Chinese Novoland : The Coming of the Dark Moon 九州·暗月将临 by Pan Hai Tian 潘海天

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    Name: Novoland : The Coming of the Dark Moon 九州·暗月将临
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    The Novoland saga is very popular
    Description : (it is a google translation that I modified according to my knowledge of Chinese so forgive me if this is wrong)

    The most glorious and dazzling Novoland brings everyone the initial shock and touch!

    If you've ever dreamt of saving the world, if you've ever been lonely and passionate, if you have never forgotten all of this.

    A good work is a feast of words. Let people be willing to linger, indulge, and immerse themselves in "Novoland• The Coming of the Dark Moon" : a work that Pan Hai Tian carefully honed to create such a story in full swing.

    The most exciting part of the story is the author's raging imagination, as well as the sadness and pity expressed in the grand scene. Pan Haitian tell us a thrilling story with his gorgeous words and his delicate language.
    On the continent of Novoland, the coming of the Period of the Dark Moon represents the coming of an era of destruction, when a large number of disasters is about to arrive in the Novoland world. Every race faces a huge calamity, each one in their own clan.
    The disaster for the Heluo people came from a civil strife. The conflicts accumulated over the years intensified in the Dark Moon Period.
    An internal rebellion and a strife finally led to the end of the Heluo clan. But behind this disaster is a huge conspiracy. The occultists, the biggest families of the Heluo , a mysterious merchant, and an assassin from Tianluo organisation, all kinds of forces gather to uncover the conspiracy, bit by bit,
    But despite all the variable that have been calculated, the huge disaster remains inevitable...

    When the world needs to be saved, love also needs to be saved. Heroism is an arm of salvation, while selfishness will inevitably lead to failure. The hero is singing, but love is crying. This is the price that people pay for becoming great.
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