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    Does anyone know the title of a novel qherein the MC shou got in a horrible car crash at the beginning. He was hospitalized but his brother and his brother's wife wants to take home even if that means he will die because they don't want to spend monye on him (even afyer everything the mc went through to raise his brother). The mc heard and them and asked the doctor who was sympathetic to him to call the ML. The ML was kidnapped when he was a kid and was picked up by MC. They stayed together for two years I guess before the rich parents of ML found him.

    The ML was mad at MC because he doesn't wanna go back and thought that mc accepted money to return him to his parents ( a misunderstanding). He still pay for mc's hospitalization but he was rude to him but does not really hurt him physically. Just showing that he's really mad. He then take mc home and make him live with him and be raised by him.

    They eventually solved the misunderstanding and they lived happily.