Chinese [No CP] [Comprehensive Martial Arts] My life will stop

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    Name: [No CP] [Comprehensive Martial Arts] My life will stop 【无CP】[综武侠]吾命将休
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up
    : Wuxia + QT male MC + No CP = Can it even be better? [Jianghu QT]
    This story has a humorous style, portraying all the characters who are chic and interesting. The protagonist is full of character, flesh and blood, and the essay system and the protagonist's "love and kill" [love-hate] setting is also very eye-catching. The writing of the article is smooth, the text is simple but interesting, and people can't help but yearn for that sword and shadow of the world.
    Description (if you can find one):

    Immediately before Tan Zhao closed his eyes [died], because of his optimistic spirit of fighting against the disease, he was bound by the "conquering terminal illnesses" system. The system told him that he needed to travel into the dying people in other worlds to live more Heaven, the extra days he lives can accumulate blessings on him to extend his own life.
    He thought the deal was a good deal, so he agreed.
    However... Sure enough, he was still too young to live with a short-lived smile.

    1. The male protagonist without CP, quickly wear, which is probably the daily style of the abuse scum, probably.
    2. The male protagonist has his own death debuff, and every world will face various premature deaths, car accident deaths, accidental deaths, poisoned deaths, and so on. [But it's not heartbreaking or tragedy, don't worry]
    3. The conventional system has a low sense of existence and is not a stepmother system.

    Content Tags: martial arts [Wuxia], fantasy, space, system, quick pass [Quick transmigration]
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Tan Zhao ┃ Supporting role: Various supporting roles in martial arts who urge to die ┃ Others: Being short-lived, "Overcoming terminal illness"
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    1. 我爹不是我爹 My father is not my father
    Uncle Lu:
    Yíngōu Dǔfāng (銀鉤賭坊; 'The Silver Hook Gambling House')

    The son of the Demonic Cult's (魔教; mójiào) leader has been murdered. Lánhúzǐ (藍鬍子; 'Bluebeard'), the owner of the Silver Hook Gambling House, initially accuses Lu Xiaofeng of committing the murder. However, he promises to help Lu Xiaofeng prove his innocence if Lu Xiaofeng agrees to help him find the Demonic Cult's lost sacred artefact. Lu Xiaofeng finds the artefact but discovers that it is fake; the real one is actually with Lanhuzi. It turns out that Lanhuzi has been plotting to seize control of the cult's leadership and he has framed Lu Xiaofeng for the murder in order to divert the cult's attention away from himself. Lu Xiaofeng defeats Lanhuzi, exposes the plot, and returns the artefact to its rightful owner.

    2. 吾与汝孰美
    Li Xunhuan:
    Duōqíng Jiànkè Wúqíng Jiàn (多情劍客無情劍; 'Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword') (published in 1968)

    Lǐ Xúnhuān (李尋歡), the protagonist of the first novel, becomes a famous figure in the jianghu (martial artists' community) for his skilful use of his signature weapon, the Little Li Flying Dagger. Although he is secretly in love with Lín Shīyīn (林詩音), he ultimately decides to give up on her in order to repay the kindness he had received from his sworn brother, Lóng Xiàoyún (龍嘯雲), who is also in love with Lin Shiyin. After Lin Shiyin and Long Xiaoyun are married, Li Xunhuan feels so emotionally hurt that he retires from the jianghu to lead a reclusive life. When Li Xunhuan comes out of retirement a decade later, he encounter a swordsman, Āfēi (阿飛), and befriends him. He also meets a maiden, Sūn Xiǎohóng (孫小紅), whom he eventually marries. Around the time, a mysterious "Plum Flower Bandit" has committed several robberies and rumours in the jianghu suggest that the bandit is Li Xunhuan. With Afei's help, Li Xunhuan manages to clear his name and expose the bandit's true identity. At the same time, Li Xunhuan is drawn into the complex feuds involving three key figures: his sworn brother Long Xiaoyun; Shàngguān Jīnhóng (上官金虹), the evil chief of the Gold and Money Sect (金錢幫; jīnqiánbāng); and Shangguan Jinhong's lover, Lín Xiān-ér (林仙兒). Li Xunhuan ultimately defeats Shangguan Jinhong and restores peace in the jianghu before retiring once again to spend the rest of his life with Sun Xiaohong.

    3. 朕的皇位呢 Where is my throne
    Huang Yaoshi:
    Huang Yaoshi makes his first appearance in the middle of the novel [the legend of the condor heroes] when he is searching for Huang Rong, who has run away from home after a quarrel with her father. He meets Guo Jing, whom his daughter is romantically attracted to, and learns about the fates of his six apprentices. Chen Xuanfeng had been killed by Guo Jing; Mei Chaofeng has been blinded but still retains her fighting prowess; Qu Lingfeng and Wu Mianfeng are dead; Feng Mofeng is missing; and Lu Chengfeng, now a cripple, has settled in a manor on Lake Tai. He later accepts Qu Lingfeng's daughter Shagu and Lu Chengfeng's son Lu Guanying as his grand-apprentices.

    As the story progresses, Guo Jing visits Peach Blossom Island with his master Hong Qigong to compete for Huang Rong's hand-in-marriage against Ouyang Ke, Ouyang Feng's nephew. Guo Jing also meets Zhou Botong, who has been in a 15-year-long conflict with Huang Yaoshi over the Nine Yin Manual. Huang Yaoshi sets a series of tests for Guo Jing and Ouyang Ke. Guo Jing wins, much to Huang Yaoshi's chagrin because he dislikes Guo Jing, who is slow in learning and appears dumb. However, he ultimately gives his blessings to his daughter and Guo Jing after Guo Jing proves his worth and shows that he truly loves Huang Rong.

    Chu Liuxiang
    Part 2: The Vast Desert (大沙漠) Chu Liuxiang's adventures lead him to the desert, where he encounters his old friend Hu Tiehua. At the same time, he meets Linlang, a beautiful maiden, whom he saves from a kidnapper, and falls in love with her. However, he discovers later that Linlang is actually Shiguanyin, a mysterious and highly feared female martial artist. Shiguanyin and Wuhua (who actually survived) are behind a plot to take over the Moon City, a desert kingdom ruled by an incompetent king. With the aid of his friends, Chu Liuxiang foils Shiguanyin and Wuhua's plans and helps the king regain control of the Moon City. Chu Liuxiang defeats Shiguanyin in a fight and apparently kills her.

    5. 铁口直断李狗蛋
    Yu Huatian [Flying Swords of Dragon Gate]
    The Emperor's eunuchs have gained power and influence, the East Bureau and West Bureau spy and police the nation. They visit the shipyards, but only as a cover to execute those who would try and report their taking of bribes to the Emperor. Wandering hero Zhao Huai'an fights the leader of the East Bureau, defeating him and putting his head in a box and hanging it as a warning to other corrupt officials.

    The Emperor's chief concubine asks the West Bureau why they waste time on power struggles when she only wants them to prevent the Emperor impregnating anyone aside from her. Three pregnant courtesans have been executed, a fourth is being hunted down. Officials stop a riverboat and are about to execute a woman but a masked hero intervenes. Zhao watches from nearby and the masked hero also claims to be Zhao. The imposter helps the courtesan flee to Dragons Gate, Zhao and his followers decide to fight the West Bureau to help delay them and aid in the escape.

    As a sandstorm threatens and drives most travelers away, a few groups driven by different agendas are determined to stay in the desert at the famous Dragons Gate Inn. Amidst rumors of an ancient city and with Zhao Huai'an and the leader of the West Bureau approaching, events are about to unfold with the Dragons Gate Inn as the stage for an all-out clash.

    6. 小僧心里软
    Twin of Brothers Wacky wannabe swordsmen Chong and Ling accidentally acquire the mysterious "Longevity Martial Arts", which is rumoured to be the key to a huge treasure. The target of numerous people who covet the treasure, the two friends adventure through China despite the danger. In their journey, Ling meets two girls from two opposing sects, while Chong falls for the sister of the future emperor of China. With their extraordinary experiences, will the two become heroes amidst the historical turbulence?

    Bai Yutang
    Zhan Zhao
    Sleek Rat, the Challenger In Song Dynasty, Liao Kingdom established a secretsociety called Dragon Slayer in Song's hinterland, butthe assassinator, Wei, was captured in the action. MuGuiying asked Bai Yutang, nicknamed "sleek rat", todisguise himself as Wei so that to go undercover inDragon Slayer. The leaders of the society tried everymeans to find out whether Bai was the real Wei. Relyingon his wisdom and courage, Bai tided over the crisis andfoiled the plot of the society.

    8.重生的皇帝 The reborn emperor
    Zhao Xu
    Zhao Ji

    The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

    10. 聊赠一柄刀
    Xiaoli Feidao

    11. 惯看秋月春风
    Xi Zhicai
    Guo Jia

    12. 一曲江湖梦 A dream of jianghu
    The Smiling, Proud Wanderer
    Lin Pingzhi (林平之; Lín Píngzhī) is Lin Zhennan's son and the sole survivor of the Lin family, who was massacred by the Qingcheng Sect. Yue Buqun saves him, takes him in as an apprentice, and arranges for a marriage between him and Yue Lingshan. Driven by hatred and resentment after discovering Yue Buqun's ulterior motives, he becomes increasingly vicious and brutally kills his family's murderers in revenge but is blinded by Mu Gaofeng. He becomes insane after his final battle with Linghu Chong, who spares his life but imprisons him in an underground dungeon.

    13. 姓赵的有毒
    Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
    Duan Yu's story:
    Duan Yu is a young and naïve prince of the Dali Kingdom. His reverence for Buddhist teachings and disdain for bloodshed prompt him to defy his family's tradition of practising martial arts. When his father, Duan Zhengchun, tries to force him to learn martial arts, he runs away from home. Ironically, for the sake of survival, he ends up mastering three powerful skills and becomes a formidable martial artist. In addition, he acquires immunity to poison after accidentally consuming the Zhuha, a venomous toad.

    During his adventures, he encounters five young maidens – Zhong Ling, Mu Wanqing, Wang Yuyan, Azhu and Azi – and becomes romantically involved with the first three. However, at different points in the novel, each of them is revealed to be actually his half-sister due to Duan Zhengchun's secret affairs with other women in the past. Of these maidens, he is extremely obsessed with Wang Yuyan, who resembles a statue of a fairy-like lady he chanced upon before. He relentlessly tries to win her heart but she does not reciprocate because she has a crush on her cousin, Murong Fu.

    Towards the end of the novel, in a tragic twist of events, Duan Yu finds out that he is actually not Duan Zhengchun's biological son, which allows him to marry all the three maidens. In the original ending, his love life ends on a happy note when Wang Yuyan finally realises that he truly loves her and decides to marry him. However, after the book was published, many readers disliked this ending as it relegated Mu Wanqing to a minor role in the story. In the latest revision of the novel, Duan Yu and Wang Yuyan's romance is marred by a series of incidents which eventually cause them to be separated and Duan Yu ends up with Mu Wanqing and Zhong Ling.

    Lu Xiaofeng (AKA Uncle Lu)
    Jiànshén Yīxiào (劍神一笑; 'Laughter of the Sword God')
    Ximen Chuixue seeks Lu Xiaofeng's help in tracking down a swordsman, Liǔ Chéngfēng (柳乘風). Lu Xiaofeng travels to a town near the desert, where he discovers Liu Chengfeng's dead body. He soon realises that the town is full of lurking dangers, and also traces clues from Liu Chengfeng's death to a former imperial consort, Gōng Sùsù (宮素素). After exploring the area, he locates a hidden treasure in the desert. The villains in the town have secretly followed him there and they attack him. Lu Xiaofeng is apparently stabbed and killed. Just then, Ximen Chuixue shows up and reveals that Lu Xiaofeng is still alive, and they have set a trap for the villains, whom they team up to defeat and kill. At the end of the story, for the first time ever, the seemingly cold and unfeeling Ximen Chuixue bursts into laughter.

    Second series: [Comprehensive] Zhao Ru Sun and Moon [综]昭如日月
    1. 道士与鬼妖 Taoist priests and ghosts
    2. 小青与小白 Xiaoqing and Xiaobai
    3. 信了你的邪 Believe in your evil
    4. 玄不改非 Xuan Buchang Fei
    5. 世界太疯狂 The world is too crazy
    6. 人间春色早 Early spring in the world
    7. 一个正经人 A decent person
    8. 无心算有心 Without mental arithmetic and deliberate
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    Arc 1 / My father is not my father/ Ch 1-21

    My father is not my father (1)

      Standing above the void of the transit station, Tan Zhao's mood was not very good.
      Anyone who has just been killed by someone will feel very unhappy, especially when someone calls "a thief to die" after a stabbing in the chest. Of course, he quickly adjusted his mentality. After all, he was killed a lot, so he didn't care about life and death that much.
      Looking up, on the interface of the summoning system, the big gain days displayed at the top are only two days, eight hours, fourteen minutes, and three seconds. It is really accurate to the second. In fact, he lived only three seconds longer in the last world. The woman screamed. The sound is sometimes scarier than a knife. But he couldn't help being a little pessimistic. He had passed through five worlds, but only had two days.
      What can be done in two days, is it different from the original world? He couldn't help but smile slightly, and the system shrank slightly, and silently raised his little paw: [Host, don't you give up so early, the early stage is a novice task, you are familiar with the familiar situation, in the future There is so much to earn, let's make a big vote in the next world!]
      The heart of the system is also full of emotions. I thought that the host I was looking for this time was a positive and optimistic young man who could accompany it all over the world to earn mission time. However... it overestimated the complexity, positivity, and illness of human nature. Fighting doesn't mean optimism, his host...hey, it's hard to say.
      Tan Zhao smiled softly again, the system was stunned and a thick layer of goosebumps appeared on the intangible system.
      Waking up again, the mountain pine swings gently, the fallen leaves are flying, it is a beautiful picture of autumn.
      "Young Master, we are about to leave the customs. Do you want to stop and rest for a while?" It was a soft female voice with a trace of respect, two traces of hesitation, and seven-point depressive excitement.
      As soon as Tan Zhao woke up, he heard such a sentence, and casually refused her: "No."

    The woman stopped talking, instead, a steel knife came straight through the top of the sedan, and the delicate sedan was instantly torn apart under internal force. Tan Zhao leaned back on the spot, and the steel knife brushed his ear and still heard the sound of broken beards. He had no doubt that if he hadn't moved ahead of time, his head would have been rolled into the yellow sand at this exact moment.
      [System, is this what you call a dry ticket? ]
      System: are right to say that [shy.jpg]!
      Tan Zhao has not cared about talking to the system. Five people besieged his field of vision. Both women are beautiful and three men. One of them is very burly with a steel knife in his hand. It is the one who broke the sedan chair.
      He scowled and said, "Why are you killing me?"

    The five people were besieging him, seeming to be certain that he could not escape. The headed woman said charmingly: "The young master is a vicious gambler who will teach us the West. Mating holy cards lose out, he went so far nerve to ask this! "
      Western education? Raksha?
      Before he could understand, a scimitar was in front of him. There was not much internal strength in this body, and the body was very heavy. Tan Zhao had almost exhausted all his strength before he would escape, but even In this way, his arm was inevitably injured.
      I can't fight, if I don't think about it, I guess I will have to return to the transfer station.
      Tan Zhao didn’t care about the wound on his hand either. He squinted his eyes and looked at the surrounding environment. Obviously, this is a Jedi. Under the beautiful appearance of autumn beauty, there is a steep cliff behind. A handful?
      Tan Zhao barely thought for more than half a second and rolled to the edge of the cliff at the cost of another knife. The cliff was high, and the weather was not warm at this time, and the cold was constantly surging up. The system just wanted to say that we still had a chance to not fight this way, and Tan Zhao turned over and fell straight down.
      At the moment, also came on a cliff weak woman's voice: "He fell off?"

    "Do not worry, here is the land of ten dead without life, with the martial arts that waste is not long wings to fly up."
      "Ye, We can also go back to protect the law."

    For a long time, the mountain breeze gently passed the mountain top to send greetings from afar, Tan Zhao carrying a parachute, swaying and safely landed on the bottom of the cliff. Unexpectedly, it's not cold here, even hot.
      It seems to be an active volcano.
      System: Fortunately, the host is so witty, okay!
      ... Tan Zhao didn't care about the maliciously selling cute system. He didn't feel better when he watched the system screen for more than eight hours, not to mention that he had two big knife wounds on his arm.
      The wound was treated with the parachute and the golden sore medicine turned out from the original body, and it was already sunset. Tan Zhao hurriedly walked through the bottom of this small cliff. There was no way out on all sides. It was like a natural Colosseum. Due to the high temperature, there were few plants. After turning around, it only took another hour to buy a Pack of instant noodles to satisfy your hunger.
      Time is money, and his system is very thorough.
      The original name of the system was "defeat the terminally ill system". The main function is to bring the bounded host back and forth to each time and space to drill into the sky and land on the dying person to steal time. The dying person can return directly without the pain of death and act as the host. The stolen time can be used freely. Parachutes and instant noodles can be purchased in the system space. Time is used to purchase materials. Tan Zhao thinks that the people who develop the system will really do business.
      However, he doesn't care about this, even he is very grateful to the system and the people who may exist behind it.
      Barely filling his stomach, Tan Zhao found a cave to start a fire, and the fire was so bright that he finally had time to understand the world. To be honest, this is the first time he has lived through five worlds until he needs to understand the world.
      Obviously, this is a martial arts world [Wuxia], and his original body is called Yu Tianbao, the young master of Western Raksha Sect, and the only son of Yu Raksha. It's just...this son was quoted, a fake son who was pushed out as a target, who would do his best to teach?
      The original body grew up in brocade clothes and jade food, silk, and silk, as long as he wanted it, there wasn't anything he couldn't get it. The small country of the Western Regions destroyed it if they couldn't understand it, and Jade Raksha also completely condoned it. But when it comes to learning martial arts and maneuvering people, then there is nothing to talk about. He was forced to jump off the cliff to protect his safety.
      It's just that in this situation, it really isn't much better.
      System: No, I think it’s awesome. Host, you only need to spend three hours a day to buy the food you need, then you can save 21 hours a day. As long as you live to be old, you can earn money. Host!
      [Would you like me to praise you for doing well in math? ]
      System: Isn’t it?
      Of course not. Although he likes to be alone, he is an individual and a social animal. If he is separated from the crowd and leads a boring ascetic life, he would rather be attributed to the dust.
      [Simply put it plainly, your host, I, like fun, understand? ]

    The system said it didn’t understand, but its built-in didn’t influence the host’s choice, so he could only hold his face and stop talking.
      After one night of reincarnation, Tan Zhao woke up in the heat. Although the clothes he wears are of good material, they can't hold up layer after layer, and because the original owner eats well... For the first time in his life, Tan Zhao experienced the sensation of fat on his stomach being warmed up.
      Temporarily unable to find a way out, Tan Zhao led a life of recuperating, exercising, learning Wu, and losing weight by the way. He is a habitual enjoyment. Naturally, he did not embarrass himself with the terrible idea of eating instant noodles three times a day, because even after two months, His current acquisition time is only seven days, fourteen minutes, and three seconds.
      The system of diligent and thrifty housekeeping feels that the host is too prodigal. How long will it take to save enough time to go home! When the system was broken, Tan Zhao remained unmoved.
      That day, the wounds on his body had long since scabs and healed, and his body was lighter. The fat on his stomach, face, and thighs had already disappeared because of restrained diet and martial arts exercises. Tan Zhao looked up at the invisible. The mountain began to think about how to go up.
      System: Host, what are you going to do after you go up?
      I haven't thought about this for the time being. Although Tan Zhao likes watching the excitement, he doesn't like trouble, but the identity of Yu Tianbao is a huge trouble. The five people who were ready to kill on the cliff that day were people with whom he grew up. His guards, who can buy the people who followed him since childhood to kill him, I want to know it is just those few people.
      Western Rakshas teach that this is about to change. Tan Zhao, who has roughly understood this martial arts world, has made a conclusion on the death of "Yu Tianbao". But also, entering the customs with big fanfare with the Rakshasa brand is like a child who has passed the market with gold, and it is no wonder that people who are tempted by profit are ready to move.
      His death should be the fuse and the pawn crossing the river. And if he was still alive, many things would disappear.
      It's really troublesome. Tan Zhao looked up and finally got tired, trying to reason with the system: [I said the system, I will find my identity in the future, can you not find such a complicated one? ]

    The system thought about it, patted his chest, and said that the next world is absolutely simple and straightforward.
      ... It always feels a little dangerous to promise so quickly.
      System: Oh, yes, do you want to rent equipment for the host?
      Having said that, an interface appeared on the control panel of the system. I don't know where it pulled out a rental mall. From aircraft carriers to mobile phones and tablets, as long as you can afford it, you can lend it to you.
      Tan Zhao: ...
      [Why don't you have such a good thing out sooner! ]

    It took seven days to buy one hour of hot air balloon use time. Tan Zhao raised the hot air balloon according to the instructions with a dark face. It seemed to be to blend with the ancient atmosphere. This hot air balloon is not the colorful ancient colors common to modern people, but It was gray-brown, and the ignition device was made very secretive, soaring all the way, the temperature was getting lower and lower.
      Tan Zhao gathered his clothes together, and finally couldn't help but sneeze loudly.
      At this time, Uncle Lu, Lu Xiaofeng, was walking in the wilderness in a red cloak, no one around suddenly heard the sneezing sound, his head slightly raised, just eyes facing each other.
      Obviously, Uncle Lu has seen the big scene, and he immediately said: "Xiongtai's good skills, can you take it on the next trip?"

    Uncle Lu:
    Yíngōu Dǔfāng (銀鉤賭坊; 'The Silver Hook Gambling House')

    The son of the Demonic Cult's (魔教; mójiào) leader has been murdered. Lánhúzǐ (藍鬍子; 'Bluebeard'), the owner of the Silver Hook Gambling House, initially accuses Lu Xiaofeng of committing the murder. However, he promises to help Lu Xiaofeng prove his innocence if Lu Xiaofeng agrees to help him find the Demonic Cult's lost sacred artefact. Lu Xiaofeng finds the artefact but discovers that it is fake; the real one is actually with Lanhuzi. It turns out that Lanhuzi has been plotting to seize control of the cult's leadership and he has framed Lu Xiaofeng for the murder in order to divert the cult's attention away from himself. Lu Xiaofeng defeats Lanhuzi, exposes the plot, and returns the artefact to its rightful owner.

    Actually, each arc of this QT is a kind of fanfic of famous Wuxia stories, that's why the characters and the story are really good. And the best part is that they are short stories. Not like long wuxia novels.
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    My father is not my father (2)

      Lu Xiaofeng is a very good friend. He can have cordial and friendly conversations with anyone as long as he wants. This is not a great skill, but very useful skill.
      For example, now, he leaned on Tan Zhao’s hot air balloon with his extraordinary face, and even when he saw Tan Zhao’s face clearly, he spoke very familiarly: "Brother Tan, have we met? You look so familiar. Huh?"
      Tan Zhao laughed. Yu Tianbao was originally white and fat and looked very pleasing to the elders, but after he lost weight, he looked more than handsome and not friendly enough, but when he laughed and became approachable, Lu Xiaofeng couldn't help it. I sigh that such a person is really hard to hate.
      "Is it familiar? Then maybe I have a popular face."
      "...Brother Tan, will your conscience hurt when you say this?"
      At this moment, the hot air balloon has risen in mid-air, and Lu Xiaofeng is not afraid of heights. He looked at the thousands of winter scenery at his feet, and he was already intoxicated. He could only hear the person next to him say: "Our handsome guy has no conscience."
      Uncle Lu Sandan also agreed very much. The two hit it off, and they got together and exclaimed the rare beauty. But there is no good wine.
      System: ……My host ignores me, I am happy, want to hug!
      Unfortunately, the hot air balloon only lasts for half an hour. Soon Tan Zhao found a place to land. After the two got off, he let the hot air balloon float to the mountain col. In fact, the system took back the right to use it by default.
      Lu Xiaofeng was puzzled: "Brother Tan actually wanted to abandon this thing? Don't give it to me, I haven't got enough seat yet!"
      Tan Zhao smiled, but Lu Xiaofeng also understood that this was someone else's secret and it was difficult to explore. The two walked together and finally saw a small town after about half an hour.
      The town is not lively. People seldom go out in winter. Lu Xiaofeng invited Tan Zhao to drink, and the two quickly settled down in a tavern.
      Two taels of warm rice wine, a dish of fennel beans, and a dish of braised beef. The small shop tastes crude but also full of flavor. To Tan Zhao, who has been at the bottom of the cliff for two months, it is no different from the delicacy of the world.
      "Looking at the appearance of Brother Tan, he seems to be an outsider?"
      To tell the truth, Tan Zhao hadn't looked at his current face carefully. He only glanced at Shui Ying a little bit: "Maybe, it's a traveler who lives in the world. "It's a rare truth.
      Lu Xiaofeng raised his glass: "Yes, toast to the whole world!"
      Drinking until sunset, the slightly yellowing sun shines in the store in the winter, and the wine has bottomed out. Lu Xiaofeng looked at the sky outside, confused "Where is Brother Tan going? A few days ago, the blue beard of the Silver Hook Gambling House invited me to gamble, why not go?"
      Lu Xiaofeng has risen to fame in recent years. Naturally, many people invite him to drink and eat to see beauties, blue Beard is one of them. To be honest, he didn't have any friendship with Blue Beard, but he had heard that the Silver Hook Gambling House was good a few days ago, and he agreed to the invitation after he was idle.
      Silver hook casino? Yu Tianbao seemed to have lost so badly at the Silver Hook Gambling House that he even used the Rakshasa card: "Okay, it's just that I lost all of my money some time ago. I'm afraid I won't be able to gamble."
      Lu Xiaofeng laughed. A: "Brother Tan is open-minded."
      Is it open-minded? Probably.
      The two went to the silver hook gambling house together, but when they came to the gate of the gambling house, Tan Zhao said that he had to leave. Lu Xiaofeng was puzzled and wanted to drag the gambler who had no money into the gambling shop. It was cruel, so he directly responded, although his friend did not look like a gambler at all.
      After the two were separated, Tan Zhao finally had time to buy a decent winter coat and asked the system something by the way.
      As an agent, the system collects some news every time it comes to a world, but this news are paid and sold in the mall according to the value. Tan Zhao can choose to buy or not, and he will only have the predecessor when he arrives in a world. The memory and trouble for him are free.
      [System, I use all the remaining time to ask you a question. ]
      System: What's the problem?
      [Is Lu Xiaofeng a very important person? ]
      The system started to pretend to be dead. It didn’t expect this host to be so sensitive, but it’s useless to pretend to be dead because Tan Zhao already knew the answer, and the corners of his lips finally bent again, seeming to find a way to be free in the world. Wave way.
      "Okay, you don't need to answer." He even said it directly.
      System: ... routine! It's all routine!
      Putting on a brand new azure winter dress, Tan Zhao's whole body warmed up. He ate four or two small wontons on the side of the street before reaching the collapsed inn.
      As the night darkened, there was no sound from the door next door. Tan Zhao was lying on the bed, thinking about what he was going to do in the future, and thinking that the water in this silver hook gambling house was really deep, and even Lu Xiaofeng was stuck inside and did not come out.
      This Western Raksha Sect is known as the Demon Sect. The leader Yu Raksha is the top master master of the world, and has been in the Western Regions for many years. As the son of Yu Raksha, to put it bluntly, the princess of a small country in the Western Regions. The princes didn't dare to be presumptuous when they saw him.
      This silver hook gambling house does have some reputation in the arena, but obviously, it can't afford to offend the Western Demon Cult, and even threatens and coerces Yu Tianbao to leave the Raksha Sect's token of Raksha.
      This in itself is very counterintuitive. Of course, Yu Tianbao didn't think so much. He had a lawless temper. If he suddenly knew that he was not his father's biological son, he would not want to enter the customs to gamble and calm down. Let him go with the Rakshasa card, he thought it was to protect him, but he didn't think it was his urging charm.
      It can be seen that Yu Rakshasa has a weak mind, and his calculations are very comparable. The reason why he hasn't been recognized now is because he has slimmed down and his temperament is slightly different. Second, he guessed that the news of his death had already spread.
      As long as he is as quiet as a chicken and does not call me Yu Tianbao and I want to return to the Western Raksha Sect to inherit the "throne", it is estimated that no one will care about his dead chess piece.
      After figuring it out, Tan Zhao felt that his identity was not that bad anymore.
      It's a pity that there is something called destiny in the world. After getting to know a troublesome named Lu Xiaofeng, it is absolutely wishful thinking to sit and watch the excitement.
      Lu Xiaofeng was calculated, and the reason was still planted on the beautiful woman, but he did not expect to take off the black cloth after all his calculations. What he saw was the enlarged face of the friend who had just separated two hours ago.
      The difference is that this face is fatter, swollen, and uglier, but obviously, this man has been dead for a long time, and it is definitely not his new friend Tan Zhao.
      Young life! Brother Tan, your brother is dead! !!
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    My father is not my father (3)

      Lu Xiaofeng finally understood why he felt that Tan Zhao was familiar. Compared to Qingjun Wushuang's new friend, the deadly white face in front of him made him more familiar.
      This is not the portrait of the young master of the Western Raksha sect circulated in the market!
      Although I don't know if it is Brother Tan's brother, Lu Xiaofeng understands that he is already making a big deal, and it is a matter of life. His instinct has always been very accurate and has saved him many times, but... he was still chased for three miles by the three friends of the Western Demon Cult before he got out.
      Lengyue hung on the treetops, but Tan Zhao did not fall asleep for a long time. He fiddled with the teacup on the table and waited for Lu Xiaofeng to return.
      Waiting until midnight, Lu Xiaofeng finally walked home under the cold moon, turned in from outside the window in Luhan, and asked Tan Zhao's eyes: "Brother Tan, why aren't you asleep yet?"
      Tan Zhao smiled. , Reached out and poured him a cup of tea, the tea smoke curled up, it was still hot.
      Tea is not good tea, and water is not good water, but after being drunk by Uncle Lu who had been calculating it all night, it was warm enough and he began to pour bitter water: "Brother Tan, do you know that Yin Hou Gambling House Banquet" What a feast, the blue beard stared at the uncle, I was kind-hearted and gave me a set. Why do you think my life is so bitter!"
      "He is so true. He got into the Western Demon Cult and came to me to wipe his butt. Why don't you have the courage to attack the western Kunlun directly!" He paused, and looked directly into Tan Zhao's eyes: "Do you think it is, Young Master?"
      Tan Zhao was not surprised at the other party's name, and even sold it. It was miserable: "No, Lu Xiaofeng, you are wrong, I am not a young leader." He also looked directly into Lu Xiaofeng's eyes, the atmosphere stagnated for a while, and the candle beeped, and Tan Zhao's cold voice rang: "Western Rakshasa The young leader of the school is dead, and only Tan Zhao is alive." It
      really couldn't be more true.
      Lu Xiaofeng naturally heard it too, so he was so embarrassed that it really wasn't easy for anyone to live these years. The Western Rakshasa masters have a great career, but Brother Tan is like this... I think it's also quite hidden.
      But now Tan Zhao is his friend. Lu Xiaofeng has always been a person who forgive his friends, so he said: "It's good, Brother Tan is planning this way, it’s not easy to appear in front of people, I have a friend who knows how to change appearance , If Brother Tan doesn't mind..."
      "Don't mind." The
      conversation was over.
      Lu Xiaofeng returned to his room, but he couldn't sleep, Blue Beard set up a set of slanders that he had killed Yu Tianbao, the young master of the Western Demon Cult, and said that as long as he found the Rakshasa card stolen by his wife Li Xia, he would wash him. Injustice.
      This logic is okay if you look at it roughly, but he always feels shocked, especially... he just confirmed that the real Jade Tianbao is still alive next door, speaking of which Brother Tan has not concealed much from him, regardless of his appearance. , Or... Some time ago, I lost no point at the Silver Hook Gambling Shop.
      Obviously, this is a trap, and even according to Brother Tan's attitude, his "death" is definitely part of the trap, and even an essential part. And what kind of conspiracy requires the young leader to die? Lu Xiaofeng thought and thought, now he has not enough information, and the truth is still hidden in the mist.
      On the second day, Tan Zhao woke up, two people were sitting on the table outside the screen, and the fragrance of food came in vaguely. He sniffed it carefully and it smelled of raw fried and beef broth.
      "Oh, Brother Tan, you're awake, hurry up and sit down, the beef soup here is a must-see!" Without saying hello, he sat in someone's room to eat, and Uncle Lu still ate comfortably.
      Tan Zhao sat down smoothly and looked at the other person sitting on the table. This person had an ordinary face and an ordinary tight figure. He was wearing a sky-blue bunt and looked really ordinary tight, with only one pair of eyes flashing. Exquisite, showing his extraordinary.
      "Brother Tan, this is my friend who is proficient in disguise. Although my friend looks unreliable, I dare to say that his disguise skills are definitely the best in the world." Don’t forget to introduce the beef soup. Uncle Lu is also fine.
      The person being introduced obviously didn't like the introduction, so he jumped up and hit Lu Xiaofeng, then turned his head and said to Tan Zhao: "Brother Tan, I, Sikong, is lucky enough to meet him."
      Tan Zhao yesterday in a teahouse listening ear anecdotes rivers and lakes, natural Sikongzhaixing also know that these four words represent the first Thief rivers and lakes, will begin arch, said:. "Tan Zhao, Nice to meet you"
      gives people Well, do not drink When I had a meal, I was a friend. Lu Xiaofeng had a lot of friends, but there were not many who could rush in with a single message. It just happened that Sikong picked up a star.
      After the meal, Tan Zhao changed his face under Sagong’s skillful hands. At Tan Zhao’s request, he still put on a handsome face. This move caused Sikong’s star picking to complain: "I am finally I understand why you can be friends with Lu Xiaoji. A man who cares so much about face, don't you have to rely on your face to eat?"
      Then... Then Tan Zhao and Lu Xiaofeng nodded together: "Yes!"
      This friend seemed to be so. There was no way to do it, leaving behind the method of maintaining the disguise, Sikong was so angry that he stepped on the window and disappeared into the room. People go like the wind, and the light work of the first thief is not a waste of fame.
      After a long while, after taking the maintenance into his arms, Tan Zhao said to Lu Xiaofeng: "I probably understand why you can become good friends with him."
      Lu Xiaofeng denied, "Who is a good friend with this monkey spirit!"
      Tan Zhao laughed: "You two go through the windows when you enter other people's rooms to eat. From now on, your family is afraid that you will save money for installing the door."
      Lu Xiaofeng followed his eyes, and the door bolt on the door was really good. He stayed there with a small copper coin on it. He touched his moustache in a weird manner and decided not to speak any more.
      Humph! Will his friends die if he doesn't tease him!
      two hurried to the Wanmei Villa in Saibei.
      No one in the rivers and lakes didn't know that Ximen Chuuxue, the owner of Wanmei Villa, was a good friend of Lu Xiaofeng. Lu Xiaofeng got into such a big trouble as the Western Demon Cult. It is nothing new to ask his friend for help. As for the fellow Tan Zhao, an unnamed little pawn with mediocre martial arts, and a conspiracy boss has no time to pay attention to him.
      Before it got dark, the housekeeper of Wanmei Villa opened the door for Lu Xiaofeng. Since the battle between Ximen Chuuxue and Ye Gucheng on the top of the Forbidden City, people have become more and more cold, and even his wife can't stand him leaving. Now Wanmei Villa opened by Wanmei is even more cold.
      Fortunately, even if a man who has become a sword god is as cold as an iron sword, he still won't miss his friends.
      Tan Zhao and Lu Xiaofeng were fortunate enough to meet Ximen Chuuxue, the world's number one swordsman who has reached the top in swordsmanship. There is a saying that when you have a better temperament than your looks, then the person's appearance is not so important.
      Ximen Chuuxue was obviously such a person, and he had to admire Lu Xiaofeng for being able to make such a person as a friend. No wonder the system would assume that Lu Xiaofeng is a very important person in this world.
      The system suddenly said quietly: Host, I thought you were addicted to character-playing and had forgotten me QAQ!
      The character of the system is so soft and cute, Tan Zhao can't bully too much. Taking advantage of Lu Xiaofeng and Ximen Chuuxue's effort to ask for help, did he coax a few words? Anyway, it's super coaxing :).
      It's getting dark. Although Wanmei Villa does not keep guests, it keeps friends. Tan Zhao also stayed in the face of Lu Xiaofeng's face, but it was obvious that he could not attract the world's number one swordsman by being an unknown person.
      After the meal, Tan Zhao never saw Lu Xiaofeng again, so he wanted to persuade Ximen Chuuxue to keep him safe.
      System: Host, do you have any plans next? How about building such a manor like this owner, and then eating and waiting to see the scenery?
      [What about the money? Are you out? ] The
      system feels unbalanced: Host, you can go to the mall to exchange it!
      [Even if you can't afford such a manor for a lifetime. ]
      Tan Zhao could not help but laugh at it, now is the winter, the more Saibei winter cold, he Lelong sleeves, looking the courtyard of Samuume, exhaled a mouthful of white gas.
      The temperature at night is really low.
      System: The heating cylinder can be rented in the rental mall, which can be exchanged for eight hours a day, and the price of the building is skipped. Do you want a copy for the host?
      [No, thanks. ] After
      another walk, this Wanmei Villa is so big, but there are so few servants. After walking so long carrying the lantern, no one has seen it, and even he always feels vaguely heard some children crying at night. sound.
      [System, do you perceive the cry of the child? ] The
      cold night breeze gently sent the whimpering sound. It is really difficult for Tan Zhao to ignore this sound. Reason tells him not to pay attention, but...
      System: I feel it, the host takes care of yourself.
      Tan Zhao had an ominous premonition, especially when he suddenly remembered the news that the hostess of Wanmei Villa was taking the child away because of the host's increasingly cold temper.
      Is this not the courtyard of the hostess? His sense of direction shouldn't be so bad, right?
      Tan Zhao was about to turn around and leave, but he did not expect a beeping sound under his feet, and a dry plum branch was cut off, and then a big biting hand pressed his neck.
      The lantern fell on the ground, reflecting the mist on the face of the man holding the child.
      ! ! !
      "Who are you?" The voice was like smoke and mist.
      Tan Zhao greeted the system eight hundred times in his heart. Before he could speak, a sharp sword light flashed through his eyes. He closed his eyes physiologically. The next moment he squeezed his hand and was let go. He struggled. Looking at Lu Xiaofeng who came over, it was like looking at a living miracle.
      Lu Xiaofeng: ...what did he look at? Are you stupid?
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    My father is not my father (4)

      "Brother Tan, are you okay?" Lu Xiaofeng quickly stepped forward to help Tan Zhao up. Tan Zhao felt a great deal of unfriendliness in this world of martial arts.
      Tan Zhao looked at him with faint eyes, pointed at the two people who had been upset in Meilin, and finally said quietly, "Do you know who that person is?"
      Lu Xiaofeng asked in a puzzled look.
      Tan Zhao said with vicissitudes in rare words: "I listened to a storyteller in a tea shop, saying that Lu Xiaofeng with four eyebrows is a troublesome spirit, and if it is caused, it is a big trouble. I didn't believe it before, but I now... Tiefu !" Saying, compared to your awesome gesture.
      …Uh, Lu Xiaofeng said in a whisper: "Brother Tan, you are really good at joking, it seems you are all right." As
      soon as his voice fell, only the man's faint voice sounded again: "Lu Xiaofeng, this is Yuluosha, Qianzhen Really." In the
      cold wind, Bai Mei fell, the two of you came and went, and beside Mei Lin, the two stood stiff. After a long time, Daxia Lu finally found his voice: "I hate myself sometimes, Brother Tan, do you think it is too late for us to run now?"
      Tan Zhao didn't want to answer this question.
      It was also at this moment that suddenly there was a cry of earth-shattering children in the huge Merlin. This cry seemed to have been accumulated for a long time, as if to cry out for the heart and liver. The two men who raised their swords and waved their palms suddenly stopped. Naturally it can't go on.
      "Oh dear grandson, don't cry, you see your father is here, open your eyes and see your father!" He exposed the child's face to the cold night wind.
      Tan Zhao: ...This kid is really fateful before he is raised.
      Turning his gaze to Ximen Chuuxue, this man held a sword with a cold face, and his words seemed to contain frost: "Why is he with you?"
      The man who could only hear the smoke said, "I've gotten free recently, our child How can you grow into the hands of a woman? Since you don't want to inherit the family property, someone will naturally inherit it."
      Lu Xiaofeng glanced at Tan Zhao uncontrollably. How did he feel... something was wrong?
      It is known that the man in front of him is Jade Rakshasa, and Tan Zhao next to him is the former Jade Rakshasa. Jade Tianbao is the only son of Jade Rakshasa. But just now, Jade Rakshasa talked to his good friend Ximen Chuuxue about inheriting the family business. In the matter, he still called his grandson to the son of Simon's family. Then the question is, who is the real son of Jade Raksha?
      Fuck, thinking carefully, will he know too much?
      Lu Xiaofeng felt that he really shouldn’t come to Wanmei Mountain Villa this time. It’s always not good for people to know too much while alive, especially the housework. He is a complete outsider... the night is deep, and the child cries even harder. , There are all the big masters, Ximen Chuuxue and Jade Raksha obviously can't coax the kid.
      In the end, inexplicably, the child arrived in Tan Zhao's hands, and miraculously stopped his tears, and cleverly nestled in his woolen jacket to draw warmth.
      Tan Zhao: ...
      System: Host, I didn't expect you to have a dad aura. Congratulations!
      Probably after finally remembering that the child could not stand cold, the four entered the back room. This place is obviously much more refined than the outer hall. It has been taken care of by someone carefully. The children’s toys and utensils are all available. Tan Zhao put the child in the cradle. The child did not cry. Lovely.
      Lu Xiaofeng had obviously seen this kid, and he reached out and teased him with a rattle. It's a pity... He touched his beard: "Brother Tan, am I scary?" Is
      this kind of truthful?
      Ximen Chuuxue and Jade Rakshasa stood opposite each other. The atmosphere of the two was strange, but they had lost their talented swords. They could only hear Jade Raksha say: "Xue'er, don’t worry, you can’t care about a woman for your father. Besides, she is the mother of my grandson, and she is still alive."
      Ximen Chuuxue was unmoved, as if he was not his wife who really treated each other. He seemed to have an answer. He nodded slightly, like a hand Left like a sword.
      Tan Zhao thinks that the people of the rivers and lakes are really weird, and they have practiced swords to such a level. I am afraid that they are not crazy, right? It's a human being and not a god. It's true that there is no flaw in the solitary body that doesn't care about foreign objects, but... what is the difference between living like this and ordinary flowers and plants?
      The door closed with a creak, and the cold pool outside the door was closed. Lu Xiaofeng was a little hard to cope with the situation in front of him. Ximen, you guys are not authentic. Your father left it to your friend to take care of him.
      "Are you Lu Xiaofeng?" The voice returned to smoke and fog.
      Lu Xiaofeng nodded stiffly. This person felt too unpredictable for him. Even when facing Ximen, he had never felt that way.
      "You are very good, my grandson will ask you to take care of it first." After speaking, he disappeared in the same place.
      "Oh-" How high is this martial arts? Lu Xiaofeng knew that it was not the opponent who disappeared directly, but that the movements were too fast for human eyes to catch.
      He may finally understand why Ximen Chuuxue's light gong is so high.
      Frightened in a cold sweat, Lu Xiaofeng turned his head and met Tan Zhao's deep pupils. He only heard Tan Zhao's faint voice resounding again: "Lu Xiaofeng, he recognized me."
      Just now Jade Luosha disappeared. In an instant, Tan Zhao met his eyes, and the insights and jokes in those eyes really gave him no chance to get lucky.
      Lu Xiaofeng... tried to pat her friend on the shoulder, with an expression of helplessness on me.
      At this time yesterday, he was upset that there was not much information for him to figure out the whole truth of the matter, and tonight... he just felt that he knew too much.
      What kind of Rakshasa brand, Jade Tianbao, is not important at all, okay, what is important is... how he saved his life under Jade Raksha, or: "Brother Tan, you said I’m going to hold Simon’s thigh now Is it too late?"
      "Lu Xiaofeng, what are your
      ethics !" Lu Daxia's expression on my face was like falling into the clouds: "What is that, can you coax the child?" He pointed to the child in the cradle and said, and the child gave it to him soon. He gave him a huge response:
      "Wow -"
      Uncle Lu screamed, "Oh my little ancestor, you can rest!"
      The little ancestor cried and cried, but he didn't give a good face, and the housekeeper brought a nanny over before closing the scene. If he wanted to come to Ximen Chuuxue and leave, he should be calling someone.
      It seems that what this dad did was not so cruel and ruthless.
      Separating from Lu Xiaofeng, Tan Zhao finally found the room arranged by the housekeeper, but at this moment this room is no different from a cage. The Jade Rakshasa in his memory is responsive to Jade Tianbao. When he is in a good mood, he will call Baoer Baoer. But he is always busy with all kinds of important things, and seeing ten sides in a year is already considered too much.
      This is a deformed father-son relationship, but Jade Raksha is too famous, even if some people think he loves his son too much, no one thinks it is wrong. After all, Jade Rakshasa is just such a son, and the Western Demon Sect has a great family, so he can't be too fond of it.
      Even more...a target doesn't need to be too smart.
      When Tan Zhao was under the cliff, he was still wondering what Jade Raksha's own son looked like, but he didn't expect to see him so soon, even... it was Ximen Chuuxue, a famous swordsman on the rivers and lakes.
      You asked Ximen Chuuxue to inherit the Western Raksha Sect. I'm afraid it will be captured every minute, right?
      Even if the disaster takes the lead, Tan Zhao still gloats and thinks that this jade Raksha has been devastated with all his ingenuity.
      But soon, Tan Zhao couldn't laugh.
      When the lamp was lit, the figure of the man holding the teacup and drinking tea over the table was reflected. His face was still shrouded in mist. The fake son who had never seen his father's face in the world was really a relationship.
      "You didn't die. To tell the truth, it was a bit out of my expectations."
      Since seeing the Jade Rakshasa, Tan Zhao has already anticipated this scene. If he did not follow Lu Xiaofeng to send thousands of miles away, perhaps he could still be anonymous. After spending this life, but there is no if in this world, the fact is the fact: "No, I'm already dead."
      "Oh? You look like this, you let me admit that I missed you?" The voice was threatening. , Obviously he himself is not as peaceful as he showed.
      Tan Zhao suddenly started another topic: "The Jade Master is here, are you planning to kill me?"
      Jade Raksha smiled, and shook his head after laughing: "No, you are wrong, I will not kill people in Xueer's place, besides, you are such an interesting person, it would be a pity to die." It was
      really moody.
      But in the end, Tan Zhao was forced to make a bet with him, a bet on the ownership of the Western Raksha Sect. The bet was Tan Zhao's fate.
      **When I
      got up the next day, Tan Zhao heard that Lu Xiaofeng had left the villa. He secretly said in his heart that this new friend was unreliable and unjust, but he sat on the chair in the dining hall of Wanmei Mountain Villa honestly.
      This person is alive, even the Sword God still has to eat, after all, he has the strength to swing his sword without eating.
      Tan Zhao had already taken the disguise on his face and revealed the appearance of the original Jade Tianbao. The Jade Rakshasa was not there. Ximen Chuuxue fixed his eyes on him and said, "As long as you are in Wanmei Villa, he can't take you anymore. "
      Tan Zhao nodded and promised to give this kindness, whether it was because of Lu Xiaofeng's plea or the other party's apology for being a living target for Yu Tianbao for more than 20 years.
      To be honest, dining with Ximen Chuuxue is really not a good thing, because he would feel that he was dining against a block of ice.
      Just as he put down his chopsticks, there was a sudden rush of footsteps outside the door. When he turned his head, he saw Yimingxiu's charming woman glaring and glaring. The object was Ximen Chuuxue, who was sitting on the main seat, and could only hear her. His voice was three-pointed anger and seven-
      pointed sadly : "Ximen Chuuxue, where is my son?" Tan Zhao felt that he shouldn't be here, he should be under the table.
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    My father is not my father (5)

      The visitor is naturally Sun Xiuqing, the wife of Ximen Chuuxue, the mother of the little ancestor last night.
      The hostess of Wanmei Mountain Villa hit the male host. Everyone was quiet like a chicken. The butler who came in afterwards also looked really bad. To be honest, it is really not easy to be a housekeeper in Wanmei Mountain Villa. .
      Fortunately, Ximen Chuuxue is not a person who treats his servants harshly. After Sun Xiuqing spoke, he waved his hand. The crowd filed out. Tan Zhao wanted to wipe the soles of his feet and leave, but he did not expect Ximen Chuuxue to hold him.
      ... Tan Zhao had an ominous premonition, which was subsequently confirmed.
      "He is in the village, safe and sound." Then he pointed to Tan Zhao and said, "He can testify." It was
      originally a proof, when Tan Zhao's heart was about to fall, Sun Xiuqing over there said: "Ximen Chuuxue, you just Always like this, I am your wife, but you treat me as bad as your friend, and Rui Er is your son, but you only call him, my son has a name and a surname, do you have any intentions!"
      Ximen Chuuxue Keep silent.
      "Well, I just want a word from you. You just need to return Rui'er to me, and I won't come to pester you again. Whether you are the sword god or nameless, we return to the bridge and return to the road. It was my Sun Xiuqing. I missed you, and now I have tasted the bitter fruit, I just beg you to return Ruier to me." Her voice became smaller and smaller, and she was crying, but the feelings between words are still not difficult for people to notice.
      Ximen Chuuxue still did not speak.
      Tan Zhao...what else can he do? He can only try to reduce his sense of existence. He can see it. Even though he has never experienced a man and woman, there is obviously a big problem between the couple. This kind of problem does not only exist in Ximen Chuuxue alone, but also on both sides.
      Although they are all in the rivers and lakes, the scene is not much different from the previous eight o’clock dogblood drama. Husband and wife are separated and the child’s attribution issues. But then again, there is a grandpa like Jade Raksha. Even if Ximen Chuuxue accepted Sun Xiuqing's promise, he was afraid it would not be easy to fulfill.
      The Western Raksha Sect was established by Jade Raksha alone, and he definitely would not go to cheap outsiders, otherwise he would not push a Jade Tianbao out to protect his son from disaster. It's a pity that the true son, Ximen Chuuxue, is a good person, but he will never be a suitable candidate for a leader. At this time, Ximen Chuuxue gave birth to a son, and it was a wonder that Jade Raksha would let him go.
      It was also at this time that Ximen Chuuxue said: "I'm afraid it won't work."
      Sun Xiuqing was shocked when she heard the words. She seemed to have seen her husband for the first time, but her education as an Emei female fighter did not allow her. Going crazy like an ordinary woman, but her body is still trembling. She looked at Ximen Chuuxue with tears in her eyes, and slowly took out a sword from behind.
      Before marrying into Wanmei Villa, Sun Xiuqing used to be a famous female knight on the rivers and lakes. She was called the "Three Heroes and Four Shows" together with her fellow brothers and sisters. Emei disciples learned swords, and Ximen Chuuxue said that women only Shouldn't learn swords, she has stopped using swords since she married. But now for her son, Sun Xiuqing resolutely held the sword in his hand.
      Ximen Chuuxue's eyes changed. It became deep and hesitated, as if he had never understood the feelings in the world. But soon, he lifted his brows and said a cold fact: "You can't beat me. Why bother."
      Calm and self-sufficient, Tan Zhao felt that he had seen a sword through the bone.
      It turns out that there are people in this world who love swords so obsessively that they turn themselves into a sword. The name Ximen Chuuxue is really worthy of the name.
      "I haven't tried it, so how can I know! Get out of the sword." As she said, her sword was revealed, bright and clear, and it was not a common product.
      Ximen Chuuxue remained indifferent.
      Tan Zhao feels that if he doesn’t speak any more, I’m afraid that tomorrow there will be big news about Wanmei Villa’s hostess and hostess holding swords and making a noise. This has nothing to do with him, but Yu Luocha is neurotic. The loop may cause something to come out: "Mrs. Simon, force can't solve the problem."
      Sun Xiuqing has never seen Tan Zhao, and said angrily: "Who are you!"
      Tan Zhaogang wanted to say that he was nothing, and Ximen Chuuxue suddenly Then came a magical pen: "He is my brother, Tan Zhao."
      Tan Zhao felt the pill.
      Sure enough, Sun Xiuqing was so angry that the hand holding the sword shook, as if accusing him: "Ximen Chuuxue, I have been close to you for two years. You will fight against Ye Gucheng when I am pregnant. Yes, you came back alive after the sword. I greeted you with joy, but the husband I sent away turned into a cold sword when he returned. What are you talking about now, brother, I think I know you enough, but you are telling me anything, you think in the end is what you! " "
      Master, the disciples are wrong, unconscionable things will retribution! "she was almost crying out of the mouth, and She still held the sword like this, which made Simon Chuuxue frowned.
      "I can't help you, if you want, everything in Wanmei Villa can be left to you." At last, he said a sentence of more than ten words, but the meaning of this sentence is no different from a sharp blade.
      Sun Xiuqing was angrily attacked, and he rolled his eyes and fainted.
      Tan Zhao hurried to call the butler. The butler immediately let his wife go down neatly. When Tan Zhao returned, he saw Ximen Chuuxue in the dining room looking at Sun Xiuqing's sword in a trance, and the hesitation in his eyes couldn't stop.
      The world's number one swordsman is not a omnipotent person.
      "Why tell her that I am your brother, you know, I am not."
      Tan Zhao originally thought he would not answer, but after a long while he heard the other person's cold voice sounded in a low voice: "Do you think I did something wrong?"
      Ever since he returned to the top of the Forbidden City, he has become a master of kendo, and he has understood that he cannot give Sun Xiuqing the future he wants. Sun Xiuqing wanted a husband who would accompany her all his life in love, a caring person who could swear by the cold and warm, but he was destined to be a person with a sword, he could not live up to Sun Xiuqing's expectations. The longer he gets along, he becomes less and less like him. If it weren't for Ye Gucheng's hesitation at that time, he was the damn person in that match.
      Although Ximen Chuuxue is not emotional, he is not a fool. On the contrary, he is extremely smart.
      One person lives sober and understands what he wants, but the other is desperate and prefers to live in confusion. If two people get together, even if not now, conflicts will erupt in the near future.
      Ximen Chuuxue only chose the ruthless sword between his lover and the sword.
      To be clear, it's just not enough love, not enough weight.
      Tan Zhao nodded directly: "Well, I think it is. If you talk to me in this matter, it will only make things more complicated."
      "Why do you say that?" The
      Sword God seemed to be talking about Tan Zhao. There was nothing wrong, so he sat directly on the threshold. He raised his head and looked at the blue sky. Life is always so beautiful: "If you believe me, you know that two people’s affairs are far easier to solve than a big family. Many."
      "You said something different from him." This him is naturally Jade Raksha.
      Tan Zhao thought that it was naturally different. If he acted like Jade Tianbao was the same awkwardly, he would be killed by the Jade Rakshasa when he met him: "Where is it different?"
      Ximen Chuuxue didn't speak anymore. He wasn't the one who liked to go. People who observe others.
      "What are you going to do next? Madam-in-law won't let go, and your father is even more unlikely to let go. Unless you have been able to beat Jade Rakshasa, otherwise this proposition --" Tan Zhao spread his hands and uttered two words: "Nothing Solution."
      I want it all, but I can’t split a person and half like a candy. From yesterday’s Yuluosha talking about Sun Xiuqing’s tone, we can see that he looks down on Sun Xiuqing. To be precise, he does not recognize her as a daughter-in-law. If he wants to cultivate the heirs of the Western Raksha sect, he will never let the child stay with his biological mother. According to Tan Zhao's guess, Jade Raksha will tell the child that your mother is dead.
      Obviously at this point, Ximen Chuuxue is also very clear.
      It is precisely because of being clear that he is distressed.
      In this world, there are not many things that can upset the world's number one swordsman, and his housework is just one thing.
      I don’t know when it came out that the Western Demon Cult leader Jade Rakshasa died suddenly but did not mourn. This news sounds a bit contradictory, but it is this secret that everyone knows, which set off a small area. storm.
      It is known that the demon leader Jade Rakshasa violently died, and the young leader Jade Tianbao died. Then who will inherit the huge Western Rakshasa? So there is another rumor in the arena, as long as you get the Raksha card, you can order the Western Magic Cult.
      But where is this Rakshasa card? There is also news that it last appeared at the Silver Hook Gambling House, and was lost to the owner of the Silver Hook Gambling House, Blue Beard, by Yu Tianbao, who was once addicted to gambling.
      The fun was great. Tan Zhao was stunned when he heard the rumors. This set of things was really exhaustive. He couldn't help but look at Ximen to blow the snow, but finally couldn't hold back: "How do you feel?"
      Ximen Sunxiu Qing blowing snow the past few days was so much noise the whole person more cold, a ramp over nine feet sound like ice general:. "you'd become more like Lu Xiao Feng of the"
      same, act recklessly.
      Tan Zhao knows the current affairs well. He had a good time at Wanmei Villa. Apart from the lack of freedom, everything was beautiful. The system squinted happily every day, even when talking to him.
      It's just that... he is a natural rebellious person, and he feels boring after he has a good time, so he is destined not to stay in Wanmei Mountain Villa for long.
      When I wanted to come to Ximen Chuuxue, I could see it, so I said he was like Lu Xiaofeng.
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    My father is not my father (6)

      Tan Zhao was thinking about leaving Wanmei Villa.
      He is not a temperament for a long time, he is like this in modern times. He has a family inherited disease, and he can live no more than 25 at most. Before he lay in the hospital bed, he walked all the way, and stopped when he was tired. Next, after a long time I get bored, I'll change to another place, and my life will be comfortable. It doesn't make sense that he should carefully watch people's faces now.
      As for the love between men and women, firstly, he still has some conscience and is unwilling to harm others, and secondly, he thinks that it is good to be alone, and no one will always be with anyone. Now he doesn't need to think about this appearance.
      Tan Zhao was a little panicked. In addition to practicing martial arts every day, he was amused by the children. It was surrounded by soft pillows on the high bed of Wanmei Mountain Villa, surrounded by rich clothes and jade food, and he couldn't get the slightest interest. Besides, he is not someone from Wanmei Mountain Villa. He is a guest, a guest, and he should always leave.
      "Oh oh oh, don't cry, you will feel distressed if you cry again, be good~" It was the voice of the woman softly coaxing the child, to be precise, it was the voice of Sun Xiuqing coaxing the future young owner.
      Today, the sky is rare and warm. The scenery in this red plum forest is good. Tan Zhao asked the butler for some utensils to make wine when he was free. Naturally, he made red plum wine with a low degree, but the method was right and the taste was good.
      When he heard the sound, he still wanted to avoid it, but before he could move, Sun Xiuqing stood behind him holding the child who had renewed his smile: "Mr. Tan, can you take a step to speak."
      Tan Zhao actually thought. He refused, but looking at the big bulging eyes of the child, the words of refusal were still not said.
      "Does sir like brewing too?" He likes it too. Sun Xiuqing added in his heart, but he only likes to make wine but doesn't like to drink. His wine ended up in Lu Xiaofeng's stomach.
      Thinking of this, Sun Xiuqing's face flashed sadly. Sometimes she even doubted the relationship between Ximen Chuuxue and Lu Xiaofeng. People who obviously never drink wine will make wine for friends. For two years, she has not been so honored. .
      Tan Zhao nodded casually: "Well, what does Mrs. Simon have to say?"
      Hearing this title, Sun Xiuqing’s face was sad: “Mr. Tan joked, I’m afraid I can’t bear the title of Mrs. Simon.”
      It was a minute to make people unable to continue, and Sun Xiuqing had no intention of talking with an unfamiliar man. My daughter’s worries are more likely to show weakness in order to get some news from Tan Zhao. What she said soon confirmed this guess: "Mr. Tan, for the sake of the child, can you tell me who is from me? Did you snatch Rui'er from your hand?"
      She knew Ximen Chuuxue, he was definitely not a person who could do such things.
      Tan Zhao shook his head.
      "You don't know? No, you must know!" Her voice suddenly increased, and the child in her arms was frightened. Two tears were in her eyes, and she burst into tears. She was at a loss for a while, and she only coaxed the child in a low voice.
      Tan Zhao felt that women were smart, really smart, but stupid, and really stupid. After the child was comforted, he sealed the clay sculpture of the wine jar and said: "Mrs. Simon is very smart, but if you want to say this It's also appropriate for Ximen Chuuxue to say." Since he doesn't say it, it's because you know too much is not good.
      "I am not qualified yet."
      "Why! Are you not his brother! Why can't you say it!"
      He can say no, of course he can't, exposing her husband to lie to her, he wants to be innocent inside and outside: "Because That person is far more terrifying than you think. If you don’t know, you can still survive. I can only say so much, and I hope that Mrs. Simon will make plans."
      "This is impossible. Who can be better than Ximen Chuuxue!"
      ... Are you afraid that it is not Ximen Chuuxue's fan girl blowing? Tan Zhao was speechless, but he had already said everything he could say. How about Ximen Chuuxue and how about Sun Xiuqing, in fact, has nothing to do with him.
      Looking at Tan Zhao’s eyes, Sun Xiuqing suddenly remembered what he said when he was blowing snow at the west gate of the hall that day. He said that he might not be able to. She had been with him for two years. He had never used such uncertain words, perhaps, perhaps, as a swordsman. The world black is black, and white is white.
      She was emotionally unstable that day and didn't notice it, but now she thinks about it...
      Why is it like this! God, why didn't you pity and pity her, why every time she thought she could be happy, there would always be various situations, what did she do wrong? She just wants a home, a person who loves her, and a family of three happily living together. Why is it so difficult!
      Sun Xiuqing is gradually losing control, and she has too many things in her heart. Even if she was once a heroine who indulges in the world, her worries will not be reduced.
      Maybe he felt the mother's emotions, and the child cried again, crying out of breath, but this time Sun Xiuqing seemed indifferent. Tan Zhao had cleaned his hands and prepared to leave, but when he heard the cry, he couldn't bear to hug the child.
      Sun Xiuqing let him move.
      After teasing for a long time, maybe he was really familiar with Tan Zhao's face. It didn't take long for the little ancestor to stop crying. He looked at the sky and could only remind Sun Xiuqing to take the child back.
      "Why! Why is there such a person! He is my son, and on what basis determines my son's whereabouts! I have given up on him, why can't I let Ruier and I leave! Why is he!" The
      voice seemed to be Tearing up my heart, as if to vent all the dissatisfaction in my heart.
      Tan Zhao stood quietly under the tree with the child in his arms. The westerly wind blew the treetops, and the plum blossoms fell like red snow. They were desolate and beautiful, but they were actually the flowers that bloom in the winter, which was three minutes cooler than the spring flowers beside them.
      But the next moment, Tan Zhao's nerves were tense, and he could only hear the seemingly non-existent voice in the air getting closer and closer: "Good question, if I say he is my grandson, how will you be?"
      The Jade Rakshasa came faster than expected, and it was more coincidental.
      Sun Xiuqing actually didn't even have the ability to stand, and was directly touched on one knee in deterrence, but because of this, the void in her eyes disappeared a lot: "I don't believe it."
      No one in the rivers and lakes knows the origin of Wanmei Villa. It is famous because of Ximen Chuuxue, and all the people in the rivers and lakes know that Ximen Chuuxue has no father and no mother alone, and it is precisely because of this that he can master the sword.
      "But you have already believed it. My son's prestige is carried through the world. You want to be my daughter-in-law with something that deviates from Emei and deceives the ancestors. The lonely crane and the lonely crane are a personal thing, but it is a pity that he is really bad in picking his apprentice. He died by my son’s sword, but you turned your head to be my son’s wife. It’s ridiculous!"
      He said plainly and without anger, but what he said was a stab at the heart. The knife edge turned over and sprinkled a lot of salt fiercely.
      "You--what about you, Simon has lived alone since he was a child, and you are his father, so what!" Tan Zhao couldn't help applauding her in a desperate way.
      To be honest, he thought it was interesting for these two people to speak.
      "Dare you!" A
      sword light came from the sky.
      Then there was a gray voice quickly passing by, and in the blink of an eye, someone helped Sun Xiuqing, who had fallen on the ground, under the plum tree where Tan Zhao was standing. Tan Zhao looked intently and found that it was not just Lu Xiaofeng, a new unjust friend.
      "Oh, Brother Tan, you are still alive, so gratifying!" Lu Xiaofeng said happily.
      Tan Zhao pushed the little ancestor in his arms over: "Oh, aren't we all friends?"
      Lu Xiaofeng is the most helpless with this little ancestor, and I don't know if he is tired from crying, so I won't cry this time, but Change... scratching his beard, he smiled bitterly and said: "It seems that you and your father are the same, and both are thinking about my beard!" In the
      garden, there was a shadow of a sword, and it was obvious that Ximen Chuuxue was holding his breath!
      "The matter is resolved?"
      Lu Xiaofeng nodded and shook his head: "My matter is resolved, but Brother Tan, you...Oh, don't look so ugly. I don't think the Jade Master is a casual person. Ximen rushed to the Silver Hook Gambling House yesterday. Help me, this matter will come to an end, but I don’t know what medicine Simon took wrong, so he chased the jade leader with his sword, and chased it all the way here, but I was chasing after me. Look at my lips, northwest The wind is really strong, it's frozen like this! No, I will go south to Yangzhou to find Huamanlou for a drink!"
      Tan Zhao wanted to tell Lu Xiaofeng not to say anything, but Uncle Lu spoke so fast that he didn't wait for him to speak, and he finished talking baldly.
      Obviously, Sun Xiuqing, who was leaning on the tree, knew who he was facing.
      Her face was more ugly than ever. If she were still a fledgling female hero, she might be able to fight against the leader of the Western Raksha Sect with her passion, but she was no longer. She has grown up, and without the protection of her master, she has more or less understood the sadness of the world.
      It was precisely because she understood that she was cold all over at the moment, and she had no power to fight.
      No wonder Mr. Tan said such a thing. She looked vaguely at the white figure in Meilin, thinking that he was her life's disaster.
      Lu Xiaofeng had seen it too, and he muttered to Tan Zhao: I said something wrong?
      Tan Zhao nodded: When did you say it right?
      ...You are really a relative and friend.
      Tan Zhao told Lu Xiaofeng about the things that happened in the village in the past few days. Lu Xiaofeng was as big as a cow with a look of rejoicing: "Fortunately, sir, I don’t want to start a family. If Simon is like this, it’s better to kill me. Go!"
      Shut your mouth, no one will treat you as dumb if you don't speak!
      Over there, Ximen Shuixue stood with his sword, his sword is as cold as his own. If an ordinary opponent encounters it, he will be terrified, but Yu Luosha still laughs Yan Yan: "Xue'er, you've been like this since childhood, I When did you say you want the woman's life?"
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    My father is not my father (7)

      It is true that Jade Raksha has never said such a thing, but he has never said that he does not want Sun Xiuqing's life.
      The leader of the Western Demon Sect has always acted in violation of the rules. When he is happy, he kills people, and when he is unhappy, it is nothing new to give people rewards. Although Ximen Chuuxue did not grow up in the Demon Sect, he knew exactly what Jade Raksha said. meaning.
      This is a warning.
      Therefore, his hand holding the sword tightened. He has always been proud of his swordsmanship. He also firmly believes that he can definitely defeat the Jade Rakshasa. All he lacks is time, so he chased after him and asked for a result: "Let her Leave, I will solve it.”
      At this time, the steward ran all the way into the garden. He obviously knew the Jade Rakshasa, and when he saw him, he knelt down and called the master, saying only that there was a woman outside the villa who was visiting with a sword. Today's head.
      Roughly hearing the word Emei, Sun Xiuqing finally had an expression on her godless face: "Master Sister?"
      At this moment, Yu Luosha had spoken: "Let her in." The
      housekeeper got the order and nodded when he saw Ximen Chuuxue. Then he ran out again.
      Soon, she attracted a heroic woman in a Taoist robe. She first glanced at the miserable Sun Xiuqing, then put her mind on Ximen Chuuxue's body, and said: "Ximen Chuuxue, you and I have killed brothers and sisters. If it weren't for you to threaten Sun Xiuqing, I would never step into Wanmei Villa."
      Obviously, this Emei heroine is a hundred times more jealous than Sun Xiuqing.
      Tan Zhao didn't recognize her. Fortunately, there was Lu Xiaofeng who knew everything about her. Lu Xiaofeng had the fastest mouth. Within a few minutes, Tan Zhao understood who this person was.
      Lu Xiaofeng also sighed when he mentioned Emei. It is said that the former head of the Emei faction was lonely, one crane and two swords, but the eyes of this apprentice were as bad as the jade master said. The title of "Three Heroes and Four Shows" did have some status in the young heroes a few years ago, but it was tender in the end.
      The young hero Su Shaoying provoked Ximen Chuuxue, but with a few tricks he was seen and died under the sword of Ximen Chuuxue, and the honest monk's nephew Zhang Yingfeng, who likes to make dough, was wiped out and is still alive. Yan Renying's "Yiying" is only Yan Renying, but it is said that Yan Renying is determined to avenge his teacher, but he is now missing. If Sanying is not bad, then the most outstanding one in the four shows is the head of Ma Xiuzhen in front of him. She has supported the rising Emei school with the power of a woman, which is really admirable.
      As for the other three, they were all brave women, but this bravery... Lu Xiaofeng was tolerant of women and couldn't say anything bad. Sun Xiuqing, ranked second, married the enemy who killed his brother and brother. Ye Xiuzhu, ranked third, betrayed her master for her lover Huo Tianqing, but was killed by her lover. Shi Xiuyun, who ranked fourth, had a true temperament and was innocent. Under the poisonous needle.
      Originally, there were only three major disciples in the new generation of direct descendants, but only one remained in Emei. Ximen used Sun Xiuqing as an excuse to believe in Emei. Ma Xiu can come, not surprisingly. Now Emei—exactly When employing people.
      "Master sister, I can't help you."
      Sun Xiuqing finally struggled and ran over. Ma Xiuzhen saw her look like she was troubled by love, after all, she couldn't bear it, but she was not good at being the head of Emei for two years. Caring for the younger sister, she only nodded, and said to Ximen Chuuxue again: "Ximen Chuuxue, I thought that even if you kill people without blinking, you still stick to your credit, are you really deceiving me in Emei?"
      Ximen Chuuxue held the sword and decided Stand there without speaking or refuting.
      But Jade Raksha seems to be in interest. He is standing on a plum tree with the branches dangling, but his people are standing very firmly: "You are deceiving you in Emei, how about?"
      Tell the truth , This is too annoying.
      Ma Xiuzhen found out that there were other people in the garden. She was so angry that she had to draw her sword on the spot, but Sun Xiuqing knew the identity of Jade Raksha and quickly stopped her movement: "Master sister, no."
      Ma Xiuzhen misunderstood. Immediately pushed her away: "You still have to protect him. If he hadn't written to Emei and told me that you left the villa with your child, how could you swallow!"
      "I..." Sun Xiuqing's tears fell instantly.
      Ma Xiu really hates iron for not making steel. She actually blames Sun Xiuqing in her heart. It is enough if the brother Sun Shaoying's hatred is not reported. After all, it is the brother who provoked Ximen Chuuxue first. The two are compared with swords. It’s not easy to seek revenge, even if Ma Xiuzhen could vaguely guess that Sun Shaoying did this because she liked Sun Xiuqing’s feelings for Ximen Chuuxue, but Master taught them to grow up and be kind to them, could it be less than one Man?
      Before his death, the master didn't resent Ximen Chuuxue, but he was paralyzing his soft words.
      "If you are still like this, I will assume that I have never been here." As he
      said, he was heartbroken and was about to leave. Sun Xiuqing naturally rushed to the present situation, and cried: "Senior Sister, I don't want it, but he and us I can’t afford it.”
      At this moment, Jade Luosha ridiculed: “But it turns out that you still have self-knowledge.”
      Lu Xiaofeng and Tan Zhao, two people who eat melon, feel that they are a bit redundant, and even want to disappear directly in Meilin Zhi. In the middle, I have heard of this kind of housework, and it will not benefit them half. The two are facing each other. Lu Xiaofeng said dumbly: Tan brother, is this difficult? Based on your knowledge of Jade Guru, what would he do?
      Tan Zhao gave him a look: What do you think?
      Lu Xiaofeng thought that anyone in this world could guess what Jade Raksha wanted to do. If there was such a person, he might have already set foot on Huangquan Road.
      "Who is your Excellency, hiding the head and revealing the tail, there is a kind of report, why should I hide my Emei reputation like this!" Ma Xiuzhen raised his eyebrows and said sharply.
      Sun Xiuqing's heart lifted up, but unexpectedly, Jade Raksha smiled suddenly, and even praised Ma Xiu for being so determined. Then Shi Shiran said: "You disciple Emei took my grandson away, shouldn't you ask? My grandfather? "
      What? Ximen Chuuxue and his father? Ma Xiuzhen looked at Sun Xiuqing in amazement, and watched after Sun Xiuqing nodded. Then he heard people say: "Since she is going to leave, this seat will not stop him, but how can the grandson of this seat be better than a woman's hand? Besides, the child of the master killer, I am afraid that it is not easy to live in Emei."
      Both soft and hard, see through people's hearts.
      Yesterday, Lu Xiaofeng admired that Jade Raksha was exhausted, and now he also knows his heart. Ma Xiu is really jealous and hateful. Sun Xiuqing alone may accept it, but if you talk about Ximen Chuuxue’s son...this is why Sun Xiuqing left Wanmei with his children. Part of the reason why the villa did not go to Emei.
      Sure enough, Ma Xiuzhen's expression changed. She saw Lu Xiaofeng holding a child, the child of her junior sister Sun Xiuqing and Ximen Chuuxue.
      Sun Xiuqing obviously felt: "Senior Sister, Rui Er is my child!"
      "But he is also the child of Ximen Chuuxue!"
      Ximen Chuuxue still stands like this, like a sword, aloof and sharp. A swordsman looks true. Lu Xiaofeng couldn't help but sigh when he was unfit for marriage, but he couldn't tell if he wanted to say that his friend was bad.
      There are so many sighing things in this world, but this love word is difficult to understand. Simon’s kendo will not change, so there is no solution to this matter. From the perspective of morality, Simon’s work is not authentic, but for the swordsman, morality is really thin. If Ximen Fuxue really suffers from this Shackled, the two will never come to this point.
      So in the end, there is still no solution.
      Ma Xiuzhen still spoke over there: "As the current head of Emei, I, Ma Xiuzhen, are willing to accept you back to Emei again, provided that you come back alone. If you insist on doing this, then the senior sister will not be able to help you. But you You have to understand that it is because you have martial arts, but it is not easy for your orphan and widow to live in the outer pole. How can you make a living with this child!" It
      is a real problem.
      The rivers and lakes are indeed much more open than ordinary people. Most of the women are betrayed and praised when they come to seek revenge. There are also more women who are stronger than men and are majestic. But Ma Xiuzhen no matter how proud of Emei's position, she also understands that today's Emei is no more than 10,000. From Meishanzhuang, if the Master Simon was unwilling to let his grandson go, they would be unreasonable.
      This world treats women so harshly.
      Besides... She was cruel, and the younger sister had a bad reputation for marrying Ximen Chuuxue. She couldn't let the younger sister corrupt Emei's reputation again.
      Emei can't bear any setbacks anymore.
      Sun Xiuqing was stunned when she heard the words. She looked at her husband in the court, the child in Lu Xiaofeng's arms, and the elder sister who had been with each other day and night, as if she had been turned away by the world.
      Lu Xiaofeng couldn't bear it, but it was someone else's housework that gave Ximen a wink.
      Ximen Chuuxue also moved at this time. He thrust his sword into the ground, and there was nothing in his hand before he stepped forward. He walked up to Sun Xiuqing and said: "I can't help you. I still said that. If you want, Everything in
      Wanmei Villa can belong to you." Sun Xiuqing understood everything.
      Looking at the back of Ma Xiuzhen and Sun Xiuqing leaving, Tan Zhao didn't quite understand. He looked at the child in Lu Xiaofeng's arms. Yu Luosha clearly did not have any affection for him, but tried his best to get him.
      Is an heir really so important? He intuitively felt that Jade Raksha was not such a person. He might be...just playing tricks on others, right?
      He boldly guessed, after all, a person who doesn't even want to raise his own son will raise his own grandson?
      Soon, Tan Zhao got the answer.
      He also had to admit-Jade Luosha is a lunatic, a lunatic through and through!
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    My father is not my father (8)

      "How, do you agree or disagree?"
      Jade Luosha doesn't know how to hold a child. The child was held crookedly by him in the infancy, and a bubble of tears was held in his eye sockets, his eyes were red, which made people feel unreasonably soft. .
      But for some reason, it is strange that the child did not cry this time.
      Tan Zhao stood opposite him. The wind was strong at night, and the whistling north wind kept blowing. After thinking for a moment, he said: "Am I qualified to not agree?"
      Yu Luosha smiled, smoke Still shrouded in his face, people can only hear his laughter: "You have it, if you already have the determination to die at this moment." If you're
      free, you'd better die ? Sorry, he thought it was actually quite interesting. Tan Zhao nodded his head
      sincerely, "Well, I'm actually quite afraid of death." System: ...Host, don't you feel bad when you say this?
      Of course, Tan Zhao didn't feel bad, and even talked about the conditions: "The Jade Master asked me to help you train an heir. Isn't he afraid that I will train you an enemy?" Yu Luosha
      laughed, arrogant and wild, as if this world Nothing can restrain him like this: "You can try it."
      A madman!
      When the conditions were negotiated, Tan Zhao promised to help Jade Raksha to raise his heir, and Jade Raksha would not kill Tan Zhao. This condition is very reasonable, Tan Zhao has no reason not to agree, just... raising a child? !
      It might be... simple, right?
      Tan Zhao regretted it the next day. The system looked at the host, you were cruel, you were ruthless, and you snarled unreasonably: Host, you are calm, suicide deducts all the time gained! He is just a child, don't kill, you will die too!
      Tan Zhao still looked cold and even regretted leaving Wanmei Villa.
      The family of Jade Raksha Ximen Chuuxue is absolutely unique. The father is not the father, and the son is not the son. He will send peace messages to his father and mother when the waves are endless in modern times. This Jade Raksha does not want to raise his son. His own son built a manor for him to grow up, and he made a fake son to raise him for fun. If he really liked Simon Chuuxue as his heir, he would never let him just learn kendo and be so desperate, and he was in his arms. This...
      Tan Zhao finally coaxed with a bitter face, and finally couldn't bear it: [System, is there anything that can make the child fall asleep? ] The
      system feels bitter, its host is such a dog, it is also very desperate: host you calm down, children are very vulnerable, you can't kill people!
      Of course Tan Zhao understood this truth, but he could turn around and return to Wanmei Mountain Villa, which was absolutely impossible.
      This Ximen Chuuxue is also great, the housekeeper is still reluctant to take the little master away, but Ximen Chuuxue is holding the sword and even his face is unchanged. Which sun Xiuqing has the wrong eye and likes such a sword lump!
      No, he has to find someone to carry it together!
      After Tan Zhaosi thought about it, Lu Xiaofeng was the only candidate.
      [System, find me the location of Lu Xiaofeng! ] It
      took a day to get the time to exchange Lu Xiaofeng’s position. Tan Zhao took Ximen Rui and went south. Fortunately, there is a system that shouts every day and shouts at the host. You are calm, otherwise I am afraid that Tan Zhao has not yet arrived in Yangzhou. This little ancestor has already died in Tan Zhao’s claws. Down.
      When we arrived in Yangzhou, we went straight to the small building on Luli Street.
      Although this small building is called Xiaolou, it is very magnificent. It was originally built by the richest man, Mr. Hua, for his beloved young son. Huajia Qilang Huamanlou is a kind-hearted person. He moved out because he didn't want his parents to be embarrassed, but he couldn't see the whole view of the building.
      At this moment, Huamanlou is drinking with his friend Lu Xiaofeng, who has been missing for many days. Someone sings while drinking. The singing is so unpleasant that only one person can bear it.
      So if you ask Lu Xiaofeng who is his best friend, he will definitely answer the question.
      "Seven children, this time I met a funny person, if you see him, I'm afraid..." Before he could finish his words, Tan Zhao came in with the child.
      The small building never closes, and people often come in to beg for a drink. They thought they were walking men, but they didn’t expect: “Lu Xiaofeng, I’m not here, so you’re going to say bad things about me?” The
      voice became clearer, it must be an end. Fang Zhiren.
      Huamanlou gave him the first impression of the conclusion, but unexpectedly, Lu Xiaofeng next to him turned over the table and chair like a tiger: "My God, brother Tan, are you guilty? You hold this What's wrong with the little ancestor!"
      Tan Zhao smiled slightly: "I don't have a guts!" As
      soon as his voice fell, the little ancestor who finally fell asleep burst into tears again, his voice vibrated, and it was as gentle as flowers all over the building. Gentlemen are a little bit overwhelmed, his ears are much more sensitive than others.
      "Oh, my little ancestor, don't cry! Uncle can do tricks for you, okay?"
      "Lu Xiaofeng, don't be so scary, is he hungry?"
      Three big men surrounded a child, and finally It was the lady who sold biscuits next door who heard the cry and coaxed the child.
      Lu Xiaofeng wiped the sweat from his forehead, and finally asked if Tan Zhao was fleeing now, and if he would like to help pass a knife or something.
      "Lu Xiaofeng, being friends with you is really the biggest mistake of my life, Tan Zhao."
      Lu Xiaofeng looked at you really lacking eyesight, but unexpectedly Hua Manlou nodded in agreement: "This son is right, Lu Xiaofeng It is indeed the most troublesome spirit of the rivers and lakes."
      So Tan Zhao and Huamanlou exchanged names and met each other for a while.
      Lu Xiaofeng: ... I have a MMP that I must talk about!
      "Let’s just let the jokes go, Brother Tan, you can’t deal with this ancestor, even if the Jade Master is chasing you, you are..." Lu Xiaofeng didn’t expect that his friend hadn’t seen him for a few days, so he took the little hostage to survive. Him.
      Tan Zhao looked speechless as to what you were thinking: "Do you think I want to take him out? You didn't harm me! If you hadn't taken me to Wanmei Mountain Villa to cast myself into the trap, why would I fight the Yulusha? This bet!"
      Speaking of this, Lu Xiaofeng also felt guilty.
      The fact that Tan Zhao was originally the young master of the Western Demon Cult, Yu Tianbao, swindled to death. He was originally known by heaven and earth. But he never expected that Simon, his icy friend on weekdays, would... not even mention it.
      "In fact, Brother Tan, I was scammed by Ximen. If I had known this, I would never take you to Wanmei Villa."
      Huamanlou also had to sigh for a coincidence of fate, who knows the sword god Ximen Chuuxue actually has a father-son relationship with the Jade Rakshasa of the Western Demon Sect. This is to be promoted and no one believes it.
      "So, you are carrying him now to save your life?"
      Tan Zhao nodded.
      "Brother, I sympathize with you." Simon agreed to such a ridiculous thing, and Lu Xiaofeng had nothing to say.
      Huamanlou's face also showed disapproval, but he is an outsider who can't put his beak.
      "But speaking of it, you are also the second uncle of this little ancestor. The temperament of Simon is afraid of raising a child. You look more reliable than Simon. Master Jade is expecting you very much!"
      Tan Zhaoli looked at him: "Lu Xiaofeng, wouldn't your conscience hurt when you said this?"
      Lu Xiaofeng: "To apply your words, our handsome guy has no conscience!" The handsome man
      Tan Zhao and the handsome second man Lu Xiaofeng who have no conscience all ended up in the young man who was full of flowers. In the building, Huamanlou will naturally not refuse.
      Tan Zhao didn’t want to stay in Wanmei Mountain Villa. Firstly, the winter in Saibei was too cold, and secondly because Wanmei Mountain Villa was too cold. The owner was a cold sword, and his eyes were full of swords. So, and most of it was arranged by the Jade Rakshasa, he can stay there to have ghosts.
      When he arrived in the warm south of the Yangtze River, Tan Zhao's heart came alive again, and he didn't need the system to call the host every day to calm down. It was really...Huamanlou was so considerate, so he found a nanny the next day.
      The little ancestor was coaxed to feed others, so it was not so disturbing.
      "Brother Tan, what are your plans next?"
      Lu Xiaofeng couldn't help but ran away two days ago. Naturally, he was talking to him.
      "Raise children and make money." Earn time.
      Huamanlou had a stiff face when he heard about raising a child. To be honest, he had never felt that a child was such a horrible existence before: "Brother Tan has worked hard. If you need Hua's help, please feel welcome."
      Tan Zhao said Smiled, Huamanlou is a very reliable friend and a good person: "Naturally, Uncle Lu said that you are a big local tyrant, and you can't eat poorly."
      Even so, meeting Pingshui Tan Zhao did not take advantage of others. The idea is now looking for a house.
      In the end, he thinks about raising a child too simple. He is not yet familiar with this arena. If he takes this child all over the world, he is afraid that the child will die before he grows up.
      Therefore, they can only settle in one place.
      Yangzhou is a good place. The local officials are honest and there is Huamanlou, a local patron, not relying on nothing.
      Tan Zhao lived in Yangzhou in this way, and once lived...for three years.
      Three years is already at the limit of Tan Zhao. In the past three years, he has traveled all over Yangzhou and its surrounding areas. It was because he spent six or seven hours practicing martial arts in his later period, but he was still bored in the end.
      Boring, so boring!
      There is also this little kid who is very ghostly, smiling like a flower full of flowers every day, except for a face that looks like Ximen blowing snow! It's really nothing like it!
      "Second Uncle, Second Uncle! Second Uncle, you are not going to take me to see my dad, you said yes!" The
      three-year-old is already smart and clever, and Tan Zhao doesn't know much about ancient education, so he follows his temper. Teach, to be honest, this kid is getting sensible day by day, and it feels... quite subtle.
      Even now, he has begun to look forward to what this child will look like in the future.
      If... If he cultivates carefully, can he really surpass the two neuroses of the Simon family?
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    My father is not my father (9)

      The little guy knew from the governor that Tan Zhao was not his father, and the lovely and amiable Uncle Hua was not his relative, but apart from the two in his memory, there was only one strange uncle wearing a red cloak who often visited him.
      Later, when he was older, he asked his second uncle when he spoke well, and the second uncle told him about his life experience.
      His mother is now in charge of Emei's foreign affairs, and his father is even more unaffordable. Seven or eight of the ten people who come and go are talking about the sword god Ximen Chuuxue. It is said that he also has a grandfather who is a great Western demon. , His life experience has a lot to come when he hears it, but why his second uncle...
      Simon Rui looked up at his good second uncle and said something very annoying: "Second uncle, you are the only one in the family. You don’t even have a name, wouldn’t you be ashamed?”
      Tan Zhao was almost bald: “You are young, and you know how to write the word shame!” The
      little ancestor looked proud: “Well, the cook is sold next door. The cake lady grabbed a little beggar and stole her cooking cakes. She raised her rolling pin and asked him whether he was ashamed or ashamed of his young age!" While talking while learning to speak, Tan Zhaole broke Tan Zhaole: "You will learn and use! "
      So you are not ashamed?" Still reluctant.
      Tan Zhao had nothing elders shelf in front of him, then pull up pull up the eyelids, heedless was saying bad will teach children: "? Reputation can become some money, you can give it to buy candied fruit"
      small guilingjing in the end When I was young, I felt that...Second Uncle's words are fine.
      As the two of them talked, Huaman Lou came over with a food box. Tan Zhao lived close to the small building and walked around the street. As soon as the little ancestor smelled the smell, he ran away. Go up and call elder brother happily, his mouth is sweet...I can't tell that it is Ximen Chuuxue's son.
      Huamanlou is already familiar with Ximenrui's routines, but he obviously knows that it does not mean not entering the pit. He touched Ximenrui's furry little head very lovingly and passed the food box in his hand. The little guy exercised since childhood. , Shaking didn't even smash the food container on the ground.
      Seeing Ximen Rui sitting on his small table and starting to eat, Huamanlou took the tea in Tan Zhao's hand, smiled and said, "Really going? Rui Er..." The
      two are already old friends. Tan Zhao also spoke quite casually: "Why? I can't bear this little broken child! I don't know who was chasing this child three miles yesterday because of the flowers in the Xiaolou, and today he came to the door to deliver food! "
      Huamanlou is also very helpless, but Rui'er is still a child: "Isn't this the reason that Brother Tan is lazy and neglected all day long?" With the
      conscience of heaven and earth, Tan Zhao feels that he has to do everything by himself. Good second uncle. Whose second uncle risked his life to raise his nephew, but it is meaningless to say: "I reflect and review, so I decided to take him out for a walk."
      Hua Manlou smiled helplessly. but he also understands that the world is not ending feast: "but now spring, go for a walk Ye Hao."
      "flower brother these words mean?"
      "my father urged me to go home to get married."
      ...... Sure enough, older Young people will be urged by their parents to marry wherever they go. Tan Zhao patted him sympathetically on the shoulder, showing that he understood everything.   Huamanlou
      : "..."
    Jianghu people have always been interested. If judged by this standard, then Tan Zhao is definitely a Jianghu people. So on the second day, Tan Zhao and Hua Manlou left Yangzhou City with Xi Men Rui and headed north.
      Well, this kid, smart is smart, and smart is also smart, but at a young age, he can't remove his eyes when he sees new things. There are also things in Yangzhou that he has never seen before, so he just looks at it.
      "Brother Tan, are you three and a half years old this year? Is it fun to laugh at children?"
      Tan Zhao ignored him and continued to laugh with his breath.
      Huamanlou: ... what do you think I can't hear?
      Anyway... After three days, Huamanlou regretted the trip with this trip, especially after hearing the news that Lu Xiaofeng was in trouble in Huizhou.
      There are endless rumors about the hero Lu Xiaofeng in the arena. If Huamanlou wants to know the current situation of his friends, he only needs to find a restaurant to listen to the new story of Mr. Book. In the past few years, Lu Xiaofeng’s investigations and investigations have been successfully driven A large number of teahouse wine shops are resurrected and flourishing, and it can be said that there is no other way.
      It's not uncommon for Lu Xiaofeng to get into trouble. What's uncommon is... he was chased by Ximen Chuuxue because Uncle Lu ran to Wanmei Mountain Villa to drink and hurt Ximen Chuuxue's beloved son.
      Tan Zhao: ...   Huamanlou
      : ...
    Ximen Rui gnawed on the shortbread and blinked: "Uncle eyebrows hurt me? Am I my father's beloved son? Happy!" Then he smiled so that both eyes were narrowed. When I get up, I eat cakes much faster.
      His speech was very organized, and Tan Zhao rewarded him with a big drumstick: "Adults, children, don't interrupt."
      "Are you an adult? Yesterday you said you were half a year older than me!"
      [System, can I kill him? ] The
      system spit out a smoke ring full of vicissitudes: Come on, love it!
      "I'm afraid it's Lu Xiaofeng who has caused trouble again and ask Ximen Chuuxue to solve it."
      Tan Zhao nodded, "It seems that I didn't pick it right, but it's okay. According to this little ancestor's footsteps, it is estimated that this year You will be at Wanmei Mountain Villa."
      Huamanlou:......You are too optimistic.
      Soon after Huamanlou knew that it was not Tan Zhao's optimism, but... it was already in the middle of the moon, and the inn where I was staying had begun to close. Xiao Er was installing the door panel, and when it was installed, a slender and strong hand blocked it. This door panel.
      In the middle of the night, Xiao Er screamed in fright. Before he could call a ghost, there was a man's voice outside. Huamanlou was really familiar: "Don't call me, I'm a man! Don’t hurry up and zoom in!”
      Xiao Er had the courage to look outside. In the dark, he couldn’t see clearly. He only saw a man in a purple blouse carrying a white man on his back. His outfit was not the legendary sword god costume. Is a quack!
      Xiao Er hurriedly withdrew the door panel, and while withdrawing it, he said carefully: "Master, wait, come here so late, are you going to have a meal?" The
      grandfather came in with a swagger on his back. He saw him as soon as he came in. The people in the lobby narrowed their eyes, as if they had seen their relatives who had been gone for a long time, and the exit was: "Why are you here? I am so happy to see you!"
      To be honest, Tan Zhaohe had a lot of flowers. The children are not happy, even... I want to leave.
      "Who on your back? Why do you look so familiar with this dress?" Why do you look more and more like it...: "My God, Xiaofeng, do you eat tiger gall?"
      This is a bit familiar. He fell on the table and pulled out the face of the man in white with a fan: "Look carefully, this is not Ximen Chuuxue. Speaking of which, you two are here, the little ancestor is not making a fuss?"
      "Little ancestor is upstairs When you fall asleep, if you want to, you can go to him and tell him that you found him a fake dad."
      ...Can you not bury him? Lu Xiaofeng decided to accuse the two of them: "You two are also big-hearted, let them go. The child is upstairs, not afraid..."
      "You crow mouth, do you think anyone is as big as you?"
      Tan Zhao naturally made a warning device. After all, he can get rich in Yangzhou so quickly. With this, people don't want to make money to make money.
      Lu Xiaofeng had already rushed away for most of the day without water and rice, so he ordered a bowl of rice and ate with wine and vegetables. After eating seven or eight minutes full, he put down his chopsticks and drank a little wine leisurely. Then he introduced the man on the table. The identity of the person in white: "Seven Tongs, you must know that, if you say that the person who imitates the most resemblance of Ximen in this river and lake, he still belongs to this person."
      "Could it be Wudang Xiaobailong Ye Guhong?" Although he used a questioning tone, his face The face is still confirmed.
      Lu Xiaofeng nodded: "Yes, it's him. Lu Xiaofeng has seen many strange people from the rivers and lakes in my life, but it is the first time I have seen such strange people."
      Tan Zhao looked at this swordsman named Ye Guhong. He had exactly the same clothes, and even his face looked somewhat similar, but this boy looked much younger than Simon Chuuxue, if it was the first time I saw them. People, I am afraid that this person will be recognized as the son of Simon Chuuxue.
      Think about the person upstairs, Tan Zhao...not to mention it.
      "You two may have heard that I was in some trouble, but I didn't expect that Ye Guhong would come to kill me. My Uncle Lu didn't stand and let people kill me, but I caught his sword and he Want to swipe a sword to commit suicide... Are all swordsmen making such unreasonable trouble?" Lu Xiaofeng was bitter.
      Huamanlou did not speak, he might not like the profession of swordsman.
      Tan Zhao should be a laugh but added the words: "Is it so you should not ask you how he intends to do seeing to wake up, people want to commit suicide you have not glued to follow???"
      Talking about this, Lu Xiaofeng's face is even more bitter. Why do you think he is so unlucky? This unlucky boy... No, unlucky boy! ! Yes, there is a hapless child living upstairs!
      Lu Xiaofeng's eyes lit up in an instant. He looked at Huamanlou and pulled Tan Zhao and said, "Brother, you must help me this time."
      Tan Zhao: "...When you say this, we just I’m not a brother anymore.” But the
      brother didn’t have to do it, and the doggie could still do it. Simon Rui woke up in the morning to take a pony walk and saw a swordsman in white tied outside the door, covered in frost and covered with writing. Jianyi.
      Ximen Rui didn't know any swordsman at a young age. He only felt that this man looked familiar, but he couldn't remember it. Then he turned his head and looked at the second uncle who was slacking and boneless in the morning.
      Tan Zhao blinked at him, and Simon Rui heard the tied white man speak, and his voice was like ice and snow... Not pleasing: "You are the son of Ximen Chuuxue?"
      How do you listen, little uncle Ximen listens. There was a smell of dislike, and the bear child was immediately unhappy. It was a kick when he went up. It is definitely not a good thing to be tied up!
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    My father is not my father (10)

      Tan Zhao doesn't know if Ye Guhong is a good thing, but he thinks Lu Xiaofeng is really not a good thing.
      He then said to Huamanlou with a helpless look: "He is going to Yangzhou again, so don't lend him money for him to drink. He has no money or wine, just a waste chicken!"
      Huaman Lou suddenly nodded: "Brother Tan's words are reasonable."
      After getting addicted to mouth, the ancestor of Xiang Xiang has already given a speech proudly, the purpose is who I am, son, what matters to you, looks so unpleasant No wonder Xu Xu was tied up by someone.
      Anyway, when Tan Zhao came over with breakfast, Ye Guhong's face was already extremely ugly. When he saw Tan Zhao coming in, he said coldly: "As his elder, are you such a professor?"
      This is a bit serious for self-talking. Tan Zhao ate the food while letting the little guy. When I went to wash, I didn’t care about my words: "Oh, how do you think you should teach?"
      Ye Guhong was tied up, and he said naturally: "Naturally, Ximen Chuixue learned swords at the age of three. Youcheng, he was used to the world at the age of eleven. As the son of Ximen Chuuxue, shouldn't he inherit his father's will?"
      "Robber logic! It sounds like you really want to be Ximen Chuuxue's son?"
      " You— "
      … …I’m afraid it’s not about the heart? ! With such an angry look, it's no wonder that his mental quality is so bad that Lu Xiaofeng couldn't bear a few words and wanted to commit suicide.
      Little ancestor was led back by Huamanlou just to hear this, and his face was happy: "You want to be my father as a son, then you want to be my younger brother!" Then he was very upset and asked his cheeks: "But you So old, I don't think my father wants a son as old as you."
      Ye Guhong was directly bald!
      Looking at it this way, Ye Guhong was completely unlike Ximen Chuuxue. Except for his clothes and hairstyle, Tan Zhao could no longer see a place in his body similar to Ximen Chuuxue.
      The imitation is always beyond the original, and you don’t understand the truth. Why are you learning the sword!
      Tan Zhao and the three sat down for dinner. They ate the tofu flower with raw fried, the jade shrimp wonton on the corner of the street and the scallion braised pancake. It was delicious and delicious. For the hungry, it is a torture to see that it is impossible to eat. .
      Ye Guhong put aside his eyes with difficulty, but the scent of the tip of his nose still rushed towards him as he wanted to refuse.
      Although Huamanlou can't see it, his ears are no more sensitive. He also knows that Brother Tan is constricting people, but he didn't expect it to be like this... He smiled lightly, and then started Ximen Rui to pick up a fried dumpling. There is no meaning to stop the export.
      -People who don't even cherish their own lives, why should others cherish it.
      The "torture" was finally over, Ye Guhong sighed slightly, and then the look in Tan Zhao's eyes became even worse:
      "Where is Lu Xiaofeng?" "Did you say Uncle Eyebrows? Is he here? He said it was good last time. I brought a gift, lied, and returned Daxia Lu. It was too embarrassing to lie to the child!" Ximen Rui looked sad and angry.
      Ye Guhong was also taken over, but he also felt that Lu Xiaofeng was shameless.
      Tan Zhao: ...
      it's a burden. Tan Zhao and his entourage are still on the road normally. Ye Guhong was originally unwilling, but his martial arts was blocked. He heard that this trip was going to Wanmei Villa, so he immediately stopped resisting, even... ...The power of idols is so great!
      "Hey, I heard that you seem to be Ye Gucheng's distant relatives. Ye Gucheng's swordsmanship is not weak. Why would you worship Ximen Chuuxue instead of Ye Gucheng?"
      Ximenrui made a noise in the building to buy sugar paintings, and Tan Zhao behind. When I was bored, I started talking.
      Many people have asked Ye Guhong about this question, and Ye Guhong has answered it many times: "If I asked why you chose to eat white rice, how would you answer it?"
      What the hell? "I can also choose not to eat. To be honest, I prefer to eat noodles."
      Ye Guhong couldn't talk for a minute, and Ye Guhong felt that Ximen Chuuxue's younger brother was simply unreasonable. No wonder he didn't have any reputation in the world.
      "What are your eyes?"
      "Like is like, do you still need a reason? This is my kendo, how do you understand the sincerity of the sword learner if you don't learn the sword!"
      Oh, so proud!
      "Your kendo is imitating the kendo of others?" Tan Zhao leaned lazily in the carriage: "Who else said I don't learn swords. Where did you see it?"
      "What about your sword? The swordsman's sword is there. Now, the sword is dead.”
      Tan Zhao’s irritating skills are first-rate: “Then your idol Ximen Chuuxue is probably already dead.”
      Ye Guhong said in surprise, “What do you mean by this?”
      “There is a sword in his heart. There is no sword in his hand, and there is also a sword."
      Ye Guhong heard it as if he was waking up from a dream, and looked at Tan Zhao again, but he did not despise a little: "I believe you are a swordsman."
      Who knows that Tan Zhao said at this time "Oh, I lied to you, I don't learn sword!" He only learns sword when he is crazy!
      Ye Guhong: Damn, I want to kill you!
      The vicissitudes of the system have painted a smoke ring: the one hundred and third, if your host's irritating ability is used in the right way, our martial arts will have surpassed Ximen Chuuxue and chased the Jade Raksha!
      [You asked me to kill Jade Raksha? ] The
      system is silent.
      Speaking of which, Tan Zhao's martial arts has also been advancing by leaps and bounds in the past three years. What he learned is the most advanced martial arts classics redeemed from the system mall, covering internal martial arts and skills, and even medical classics. Such good things are naturally very good. Expensive, it sells for a hundred years, and novices like Tan Zhao can't afford it.
      But he just bought it, and even made an installment payment with the system with zero down payment.
      "Don't be so scary. Having said that, I am quite sure of one thing. If Ximen Chuuxue is tied to the acupuncture points like you, it will never be like you."
      Ye Guhong is kind of ominous. Hunch.
      "What you are blocked is only your internal strength, not your kendo."
      After entering this world for three years, Tan Zhao didn't learn anything. If he was really lazy, the system would have stopped working. If this arena is about internal power, there are not many people taller than Simon Chuoxue.
      After Ximen Chuuxue is young, time is always the most ruthless thing. But when it comes to kendo, basically no one can match it.
      Ye Guhong's kendo shook in an instant.
      Tan Zhao lifted his eyelids and closed his eyes to refresh himself.
      System: Host, it seems that you are not so cold-hearted and unkind. He seems to be breaking through.
      [Who knows! It is so difficult to educate children. If Simon Rui's little ancestor wants to learn the sword and is clamoring to inherit the "throne", I will always experiment. Don’t try for nothing, don’t try the test product you send to your door! ]
      System: ...just as if I didn't say anything.
      Still walking slowly, most of the time the little ancestor was qi Ye Guhong, he seemed to use him as a test subject, maybe because of the difference between his father and the fake father, Ye Guhong hasn't felt it yet. , The two often confessed when they disagree, Ye Guhong also learned from the sword and learned from monkeys, and even a three-year-old child is too noisy and embarrassing!
      "Brother Tan, don't you be ashamed when you compare with a three-year-old child?"
      At this time it was sunset, and the four of them just arrived at a small town in the Wudang Mountains, where the people are outstanding and the little ancestor listened to the market The news clamored to go up the mountain to see the Taoist priests, so the four stayed in the town. Tan Zhao looked up at the burning clouds in the sky. It was really beautiful: "Don't be ashamed. The saint also said that there must be my teacher in the three-person line. He counts the number."
      Huamanlou laughed: "Respect you!"
      "What? Three people, what about me! Am I not a human!" Ye Guhong almost bald, he no longer wants to commit suicide, so the bondage on his hands has been lifted, but the internal force is still sealed, and I don’t know which one he ordered. Acupuncture points, he could not perceive any internal force.
      Brother Tan turned his head towards Huamanlou: "Brother Hua, did you hear any noise?"
      Huamanlou may have been taken away. He listened slightly and said: "It seems that there is no, come, have tea!"
      Ye Guhong: ...I don't stop me, there is a MMP that must be said!
      When he was about to say draw the sword and see the real chapter under his hand, Xiao Er's mutter came over there: "How can this guest officer look at the guest in Room 6 of Tianzi! Even the clothes are exactly the same!"
      Tianzi Room 6? Isn't that his room?
      Ye Guhong turned around, and the white-clothed man walked in the afterglow in the sunset. The cold person, the solemn sword, was originally the slanting afterglow and warmth, but it was not just why he became desolate and lonely because of one person.
      He looked like an ordinary traveler, and he was not as light as a Jianghu person when he walked, but if you noticed carefully, you would see the difference between him, that kind of...mysterious and mysterious feeling, Ye Guhong said badly. But... he is over here!
      At that moment, my heart was so cool!
      This is Ximen Chuuxue, absolutely! Ye Guhong had seen Ximen Chuuxue from a distance, but had never seen him so close, but he had never expected to meet under such circumstances.
      Tan Zhao followed Ye Guhong's stunned eyes and saw Ximen Chuuxue.
      ...What a coincidence!
      Ximen Rui blinked, and then blinked again. He glanced at his second uncle. The ghost was clear in his heart. He jumped off the bench and slid and ran over. He was still oily in his hands, and he hugged Ximen Fuxue. On his knees, the voice was so sweet that people couldn't refuse: "Father, are you here to find Rui'er?"
      Tan Zhao gave the little demon a thumbs up in his heart, and secretly said: Real hero!
      Looking at Ximen Chuuxue's face again, it seemed that the iceberg was about to collapse.
      Ye Guhong looked astonished as he watched this little ancestor press the oily handprints on the idol’s white, snowy white shirt, turning his head to close his head, and looking behind him, he could see two oily little paw prints. All of a sudden weakened the idol's coldness.
      Uh... will you be silenced?
      "...Good, let go."
      Looking at this scene, Tan Zhao felt that Ximen Chuuxue was actually not that cold anymore. Maybe... the little ancestor was too hot.
      "Father, don't you want Rui'er? Rui'er misses you. Why didn't you come to see Rui'er for three years? Your second uncle is necrotic and always teasing Rui'er. You must teach him for Rui'er and tell him In the future, I will buy the best candied haws and the best braised beef for Rui’er. Don’t secretly discard the zongzi candy that Rui’er has hidden away so hard!” He
      said, closing his little oil claws together, his eyes narrowed, and finally Wiped the paws clean, happy :).
      Ye Guhong... Ye Guhong was slightly happy, because before the idol came, his white clothes were the place where this little ancestor wiped his hands!
      The only idol with the same style, excited! Decided not to wash clothes!
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    My father is not my father (11)

      As a world-famous swordsman, Ximen Chuuxue naturally does not care about a child, especially when the child is still of his blood.
      He usually touched the child’s furry head with the palm of his hand holding the sword, a very subtle feeling. He once rejoiced all night because of the child’s birth, but this joy was like fragrant tea. Occupying the entire chest cavity, he knew that people are independent individuals.
      Jade Raksha has never interfered in his life, and he has never raised a child. When he knew that Tan Zhao was going to raise him, he was really relieved somewhere in his heart. Unlike outsiders guessing, he didn't leave the villa for three years to train his son. He didn't have any will or hope that his child would continue his kendo.
      Unlike him, it's pretty good. He stretched out his hand and touched it again, which made Qiaojin pull the child away, but it was not once or twice that the little ancestor of Simon Rui was treated like this. He had long been looking forward to his father. Like a stalker, it’s fun to be pulled apart, with two hands in the air with teeth and claws: "Father, are you playing games with me? Second uncle and uncle eyebrows often carry me like this, isn’t it heavy? ..."
      Anyway... I don't know where this character was inherited from.
      Ximen Chuuxue's eyebrows wrinkled. It has been a long time since no one dared to speak to him like this, but it was not annoying. He frowned, and finally brought his son to Tan Zhao: "Don't make trouble, just vent your anger. Yes."
      Then he placed Simon Rui on the bench and said to Tan Zhao: "I heard you abused my son?"
      Tan Zhao glanced at the little demon who was gnawing on chicken legs after hearing this, thinking that it really hurts. You are, turn your head and say: "Do you believe what a three-year-old child?"
      Ximen Chuuxue actually showed a faint smile: "I believe it."
      Tan Zhao was chased by Ximen Chuuxue, and Ye Guhong looked flattered. He was holding the black scabbard sword thrown by Ximen Chuuxue, this sword... he wanted to touch this sword in his dreams. I would like to ask any sword learner in the rivers and lakes who doesn't want to... don't want to touch it!
      Oh, this person who wants to be his cheap brother is so strange that he can blush while holding a sword, but his brain is not very good, tut!
      Huamanlou didn't expect that Ximen Chuuxue would the same, but he was a little worried after all, and the sound of chasing the two left the inn.
      Three years ago, Huamanlou and Lu Xiaofeng drank in the small building and thought they were ordinary walkers, but three years later, Brother Tan was no longer Wuxia Amon. But if you compare it with the famous Ximen Fuxue, this... it's nothing to worry about as a friend.
      But he didn't expect that Ximen Chuuxue, who hadn't made a sword, would be able to compete with Tan Zhao for fifty rounds without being weak. This progress was a bit horrible.
      Ximen Chuuxue had no plans to kill Tan Zhao, so he didn't use his sword. But when he fought, he became more and more frightened, and at the same time, it was a pity that if he had such a high level of understanding, if he learned the sword, he might be able to win an opponent ten years later.
      At this time, the little ancestor also had a good meal and was hugged by Ye Guhong. There were two greasy little claw marks on his white cuffs, and the scabbard sword weighing seven catties and 13 taels was taken out. Simon Rui held in his arms.
      The sword was very heavy, and the three-year-old was really struggling to hold it, but he was put down and hobbled all the way, but did not touch the ground.
      Ximen Chuuxue's eyes darkened. He took the sword handed by Ximen Rui and asked a question: "Do you like it?" When the
      little ancestor heard it, his eyes narrowed: "I don't like it, it's too heavy. Rui'er likes candied haws and blood. Glutinous cake... Oh, by the way, Uncle Eyebrow once brought a cake called Hefangzhai. It is delicious. Can daddy buy it for Rui'er?"
      This picture is really a bit of a contradiction, and I always feel that it is not real. The young Ye Guhong calmed his mind, and heard his idol speak very tyrantly: "It's all right."
      Tan Zhao panted over, and when he heard that the little boy was asking for sweets again, he grimaced. He opened his mouth: "Look at your teeth. Will you be famous as'Ximeng Rui without teeth' in the future?" The
      second uncle is really annoying, and the little ancestor showed a mouthful of millet teeth: "Huh! Father, the second uncle said I have no teeth!"
      Isn't it just toothless, a child who talks so much, even Ximen Chuuxue has a faint smile, let alone Tan Zhao, smiled so that the little demon was about to hit people with his chubby claws.
      The fight between the age of three and three and a half, Huamanlou decided not to participate.
      In the middle of the night, even though Simon Rui yelled his father affectionately, in the end he consciously followed his second uncle back to the room. In his world view, he can have a father, a mother, or a grandfather. He has others and nothing. It's strange, he has already seen it, and people can't run, so naturally they still have to follow the second uncle.
      Ximen Chuuxue didn't even think it was wrong, Ye Guhong blinked and looked at it, only thinking that the father and son were too strange. But in the end, the idol filter was too heavy and he didn't ask anything. He just frowned and turned back to the room.
      Originally, Tan Zhao promised to take him to Wanmei Mountain Villa to see his father, but now he has seen him in advance, and the young ancestor is clamoring to go to Emei to see his mother, but Tan Zhao flatly refuses.
      "Emei are mostly female disciples, and I can't get in with your second uncle."
      This is half true. If Sun Xiuqing knows that Ximen Rui is going to go there, she will be happy to pick it up. Is the mother and child separated or is the Western bigwig angry? Tan Zhao was not afraid, but his little ancestor was still young, and there is no benefit in knowing this in advance.
      And this little ancestor is going to see his mother, obviously his mind is not pure: "Let’s talk, what do you want to make, just make it clear."
      "Second uncle, you are so stupid." Ximen Rui looked disgusted: "You can dress up as a man. The young ladies in Yangzhou said that you are handsome and handsome, in women's clothing... Oh, hitting children, adults hitting children!"
      Tan Zhao chased Ximen Rui out, and the broken child hugged the thigh of his father who had returned from practicing sword. The lawsuit was filed long ago.
      Don't worry about it!
      Tan Zhao simply pulled Huamanlou and Ye Guhong out to give the father and son a solitary environment. Does the little devil think what he thinks, doesn't he know? Doesn't he just want to go out to harm others!
      Even when he didn't know, Tan Zhao smiled and called Xiao Er to come early.
      Huamanlou was a little worried, and said: "You just let them be together like this?"
      Ye Guhong heard it very strangely, and interjected: "The playboy is so strange, aren't they father and son?"
      "Adults, children, don't interrupt, eat!" Tan Zhao just stuffed a bun over, using force to subdue the person who can't speak and don't speak, then he said: "It's a pity that you can't see Qitong, I heard that Ximen Chuuxue Xijie, his clothes are clean today. I don't know if I went out in the morning to practice swords or buy clothes!"
      ...I can't talk about it in minutes.
      The father and son in the room are similar.
      Although Ximen Rui is a bear, no one can stop him when he wants to act like a baby, but he kicked the iron plate today: "Father, listen to the people outside, you chase and kill Uncle Eyebrow for Rui'er, they say yes Because you care about me, is it true?"
      Ximen Chuuxue's voice was hard: "Fake."
      Ximen Rui's smile cracked on his face.
      "Lu Xiaofeng got into trouble and asked me to chase him down, not because of you." The truth in the truth.
      But the little ancestor didn’t like to listen. He chose to lie: “So, do you care about Rui'er?”
      This question is too difficult for a swordsman. What the swordsman cares most is the sword in his hand. It was really impossible to talk about, so he finally nodded.
      The little ancestor was happy, clapping his hands and giggling. He really had too many questions and wanted to tell Ximen Chuuxue that the most famous swordsman in the arena is his father, which is really too shabby to say it!
      After dinner, Tan Zhao wanted to fulfill his promise to take a little boy to the mountain to see the Taoist priest.
      Speaking of Wudang, Ye Guhong has the right to speak. He is a lay disciple of Wudang, and even the leader of the new generation of disciples. The swordsman was taught by a Wudang wooden Taoist. He was taught by a famous teacher and was extremely talented. He also won the title of Wudang Little White Dragon. It is no wonder that he aims to be the world's number one swordsman.
      Only they haven't left the door of the inn, the lobby of the inn is actually noisy.
      As soon as Tan Zhao opened the door of the room, he heard a woman's cold voice. Her voice was full of anger and hatred. She could only hear her say: "Ximen Chuuxue, you killed my brother, today I will avenge my brother!"
      After speaking, she heard the sound of the sword being broken, and the woman screamed. Tan Zhao hadn't moved yet, Ye Guhong leaped out at an angle, so anxious that he didn't even walk the stairs, he leaped down lightly.
      Tan Zhao was not afraid of something wrong with his little ancestor, after all, Ximen Chuuxue was there, even if the Wudang Taoist came, he was not afraid, let alone a woman who didn't listen very well.
      He walked slowly down the second floor hallway to see that cool woman holding a saw-edged leaves Broken Sword Gu Hong, even stunned everywhere, long while before surprise: "? Brother, how did you die."
      That is right, too Can talk, Tan Zhao laughed!
      Ye Guhong also felt that it was strange to see Ye Xue here. He listened to Monk Zhang Er's mind and wondered: "I'm so good here, how do you say I am dead!"
      "But Ecstasy and Lu Xiaofeng both said you were caught Ximen Chuuxue kills... not good!" The girl named Ye Xue flashed in horror on her face, and was about to run out, but was blocked by Ximen Chuuxue.
      There was a little baby beside his feet, pulling Ximen Chuuxue's clothes, blinking two big eyes to look at people.
      Ye Guhong's face turned wrong at this time, and he asked hurriedly, "Xue'er, what's going on! Why is your face so ugly? Is it the villa..."
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    My father is not my father (12)

      Ye Xue's complexion became even more ugly. If you look closely, you will find that her sword holding hands are trembling at the moment. A swordsman cannot even hold the sword steady. Ximen Chuuxue frowned and lifted her son very naturally. Turned and left.
      Isn't this blind? Tan Zhao smiled, and at this moment, he and Huamanlou came down from upstairs and stood where Ximen Chuuxueyuan stood, and the cold-eyed Ye Xue was about to pull Ye Guhong away.
      "Hey, you can go, he can't!"
      Although Lu Xiaofeng is not a qualified friend, Tan Zhao and Huamanlou still chose to help Lu Xiaofeng round out the plan.
      Ye Xue heard the affirmation of the sword, and then sternly said: "The one who blocks me will die!"
      Ye Guhong was so scared that he wanted to pull people in minutes, but unfortunately his internal strength was blocked, and he was able to use a bit of light work relying on explosive power. Ye Xue can be stopped, but he can't stop it, but it doesn't mean that others can't stop it.
      Two slender but powerful fingers are clamped on the broken sword. It is obvious that these two fingers are not strong, but no matter how hard Ye Xue uses to break free, it is of no use. She is so angry that she wants to hit it with a palm, but she hasn't When she moved, Tan Zhao had reached behind her and tapped her acupoint.
      "Girls, it’s not good to shout and kill as soon as they meet!" The
      bear kid over there just heard his second uncle speak, and immediately agreed: "Yes, yes, you look so beautiful, Miss Sister. It's not beautiful anymore!"
      The ferociousness on Ye Xue's face was immediately reduced by seven points.
      Ye Guhong: ...he didn't know that his sister loves looks so much? !
      The town at the foot of Wudang Mountain is blessed by the Wudang faction. The ordinary people from the rivers and lakes will never make trouble here, but if there are people, it must be an existence that no one can afford. Xiaoer and the shopkeeper are extremely winking, this I don't know where to hide for a while. As for the other guests, I am afraid they have all left.
      "Why do you have a sharp finger?" Huamanlou
      gently let go of the two fingers of the sword, and said: "Girl, don't be annoyed, you are taking the liberty of going down Huamanlou."
      The son is personable, and he doesn't seem to be a person in the world at all.
      But he happened to be a friend of Lu Xiaofeng, a famous person in the rivers and lakes. It is rumored that Huamanlou's fame and fame will also be played by Lu Xiaofeng. Similarly, Lu Xiaofeng's insight was also passed on to his friend Huamanlou. It's true.
      Ye Guhong, the sword idiot, couldn't help but became interested: "You can do this too, how do you compare with Lu Xiaofeng?"
      Huamanlou shook his head: "Nature is not so good, but only learned some fur."
      Ye Xue... Ye Xue was directly bald. Does this mean that her sword can handle even the skill of learning a fur?
      The brothers and sisters of the Ye family were acupointed one by one and the other was sealed by the inner force. Naturally, they would not be able to go up the mountain to see the Taoist priests. It is rare that the little ancestor did not make trouble, and surrounded Ye Xue and called the little sister to speak.
      It's just that Ye Xue has no intention of talking nonsense with a three-year-old child at this moment, and has been winking at Ye Guhong. Ye Guhong is not a person who lacks heart, but after a few days, he also understands that Tan Zhaohe and Huamanlou will take him to stop him. He went to do some things, and he had beaten the two of them in the way he was now sealed, not to mention that Ximen Chuuxue was here now.
      Earlier when he saw that Ximen Chuuxue's son was alive and kicking and hurt his little knee, he knew that Ximen Chuuxue chasing and killing Lu Xiaofeng was definitely a scene. If this is the case, then the following things will not stand up to scrutiny.
      But even if he knew it, there was nothing he could do. Even the news he passed on in a secret way was completely dead, he thought it had been passed out, but Ye Xue was like this... he still didn't understand.
      Everything is his self-righteousness.
      "What do you want to ask, just ask. Since I learned the sword, Ye Guhong, I have never done anything worthless and unintentional, so what if I let people know!" Ye Guhong said.
      Ximen Chuuxue was not interested. He stood by the window with his sword in his arms and didn't have any thoughts. Tan Zhao...he didn't even know what happened. Ye Guhong was ready to be questioned, but no one asked in the end. He is bald!
      "What the hell do you mean! I have been walking with you for a few days, can't you see who I am?"
      After all, Huamanlou is still a good person: "It's not that I don't want to believe in Ye Shaoxia's character, but my friend has to offend Huamou."
      "Then you are not afraid of your friend Lu Xiaofeng doing bad things?"
      "Uncle Eyebrows" Do bad things?" Ximen Rui didn't understand, tilted his head and said: "Uncle Eyebrows will not do bad things someday and always bully children. He is a big bad guy!"
      Platoon Leader Tan Zhao encouraged: "Yes, you are right. That's right!" The
      little ancestor was happy, and said again: "Miss Sister came out of that ghost villa?"
      Ye Xue was so shocked that she forgot to speak, and only stared at the little furry boy, not understanding why he was even a three-year-old child. They all know the existence of their ghost villas.
      The ghost villa was originally created by her father and the old knife, just to give some people who have made mistakes and regrets a shelter. People who are not sages can do nothing, why must we keep chasing them!
      She felt so, and she said: "I thought Lu Xiaofeng was a good person, but I didn't expect him to be no different from the people in the rivers and lakes!"
      Ye Guhong also wanted to nod his head, he thought he had been with this for a few days. The two became friends, I didn't expect... after all, he was too self-righteous.
      Tan Zhao squeaked, and glanced at Ye Xue with a pair of eyes. He was doing evil in his heart. Lu Xiaofeng would investigate the case as soon as you investigate it. He even messed up the relationship between men and women. You look at the little girl's face as if he was abandoned. But it’s not easy for him to say this to his face. Some people slander Lu Xiaofeng. He is actually quite happy, but: "In the world, not everything is divided into right and wrong, black and white, since you think so. Feel good, go Rui'er, and your second uncle will take you to play with sugar people!" When he
      heard that there was sugar to eat, Simon Rui narrowed his eyes and called for his father to go with him and followed him, leaving only the two siblings guarding the Huamanlou .
      The three people walking on the street absolutely attracted the attention, but the three of them didn't care much about the eyes of others, and soon arrived at the sugar man's stall.
      The sugar man is an old grandmother, who looks very likable to the children, and Simon Rui is also very likable. It didn't take long for the old grandmother to make him a majestic tiger.
      He kept yelling "big tiger big tiger", and those who could hear him couldn't help but smile, only seeing Ximen Chuuxue's cold face, he instantly accelerated his pace of leaving.
      To be honest, the stop Ximen Chuuxue went to was definitely a weapon to catch passengers.
      The big tiger was quickly made by the dexterous grandmother, but... the big tiger became a naive little brain axe. There is so little sugar, so happy! But even so, he said goodbye to his grandmother sweetly, and then turned around and complained to his second uncle: "Second uncle, the difference between the appearance and the real thing is too big, no wonder there are no children to buy sugar people!"
      He could only hear his second uncle and the old god speak on the ground: "Eat less sweets, good for you!"
      "Humph! Second uncle is the worst. You yourself just said something to that young lady in the inn. What do you need to know is good, Rui'er only thinks that being big is good! Second Uncle, you said don’t do to others what you don’t want, don’t bully a three-year-old child! You must take advantage of me to talk to the grandmother! "It's a
      ghost, I know everything, but what about it: "Oh, you know this. If you don't want to be small, then give it back..."
      "Don't give it! Slightly! Second uncle is the most Bad!" Talking and licking gum, it's so sweet!
      Ximen Chuuxue saw him, and there was a soft breath in his heart. He seemed to have a sweet time when he was young. The butler also hired a dim sum chef for this. Now he is also the treasurer of Hefangzhai in Beijing. Back, he said: "You taught him well."
      Lively and sensible, asking a child roughly by worldly standards is already very good.
      Tan Zhao was shocked, and he walked ten meters before he said: "...You are still the first person to praise me for raising children."
      Ximen Chuuxue , who rarely praised
      me, said : "Father, second uncle, come here! There are plums. "Sell!"
      "Come here, little bastard. It's not too late to say something clearly before eating. Plum won't run away on his own with long legs!" Tan Zhao felt that the atmosphere was too cold, so he rushed to catch up and said, "Say, who will tell you The ghost villa?"
      The little ancestor, who had never known his second uncle for nothing, said: "He is a strange person with smoke on his face. I asked him if his head was hot and he fanned him, and then he laughed. The smoke on his face is even more."
      ... If Yu Luosha knew that you described him this way, I am afraid that he would be so angry that he would kill your evil hand with a palm.
      "What did he tell you to do with this?"
      Simon Rui clearly understands the routine: "Second Uncle, you don't care about Rui'er, shouldn't you ask first..." The ghost paused before learning to say: "'Rui'er "Is there anything wrong with you, did that person hurt you?"
      "...Rui Er, you don't go to the theater in the future, you know?"
      "Oh." The mood was a little depressed: "It wasn't he told me. I asked. He kept smoking and I was afraid that he would be panicked, so I talked to him to make him gasp, and there was nothing to say after thinking about it, so I asked him if he knew where Uncle Eyebrow was, he just Uncle Eyebrow is in the Ghost Villa."
      He knows that ghosts are ghosts. They are terrible, but they are all ghost villas. Why does Uncle Eyebrow go? In such a terrible place, Uncle Eyebrow must have done too many bad things, and finally got retribution!
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    My father is not my father (13)

      Carrying a basket of fresh plums back to the inn, Ye Xue had already been unlocked, perhaps because of Huamanlou's gentle attitude, she tried to persuade Huamanlou to let her leave with her sincerity.
      Although all the people in the ghost villa "dead" in the arena, the number of ways to find out the news is not dead. She naturally knows that the famous Huamanlou, the seventh son of the Hua family is kind-hearted and respects life, and he must not be a treacherous person.
      "As the girl said, Ghost Villa only takes in people who have made mistakes and regrets, which means to give those who have regretted a chance to live, doesn't it?"
      Ye Xue nodded, and Ye Guhong who was beside him also nodded.
      "Then can I ask a question?" The
      two continued nodding.
      "How do you know that he really regretted it? What if he was just trying to survive?" This is not like what Huamanlou would say, but he said it.
      Ye Xue didn't hesitate to say: "The son is too worried, in the ghost villa, everything can't escape the eyes of the old knife."
      This is very interesting, Tan Zhao heard a playful laugh at the door, this is a word. , Like MLM organizations, use special methods to control a group of desperadoes? This is not to ask him to have the surname of the old knife.
      Simon Rui did not hear this. He took a tender yellow and green plum, and gnawed it down, frowning his eyebrows sorely. He vomited three mouthfuls before speaking: "Second uncle, the uncle who sells plums is a big lie. The paper tasted sweet for Rui'er, but it was sour when sold to me! Big cheat of paper!"
      He didn't speak loudly, but people from the rivers and lakes could hear it through the door with clever eyes and ears. Ye Xue didn't feel anything, Ye Guhong suddenly felt a bad feeling in his heart. It was sweet at first but sour at the end... No, no, he told himself that even though this river and lake had already conveyed Lu Xiaofeng's spirit, but Lu Xiaofeng is a human being, so he makes mistakes.
      He almost hypnotized himself in a daze. Tan Zhao just came in with his little ancestor, and Ximen Chuuxue followed behind with a basket of plums.
      The little demon saw the three of them turn their heads at the same time, his eyes rolled, and he took out three plums from the basket, and said obediently, "Eat plums, it's sweet!" The
      three of them: ...the
      stagnant atmosphere was instantly dissipated. .
      next day, the little guy got up early and the thief was clamoring to see his father practice the sword. The sky was bright and everything was still in the morning mist. There is a large wasteland in the back of Shanye Xiaodian, and Ximen Rui still has to take the second uncle, who has advanced cancer in bed, to watch it together. Morning dew still heavy, spring is also still cool, Tan Zhao played a big yawn, even the eyes are amused: "Simon Rui, your uncle to inform you of a tragic news."
      Forty-five Du raised his head and smiled innocently: "What, second uncle?"
      Tan Zhao poked the little demon away with his finger: "Your trick is useless to me. Tell you, your pickled sugar plums are gone."
      ! ! ! Unable to bear it, the little demon immediately opened his teeth and danced his claws to defend his rights, but it was a pity that he was short and short of breath.
      Tan Zhao is happy, but it's a pity that he provokes the little one, and there is a big one over there!
      System: Host, be careful!
      At the right time, the morning light began to show, and a hint of red glow appeared from the east. There was also a sword light coming from here. This sword light was like morning dew and autumn frost. It was only a moment of breathtaking. Wouldn't it be serious? !
      Tan Zhao was frightened with a thin sweat. He had little chance of confronting the enemy, and he just turned sideways in embarrassment. The morning dew was carrying mud, and a good moonwhite gown could not be seen in an instant.
      Simon kid smiled and clapped his hands, while still yelling well, it was really an unscrupulous little thing!
      It's a pity that Tan Zhao can't care about these at this time, just because another dazzling sword light comes in a flash. It's really terrible, but I don't know why he got excited inexplicably. Maybe there is a belligerent factor in the man's bones. In front of a powerful opponent, things that refuse to admit defeat suddenly appeared.
      Tan Zhao's eyes changed, his lazy sleepiness had been completely replaced by a fighting spirit. He sensibly knew that he would definitely not be able to beat Ximen Chuuxue now, but he still used his full strength.
      Even the system was so surprised that he dropped his chin. I'm afraid it's not because of his waking posture. This...Is this the dog host he bound to? His host could not be so handsome!
      Simon Rui has seen his eyes straight, one man holding a sword can break the world, the other is in the world, he is a little man, he is a little man, looking up at the two of them, his eyes are full of cleverness on weekdays. They are all stars.
      Great, great! He wanted to do this too! Super handsome!
      Tan Zhao felt as if he had entered another stage. He knew that he was out of the palm and uppercut, but according to his martial arts in the past, he would never be so fast! Just like working behind closed doors, he has been practicing martial arts for the past three years, all of which are excellent martial arts, but he is not clear at what level he is at.
      But now it’s different. He felt the cold blade brush across his neck, and the feeling that made the hair stand up makes his soul tremble, like dancing on the tip of a god of death, Tan Zhao felt Physical pain, but he has to admit it-it feels so fucking awesome!
      System: Host, calm down, don't kill yourself! It's hard to get to a world where we can provide for the elderly. Just relax! If you go down again, Simon Chuuxue's sword will kiss your neck!
      Ximen Chuuxue didn't expect this to happen.
      He obviously controls only five points of strength, but the opponent can just induce him to use a lot of strength. But after swinging this sword, he didn't regret it, because Tan Zhao deserved his all-out effort.
      Tan Zhao's arm was bleeding, and it ticked down on the tip of the grass. The red was red and the green was green. Ximen Rui was frightened.
      The grass on the wasteland grew very well, and the weeds were sharp, so Tan Zhao put Ximenrui on a grass that had already been stomped, but now he was so scared that he called his second uncle. directly ran over, little face being excluded from the bloodstains do not cry, she ran straight Leng Leng, Tan Zhao see the bleeding arm, and finally burst out crying out: "! di"
      was, and scared I’m a kid, don’t know if it’s too late to apply for rewind?
      Noble and glamorous system: Ha ha!
      As soon as Tan Zhao was about to reach out and touch him, the pain reached his brain. Hearing his throbbing sound, the little guy cried even harder: "Uuuuuu~ Second Uncle, don't die!"
      Simon Rui cried so loudly. Huamanlou loved him the most. After tapping the acupuncture points of the Ye brothers and sisters, he said sorry and ran out quickly. Before he could get close, he smelled a strong smell of blood.
      His face changed, and he sternly said: "Who can tell me what happened!"
      -It's been a disaster , the good guy is crazy!
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    My father is not my father (14)

      The good old man rushed forward, and even Simon Rui stopped crying in an instant.
      Tan Zhao feels that he should recognize counseling when he should recognize counseling. If a good-tempered person is irritated, he can't bear it. The pain in his arm surges up and thick blood flows out of his sleeve. He was originally I want to pretend to be dizzy, but I don't know why the sky is spinning in my mind.
      The puff is the sound that Tan Zhao can no longer support falling to the ground.
      Huamanlou was at the peak of his anger for a while, and he carried Tan Zhao back without even looking at Ximen Chuuxue.
      Lu Xiaofeng's mood was not good. The old knife finally showed its feet under the design of him and Yingyan Laoqi. Now he has died under the sword of the wooden Taoist. Everything has come to a successful end, but in his heart But there was a voice telling him—this matter is not over yet.
      When Daxia Lu was unhappy, he always wanted to drink. If he could drink with his confidant and friends, it would be even better. So he thought about it for a while, and he came to this small town Hanzhan.
      After asking Xiao Erhuaman's room in the building, Lu Xiaofeng jumped in from the window, but he just opened the window, huh! What's the situation? !
      "I said, Brother Tan, who did you have been conspired by?" This is too miserable, and: "Qi Tong, how come your face is so bad, wouldn't it be that you were really attacked? Old knife "The
      more he guessed, the more ridiculous, Tan Zhao rolled his eyes, and then pulled the wound again, he hissed, and got a cold look from an old friend, was quiet like a chicken.
      The atmosphere is not right. Uncle Lu is the best at observing words and expressions, and the little bastard is not there yet, the second uncle of this treasure is injured...: "Could it be the little ancestor who also had an accident, right?!"
      Hua Manlou's face was still not correct. Okay, but he finally said: "It's okay, Rui'er and...Seller Ximen are next door."
      Tan Zhao actually regretted it after waking up. This kind of fight was cool for a while, and the feeling of being hurt after the fight was really bad. After three years of leisurely swings, I recollected the feeling of lying on the hospital bed. This is really not the taste. It feels good, and his arm has been injured twice. But the uncomfortable is all made by yourself, and you have to suffer it when you kneel. What's more, "Brother Hua, Brother Lou, Brother Seven, in fact...this thing is not all to blame Ximen Chuuxue, if I...I did not entice him With all your strength, you may not suffer such a serious injury."
      Tan Zhao can't say how much he likes Ximen Chuuxue, but he doesn't mean to let others take the blame.
      Hearing Lu Xiaofeng’s head full of questions, Hua Manlou was angry, but even if Mr. Wenrun was angry, he was not angry: "You also know that he used all his strength. If it weren’t for his final three-pointer, I can do it. It's not for your wounds, but for you to collect the body!"
      ! ! !
      Lu Xiaofeng's goose bumps were about to rise, and he jumped up in surprise: "Tan Zhao, did you really have the courage to provoke Ximen Fuxue?"
      Tan Zhao gave him a look, and Uncle Lu immediately understood. : To each other.
      The "eyes" of Huamanlou swept over, and the two people who were unconsciously inferior were sitting in a row. It was too scary for the good guys to go crazy. You must know that the last time Lu Xiaofeng saw Huamanlou go crazy, he was still pretending to be a thief on the birthday of Master Hua At that moment.
      Oh my God, I knew that, he must have been drinking with Yingyan Laoqi outside!
      When the scalp was numb, a small footstep came, the door creaked, and Simon Rui’s voice came. The child’s voice was slightly hoarse. Obviously he had cried not long ago, but he saw it as soon as he came in. His second uncle's hand was wrapped like a bun with white flour, and his eyes turned red involuntarily. Tan Zhao was very distressed when he saw it. He shouldn't let a three-year-old child experience this.
      He is destined to be a quack, and he shouldn't be so young to understand blood.
      He stretched out his other relatively flexible hand to touch the child's furry heart, and pulled out a smile: "Rui Er, I'm sorry."
      Ximen Rui felt the warmth above his head and shook his head violently. He wanted to pounce but didn't dare to pounce. He only clutched Tan Zhao's cuffs, and Ai Ai said, "It is Rui'er's fault. From now on... ! hit you, he is good or bad, " "
      scared? "
      rare cute little guy shook his head, said he is mAN:." afraid, uncle did not die, Rui children are not afraid of the "
      ...... this is not afraid You are so behaved? !
      System: Do you sin. He just chased Ximen Chuuxue next door, and that little iron fist, it is estimated that Lord Sword God has never been so embarrassed in his life.
      Oh, that's so interesting, I want to see it.
      System: Yes, get time in three days.
      ...Just as if he hadn't said anything.
      Unconsciously, there were only two fake nephews and uncles left in the room. It may be that Tan Zhao's bloody appearance in the morning was too horrible. The little guy felt the temperature of his second uncle and fell asleep with his eyes squinted.
      Then... Tan Zhao fell asleep too, even if the medicine Huamanlou gave him was bitter, it still caused sleep, it was toxic!
      **Being in the
      same room with idols, what should I do?
      If Ye Guhong were in modern times, he might immediately take out his mobile phone and post a very urgent message on a well-known forum, but he still couldn’t express his emotions when he was in ancient times. There were three cold people in the room, and Lu Xiaofeng would all come in. I feel that spring has failed.
      Three? He took a closer look. After knowing that his friend Tan Zhaonu and Ximen Chuuxue were not dead, he saw Ye Xue again where he shouldn't have seen Ye Xue.
      Seeing Ye Xue, Lu Xiaofeng was instinctively guilty. He walked behind the Huaman Building and saw Ye Xue's eyes staring angrily before saying: "Ye Xue, why are you here?"
      Ye Xue has been ordered for nearly a day. After hearing the words, his temper is naturally not good. He said coldly, "Should you not be asked about this?"
      Lu Xiaofeng remembered why Ye Xue had disappeared, his guilty conscience became more serious, and he immediately solved Ye Xue's acupuncture points and laughed with him. : "It's my fault, did that person hurt you?"
      Ye Xue nodded, obviously not wanting to mention this. She was anxious, carrying her broken sword and rushing out, the Huamanlou who had already learned the whole story would naturally not stop her.
      Lu Xiaofeng was naturally uneasy when he saw it, and nodded with Ximen Chuuxue and followed.
      Ye Guhong: ...who will unlock the acupuncture points for him...
      Before the voice in his heart was over, Huamanlou had already helped him unlock the acupuncture points. Ye Guhong glanced at Ximen Chuuxue, who was holding a sword and soothing. In the end, it was still the younger sister who mattered, and left the room with her sword, chasing Lu Xiaofeng and Ye Xue to leave.
      At this time, only Huamanlou and Ximen Chuuxue were left in the room.
      Both of them are Lu Xiaofeng's friends, but they are like two extremes in this world. One respects life and the other despises life. The first time they met, they smelled of gunpowder, and now... even more!
      Huamanlou never hates others, but if you say you don’t like it, Ximen Chuuxue will definitely count as one: "Villa Ximen..." It
      ’s the wind in the night mountains, and the mountains are like the waves. It’s a good leisure time to knock chess pieces and fall lanterns. Day, Tan Zhao woke up with the smell of medicine.
      This smell...
      "Second Uncle, Rui Er really sympathizes with you." The little guy pinched his nose and said.
      Thank you, he also sympathizes with himself, but... Without a face, Tan Zhao took the medicine bowl with a look of death, looked at the liquid in the medicine bowl that seemed to be "bile", and closed his eyes...Huh?
      He waited until he drank all the hot medicine before he complained: "Seven children, you have changed."
      Huamanlou smiled and accurately took the bowl in his hand: "Have I said that the medicine is bitter?"
      ... routines, all routines!
      Obviously, the joking Huamanlou has turned over the story. Except for Tan Zhao's injury, which is still aching, the other personnel involved are too good to be better. Tan Zhao... feels wronged.
      However, he is not completely unprofitable, at least his martial arts are really lean. After swallowing a plum that he had pickled yesterday, Tan Zhao could only hear his little ancestor say: "Second Uncle, Daddy is gone."
      He froze, not knowing what to say.
      Ximen Rui continued to say: "He said he made me obedient, but I've always been obedient, second uncle, don't you think?"
      His second uncle... didn't want to talk.
      Tan Zhao is not ashamed to ask if you are sad, but looking at this silly child, he can't ask anything if he only knows the expression of eating.
      Because he was afraid that Ximen Rui would fall into Tan Zhao's hand when he slept, he took away his little ancestor at night, perhaps because he slept too much in the daytime, Tan Zhao couldn't sleep.
      How to say it, a very subtle feeling, not bad, and the feeling of being cared about is really good. Tan Zhao smiled and decided to work hard to live a little longer in this world.
      The rivers and lakes are so interesting, and his friends are in his heart. There is no woman with disheveled hair holding him and shouting a thief. He is already satisfied.
      System: Host, you have changed.
      Just as Tan Zhao was about to go back, the light in the room suddenly turned on. He raised his eyes to see...smoke, no, don't think about it! Little ancestor mistaken him!
      "What kind of look in your eyes?"
      Sure enough, when you speak, the smoke covering your face will be shaken. The little ancestor is simply poisonous!
      Tan Zhao hurriedly swept away the things in his mind, and said solemnly: "I wonder why the Master Jade is here late at night." The
      Master Jade said very seriously, "Then you guessed it?"
      Tan Zhao shook his head very honestly, "I don't know. I'm afraid I know too much, and
      Master Jade really wants my life." "You are very sorry?"
      Tan Zhao nodded naturally: "Naturally, people in this world can choose to live and never choose to die, just like ghosts. People of the villa, am I right?"
      Jade Luosha laughed when he heard it, and the smoke gathered upward with his voice. Tan Zhao tilted his head slightly when he saw it, and muttered in his heart: You can't laugh, you can't laugh ! !
      At the right time, the sudden cold voice of Jade Raksha rescued him: "But this seat can't see it at all, my treasure!"
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    My father is not my father (15)

      As soon as Tan Zhao heard this, he knew that he had come to ask the guilt. But this "My Boer" is really unbearable for him. It is said that the name of the Jade Rakshasa is too biased. Hearing the name of his son, Ximen Fuxue, Yangchun Baixue, his fake son directly took one. Bad Tempo, Teletubbies :)?
      "The jade master is not me, how can I know if I want to live deep in my heart?" Zifeiyu, know the joy of fish!
      Jade Rakshasa is also very unreasonable to make trouble: "I said you don't want to live, you don't want to live, how?"
      "Not very, but I understand one thing."
      "What's the matter?"
      Tan Zhaoxin said: "This time, Lord Jade is not here to kill me, but to ferry me."
      Suddenly, Jade Raksha suddenly approached, through the smoke rising from the layers, Tan Zhao seemed to have such a moment and a pair of golden eyes. Standing face to face, and he was shocked with that feeling ...... I recoiled a little, only to hear the ears of the people as the devil's voice: "! I did not know my Boa so intelligent,"
      finished, pregnant In the first heavy, the pain swept through his body, and when he raised his head again, there were no people and smoke in front of him.
      Tan Zhao's wound cracked, and the crack was bigger and more terrifying than before, which shows that Yu Luosha's attack was fierce. He didn't kill him, but the pain was unavoidable. The next day, after seeing the doctor all over the building, the low pressure swept the entire inn.
      It was another two days when Lu Xiaofeng came late at night. He was carrying a hip flask. His body exuded the smell of a good daughter red, and the mellow fragrance was beautiful, but he did not have a daughter to accompany him. It was a pity that the little phoenix in the wave came to love Hongchen again. A good girl who made the wrong friendship.
      "Lu Xiaofeng, you look like a miser who lost three million taels of silver." Lu Xiaofeng was not drunk. He was about to refute, only to hear Tan Zhao's second sentence: "Although I know you are a poor man. "
      Uncle Lu was unhappy: "What's wrong with me? That's because I regard money as dung!"
      Huamanlou came here with a bitter medicinal soup. Tan Zhao did everything he could to avoid drinking the medicine: "Seven brothers, Lu Xiaofeng said that your family's money is like dung, and only stupid people will collect a house of dung!"
      Lu Xiaofeng :...How did this person become more shameless than him?
      Huamanlou smiled slightly, handing the medicine bowl with one hand, and avoiding Lu Xiaofeng's flask with the other hand: "Since it's dung, Daxia Lu still don't drink the wine bought from dung."
      The door closed with a "creak", and the two looked at each other and drank. Medicine, one slapped one's lips, it is obvious that it hurts the enemy 800, and hurts itself a thousand.
      For a long time, Tan Zhao's dull voice sounded: "Hey, Lu Xiaofeng, can you help me with something?"
      Lu Xiaofeng's head grew loudly as soon as he heard it, "Do you know? My friends always ask me to do things when they have troubles. Your tone."
      Tan Zhao laughed: "But you help every time, don't you?"
      Lu Xiaofeng laughed as soon as he heard it, "Let's talk, hey, Uncle Lu, I really have toiled for my life, but that's fine. If I’m busy, I won’t think about too many things. To be honest, the old knife handle is a wooden Taoist. I’ve found it incredible to this day.”
      There are also unknown heroes praised by everyone. In the past, he would do whatever it takes for his own selfish desires. He regretted it, but he could do nothing. There are too many helpless things in this world. There are not many things that are more, and there are not many things that are less. I just hope that there will be less things like this in the future.
      "Why are you not embarrassed at all?"
      Tan Zhao told the truth: "Why should I be embarrassed, I don't know any wooden Taoist or ghost villas. As an injured patient, I sympathize with myself. I was so easy to get up early, but I got hurt. I'm easy!"
      ... "To be honest, I admire you. Simon Fuxue's sword, although he missed three points, this world can catch this one. A person with a sword is definitely not more than two hands."
      "If you want to put gold on your face, just say straight, it is said that you were really killed by Ximen Chuuxue this time, right?"
      Lu Xiaofeng felt it necessary to discuss the art of speaking with friends: "Brother Tan, you can actually not say it."
      Tan Zhao refused: "No, I am an honest person."
      "So you were injured and almost bleed to death. "
      Forget it, let's make friends, should this kind of friends still be kept for the New Year?
      Then, when he said this, Lu Xiaofeng came back again: "Let’s talk, what do you want me to do for you?"
      Tan Zhao saw the seriousness in his eyes and pulled out a letter from under the pillow, which was sealed. There was nothing on the envelope: "Lu Xiaofeng, if I die before Rui'er is eighteen years old, you will send this letter to Rui'er when he is eighteen years old."
      Lu Xiaofeng paused and shrank his hand. I went back: "No, I decided not to help this."
      Don't be so rascal, Tan Zhao reluctantly said: "Just to be on the safe side, what are you thinking!"
      "What am I thinking! Feel your conscience? What is written in this letter!" Lu Xiaofeng hates life and death, especially with his friends: "Besides, the little ancestor was eighteen years old, and that was all fourteen years later. At that time, who knew if Lu Xiaofeng was still alive? Living in this arena, you give me this letter, it is better to give it to Huamanlou. "
      Why is Huamanlou? Because Lu Xiaofeng knew that Huamanlou would definitely not accept this letter.
      It just so happened that Tan Zhao also knew, so he approached Lu Xiaofeng. He came to this world for three years, and he didn't have many friends. This letter could actually blow the snow to Ximen, but he didn't want to see him again, so he chose Lu Xiaofeng.
      And he also knew that Lu Xiaofeng would definitely agree to him.
      "Lu Xiaofeng, I promised Yu Luosha that he would raise Rui'er to the age of eighteen, so I must do it."
      Lu Xiaofeng was shocked, and finally reached out his hand to catch the fluttering letter with a smile on his face. He ridiculed him: "Okay, it's up to you, do so seriously, if you really die, I will burn it directly, so as to teach you that it is difficult to be peaceful under Jiuquan, and it is impossible to recover from death!"
      "No, you don't meeting."
      Lu Xiaofeng smiled, stepped up the window with a letter, and disappeared by the window. Only the faint scent of wine in the room washed the tip of Tan Zhao's nose, which was intoxicating.
      He slowly took out a crystal clear jade card from his arms, the two corners are sharp and shaped like a Rakshasa, but it is not the rumored Rakshasa card! Jade Raksha's heart is really black! He was asked to take his little ancestor to break into the Demon Cult of the Western Regions.
      System: Host, you didn't go wild and want to commit suicide. This is so strange!
      ...... [Is this the only thing I have on you? ] The
      system really wanted to say yes, but considering the long-term cooperative relationship in the future, he still shook his head against his will: Of course not, you are still a dog.
      ...If you can't speak, don't really say it.
      System: Seeing you are so pitiful, let me give you a message of friendship.
      [what news? ]
      System: I feel that the breath of Jade Raksha is indeed unstable. He used to maintain a very stable smoke, but this time he is indeed transpiring upwards as your little ancestor said. He wants to retreat. This is true.
      ... [System, can I ask you to recognize one thing? ] The
      system is good at it: what's the matter?
      [You, host, I, have eyes! ] The
      system decided to break with the host for three seconds and stopped talking.
      After Tan Zhaoming finished the system, he felt a little bit happy in his heart. As the system said yesterday, the Jade Rakshasa came to Yin and Yang to say something strange, and finally dropped the Rakshasa card and a letter.
      The letter is very simple, saying that he is about to break through and have no time to take care of the internal affairs of the teaching. Since he is so capable and can challenge his family Xueer, then take Ruier to the Rakshasa teacher and take the post immediately, and said that he will keep him. A small surprise, as a congratulatory celebration of his return.
      A madman!
      It is estimated that he really has no conscience anymore. But what can Tan Zhao do? He can only go back to be his Teletubbies. What happened to the Teletubbies? The Teletubbies will never admit defeat!
      He doesn't believe that there is no way out of life!
      After a month of arm injury, he finally recovered. Simon Rui has already walked out of the bloody shadow of his uncles killing each other. Every day he fights cock and kills the dog. He is very famous in the small town of Wudang Mountain, and he is sent away. No. "Ximen Yiba".
      But the two do not belong to this small town, and the small town cannot hold them both.
      Three days ago, Huamanlou was called home by a letter from home, saying that if you don't go home again, your father will be angry. Although the playboy didn't want to get married, he still touched the child's intentions and rode away.
      And three days later, the town Yiba bid farewell to his little brothers, led his second uncle and left the unknown town, heading west, never looking back.
      Of course, Ximen Yiba has grown up after his second uncle's injury. The most notable thing is that he is more nervous about Tan Zhao, who can't help but reveal his determination to learn martial arts.
      This is the way he should go. As the grandson of Jade Rakshasa, if his identity is revealed one day in the future, how can a weak person without martial arts survive!
      But Tan Zhao rejected him for a very good reason-you are still young.
      Ximen Yiba was so angry that he wanted to be an unfilial nephew and punched him up, but he remembered that his second uncle was lying there with blood, and the little iron fist turned into a little pink fist.
      No matter how old you are, you will always grow up after some things. Tan Zhao is a little happy, but also a little distressed. After touching the little guy’s heart, he roars again: "Little ancestor, remember to call me father, understand?"
      Xiao The guy said very loudly: "Okay,
      Second Uncle!" ... It's hopeless, and I feel desperate for the first day in office.
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    My father is not my father (16)

      Since the three guardians of Songzhumei and Feihutang together with Feihutang Hall Master Feitian Yuhu tried to seize the leader’s throne and were killed by the leader three years ago, the rebellious forces within the Raksha Sect have been eliminated. Even if there are some different voices, they are just small fish and shrimps. It’s not that Jade Rakshasa doesn’t know, but that it’s a bit boring to play with it. It’s better to have some funny things on weekdays.
      Now these gadgets were handed over to Tan Zhao and Ximen Yiba together with the "throne".
      This has advantages, but also disadvantages. The advantage is that the small fish and shrimp are relatively easier to deal with, but the disadvantage is...Without the presence of Jade Rakshasa and the assistance of super masters, in the place where the major forces in the Western Regions are intertwined, he must support a three-year-old child to sit in this position. , It is definitely a clearance game in hell mode.
      But no matter what, the road is at your feet, looking at who is leaving, Tan Zhao looked at the ordinary shop in front of him, and said to his stupid nephew: "Now, I will give you one last chance to practice."
      Ximen Yiba He opened his mouth and said, "Father, Rui Er doesn't like the name Yu Yiba."
      His fake father also opened his mouth and said, "Oh, it just so happens that your father I don't like the name Yu Tianbao either."
      The two of them seemed to stand with each other . After the united front, Tan Zhao adjusted his expression, took the child and walked into this ordinary food and rice noodle shop.
      In the Western Regions, grain shops are the most profitable and also the most risky shops. Once there was no grain production in the Western Regions, transportation was difficult in ancient times. It took ten and a half months to transport grain in a short period of time. Therefore, the ability to open a grain shop on the land of the Western Regions is a big deal here.
      As soon as he entered, Tan Zhao smelled a scent of rice. It was not as bright as the Yangzhou shop, but it had a unique ruggedness. He even squinted his eyes slightly and greeted the eighteenth generation of the Jade Raksha ancestor in his heart. all over.
      He shouldn’t have any expectations for Jade Raksha’s so-called congratulatory ceremony. Looking at the two beautiful women in front of him, Tan Zhao grinned and opened his mouth: "Sister Rong, Sister Li, have a good time these days. ? "
      reflected in his eyes, and two sisters Li Rong is surprising and lengli eyes.
      He probably guessed the intentions of Jade Rakshasa, but he disappointed :).
      System: As long as you remember the host, don't kill anyone!
      Yu Tianbao's changes were so great. Sister Rongli first began to see people who thought they were ordinary guests, but when they heard the sound, the shock in their hearts appeared almost uncontrollably on their faces.
      As Tan Zhao guessed, the two of them were able to survive as jade Tianbao's personal maids. Three years ago, they might have thought it was their cries that were pityed by the leader, but three years later, today...the two are not naive and kind. The sisters instantly understood the meaning of their existence.
      But people don't die for themselves, just as Tan Zhao said that people would not choose to die if they could live, and Rongli did the same.
      For a while, the sword was at a tense.
      Tan Zhao waved his hand, and took Simon Rui to sit on the chair next to him: "Can I ask you a question? I asked myself to be good to you. If I didn't pick you two back when I was young, you two don't know where at this moment. There must be some reason for this kind of revenge, right?"
      Two sisters Rongli, it can be said that they exist as personal guards next to Yu Tianbao. How can I put it, Yu Tianbao really has nothing to do, and he especially likes to bully others. He has a lot of things that the dude should have, but he has a lot of indulgences for the people around him. Why is the so-called small country of the Western Regions annihilated? It was the Jade Rakshasa who provoked the two people to file a complaint in front of Yu Tianbao, and Yu Tianbao asked for it.
      "I will avenge my grace? If there is a reason, will the young master pity the servants?" It was sister Rongyu.
      With a beautiful face, a beautiful girl crying and pleading, she will always be pitiful. If Lu Xiaofeng is here, she would nod her head if she had a knife on her neck, but Tan Zhao shook her head: "No, but I can give it to you. Two are a chance to survive."
      Simon Rui took out a small head from his arms and chewed happily. He blinked and blinked, thinking that these two young ladies were really good-looking, but the look in his eyes made him a little uncomfortable, afraid Not... neurotic? ! Hey, poor eyesight at a young age is also pitiful.
      Sister Rongli, who was sympathized by a child, had no intention of negotiating terms with Tan Zhao, and she would save others by herself. If they were thrown off a cliff and survived, she would never let the person who killed them both be spared. After taking out the weapon, he went straight to...Ximen Rui left.
      A child who looked like Yu Tianbao was only about three years old, and the two hardly questioned his identity. Even as two sisters who were connected with each other, a bigger ladder appeared in their minds. Here, it's a pity... Two clicks, the sound of two people falling to the ground.
      Those eyes that were unwilling to surprise were all turned into fresh blood overflowing on the ground, and the people on the hanging beam of the grain shop finally fell down.
      "Young leader, the subordinate is too late to come down, the sin deserves a million death." With a sound of mysterious clothes, like a messenger of the night, harvesting people's lives.
      Tan Zhao was too late to save people. He was a little bit physically uncomfortable, but he also held Simon Rui in his arms for the first time. He had already shown this child blood once, and now he will never let him see it at this age. Second time.
      Two lively lives, he miscalculated the calculation of Jade Rakshasa. Tan Zhaoyin lowered the anger in his eyes, and then kicked the other side fiercely: "It's so late, what's the use for you! My dad!" The
      fake dad is also a dad.
      "The young leader forgive the sins, and the leader sent his subordinates to greet them. These two pretended to be messengers to offend the young leader. They also asked the young leader to give his subordinates a chance to commit crimes and meritorious service."
      This opportunity naturally does not need Tan Zhao to give, but Tan. Zhao gave it to him, and he suddenly understood that this was a murderous river and lake. Life was not worth money, only fists were the most valuable.
      When he first came, he still felt that Ximen Fuxue was crazy about studying kendo blindly, but now...on the contrary, he can't recognize this reality.
      ——This is not the modern world he lives in, but the rivers and lakes with blood and emotions.
      And now, he is being threatened by the biggest black forces in the rivers and lakes, and he is...
      Second Uncle...Father, I'm afraid!" The child's voice is subtle with a rare sense of fear, Tan Zhao hates the calculations of the extremely jade Raksha, but understand This dismissal of Mawei was not for him, but for Simon Rui.
      If you can't raise a child, don't raise it. Show this trick to a child, and Tan Zhao's heart is raging.
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