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    Many generations have passed since the [malware event], but it remains relevant, programmers have gone missing and operators have been chosen in their stead, but what dismayed the people was the cold and indifferent way of the operators.

    To counter this issue, Moderators have been in place for four generations now, they serve the purpose of keeping evil operators in check.

    Ever since, due to the long period of peace, people have grown to be addicted to it. They had forgotten the [MyDoom]. And history informs us that no peace lasts long. [MyDoom] who have been dormant for a hundred years began to move again and they were more devastating than they had ever been before.


    They left nothing untouched as they invade: Cities, Towns, Villages, and People. Not even immobile plants could escape the fate set in stone by them. The New operators, who were drunk by peace, stood no chance in front of these [MyDoom].

    [MyDoom] become more violent and destructive as they consume everything that falls their way.

    "The news feed windows have been appearing quite frequently, nowadays," A passerby stated whilst conversing with his friend. "I heard the defence system fought against it… But because the [MyDoom] have updated their Code Names, that's why it couldn't be deleted completely."


    [MyDoom] are now back, they have infected two nearby cities lately," The other person responded concerned, "I saw a thread on the news feed that quoted the world masters saying that the defence systems were outdated… That's the reason why they couldn't defend against them. Paean, the updater also went missing."

    "I hope the administrator finds a way to deal with it."

    I was prying on their conversation whilst walking to the marketplace.

    Suddenly, I heard a scream from afar. Everyone turned around to search for the origin of the voice that echoed.

    I was dumbstruck to see tall and short structures alike vanish. The road I was walking on started to glitch. Groups of people, small and large, were gradually fading away. It all felt surreal to my eye. I took notice of this, and so did the others beside me.

    The sky was something that was supposed to be uniform with its changes. It was supposed to be constant. Or at least, that was what I assumed. Right above me, the sky lost its brilliant sun which was abruptly overshadowed by something larger.

    In front of me, a translucent window revealed itself out of the blue and displayed a text that threw me off. I was dumbstruck by its contents.

    [Emergency Maintenance Prompt: Due To System Error]

    "What?" I was cautioned. It appeared on everyone's interface window before vanishing.

    "What the hell?" The person beside me looked just as dumbstruck as me.

    Two big humanoids, both black-clad, hovered over our town. Far away into the sky, they were distant from us. But we could see them from afar even though they appeared to be small.

    We recognised them from the red Name Cards hovering over their heads.

    "It's…the Clea–ners!"Why are the Cleaners here?"

    "Is our village infected?"

    "It can't be!".

    Panic ensued as NPCs ran for their lives.

    Behind the cleaners was a black-clothed man.

    "Isn't that the debugger?"

    "Why is the debugger here?! Why has the village been erased?!"They all yelled as they glitches into smaller pixels and vanished. bodies turned to small pixels and vanished.


    Another message appeared.

    [Immediate system format]

    "What? Format?! Every NPC I've ever known, every spec of the village that I grew up in, all of it was being wiped out of existence.


    I, dice, who was running, got pushed into the crowd and fell. I tried to get up but fall again as panicked NPCs ran over me as I begins to flicker and glitches

    [Applicable Areas Will Be Erased]

    My eyes turned red as I saw myself vanish, and my body, soul, and mind began to comprehend the deep feeling of hatred for the very first time. It was a coldness that penetrated deep into my heart "I don't want to die"

    All the countless cries I could hear from behind, people who suffered similar fates. I heard their low and breaking voices.


    Suddenly, I felt the ground shake restlessly all around me. I was violent enough to expect an immediate response from me.

    I turned about to see something coming my way from afar. I trembled as I held onto the fading person.

    The ground cracked with immense intensity. As dwellings crumbled, the cleaner showed itself in a humanoid form that was much taller than an average human, over three meters tall.

    I stared in despair at the being who was several times stronger in his wrath that even players can't fathom achieving.

    I was nothing more than an NPC who trembled from the overwhelming intimidation. Shivers descended my spine, and my limbs shook showing no signs of stopping. It was as if I lost all control over my fours.

    They marched oblivion unto the once beautiful landscape.



    The grass swayed from side to side with the sound of shaking the earth's axis.


    it shot a blue beam that guaranteed my death. The beam travelled at an inescapable speed.

    It's destroyed nearby buildings in its way[over a 3m radius] and severed my left limbs.

    As a lowly NPC, how could I fight or even dodge that kind of attack, it hit me and passes through me.

    [Bug has been located]

    Five black Cleaners and two Mini-red cleaners were beside the debugger. I remembered their humanoid appearance. But more importantly, the figure who stood out from them all.

    Shiny leather boots, black trousers, a grey and black patterned vest full of pockets, a shabby back coat over it, and a metal mask that covered his face with one hole for him to look down on me.

    I memorized the debugger's appearance vividly.

    [Threat level low]

    As they walked closer toward me while looking at me with intense malice,

    "Confirmed to be one of the causes of the errors and high memory storage,"

    He said in a robotic voice.

    "Initiating fixes!"

    My peaceful life was not enough for him as he pointed his finger at me

    [Permanent deletion]

    [Backup storage deletion]

    [External storage deletion]

    [Forced format]

    He released a red beam of light towards me from a stone's throw distance. (Why did things turn out this way?)

    "All we ever wanted was to live a normal life. So why are we being deleted" I glitched and flicked as I felt more pain, blood oozed out of my eyes and nose.

    (So why? are we being erased}"What do you think you are" I spoke out in anger as I was filled with intense pain.

    "What gives you the right to delete us" I yelled again as my body was already disintegrated, and only half my face remained.

    The debugger smirked underneath his mask and replied"you are nothing else than a bug to be deleted"

    I will be the one to end you, I swear it on my life, one day! I felt and spoke in hatred as my blood coats my left eye and the rest of my face was being turned into pixels and torn off "No matter what"

    The debugger laughed as I evaporated with the wind.

    "What a weird bug that was "Let's depart, "He said to the cleaners as they left the village, which was once beautiful, has been reduced to glitches and disintegrated into ruins with faulty interfaces.

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    Shouldn't you post this in community fictions ? :meowsip:
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    Nah. First rule of that subforum is that it's not for advertising. Y'know, like "read more on >URL<."

    Granted, we're pretty lax about enforcing that one as long as people are posting some kind of work there.
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