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    Hi emilyfxv,
    million thanks ! you are real angel !! you really made my day.
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    Thank you for your translations! I really enjoy them so much

    Is it the last part of the supplementary story?
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    I'm glad you enjoy them. It's not the last part of the supplementary story. There's still Muwon's point of view of that night, and then their next day shopping, and one more sexy time after that.

    After confirming that Muwon had already left the dressing room, Yurae went to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with steaming, hot water. She took off her clothes and immersed herself slowly in the water. A sigh escaped her lips as the water touched her cold and exhausted body. She was so tired, and the unexpectedly early return of her husband was more bothersome than welcome.
    ‘Today, I just want to sleep without thinking…’
    Still, she wanted to thank him for giving her the time to breathe, even for a moment. Yurae took a shower after soaking in the bath for a long time. She did not bother wearing a pajama after applying lotion and just put on a night gown. She would take it off anyway.
    She meticulously dried her hair and went to the bedroom, but Muwon wasn’t there. She thought he would wait; where could he have gone?
    Yurae went down to the kitchen while waiting for him. It would be good to have breakfast ready for tomorrow. As she passed in front of the library, she heard Muwon’s voice
    “I clearly warned you, are you saying he’s going to do it anyway? That Yoohyun Lee, isn’t that person really crazy? Tell him it’s an ultimatum. Sungwon Construction will cut off any funding for Yuseong [t/n: Yurae’s family business], unless he takes his hands off Star Road.”
    Muwon’s voice was very intense.
    Yurae went to the kitchen without a sound from her footsteps and poured water from a purifier. Yoohyun Lee, Star Road, ultimatum, funding – words from a while ago lingered in her head.
    The construction of a shopping mall in Star Road was a project led by Yoohyun Lee in Yuseong, which absolutely needed financial aid from Sungwon. Yurae knew that Yoohyun, her half-brother, and Muwon would often raise their voices over the issue of demolition of merchants in the traditional market in the construction site.
    Their business styles were very different. Yoohyun was not hesitant to use vicious means for his goal, was Muwon was disgusted with the use of harassment and illegal means against opponents. The clash between Muwon and Yoohyun, who hired gangsters to violently intimidate the merchants, was an expected problem.
    There were several times when Yoohyun or her stepmother asked her to speak to Muwon, but she never spoke to him about it. She knew it that it was a matter between their families and that it was the reason for their marriage, but she had decided not to get involved. Although their marriage was a strategic one and her life was not her own, as long as their marriage is maintained, the party concerned in that matter is Yoohyun. She doesn’t want to be always dragged to Seongbuk-dong. They must’ve thought Yoohyun would quit without Muwon’s help or consent, but her half-brother doesn’t seem intent on doing that, based on the sound of Muwon’s voice.
    It wasn’t surprising because Yoohyun has always followed his will regardless of the means and methods to achieve it. But…
    Yurae recalled Muwon’s voice. He was really angry, and she has never seen him angry while they’re together. Based on stories she heard before and after getting married, Muwon is a very scary person, but she has never experienced it.
    The Muwon she knows is not friendly or delicate but he isn’t violent. In their daily life together, he has never shown her any harsh behavior or treated her badly in bed. She was grateful that he was her first, and she quickly got used to accepting him in bed. Except for their first night, he had always been patient with her. There was also sexual pleasure, and the feeling that came from kissing and sharing their bodies was good. It was during those time moments that she felt warmth from her cold husband and that they were a real couple.
    But today may be different. She feared his anger toward Yoohyun may be directed at her.
    ‘It will be a very hard night.’
    Yurae sighed a little while putting the cup of water into the sink. She went to the bedroom, but Muwon seemed to be still in the library. She took out her cellphone to check the missed calls and texts.
    “Happy birthday. I’m banned from using my cellphone today because I’m training at the hotel. I’ll get back to you after the training. I’ll buy you a birthday meal.”
    Her gaze went to the calendar, and she was shaken when she confirmed the date. It was her birthday. A few days ago, chief secretary Sung gave her a package containing furs and an envelope with quite a bit of cash. She said it was a birthday present from Pyeonchang-dong. That day was today.
    There had been no contact from Seongbuk-dong. She doesn’t expect any greetings from Yoohyun or from her stepmother, but she thought her father would.
    She stroke the screen containing the text message from Junhee. She was grateful for her friend who remembered the day she didn’t herself remember. But her heart ached and she felt something in her throat.
    ‘Do you remember, Mom? It’s my birthday today.’
    Her mother used to brush her hair and dress her in new clothes she carefully made for her. They cooked seaweed soup and made rice cakes and braised ribs.
    In the beginning, she didn’t believe her stepmother’s words that her mother had abandoned her. She didn’t know what happened, but if she was well, Yurae believed her mother will take her back someday. That belief made her endure the cold and difficult life in Seongbuk-dong. But days, months, and years passed, and she finally realized that she had indeed been abandones. Even so, there were moments when she missed her mother so much she felt it deeply within her body. That was exactly how she felt now. Tears fell on her phone screen.
    At the sound of the bedroom door opening, Yurae quickly wiped away her tears and put down her mobile phone. She then curled up on the side of the bed and covered herself with a blanket. It was the bed she longed for the entire day, but now, it only brought her discomfort.
    Soon, the bedroom door opened. Muwon had returned. She felt him come up to the bed, and Yurae made a nervous gulp without knowing it. Muwon reached out to her and pulled her shoulders and arms.
    She closed her eyes. It was just the beginning. Since she was 12 years old, she’s never had seaweed soup or a birthday cake, but everything was just too much today. Mrs. Yun’s luncheon kept her busy the entire day.
    But Muwon simply laid her straight on the bed. Nothing more happened. He did not take her gown off as usual or come up on top of her or touch her further.
    Strange, she thought. She opened her eyes, which had been closed, and turned to her side.
    “You’re not asleep?” Muwon asked.
    Contrary to her expectation that he would be angry, Muwon looked fine and had a rather soft look which confused her.
    “Did you see the gift?”
    “Yes, thank you.”
    “I told the chief to send you some clothes.”
    The chief he was referring to was a personal shopper who was in charge of Muwon’s shopping and had a reputation for being skillful. Whenever she attended a formal event, the shopper would also prepare clothes for Yurae.
    “Are we attending a formal event?” she asked him.
    “No…. Oh, should I change your car?”
    She wondered what Muwon was talking about. Why would he ask her about a car? He already bought her one when they got married and she rarely used it because she takes the car driven by the chauffeur anyway.
    “No, I don’t use the car very much. Why, all of a sudden?”
    “It’s for your birthday.”
    She looked at Muwon, shocked at the words that she never thought she’d hear from him.
    How does this person know my birthday? No way. Is that the reason he came back today?
    “Tomorrow morning, let’s eat in Pyeonchang-dong. Secretary Sung is making seaweed soup.”
    “Go to sleep.”
    Muwon moved his arms and covered her firmly with the blanket. Just a while ago, he looked like he could hardly control his urges.
    “About earlier…” she said.
    “What about it?”
    He knew exactly what she was asking about and was being difficult. She rolled her eyes at him. Muwon laughed.
    “I don’t intent to hold you when you’re so tired, and only satisfy my needs.”
    He then closed his eyes as if he had no further thoughts about it. She looked at his face and was mesmerized by the silhouette of his sharp nose and thick eyebrows. Suddenly, she thought that maybe, in his own way, Muwon was trying to care for her.
    “Do you have anything else to say?” he went on to say while keeping his eyes closed.
    Yurae was surprised and turned away.
    “No, I’ll go to sleep. Good night.”
    She hurriedly closed her eyes. She was sure that Muwon had not fallen asleep yet and was worried that he might change his mind. She fell into a deep sleep after a long time. In her sleep, she head a whispering sound.
    “Happy birthday.” I think that was the word.
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    Thank you for sharing us another part of the supplementary story. Your translations are wonderful!

    Their first marriage is kind of bittersweet. I’m glad that it’s a happy ending on their second marriage.

    I really want to know about Muwon’s point of view and the continuation of this supplementary story. Will you share the next part?

    And can you share the Side Story #2 about their second honeymoon after having kids?
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    I'll share the rest of this first side story. Just breaking them up in parts because it's quite long. I'm not sure if I can translate the second side story though, I'll have to see if I have the energy and time for it.

    Muwon was in a large-scale party to commemorate the completion of the shopping mall. The event was attended not only by celebrities but also by company employees. He shook hands after receiving countless greetings of congratulations from the attendees.

    It’s the kind of party that begins in the early evening and continues until midnight. Someone walked towards him and started to speak.

    “Long time to no see. How are you?”

    The tall, blonde woman was an American model she met in Dubai before he got married. They saw each other casually for about half a year, but even during that time, they didn’t meet that many times because he worked continuously between Korea and Dubai. The relationship naturally faded away as they got busy.

    “I’ve been busy. Were you invited today?”

    “I came with the head of my agency. He was very interested in this event.”

    “I see.”

    “I thought you would contact me while you were working on the shopping mall. We fit pretty well together.”

    They did fit pretty well. The woman had a nice body and was very good in bed. Whenever he met with her, he presented her with a luxury bag or jewelry. There were no complications or entanglements.

    “Because I got married.”


    The woman blinked in astonishment. Her blue eyes grew one and a half times bigger.


    “A year ago.”

    “Oh my God. I didn’t know. It’s late, but congratulations. Is your wife here too?”

    “No, she’s in Korea.”

    As he talked, he suddenly wondered what the woman he calls wife is doing at that moment. The time difference between Dubai and Seoul is five hours. It is the middle of the night in Korea. Are you asleep? Crouching on one side of the bed as always?

    There were times recently when thoughts of her casually came to his mind in the middle of the day, for no reason at all. It was something he had never experienced before. Muwon couldn’t even properly remember the name of the woman in front of her. Was it Nicole? Nikki?

    The woman tried to divert the conversation and threw him a provocative offer.

    “Can I go to your room tonight?”

    It was a straightforward proposal. There were a number of agencies interested in advertising for the shopping mall. He wasn’t averse to this kind of give-and-take relationship, but he was unwilling.

    “I just told you I’m married.”

    “Does it matter?”

    With a seductive look, the woman laid her hand on Muwon’s shoulder.

    “You just said your wife is in Korea. And if I you’re the same person I know, I’d guess you’re free to meet anyone outside of your marriage.”

    Their agreement before the marriage does have a clause that states that neither one will interfere with the other’s private relationships unless it’ll cause a scandal that could destroy their reputation. But Muwon found that his situation was different. He brushed off the woman’s hand.

    “I am, but I am not interested in you.”

    Nowadays, there is only one person who has his interest. His wife. He liked her from the first time they met, but even more so when they lived together.

    His wife was quiet and did not share any stories of Mrs. Yun or of Seongbuk-dong with him, but the Hannam-dong house, where she always was, made him comfortable. She was passive in bed, but sleeping with her also gave him satisfaction. Although he viewed marriage negatively, lately, he felt that it was the best decision he made.

    The party ended after midnight. Muwon returned to the hotel and took off his tuxedo.

    “What is it?”

    -Hello, CEO. I called you to check your return schedule.

    “At this time?”

    -I heard from Secretary Kim that the party is over. It is now morning in Korea. The chairman has gone to work. Is it correct that you will arrive in Seoul in two days?

    “That’s right. That’s the schedule.”

    -I will inform the chairman, and… why don’t you call your wife tomorrow?

    “What’s going on at home?”

    He spoke with her a few days ago, and she didn’t say anything. His wife’s phone calls always started with a ‘yes’ and ended with a ‘yes’. She would never call first or ask for anything. Compared to Hyewon [t/n: his cousin, the doctor's ex-wife], who was obsessed with keeping in touch, his wife was quite peculiar. The chief secretary replied carefully:

    -It’s your wife’s birthday.

    “It’s her birthday?”

    -Yes. It’s probably the first birthday she will have as a member of the family since you got married. The chairman had already sent a separate gift. CEO, please take care of yours too.

    It’s her birthday, Muwon repeated to himself. Somehow, he felt weird. Is it because it’s a day he had himself never celebrated his whole life?

    His birthday was his mother’s death anniversary. He was told his mother was never healthy to begin with, but she did not give up on her pregnancy and in the end, it cost her her life.

    As a child, Muwon was always severely ill when his birthday was approaching. It was probably caused by the heavy atmosphere in the house around that time. As he got older, his pain disappeared, but he still hated the day. Rather than think of it as his birthday, he viewed it as the day his mother died. On the last day of their honeymoon, Muwon asked his wife to do two things: use contraception because he doesn’t want children, and to never celebrate his birthday.

    He was once again curious about her. Being unblessed with family was the only thing they had in common. He dialed Secretary Kim.

    -Hello, CEO.

    “Check my return flight. I would like to arrive in Korea tomorrow.”

    -The original schedule is to arrive at dawn the day after tomorrow.

    “I changed my mind. We’re done here anyway.”

    -Will there be an event in Korea?


    -Then why… Oh, okay.

    Secretary Kim dropped his question quickly. He knew his boss is not the kind who will change what he says and explain things. He just came back from the party and was trying to lie in bed. What kind of order is this? He proceeded to make the call. Secretary Kim sighed as if the hotel room would sink.

    Here's another part:

    Muwon got out of the car in in front of their house and frowned. The house was dark.

    “Your wife seems to have gone out. She didn’t even answer the phone.”

    He took out his cellphone and called her. However, as Secretary Kim said, there was only a beeping sound and the phone was left unattended.

    Where could you be? It’s your birthday. Did you go to Seongbuk-dong?

    He did not even attempt to call Seongbuk-dong. The relationship between him and Seongbuk-dong was the worst. He saw Yoohyun at that place once and they almost fought. He couldn’t do that in front of his wife, so he stayed away. Yoohyun was a person Muwon never wanted to see.

    After taking out the prepared gift, he instructed Secretary Kim to go home. He then walked to the gate.

    Hannam-dong, the site of their house, was a legacy of his mother, an inheritance from the person whose face he had never even seen. He was told that his mother planned to live there after he was born, a plan she never got to live out.

    When he got his MBA and returned to Korea, he thought of building his house there. From the design to material selection, not a single space was built without his say so. Upon enetering the house, he looked towards the kitchen and went up to the second floor.

    He opened the bedroom door. Warm air and the faint scent of his wife welcomed him to the room. But she was nowhere to be found. The thought of being alone in that house somehow made him lose his energy.

    Muwon placed the gift prepared by Mr. Han on the vanity table. It was a triumphant gift, he said. Something his wife would certainly like. Would she? He had given him quite a few gifts, but she has never shown any indication that she liked them. She would just look at them and politely say thank you. He was not looking for a loud reaction for her, but at least once he would like to see her smiling face.

    The vanity table had cosmetics and hair combs on it. They were arranged neatly, reflecting the personality of their owner. Muwon impulsively opened the drawer. On the first and second drawers were all kinds of jewelries, such as necklaces, brooches, and bracelets. Most of them are from him. The third drawer contained medicine. The first thing that caught his eye was the pill. The rest were aspirin, digestive medicine and eye drops which he frequently needs. He regarded them with curious eyes for a moment.

    One thing he realized after he got married was how much he craved these things more than he thought. When he comes home, there is someone waiting for him. When he gets sick, someone looks after him and asks ‘Are you okay?’ There’s someone who ask him that now, shares his meals and daily life. That made him realize that marriage cannot be treated as mere business.

    He took off his clothes and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Most of the space in the dressing room, which was about the size of the bedroom, was used by him. He glanced at the side his wife used and noticed that most of the clothes were either black or white and were in the same style. He has to ask her to buy some clothes. A little brighter, livelier than black or white.

    He soaked his body in hot water and closed his eyes. He felt like his body was sinking deeply either from exhaustion or because of jet lag.

    Later, as he opened the refrigerator to get a drink, he heard someone calling on to him.


    His wife is back. That alone changed the air inside the house, which to him felt heavy before. As usual, she was dressed in a black two-piece clothing. She looked at him with surprise.

    “You didn’t answer your phone”

    “Oh. I’m sorry. Today was the volunteer activity with aunt. I didn’t realize you called because I was working.”

    “Working? What did you do there?”

    “It was kimjang.”

    “Kimjang? At Mrs. Yun’s meeting?”

    Kimchi was something his aunt would laugh at. He knew quite a bit about the kinds of meetings hosted by Mrs. Yun, and most of those wives had never touched a cabbage in their entire lives. However, he noticed that his wife looked like she was about to faint from exhaustion and was pale. It seemed like they really worked on kimchi.

    Muwon sat on the living room sofa, watched his wife go to the bedroom and stood up. Did you see the gift? The gift on the vanity was left untouched. Muwon heard sounds coming from the dressing room and proceeded to go there.

    He saw Yurae taking off her clothes. When she unbuttoned her blouse, which revealed her fair skin, he felt his lower body reacting. He realized he had been celibate for a month. She felt his gaze and looked at him through the mirror.

    “Do you need something?”

    There is only one thing he needed.

    And another. They're all just one chapter. Anyway, it looks like the system is merging my posts into one because I'm posting consecutively, but I really prefer to post them in parts because reading lengthy posts can be hard on the eyes.

    His wife’s sleeping habit is unique. She always slept in a shrimp-like position, crouching on one side of their wide bed. At first, he thought she was uncomfortable sleeping with him but later it became apparent that it was a habit, because he would come back late from work or from business trips and would see her sleeping in that position.

    Muwon hated seeing her sleeping like that, curled up and with her back on him. He laid her straight on the bed. She looked very tired from the day’s activity. Her slightly-parted lips let out soft breathing sounds.

    He couldn’t sleep. He traveled more than half a year to Dubai but he was unable to adapt to jet lag every time. It was like a medicine that made him instantly fall asleep after going to bed. But today, it only made his fatigue worse. The fact that he couldn’t touch her and had to stay sill aggravated his situation.

    Yurae, who was sleeping soundly as a baby, turned around and faced him. In the process, her gown flew open, revealing her white and prominent chest. Are you not wearing pajamas? His senses were already sensitive. His mind went back to the sensations he felt when he touched her in the dressing room, and he felt the force go through his body.

    “I don’t like it now.”

    His hand, which had instinctively moved towards her, stopped. He sighed and closed her gown right away. He thought he could touch her like usual, but the wind knocked some sense into him and he felt a little embarrassed. He held himself back when he recalled her face earlier. She looked like she was about to faint from exhaustion.

    It was because of Mrs. Yun. His wife received the brunt of Mrs. Yun’s hysteria which should’ve been directed towards her daughter, Hyewon, and son, Eewon, who’d also given up on her. Even if she was asked to do something nonsense, she simply lowered her head and answered “Yes.” This was impossible without many years of practice. His wife’s eyes are so blue and unreadable, and he couldn’t guess how much was going on in between his business trips.

    There’s not much time left until his uncle’s memorial, and Mrs. Yun’s hysteria peaks around that time of the year. His wife had always been well-behaved and he pretended not to know about Mrs. Yun’s activities because he didn’t want to cause trouble between the women in the family. Should he intervene?

    Muwon looked at the face of his wife, who was sleeping deeply. He reached out and stroked her hands, her round forehead, beautifully-shaped eyebrows, narrow nose, and lips. He gently pulled her towards him.

    “Happy birthday.”

    He pressed his lips firmly against her forehead. As her distinctive scent reached his nose and as he felt her soft touch, his mind calmed down to a surprising degree. It was definitely a feeling different from lust. He was surprised he could feel that way from just a light physical contact. How would he describe this?

    Muwon fell asleep looking for an explanation to his condition.

    Last part, with some adult themes.

    On their way home from Pyeongchang-dong early in the morning the next day, Muwon turned the car to another place. Yurae looked at him with surprise as she thought they would go to the office or their house in Hannam-dong.

    “What about the office?” she asked.

    “I wasn’t supposed to return today anyway. I’ll go to work tomorrow.”

    “Then, where…”

    “You’ll know when we get there.”

    They arrived at Sungwon Department Store’s Luxury Hall. Yurae’s face became dark in an instant.

    “Are we going to see your aunt?”

    “Mrs. Yun is not in the Department Store today. We’re here to buy you clothes.”


    He got the idea after staring at her clothes in the dressing room the previous night. A secretary would usually prepare their clothes, but today he wanted to buy her clothes himself. Muwon guided his wife from the entrance to a store where colorful displays stood out. They were directed to a receiving area where VIPs are served.

    “It’s a birthday present. Choose whatever you want.”

    That was usually where his role ended. Most women slid through stores fluidly, and the staff would follow their words and gestures. He only had to give his card. But his wife was different. She looked like she was lost in a strange place. She ended up choosing a black dress, similar to what she usually wore.

    “Didn’t I mention you can choose whatever you want?”

    “Yes, I chose this.”

    “Don’t you want anything else other than black?”

    “Adults don’t like colorful clothes.”

    Who the hell were those adults? He remembered Hyewon, who displayed her wardrobe at every opportunity she got. It was full of colors that hurt his eyes just by looking at them. The material or design of clothes she chose didn’t mean she lacked maturity or discernment, but showed her desire or interests.

    Muwon clicked his tongue and pointed at the clothes on one of the mannequin.

    “Try that one”

    “That one?”

    Yurae looked at the dress, which had a pink lace and a see-through design on the chest, and felt self-conscious. But she replied yes to him anyway.

    After a while, she came out of the fitting room wearing the dress. Muwon was at a loss for words when he saw her appearance. The design perfectly accentuated her body, which she always hid in her dresses. The see-through design revealed her nice neckline. She looked elegant and sensual. He felt the urge to kiss her and take her to bed right there and then.

    “It doesn’t suit me, right?”

    She was embarrassed and asked him that, when she saw that he failed to comment on the dress. He came to his senses then.

    “Keep it on.”


    He pulled out his card before she could sound out her rejection. An employee quickly took notice and put the clothes Yurae was wearing before in a shopping bag.

    Yurae was restless, as if the new clothes were awkward on her. He thought about going to another store, but his cellphone rang. It was an international call from Dubai.

    “I’ll take this phone call. You can look at another store.”


    Muwon told the caller to hold, and then headed to the lounge. The call got longer as expected. After half an hour, Muwon returned to the store but could not locate his wife, even in the VIP room. Where did she go? He was about to make a phone call, when he saw her sitting on a bench in the lobby. She looked like a blooming flower in that gorgeous pink lace.

    She was talking to someone. It was a man. Who was it?

    Yurae stood up as soon as she saw him approaching. The man talking to her left with a face of regret.

    “Why are you here?”

    “I’m a little tired. I think this is enough for clothes. Thank you.”

    Muwon looked at her face. She seemed to have not yet fully recovered from yesterday’s fatigue.

    “Who was the man you were talking to a while ago?”

    “He was just asking for directions.”

    “That’s all?”

    “He asked for my cellphone number. It looks like he’s having a party.”

    Isn’t that behavior like hunting? Someone did that to his woman?

    It was absurd. Soon, he started feeling terrible. Every man passing by glanced at his wife. What is this displeasure? He felt like something hot was filling his stomach.

    He did not utter a word on their way home to Hannam-dong. Yurae must have also sensed the strange atmosphere and stayed quiet.

    When they reached home, Muwon went directly to the dressing room and Yurae followed him. He wrapped his arm around her waist as soon as she got in, as if he was waiting for her, and closed the door. He immediately undid his tie and claimed her lips.


    Stunned by the suddent kiss, Yurae tried to take a step back but the door was behind her. She was trapped between his solid body and the door, and could not move. With one hand on her back, Muwon pressed against her lips and raised his other hand to lower the zipper on her dress. The piece flowed down her body and onto the floor.

    “Are you okay?” Muwon whispered roughly in her ear. She stared at him quietly and nodded. He darkly left his mark wherever his lips touched. He felt so confused about his feelings at that moment. Until now, his world has been divided into only two. What he can’t have and what he can have. He has never been greedy because he understood that he can’t have, what he can’t have. If it wasn’t for Eewon’s request to leave the family business, he wouldn’t have led that as well. But the woman in front of him was different. It was the first time he felt a strong desire to possess something, although he already has her. It’s a thirst that doesn’t wane. What the hell is this?

    Muwon touched her under her thin slip. Whenever his finger moved deeper, Yurae’s grip on his arm would tighten. Even her moans were sweet. He lifted her thigh and removed his belt and trousers. Soon, his solid body broke through her.

    “I must be going crazy.” He groaned. Is it because it’s been a long time? The pleasure that went through him, from his head down to his toes, was intense. It was explosive, as if it was the first time he was doing it.

    He moved instinctively, and Yurae clung tightly around his neck. Her slender arms, her tight body, her warmth, and their connection drove him insane. His release came sooner than he thought, and he kissed her red and swollen lips as he did so.


    A thin voice rang under his body. They’ve moved on to the bed in no time. Muwon stopped moving his body.

    “What did you say?”

    He lowered himself as he asked. His chest touched Yurae’s back.

    “At the department store… did I do anything wrong?”

    Although his movement had already stopped, her voice continued to tremble as she felt him staying still.


    In fact, he didn’t know what he was feeling. If he dared to name it, could it be jealousy? He wasn’t without a woman before he got married, but it was the first time that another man offended him for no other reason than talking to her. She was rather gorgeous and she wouldn’t know how he did not enjoy seeing the gaze of other envious men, while she was next to him.

    He whispered into her hair.

    “This is the first time I felt like this.”

    “Yeah? Oh, ah.”

    Muwon moved deeper as he connected with her body. Yurae gripped the blanket and rubbed her cheeks against the sheets. He held her waist tightly, as if he was preventing her from running away.

    Black clothes are better. It’s enough that she blooms only in his arms. Hide those brilliant colors. Childish. I know it’s childish, but I can’t go through that again. What made him change like this? Muwon hugged the woman in his arms tighter, as if trying to capture the reality of his emotions.
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    Dear emilyfxv,
    Wow!! Thank you so much for your great translation and for sharing with us.
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    I just read that the english version in Tapas is now on that part where they've agreed to date. Some parts of the conversation in the novel did not make it in the manhwa:

    -When he asked her if she's forgotten that he loves her in the novel he also said something like: and I know you have feelings for me because you were jealous of Hyewon

    -After she proposed dating to him, she asked him about what he said in the car when he got drunk after the company dinner. (Remember he said even though I know you have someone else, I still love you. This is why Yurae thought the confession couldn't be for her because she has no one else.) Muwon explained that that was his misunderstanding. He told her that he went to persuade her to return to him the day before they went to court for their divorce, but he saw her with Doyun and assumed Doyun was her lover. She told him that that day she just saw Doyun by chance when she visited her father at the detention center and that Doyun isnt her lover. Muwon said yes I only recently found out that that wasn't the case. And then in his mind, he expressed regret for not checking the facts because he was afraid that it will hurt him. He thought if he took that step then, they wouldn't have been held back for three years.

    -After they've come to an agreement about dating, he asked her about her plans for the day and then kissed her goodbye on the forehead. She asked what was the kiss for and he said that would be what regular people who are dating would do. She blushed after he kissed her, and wondered why she's feeling that way when they've done other more intimate things than that before.

    Their first date will be rough. He'll realize how much he doesn't know about her, and she'll realize that she's not very open about herself either.

    On their second date, she'll lay down the rule that they shouldn't sleep together just yet. They'll have a discussion about this because he was really lusting after her at that point. It's not clear if either had sex with other people during their separation but it was mentioned in the novel that he had no desire to have another woman after they divorced and he knew that it would be the same for her given her reaction to him. In short, they were both deprived so her request to hold back didn't make sense to him. In the end, he'll give in to her because she's firm on that matter.

    After that, their relationship is more or less smooth-sailing from there. There are external things to deal with of course, but between them after the initial dates, they'll just steadily fall for each other from then.
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    i am just curious:
    1.Has Yurae ever told Muwon that she loves him? He is really smitten, she is a quiet type and hold back a lot.
    2. Is there any romance between the doctor and Yuraes best friend?
    3. Or whether the doctor and Hyewon finally reconciled?
    Thank you so much
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    1. Yes. After dealing with the Lee Yuhyun mess, they will attend an event together and go to the rooftop of that venue. She will tell him there. It's chapter 63-64 of the raw manhwa.
    2. Yes, they'll end up together. It was mentioned briefly in the epilogue.
    3. No. Hyewon and the doctor remain friends. She also sees him as her psychiatrist. Hyewon has a relationship with a fellow actor. There were hints of this when she bought men's clothes in the store Yurae managed, as well as when she saw Yurae at the event I mentioned in no. 1. It was also briefly included in the epilogue.
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    Oh! You are best !! Thank you :)
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    Thank you so much for your help so far I really appreciate it ❤️
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    Second part with them and their children is very cute!