Chinese It Seems I Love You Very Much/Crush 原来我很爱你 / 衾何以堪 by Mu Fu Sheng 木浮生

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    Name : It Seems I Love You Very Much 原来我很爱你 / 衾何以堪
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    It was adapted as a drama titled "Crush" with Wan Peng and Evan Lin as leads
    It looks like a beautiful love story
    It was being translated but they stopped only after a few chapters

    Description :
    A handsome blind man, a famous blind lyricist, and a wealthy blind man. Wouldn’t it make people curious if they were the same person? Sang Wuyan was interested in him. From the astonishment after knowing his identity step by step, to following him in vain, falling in love with him, and secretly kissing him, she scolded him for being cold, selfish, and bad-tempered, while letting herself sink into the grand and flowery love he gave. Although 3 years had passed, he always waited silently for her to come back. He said: where I got lost, I’ll definitely remain until you come back. At that moment she knew, maybe it was because of his imperfection that she loved him more…
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