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    So, my biggest concern is whether this fic is interesting. I'll be straight, this is a digimon fanfic. It's literally something that's been in my head since I was around 16. It has evolved and changed since then, but the core idea is the same. I've finally gotten to actually writing it and really want to know if it's entertaining/captivating >.>

    I'm pretty sure it needs more editing, so please forgive me on that. Also, that name will change once I can think of something better.

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7.1
    Chapter 7.2
    Chapter 8
    Chapter 9.1
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    Chapter 1
    Avery stirs to a soft breeze brushing against his face. It’s then he notices a lump weighing down on his chest. It doesn’t hurt or make breathing difficult, but it is impossible to ignore. Also, now that it has his attention, he realizes its radiating warmth.

    As another breeze strokes his face, his eyes flicker open. Greeting him are large blue eyes and an orange face. It’s mouth spreads open with a smile, revealing a full row of white teeth. “Good mor—”

    Avery slaps the creature off him before it can finish. He sits up with the motion, flips around, and dashes off in the opposite direction. A bush line lies ahead of him, but he doesn’t hesitate. He thrusts his arms forward, ignores how the various branches dig into his skin, and forces a path open for himself.

    The creature chases him from behind. “Wait, wait, stop! I’m sorry! I was just really happy to finally meet you!”

    Avery grits his teeth as he glances over his shoulder. From what he saw, the creature had short stubby legs. It catching up to him so fast should have been impossible. To his horror and surprise, the bat-wing like ears on its head lets it fly. He ignores its cries and forces himself to run faster. His best hope is to lose it within the lush forest he somehow appeared in.

    He then grabs an oncoming tree and uses it to arc right. The oncoming shrubbery is again barreled through without a second through.

    “No, wait! Not that way!”

    Avery find relief in its cry and forces his legs to move faster. He bolts out of the bushes for a clearing, a broken ledge. With a scoff, he grabs whatever he can. His body twists as he takes hold of the very bush he’s bursting from. His feet slip from under him and he slides over the ground. His grip on thin branches he’s holding tightens, but with a dry pop, they snap.

    He claws at the now, somehow barren, dusty, ground he skids across in an attempt to stop, but his momentum carries him to the edge. As his legs go over, the creature from before zips down and grabs one of his arms. It flaps its ear-wings and pulls back as hard as he can.

    Only as Avery’s lower body drops over does he stop falling. He and the creature both work together. While he uses his hands to grab what he can, it tugs and flaps its ears. Slowly, he climbs out of the ledge and flops on the barren ground right next to it.

    Avery, between breaths, turns his head and peers towards the bottom of the ledge. Below isn’t the rocky valley he anticipated. Instead, it’s something he can only describe as a river of pink and green static fuzz.

    The creature lands beside him and says, “That’s the corrosion.”


    The creature’s ear-wings rise up and flop down in a display of helplessness. “Falling in is instant deletion with no hope of reformatting. I was really scared I’d lose you after having finally met you.”

    Avery is overwhelmed by the creature’s explanation. He can understand it when he breaks down the words but gets lost upon putting them together. Deletion isn’t a term he’d use to describe death. However, what stands out most to him is something else. “You were waiting to meet me?”

    The creature nods with a hum. “It’s so good that I can finally get know you… So, you’re not going to run away anymore?”

    Avery glances to the side for a moment. He then says, “I thought you were going to eat me.”

    “Why would I eat you!? You’re my partner!”

    Avery looks back at the creature. It has bat like ear-wings and a small orange and beige body. He draws a blank to what it’s supposed to be. “We’re partners?

    It hops up and flaps its ear-wings to fly around. With a voice bubbling over, it says, “That’s right!” It then lands on Avery’s chest and adds, “We’re partners!”

    Avery stares into its bright, blue eyes and says, “What the heck are you?”

    “I’m Patamon, a digimon.”

    “A… digimon?”

    “It means digital monster.”

    Avery looks from Patamon’s brilliant smile to the corrosion. He recalls Patamon used terms such as deletion and reformatting. “This… isn’t Earth?”

    Patamon tilts its head, saying, “Earth? You mean your village?”

    “It’s a planet.”

    “A planet? Really? The stories I’ve heard all say Earth is the village of humans.” Patamon snuggles into Avery’s chest and sighs out. “I’ve been traveling all over in search of it so I could find you. No wonder nothing ever came up.”

    Avery watches as Patamon gets comfortable on him. The few details Patamon has casually been mentioning make him uncomfortable. After a few moments of silence, he says, “So, where are we?”

    “On GWS.”


    “You don’t know?”

    “I don’t know anything about this place. Be as detailed as possible.”

    “Okay, GWS is the largest and northern most of the three continents. Before the corrosion, it used to be the smallest of four.”

    Avery glances back at the fuzzy swirl of green and pink. “That stuff swallowed a continent? The heck is it?”

    “No one really knows for sure. It’s dangerous to touch, but really, it’s more of a nuisance. Once it appears, it just stays there. Sometimes it grows and other times it shrinks. As long as it doesn’t appear where you are, you’ll be fine.”

    Avery grabs Patamon with his hands and sits up. It’s then he notices a strange watch like device on his left wrist. He sets Patamon down and begins pressing the buttons on the side. “Digivice 02? Why 02? It tells time… There’s a map? A useless map... A storage system? The heck does that work? An analyzer?”

    Avery points the device at Patamon and presses the middle button. The digivice’s screen immediately projects a picture of Patamon along with information about him:

    Patamon: Child/ Mammal/ Vaccine

    He then tries scanning the corrosion.

    Corrupted data, cannot scan

    “Well, that’s useful…”

    Patamon then hops onto Avery’s head and says, “So, what do we do now?”

    “It’s just assumed you’ll be coming with me?”

    “Of course, we’re partners.”

    “Do you even know my name?”

    “You aren’t going to tell me?”

    Avery chuckles. “You really have a lot of faith in me.”

    “Of course, we’re partners.”

    “It’s Avery, my name’s Avery.”

    Excitement laces Patamon’s voice as he says, “I like it.”

    Avery laughs while saying, “At least one of us does.” He then sets off while saying, “Which way to the nearest city?”

    “Doesn’t your digivice have a map?”

    “It’s blank…”

    “That map is horrible. Anyway, there’s a village on the other side of the mountain. Not far, about a day’s travel.”

    Avery starts walking. Annoyance laces his breath as he says, “Right, we’ll be there in no time.”

    Patamon say, “Turn left at that shimmering tree.”

    After 30 minutes of walking, a light tremor makes Avery pause. Not feeling any more, he decides to continue. Then, after another two steps, he feels a second. “An earthquake?”

    A third, stronger, rumble follows his question.

    Patamon says, “Feels more like digimon.” The tremble that follows leads it to add, “See? There’s no way something like this is natural.”

    “Why are there pauses between them...?”

    “Maybe is jumping? They feel like they’re getting stronger too.”

    Avery’s heart sinks at Patamon’s follow up. Soon after, he can hear the echo off hooves as something forces itself through the foliage. Each thunderous step is accompanied by a loud crash. He peers towards where the sound is coming from and sees a glint.

    Avery clamps Patamon down on his head with a hand and dives to the side. Just as he lands on a bush, a flaming boar thrashes down where he stood. The ground shakes as it springs forward. A tree laying before it is hurled aside, not slowing it in the slightest.

    Avery scrambles onto his feet and dashes in the opposite direction. The monstrous boar tramples where he was standing. That, to him, is enough to confirm its intentions. In turn, he will run as far and as fast as he can. At the same time, he says, “The heck was that?”

    Patamon grips Avery’s head to keep from being flung off. With a voice that shakes due to Avery’s rapid movements, “A boarmon!”

    “Yeah, and!?”

    “It’s a digimon that only knows how to charge forward! Once it decides something, it won’t stop!”

    Avery feels a chill upon hearing a snort and once more dives to the side. Burning wind washes over him as Boarmon bursts by his side. Crying out from the searing pain, he holds his forearms before himself and uses them to break his fall. With an, “Umpff!” he lands flat on some rocks.

    He ignores the jagged pain racing across his sides and throws himself through a bush. As he continues to run, he says, “Why’s it attacking!?”

    “I don’t know! Maybe this one is territorial?” Not long later, Patamon spins around on Avery’s head. With the cry, “It’s coming back,” it leaps off.

    Avery spins around to try and stop it. As he reaches out, he sees Patamon’s body swell as it breaths in. Pataman, with the cry, “Air shot!” deflates as it blasts out what appears to be concentrated air.

    Avery grabs Patamon’s leg and pulls him. He grips the digimon in his arms and dives to the side. The attack deflects off the side of Boarmon’s face, but succeeds in making it swivel to the side.

    Avery gets up, saying, “You crazy?”

    Before he can start running again, Patamon points and says, “Look!”

    Avery didn’t notice with everything going on, but Boarmon is laying on its side, buried underneath some trees.

    Patamon leaps from Avery’s arms. It flaps its ear-wings to remain in the air and says, “Now’s our chance. We’ve got to fight!”

    Avery notes the obvious size difference. His first impulse is to grab Patamon and run, but he stops just as he reaches out towards the digimon. There is nowhere they can escape towards.

    He has only been able to avoid being crushed mostly due to luck. Out running Boarmon is impossible. The determination Patamon displays give him courage. The David verses Goliath battle about to unfold inspires him to brave the situation head on.

    Avery’s hand, which had been reaching for Patamon, straightens. He holds out his Digivice 02, points it at Boarmon, and analyzes the attacking digimon. He reads the information aloud. “Adult, mammal, data.”

    He still wants to run, but says, “Ready when you are.”

    Patamon grins at the determination lacing Avery’s voice. Confidence radiates from the digimon. “To fight together like this with you… I’ve been waited a long time. I’ll fight, you tell me what’s happening.”

    Boarmon shakes off the trees and rise onto its feet. It stomps the ground to intimidate Patamon, but it responds by brandishing its teeth. A heat haze envelops Boarmon and it kicks forward.

    Avery and Patamon sync up and leap to the side. Patamon then releases a burst off air at Boarmon’s side. The burst disrupts the haze and lands flat against the attacking digimon’s body.

    Avery says, “Direct hit!”

    Patamon brims with energy as it says, “Yeah!” It then leaps into the air and releases another, “Air shot!” at Boarmon.

    Boarmon digs it hooves into the ground and forces its way through the burst of air. Patamon darts to the side, but its wing-ears are slow and clumsy on the turn. Boarmon rams it with the side of its plated head.

    Patamon flicks over Boarmon’s head. Avery watches the small digimon arc to the side and then realizes he’s scurrying through some shrubs away from Boarmon. Patamon is gripped within his arms.

    Avery doesn’t get far when he hears a squealing roar. The ear-piercing sound sends shivers down his back. He stops running and spins around. Patamon syncs with the movement and leaps from his arms. “Air shot!”

    The bubble of air zips forward and slams against the side of Boarmon’s face. Th charging digimon once more swivels as it loses balance from the impact. Avery and Patamon keep track on which way it teeters and dash for the opposite side.

    Avery flinches at the echoing boom of trees behind him. He turns around to discover trees have once again collapsed on top of Boarmon. Words escape from under his breath, “That’s not going to be enough…”

    A fiery ball leaps shatters the debris as it leaps into the sky, sending the pilled trees scattering all around. Avery and Patamon both break for the side. They barely manage ten paces when a deafening, scorching, impact blows them onto the ground from behind.

    Avery grabs Patamon as they tumble through bushes. A sudden tree brings them to a violent stop. As he climbs to his knees, Patamon tense within his arms. Avery picks up on the Patamon’s reaction and throws himself to the side.

    Boarmon once more streaks through where he was. Avery winces at the passing heat wave from digimon’s charge. With grit teeth, he forces himself onto his feet. Patamon then voices the frustration building up inside of him, “Yeah, this isn’t working. We’re need—gyah”

    Patamon cries out as Avery takes off running again. The digimon notes Avery’s expression, and instead of commenting, climbs up onto his shoulder. Its eyes and ears focus to pick up even the faintest of movements. “Dive left!”

    Avery leaps without a moment of doubt. He barrels head first into a bush. Its prickling branches and leaves are nothing compared to the burning gust thundering past behind him.

    The process continues a few more times. Avery is positive he would have been skewered by Boarmon’s horns if not for Patamon’s perfect instructions. He slowly gets roasted by a wave of heat each time, but it’s preferable to being turned into charcoal.

    “To the right!”

    Avery dives while saying, “Attack it!”

    Patamon leaps off of Avery’s shoulder. “Air shot!”

    Boarmon grunts and clamps its front hooves into the ground. It then kicks forward even stronger than before and plows through the attack. It dashes past where Avery stood and vanishes within the shrubbery. A loud, frightful, squeal echoes moments later.

    Avery releases a sigh at the sound. He doesn’t bother to get off the ground. He instead breathes in deep, closes his eyes, and chuckles. The laughter soon dies down, but a grin from his euphoria remains plastered upon his face.

    Patamon lands beside Avery’s head. Its large eyes brim with curiosity as it asks what just happened.

    Avery continues to look at the treetops as he says, “Remember how we first met?”

    “Yeah, you ran off.”

    “And what happened after that?”

    “You ran and almost…”. Patamon’s voice cracks as he says, “Ohhh.”

    Avery takes a breath before finally glancing at Patamon. “That was weird though. It was like I could feel what you were thinking.”

    “That’s cause we’re partners. I’m really happy you fought with me back there. I was honestly afraid you’d get scared and run away again.”

    Avery shrugs and says, “Don’t look down on me.” He then sits up and looks around. “Do you know if there are more of them?”

    Patamon grins and shakes his head. “Nope, everything’s good. We’re all clear to get off this mountain.” It then climbs up Avery’s back and comes to a stop on his should. “Let’s go!”

    Avery Patamon treks for an hour with Patamon resting on his head when a high-pitched voice cries, “Human!”

    The heavy tone prickles Avery’s back. Without pause, he ducks down, causing Patamon to yelp at the sudden act. At the same time, a small, purple, dinosaur like creature soars over their heads and crashes into a tree. With a heave thud, its claws impale the trunk.

    Avery leaps back as he stands up. He then scans the digimon with his digivice while it struggles to free itself. “Monodramon, child, small dragon, vaccine.”

    Patamon lunges at Monodramon to take advantage of it being stuck. “Air shot!”

    Monodramon is slammed against the tree, but its claws remain logged. Patamon notes that it can no longer do anything and relaxes. Not sure on what to do, it turns to Avery.

    Avery is equally baffled over what to do next. With Patamon’s expectant eyes on him, he eventually decides that he should at least try and figure out why he was being attacked. However, before he can say anything, Monodramon cries out. “Human! Hurry up and get this over with! I refuse to be your play thing! Just delete me already!”

    Avery and Patamon exchange glances. Both shrug, revealing neither of them have a clue to what the miniature dragon is talking about.

    Monodramon continues, “Quit stalling and finish me already! Hurry up or I swear I’ll gut you!”

    Avery waits for the digimon to run out of breath. He then says, “What are you talking about?”

    “Shut up! Shut up! I refuse to talk with you!”


    “Shut up!” With that shout, Monodramon breaks free and again lunges for Avery. Patamon springs towards Avery to push him aside, but something else swoops down in front of Avery and repels the purple dragon with a flash of its sword.

    Monodramon clutches its face as it sits up. “My eye!” It howls for a moment before settling down and glaring at the intruder, a lion man, with its remaining eye. “Traitor! Why are you defending a human!?”

    “Leomon, get rid of this pest already.” A voice laced with annoyance speaks out.

    Avery looks and sees a boy stepping out from some bushes. He seems to be about the same age as him. Most striking, however, is the pair of googles on his ginger hair.

    Monodramon’s cries draws everyone’s attention back to it. Despite being the smaller digimon, it doesn’t cower before Leomon’s raised fist. “I’m not afraid of you! You sell out! You’re nothing more—”

    Leomon roars as it punches out its fist. “Beast King Fist!” A golden, lion head shaped, ethereal, stream of energy burst forth and blows Monodramon away.

    The boy steps forward saying, “Good job, Leomon.” He then turns towards Avery and adds, “Are you stupid? Why didn’t you digivolve?”

    Avery glances towards Patamon as the digimon alights onto his shoulder. “Digivolve?”

    Patamon looks back at him and says, “It’s a process where digimon get stronger by changing into a higher form.”

    At those words, Leomon’s body emits a blinding, white, light. The light soon fades to reveal a small lion cub.

    Patamon adds, “Like that, but in the reverse. It isn’t something a Digimon can just do, though.”

    Avery scans the small cub as it says, “Ha, Wilson, you called it, that guy was weak!”

    He ignores it and reads, “Liollmon, child, holy beast, vaccine.”

    The boy with the googles, Wilson, laughs. “Told you. That twerp was just flinging itself around. It had no idea what it was even getting in to.”

    A girls voice rings then rings out. “Wilson, how was it?” From around some bushes appear a girl with golden blond hair and a simple white dress. Around her neck is a creature resembling a white ferret. She then notes Avery and reaches out to him while saying, “Are you harmed?”

    Avery shrugs. He then says, “More importantly, who are you two? Actually, how’d you guys even get—”

    The ground explodes underneath their feet. Everything goes white and all sound ceases within a deafening roar.
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    Chapter 2

    “Ughhh…” Avery grunts as he comes to. Trying to move his hands to rub his face fills his arms with searing pain. Even just breathing causes him to ache. He settles for simply lying where he is and staring at the sky.

    “The heck am…” He trails off upon seeing light green and pink blobs in the sky. “Right… not Earth…”

    He then recalls the ground exploding underneath his feet and being flung skyward. “How’d I even survive that…?”

    With grit teeth, he forces himself into sitting up. As far as he can tell, he’s in a forest. The girl from before lays on the ground not too far from him. She’s also awake and stares back at him.

    “So, you two are finally awake.”

    Avery turns at Patamon’s voice and finds the digimon on a tree branch. With him is the white ferret like creature that was around the girl’s neck.

    With grit teeth, he forces himself up and limps over to the girl. He then drops down beside her with a grunt. “What… what just happened?”

    She continues to lay on the ground. She adjusts her head to look at Avery and says, “We were attacked. As to by what or whom, I’m uncertain.”

    “So, are you human?”

    The girl chuckles before wincing. “Yes, I’m just as human as you are.”

    Silence falls upon them. After a few moments, “I’m Avery.”

    The girl forces herself to sit up. She then gestures to herself with a hand and says, “Silvia, my name is Silvia Yew.” She then stares into Avery’s dark eyes with her clear ones and says, “How did you come to be in the Digital World?”

    Avery sighs and looks up at the bright blue sky. “Honestly, no idea. I was walking to work and then I was here. You?”

    A weak smile crosses Sylvia’s face as she says, “I was in a park with my family….”

    Avery goes to stand only for a leg to give in partway. He falls onto his side and rolls onto his back. Silvia reaches towards him, but her body, too, reaches its limit and she collapses as well.

    As the two stare at each other, Avery says, “We can’t stay here.”

    “Agreed, we are completely exposed.”

    That’s when Patamon says, “There’s nothing to worry about. We’ve been keeping watch since yesterday and haven’t seen a single digimon.”

    Avery says, “Yesterday?”

    Patamon says, “It’s been more than 24 hours.”

    Sylvia purses her lips and says, “That’s worrisome in of itself. More so when taking that mysterious explosion into account. Kudamon?”

    The white ferret like creature, Kudamon, says, “I believe we should look into later as well. For now, we should use this reprieve to our advantage. This is a safe place, rest.”

    Avery, without even bothering to try and move, says, “Do you two know something?”

    Sylvia hums as she shakes her head. “Only conjunctures…. As to who or what, I honestly have not the slightest idea.”

    After a pause, Avery says, “So, how long have you been in the digital world?”

    “I arrived just yesterday. I met Kudamon, we wandered around, were chased by a meramon, and were rescued by Wilson. After that, we meet Lee Ann and Ben before finally meeting you.”

    “There are others?”

    “From how the digimon we’ve met act, we don’t seem to be the first either.”

    After another moment of silence passes, Avery says, “What did you mean by ‘look into it,’ earlier?”

    “Simply that. I do not believe the events unfolding here should be ignored.”

    “…So you’re going to do something about it?”

    Sylvia brims with resolution as she says, “Of course.”

    Avery wants to question her about the decision, but decides against it. In the end, he just stares at the sky.

    After what feels to be 10 minutes, Sylvia grunts as she forces herself to sit back up. She grits her teeth and squeezes her eyes shut, but she succeeds into getting onto her feet. As Kudamon scurries towards her side, she says, “Sorry, I can’t stay here any longer. Our time was short but stay safe.”

    Avery watches her limp away and disappear around some bushes. After a few minutes, he clicks his tongue and tries to sit up. He rolls onto his side, grits his teeth, and pushes up with his arms only to fall flat on his face.

    Patamon lands by his head and watches him try again. “You want to go after her?”

    Avery stops struggling and catches his breath as he says, “It’s stupid, but I can’t honestly just ignore it.”

    Patamon doesn’t comment, but its grin says everything. As Avery struggles to get back onto his feet, the digimon grabs the shoulder area of his shirt and flaps its hardest in order to help him up.

    Avery stumbles as he stands but by spreading his feet, he manages to keep from falling. After a few breaths to steady himself, he says, “And she walked off like this? Dang…”

    Patamon walks at Avery’s feet. The digimon looks up as it says, “Let’s hurry, they can’t have gotten far.”

    “Yeah,” Avery steps forward and stumbles. Patamon leaps up and grabs his collar from behind before he can fall. Avery sighs out as he regains his balance. Grateful he can at least walk normally, he says, “Alright, small steps…”

    They reach the bush Syliva and Kudamon disappeared around and stop. As Avery tries to determine which way she went, Patamon points left with his ear. “They went that way.” Avery trusts his partner’s judgement and sets off in the pointed direction.

    Avery’s gait more or less recovers as they walk. He has to walk at a slower speed than normal, but the size of his steps aren’t far off from their usual size.

    For the most part, their walk is in silence. The only constant sound comes from the rustling of leaves whenever Avery brushes against bush. Occasionally, Patamon will say to change directions, either because Sylvia turned there or to avoid running into a potentially hostile digimon.

    After walking for half an hour, Avery speaks. Irritation laces his tone as he says, “How have we not caught up to them…?”

    “Maybe she wasn’t hurt as badly as you?”

    Avery recalls that she walked away limping. He then recalls her expression when she left. She looked ready to face the world, consequences be damned. “Either way, we need to pick up the pace.”

    “I can, but can you?”

    “…Let’s just do what we can.”

    The sun begins to set not long after. It’s then that Avery spots golden blonde hair fluttering among vibrant green leaves a short distance ahead. “Finally…”

    Sylvia’s shoulders jolt at his comment. She spins around, but her anxiety quickly melts into relief. She meets Avery partway and, with a hopeful, almost grateful, smile, says “You came to help?”

    Avery notices she was staring at a cave and instead says, “What exactly are you trying to do?”

    Sylvia’s expression hardens as she once more faces the cave. “This is but a mere feeling, but we need to enter that cave and uncover whatever they covet first. We must not allow them to succeed in whatever it is they are doing and entering is the first step.”

    “How do you know they’re inside this cave?”

    Kudamon says, “Their scents are still fresh.”

    Sylvia says, “At this moment, Kudamon and I are trying to determine the number of guards stationed.”

    “None,” Patamon says. Sylvia turns to look at the digimon and it flaps its ear-wings in response. “I’d hear them if there were.”

    Sylvia and Kudamon nod to each other as they both say, “Let’s go.”

    Avery is amazed by their lack of hesitation but keeps it to himself as he and Patamon follow the two inside. The entrance is a rising slope at first, but makes a steep drop around the first bend. The four proceed by sticking to a wall as best they can while using stalagmites as cover whenever possible.

    The orange flames of torches soon come into view. Sylvia begins to slow down, but Patamon says, “It’s fine. The way forward is still clear.”

    As Patamon declared, not a single digimon can be found near the torch. Avery peers further down and notes that the path branches into two. “Where is everyone?”

    Kudamon says, “The silence bothers you?”

    “A bit, yeah.”

    Patamon then takes a few steps ahead. Light can be seen down both paths. It closes its eyes and focuses on its ear-wings. After a bit, it says, “Both ways are clear. Do we split up?”

    Sylvia steps forward saying, “No, we stay together.”

    Patamon says, “Then, which way?”

    Sylvia stares down the left path. She then purses her lips and says, “Kudamon?”

    Kudamon sniffs and says, “Their scents proceed down that way.”

    She thus heads down the right path. Impatience laces her words as she says, “We’ll need to hurry.”

    Avery glances down the left path as he walks after Sylvia. As far as he can tell, both look exactly the same.

    The cave is a myriad of twists, drops, turns, and even ascents. Almost the entirety of the way is illuminated by small crystals. The light they emit is faint, giving off enough only to color in a few centimeters around themselves. At times, Avery goes to place a hand against the wall for support only to end up stumbling into an unseen shaft. Progress is slow and difficult, but the darkness envelops them with a sense of security.

    Tension leaves Patamon’s body as it lowers its ear-wings. Its outline can faintly be seen looking back at Avery and Sylvia as it says, “Still nothing.”

    Avery tries peering down both paths and says, “Could we have gone the wrong way?”

    Sylvia says, “Unlikely, though the ways through may be different, they all intersect. That we haven’t seen anyone must mean they’ve gone down another route.”

    Avery pauses at her confidence. He tries to make out her expression within the darkness and says, “How… do you know that?”

    Sylvia goes to answer, but her words stop. She looks to Kudamon, but her partner too shakes its head. After a few moments of awkward silence, she says, “I… I don’t… know?”

    Avery stares her down. “So, you’ve just been leading us blind the entire time.”

    She matches Avery’s gaze and says, “I’ve not. I may neither know why nor how, but the outcome is clear to me.”

    Avery, despite the darkness of the cave, can only find the same usual confidence radiating from her expression and posture. His first thought is to wonder if she has a clue to what she’s doing. He then shrugs and says, “Well, either way, not like I actually know where to go. Lead on.”

    Sylvia frowns for a moment, but she turns around to continue instead of retorting. “We shouldn’t be too far off now.”

    After another hour, noise begins to echo down from further ahead. Listening closely reveals that they’re screeches and roars. Avery glances towards Sylvia, not sure whether he should believe her just lucky or take her claims seriously. Regardless, he stops her by placing a hand upon her shoulder and says, “Okay, now what?”

    “Too soon. First we need to determine the intentions of those before us.”

    Patamon says, “How about leaving that to us?”

    Kudamon says, “Agreed, we are much smaller and therefore harder to detect than either of you. We’ll scout ahead and return shortly.”

    Sylvia nods and says, “Be careful.” Once the two digimon are out of earshot, she turns to Avery. She hesitates for a moment, but then says, “I didn’t say this earlier, but… thank you for coming. Any of the others would have tried to convince me against doing this.”

    Avery recalls the decisiveness with which she parted from him earlier. While wondering if that was to prevent him from saying anything, he says, “I don’t think that would have been possible.”

    Sylvia shakes her head. “That it would have not. Hence, for your courageous assistance in this reckless endeavor, I am truly grateful.”

    “…So you do recognize that you’re reckless.”

    “Reckless, but necessary.”

    He then recalls her earlier words about them taking a different path. “So, if we’ve run into them, does that mean we’re almost there?”

    “It’s more likely that we’ve stumbled onto the path they took.”

    “…What happened to knowing the way?”

    Sylvia averts her eyes. “Have we not potentially encountered the digimon we pursue? If anything, we are efficiently making our way.”

    “Yeah, we seem to have efficiently caught up to them.”

    “It cannot be helped. That these digimon happen to currently be on the quickest path is a coincidence.”

    Their back and forth is interrupted by the return of Patamon and Kudamon. They scurry towards the two and Patamon says, “There’s a devimon with a bunch of evilmon fighting a Death Meramon up there. They look like they’re at a stalemate though.”

    Sylvia says, “Death Meramon?”

    Kudamon adds, “More importantly, save for it, the scents of the rest match with those of which we chase after. That said, Death Meramon currently has the advantage, but Devimon seemed to be getting stronger with each passing moment. I dare say the scales are slowly tipping in Devimon’s favor.”

    Sylvia cups her chin. After a moment of thought, she says, “These coincidences bother me. First, they went left, and now, they are here. They might not know the best route, but they definitely know the way.”

    Avery says, “So, what? I don’t know anything about what you just said, but if they’re anything like every other digimon I’ve seen, they’ll kill us the second we jump in.”

    “Agreed. We’ve no choice but to back track some and go down another path. Death Meramon can hopefully stall long enough for us to gain a fair lead on them.”

    As they resume walking, Avery says, “So, that death meramon thing you mentioned.”

    Patamon says, “Death Meramon is a digimon.”

    “Right, that. Was…. it not supposed to be there?”

    Sylvia says, “One isn’t within my knowledge, no. It must have randomly decided to make this cave its home.”

    Avery gives a flat, “Lucky us…” as he turns around.

    Another few hours of walking pass. The few light crystals lighting the way become even more scarce, making the pacing slower and much more difficult. Sylvia stumbles as she steps into a pit. A short, yet sharp, cry escapes her as she instinctively reaches out to grab whatever she can. Her hand grips the side of Avery’s collar and she ends up pulling him down with her.

    Avery, with a, “Hey, what are you…!?” ends up falling on her.

    As the two untangle and get back up, Sylvia claps her hands together before her mouth and speaks in a fluster. “I am so sorry.”

    Avery, recognizing it as an accident, suppresses his complaints and shrugs. Annoyance still laces his voice as he says, “More importantly, how far are we.”

    “That’s just it.” Sylvia looks at a pitch black part of the wall just a bit behind them and adds, “We almost passed it.”

    Patamon and Kudamon lead the way and vanish within the darkness. Avery, using that as confirmation that a passage way does exist, follows after with Syliva. The light crystals vanish after a few paces leaving them in total darkness.

    Sylvia says, “Don’t stop. We just need to keep pressing— oof.”

    Avery’s head jerks in her direction. He steps towards her only for his foot to slip. With a, “Woah,” he too falls. Then, recognizing the trouble of their situation, makes his way to a wall on all fours. Once he finds it, he calls out to Sylvia, “Over here.”

    He stands as she shuffles over. The moment she feels the wall, she says, “Good idea.” The two use the wall as support and continue even further into the darkness.

    Dim bluish green light comes into view on their left as they reach a corner. The distance is still far, and they need to release the wall they use a support, but both Avery and Sylvia step forward without hesitation.

    The ground smoothens as they walk. With the worry about slipping and falling gone, their pace increases. After about five minutes, Avery can once more see the hand he holds before himself as he walks. The passage continues to brighten, reaching a point where he can more or less make out the cracks on the wall, albeit with a greenish tinge.

    A vast chamber spreads at the end tunnel. Large crystals glowing blue and green provide dim lighting from the ceiling. A pure black monolith rests in the center. On it is a silver hexagon like plaque with a dragon’s silhouette in its center. Sylvia gazes at it in a daze. Without realizing, she says, “The Dragon DigiMemory…”

    “The what?”

    Sylvia flinches at Avery’s question. “My apologies, I was distracted. Could you repeat that?”

    Avery stares at her for a moment, unsure of what to make of the entire situation. Deciding nothing will change by staying quiet, he says, “You said, ‘Dragon DigiMemory’…” He then trails off upon seeing confusion flash across her face. With a sigh, he adds, “Something else you just somehow know?”

    Sylvia lowers her head. “Once more, my apologies.”

    Kudamon then calls out to them. His voice echoes down from near the top of the monolith. “Then perhaps we should investigate more closely.”

    “Agreed.” Sylvia aims her digivice at the plaque and shoots out a beam. The plaque glows as the beam hits it before vanishing.

    Kudamon scurries down the monolith to its partner’s side and looks up with great expectation.

    Sylvia lowers her arm and says, “The Dragon DigiMemory… It seems to be a back up of sorts for Yggdrasil.”

    Avery says, “What’s Yggdrasil?”

    Patamon says, “A giant tree that governs over the digital world.”

    Sylvia says, “This DigiMemory seems to be one of its fail safes should anything ever happen to it.” She then takes a breath and says, “We should go. They’ll find us if we stay too long.”

    Avery turns for the tunnel while saying, “This DigiMemory?”

    “According to the information inside, there are more. Much to my regret, their locations are not specified.”

    “You knew where this one was. Who knows, maybe you’ll know where the others are too.”

    “I can only pray that is the case.”

    A rumbling shakes the cave a few hours later. Avery, Sylvia, Patamon, and Kudamon pause to glance back. Sylvia says, “Our heist appears to have been uncovered.”

    Patamon says, “Has it, really? For all Devimon knows, the DigiMemory could have been taken ages ago.”

    The cave trembles again. This time, a rage filled roar echoes from all around. Kudamon says, “Whether Devimon knows others are here or not is irrelevant. We must make haste, now.”

    The four resume their trek for the exit, but despite Kudamon’s heeding and their efforts, they move at a slow pace. Neither Avery nor Sylvia can push their battered and exhausted bodies any harder than they already are. That they journey uphill works against them.

    Avery says, “Well, we’ve got a lead on them. Even if we keep like this, we should be able-”

    Another, more powerful, tremor brings him and Sylvia to their knees. Loose stones and dust rain down on them as the sharp sound of rocks shattering echo all throughout.

    Avery clears his throat and says, “We’ve been at it for a few hours. The exit shouldn’t be too far off now.”

    Patamon laughs and continues after Avery.

    Most of trek back is made in silence. The cave continues to shake every now and then, sometimes stronger than before, other times weaker. They try to press through at first, shielding their eyes the best they can against the small rocks and dust that pelt them from above.

    Then, during one of the more violent shakes, Avery hears a cracking sound directly overhead. He looks up and pales. “Sylvee!” He steps and dives into her, forcing her onto the ground underneath his body. A sound akin to ceramic shattering rings behind them as a stalactite crashes into the floor.

    He gets off of her once the shaking ends. He helps her up while saying, “You okay?”

    Sylvia pales upon seeing the size of the stalactite that almost crushed her, but manages to say, “I suffered no injuries. Thank you for protecting me.”

    From then on, each time the cave shakes, they stop and look for safe places to wait it out. The few seconds they can save by forcing themselves to try and continue aren’t worth the risk.

    The four continue their ascent out of the cave. After a few more hours, a faint light comes into view. The light strengthens into a blinding radiance as they press towards it. Soon, a warm wind caresses their faces. Excitement at being able to leave the cave compels them to move faster. The dread that they might end up buried alive the longer they stay where they are is all the encouragement they need. Smiles of relief cross their faces.

    Pataon says, “We’re almost there. Hurry.”

    Kudamon says, “We’ve only a bit more to go.”

    They enter the cave’s mouth when a chilling wind from behind brings them all to a stop. “Found you…”

    Avery whips around but finds nothing behind them. He takes a tentative step back when, “Death claw!”

    The ground erupts underneath their feet. A massive black hand spears towards them. Patamon and Kudamon call the names of respective partners, “Avery!” “Sylvia!” and scurry to protect them, but to no avail. Their attacks bounce off the oncoming black wave.

    Avery braces himself for the attack. He squeezes his eyes shut as the darkness envelops him. It washes over him and then nothing.

    Confused, he opens his eyes only for them to be greeted with the sharp sting of wind. They instantly wince shut. Then, more carefully, he opens them again. A bright blue sky comes into view.

    Avery goes to turn his head to look around, only to groan. His entire body aches. He feels as if he took Boarmon’s charge head on. It’s then he notices Patamon desperately pulling on his shoulder.

    “No, no, no, this isn’t fair! I just met you! This isn’t fair! You can’t! Not after all this time! No-”

    The fear and tearful regret lacing Patamon’s words jolt Avery. It’s then he realizes he’s flying through the air. Not far from him, Sylvia holds Kudamon close to herself. Fear is etched across her face as she prays for a miracle. He then forces himself to look towards where they are falling.

    Directly ahead is a bubbled mass of corrosion.

    Avery grits his teeth. “Just like that…? I get brought to this world, and it’s going to end, just like that? What the hell!”

    Patamon’s overwhelming emotions mix with his anger and confusion. He looks at his partner and, “Patamon!”

    Patamon explodes with golden light. It’s blinding, but Avery doesn’t feel any pain from staring at it. Instead, its fills him with confidence. He takes a breath, and this time with a grin, repeats, “Patamon!”

    A long, light blue, serpentine digimon stretches out from the light. It twists around Avery and has him land upon its soft red and golden mane. Avery rolls and slips as he falls upon the base of the digimon’s back, but with quick movements is able to grab onto one of its ivory horns.


    “I’m Airdramon now.”

    A flicker of red catches Avery’s attention. He twists his head and sees crimson wings flapping, carrying them through the sky. Holes dot the them, yet they don’t impede their ability to catch air.

    That’s when Avery recalls Sylvia. He turns towards where he saw her before and says, “Airdramon!”

    “Already on it!”

    Airdramon eases itself towards Sylvia and Kudamon. Once they are close enough, Avery leans towards them and reaches with his arm. Sylvia takes his hand and he pulls her towards himself. She instinctively wraps her arms around him. Likewise, he holds her tight.

    Sylvia takes a breath, but then shouts, “It’s not over yet!”

    An explosion booms behind them before Avery can ask what she means. A devil man erupts from the mountain and streaks towards them. It snarls and one of its arms shoots towards them. It’s literally trying to catch them.

    Avery says, “Airdramon!”

    “Hold tight!” Airdramon then barrel rolls to the left.

    Avery and Sylvia both cry out at the sudden motion. Avery personally feels as though his stomach fell out of his body. His grip loosens for a moment, but he quickly recalls they’re being attack. He strengthens his hold on both Airdramon and Sylvia and then looks back towards the devil man. “That’s Devimon?”

    Sylvia’s eyes are squeezed shut as she clings to Avery for dear life. Terror from falling off keeps her from budging an inch. The best she can manage is say, “If it looks like a black devil wearing leather, then yes!” Her voice then trembles as she adds, “Promise you won’t let us fall!”

    Avery reaffirms his grip over her as he says, “Leave it to us! Airdramon?”

    “You can count on it!”

    He then spies Devimon attacking once more and says, “Left!” The second the word leaves his mouth, he curses himself for being vague.

    Airdramon, however, swerves to the right. Devimon’s left arm harmlessly arcs past where they were mere moments ago. The hand tries to give chase, but they slip outside its reach.

    Airdramon then says, “Don’t worry, I understand exactly what you mean!”

    A fearless grin cross Avery’s face as he then says, “Left!”

    Devimon continues to try and grab them. Its arms stretch from its body, left, right, right, left, left, right, left, right, right, right, right, right, left, right, left, but Airdramon escapes from each of them with Avery’s help.

    As Airdramon darts away from Devimon’s attack, Avery says, “Doesn’t it have any other attacks?”

    Kudamon says, “We’re too far and moving too fast for them. Regardless, we must find a way to break this stalemate. Although this situation is favorable to us, it won’t stay as such indefinitely.”

    Airdramon says, “I’ve got an-”


    Airdramon darts to the right as it adds, “-idea. Make sure to hold on really tight!”

    Avery glances at his partner and says, “Do whatever! I trust- left!”

    Airdramon draws strength from Avery’s encouragement and swoops downward into a valley, leaving Devimon’s hand to arc past over their heads.

    Devimon drops after them upon having its arm return. It then goes to reach for them again, but stops. Anger flashes across its face as it howls something at them.

    As Avery wonders what changed, Kudamon says, “How clever.” He spares a quick glance forward and double takes. They’re flying straight towards a floating light green and pink blob of corrosion.

    Airdramon then says, “Alright, hold on to my hair and stay low!”

    Avery lowers himself and Sylvia flat onto Airdramon’s back. His upper body now lays covered within the red and gold fur. “We’re all set!”

    Airdramon nose dives.

    Avery feels his stomach getting left behind when a sharp scream makes him forget any issues he might have with flying.

    “We’re falling, we’re falling, we’re falling, we’re falling!” Terror stricken, Sylvia tries to bury herself within Avery’s chest.

    “Calm down, Airdramon has everything under con-” An accidental glance shows him they are closer to the corrosion than her realized. Even just a sneeze might be enough to get him to bump into it.

    Sylvia panics at Avery’s sudden stop. “Under what!? Everything’s under what!? Why’d you stop!?”

    “It’s fine, it’s fine! Airdramon’s got it under control! Devimon can’t attack us!”

    Airdramon says, “Just a bit more! We’ll be out of this soon!”

    Sylvia says, “Please, please, please hurry!”

    “Okay, and we’re… free. You can sit up now.”

    It’s then Avery notices they’re rising out of the valley. At some point during it all, they rounded the corrosion. He looks back as he sits up and says, “Yeah, but that still leaves us with Devimon.”

    Kudamon says, “Perhaps not. Go left, quickly.”

    Avery picks up that Airdramon is hesitating about doing so and says, “Let’s just do it. Not like we have any other ideas.”

    Airdramon, without a word, makes a sharp left. Sylvia screams at the harsh turn, but soon settles down. An unexpected reprieve from Devimon’s attacks occurs, allowing for steady flight. Avery, still on the look out for the devil digimon, realizes that it’s due to it still flying underneath the mass of corrosion.

    Sylvia, still holding onto Avery as though her life depends on it, notices his breathing is more relaxed. His relief allows her to also calm down. She doesn’t release him or open her eyes, but she’s able to speak again. Her voice quivers, but she says, “Ho- how are you not scared?”

    “Of flying?”

    Sylvia nods as she gives a quick, “Yes.”

    Avery thinks for a moment, not once moving his eyes away from watching their back, and says, “Probably cause it’s Airdramon? I don’t get it, but I have absolute faith Airdramon won’t let me fall.”

    “Because you’re partners. I’m certain this was mentioned earlier, but we are connected with our digimon. But for your trust to go this far is quite amazing.”


    Sylvia shrieks and buries herself within his chest again.

    Once Airdramon is clear of stretching arm, Kudamon says, “Not much further now. Go around that mountain top and fly low! Quickly now!”


    Airdramon drops down as it goes left to avoid the attack. Devimon continues trying to grab them when, “Beast king fist!”, “Absolute zero punch!”, and “Power metal!” Three digimon jump out from the trees underneath and attack Devimon.

    Airdramon makes a sharp flip around as the three attacks envelop Devimon. “God tornado!” The wing attack washes over Devimon as it falters and envelops it within a swirl of fire.

    Laughter echoes over the roar of the burning tornado. The center of the orange-white flames darken. Those flames take a purple hue before bursting with a swirl of dark energy.

    Devimon blows away the remaining flames by spreading its ragged wings. Its crimson eyes and sharp fangs glint underneath the dying embers. “Leather wing!”

    The attack blows away all four digimon.

    Airdramon gets knocked down into the trees. The digimon flaps its wings as it tries to reorient itself, but it crashes through the branches.

    Avery grunts out as his back crashes into thick trunk. His grip on Airdramon slackens, and together with Sylvia who’s clinging to him even harder, he falls from the digimon’s back. He then tumbles onto a lower branch that then drops him on the ground. “I’m fine… Just go get him.”

    Airdramon springs towards Devimon. The devil digimon lifts its arm to strike the serpent down, but before it can finish calling its attack, its body is chomped down on. Airdramon drops down and smashes Devimon headfirst into the ground. Large rocks are sent flying in all directions, but Airdramon doesn’t relent. The digimon swings its head all around and thrashes Devimon into mountain stone or trees. The serpent digimon ends its assault by flinging the devil digimon into a mountain side and flapping its wings at it, “Spinning needle!”

    “Beast king fist!”, “Absolute zero punch!”, “Power metal!” The three attacks join with Airdramon’s to envelop Devimon in another explosion. Once the smoke clears, no trace of Devimon remains.

    “Easy win.” Wilson walks over to where Sylvia is helping Avery stand. The two of them are covered in twigs and leaves. He says, “A pathetic digimon like that was giving you girls trouble?”

    Avery is faster than Sylvia. He glares at Wilson and says, “Call me a girl again and I’ll kick your face in.”

    Sylvia cuts Wilson off before he can retort. “What do you mean, ‘pathetic digimon like that’? Devimon defeated Death Meramon. It should not have been this easy.”

    Wilson shrugs. “Whatever you say, it’s gone now. Death Meramon must have been weaker than you gave it credit for.”

    Liollmon then appears and say, “Yeah, that punk was pathetic. A few attacks and he’s already down.”

    Sylvia purses her lips and says, “That can’t be right…”

    Another boy of similar age to them steps forward. A strange, eye catching, pendent lays between his open high school football jacket. He says, “Sylvee, relax. It’s over now. If it comes back, we’ll fight it off again.”

    Wilson slaps the guy’s back. “Yeah, what Ben said! Quit being so chicken.”

    Sylvia’s expression is pensive, but she refrains from saying anything more.

    Ben takes the opportunity to walk up to Avery and hold out his hand, “I’m Ben, Ben Arnold.” He then gestures to a furry, violet, dinosaur like creature with a red gem on its forehead. “Here’s my partner, Dorumon.”

    Avery shakes his hand and says, “Avery.” He then glances toward the girl with long black hair.

    She stares him down, openly evaluating him. A light frown flashes across her face as she says, “Lee Ann.” A snow white dinosaur steps forward and she adds, “Yuki Agumon.” Then, before anyone can comment, she turns away.

    Patamon lofts onto Avery’s head and looks towards Wilson. “And you’re Wilson, right?”

    Wilson gestures to himself with his thumb and says, “Yep.” He then gestures to the lion cub and says, “And my partner, Liollmon.”

    Avery regards everyone and says, “Again, I’m Avery.” He then glances upward and adds, “and my partner, Patamon.”

    Wilson laughs and says, “Your name’s Avery? You really are a gir-”

    Avery kicks Wilson in the gut. Wilson hunches over, but steps back to keep from falling over. He then lunges forward while shouting, “Bastard!” Ben and Lee Ann, however, catch him before he can punch Avery.

    Ben say, “Woah, Wil, hold on there! Don’t go making it worse.”

    Lee Ann says, “You shouldn’t have expected anything more from him to begin with.”

    Avery glances from Wilson to Lee Ann. He then turns to Sylvia and says, “Well, good luck from now on. Maybe we’ll run into each other again.”

    Sylvia’s taken aback by his remark. As she struggles to find her voice so she can ask for clarification, Avery waves his hand and turns around.

    Ben dashes after Avery and catches his shoulder. “Woah, woah, woah! You’re not seriously just gonna go off on you own, are you?”

    Avery clicks tongue. He glances towards Wilson and Lee Ann and says, “Better than staying here.”

    Ben turns to Wilson and says, “Well? Say something.”

    Patamon says, “Yeah.”

    Everyone looks at Wilson. He makes a face but makes no motion to say anything. Avery, getting fed up, turns to leave again. Yet before he can finish, Wilson says, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I won’t call you a girl again.”

    Patamon looks down at Avery and says, “He apologized. So, what now?”

    Avery looks back at Wilson. He then turns toward Sylvia. As he turns, his eyes pause on Lee Ann for a moment too brief for anyone to notice.

    Sylvia says, “Please stay. It’s safer for all of us to stay together.”

    Kudamon says, “The Digital World can be very dangerous. The excursion we just underwent more than proves this point.”

    Avery sighs and says, “Fine, fine, we’ll join you guys.”

    A silence falls over the group. Ben notices the impasse and says, “Anyway, how about we get going? None of us want to stay here any longer, right? Come on, we can talk while we walk.”

    Sylvia turns to Wilson. “I agree, there’s no reason for us to stay here.”

    Wilson nods, “Yeah, let’s get out of here.”
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    Chapter 3

    Avery says, “Is there a plan on where to go?”

    Wilson says, “There’s a village not too far from here according to Liollmon. That’s where we were going before this whole thing happened.”

    Liollmon leaps to the front of the group and says, “Just follow me.”

    As they start walking, Patamon then looks towards Kudamon and says, “By the way, how’d you know to find everyone here?”

    Kudamon says, “You mean when Devimon was chasing us? Your 02 has a locator function. Registered digivices can both communicated with one another and pinpoint each other on the map.”

    Avery looks to his digivice. He isn’t the only one, both Wilson and Lee Ann do the same. After pushing some buttons and searching around, he says, “Oh, found it.” That’s when he also discovers that part of the map has filled in, the areas he has traveled through.

    Sylvia then points her digivice at his. A second later and her name appears on his screen. She says, “There, better we register each other now while we have the chance.”

    Ben steps forward to register his digivice with Avery’s while saying, “Good idea, we don’t wanna end up getting blown apart again.”

    Avery then registers his digivice with Wilson. At the same time, he says, “So, what the heck was the explosion? An attacking digimon?”

    Wilson says, “According my scanner, it some digimon called Tankdramon.” He notices Avery’s confusion and adds, “Imagine a bluish lizard thing with a ton of guns inside of a box with tank treads.”

    “The hell? That just makes it even harder to understand.”

    Wilson shrugs.

    Avery then looks towards Lee Ann. She scoffs at him and says, “What? I’m not registering with someone like you.”

    Patamon snaps back before Avery can. “What do you mean by someone like him? Avery’s my partner.”

    Lee Ann clicks her tongue and turns away. Avery thinks about her choice of words so far but decides against calling her out on it. Saying anything at that moment would be pointless. In silence, they all resume walking again.

    Not long passes when Ben says, “Sylvee, when did your dress get those shoulder covers? I’m pretty sure they were bare just the other day.”

    Sylvia looks down at the flap like covers flowing from her dress. She stares at one and then the other. Kudamon too takes one within its paws and feels it. She says, “I would have never noticed if you hadn’t said anything.”

    Lee Ann says, “Is it a new dress.”

    “No, this is the same one I’ve been wearing since yesterday. It seems the Digital World is full of mysteries.”

    Lee Ann then says, “Speaking of mysteries, are any of you hungry? It’s been almost two days since I last ate and I’m perfectly fine. You all think this is strange too, right?”

    Everyone stops at her words. Avery places a hand over his stomach as he thinks about her remark. Ever since he arrived in the Digital World, it had been one thing after another. He had been so busy that he never even noticed he hadn’t been eating. At the very least, he should be extremely irritated at everything.

    Kudamon says, “There is no need for food in the Digital World. Energy is restored simply by sleeping. While eating can help you replenish said energy, it better serves as a temporary boost of strength.”

    Avery says, “That’s… convenient.”

    Sylvia says, “You don’t like it?”

    “I think I’m just not used to it? Thinking about it, not having to eat would be great way to save money. Except now that I don’t have to, I feel like something is missing.”

    Ben says, “Yeah, I totally get what you mean. What do you think, Wil?”

    Wilson says, “Same, knowing that I haven’t eaten for two days feels wrong.”

    Ben chuckles and says, “Well, just cause we don’t have to eat doesn’t mean we can’t. Let’s see if we can get anything at this village.”

    Lee Ann sighs at the boyish conversation about food and says, “How far away are we, anyway?”

    Liollmon says, “With everything that happened, we should get there in a few days.”

    Avery looks up at Patamon. “Didn’t you say it was a day’s travel?”

    “It is. That’s how long it took me to get here from there.”

    Kudamon chuckles and says, “The rest of us do not have wings. We are unable to fly across any ridges or canyons.”

    “Ahh…. Opps.”

    Everyone chuckles at Patamon’s mistake.

    After a few moments, Wilson glances towards Sylvia and says, “So, why’d you wait so long to contact us?”

    “Come again?”

    “Earlier, you sent me a message saying, ‘We’re being chased by a digimon, meet us etc etc etc.’ You two were blasted off yesterday. What was with the delay? We were all worried about you.”

    Avery jumps in and says, “Why didn’t you contact her first?”

    “I didn’t even know that was possible until then.”

    Sylvia nods to herself as she says “My apologies, but I neglected reaching out to you at first precisely for that reason. I did not want to risk any communication being intercepted by Devimon.” She and Kudamon then lower their heads as she adds, “I truly regret any worry that may have caused.”

    Avery’s expression falls flat at her apology. Understanding her reason for lying, he turns away before anyone says anything.

    “Something’s coming!” Patamon leaps to attention from atop Avery’s head. “Everyone, get ready!”

    Everyone tenses, but a few moments of silence pass without anything happening. One at a time, Wilson, Lee Ann, and Ben throw accusatory glares at the digimon.

    Lee Ann says, “Of course, useless people will have useless partners.”

    Avery says, “Shut up. Patamon, where’s it coming from?”

    Patamon points to the left with an ear. Avery and Sylvia are the only ones who remain alert and take precaution. The other three glance in that direction and begin to walk again.

    “Hyper heat!”

    Patamon and Kudamon leap forward with attacks of their own. A sudden beam appears and explodes upon hitting their attacks.

    A yellow, reptilian ogre like creature flies out of the smoke and thrusts a massive arm at Wilson and Liollmon, “Strength Arm!” The two are too stunned to react.

    Avery calls out to his partner, “Patamon!”

    At the same time, the digimon leaps forward saying, “Shinka!” Patamon explodes within a golden light. That light fades seconds later to reveal a confused Patamon.

    “Avery!” Sylvia catches the boy as he collapses.

    Kudamon says, “He’s fine! Just exhausted! More importantly!”

    Another, “Shinka!” rings out. From the golden light appears Liomon. The beast man digimon draws his blade at the last second and swats the attacking digimon aside.

    Wilson shouts at the attacking digimon. “Who are you!? What are you attacking me for!?”

    The yellow digimon jumps to its feet, roars, and lunges for Wilson again. As Leomon meets the attack head on, Sylvia scans the digimon with her digivice.

    “Its name is Cyclomon, a dragon man digimon!”

    “Yeah? So, why’s it attacking me!?”

    Dorugamon rams into Cyclomon as it gets back up again. Ben says, “Hey, that guy’s helmet only has one eye hole. Didn’t you say something about blinding some digimon the other day?”

    Cyclomon roars out at the remark. “Humans! Die, die, die!”

    Wilson grins at the reaction. “Oh, so this is round two!” He glances towards Ben and says, “We got this, stay out!”

    “You sure?”

    “Yeah, I wouldn’t be man if I got help for something like this.”

    “Beast King Fist!” Leomon launches a golden, ethereal beam shaped like a lion’s head at Cyclomon. Then, as Cyclomon meets the attack with a, “Hyper Heat!”, it leaps forward and swings its sword.

    Cyclomon swings its massive arm at Leomon mid-flight and whacks the lion man into a tree. The dragon man then pounces forward. “Hyper—”

    A cough gasps out, ending its cry.

    Leomon’s sword is rammed right into Cyclomon’s stomach. The beast man pulled it out at the last second and let the dragon man impale itself.

    As Cyclomon staggers back in disbelief, Wilson says, “Pathetic.” Cyclomon’s head snaps towards Wilson. With a roar, it raises its massive arm, but Leomon kicks the dragon man from behind.

    Wilson says, “Let’s finish it for real this time.”

    Leomon says, “Right.” It then pulls out its sword from Cyclomon’s stomach. As the sword is raised overhead, Cyclomon turns back into Monodramon with an explosion of silver light. The beast man then swings down only for a bone club to slam into the back of its head.

    A green ogre digimon kicks Leomon aside as it lands, picks up the bone club and Monodramon, and dashes off into the woods.

    Ben says, “And they’re gone,” as he watches them disappear.

    Wilson walks up to him and says, “Why didn’t you do anything?”

    Ben shrugs and says, “Dude, that all happened way too fast for anyone to do anything.”

    Wilson scoffs and turns away. “Whatever, let’s just get going.”

    Sylvia says, “We cannot. Avery is still out.” With those words, she then eases him on the ground. Patamon then lands on his stomach and waits.

    Lee Ann says, “Seriously, how useless. What kind of idiot just passes out like that?”

    Kudamon leaps forward and says, “Do not be so hasty to judge. Our digivolutions put a heavy strain on all of you as well. The energy required for it does not simply manifest from air.”

    Lee Ann gestures to everyone and says, “Yeah, well you don’t see any of us falling down left and right.”

    Kudamon says, “Do not forget. Both Avery and Sylvia were caught up in an explosion just recently. That, couple with recent events, which includes Patamon’s first digivolution, must have left him drained.”

    “Please, he was fine!”

    Sylvia says, “Or so he seemed…” She then turns to Wilson and says, “Let’s rest here for the night. To be honest, I could also do with some rest.”

    Wilson sighs, kicks the ground, and says, “Fine, whatever! Let’s just stay here another day.”

    After a few hours of sitting around, Wilson looks to Sylvia and says, “I’ve been wondering, how are the two of you still alive?”

    Sylvia perks up at the question. She blinks a few times and, after a moment of hesitation, says, “I… what?”

    He points at Avery and adds, “You two were blown away… by an explosion. Even if you survived that, the fall should have killed you.”

    Ben laughs and slaps Wilson back. “Dude, you’re talking logic? After everything that’s happened? For real? We’re in a world with tank dragons. Them not being dead should be the least of your worries.”

    Wilson drops back and lays on the ground. With his arms crossed behind his head, he stares at overhanging branches and says, “Yeah, true.”

    Sylvia doesn’t comment. She and Kudamon exchange glances and leave it at that.

    Not long after, Sylvia lays down. Kudamon curls up into a ball by her side. She says, “We’ll be sleeping early. We shall see each other in the morning.”

    Lee Ann looks at the pair in disbelief. “Why?”

    “While we might be in better shape than Avery, we too have been pushing ourselves today. The best course of action we can take is to sleep.”

    Ben says, “Right, night.”

    Wilson spares her a glance to say, “Whatever,” before turning away.

    Sylvia and Kudamon awaken a few hours later. The sky is dark, but the four moons provide more than enough illumination for them. She sits up and takes a quick look around. Everyone is still sleeping. Although she’s surprised that no one stayed awake to keep watch, “It is convenient for us.”

    “Agreed, still, we’ll need to bring up this shortsightedness once we return.”

    Sylvia then glances towards Avery. Patamon remains perched on his stomach, also fast asleep. “He hasn’t even budged a millimeter.”

    Kudamon says, “No, but his complexion is much better than before. He should be fully restored once we return.”

    Sylvia nods and Kudamon scurries onto her shoulder. She then stands and creeps out of the camp, taking care to not step on anyone. She doesn’t relax her breath until after rounding a bush and placing everyone out of sight. From there, she picks up her pace.

    “Where are you going?”

    Sylvia jumps. She would have screamed if not for Kudamon hugging her mouth shut. After a few heavy and panicked breaths, she turns around to find Lee Ann and Yuki Agumon. Her voice is both hushed and enraged, “What are you two doing here?”

    Lee Ann speaks with her normal tone. “Following you, obviously. Why are you sneaking away? You said you’d come back, does that mean you know this place? Why did you lie and pretend to be clueless? Who are you?”

    Sylvia is taken aback by the questioning. Kudamon answers in her stead. “Sylvia hasn’t lied. We are merely off to retrieve something that will help us.”

    “Retrieve what?” Lee Ann then raises her voice as she adds, “How can you know anything about this place?”

    Sylvia waves her hands as she gestures for Lee Ann to lower her tone. “Stop, stop, do not speak so loud or you’ll wake everyone.”

    Lee Ann stares at Sylvia. “What are you being so secretive about. Tell me or I’ll scream and wake everyone up.”

    Sylvia is taken aback at the threat. She purses her lips as she struggles to think up of a solution only to sigh in resignation. “Fine, I shall tell you. However, do not expect much. Earlier today, we, Avery, Patamon, Kudamon, and I, came across a digital memory of sorts.”

    “The heck is a digital memory?”

    “I’m honestly not certain, but this memory contained information about powerful relics. One is located very close to here. Kudamon and myself mean to retrieve it.”

    “That’s just stupid. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? Your Kudamon can’t even digivolve.”

    “Even so, we will not stop here.”

    “By yourselves?”

    “I intended to ask Avery, but he still ne—”

    “Forget that slacker. I’ll go with you instead.”

    Sylvia is taken aback. After a slight pause, she says, “Come again?”

    “Just that! Yuki Augumon and I are—”

    “Alright, alright,” Sylvia once more waves her hands in panic. “Just stop shouting.”

    Lee Ann quiets down and nods. Her eyes burn with determination.

    Sylvia recognizes nothing she says will get through to her. She suppresses her sigh and leads them further away.

    Once they reach a safe distance for talking, Sylvia says, “What did you mean by that? Calling Avery a slacker? Are you acquainted with him?”

    “Please, why would I have anything to do with someone like that? I don’t surround myself with losers.”

    “I don’t understand. How can you call him a loser if you don’t know him?”

    “Are you blind? It’s obvious just by looking at him.”

    Sylvia glance towards Kudamon, but ferret like digimon shakes its head. She looks at her with doubt as she says, “When Avery and I were separated from all of you, he stood by me the entire time. Not once did I feel regret over his accompanying me.”

    “Pfft, yeah, people like him are good at making you think that.” Lee Ann storm forward with her head held high. “Just wait. You’ll see exactly what I mean once we get back.”

    Kudamon narrows his eyes at the boast. “Yes, I suppose we shall.”


    A campfire keeps Goburimon warm as it lays on its back with its arms crossed behind its head. The green oni type digimon stares at the night sky as it waits for the monodramon it rescued earlier to wake up. The purple dragon digimon has been out cold for hours, but is starting to stir.

    Goburimon glances at the digimon as it says, “First time digivolving, huh? I can relate. Took me a while to get used to it too.”

    Monodramon rubs its face as it sits up. “What? Where am…?” It then hops to its feet. The dragon digimon recalls what was happening before passing out and roars. “Humans! Where are they?”

    Goburimon gives a lazy, “Calm down, there ain’t any stinking humans near this place.”

    Monodramon spins to glare at Goburimon with its remaining eye. It points a finger at the oni digimon and says, “And who are you!? What happened to the humans!?”

    Goburimon sits up and introduces itself. It then adds, “I’m a friend. You were getting your tail handed to you, so I bailed you. You’re welcome.”

    “And what about the humans?”

    “Sleeping, probably.” Goburimon then smirks, “But I was thinking, maybe we could make it eternal. You know what they say, two are better than one.”

    “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Monodramon begins to walk off but stops upon noticing Goburimon still laying on the ground. “What are you just laying there for? Let’s move!”

    “Are you stupid? Do you even have enough energy to digivolve again? Right now, you’re too weak to do anything useful.”

    “Perhaps then I can be of some assistance.”

    A cold, booming voice fills the area. Goburimon jumps to its feet, club raised and ready to be swung. Monodramon also tenses up and gets ready to swing at whatever shows itself.

    The voice speaks out once more. “Easy, I have not come to fight. I have come to aid you against our common enemy, the humans.”

    Goburimon lowers his club but remains vigilant. “Then quit hiding and step into the light where we can see ya.”

    Long legs wrapped in black leather come into view on the opposite side of the campfire. As the digimon continues out of the shadows, tattered black wings and long arms become visible. On its chest is a red horned sigil, the mark of evil. Devimon appears before Goburimon and Monodramon.

    Goburimon looks the new digimon over. It recognizes the devil man digimon as the one who was pursuing two of the humans earlier that day. “And what exactly is it you’re going ta do for us? Last I saw, you couldn’t even put up a struggle.”

    “Foolish, my purposes are better served with them not knowing I’m here. I did not lose that fight.”

    Monodramon snaps and says, “Fine, whatever! You said you were going to help, so out with it!”

    Devimon laughs at the impatience. The cold bark sends a shiver down the spines of both Goburimon and Monodramon. “Oh, it’s nothing much. Just some of my energy!” The devil man’s arms stretch out to grab both child digimon. The two are then enveloped in darkness.

    The two digimon cry out and struggle, but they are unable to break free. They are soon tossed aside, but Goburimon finds itself brimming with strength. Before he can say anything, Monodramon bursts with laughter. The dragon digimon laughs out while saying, “Finally! With this much power, I’ll crush those humans and their traitorous digimon! I’ll crush them and rip off their heads!”

    Devimon says, “Good, good. Then let me tell you something helpful as well.” Once it has the attention of both digimon, it adds, “Two of them have split off from the others. I saw them headed in that direction.”

    Monodramon runs off in the direction Devimon points. Goburimon is more cautious. He looks Devimon over and says, “Why use us?”

    “Because you hate the humans and I need them… distracted.”

    “And what if we kill them?”

    “A distinct possibility, do try if you can. Whether they live or die is of no concern to me.”

    Goburimon narrows its eyes, but it turns around and walks off after Monodramon without another word. It has no idea what the devil man digimon is doing, but it is able to pick up that if it wanted to kill the humans it could have easily done so. The power it granted them is that amazing. For such a powerful digimon to choose not to directly kill them is worrisome.

    Lee Ann takes a deep breath and eases her head around some bushes. Seeing that the coast is clear, she slinks around the bush. A loud cracking sound, however, sends her diving onto the ground.

    Sylvia looks down and sees a freshly snapped stick.

    Kudamon sees Lee Ann trembling and sighs. “Not once did Avery ever jump at his own shadow. You are only slowing us down. Go back, we’ll continue without you.”

    Sylvia continues past Lee Ann. Lee Ann calls out to her, “Wait, wait,” but she doesn’t look back. Lee Ann and Yuki Agumon hurry after her, but Kudamon is who responds.

    The ferret like digimon says, “Are you daft? You’re help is neither wanted nor required. Leave us.”

    Lee Ann laughs out and says, “You say that now, but you can’t even digivolve.”

    Yuki Agumon nods and says, “Right, and that’s just the least of what we can do.”

    “You’d be begging us to stay with you if you knew exactly what I’m capable of!”

    Kudamon turns away and faces forward. Just like Sylvia, it decides to not pay them anymore mind.

    “Hey, don’t just ignore me!” Lee Ann and Yuki Agumon chase after Sylvia.

    Sylvia doesn’t stop. Regardless of Lee Ann’s fears and complaints, she treats her words like wind and presses forward. Lee Ann, despite her wishes, is forced to move at Sylvia’s pace.

    The few times Sylvia does stop are at clearings. She and Kudamon pause to take a quick look around before hurrying to the other side.

    Lee Ann, shocked by the bold action, can only force down her fear and run after her. The first time, she tries to berate Sylvia for being, “reckless,” but neither Sylvia nor Kudamon spare her a glance.

    Sylvia comes to a true final stop before a grey cliff wall. Lee Ann looks at Sylvia and then the mountain wall. She looks upward and says, “What? You’re not gonna say we need to climb this, are you?”

    Sylvia shakes her head and reaches for the rock wall. Her hand touches stone and presses against the mountain side. She then presses her other hand against the firm stone. With both hands, she begins to feel the mountain side.

    Lee Ann says, “What the heck are you doing?”

    Sylvia ignores her and continues to search. After about ten minutes, the finger tips of her left hand flow through the stone. She notices the change in sensation and searches that spot with both hands. Not long after, she feels out a thin, short door.

    The inside is a narrow passage carved directly out from the mountain. Various crystals placed in random places along the floor, walls, and ceiling illuminate most of way with a faint light. At unexpected points, however, the lighting fades leaving those inside to navigate path blind. It’s also in those places were parts of the wall jut out, the ceiling lowers and forces travelers to crawl, or the ground surprises them with potholes.

    Lee Ann continues to follow behind Sylvia. Brushing off dirt from her hair due to rubbing against a low ceiling, she says, “This is stupid! Was this path for digimon or humans?”

    Sylvia ignores her and instead speaks to Kudamon. “This is slowing us down too much.”

    “Agreed, the degradation is much worse than we anticipated.” The ferret like digimon then hops off her shoulder and scurries ahead on his own.

    Sylvia waits until her partner is out of sight before sighing, dropping back against a wall, and sliding onto the ground.

    Lee Ann’s jaw drops. Her eyes bulge open and she shouts out in disbelief. “You could have done that this whole time!? The hell was all of this for! Are you stupid!? This was a complete waste of time!”

    Sylvia glances over at Lee Ann. Her lip curls in disgust. “You’re still here?”

    Lee Ann scoffs at Sylvia and turns around. “Forget it. Yuki Augmon, we’re outta here!” She then storms back the way they came.

    Sylvia, finally alone, leans her head back against the wall and closes her eyes. The exhaustion she had been hiding and suppressing the entire time washes over her and she soon drifts to sleep.

    An explosion shaking the passageway wakes her twenty minutes later. She brushes off the loose stones and dust that fell on face as she gets up and looks around. A howl followed by another ground shaking explosion tells her all she needs to know. Lee Ann encountered danger near the entrance.

    “Sylvia! Sylvia!” Kudamon’s call echoes from deeper within the hallway.

    Sylvia spins around and drops to a knee to pickup her partner digimon. “How was it? Did you find it?”

    “No, I checked the chamber twice, but there was no sign of it.”

    Sylvia purses her lips. “It must have already been claimed.” Another shaking leads her to add, “This couldn’t have happened at a worse time…” She turns around hurries back to the exit.

    “I know it’s pointless to ask, but Kudamon…”

    The digimon shakes its head. “Unfortunately not, there was no other exit within the chamber. Whatever lies ahead, we will need to face head on.”

    With those words, Sylvia presses faster.

    Lee Ann waits for Sylvia and Kudamon at the entrance. In her arms is a wounded Yuki Agumon. Outside, Ogremon and Cyclomon battle against a group of small dinosaur digimon holding riffles and wearing camouflage. Both of them, despite their size, are being suppressed by the military dinosaur digimon. While the bullets keep them distracted, grenades are thrown into their blindspots.

    Sylvia scans the smaller digimon with her 02 and reads, “Commandramon, child level.”

    Lee Ann then says, “They cheated! We were winning and then they blind sided Yukidarumon with a grenade. We would have already been out of here if not for them.”

    Kudamon says, “You escaped here as they engaged Ogremon and Cyclomon? Doesn’t seem likely.”

    “Agreed, they most likely know you’re in here. We’ll need to escape now while we still have the chance.”

    Lee Ann brightens upon hearing the word escape. “Then… you found—”

    Sylvia shakes her head. “It was already claimed by another.”

    Lee Ann growls. If not because she is holding Yuki Agumon, she would hit Sylvia. “Then how the hell are we supposed to escape? We’re surrounded!”

    “They’re distracted. If we wait, Ogremon and Cyclomon will eventually succumb to their assault. This is the best chance we have.”

    “Our best chance? Your Kudamon can’t even digivolve!”

    Kudamon sighs and says, “Then stay here. We’ll do this on our own.”

    Lee Ann grabs Sylvia’s ankle to stop her from leaving. She then forces herself up and says, “No, I am not staying here.” She grips her digivice and gets ready to run.

    Sylvia says, “On my signal…” She watches the battle. Then, as Cyclomon’s mouth glows, “Now!”

    The two streak out of the hidden passage as Cyclomon’s, “Hyper Heat!” fills the area with light. They run away behind the backs of the Commandramon. Ogremon notices them and shouts out, but its words are drowned under gunfire.

    Sylvia, Kudamon, Lee Ann, and Yuki Agumon escape into the trees. They keep running until they can’t even hear the occasional grenade.

    Lee Ann, once she catches her breath, says, “This was a complete waste of time.” She then begins to walk away, but Sylvia grabs her arm. “What?”

    Sylvia’s expression is firm. She speaks in a soft, but firm, voice as she slowly glances around. “Digivolve Yuki Agumon.”

    Lee Ann yanks her arm free. “Don’t tell me what to do!”

    A blow sends Lee Ann hurling into a tree. The movement is so swift, she’s already crumpled on the ground and clutching her stomach before she or Sylvia register what happened.

    Laughter echoes as a voice says, “Ya should’a listened while you had the chance.”

    Kudamon tenses and springs from Sylvia’s shoulder. Moments later, a humanoid dragon like digimon in sleek combat gear tumbles into a bush beside Sylvia. It rolls about, trying to pull Kudamon off its face, but the ferret like digimon refuses to let go.

    Sylvia acts fast and scans the digimon with her digivice. She mutters its name aloud as she goes over its information, “Sealsdramon.”

    A giant snowman then barrels into Sealsdramon. Kudamon springs off of its face and hurries back onto Sylvia’s shoulder.

    “Stupid… digimon…” Lee Ann huffs as she tries to get back onto her feet. Sylvia lends helps her up and lends her a shoulder as she continues. “It should’a finished us while it had the chance…”

    Sylvia says, “If it wanted to, it could have.”

    Kudamon says, “Agreed, it, more likely than not, intended to follow us back. With that failing, capture the two of you for information.”

    Lee Ann then glances towards Sylvia. “How’d you know it was following us?”

    “Our escape was too easy. The further we ran, the more I felt something was wrong.”

    “So, you guessed.”

    “That’s one way of phrasing it.”

    Lee Ann rolls her eyes and returns her attention to the battle.

    Sealsdramon cuts another gash along Yukidarumon’s arms. The snow digimon matches the timing of the knife being drawn back to attack, “Absolute Zero Punch!”

    Sealsdramon grins at the attack. It twirls around the arm and gets behind Yukidarumon. Then, with its knife, “Death Behind!”

    Yukidarumon cries out as it drops onto a knee. Sealsdramon raises its knife for another blow, but Kudamon latches onto its wrist and bites down between the gabs of its armor.

    Sealsdarmon doesn’t drop the knife, but its attack misses. While growling with pain, it slams Kudamon into a tree. When the white ferret digimon refuses to let go, it slams the tiny digimon into another tree.”

    Sylvia covers her face in horror. “Kudamon!”

    Lee Ann grabs Sylvia’s arm and says, “You got to digivolve him!”

    “I can’t!”

    “Yes, you can! He’s your partner, his strength to digivolve comes from you!”

    “I’ve been trying! It’s just refuses to work!”

    The loud snapping of wood draws their attention back to the battle. Both Sylvia and Lee Ann snap their heads in time to see Yukidarumon pummel Sealsdramon into a tree.

    As Lee Ann cheers her partner, the snow digimon readies another attack. “Absolute Zero Punch!” The attack lands firm against Sealsdramon’s snout and finishes sending it through the tree.

    Sylvia, over joyed, hugs Lee Ann. “You got him!”

    Lee Ann hugs her back. Yet just as she opens her mouth, the tree gets shoved aside. A low voice barks out, “I ain’t dead yet!”

    Lee Ann feels a chill as she turns towards her partner. “Yukidarumon!”

    Her warning is too slow. Yukidarumon, too shocked by Sealsdramon’s voice to react in time, is slashed across the throat. A bright light flashes to reveal Yuki Agumon laying on the ground.

    Sealsdramon then bends his arm and elbows Kudamon out of the air. The small ferret digimon crashes into a rock and bounces onto the ground, unmoving.”


    Sylvia and Lee Ann tremble in each other’s arms as Sealsdramon steps towards them. “Now, for the two of yo-”

    A massive, light blue, serpentine body rams into Sealsdramon from above. Avery slides down from Airdramon’s back and says, “Hurry!”

    As he then helps Lee Ann carry Yuki Agumon, Sylvia picks up Kudamon. Then once all of them are atop Airdramon, the mythical beast digimon springs skyward.

    Only once the former battlefield vanishes from view do Sylvia and Lee Ann breath out in relief. Sylvia, holding on to Avery as though her life depended on it, says, “What are you doing here?”

    “I woke up and saw you were missing. I had a feeling you might have been in trouble and rushed here. That location function was really handy.”

    Sylvia releases a light sigh and says to herself, “Lucky us…”

    “So, did you find what you were looking for?”

    She doesn’t answer. That tells him all he needs to know.

    “Thanks…” Instead, another voice breaks the silence. “I thought Yuki Agumon was going to die… So, thanks.”

    The rest of the trip back is carried out in silence.

    Airdramon returns to their campsite not long after. Wilson and Ben are already awake and waiting. Sylvia, without any prompting, walks straight up to Wilson and explains what happened.

    Wilson facepalms. “Next time, tell us and we’ll all go with you.” As Sylvia brightens at his change of heart, he adds, “You going off on your own is way too dangerous.”

    “You have my word.”

    “Then you and Lee Ann should get some rest. We’ll be leaving once the sun rises. This time, however, I’m gonna be keeping watch.”

    Sylvia smiles at his exasperation. Wilson’s cooperation releases a heavy weight from her heart. Without a complaint, she settles down with Kudamon and drifts back to sleep.
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    Chapter 4

    Avery wakes up to shouting a few hours. He goes to sit up, but he stops upon realizing there’s a lump, Patamon, on his chest. His stirring, however, wakes Patamon.

    The Digimon stretches as it stands. It pulls its body and straightens if front legs while reaching as high as it can with its ears. After a few seconds, it relaxes by exhaling and faces Avery. With a faint smile, it gives a lack luster, “Morning.”

    “Morning to you too.” Avery holds Patamon and sits up. He then moves the digimon onto his shoulder, stands, and also stretches. A pair of loud pops crack out as he does his neck. “Laying flat on the ground is gonna take some getting used to…”

    “You done yet?” Wilson calls out to Avery and adds, “If you’re finished then hurry up. I want to get out of this forest, ASAP.”

    Lee Ann snickers as everyone’s attention falls on Avery.

    “Then go, we’ll catch up later.”

    Sylvia steps between the two before their arguing gets any worse. She goes up to Avery and says, “Don’t say that. You should know just how dangerous the Digital World can be. It’s much safer if we all travel together.”

    Avery looks into her pleading eyes and sighs. “Fine, fine, I’m sorry for dragging you all down. Let’s go.”

    Sylvia smiles as she walks up to Wilson. “You heard him, let’s go.”

    Wilson shakes his head and turns around. “Lead the way, Liollmon.”

    The lion cub leaps to the front of the group while saying, “Right! Just follow me!”

    As they start walking, Lee Ann says, “How much farther until the exit, anyway?”

    Liollmon says, “Not much farther. We’ll definitely be out by tomorrow.”

    Lee Ann sighs and mutters under her breath. “At least there’s no bugs here…”

    Ben waits for Avery to catch up. Once their side to side, he clasps his shoulder with a wide smile. “So, with everything that’s happened, I know next to nothing about you. Where are you from? What do you do? What’s your horoscope?”

    Patamon answers from atop Avery’s head. “Avery is Avery. Is anything more than that really all that important?”

    Avery chuckles as he reaches up and rubs the top of Patamon’s head. “You do have a point there.” Then, with a smile still on his face, he turns to Ben. “I don’t live that exciting of a life to brag about. A lot of my free time is spent at work.”

    “You got a job?”

    “It’s nothing special. I work in a store doing a bunch of random things. Sometimes I work the floor, other times I’m opening boxes in the back, and every now and then I change burnt out light bulbs.” Avery pauses as he remembers, “Although, there was this one time I was asked to install a new window.”

    Wilson comments from the front of the group. “Your job sounds weird.”

    Avery shrugs. “Not like it was an official job. Just something at a small shop. That said, the pay wasn’t great, but it wasn’t too bad either. Not with all things considered.”

    Sylvia glances back towards Avery and says, “I do not understand. What do you mean by unofficial?”

    Lee Ann clicks her tongue as she says, “It means illegal. He was paid in cash, under the table. You know, a tax-free wage. It’s people employing themselves like that who are ruining the economy.”

    Avery doesn’t even spare Lee Ann a glance. Instead, a reluctant sigh escapes him as he adds, “I’ve probably already been fired…”

    Ben gives Avery’s back a light slap. “That’s rough, buddy. Well, don’t take it too hard. I’m sure you’ll be able to find another one once we’re all back home. I mean, we’re in another world. This has got to count for something.”

    “Yeah? Well, what are you going to do once you’re back home?”

    “Me? Honestly, that’s a good question. I guess I’ll look into learning programing?”

    Wilson glances back at Ben and says, “Programing?”

    “Yeah, programing. We’re in a digital world. Don’t you think there might be a connection.” At Wilson’s dismissive, “pff,” Ben snaps back. “Fine, then what are you gonna do once we’re back?”

    “Get my black belt. I’m getting tested for it soon. Really, being here is just a waste of time. I should be practicing, now wandering some stupid digital world.”

    Sylvia is visibly hurt by Wilson’s flippant attitude. “You don’t… like being here.”

    “It’s got nothing to do with liking or not. I’m busy and don’t have time to be messing around here.”

    Liollmon laughs as it says, “Don’t say that. The Digital World is great! Where else can you find loads of mons to fight?”

    Ben laughs at Wilson’s silence. “What, nothing to say?”

    “Shut up.”

    Lee Ann scoffs and says, “You guys are so immature.” She glances at Wilson and Liollmon and adds, “Is fighting all you think about?”

    Ben jumps in before Wilson can snap at her. “So, what about you? What do you do or fun?”

    Lee Ann holds up her head as she says, “I’m a guitarist. My band and I have even been on tour.”

    Avery gives her a slow, sarcastic, clap.

    “Hey! Don’t look down on me. If you’ve got something to say, then out with it! Don’t forget, you’re nothing. I can top anything you can pull off!”

    Avery steps forward, fully intending to punch her, but Ben grabs him by the shoulder. He speaks to him in a low voice, “Chill, doing anything now really isn’t worth it.”

    Avery sighs, but before he can say or do anything, an ear-piercing screech rings down from overhead. A giant red stag beetle zooms towards them.


    Fashioned in the center of a large swamp is a Japanese castle surrounded by a feudal city. The roads are muddied with water, but the polished white buildings are all burning. Gekomon and otamamon run through the streets, both screaming and shrieking out from fear and pain as they’re hunted down by an army of sethmon.

    Lilithmon stands atop the castle’s central tower. Her eyes glow with cruel delight as she watches everything unfold. The smile playing on her lips is covered behind a black fan. It’s then she notices a pair of gekomon protecting an otamamon within an alleyway.

    The gekomon blow their golden horns at a charging sethmon, but it shrugs of their attacks and impales them both with its tusks. The sethmon flings the two off its tusks and onto the muddy street, leaving to slowly be deleted as they watch it trample the frightened otamamon.

    Lilithmon relishes the otamamon’s final cries as its deleted. The burning shakes and a large, red, gecko like digimon with a pair of golden horns is sent flying out from the center of the tower. The booming blow of its horns resounds throughout the city. Both the invading sethmon and the panicking gekomon and otamamon pause as they look towards it.

    A crimson sword lops of Tonosama Gekomon’s head, silencing its final struggle. The severed head and body begin breaking into the particles of deletion as they fall onto the burning city underneath.

    “Enjoying yourself?” A cold and booming voice speaks to Lilithmon from behind.

    Lilithmon glances back to see Devimon. Callousness glints from his red eyes as he waits for her to respond. Irritation frowns across Lilithmon’s face as she sighs out, “Did Lucemon send you?”

    Devimon scoffs as he says, “I serve no such master. My business with you is mine and mine alone.”

    Lilithmon narrows her eyes and thrusts forward with her right arm. “Nazar Nail!”

    Devimon catches her golden arm and smirks. “Come now, I am not here to fight.”

    Lilithmon, shocked that such a lowly digimon is able to withstand the corrosion of her attack, yanks back her arm and flings the sharp laces of her robe at it. Devimon catches them and pulls Lilithmon forward, bringing the so called Goddess of Darkness up to its face.

    Devimon stares down into Lilithmon’s eyes before flinging her aside over the tiled roof to catch a crimson blade with his hand. Cold laughter escapes his mouth as he greets Duskmon. “Ah, it seems your loyal knight wants to join us.” Then, by gripping the sword, he hurls Duskmon at Lilithmon and adds, “It makes no difference at all.”

    Lilithmon shoves Duskmon aside and gets back up. Furry blazes across her face as she says, “What do you want?”

    “Me? Nothing at all. I am here merely to give you something instead.” Devimon then holds up a silver hexagon plaque with a cross on it.

    Lilithmon catches it as he flicks it towards her. She stares Devimon down to ensure it isn’t plotting anything before glancing down. “What is it?”

    “A digi-memory, a memento of Yggdrasill if you would. There are seven more scattered around this continent, each their own treasure of knowledge. That one in particular tells of the future.”

    Lilithmon goes, “Hmm,” to herself as she once more examines the digi-memory. “Duskmon, keeps your eyes on our guest.”

    “Of course, my lady.”

    Lilithmon holds the digi-memory to her month and swallows it. Seconds later, she begins to laugh. While Duskmon is washed with confusion, Devimon grins. Lilithmon speaks between breaths. “This… you’re really giving this to me? Why? There’s absolutely… absolutely no I’ll do nothing now... knowing this. What do you gain?”

    “Satisfaction. I too want to see the future, nothing more.” Devimon leaps back and vanishes before Lilithmon can question its motives anymore.

    Duskmon kneels before Lilithmon and says, “My lady?”

    Lilithmon glances at Duskmon and says, “That digimon is using me, but no matter. This… gift is that valuable. Come Duskmon, enough playing around here. We’ve much more important matters to take care of now.”

    A bashful smile spreads across Lilithmon’s face as she turns around. Lilithmon’s voice softens as it adds, “Yes, something so important, Lucemon can just wait.”


    Lee Ann flings down her arms and stomps her foot as she cries out. “How many more of these stupid digimon do we have to deal with!? All they’re doing is slowing us down.” She then jabs a finger at Avery. “And you, you keep letting them run away! Just delete them! They’re going to keep coming back if you don’t!”

    Sylvia steps between them to says, “No! Cease deleting them! Deleting them like you are shall only make the situation worse! They are living beings the same as us.”

    Wilson says, “No, Lee Ann’s right. They’re just slowing us down. If they’re going to attack us, they get what’s coming to them.”

    Sylvia is shocked into silence by his reply. She grips her arm as she glances away and says, “You… truly believe such?”

    “Yeah, I do. They’re the ones starting it.”

    Sylvia bites her lower lip, but she doesn’t say anything more.

    Avery says, “Yeah, maybe you’re right, but deleting them is just going to make it worse.”

    “So, what? Let them come! Liollmon and I will take them all.”

    Avery walks towards Wilson while saying, “That’s just stupid! Is fighting them all you care about!”

    Wilson also moves towards Avery. “What does a girl like you know?”

    Ben jumps between the two before any fists can fly. He holds his arms his arms out at both of them as he says, “Woah, woah, woah. Wil, you went too far calling Avery a girl there. Look, it’s been a long day. We’ve fought a lot today. Way too many times if I’m being honest. Let’s just stop, now. I saw a river not too far from here. We can set up camp there.”

    Avery and Wilson glare at each other. Their digimon, too, mimic their hostility. Patamon from atop Avery’s head and Liollmon from Wilson’s left. Wilson refuses to back down. Avery, getting sick of it, turns away saying, “Not worth it.”

    Ben jumps in before anyone else can comment. “Great, let’s go! Follow me, everyone.”

    Everyone walks with a small distance between them. Only Sylvia breaks their self-imposed time out by trying to pacify Wilson.
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    Why would he run away so desperately from patamon? :hmm:
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    How would you react to seeing some sort of creature on your chest, smiling and showing a bunch of sharp teeth at you?
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    Be wary, maybe find a tree branch to use as weapon. patamon isn't that big so i wouldn't run like him :hmm:
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    Yes :blobuwu: :blob_plusone: who would run away from this :blob_tilt:
    People need to get their sh*t together and watch some digimon, running away from patamon just because he saw him:facepalm:
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    Me: yeah, he is going to digivolve, here comes An...
    Me: ... :blobneutral:
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    Thank you continuing to read
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    Aside from few grammatical errors (and I think I saw some typos), I like that you gave the characters some personalities (Lee Ann seems to be racist for instance :blobunsure:), also, the digimons evolutions are kind of throwing me off guard, like Monodramon becoming
    Cyclomon or Patamon becoming Airdramon (what is the next digivolution for it: Megadramon? Myotismon?... :hmm:)
    And power levels are kind of... weird for some digimons here (Leomon's power is a bit exaggerated, don't you think? :blobsweat_2:)
    Well, to finish, I like this fanfiction so far (I see slight hints of romance, I hope I am wrong :notlikeblob:), seems promising :blobokhand:
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    Yes!!! Lee Ann is racist. I was afraid that wouldn’t get picked up on.
    The evolutions aren’t the usual, but they are within their evolution lines. Power scaling is off, but those guys are exceptions and there are reasons. Leomon didn’t seem that strong to me though?? I don’t recall it doing anything to outrageous
    What are your thoughts on Devimon??.
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    Not outrageous but kind of different to the Leomons I know (I guess that is because of how I visualized his battle reading this, he seems kind of faster and stronger in comparison :hmm: well, no harm being stronger than what I know), as for Devimon, I like how you gave him the feeling of that calculating smart villain (kind of reminds me of the feeling of when I first watched the first season of digimon adventures, Devimon back then was like the super evil villain that no one can defeat till Angelmon (Angelmon seemed OP back then :blobhero:) appeared and then died :blob_teary:, from that moment on, the Devimons that appeared were second rate in comparison.
    Your Devimon is definitely stronger (don't say no, he seem to be approaching the level of Beelzemon... well, weaker but definitely stronger than other Devimon counterparts I know of :hmm:)
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    My Devimon took on Lilithmon and Duskmon.:blobsmilehappyeyes: There’s no way he can be considered weak~
    If only there was an Angelmon to save the them. :blobwhistle:
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    Why am I not in this! I'm a brave warrior! I demand to face the strongest of these chosen!:blobhero:
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    I think @Gandire Alea is going to insert @Bantyo Blade somewhere in there at some point, so you might get your chance against him :blob_tilt:
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    I should be translating~

    Chapter 5

    Patamon taps Avery’s forehead from the top of his head with its paw. Once Avery glances upward, the digimon says, “Just a bit more, and we’ll be out of the forest.”

    Lee Ann overhears and cries out in relief. “Finally! We can leave this stupid forest.”

    Ben laughs and says, “Your just ticked Yukidarumon keeps getting knocked out.”

    “Shut up! We had them. Those should have been our wins!” She then glares at Avery and adds, “It’s your fault for not covering Yukidarumon properly! Don’t you know the meaning of teamwork?”

    Avery, instead of answering, reaches upward to rub Patamon’s head. A relaxed smile melts across Patamon’s face and he makes himself more comfortable atop of Avery’s messy hair.

    “You! Quit ignoring me! Take responsibility for yourself! You’ll never get anywhere until then!”

    Wilson says, “That’s you.”


    Wilson continues, “You messed up. You focused on one digimon and stopped paying attention. Quit blaming others for your mistakes.”

    Ben chuckles and says, “You mean quit blaming Avery.”

    Lee Ann says, “He’s holding us back! I don’t make mistakes!”

    Sylvia says, “No, if anyone, Kudamon and I are most at fault here. Despite how long we have been traveling, we are unable to achieve digivolution.”

    Ben says, “Aww, don’t be like that. Besides, not like it’s something you can force. It’ll happen when it happens.”

    Lee Ann says, “Yeah, no need to cover for someone like him.”

    Avery glances back up at Patamon and says, “How far are we again?”

    Patamon grins and says, “Really close.”

    Liollmon says, “In fact, we’re already there!” He then scampers around a shrub. Everyone comes to a stop as they step out of the forest. A ravine between two massive mountains lies before them. Liollmon says, “Ta da, the exit.”

    Avery says, “The exit is a narrow passage?”

    Patamon says, “Maybe? I just flew down from one of the cliffs.”

    Liollmon says, “There are heaps of other ways in and out, but this one’s easiest to travel though and closest one to the village.”

    Lee Ann makes a bee line for the exit before anything else can be said. No one comments about her impatience to leave and instead follow along.

    As Avery steps forward, Patamon tenses up on his head. He picks up on Patamon’s feelings and readies himself. His head flicks in the direction Patamon is staring and his right hand flies to his digivice 02. To everyone one else, he says, “In coming!”

    Everyone gets ready. The past few days provided the more than enough opportunity to learn not to doubt Patamon’s hearing. Moments later, a loud buzzing fills the air.

    Lee Ann makes a face. “Ugh, more bugs…” The rest of her words are drowned out by the furious buzz.

    A gust of wind washes over everyone. “You humans have been making quite the mess in my forest.” A voice that seems to vibrate on itself calls out to them from behind.

    Avery’s breath gets caught in his throat. He spins around and points his digivice, but no one’s there. “Wha- where…?”

    Wilson clenches a fist and says, “Above.”

    Hovering overhead by flapping its wings faster than can be seen is a crimson bugman like digimon wearing a long, shimmering, black, jacket. Golden armbands cover the forearms of his crossed arms.

    The digimon stares down at everyone with his blue compound eyes and speaks with a vibrating voice, “You’ve deleted a lot of my friends.”

    Wilson throws an arm out as he steps forward. “Please, they attacked us first.”

    “That they did.”

    “If you’re going to punch someone, don’t cry if you get punched back.”

    The crimson insect lands and uncrosses his arms. Its relaxed attitude suggests agreement with Wilson’s words. “I am Bancho Stingmon. The last time humans came, they made quite a mess of things.” He then readies his fists and adds, “Tell me, what exactly is it you’re planning to do?”


    “Right,” the lion cub shines golden light as he leaps forward. “Shinka!” Moments later, Leomon appears before Wilson.

    Avery steps forward, ready to digivolve Patamon, but Wilson holds out his arm to everyone.

    “Don’t get involved, this is my fight.”

    “What?” Avery’s taken aback by the declaration. “Are you insane? You’re nowhere near his match.”

    “Shut up! This is a fight between men.” Wilson glance at Avery with cold eyes and adds, “Get in my way and we’ll cut you down first.”

    Avery clicks his tongue and steps back. Once Wilson is ignoring him, he speaks to everyone in a low voice. “Be ready to jump in.”

    Sylvia says, “Are you certain? Wilson said not to get involved.”

    Avery glances at her in disbelief. “So what? He’s in over his head. The second he goes down is the moment we need to jump in.”

    Ben says, “Avery’s right. We need to be ready for anything.”

    Sylvia says, “Do neither of you believe in him?”

    Avery scoffs, “Belief has nothing to do with it. Bancho Stingmon is on a complete different level from every other Digimon we’ve face. This isn’t the time for his stupid ego.”

    “Right!” Patamon grips the top of Avery’s head, ready to take off at any moments notice.

    A piercing cling returns everyone’s attention to the battle. Leomon seems to have rushed forward and swung his sword at Bancho Stingmon only for it to have been received by a spike shooting out from one of Bancho Stingmon’s armband.

    Bancho Stingmon says, “Not a bad swing,” before roundhouse kicking Leomon through a tree and into the forest.

    Wilson’s eyes pop open. “Leomon, get up!”

    “Beast King Fist!” The golden, ethereal, lion head flies out through the bushes and explodes against Bancho Stingmon. Before the dust can settle, Leomon pounces forward and goes to bisect Bancho Stingmon’s head with its sword. “Shishioumaru!”

    Leomon swings into the cloud of dust but stops midway. He doesn’t realize at first, but shock soon washes over his face. “Wha—?”

    Anger laces Wilson’s voice as he again says, “Leomon!”

    Leomon grits his teeth at Wilson’s cry. The lion man digs his feet into the ground and pushes with all his might to no avail. Instead, his feet slide backwards, clawing grooves in the dirt.

    The dust finishes settling to reveal Bancho Stingmon holding the blade’s edge between two fingers.


    Leomon roars out with a lion’s cry and swings with its other hand. Bancho Stingmon catches the fist and pulls Leomon towards himself. The bugman pulls his head back and slams it down against Leomon’s. Then, as Leomon’s legs crumple, he drives a fist into the lion man’s gut.

    Leomon flies back and lands at Wilson’s feet. His eyes are rolled back into its head and a strained gagging sound trickles out from his throat.

    “Leomon! Get up! Right now!”

    Bancho Stingmon steps towards Wilson while saying, “Not bad, a good punch and a clean swing.”

    Despair creeps into Wilson’s voice as he once more shouts, “Leomon!”

    A massive serpent rams into Bancho Stingmon from the side. The bugman side steps, wraps his arms around Airdramon’s maw, and hoists the serpent over his shoulders. Airdramon slams into the cliffside behind him, shaking the whole area.

    Bancho Stingmon looks over Airdramon before then glancing at Avery. “And an honest strike.” He then leaps into the air and flies away.

    Everyone stares at the sky with their jaws hanging open. Avery wonders if the digimon took a liking to them, or if he simply got bored and decided to do something else.

    “He’s just gonna flying away!?” Ben’s shout brings everyone back to their senses. “What was the point of all that?”

    The question is soon forgotten as Wilson explodes with anger. “Avery! The hell! That was my fight!”

    Avery casts his gaze upon Leomon. The lion man continues to remain sprawled on the ground. “It ended.”

    Wilson grabs Avery’s collar and shakes him as he says, “Like hell it did! You got in—”

    Avery punches Wilson in the face. Wilson staggers a step before hurling himself and a punch at Avery. Avery blocks the wide swing with his arm only to be kick from the side.

    Wilson takes the opening to pounce on Avery. Avery rolls onto his back and flings Wilson off of him. He then springs back onto his feet and lunges for Wilson who’s also getting back up. Yet, just as he’s throwing a kick, arms wrap around him from behind and throw him to the side.

    Ben then dash forward and grabs Wilson before he can reach Avery. “Chill! Both of you, calm down!”

    Wilson struggles to break free, but Ben’s hold is firm. Instead, he settles for shouting, “You stupid girl! That was my fight! Who asked you!? Who! Asked! You!?”

    Avery looks at Wilson in disgust for a second before turning to his partner. Airdramon, not long after collapsing onto the ground, had revered back to Patamon. As such, Avery picks up the small mammal and holds him to himself. “Great going, Patamon.”

    It’s around then that Ben releases Wilson. Wilson drops to his knees and slams a fist against the ground. “Damn it, damn it damn it!” He cries out at the top of his lungs and hits the ground again and again, each time louder and harder. “We lost!! Damn it!”

    Avery sighs at the sight and walks off. Ben notices him entering the straight between the cliffs and dashes up to him. “Woah, woah, woah, where are you going?”

    Avery glances back at Wilson and says, “I’m not putting up with this anymore.”

    “So you’re just gonna leave?”


    Ben wraps his Avery’s shoulder and leads him back towards the others. “Don’t do that. Safety in numbers, man. Safety in numbers.”

    Avery forces a stop and glances at Wilson who’s glaring at the ground in both shame and silence before an unconscious Liollmon. He then turns towards the imprint Airdramon left in the mountain side after being slammed into it. Avery shifts his shoulder to shrug off Ben’s arm and says, “We’ll take our chances.”

    Patamon nods from within Avery’s arms. “Besides, I can fly.”

    Sylvia then appears on Avery’s other side. She places her hands upon his cross arms and pleads for him to stay. Her eyes shimmer with fear as she looks into his eyes. “Please, do not leave. We were all brought to the Digital World together for a reason. We are a team. We must stay together.”

    “Travelling together does not make us a team.”

    Ben says, “Maybe not, but we’re getting there.” He then gestures to a larger version of Dorumon, but with darker fur and wings. “Bancho Stingmon flew off, but Dorugamon and I, we were ready jump in right behind you.”

    Sylvia nods. “As were we. While we might not yet be able to digivolve, we are more than willing to do our part.”

    Avery looks at the two of them and sighs out in frustration. “Fine, fine, we won’t go anywhere.”

    Sylvia exhales in relief. Her head lowers as says, “Hearing you say that… Truly, I am glad.”

    Ben then says, “Anyway, what was the deal was with that digimon. Who was it? What was the point of all that?”

    Lee Ann joins them, saying, “It was testing us, obviously.”

    “A test?”

    “Yeah, weren’t you listening? It wanted to make sure we aren’t like the previous humans.” She then clicks her tongue and adds, “It annoyingly wouldn’t let me scan it. It shifted and made me miss each time I tried. I mean, there’s got to be a limit to how stupidly annoying you can be.”

    Sylvia says, “I also failed at scanning him. Each attempt was a miss.”

    Avery says, “Same.”

    Ben says, “That… doing that can’t be easy. We really got lucky there. If that guy got serious against us…”

    Everyone gets quiet as they imagine their own deaths. That silence is cut short by a hoarse growl. “You said there are relics that can make us stronger.”

    Sylvia jumps at Wilson’s interruption. Her golden blond hair flicks Avery in the face as she spins around.

    Wilson says, “Where’s the closest one? We’re going there next.”

    Lee Ann says, “Hold it! What about going to that town!?”

    “Later! First, the relic! Everything will be pointless if we just die on the way!” He then looks back at Sylvia and says, “So, where is it? Which way do we go?”

    Sylvia nods and says, “I understand. Please follow me. Fortunately, one lies partially in the direction of the town.”

    Walking through the straight, despite the jagged footing, is simple. While the towering brownish grey cliff walls are close, they are distant enough to prevent any feelings of claustrophobia. Instead, the way light channels through and glitters on the walls as sun passes overhead creates a transforming, almost living, sense of awe and splendor. The various minerals exposed on the wall act as prisms and reflect shimmering rainbows all around.

    Exiting the passage, to the surprise of all the humans, takes them until the next day. They emerge from it around noon and step onto a wide, vast plain of tall, rolling grass. Everyone’s attention however is drawn to one point.

    Ben is the first to speak out, “Is that a tree? It’s huge!”

    Lee Ann says, “How? Trees can’t get that big!”

    Kudamon clears her throat to get everyone’s attention. The ferret then says, “That is Yggdrasill, the lord and overseer of the Digital World.”

    Lee Ann snaps at the explanation. “That’s a tree!”

    Avery says, “Your partner is a talking, white, dinosaur.”

    Lee Ann is taken aback by the remark. She instinctively wants to refute him but can’t find anything to deny. Instead, she scoffs at him and says, “Who asked you? This is none of your businesses.”

    Sylvia says, “We are traveling together. This involves all of us.”

    Lee Ann, with a, “hmpf,” turns away and begins talking to Yuki Agumon.

    Wilson takes in the grassy plain before looking back at Sylvia. He says, “If you guys are done, then which way?”

    “Right,” Sylvia nods and begins walking East of Yggdrasill. He voice is full of energy as she says, “We still have a way to go, but what we seek lies in this direction.”

    As they walk, Ben muses aloud. “So, first mountainous forests full of cliffs and valleys. Now, rolling, grassy, plains filled with who knows what. What’s next, rivers of lava?”


    A pair sistermon watch them set off from atop of the ravine. Behind them is an annihilated platoon of tankdramon. Large bluish grey dragons along with massive guns, tank treads, and twisted chunks of metal lay scattered about, slowly disintegrating into bits of data as their lives cease.

    Sistermon Blanc, a young girl like digimon wearing a pink bunny hood over a white nun’s habit and holding a golden trident, speaks from the left cliff. “We can claim that Lord Yggdrasill’s arrangement worked despite the mishaps.” Worry laces her voice as she adds, “Just… where did those other human’s come from?”

    Sistermon Noir, a teenaged girl like Digimon wearing a black cat hood over a black nun’s habit, plants her cheek against a fist atop of the other cliff. After musing the possible reasons, she smirks and laughs out. “Honestly, no idea. It could be the mechations of that new guy, Homeostasis, or maybe those beasts. Either way, five is a lot more interesting than one.”

    Sistermon Blanc sighs at her older sister’s carefree attitude. “For now, we should report this to Gankoomon.”

    “He’ll probably just say to keep watching from a distance.” Sistermon Noir then deepens her voice and speaks in a harsher tone. “More humans means they can pull more weight! Let them suffer more!”

    Sistermon Blanc giggles at her older sister’s imitation.

    Sistermon Noir then adds, “Explain that tankdramon who slipped through like that.”

    “Speaking of which, what happened her afterwards? She just drove away after they knocked her off that cliff.”

    “Maybe something else got to her? Not like we’re the only ones here.”

    The mystery deepens?? What do you all think about this chapter??
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    Keeping Avery in the team isn't necessary, let him go solo :hmm:
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    Are you saying that cause the people in that team tick you off??