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    This will be a long shot to find as i cant clearly remember it
    Its about this guy whos parents own a game company and they release a worldwide popular game? He often gets his gender mistake cos he looks so androgynous so he wants to be a manlier character in game. So i thobk he changed his apparence (withon the limits) to be more masculine.
    The son decides to try it out (he gets no cheats). I think he chose random for his character and got a secret class or something. He also geys a luckydraw where it has like extra buffs of slots or something and he ends getting the top number so he starts op. He ends up really lucky in game and gets a dragon as a companion and good stuff keeps happening . I think there was something about going to defeat a boss and he ends up becoming brothers? With it or something and gets some underlings he can summon
    Sorry its not much to go off
    Thanks in advance