, not even shoes, and ran out with his arms bare.

    So weakly [BanRuo] pondering, is the dog emperor mad because of her stimulation, can't think about it, ready to go to the backyard of the palace to run a marathon half-naked? Wait a minute, her seeds don't seem to be ready.


    The little white pig, which was close to one hundred catties, was carried in by the male lead. He panted heavily, sweating like rain, and threw her beloved baby to the ground.

    There was a roaring bark in the study.

    So weak [BanRuo] wanted to rush forward, but was nailed to the spot by the dog emperor's gloomy eyes.

    He came in with a kitchen knife from nowhere, sharply sharpened, and almost blinded his weak BanRuo's] eyes.

    "Give me Helishu, or I will kill your son, bah, it's your pet!"

    She was so weak [BanRuo] with tears, "Emperor Dog, you are not a human! How can you attack the weak and innocent!"

    Yan Qianyi sneered, "With you, the Queen of Dogs, I will be a shit, hurry up and hand in paper with one hand and pig with one hand!"

    He was so weak and [BanRuo] dwindling, actually aiming at his fragile place, intending to knock him over. Who knows that the other party is faster, throwing the kitchen knife back, grabbing her hand with both hands. So weak [BanRuo] immediately raised her arms, and Li Shu raised her arms high.

    When it was said that it was too late, then the dog emperor jumped up, opened his mouth and bit, and tore apart half of it.

    Yan Qianyi squeezed his palms hard, kneaded them into a ball of paper, and chewed, just like chewing weak flesh and blood, he just swallowed it.

    The look in his eyes was so weak and [BanRuo] hairy.

    She stared at his rolling, sexy Adam's apple, confirming that it was not dreaming.

    So weak [BanRuo] in awe.

    Dude, swallow the paper ball, respect you as a wolf!

    But it's okay. She was boring just now. She sketched thirty sheets and Li Shu, one pair a day, and one month later, sooner or later, she would be able to send away the dog emperor!


    The dog emperor is a wolf, and the weak is a wolf. Her cruel heart is more than a billion points~
    He Lishu was torn away in half and swallowed in the stomach of the Dog Emperor, and the remaining half was almost waste paper.

    I was so weak after watching for a long time, but couldn’t find anyone to throw the garbage, so he half sold it for nothing, and put it in his arms, and added, "This is what your majesty eats by himself, and it has nothing to do with your concubine. If your majesty ascends to heaven, remember not to Come find a concubine."

    Yan Qianyi was so angry that she laughed.

    "Don't worry, if I walk forward, you have to keep up with the next step. In this burial, you have to die if you don't die."

    He was so weak and looked at him with foolish eyes, "Your Majesty is dead, this harem is the concubine's land, and the concubine does not want to die, can your Majesty pop out of the coffin and strangle me?"

    Yan Weak Yi choked.

    He faintly felt abdominal cramps.

    "Li Jinxi, get me in!"

    The door of the study was open, and the two court ladies were not far away, their heads almost hanging on the ground.

    A weak voice replied, "Your Majesty, Grandpa Li is in the kitchen."

    Just now, his Majesty wore a pair of slacks and rushed to chase the pig angrily. He also asked the general manager Li Jinxi to go to the small kitchen to get a kitchen knife, and then, Li went in and stopped coming out.

    Yan Qianyi said that the weather fell into anger, and became angry from embarrassment.

    "Let him roll over!"

    A court lady screamed, and rushed to the small kitchen, and fell on the way. No way, she had been in Chaofeng Palace for five years, and it was the first time she saw this kind of big battle. His Majesty seldom made such a big anger before, at most he left with a sneer, and then the queen empress cried silently.

    Instead, it turned upside down now, and the empress was calm, and chased her majesty like a stray dog, going crazy at every turn.

    too frightening!

    The palace maid ran into the small kitchen with lingering fears. The first celebrity in front of your majesty, Grandpa Li, held a whisk, and chatted with Wang Yuchu who was kneading dough in their small kitchen.

    Wang Yuchu: "You say hats and hats, don't be picky eaters, eat everything, as long as the queen is fed by the empress, you can eat cleanly, but behaved!"

    Grandpa Li: "Oh, it's a blessing to be able to eat, that little ancestor of our family, he didn't even bother when he was in front of you! Your Majesty said that this noble temper followed the empress, cough, our family didn't say anything. "

    Wang Yuchu: "Understand, ancestors, how can I not confess?"

    Grandpa Li: "It’s been hot these days, and the little ancestor has become more picky. Two meals a day, two rows. Do you think this is normal? Our family is also raising pigs for the first time. We have slightly inexperienced. Learn from it."

    Wang Yuchu: "It's easy to say, I have a pig farming handbook, and I will send it to you when it is sorted out!"

    Grandpa Li: "Oh, Master Wang, thank you so much!"

    The maid opened her mouth several times, but she couldn't get into the professional topic of the two of them. She was so angry that she increased her volume and said, "Father-in-law, your majesty is calling you over!"

    Li Jinxi had to say sorry to his new friend pig, and ran over.

    Your Majesty is getting angry in the study.

    "Your Majesty, the minister is here!"

    Yan Qianyi stared at the weak on the ground, and said solemnly, "Cloth me."

    The weak bird doesn't even bird him.

    General Manager Li looked at this, and then at that. They were all big Buddhas he couldn't afford to offend, so he had to say, "Your Majesty, the ministers are waiting for you?"

    Yan Qianyi had thought of this, but saw that such a weak serving Piggy was more concerned than serving him, so she couldn't get angry.

    "Zhen is so weak, change my clothes!!!"

    What was she doing so loudly, she was not deaf.

    Is the male lead’s vital capacity one match one? Isn't it okay to be gentle and elegant?

    So weak and misfortune drew in the east, "Grandpa Li, are you ready to wait on your uncle?"

    What uncle! Is he very old?

    Yan Qianyi arrested the person personally, holding her thin layer of neck with two fingers, "Would you like to wear it?"

    She was so weak and raised her eyelids. She picked up a piece of clothing for him in a perfunctory manner and put it on him. The blue veins on the head of Yan weak's clothing violently. !"

    The Queen Empress glanced at him and hurt each other.

    "Your Majesty didn't wear clothes for the concubine, so why should the concubine understand it alone?"

    Yan Qianyi felt a cerebral hemorrhage. He covered her mouth in annoyance and cursed, "You can't stop talking, shut up!"

    So weak opened his mouth and bit him.

    The skin is too thick to bite.

    Instead, it bites people's spirits.


    The Queen Gou maintained a posture silently, and then looked at Grandpa Li at the same time.


    What is he doing?

    Father Li, who has been a eunuch for many years, didn't understand men's minds very well, so he asked politely, "Your Majesty, Mother, do you want to pass on food?"

    So weak, "Give your uncle a little bit of fire--"

    She was covered by the dog man again.

    The dog emperor drove Grandpa Li out of the study, picked up another coat, and threw it on his head as weak as revenge. He hurriedly studied in the pile of clothes by himself.

    Li Gonggong, who was shut outside, felt wronged.

    So what is your Majesty's urgency calling him to do?

    When the dog emperor was sweating and wrapped himself up, he was lying on the beauty chair, so weak, holding a fan, and fanning leisurely, "Your Majesty, go slowly, this leg of my concubine is useless, I will not send it far."

    Yan Qianyi kicked the door viciously.

    "That's the ground, I'll be a pig again!"

    He rushed away angrily, making a lot of noise.

    Now all the harem knew that the harem had angered the dog emperor, and everyone gloated.

    The imperial concubine grabbed the veil in her Yongchang Palace and walked around, "Why does the old godly woman suddenly annoy your majesty? What good is it for her?"

    She thought of the weird behavior of the weak in recent days, "Could it be that she really feels that her Majesty is so affectionate that she turns to her own palace? It is said that if a woman is disappointed with a man to the extreme, she will treat the same woman... Hey! This house is so beautiful!"

    The turmoil in the harem also affected the dining room. The women from all walks of life were happy, and stuffed a little red envelope into the dining room, asking them to make more good things to celebrate the whole world. The servings are fixed, but additional orders are also allowed. As long as the red envelopes are thick and do not exceed too many ingredients, the chefs will all open one eye and close one eye.

    Everyone in the dining room is doing a lot of work.

    Yuan Qiao'er couldn't practice cutting vegetables, so she could only do the job of cooking stove girl. She was so busy and sweaty that she still had injuries on her hands. She was forced to run around by the cooks, and she was unavoidably aggrieved. After all, yesterday she was not treated like this.

    Busy till late at night, Yuan Qiao'er knocked on her stiff back, and went back to the house.

    She thought of the little eunuch again.

    The little eunuch has many tricks and can always make her happy.

    He didn't come today, is he also very busy?

    Yuan Qiao'er tossed and couldn't sleep, and decided to sneak out to find her little eunuch. To be so weak, this heroine's halo is better than anything else. You let a little cannon fodder stay up at night and go to the palace for a stroll? Trigger the death ending in minutes! Yuan Qiaoer scooped up the weeds, got into a dog hole, and came to Lenggong.

    It was here that she and the eunuch met for the first time.

    At the time of the night, she wandered casually and found that a small flame had burst from Lenggong, and she was shocked. When she looked closer, she realized that a little eunuch had inserted a joss stick and burned a thick stack of paper ingots. It was a weird scene, but Yuan Qiao'er was stunned. The moonlight was bright and the smoke was lingering. The little eunuch had an unusually handsome face, and the jumping light and shadow illuminated his eyebrows, like the big demon sucking blood and drinking marrow in the script.

    She fell slightly.

    Relying on the heroine's halo, Yuan Qiao'er tonight still found the little eunuch sitting on the stairs smoothly. He took off the small gauze crown and hat, revealing thick black hair, and the ugly khaki clothes are even more ugly. There was a romantic and unrestrained taste.

    Yuan Qiao'er's heartbeat was a little fast, and she pretended to say hello naturally, "What a coincidence, you are also here."

    The little eunuch turned his head and showed her eight teeth.

    Yuan Qiao'er is more on the same hand.

    What's the matter with this little eunuch, so sultry tonight?

    "Tomorrow is your birthday, do you want to go out of the palace to play?"

    Yuan Qiao'er was very moved, but she didn't expect her to say it casually, and the other party actually remembered it. But this trip to the palace, lonely man and widow, isn't it good? She hasn't figured it out yet. Yuan Qiao'er reluctantly refused, but the other party was really tough, and finalized the time and place in one breath, asking her to take a half-day off and go out shopping.

    Yuan Qiao'er lowered his head shyly.

    The next day, she clocked in and went to work, and found that the imperial concubine and concubine Shu were absent. It was said that she was unwell.

    She was disappointed. The real warrior should go forward courageously. How could she give up halfway? She was waiting for them to fuck her!

    In addition to being weak, there are five main concubines in the harem. Among them, three concubines such as Xian Fei, Liang Fei, and De Fei, all went to Wushan to worship the Buddha with the Queen Mother, and only came back half a month later.

    Suddenly, two opponents were missing, and the rest were all shrimp soldiers and crabs. So weak I felt that I was lonely and begging for defeat, and my life was too lonely.

    After she finished her official duties, she rolled up a piece of paper and left the book and went to Cheng'en Temple.

    Say yes, one pair a day, and swallow it on time. She is going to feed Dalang the medicine.

    Li Gong Gong Hou was in front of Cheng'en Hall when he suddenly saw the visiting empress.

    How could he fool the queen mother without leaking, and let her know that your majesty is out on a date with his little palace lady?

    The title of the weak green tea essence is not for nothing. Her acting skills are good and her observation skills are also excellent. She caught the flaws in the facial expressions of Grandpa Li. "My grandpa said, such a sweaty day, your majesty is not in Cheng En. He blows air-conditioning in the hall, and instead rushes to private visits outside the palace? Oh, our majesty is really diligent and patriotic."

    Grandpa Li immediately broke into a cold sweat.

    She was so weak with a smile and not embarrassed, she turned around and went to the imperial concubine's Yongchang Palace. The scent of peony suddenly drowned her.

    The eunuch outside the hall was taken aback, and was about to report, but was stopped by the weak.

    A faint cry came from inside.

    "The empress, oh, it's too much, she actually forced her sister to paint those pickles, oh, oh, my sister has no face to see people..."

    "Oh, poor sister, my sister sympathizes with you deeply. I don't lie to you. Actually, I too..."

    Yes, it's fake for these two guys to be sick. It's true to have a tea party with the queen concubine. It's true to poke her against her!

    So weak stepped in.

    The imperial concubine and the concubine Shu are holding hands, telling the sufferings in the world, and their faces are full of miserable wind and rain. They can't help but hear the sound, and they turned their heads together.

    Frozen in place.

    "Yo, good afternoon, my sisters, what do you say about your sister secretly?"

    They suddenly shook their heads into rattles.

    Just kidding, how can this kind of trickery be admitted!

    "Aren't you sick, you still have such a good appetite to eat roast chicken?"

    So weak sat on the main seat and asked the imperial concubine to tear off a chicken leg for her.

    The imperial concubine dared not speak.

    Concubine Shu moved her embroidered pier silently and silently, and she had to stay away from this pervert as far as possible.

    "Come on, sister takes a bite, sister loves you."

    So weak handed the drumstick over.

    Concubine Shu didn't want to be hurt by the guy who bullied her at all, but she was under the eaves and had to lower her head. Her eyes were watery, she bit with grief and grief, because she was too hard and almost broke her beautiful silver teeth. Concubine Shu is very wronged, Concubine Shu is very scared, Concubine Shu feels that there are nails in her butt, and she suffers everywhere.

    After molesting the second concubine, she was so weak and entered the subject, "The two younger sisters have been in the palace for many years, but have they missed the salesman's cries by the swing when they were young?"

    They are very alert.

    No, we don't, don't talk nonsense.

    The weak guide failed, and she changed the face of the night lady, ruthlessly, "I want to go out of the palace to play, you go."

    The harem management is very strict, communication is strict, and going out of the palace is stricter. Unless there is some accident in the New Year or at home, you can meet with your family only with the permission of the Dog Emperor. After the employer became the first house, the dog emperor was particularly kind, allowing the Taifu family to see three times a year, and the remaining high-ranking concubines could be maintained once a year.

    She was so weak that she wanted to press the road alone, but the two enemies stared at her too hard, and they wanted to fight the queen all the time. There were eyeliners everywhere in the Chaofeng Palace. She couldn’t help it, but don’t blink. Poke her to the dog emperor. Although she is the captain of the fire fighting team, it is annoying to put out the fire every day, isn't it?

    So the weak decided to drag all those who could do it into the water.

    Good sisters, just have a pot to carry!

    The imperial concubine refused to live or die. She was so weak and touched her hand again, moving softly and affectionately, "Does my sister really want it? It's okay, as long as the sister is with her, where will my sister go? It’s good for my sister to stay overnight. Our sisters’ forehead and forehead should be on the forehead and full to the forehead.

    The imperial concubine was almost crying after being touched, endured the humiliation and was forced to agree.

    She turned her head to look at Concubine Shu, and said quietly, "My sister's painting is really good. My sister must frame it well and put it in a bright place for everyone to taste it together."

    Concubine Shu was horrified, no no no, how could such a shameful act defile people's eyes!

    She will be stinking for thousands of years!

    So weak, relying on his own three-inch tongue, successfully flicked the two out of the palace. In order to conceal their eyes and ears, they dressed up as men. Of course, whether it was makeup for height or walking posture, people with a discerning eye could see that these wealthy little boys came out in disguise as women.

    The court ladies didn't bring many, but the guards picked a good hand to protect the ladies secretly.

    The folk customs of the Great Jin Dynasty were liberalized. In addition to being unable to be officials, women could also enjoy some of the state welfare. With the above will, the government actively encouraged female households and the phenomenon of female infanticide was decreasing year by year. Although it is not a festival, the streets are bustling with enthusiasm, and there are some female stallholders wearing mosques and hawking enthusiastically.

    "Candied haws, two skewers?"

    Weak and very diligent, very patriarchal, one by one.

    The imperial concubine was confused and paid for the weak.

    Because he hadn't bought anything on the street, the imperial concubine actually gave a piece of silver, but the hawker's happiness was broken. The whole stick of vegetation was stuffed into the imperial concubine, and he was full of good wishes for the honored person. Before leaving the pavilion, the imperial concubine was also a girl who likes to play sticks. She subconsciously ignored a group of court ladies and carried the sticks on her shoulders.

    It's very, very sturdy.

    The maids were dumbfounded.

    Concubine Shu has fixed the stereotype of the imperial concubine's "daughter of the martial artist". She didn't think there was anything wrong, and instructed the imperial concubine to lower it a bit. She wanted the mellow candy gourd on the top!

    Three people eat and walk.

    Concubine Shu's empty hands gradually added something, all of which are well-known national snacks, such as cloud cakes, and small sugar paintings, which are of high quality and low price, and have a unique taste, which is good for the common people in the market. She was so weak to find that this dust-free young talented woman, like her, loves to eat ten miles of fragrant stinky tofu!

    This time, the two foodies opened up their conversation, talking about the origin of tofu to ancient and modern practices, quite a bit close to each other.

    The imperial concubine was unwilling to be ignored, abandoned the candied haws, and took a bite with her nose.

    The fragrance of lips and teeth is amazing!

    Then the imperial concubine also proudly joined the private group chat channel of stinky tofu.

    So weak chatting and chatting, dropped.

    Her gaze was fixed on a blacksmith's shop.

    The scale is small, but there are a lot of people who come into the store. They seem to be repeat customers, and they are very familiar with each other.

    This is not important, what is important is that there is a tall and mighty iron man standing next to the big stove.

    From such a weak point of view, he was shining golden all over, coming to subdue her camellia essence!

    The iron brother looked firm, his palm raised, and he pulled the bellows with all his strength, and the protruding biceps swelled in terror, and he salivated when he looked so weak.

    There is also his little girl next to him, who endured the high temperature for true love and kept talking to him. The iron-hardening brother smiled and enthusiastically devoted herself to the iron-hardening business. It could be described as a piece of dead wood and incomprehensible amorous feelings.

    This figure, this sweat, this strength, this temperament perfectly hit the heart of such a weak girl.

    To be honest, she has an immature little idea.


    It's cold, let's be kind and weave a hat for the dog!
    Boys who are as weak as those with strong muscles and a little innocent, really have no resistance.

    "Go, let's buy a hoe!"

    So weak dragged the two to the blacksmith's shop.

    Concubine Shu crossed the stinky tofu with small bamboo slices, confused.

    "The emperor... Young Master, what are you doing buying a hoe? Even if we have to help the plow to plow the field, it's not this time."

    Concubine Shu is a woman standing on the pyramid of knowledge in the harem. She knows a little about farming. The ordinary concubine cares for her boudoir, not to mention the hoe. The green rice and the wheat are stupidly confused.

    Every year in the middle of spring, the Royal Farming Group moves out mightily. In order to show his face and brush up on the capable and sensible image in his Majesty's mind, the concubine Shu fought for the spot and broke the blood.

    As soon as I went, the work arranged was not to pull the weeds and plant the seedlings. Anyway, I had to go to the ground. Concubine Shu thought that she might have done something sorry for the leech god in her previous life. Otherwise, why did these guys have to recruit her?

    The next time Tian, Concubine Shu lay down for two months to relieve her breath.

    What makes her even more hateful is that in the past five years, the empress has never been to Spring Field once. Her Majesty always arranges food delivery for her. After delivery, she rests under the shady fruit tree, seeing that they are doing like an old scalper. of!

    She and the imperial concubine took off a layer of skin, and the queen empress is still graceful and luxurious!

    Thinking of this, Concubine Shu felt that the stinky tofu in her hand was not smelling anymore.

    Why can't she control her own mouth? It's a soft mouth, and short hands...No, this stinky tofu seems to be given to the empress by the empress and the imperial concubine, right?

    The imperial concubine didn't know that her sister Shu was caught in a battle between heaven and man, and her tone was a little sour.

    "What else can I do, is to hook up with a wild man, when I return to the palace, I will sue her for restlessness!"

    Concubine Shu was so excited, she recovered, she whispered, "Then you don't confess all of us? We all have to suffer from the board, maybe we have to suffer more." No wonder the imperial concubine is so hard at the backstage and fights against each other. After five years of working with the queen, she hasn't been able to get to Fengyin, she is indeed a big-headed and brainless!

    Royal Concubine: "..."

    Bitch! Who made you talk too much!

    The two empresses were pampered, unwilling to get close to the hot place, so they stood eating by the threshold outside.

    The weaker one slipped into the store and started talking with Brother Datie. She originally thought that the other party was young and a little apprentice, but she did not expect that she was still a talented blacksmith master, and was currently teaching her apprentice how to strike iron.

    "Master, Guigeng this year?" asked softly.

    "Uh, twenty out of six."

    Very good! Hot-blooded Fang Gang! Dragons and tigers fierce!

    Brother Datie is a little red-faced, but fortunately he has dark skin and can't see it.

    His queen mother, ah, where is this goddess immortal, beautiful and gentle, white skin, like goat's milk!

    "You, you stand far away, don't get splashed by sparks."

    These words cried his little girl, Chun Niu, who was about to fall into the stove, and I didn't see Brother Atie helping her!

    "Brother Atie, you idiot!"

    Chun Niu stomped her feet and ran away.

    Brother Datie scratched his head. He wanted to call Chun Niu to take the sickle away. Who knew she was running like a gust of wind.

    "Little master, where do you live? Just shop?"

    So weak and ready to move, conspiracy, inquire into the military situation.

    The little master answered honestly, "I live in Tianshui Lane, which is relatively far away, but there are bullock carts, so I can pick up some goods on weekdays."

    Fuck there is still a car family!

    Rounding up, Atie is also a well-off family.

    "How many people are in the family?"

    "Uh, I am an orphan."

    "Excuse me, I have talked about your sadness."

    "It's okay, I came here like this. I'm used to it. You, you don't have to care."

    The Iron Brother glanced at her secretly, and his breathing became lighter.

    In just such a short time, the 18th generation of the ancestors of the weak brother has been found out. The family is innocent, the love history is zero, there is a car and a house, and he loves to drink a little wine when he is resting. He is healthy and healthy, without bad habits, and tender. The head is green. This is simply the ideal type tailored for her and the future!

    On the other side, Yan Qianyi was also accompanying Yuan Qiaoer to press down the road.

    Yuan Qiao'er was like a flying bird, laughing heartily when she got out of the cage.

    "Wow, fun and fun!"

    "This is delicious too!"

    "What's that? I want to see it!"

    "Oh, I'm so annoying, don't squeeze!"

    "Woo, the shoe is stepped on, hate it!"

    Yan Qianyi followed her, pulling her occasionally to avoid being hit by others. Yuan Qiao'er blushed and fell on his chest, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."

    The owner of the chest hasn't returned for a long time.

    However, Yuan Qiaoer heard a violent heartbeat, which was very different from the previous stability. She thought shyly, oops, that's true, the public...

    Unexpectedly, Yan Weak Yi pushed her abruptly, took a long leg and walked toward a blacksmith's shop aggressively.

    Yuan Qiao'er was stunned.

    The imperial concubine and concubine Shu are still eating stinky tofu at the door, and they are fighting for the last piece. One said that I am a sister and you have to respect the old, and the other said that I am a younger sister and you have to love the young.

    A shadow enveloped them.

    The imperial concubine was very impatient, "Who, this is yours, don't shade it, can you!"

    She raised her head, and the string in her head broke.

    Concubine Shu was also stupid.

    The maids were even more indifferent, becoming soft-footed shrimps one by one, kneeling on the ground at a loss.

    Passersby looked surprised.

    What is this?

    The nape of the neck was tight, so weak that it was skillfully pinched by a pair of male palms.

    "What a coincidence, seeing you here is really a fate of thousands of miles."

    The man's tone is overcast, and his words are extremely clear.

    Oh! This damn Cheng Yaojin!

    So weak propped up a smile, turned his head and looked at the person, "It's a coincidence."

    Brother Datie was taken off guard by this scene, and was stunned, "This is..."

    So weak mouth slipped.

    "My brother! Doesn't you look like me? Tall, right? Prestige?"

    The Dog Emperor was mad by her, his lips trembled, and he couldn't say a word for a long time. He had never seen anyone who caught the rape and could be so confident!

    So weak decided to let this beautiful misunderstanding go to the end, and touched the dog's head with gentleness and kindness.

    "Brother, be good, let's play with your daughter-in-law! Don't hinder sister!"

    young married woman?

    Yan Weiyi loosened her hands.

    Does she know?

    Yuan Qiao'er just ran in, panting, "Xiao Yizi, you, what are you doing?"

    She breathed evenly and raised her head to meet her weak face.

    Yuan Qiao'er was silly.

    Before moving out of Datongpu, Yuan Qiaoer compared the other girls with confidence in her appearance. Not to mention the beauty of the country, at least she was a beautiful and charming little beauty. Just walking on the street, some people looked back and looked at it. Look at her. She had a bad start and didn't have a good father, so she was assigned to the dining room, and she was a gray girl, otherwise she would be able to fight for her position.

    Like the woman who pretends to be a man in front of her, she looks like the master who is not bad for money and has been spoiled by her family.

    But so what?

    Yuan Qiao'er is self-reliant, no worse than these women who are raised by men!

    She pulled the sleeve of the little eunuch, her voice was loud and clear.

    "Little Yizi, let me tell you, if you dare to leave me again, you are dead!"

    Such a weak feeling has been targeted for some reason.

    She couldn't help laughing and laughing. This is also the ancient times of three wives and four concubines. In modern times, Xiao San dares to show affection in front of her original partner so blatantly, she is afraid that she doesn't want to be a ball. However, it is still the dog emperor's pot, so weak is the first to clean up.

    As for the heroine?

    If she doesn't offend her, she will not be the one.

    Even if it was not voluntary by the heroine, she ended up sitting behind the employer and sleeping with the employer's man. It hasn't happened yet, but it's a bit difficult to ask me to smile when everything hasn't happened.

    "It turns out to be younger brothers and sisters."

    The dog queen was calm, Yan Xiaoyi couldn't see the slightest sad, shocked, and lost look on her face.

    On the contrary, it is heartless.

    She even beckoned happily at the door.

    The imperial concubine and concubine Shu who tried to reduce their presence: "..."


    Sure enough, the Queen Empress is a black heart. They said that she would take them out to play so kindly. It turned out that the pits were dug, and they were waiting to be buried!

    "Come here, why are you shy!"

    The mistress of the harem had spoken, and they could only slowly walk over, so weak that they hugged one in one hand, and the three sisters had a great relationship.

    "Come, come and introduce to you, this is your one, three, four, five... Yes, Seventh Sister!"

    She is not counted in the rankings. According to the current degree of favor of the little palace lady, after being noble and virtuous, she should be able to rank as a concubine.

    As soon as they were so weak, the faces of the two concubines were not very good.

    Seven sisters?

    To be their sister, at least one must be a good concubine!

    This is your majesty's new favorite beauty? What family background? Which bowl of dry rice did dad eat? How come they have never seen this person at the flower viewing banquet in the capital? Your Majesty Jinwu Cangjiao? The imperial concubine aroused the eagerness to win and tried to find out the extraordinary advantages from Yuan Qiao'er. Then she watched for a long time and wondered uncertainly, maybe your majesty likes a darker, ordinary girl?

    I had known that she would not take the effort to maintain it, and it would be tiring to apply more than a dozen layers a day!

    She was so weak and took out her sister's style, and said to the hostess very kindly, "My brother is a spoiled monkey, I will trouble you to bear it."

    Yuan Qiaoer was dumbfounded.

    What brother?

    Without waiting for her to clarify her mind, she threw a bomb that was so weak that Yuan Qiao'er was bloody. "Yes, brother and sister, you also recognize people, my brother is bad, didn't you tell me? What about him, age Gentle, I married my wife a long time ago, but unfortunately I died early. This is a bit fat. It is the second sister who married later. You can call the second sister. There is also the third bedroom, which is as thin as a bamboo pole. You are always picky eaters. You call the third sister. ."

    The two fat and thin women swallowed their voices.

    Yan Qianyi took a deep breath, "Zhen is so weak—"

    Who cursed him for dying early?

    He raised his voice slightly, overwhelming the man's words, "As for your fourth, fifth, and sixth elder sisters, you are going to pray to the Buddha with your future mother-in-law. Don't worry, you should be able to see them next month!"

    She held the hands of three people.

    When his three faces were stunned, his palms were folded together.

    "For my brother, everyone must get along well! Don't quarrel!"

    So weak and sincere and generous.

    "Weak as Zhen!"

    Yan Qianyi pulled out her hand, trying to pull the person out, so as not to be embarrassed.

    He was so weak and refused to go, and got rid of him.

    "Okay, dear brother, let's play with your three daughters-in-law, don't hinder sister, haven't you seen your sister trying to find you brother-in-law!" She pretended to wipe the corner of her eyes with a kerchief, "Your brother-in-law, no luck, die early , I have been a widow for so many years, and finally fell in love with a capable man. I am very excited. I hope you will be considerate."

    Yan Weiyi: Okay, he also died early.

    Although Brother Datie hasn't understood since just now, this time he understood "brother-in-law" and instantly blushed and his neck was thick.

    Yan Qianyi's finger bones became whitish, squeezing words from between his teeth.

    "Zhen is so weak, would you dare to find me a man?"

    So she said so much, does the dog emperor care about this? She wasted her tongue!

    "Speak down, saying I'm not deaf." So weak and dissatisfied, "Don't scare your future brother-in-law away."


    Future brother-in-law.

    Yan Qianyi stepped forward, twisting her wrists with fierce eyes, "Get me back! I have limited patience! Don't force me to do it!"

    Ouch, is this angry?

    I don’t even pretend to him if I’m so weak, my nature is exposed, "Yan Qianyi, if you have enough, you can make a man’s harem three thousand! Why! I am a queen without credit and hard work, so what’s wrong with raising a face? ?"

    The Dog Emperor was so angry that he almost stab her to death.

    "Try it and see if I don't break your leg!"

    "Huh? Break my leg? Do you remember what you said to me five years ago, you said you were single-minded to me, every strand of my hair is precious, and my fart is fragrant! Others , It's all bullshit! Now, you know what you have done, the emperor is not appropriate, you have to be addicted to the little eunuch, and hook up the little palace lady in the middle of the night!

    "Satisfied? Have you enjoyed yourself? Doesn't it feel good to be deceiving?"

    Her nails made blood marks on his arms.

    "To be honest, I've really tolerated you for a long time, how can you count if you lie to me for five years!"

    Yan Qianyi didn't feel the pain, he just stared straight at her face and caught the expression.


    Nothing at all.

    There is no jealousy, no jealousy, or even...not a trace of hatred.

    Only impatient, unwilling, and uncooperative!

    So weak and supernormal to exert their combat effectiveness.

    "Which step are you at? Have you held hands? Kissed? Loved? Tsk, does the girl know about your three wives and four concubines, you are really disgusting! Okay, I don't love you anyway, I'm not interested in your mess , I will ask you, if you don’t reconcile and divorce, I’ll find a wild man every day, and I will let the bastard give you the end of it—"

    The man held her mouth tightly, his palms were not soft, the calluses were thick and rough, and his weak face was hurt by him, and he bit the tiger's mouth with one bite.

    The smell of blood permeated wanton.

    Yan Qianyi covered her mouth like this, pinched her waist, and dragged the weak and rude out.

    "Little Yizi—"

    Yuan Qiao'er bit her lip and let out a cry.

    Yan Weak did not turn his head back, and the thin blue-gray shirt showed a cold breath in the sun.


    So weak knocked down the teacup on the tabletop and cracked crisply.

    The dog emperor was very sick. She was so weak that he thought he would push her into the carriage, go back to the palace and teach her again. At this moment, she was caught in the inn under the eyes of everyone, and Jin Yiwei was dispatched to surround the entire inn. The water was blocked, and the fat shopkeeper was so scared that he hid in an empty wine barrel.

    Downstairs, there was a sound of turmoil.

    The dog emperor upstairs clasped her waist and pressed her into a mess.

    His teeth are not neat, and there is a sharp tiger tooth on each side. It hurts when kissing and touching, especially when the dog emperor habitually bites people's throats, just like wild animals eating, lacking moderation and patience.

    I have never been gentle.

    His weak lips were bitten and bleeding, and he stretched his legs and kicked people, "The dog emperor, you are crazy!"

    However, Yan Qianyi relied on her height and hit her fiercely.

    "Crazy? Yes! The Dog Emperor was crazy eight hundred years ago! You made him crazy!"

    His eyes were blood red, like a fierce beast choosing people to devour.

    "Are you wronged? What qualifications do you have to be wronged?!"

    "Zhen is so weak, I ask you, two years ago, on the first day of June, when there was a thunderstorm, we were the fourth time, which wild dog's name was you calling?" He muttered, yin and yang weird, "Oh, Brother Xin, shouting so affectionately, I shouted three times in full. I am really incompetent. I can remind you of wild dogs when I work."

    So weak and silent.

    Did you finally reflect on your skills at this time?

    Yan Qianyi thought she was a thief with a guilty conscience, and the jealousy instantly turned the sky over, and hit her viciously.

    "Brother Xin, brother Xin, brother Xin, brother, hell, brother, I will catch him back and cook pigeon soup sooner or later!" The Dog Emperor threatened her grimly, "I tore his flesh and feed it all to you."


    Zai, if you are jealous, you will be a master (*^▽^*)
    She kills the emperor and goes to live her life accompanied by the blacksmith boy [Who only has 1/4 arc screen in the total arc], please remember the MC is not a soft-hearted person at all, don't be miss guided by the first arc's semi-happy ending
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