Forgotten Title Isekai novel where mc can turn female into her "slave" ?

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    So mc transported to another world along with all of her classmate , they seems ended in a room castle

    Most of them get OP ability , like 7 elemental magic, hero sword man ship, master martial arts, most were combat or utility ability. But mc got the most weird and dangerous, one of mc classmate, the fat boy have ability to appraise people from their ability and stats. He tell everyone mc have the ability to turn female into his slave, it is kinda like charm magic, female who were touched by him will fall in love with him and do anything he want.

    The fat boy then say mc were very dangerous, majority of the female have OP ability and mc can make harem out of it, the other boy who also have OP abilities who seems jealous of mc ability and have crush on the other girls, were mad and kicked mc from the room.

    MC then left and feels mad because he don't want abuse his powers and want to tell them he won't use it, but the majority of female and male decided to kick him.

    The kingdom also decided to kick mc because his ability is useless to fight demon lord. Much later mc make her revenge and touching all the girl to enslave them and make his own harem.