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    Raw title: 우리 폭군이 어려졌어요

    I had possessed a character inside of a book. Into the book where I pushed the ‘ Female Lead x Emperor’ pairing. The day I shed tears over the two characters that don’t end up together, I was sent here to experience the whole story. Of course I am!

    “Stand in line to hear my prophecy!”

    I began to make money from the contents of the book. Guys! You don’t have to end up together, but you have a lot of money but I don’t. So after three months, I am brought to the Imperial City by the name of the Emperor after spending money in prophecy, following the original truth, the law of Man-go, the golden almighty. Then I met the Emperor for the first time–

    “You know everything.”
    “Yes, I know a lot.”
    “Yes, then can you tell me when I’ll come back to my original state.”

    Finally, the emperor appeared beyond the white cloth was a four-year-old kid.

    …why is he so young?


    One day, in order not to be caught pretending to be a fake prophet, she struggled to find a way to solve the curse next to the baby emperor. He asked.

    “Don’t you see me as a baby?”

    Persyllion’s eyebrows raised because of her firm answer. He didn’t like her simple reaction, so he looked at her face and raised his thumb.

    “You look like a baby who is the cutest, most thrilling, and always gives us new cuteness……?”
    “Like an angel from heaven that had a task to defeat all evil with your cuteness!”
    “Get out!”

    Even before he finished talking, Persyllion threw a rabbit doll. Eyy, I should have bought a cat doll instead of a rabbit doll.

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    Ace! Another child related novel. I like this type of plots. Can I have the link pls?
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    I can provide raws for a around 180 chapters if anyone is willing to translate
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    Hello everyone, I've started to translate this novel. You can search this book in Novel Updates now. There should be two chapters uploaded. Tyy
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    is it just me who can't see the links to the chapter?
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    Hi! Is it still available? I know someone who's asking for a raw chapters and willing to translate this novel, so I'm just wondering.
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    yea they're still available!
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    Yes, thank you. I will just contact you again if the translator that I know has decided, cause there are also other people who's willing to give the raw novel to the translator and I think it is more convenient because they can contact each other easily, but still thank you for helping.
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    Does anyone have any translations after chapter 2?
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    Chapter 3

    Even though Persilion and Mill Rudd had searched for the past week, the Imperial Castle was too large to have a long way to go.

    And from today, I have decided to join the search. I said that the place to be searched today is a glass greenhouse, but I mean

    I thought I was going to experience an arboretum outside, but the scenery that unfolded before my eyes was a jungle.

    “How did this place become like this?”

    “It is a space that has not been managed in the past.”

    “Why……? It must have been pretty.”

    “Yes. It was the Emperor’s garden.”

    Ah. I shut my mouth for a brief sigh. may have poisoned the emperor

    Emperor Persilion, who is rumored to be a monstrous leader, is here, and he cannot mourn in front of him.

    Either way, Persilion was rummaging through the garden. He picked up the flowerpot saying he had to look under it, but the baby couldn't do it, so he just kicked it.

    In the process, my body stumbled, but it was difficult to cover all situations with cuteness.

    At this point, Persilion didn't come to search the greenhouse, but to destroy it.

    I had to express that I had come.

    Millard looked at him and couldn't even say anything, so the clunking, clattering, and crackling sounds resonated with affection.


    I rolled my eyes at Millard, but Kyung avoided my gaze. Finally, I sighed and approached Persilion and told him.

    "Your Majesty. If you feel uncomfortable here, I and Sir Millard will search you." “Why do you think I’m uncomfortable?”

    "Because you've been destroying this place since a while...?"

    “The places that have already been searched are only destroyed because the blood to see again is exhausted. How much time is wasted if you think you didn't search and look again."

    “What a deep meaning!”

    I decided to match the rhythm to the words of Persilion, the King of Destruction.

    I glanced at it once, but it didn't seem like it was going to go out at all, so the faithful straw decided to plant a pot or smash it together.

    Even though I too, as soon as I pushed to break the flowerpot, the King of Destruction said it was his responsibility and had to quietly back down.

    In the midst of that, 'The King of Destruction's Glass Greenhouse_ Destroy ASMR.mp4' was in progress, and suddenly footsteps were heard from nearby.

    Millard immediately recognized the sound and tried to run to Persilion, but the road leading to him was all pieces of flowerpots.

    Persilion also reflexively raised his hand forward, apparently trying to cast a spell. Of course, he is currently unable to use magic, so he was eventually exposed to unprotected people.

    I hurriedly knelt down and covered it with my body, but the other person's gaze was fixed first.

    "Who are you! It's impossible to enter this place without His Majesty's permission...!" |

    Millard shouted urgently and blocked the entrance first. But his words did not end there. The reason was obvious.

    "On the way to Hwangseong, there was a commotion and I visited... Some things are destroying Philip's greenhouse."

    "Aww, what kind of fuss is this?!"

    “Dae-Duke, your Majesty……”

    Millard, who opened the door to the greenhouse and saw the two appearing, was utterly bewildered. The title 'Sir Archduke' that came out of his mouth could only be used for one person in the present Empire.

    Dipke von Dideus, the only Archduke of the Ekehard Empire and the hand of the Emperor

    It was the sister above.

    She was pushed out of the battle for the throne and came out of the imperial castle, and she was the one who received the title of Grand Duke, and was also the only imperial member Persilion could not kill.

    Moreover, in the current situation, the person Persilion was most wary of was Archduke Deepke.

    The Grand Duke slowly walked towards me one step at a time. More precisely, towards the Persilion behind me. Meanwhile, the chubby man next to the Archduke was stroking his mustache and sighing.

    “How beautiful was the Sunhwang’s greenhouse, and how could it be neglected like this? The greenhouse was also an important property of the imperial family! We must hold an aristocratic meeting immediately and formally protest to His Majesty!”

    “Count Hadat, don’t be hasty.”

    "But, sir...!" |

    Count Hadat was one of Archduke Deepke's representative vassals. The archduke resolutely reconciled his words and smiled softly. At first glance, there was a sense of resemblance to Persilion's smile.

    “The news that your Majesty has been very busy recently has spread throughout the Empire, and if you are a loyalist, you should not add any more work.

    “Then, I was on a long vacation because I was exhausted, so I visited the Hwangseong Fortress before I left. army."

    Her grayish blonde hair was neatly trimmed with a short cut, and her red eyes looked straight at me, who was covering Prince Persilion.

    Like a lion's eyes, a daunting gaze stuck on me, making it difficult to breathe.

    The black coat draped over the archduke's shoulders swayed as she walked.

    "Yes, can you answer me?"

    "That is...."

    “Ah, I must first hear your name. What is your name?”

    “It’s not Ellenfiella… it’s Lippi.”

    Behind him, Millard broke into a cold sweat with a pale, tired face. She tried to stand in front of the Archduke, but she couldn't because she was quick to walk here first.

    The Archduke nodded his head affectionately at my introduction, then chinked his back.

    “Lippy. From the outside, I can barely see the little boy's Inyeong breaking the flowerpot.... I want to talk to the little boy, so would you like to get out of the way?"

    “Oh, it’s just a childish act. If you want to scold me, scold me!”

    “Are you really going to take responsibility? The crime of destroying the only greenhouse left by my brother?”

    I inhaled my breath. In the front is the great duke, and in the back is the emperor.

    this is a pardon It's like a character trapped between the front and back water balloons due to poor placement in a game of popping water balloons.

    Unlike the game, I'm saving my life from death

    There was no needle to save him.

    “Wait a minute, Lippi? The street prophet Lippi?”

    But suddenly, Count Hadat, who was beside me, brought out the glory of my past. And the words unexpectedly caught the Archduke's nerves. She seemed puzzled and turned her dog to her side and asked the question.


    “Oh, yes. Rumors have been circulating recently. He prophesied on the street, and amazingly, all of those prophecies came true. It is said that the official event of Hwangseong was delayed, and the winner of the recent swordsmanship competition also predicted it.”


    The Archduke's eyes lit up with interest. He was briefly delighted that the Grand Duke's nerves had returned, but he returned with greater wrath.

    As I was staring at Count Hadat, who had almost become Count Needle, for a moment, the Grand Duke slowly bent down and filled my sight.

    “Yeah, then… Why is Lippi, the famous prophet named Sarah, in the Imperial Castle recently? Even with that blonde kid hiding behind it.”

    The Archduke saw that Persilion's hair was gold. Perhaps he has already seen his face. Knowing everything, am I still thinking about it? No, I'm not sure because it's all I've seen for a while.

    But what if face-to-face? Difke von Dideus was the Emperor's sister, and perhaps he did not know all the faces of the Emperor's childhood.

    I was nervous and tried to squeeze out as many excuses as I could, but a small hand grabbed my shoulder. Persilion was the first to step out by my side. He seemed convinced that I would not be defeated by Archduke Deepke.

    A strange look passed between the two. It was a very strange situation where a four-year-old kid had a snowball fight with a weak-looking man, but no one here could point it out.

    Then, suddenly, Persilion hid in my arms. He fell leaning on my lap and buried his face in his stomach, even shaking his shoulders.

    “That person is scary…”


    I was momentarily confused. 'Huh?' It was all I could do to stop the sound from popping out.

    Meanwhile, Persilion grabbed my skirt and pulled it tight, as if sending a signal. Unfortunately, I couldn't interpret his message.

    She could only guess from the still ambiguous face of Archduke Difke, who was also not sure if her little boy was Persilion.

    If she remembered Persilion's childhood, she should have noticed right away as soon as she saw the now-four-year-old emperor.

    But in this situation, there was a person who was uselessly good-natured......

    "uh? Do you somehow resemble His Majesty?” ……Do you resemble your Majesty?”

    "Yes. Isn't it? It's a little different from your majesty now because he's handsome, but it's pretty similar."

    It was Count Hadat. I was resentful of his eyes, but thanks to that, I was able to confirm my previous hypothesis.

    Truly Archduke Deepke doesn't know Persilion's childhood! I can't even tell if this little boy in my arms is the emperor!

    And as if Persilion had this thought in mind, his eyes met with him in his arms. He tugged at the hem of my skirt again and I nodded his head sternly.

    Meanwhile, Count Hadat kept his head forward and approached me. It was to take a closer look at Persilion's face.

    "It certainly looks like His Majesty..."

    “Actually… Actually, this kid!”

    There was a lot of tension in the space that made the back of the neck stiff. I exclaimed with conviction that my words were the message from Persilion.

    “I am the son of His Majesty the Emperor!”

    “Huh? Your Majesty hasn't even raised your national wedding yet?"

    “A child out of wedlock is coming!”

    “Heh heh!”

    Suddenly Persilion pulled my hair out. Ouch, I almost made a sound, but I managed to bite my lip to block it. Archduke Dipke asked me, rolling his eyes.

    “Is this kid the emperor’s, no, your majesty’s child?”

    “Yes, yes. The reason I came here is to serve him!”

    "As far as I know, Your Majesty has never met any other woman... Wait, is it possible to go on vacation this time?"

    "That's right! Everyone died to see this mother, ah, no!”

    I was writing a scenario where I went to see the woman I had hidden, and she had her hair pulled harder than before. Without realizing it, I made a sound and then changed direction to say that he died urgently. Keeping a woman alive makes things more complicated, isn't it?

    When I said that I was dead, there was no more response from Persilion. Somehow, I felt a sigh of relief from the width of my skirt, but I was obliged to complete the current scenario.

    And the Grand Duke, who heard the story to the end, hardened his face.

    “The reason His Majesty has not attended official events for the past ten days is all because of the sudden news of his son and the news of his ex-lover.

    "That's right!" “Why are you leaving the child here?”

    “Hey, she said it’s about growing strong!”

    For a moment, I was wary that I might stutter and raise the Archduke's suspicions, but the Archduke only sighed in response to my answer.

    “Hey, even my son treats me like this because he’s grown up like that.”

    I don't know the details, but anyway, the background of Persilion seemed to convince the Archduke in some way.

    In the end, the Archduke jumped up from his seat, frowned upon his face. Count Hadat, standing next to him, was constantly shouting, 'Oh my God, Egumoni, how can this happen!'

    I flinched and stood up holding the Persilion still lying face down on my skirt.

    Persili, who seemed to be reluctant at first, finally gave up, so he slid down to me and was able to hold him safely.

    The Archduke, who had been silently watching the scene, looked at me as if glaring at me and asked.

    "That kid, no, the Prince's ... what's his name."

    “Pe… this is Prince Eeeri.” “…Peeeri?”

    “His Majesty Prince Perry is coming.”

    When the Archduke said 'Your Majesty', his face was so angry that he was terrified.

    So, without realizing it, the emperor's real name almost popped out, but I managed to shorten it.

    My hair is pulled back again, but I can't undo what I've already done.

    The Archduke bowed his head to greet Persilion in my arms with a trembling voice.

    “Next time, next time, I will come to you with a formal example.”

    After that, she headed out with a rough gait that was completely opposite to the gentle gait she had when she entered.
    Chapter 4

    But the Archduke who was heading out suddenly turned his head to warn him.

    "Majesty. Please remember that this is a place where you will not survive unless you grow strong.

    Persilion, who was in her arms, glanced at her, and then buried her head in her arms again as if nothing had happened to her. After all, he must have liked the nickname 'Perry'.

    As I was happy, Millard walked over to me with a bewildered expression. He was so shocked by the series of situations that his mouth twitched.

    He seemed to be admiring my wit, and said with a squint in his eyes.

    “Is it all right?” "Lee, Miss Lippi. Do you know what happened...?"

    “Of course it is……”

    I was trying to answer with a fresh face, but suddenly a cool voice stuck in my ear.

    "Ellenfiella Rus Demotia Irena Ius Libor Marguerite.


    It's definitely a name I've been wanting to hear, but I can't be so scared because it's called my full name. Goosebumps appeared on the back of his neck.

    In the Western world, when even middle names are called, I heard a joke about being scolded, but is that the situation?

    As I trembled, Persilion slowly raised his head and looked straight at me. Even though she is clearly in my arms, I cannot be so scared.

    He asked me with cold eyes.

    “Yes, is this the scene of the prophecy you saw?”

    “Yeah? That’s right! That’s right!”

    It took a while to buffer the words, but fortunately, he responded vigorously. It would have been great if Persilion considered this situation as my prophecy.

    Looking at him with a smile on his face, he also smiled at me.

    Persilion's little boy was really beautiful and cute, and whenever he smiled, it felt like the world was getting brighter.

    He said with a face like a gentle saint who illuminates the world like that.

    “Can I see the scene where your neck is cut off? I wonder if I also have the ability to foresight.”

    I was about to hiccup. As I was barely exhaling the breath I had been taking in, Persilion patted the nape of my neck.

    It was very cute to see him pounding with his tiny hands, but somehow it was creepy.

    It was like judging where the cut and neck fell at once.

    In that state, Persilion whispered in a most tender voice. It was a soft voice that only my ears could hear.

    “I keep seeing what your future will be like.”

    * * *

    The capital fell into a commotion.

    As the emperor's heir suddenly appeared, the emperor hurriedly started preparing.

    Recently, Li P, who became famous as a street prophet, appeared with a child resembling the emperor and said that this child was the emperor's child, so a place for the 'prince' was needed.

    At first, many doubted, but Millard, the emperor's immediate escort, admitted that he was the imperial son.

    In addition, a document with the emperor's seal stating that Prince Perry was the son was found in the emperor's bedroom, and in the end, everyone had no choice but to accept Prince Perry.

    In addition, it was written that all the powers of the emperor were temporarily delegated to the prince. The nobles were in shock.

    In a rapidly changing situation, the nobles had a fight over their eyes. The emperor had not appeared in public for nearly ten days, and all sorts of words were coming out.

    The current emperor, Ekehard 21, boasted of his outstanding magical skills. Because of that, the emperor's power was increasing day by day, and the nobles were in a hurry to be on the lookout for him.

    Then, he suddenly did not go out, so the nobles tried to raise the position of the nobility society at this time.

    But since the prince appeared, everyone was just searching for how to act...

    "The Grand Duke has already seen the Prince..."

    "Yes that's right. According to Count Hadat, they met in the garden of the Emperor.”

    “Hey, isn’t that a place your Majesty has completely forbidden access to? By the way, have you already given the prince a lot of authority to allow little children to come and go?"

    And here, one of the nobles who searched, Viscount Jürceier, was contemplating. As he sat loosely in his chair, he moaned and made a sound, and then let out a moan.

    “Prince Perry said he had lived outside the Imperial Palace. Then you would be naive! Wouldn’t it be possible to entice the child to take a seat next to him?”

    The emperor left, leaving all powers to the prince who looked only four years old. There was only one realization the nobles had in this situation.

    Surprisingly, Emperor Persilion is a lover!

    It doesn't look that way at all! Although he is the owner of the blood-stained throne, and a tyrant who often threatens with a knife to the neck of the vassals!

    In fact, it was evident that I loved her lover so much that I had already marked the child as her successor.

    So the nobles had to line up for the prince. And he didn't know if he would be able to lure an innocent kid and wield state affairs from behind.

    Viscount Joursier laughed sullenly. He soon asked the assistant next to him.

    “What do little kids like the most these days?”

    “Prince Perry has been outside the imperial castle so far, so maybe he doesn't like ordinary things. So, first of all, to attract the curiosity of children from all over the world…”

    The assistant handed something to the Viscount with a dark look at the same time. The Viscount's eyes lit up significantly when he saw the object.

    I had to go see Prince Perry right away.

    * * *

    It's been five days since I introduced the little version of Emperor Persilion as Prince Perry. The nobles were gradually coming to the imperial castle.

    They came to say they wanted to say hello to the Crown Prince, and when they entered the drawing room, their actions were usually similar.

    In particular, today, Viscount Jürceier with a meaningful expression came to him and immediately knelt down in front of Persilion and shouted.

    “Say it! Belief, I brought it for Your Majesty!”

    Persilion frowned at the object being passed to me with both hands, then picked it up and threw it against the wall.

    A rattling sound echoed the space cutely.


    The only thing Viscount Jourceier brought was a rattle. It was a cute shape with pink stars, and there was no way that Prince Perry could win the favor of him.

    I walked up to Viscount Jursier, who was picking up the rattle, and whispered,

    “Sir. Our Prince, His Majesty, has a very high neck.”

    “Is that so…?”

    "Yes. So, next time, prepare a rattle studded with pink diamonds.”

    “Pink diamonds, how expensive ...!”

    "ping. Big, diamond.”

    A scary line flew behind me as I said that, but I did not give in and emphasized the pink diamond once more.

    In the end, the Viscount Joursier returned gloomy. The only regret left in this space was that he couldn't get pink diamonds with his own money.

    “I get rattles and stuff, but you are very fussy about money.”

    “Your Majesty, what are you talking about? Along with the intention to reveal the high level of His Majesty, comes my big picture of blocking easy access by the nobility.”

    In response to my answer, Persilion looked at me with her sharper eyes, and finally sighed as if exhausted and only shook her head with excitement. In the rapidly changing situation over the past five days, he, too, looked quite tired.

    When I first announced Prince Perry, Persilion was very angry. At the time, he said that the signal he sent while pulling my skirt meant that it was roughly a relative and a younger brother and flirted with it.

    However, in fact, to be a creature with similar genes to me, somehow mixed with even a little bit of blood, his appearance was so overwhelmingly different that he couldn't do it.

    Although he is only a four-year-old kid, he was too beautiful, cute, and thrilling as a baby. I complained of resentment, and in the end, Persilion said he would watch, and he gave me a grace period until my parting with my neck.

    But surprisingly, things turned out to be positive.

    No one could have ever suspected that Persilion was an emperor because his appearance as an infant was quite different from that of an adult. It was in large part that none of the nobles saw his childhood.

    Besides, he was said to be the son of the emperor, so his appearance resembling the emperor was no longer an element of suspicion at all.

    After becoming Prince Perry, he no longer had to hide in the Imperial Palace. The prince usually gives a new castle, but while he insists on the existing emperor's bedroom, he accepts that as it is for everyone.

    There was also a document stating that he was delegating all authority to Prince Perry, and I told him behind the scenes that Prince Perry actually missed his father and wanted to use His Majesty's bedroom.

    Persilion, who later learned of this, tried to pinch my mouth, but managed to avoid it.

    And the truth is that I told Prince Perry that he was very vigilant.

    There was also a justification for rejecting the servants who followed.

    Within the imperial castle, Prince Perry was almost an unlucky prince. Her mother had a child with His Majesty, but rumors spread that she lived in hiding because she feared that if the child of the now infamous tyrant was revealed, she would be used by others.

    And her street prophet, Lippi, was an acquaintance with the woman, and when the woman died early, she could not bear it and came to the Imperial Castle with her child.

    Please note that this is not my story. It is simply a delusion created by imaginative Imperial servants and nobles.

    However, when I secretly asked what was going on, I turned my head to the corner of my wet eyes, so I can't deny that I gave strength to their delusions.

    I smiled in front of Persilion sitting on the sofa with a dissatisfied expression on my face.

    He seemed dissatisfied with the circumstances around him that treated him as a baby, but he could not deny that the current flow had bought him time.

    In fact, the political world was tumultuous just because the emperor did not appear for ten days, but there was clearly a limit to earning time on vacation. However, he cannot run away to hide his youthful state.

    So it was much better to stay in the Imperial Castle as a prince like this. It will be easier to find the culprit who cursed him,

    "your Majesty. Isn't it more comfortable than ten days of hiding?"

    "huh. I will become a person who has children even when I'm at your age. Besides, even the death of a lover becomes trash left unattended.”

    Persilion replied nervously. It was quite sharp and sarcastic, but speaking in the form of a child, it only looked prickly, so I bit my mouth and held back my laughter. Then all of a sudden I got an enlightenment like a lightning bolt.

    “It’s because of Princess Seryl!”

    “...why does that name come up all of a sudden?”

    Persilion's eyebrows flicked upwards. But I couldn't control my happy smile, so I faced his gaze with a smile.

    Currently, Princess Seryl left for the death of the Federation Kingdom, and it took quite a while to return to the Empire. She even returns after spending almost a year there, as her original husband, the Marquis of Spade, also went there.

    By that time, the feelings of the two were already completely connected, but...

    Persilion had her childhood anecdotes similar to that of her Seryl, so she felt sympathy for her, which was the reason for her liking for her princess.

    “If she comes back, she might ask for help.”

    Although the current most suspicious target is Archduke Diffke, who has the highest power among nobles, Seryl is also a daughter of the duke, so can you help?

    I opened my eyes with anticipation, but Persilion just shook his head and spoke.

    “……Don’t bring that child in.”

    That Airi! How in the world could there be such a sweet title?! When I sold Perceryl, everyone said that they took the drug, and the people around me felt sorry for how they were juiced! These are real, real!

    My stock is going crazy! Looking at Persilion with excited eyes, he shouted inwardly. Let's all follow along! Young car, zero car, young car.......

    “By the way, it’s been a while before Seryl comes back, but are you saying that it hasn’t been resolved until then?”

    “He, he, could it be?”

    “Until then, if I don’t get back to where I was, only your neck knows how to get on a boat and go to the sea.”

    Whatever it is, I have a deadline on my life right now...
    Episode 5

    When Prince Perry appeared, many people in the Hwangseong were busy, including Millard.

    Millard was the emperor's only escort knight. If it were an emperor, he thought he would have to have a guard in units of several dozen people, but it is said that he did not need an escort because Persilion was such a strong wizard.

    However, the emperor was cursed and young, and while he was hiding the fact, he couldn't afford to recruit an escort, so only Millard had to be vigilant.

    But now that Prince Perry's existence has been revealed, he begged for more escorts.

    "Your Majesty. We have to add more escorts.”

    “Your ability is your paternal nephew.”

    “Your Majesty will now go out to public in the state of His Majesty the Crown Prince, so you have to be careful. I worry too much to keep His Majesty safe on my own.”

    However, despite Millard's request, Persilion was not pleased.

    He was a person who wouldn't let anyone near his body, so even the escort Laura didn't seem to want anyone close.

    I called out to Millard, clenching his fists, beware of his vigilance.

    “Don’t worry, Sir Millard! I will stand by your side to protect Your Majesty!”

    “……Take a look at the knights of gancha.”

    "Yes, I understand."

    And as soon as I spoke, Persilion's permission order fell like a sword.

    Millard bowed his head to him, then glanced at me with a glance of thanks.

    Perhaps he thought that I was helping him by saying that on purpose.

    I was thinking of correcting him as a mistake, but I thought that if I corrected it, I would be miserable, so I just smiled quietly.

    In any case, for this reason, Millard was very busy recruiting Prince Perry's Guards.

    In the meantime, I was going to continue the quest to search the Hwangseong Fortress with Persilion, but the quest was suspended due to a sudden event.

    It was the door at the welcome ceremony for Prince Perry.

    The interest of the nobles for the descendants of Emperor Persilion, who suddenly appeared now, was very high. Although requests for audiences from the nobles continued to pour in to Hwangseong, there was a limit to meeting like that.

    At first, En Persilion refused to apply for an audience, but in fact, he could not avoid meeting with the nobles forever.

    It was only when Persilion was an adult that he was able to survive even if he collided with the nobles because he was a magician with a formidable ability.

    However, the current Prince Perry was a four-year-old who had not awakened his mana. So he didn't know that he might be attacked if he made a mistake.

    Although there is a document with the emperor's seal stating that all powers are delegated to Prince Perry, in fact, this part was certainly not acceptable to the aristocrats as well as the people of the empire.

    As it is known externally, Prince Perry is a kid who grew up outside the imperial castle. How much does he know about state affairs?

    So he had to properly establish a relationship with them before taking a position wholly contrary to the emperor's documents at the nobility council.

    So Prince Perry reluctantly allowed some nobles to attend, but there were so many nobles interested in him that he could not meet them all.

    Therefore, it was natural for all the nobles to agree to the 'welcome ceremony' that Archduke Dipke insisted on.

    He said that the Prince had come to the imperial castle, so he had to welcome him as a faithful servant of the empire and of the imperial castle. My people also decided to hold a festival in the capital to celebrate him.

    However, in fact, the intention of the welcome ceremony was obvious. Rather than welcoming Prince Perry sincerely, it was intended to influence the state affairs by enticing the innocent baby Prince.

    I called this welcome ceremony Regent Deuce 101.

    So far, Archduke Dipke has not officially asked Prince Perry to meet him.

    On the day we met at the Emperor's Greenhouse, I was very nervous about clenching my teeth and preparing to visit her later, but all she had to do was to hold a welcome ceremony at the nobility meeting.

    She wondered if she had other motives that day. She was very suspicious, but there was nothing she could figure out in the present situation. So I had to focus on what I had to do right now.

    “Sir, how about this color?”

    “I think the color red goes well with it.”

    “The color blue is also very good for digestion…”

    “There is no color that doesn’t suit you.”

    He was Prince Perry's general manager for Regent Deuce 101. The welcome ceremony will be held a few days later, but as it is the prince's first official event, he should not be neglected in his dressing up.

    So, now, a large number of people gathered in Prince Perry's room to prepare a welcome costume.

    The designer, who had to make clothes as quickly as possible, was shining behind the prince.

    Prince Perry seemed to have burned the will of a designer because he boasted a dazzling appearance despite being a little boy.

    The designer brought all kinds of fabrics to him, and while he was working hard on the robes, the servants came forward and thought about the direction to decorate.

    Persilion, who was standing on the chair with a dissatisfied expression on his face, pushed the high-grade industrial complex in front of him, and the servants discussed it eagerly.

    “What do you think of Lippi-sama?”

    And they often asked for my opinion. Rumors spread that he was the one who brought the prince to the imperial castle, and the prince carried me with me, so most people treated me as a 'protector'.

    Although it was a situation in which he reluctantly put me by his side after telling Persilion that he had to stay close to me in order to lift the curse, I was gladly treated as the prince's protector.

    “Why don't you tie a ribbon with a simple ball and tie it? No, would a bow tie be cuter?”

    He knelt in front of the chair where Persilion was standing, and looked around the satin around his neck. He flicked his eyes open and spoke to me in a ferocious voice.

    “I don’t want to look cute.”

    “Cuteness is the strongest weapon, Jeonha.”

    Persilion glared at me, but didn't threaten to kill me in a crowded room.

    However, there was an unspoken message conveyed only by those eyes, and I did not give in and hung a bow tie around his neck. The attendants who were with them burst into exclamations saying “Oh my God.”

    Prince Perry reflected in the mirror was truly the pinnacle of cuteness. Her pure white face was as fair as snow, and her splendid blonde hair, the symbol of the imperial family, looked as soft as baby's down. It was the soft, soft hair characteristic of a baby.

    Her eyes like rose petals shone like rubies, and even her lips protruding out of dissatisfaction were so small that they were very cute.

    What's more, it was only natural for everyone in the audience to admire the baby wearing a silver robe and a red bow tie. Cuteness is truly the greatest power.

    If there was a baby angel in the world, it would be like this.

    “Are you treating me like a doll?”

    “You are as beautiful and cute as a doll.”

    But being a fallen angel was a bit of a problem, but I'm getting used to that part now. People around just looked at them with delight, thinking that the baby prince was complaining because of his uncomfortable clothes.

    Persilion really, very, very disliked such gazes, but every time he saw his expression like that, he had no choice but to become more and more happy.

    Is this just a sadistic imagination targeting Choi Ae?

    I couldn't stand it and started decorating the Persilion myself. After removing the bow tie, tying a blue ribbon, and then tying a red one, he tried to tie it with a ball studded with rubies, but he complained of frustration, saying that this was not the case.

    “Not this, not this, not this!”

    Persilion's expression grew even colder as he shouted as he pounded the table like a painter whose artistic soul had been burned. "If you're sane or go away."

    "no. I can't leave until I find the decoration that will brighten up your charge the most!”

    Suddenly, Persilion grabbed my collar, or, more accurately, the collar, and pulled me in. Of course, the power of the baby couldn't lead me, so I bowed my head.

    Persilion softly pierced my ear.

    “I don’t want to cry because it’s a scene from your prophecy.”

    "Majesty. Again, cuteness is a powerful weapon.”

    “How many times do I have to say I don’t want that?”

    I whispered to him in a low voice at the same time.

    “Hey, please reconsider just once. Cuteness stimulates the protective instinct, which is said to increase survivability. When humans see cute little animals, don't they instinctively want to protect them? Your Majesty, elephants love humans and will not harm humans unless humans first threaten them. It's cute, so I'm trying to protect her!"

    “...So what is condensation?”

    “Currently, nobles are turning their lights on to wield their majesty and become regent. By capturing those who are about to rush like hyenas with cuteness, he will keep the throne strong, and conquer the entire continent beyond this empire!”

    "Get out!"

    As I suddenly spoke with a serious face, Persilion, who had been quietly listening, finally shouted.

    He lashed out at me by throwing bow ties displayed on the table at me, and I heard ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah when I wasn't sick.

    Soon, the Persilion, exhausted from the intense movement, let out a breathy sound. “You, you have that mouth problem!” "I'm sorry, Jieunha. I only spit out the truth."

    “Is habitual nonsense serious?”

    “Ah, I did study political science.”


    Persilion's expression turned into absurdity in response to my answer, but I took advantage of the gap between him and put a cat-shaped hairpin to his head. It was because Persilion was just like a golden kitten.

    By the way, is there anyone who has come with such cute ornaments to adorn the prince?

    Baby long but he's still the prince of the empire? In the imperial castle where the emperor was absent, the most powerful person was the prince.

    Is there anyone who brought a hairpin like this to such a powerful person as a decoration candidate? I immediately questioned who had brought this hairpin, and one of the attendants carefully raised his hand.

    And I put her thumb up towards her, and she nodded her head with her serious face. It's the first time we've seen each other, but a strong bond has developed.

    And in this warm situation, Persilion threw the pin he had placed in his head and shouted.

    “Both of you go!”
    Episode 6

    Regent Deuce 101 was held.

    It was the first official event held in the Imperial Palace since Prince Perry appeared.

    The users of the imperial castle prepared a very splendid welcome party as if trying to cover the emperor's vacancy for the past ten days.

    It was a short time, but Millard saved three more with the Prince's escort. They also showed their faces to Persilion, but Persilion was in fact still disliked.

    Perhaps as he grew younger, he said, 'It seemed that he was dissatisfied with being in a position where he had to be protected.

    But one way or another, he was a four-year-old baby who couldn't even use magic now, so it was true that he needed an escort.

    The banquet hall was gorgeous. Golden flags embroidered in red with the Ekehard Empire pattern were hung on the columns, and the chandelier in the center of the ceiling shone as if hundreds of opal pieces were glued together.

    With the large chandelier as the focal point, lights were attached like petals around it. It was said that it was a decoration using magic artifacts.

    In a word, it was a welcome party with money poured in.

    Among the nobles, if there was an aristocratic society that checked the imperial power, there were those who were loyal to the empire and the imperial castle. They planned to hold a grand welcome ceremony for the prince, even to prove that the imperial power is still alive.

    In a way, the nobles were also the ones who wanted the welcome party to go well.

    They only intend to lure the innocent baby prince out of the welcome party and become regent.

    If only the prince could wield it, it would be better to have a higher power. So they would see today just how easy the prince was, and the loyalists would glare at them with concern.

    "Majesty. How about finding some loyalists to keep close by at the party tonight?”


    "Ah, don't do that. It's not bad to establish relationships with some of the nobles in order to understand the situation."

    Persilion was the Emperor of the Infantile Solitary Under Heaven. He grew up very well on his own, and he was extremely reluctant to have someone by his side, so he had never had close aristocrats until now.

    If it was close to nobles, there was Lizai or Seryl of the Duke's family, but it was only close to Seryl, but it had a subtle relationship with the Duke. He was deeply rooted in human distrust.

    Even then, he was able to survive on his own with his magic skills, but now the situation has changed.

    I persuaded Persilion gently. Anyway, since Regent Deuce 101 is open to the public, it wasn't too bad to take advantage of that opportunity and find out if it's okay or not.

    But Persilion only rolled his eyes at my actions.

    “I feel more ashamed of the nobles who are loyal to their children.”


    "And you're not asking to find such a person, shouldn't you be looking for a cursed medium?"

    “First of all, if you gather loyalists and solidify your position as a prince, wouldn’t the search be easier?”

    “It’s done.”

    At my imposing words, Persilion sighed and shook his head. Somehow, he seemed to be wondering whether it was a really good choice for me to invite him to the Imperial Castle.

    But now you can't even throw me away. Millard has been busy lately, so I'm halfway living as Persilion's throne, and the Prophet Lippi is known as Prince Perry's protector, so I couldn't get rid of it.

    There are rumors that the ability of the prophet Lippi might be great enough to be with the prince, but there was a chance that he would be at a disadvantage if he removed his closest aide.

    So, finally tonight, Prince Perry appeared in the banquet hall with the Prophet Lippi.

    On the pedestal where the emperor's chair was originally placed, there was a baby chair. Although there is no front stand, the chair legs were very long, so it was high enough to look down on the nobles who approached in front.

    All the nobles approached Prince Perry and bowed in turn.

    “Great prosperity to Ekehart.”

    Currently, Prince Perry is wearing a splendid robe the designer made all night a few days ago.

    An elegant pattern was embroidered in golden gold over a silver satin, and a red drapery was placed in front of it. The shirt collar was tied with an opal-studded ball, and the ribbon was red.

    In fact, the clothes are too flashy for a baby to wear, but Prince Perry surprisingly managed to digest them.

    Even the chair he sat in was gorgeous, and in all the circumstances, Prince Perry's face was the most unique, and he even harmoniously encompassed all the elements.

    “We have prepared a simple gift to welcome His Majesty to the Imperial Palace.”

    “It happened. Today is not my birthday, nor it is a national holiday.”

    “It’s just a small welcome gift.” “A small thing is the beginning of a favor. If you truly welcome me, oh, let me take care of you while my father is away.”

    Prince Perry's face was wrinkled mercilessly when he spoke the word 'father' for a moment, but he politely refused the gifts of the nobles.

    I thought I would say no for fear of getting another rattle, but it was a very euphemistic bribe.

    I don't know if it's because he's a baby, so he's especially wary of bribes, or if it's because of his unwavering distrust of humans.

    Thanks to this, the nobles gathered in one side of the venue and talked and praised Prince Perry.

    “The future of the empire will be bright if the Crown Prince will grow up like this.”

    "Yes. I can already see the temperament of Seong-gun.”

    Prince Perry was already Eckhart 21, Emperor Persilion, who was called a tyrant, and no one knew that he was in charge of the future of the empire.

    I was a little wary of the young prince's surprisingly mature and intelligent voice, but the general atmosphere of the chairman was warm.

    Then, finally, someone approached Prince Perry. At today's party, he was the most eye-catching figure after the prince.

    “Finally, I greet you formally, Your Majesty.”

    It was Archduke Dipke von Dideus. She was surprised by the dark-colored three-piece suit, and she suited us so well.

    Dressed neatly in clothes that added to her unique intimidation, she bowed her head in front of Prince Perry.

    Although Prince Perry has never had a noble by her side until now, it was already expected that someone would appear among the nobles to act as regent. Because a four-year-old couldn't do everything.

    And the most likely candidate for regency was Archduke Deepke. If I were to express it, should I call it an aristocratic pick?

    “I apologize for not being polite the other day.”

    “……It’s okay. Don’t make up your mind.”

    A graceful smile spread across Archduke Deepke's lips as he saw Prince Perry answering with a slightly stiff face.

    “How burdensome it must be for you to suddenly carry a heavy load, Jeon Ha. His mother's absence alone must have been very heartbreaking, but his father, Your Majesty, has also left here...”


    “If it is too much for you, please tell me anytime, Your Majesty. I am not your family.”

    The Archduke said in a more friendly voice. That's right, Deepke was the Emperor's sister, so she was part of Prince Perry's family.

    It doesn't look like a family relationship at all, but I've been trying to figure out the relationship between the two. “Is that your aunt…”

    I muttered quietly behind the chair, but Persilion glanced at me to see if he heard it. Everyone else didn't hear and seemed to stop listening.

    He raised his eyebrows briefly, then smiled broadly as he looked at my archduke. He said with a cute, cute, harmless little child's smile.

    “Thank you, aunt and grandmother. But because I know, I’ll try it.”

    The prince's lips hardened. “That… Thank you for calling me so friendly, Your Majesty. If you just say a word at any time, this aunt and grandmother will do her best to help.”

    “It’s very reassuring, Aunt and Grandma. But my father heard that from her aunt and grandmother. If you survive and get tired, stand alone. The only thing you can claim is precious blood, so use it well.”

    “……” “And don’t you ever tell me that if I don’t grow strong, I won’t be able to survive?

    Prince Perry laughed bashfully. I felt that breathing difficulties would come in the glance between the two, which seemed to be the case with other nobles as well.

    In the end, the Grand Duke burst out laughing ha ha ha ha staccato. Then he barely uttered words to the Crown Prince that he would do very well, and then bowed his head and retreated.

    As she moved away from her podium, the people around her let out a sigh.

    No nobles came to say hello to Prince Perry for more than 10 minutes, thanks to a huge nervous battle. Everyone seemed to be watching.

    Persilion, who suddenly got time to rest, leaned back on her chair and let out a sigh.

    The baby's body was drooping, drooping, and exhaling boo-woo-woo, and it looked like it was the second time in his life.

    In a way, it's the 2nd time in my life...

    “When I see the Grand Duke, I get excited.” "Then look at me, Your Majesty."

    “When I see you, my head hurts.”

    Persilion gave a serious expression of boredom. I found a nearby attendant and asked him to bring me some cool lemonade, and immediately put a straw over it and handed it to him.

    Persilion was briefly impressed by the presence of her straw, but as she didn't have the energy to get her body up and straighten her posture, she eventually drank the drink from her side.

    Then, for a moment, there was a commotion. She noticed something was wrong with Millard's conversation with one of the escorts, and Persilion glanced at it and gestured for her to come closer.

    Millard is usually quite calm, but he seems to be trying to find out the cause of the problem.

    "Muson's fuss?"

    “Ah, that’s… It is said that one of the knights who was chosen as an escort fell down the stairs on the way to look outside and injured his leg. So, even though I told him to just go back, I dared to escort his Majesty…”

    “You are very loyal.”

    As Persilion reacted harshly, a knight who followed Millard bowed his head in front of him and shouted.

    “I just sprained his ankle a little. Please give me the honor of defending Your Majesty to the end!”

    It was a word full of loyalty, but somehow Persilion's expression on hearing it was subtle.

    I wonder if human distrust also shines here?

    “You, do you change your sword? It’s different from what you see during the day.”

    "......Yes? It is the same sword as before.”

    The knight stuttered his words slightly. I was puzzled by Persilion's words, so I looked at the knight's sword, but couldn't find any difference from the previous one.

    Meanwhile, Persilion said, 'Is that so?' After saying that, he averted his gaze. He did not give orders to go back, so he was allowed to continue escorting.

    The knight shouted thanks, and Persilion only replied that it was noisy.

    As he was about to ask what was going on because his expression was still strange, a nobleman approached Persilion.

    A little while ago, Archduke Dipke swept away and the nobles could no longer approach him, but now it seems that the break is over.

    “Say it! I would like to congratulate you on your return to Hwangseong in good health!”

    The man who introduced himself as Viscount Gulmovera knelt down and said in a desperate voice.

    “How hard it was to live outside the castle! You lost your mother and entered the Imperial Castle, but your Majesty left the child behind. How can you have such a heartless father?”


    "You can call me Father if it's okay with your Majesty!"

    Oh... A person who bought a KTX one-way ticket to the underworld appeared.
    Episode 7

    In front of Persilion, he said, 'You criticize Emperor Zira, your heartless father. Besides, he even told him he could call himself his father.

    Recently, while working as a left assistant next to Persilion, I saw many names of nobles, but seeing that the Gulmovera family was unfamiliar, he was certainly not a capital noble.

    He probably lived far away from the imperial capital, and hastened to the news that the emperor is now absent and a four-year-old prince has become the owner of the imperial castle. He had a bloated dream that he would be able to become a regent if he could entice a child well.

    In the harsh system of Ekehardt's version of Regent Deuce 101, such children end up being edited in the beginning without leaving their names.

    I prayed to him that it was not his life to be edited.

    “I, too, grew up in the indifference of his father as a child. Therefore, I sympathize with Your Majesty more deeply than anyone else!”

    “...it happened. Go away.”

    It seems that he clenched his teeth slightly, but Viscount Gulmo Vera began to speak more earnestly, as if he did not feel any threat to his life.

    “Speak up. There are many ugly rumors surrounding His Majesty the Emperor. He is a heartless man who knows nothing but slaughter, without blood or tears, so how can he not worry about His Majesty? I will stand firm like a tree and protect your majesty. Like a tree that won’t break even when a typhoon comes!”

    Thump, I heard a sound. It was the sound of Persilion jumping off the chair all of a sudden. The chair's legs were as high as Prince Perry's, and as he jumped, there was a noise.

    While all the nobles looked at the place, Persilion was furious and called out to Millard next to him.

    “Give me your sword!”

    Millard panicked at the tremendous shouting and handed the scabbard to Persilion.

    It was only when I heard those words that I realized that Persilion had set out to edit the life of Viscount Gulmovera.

    I was genuinely surprised, but there was one problem. Prince Perry was only a four-year-old baby.

    The baby had a limit to wielding the sword used by an adult knight, and the situation that appeared was...

    -Gee-gig, Queek.

    Persilion, unable to hold a long sword, dragged his sword towards the Viscount. He shouldn't be laughing, but he felt like he was about to burst, so he bit his lip.

    Prince Perry, who finally went down to the bottom of the stairs, was Viscount Gulmovera.

    threw the sword in front of It seemed that I could not take it out by myself until I carried it all the way.

    Panting, Prince Perry said in an angry voice.

    “Take out your sword! And behead yourself!”

    are you genius?

    I admired myself and gave a standing ovation, but in fact, the atmosphere around me was subtle, unlike my laughter.

    Even if it was a baby, it seemed quite shocking to see the kid throw a sword and behead himself.

    It seems that the words, 'After all, the father and the son.......' came out of the quiet conversation around him.

    While my gaze flickered towards it, Persilion continued to swear.

    “How is it different from insulting my father in front of me?”

    “I, my lord! Not that way!”

    “If your words sound like that, if you are too stupid to expect that, you should just shut up! The use of your head seems to be absurd, so cut off your head!”

    It was a wonderful conversation, but the point of separation was that he was angry in the form of a baby.

    Moreover, the gaze of the aristocrats is gradually turning into concern, and this should not be the case. I cautiously approached Persilion.

    His anger was fully understood, and he was actually frivolous, but he couldn't splatter his blood in this place.

    “Your Majesty, should I see blood on a fine day like today?”

    “The author insulted me, no, my father.”

    It was a curse that I didn't know it was in front of the main body, but even if I didn't know it was the main body, I was definitely reckless.

    No matter how frantic he is to lure the innocent prince, he tells Prince Perry, who is in the position of his son, the bad reputation of his father, the emperor.

    Even if the words of Viscount Glemovera were rumors that were widely spread around the world, caution was needed as to where and to whom they were told.

    “But my lord. It is not a good idea to look rough in a place where everyone gathers to welcome your Highness. Show your generosity and forgive me only once.”

    Standing next to the growling Prince Perry, he cast 'Let's hold on to it once, let's watch it for once.' He took a deep breath and looked at me, and I nodded his head firmly.

    In the meantime, Viscount Gulmovera was begging for forgiveness, banging her head on the floor with a pale complexion right now, as if she had been stamped in hell. Fortunately, he seemed to have come to his senses only after seeing the sword.

    But still, the Viscount was remorseful, and he feared that he would not punish him, so it could affect the emperor's power in the future.

    So I bowed my head and whispered something in Persilion's ear. He frowned for a moment, but then he frowned as if he really liked what I said.

    In a situation in which the eyes of the nobles were already full, Prince Perry said to the Viscount.

    “Yeah, I can’t see blood on my garton today. I will save you.”

    “Gam, thank you! Thank you...!” “Instead, are you going to say ‘Dog-meong’ at the end of every word in pain? Then everyone will know if what you are saying is bullshit.”

    Seeing the Viscount with a blank face, Prince Perry smiled. He had a smile like a saint, as if he was showing great generosity.

    “Where are you going to try it?”

    “Yes, yes? However......."

    "Did you not hear what I said? After all, your head is useless. A useless head should be removed from your neck."

    Prince Perry glanced at the sword placed in front of the Viscount, and in the end the Viscount had no choice but to bow his head with a weeping face.

    “I, Your Majesty’s mercy… I express my gratitude, Mong… Mong Mong.”

    “Hmm, doggy doesn’t suit you?”

    “Are you taking orders?!”

    "Dogs are cute when they're useless. Would you say gossip?"


    Wanting to deny the situation, the Viscount pretended not to hear properly. Prince Perry said with a gentle smile in front of him.

    “Do it.”

    “Wow, wow…”

    It was an angel-like face and words that were not.

    The nobility roared in the direction of the new punishment. They were at a loss as to how to react to this cute, terrifying, slapstick punishment.

    Looking at each other, only vague glances blew, Prince Perry told them.

    “Listen to all the other clans gathered here. When talking to Viscount Afro Glmovera, if he doesn't say 'War', tell me."

    The aristocrats who hesitated finally said, 'Yes, His Majesty. and took the order.

    Afterwards, Persilion looked at me and I gave him a double thumbs up. It was like a certain celebrity raised their thumb at the awards ceremony.

    At that exaggerated action, Persilion seemed to have lost his teeth, and then bowed his eyebrows with a sound, and then he burst into laughter first.

    Soon, Persilion moved to the balcony saying that the president was frustrated and needed to get some fresh air.

    Of course I followed him, followed by the escort.

    But I was alone with him on the balcony, and the knights encamped outside the curtains.

    “Can I not go outside?”

    become If you are alone, the family will surely come.”

    Last time he yelled at me, 'Get out!', so I thought it would happen again this time, but I got a surprisingly generous reply. Excited, my eyes lit up and I shouted.

    “You are protecting me!”

    “I can’t believe it. Can't you just say something else in front of your family?"

    “I am loyal to Your Majesty.”

    “Loyalty is Muson, I am by my side with my life.”

    Having said that, Persilion quickly turned his head away. Somehow, his words seemed to refer to extremely objective facts, but there was a self-helping aspect.

    I thought I'd say no to him, but he was honestly right, so he quietly asked. Even if they claimed that they were truly loyal to Persilion for a few days, there was no credibility.

    And, as he said, if other nobles tried to kidnap me and kill me, I wouldn't even be able to talk about him.

    In his own way, Persilion was my favorite line in the novel, so I wanted to keep the secret, but if he tortured me, he wasn't confident he wouldn't open his mouth.

    I did not deny his words, even with empty words, so Persilion looked at me for a moment as if it was absurd, but in the end he looked up at the moon in the night sky without saying anything.

    It's obviously a baby's cute back, but it smells like the second time in her life again.

    Just then, behind the curtains, the chaos of the banquet hall was heard little by little. Perhaps he was talking about what Prince Perry had just done.

    I've only encountered the battle of nuntu in the Imperial Palace, but today was the first time I've ever experienced it with real skin.

    I felt it when I met the Archduke last time in Seon-hwang's glass greenhouse, but if it was a trial version then, today is an expansion pack.

    The nobles paid attention to every action Prince Perry was doing, and his gaze changed. The movement to check the imperial power is considerable. I heard it, but I didn't expect it to be so blatant.

    Prince Perry is said to be responding well so far, but it was clear that this would consume considerable mental power.

    In the days of Persilion, he had a shield of magic, but now there were only a few escorts who could truly protect him.

    He was a human unbeliever, so even his escorts would not believe him. He seems to trust Millard from the way he treats him, but...

    In any case, it was a really great mental power to hold on to the throne by talking to the nobles in order not to give up the emperor's power even in such a weakened situation.

    For some reason, Persilion became timid and spoke to him in a friendly voice.

    “You must be very tired, Your Majesty.”

    “If you solve the curse quickly, you will not be so tired.”

    "...Ah, because the future is still dark... Even if I can't solve the curse right now, I can massage your shoulder!"

    “It’s done.”

    Persilion coldly refused. However, he was quite tired, so he frowned and eventually yawned.

    Returning to the baby's state, Persilion felt tired easily. Not only did his body become smaller, but his spirit remained the same, but he was tired even more quickly because he was a baby.

    The last time he was in full swing, he fell asleep on a chair and bought the cuteness of all the attendants.

    Slowly the night was getting deeper, and it was time for him to sleep. At times like this, he really felt like a baby, so I called him like an adult.

    "your Majesty. Would you like to go back to sleep now?”

    “Class to leave early at the welcome ceremony.”

    “Isn’t Prince Perry a baby? Everyone will understand. So, come on, let's go get some coco."

    “Don’t rush the baby.”

    I thought it was too much of a baby, so without realizing it, a smell of coco came out. As I shut my mouth with a sigh and a sound, Persilion looked at me, but his eyes

    Even his power was being released.

    He was obviously sleepy too. I smiled and politely told him to go to the bedroom now.

    "If it's hard to walk, I'll pick you up."

    “Are you disrespectful?” “I am polite.”

    “It’s a disrespectful look.”

    But Persilion put my hand away and walked out of his balcony. I rushed out after him and told Millard, who was standing in front of him, to go back to bed now.

    At that moment, Persilion looked at us for a moment, and at that moment, his expression hardened.

    Where his gaze stopped, there was a knight who said he had injured his ankle a while ago.

    “You, that sword...!” knife? I looked down at the knight's sword curiously, and found that the white jewel embedded in the sword's handle was shining dangerously red.
    Episode 8

    Time passed slowly. Suddenly, the sound of the whole area became silent as if cut off, and the surrounding atmosphere vibrated with a very high-frequency sound. At the end of the piercing air tensioning the nape of his neck.

    - Kwagwagwang! At the same time as the sound of an explosion hitting my ear, I heard Persilion's cry.


    But at that moment, I instinctively moved. The distance between the knight and Persilion was close, and he was the area of influence of the explosion. Even if an adult jumped, it was close, but it was a distance that a baby could never avoid.

    If the baby looked at me and shouted to avoid me, I wouldn't believe it at all. I immediately shouted 'Your Majesty!' and ran to him and hugged him.

    With my ears rolling on the floor, 'What a stupid ......!' I heard a whistle, but I did not let Persilion go to the end.



    The explosion didn't stop all at once. Three explosions followed in a row, and screams were heard from all over the banquet hall.

    The only thing caught up was around the balcony, but everyone was busy running away.

    “Turn it off……”

    I was swept away by the aftermath of the explosion and rolled four or five laps enough. In movies and TV shows, saving someone in danger usually happens casually and nicely, but I couldn't.

    He lay on the floor and only moaned. The back of his clothes was on fire, so his back was very sore. When I rolled in that state, my back was throbbing and my whole body was scratched.

    Persilion hurriedly got out of my arms and looked at my back in anger.

    "Are you crazy? I want to give it a go, so I fantasize about it?!"

    But even as he did so, Persilion hurriedly shouted to bring water and towels. The servants, who had managed to come to their senses, first moved to take action.

    But before the servant knelt next to me and wiped the blood, Persilion moved first. He patted the towel on my back with a very radical gesture.

    I wondered if I was being scolded now, or if he was baptizing with water so as not to lose consciousness.

    “Lungs, Your Majesty…!”

    And then Millard came running. He also looked very embarrassed and shocked, but first, he informed Persilion of the situation.

    The cause of the explosion was, as Persilion pointed out a while ago, the jewel of the sword handle the escort knight was wearing.

    Judging from the size of the explosion, the probability of it being an explosion artifact is high, and it is said that the knight was swept away by the explosion and died instantly.

    Persilion said with a hard expression on his face.

    “...the knight goes out for a while and picks it up. And he sprained his ankle on the way back and picked it up.”

    "Yes, it is."

    “Perhaps someone wrote the numbers back then. Maybe he had mind-manipulating magic on it.”

    If he could only use magic, he would have figured it out right away. Millard said to Persilion, who had a cold face, with a sinful expression.

    "sorry. All are my faults. Whatever punishment you give me, I will accept it sweetly.”

    “How do you know that your mind has been manipulated in the middle? And take no time to punish you in the current situation. Also, everyone knows that it will be more uncomfortable if you are upset, but it is deception to ask for punishment without correcting it.”

    Persilion blinked for help with the current situation, and Millard nodded firmly. In the meantime, I looked around for a moment.

    The explosion occurred only near the balcony, and there were no other casualties. As Persilion went out to the balcony, the escort knights were standing there to prevent anyone from coming over it.

    Fortunately, the damage was small, but this clearly pointed to a different purpose. The mind manipulation on Prince Perry's escort knight, and his changed sword and explosion artifacts.

    Someone must have tried to kill the prince.

    I was so shocked by that fact.

    This is the place where the prince's welcome party is held, and although I called it Regent Deuce 101, such a playful nickname was nothing compared to the current situation.

    However, Persilion reacted bluntly even though he knew that there was someone trying to kill him on a day like today. Such a threat to life, like someone who is too familiar with someone's murderous intentions.

    “……I have never seen such a strange person as you.”

    Persilion tapped the wet towel on my back again. I was nervous about why I had to run away from him because he threatened his life and was caught in a dangerous situation.

    I pondered for a moment at his words, and finally laughed out loud.

    He said, “I must have believed that Your Majesty could not die.”

    “Is that what Muson has to do with it?”

    “Your Majesty is not going to die in the explosion, but in that situation, if I run away alone, wouldn’t my head be cut off in the future? So, it was calculated that the threat of death that would occur if the charge was not saved was greater than the threat of death from an explosion. I am a very calculating person.”

    Persilion looked at me as if it were a different kind of thing, but in the end, he only silently wiped away the blood of my body. Even though I said I would do it, he didn't hand over the towel to me in the end.


    “I’ll take your worries.”

    “...you should have hurt your mouth.”

    * * *

    The Prince's welcome party ended in chaos.

    The nobles all returned after a brief investigation, and the wounded were treated directly at the Imperial Palace.

    The magicians of the tower came and analyzed the explosion site, but they could not figure out how the artifact was brought into the banquet hall and who wrote the number.

    Hwangseong was confused. Because of the need to protect Prince Perry, the guards of the imperial castle were strengthened, and a knight was laid out in front of the palace where he was staying.

    But in reality, Millard was the only one standing right in front of Prince Perry's room. This is because Prince Perry left only him as his escort, and all others were bitten.

    People were concerned, but I saw no choice. Inside the imperial castle, even at the prince's welcome party, his life was threatened.

    In other words, Hwangseong was not safe either.

    The night was deep. It was time to go to sleep, but while each of them wandered around the Imperial Castle with tension and vigilance, I broke into Persilion's room. This was also agreed upon with Millard.

    “Your Majesty, let’s sleep together.”

    “Are you crazy?”

    Persilion's sincere sympathy at my cruel words. But I did not back down.

    “We still do not know the route that the explosion artifact was brought in to the Imperial Castle, but until it is revealed, why not be careful? If anything happens, I must run away with Your Majesty immediately.”

    “Don’t rush the baby.”

    “It is only the worst fact, Your Majesty. There is a limit to the ability to escape as a baby. Outside, Sir Millard guards, and I have to be on the inside just in case something goes wrong. Sir Millard agreed.”

    “I lost my consent.”

    “Ah, Your Majesty has no voting rights.”

    "Get out!"

    Persilion relentlessly wrinkled her face and threw her pillow at my fresh answer. But if I throw an object with a baby's body, it just settles in my arms.

    I said thank you for allowing me to sleep with that pillow.

    “Don’t worry, Your Majesty! It's been running fine since then. Didn't you quickly rescue your Majesty a few hours ago?"

    “And I got hurt.”

    “Hey, he’s not dead.” "You...!"

    “If you get hurt, your Majesty will somehow heal you again.”

    As I laughed out loud, Persilion put on a tired, sweet expression. When the wizards came from the tower a while ago, Persilion had ordered me to heal my wounds immediately rather than search the site.

    They must have come because of the explosion, and they suddenly seemed embarrassed to have to treat someone, but Prince Perry was outraged and shouted if he couldn't hear what he was saying, and in the end, three people joined me and treated me.

    Thanks to that, I am in a completely better state now.

    In fact, the wounds I suffered at that time were not fatal, so there was no need for three people to stick together, but it was nice to get rid of the pain quickly. I am curious,

    “You roll your body like that and you die.”

    “I will only roll until I die. And anyway, it was already known to the nobles that Prince Perry and the Prophet Lippi were a set. Rumors are circulating that I may have secret powers, but if your Majesty is in a dangerous situation, won't I be in danger with you? Maybe I'll get slapped first."

    "So I'll get some reliable escorts from Sir Millard, the only one I trust."

    Persilion's mouth shut at my words. As if saying that I might be in danger had given him any realization, he remained silent and eventually turned his head away.

    It was a tacit affirmation.

    Actually, I wasn't really worried about my life itself. I just heard it as a reason why Persilion couldn't kick me out, and it worked pretty well.

    And again, the reason I had to come... was because I was worried about Persilion.

    Rather than the danger that faced him, I was more concerned with the man who suffered murder on a day like today. And even in that situation, he seemed so used to it, because he felt sorry for him at first glance.

    So I put on a playful smile and walked over to his bedside. Prince Perry used the emperor's bedroom as it was, so it was actually a very large bed for a baby.

    “I will sleep next to you holding my hand. In fact, once I fall asleep, I tend to fall asleep.”

    “Then, aren’t you coming to protect me? I have to wake you up.”

    “Yes, I would appreciate it, but… is of course a joke! If you can feel the popularity right next to you, it's good. So, first of all, if His Majesty, who sleeps well, wakes up and waves his hand, I will wake up and run!”

    Persilion's expression was quite complicated at my desperate cry. It seemed like admiration for how he could make such a sound so proudly.

    “…But how can I be a light sleeper, Arachi?”

    “Oh, that’s… Aren’t you usually sensitive to sounds? So I guessed it, and I'm glad I got it right!"

    I actually saw it in a novel. Persilion is a light sleeper, so it can be easily awakened by the rustling of something.

    At the time, I thought it was just a setting to show the sensitive nature of the character, but looking back now, it seems to be because of the threats he has suffered countless times.

    Because he was the only one who could protect him in the Imperial Castle.

    I dragged the sofa to the side of the bed. Persilion, who saw it, said curiously.

    “Why are you bringing that?”

    “I will sleep here. I'll reach out to the bed, just hold my hand

    Give it to me.”

    “You are really….”

    After putting the sofa completely close to the bed, I turned off all the lights in the room. And while I was lingering on the sofa with the pillow Persilion had thrown at me, I suddenly heard his voice.

    “……Will you come up?”


    “It sounds like you grew up in bed. It's big anyway."

    “...I, I am a body that keeps chastity, Pyeha.”

    “If you’re going to say something like that, then just leave.”

    In fact, I was genuinely embarrassed when I told him to go up to bed. Fidelity was just a word that came out of surprise, and I was surprised that Persilion, who was very wary and had a great personality due to human distrust, gave it away.

    Not only did Persilion not trust people, he had only one escort, but he didn't like contact with people either.

    After a moment's hesitation, I cautiously climbed onto the bed. A capitalist laugh erupted from the comfort of the bed, which was far more comfy than the sofa.

    Persilion looked at me quite strangely, but I smiled and extended my hand to him. Even though I was lying next to him, the bed was too big, so I had to stretch out my arms far away.

    “Hold my hand.”

    “...Isn't it enough to be this close? If it gets dangerous, I will wake you up, so your hands are free.”

    However, he gained a bed, but lost Persilion's hand. It was a pity that I felt like I had heard of an insidious intention of wanting to hold the little baby's hand, but I did not withdraw my hand.

    Even under the moonlight, Persilion's wrinkled impression was clearly visible.

    “Because I didn’t catch it.”

    “I just put it next to me to make it easier to wake up. Or, if you have a nightmare, you can catch it.”

    "Like a baby again!"

    He smiled at Persilion, staring at me from the side.

    "Isn't that straw?" "Hold onto me anytime."
    Episode 9

    2. Approaching movement

    After the welcome ceremony, Hwangseong was cluttered by the explosion, while there was an atmosphere of complete acceptance of Prince Perry.

    When Prince Perry first appeared, everyone was surprised and anxious. I was surprised to hear that 21-year-old Ekehard, who was rumored to be a tyrant, suddenly had a child, and then worried that a four-year-old prince became the owner of the imperial castle.

    Even though Persilion was the owner of the blood-stained throne, it was because he kept the empire safe with his excellent magic skills.

    So, he was anxious about his absence, but the appearance of Prince Perry at the welcome ceremony reassured the nobles.

    He was well behaved, and without taking bribes, he responded skillfully to Abu. He is sitting like a baby, but he clearly exudes the dignity of an imperial family.

    And since he did not run away from the commotion caused by the explosion and went to the rescue himself, it was only natural that the favorable feelings towards Prince Perry would increase.

    So, after the welcome ceremony, more prestigious and powerful nobles than before began to visit the prince.

    At the welcome ceremony, they greeted the prince, observed the prince, and came to him after deciding that it was worth waiting in line.

    This made Persilion busier, and even caused problems in unexpected ways.

    “Who is the next nobleman to come?” “The Count Martians and his wife, the chicken.”

    “Don’t laugh.”

    “I didn’t laugh, hehehe, it was.”

    As much as I couldn't control my laughter, Persilion's forehead was also wrinkled without mercy. As for what happened to this situation, if you look back on the background right in front of you, you will find the answer right away.

    After the welcome ceremony, Prince Perry passed the 'standards' of the nobility in his own way.

    If Prince Perry's lack of appearance was noticed during the welcome ceremony, the nobles would somehow use that as an excuse to drive out the prince by taking advantage of the emperor's absence.

    However, with his appearance at the welcome ceremony, Prince Perry had crossed a kind of gateway. The nobles who wanted to line up for the prince put forward an act as if it was natural.

    Historically, 'marriage' is the most representative method for powerful people to establish a relationship.

    Prince Perry was still only four years old, so even if he didn't want to get married right away, there was a line of nobles coming to get his wife engaged.

    And I was doing an extreme challenge in this situation. From the first audience, I wondered what was going on because a certain nobleman brought a little boy in, but the nobleman laughed.

    'Maybe they'll be a really good pair with His Majesty the Prince, heh heh!

    shouted out It was then that I realized the purpose of the nobility, and from that point on, the Laughter Containment Challenge began.

    At that time, I was biting my lip tightly, but as soon as the nobleman left, I had to cut off his knee and make a squeak, squeak, chuck, squeak, and Persilion tried to pinch my lip with a very displeased face.

    And the request for such a meeting did not end once. After that, and then again! The nobles brought a child who was about to start walking and brought it in front of Persilion.

    After experiencing it a few times, I am now able to tolerate laughter well, but the fact that it is funny has not changed.

    Persilion held her audience list and glanced at her smiling me, shaking her head flutteringly.

    “Nevertheless, Earl Martians is a person who has risen from the Imperial Knights to the position of vice-leader in the past, so could he be of any help in this case?”

    “One of Archduke Deepke’s vassals.”

    “I can’t help.”

    This incident referred to an explosion that occurred during the welcome ceremony.

    Persilion immediately went to search for the criminal from that day, but the knight with an explosive around his waist was dead, and she had no idea who she had encountered outside.

    There were too many people gathered for the welcome ceremony, and the guards were not enough, so it was natural.

    The guards are divided into the knights who protect the wide path of the imperial family and the escorts that protect the imperial family from close.

    The Persilion was so strong that in the first place, the people around him could not even approach him, so there was no need for a Guard.

    But he can't use magic now, so he hastened to save three people during this welcome ceremony.

    However, one of them was engulfed in the explosion, so the search near the banquet hall was impossible. This is because he was in charge of the outside search in the first place.

    Although the problem occurred because there were too few people, Millard felt a deep sense of responsibility for the work of the day and was trying to form a full-fledged Guard as a means of reflection.

    At that time, there was a commotion while looking for a knight in a hurry, so this time, he went through a rigorous entrance exam to select the knights.

    Persilion did not like the increase of the Guards, but he finally accepted the fact that he could not protect himself during the explosion, so he finally allowed the reinforcements.

    Millard was busy with this message, and as Prince Perry's protector, I met the nobles who came with him.

    Upon receiving the chief's report that the Earl of Martians would be arriving soon, I laughed and said:

    “The girl you are coming with this time is said to be five years old, Your Majesty.”

    “I don’t want to know.”

    “I don’t know what the world will be like, so take it seriously.”

    “Aren’t I crazy if I take it seriously? The opponent is five years old!”

    “You are older than your majesty.”

    “Get hurt!”

    I think I said shut up in anger, but why does it sound like a curse to get hurt? Maybe even leaking pronunciation is a big picture?

    While I was seriously thinking about it, Persilion leaned back on her chair with a sigh, feeling exhausted from being angry all at once.

    “If you’re going to keep talking nonsense, then go in and rest.”

    “I am very healthy, Your Majesty.”

    In fact, those words were often said by Persilion today, and he said that the wounds from the explosion cannot heal in a day or two, so go in and get some recuperation.

    The argument was that even if the wounds were healed with magic, the wounds could not be completely healed.

    But I got really, surprisingly, perfectly fine. Although it wasn't a fatal wound in the first place, the wound itself was quite large.

    Persilion looked unbelievable, but I raised my arms and said I was fine.

    “Your Majesty, you are secretly overprotecting me.”

    “It’s noisy, so I’ll let it go.”

    I decided to ignore the truth I didn't want to know. As I pretended I didn't hear it and just smiled softly, Persilion sighed with a more weary face, then when he heard a knock on the living room door, he immediately straightened his posture and asked me to come in.

    I should be teased every time, but in fact, whenever Persilion adjusts his posture like this, honestly, I thought that a series of situations were unavoidable.

    Although it was very funny to see the little girls face-to-face, the process of the incoming little girl falling in love with Prince Perry was perfectly understandable. “Great prosperity to Ekehart.”

    When the door to the drawing room opens, a kid enters with a nobleman. They put their hands together and bowed in a polite manner in their own way, and when they raised their heads like that, the faces of the children facing Prince Perry were usually consistent.

    “Thank you for coming here. It must be hard work to come a long way.”

    Sitting on a high chair and talking relaxedly, with dignity, and especially the 'face' played a part.

    Persilion boasted beauty even in her little form, so it was quite natural for a young girl to fall in love at first sight.

    With her head up, looking at the little boy with her blushing face, the little boy was cute and happy inside.

    So, how should I express this? Should I call it the feeling of sending a child out of a meeting place?

    I whispered quietly into Persilion's ear with a proud feeling.

    “Your Majesty, I fell in love with this little girl as well.”

    “I said I didn’t want to know.”

    Persilion hated it and waved her hand. She gestured as if she were chasing flies away, but she said more, and her lips must have been pinched, so she backed quietly.

    Soon after, the Earl of Marshawns approached and began to speak. Even so, they did not act like the nobles of the past, trying to bribe them.

    The appearance at the welcome ceremony was great, or I was worried about the chaos afterwards. Or, etc... A very normal conversation continued.

    Persilion seemed pretty fortunate to have this conversation, but our girl, Daisy (her 5 years old, following her dad and meeting her first love), seemed very dissatisfied.

    At first, when the Count introduced himself, he smiled shyly, but when the topic of conversation changed, he tried to draw attention somehow.

    Twisting her hair in two ponytails, and deliberately moving her legs. I bumped into a table and said 'Ouch!' also made a sound.

    Considering the actions of the other little girls so far trying to attack Prince Perry, it was a calm and reminiscent attitude.

    However, the cold Prince Perry did not give him a single glance, and Daisy's obsession grew more and more intense.

    When refreshments were served, Daisy finally tried to get Prince Perry's attention. He took an almond cookie and a chocolate cookie and said loudly to himself, 'Which one is better?', and he ignored my reply, 'The chocolate cookie is delicious.'

    Still, Prince Perry did not respond, so he pointedly pointed at him and asked.

    “His Majesty the Prince! Which cookie is better?”

    “...anything stays.”

    “Wow, Your Majesty will tell you otherwise, you will not be able to eat.”

    It was a cute question, but it was an aegyo that didn't work for Prince Perry at all.

    Count Marshawns, who was sitting next to him, was embarrassed and smiled and tried to stop his little boy, but the indomitable Daisy was already preoccupied with talking to Prince Perry somehow.

    In the end, Persilion told her to eat chocolate cookies with a tired expression on her face, but Daisy, who had a bright expression on her face in response, broke the cookie in half and handed it to the prince. A smile when bashing was a bonus.

    The action was very cute, but I don't know if Persilion didn't like her child in the first place or hit the iron wall, but she quickly turned her head to ignore it.

    And that kind of action inevitably broke the heart of five-year-old Daisy,


    Cast Cookie Toss of Fury!

    Suddenly, as soon as he saw the cookie flying towards Persilion, he reflexively stretched out his hand.

    In fact, he did not expect to catch it and thought he would be happy to just block it, so he held out his hand, and an unexpected stunt was performed.

    The cookie settled in my hand.


    Daisy [Title: Cookie Pitcher of Wrath] [Lv. 5]'s attack power was lower than expected, so it was caught in his hand.

    Count Martians, who had been contemplating at the sudden novelty, was surprised, Daisy was surprised, and Persilion was also surprised.

    I pretended to be calm and held out my hand to Persilion. “The customer sent it over there.”

    Immediately, Persilion looked at me with a puzzled expression.
    Episode 10

    It was a bit heartbreaking to hear that my eyes were conveyed intact, and my efforts to evoke the atmosphere were ignored at best, but I calmly put it on a bowl on the table.

    Meanwhile, Earl Martians should not do this while holding on to Daisy. He begged not to do this, and glanced at Prince Perry's eyes. The act of punishing Viscount Gulmo Vera at the welcome ceremony seemed to instill some fear.

    “I’m sorry, Your Majesty……! My girlfriend is still immature, so blame me!”

    “Of course it is.”

    "Yes, yes...?"

    “Does the little one understand? Before entering this space, I did not pay attention in advance, and I did not take a good look at it when I brought a small child to use it. Everyone should read a book.”

    At Prince Perry's calm and sinful attitude, Count Martians' faces grew tired of each other.

    He was trembling as if he was genuinely afraid that he would get a 'wal-wal' as a footer, and began to release special information such as that he was running the top store recently and that he had a lot to talk about.

    But Prince Perry seemed unwilling to hear any more, and swung his hand up and blocked him.

    For a moment, Daisy was startled by the action, but the prince only glanced at the child, but did not say anything to the child, looked straight at the Count Martians and said,

    “You are responsible, and tell the family not to bring a child to this parlor because it hurts.”

    "Yes.........?" “If there is a family who brings a baby here again today on this holiday, the earl’s neck will fly off like a cookie.”

    "Ugh! Oh, I see, my lord!”

    With a gentle smile, Earl Martianz nodded his head coldly at the prince's words.

    It was an accident of throwing a cookie in the face of the prince, but in any case, the act of harming the body of the royal family could be punished enough.

    “Thank you for your generous generosity...!”

    So the Count bowed again and hurriedly took Daisy with him and withdrew. The gloomy cookie pitcher's last glance was faint, but the cold Prince Perry did not look at the girl until the end.

    Only after the drawing room door closed did Persilion lean back into her chair with a long sigh. He muttered, pressing his brow furrowed as if the situation a while ago was very absurd.

    “From now on, cookies should be unified as one.”

    “I like chocolate cookies.”

    “You are…”

    As I replied coldly, Persilion looked at me with cold eyes. For some reason, it felt like those eyes would blow me away like a chocolate cookie, but I pretended not to know and smiled mischievously.

    “Still, you didn’t raise your voice to the little girl until the end, but it was wonderful!”

    Even today, Persilion has been courted by quite a few little girls. Everyone was a torchbearer to get his attention, so there were a few commotions as before.

    Of course, Daisy is the first kid to throw a cookie in his face...

    Anyway, I thought that there were quite a few things that could touch his patience in his own way, but Persilion hardened for an instant.

    He even reduced the ferocious look to Daisy, who had noticed a while ago. Earl Martians stared coldly, but he didn't say much to the cookie pitcher.

    I asked with that in mind.

    “Have you ever been kind to Daisy?”

    "I'm not a scum to feel for kids."

    Oh...... I was genuinely admiring it, and it made me reflect on myself a little bit. With a somewhat somber expression on his face, Persilion spoke in a sullen tone.

    “A little child doesn’t know yet, so it can be. Maybe… I grew up being loved so much that I wouldn’t be able to act like that.”

    His voice was quite dry, but there was a sense of separation as if he was talking about a very low-key kind. Persilion stared silently at the place where Daisy had been sitting before, where she had just been sitting.

    Most of the aristocrats who brought a woman's wife today were helpless in front of their children. Although he had brought him here with the intention of tying with Prince Perry, the eyes of the child were still full of love.

    Persilion murmured quietly, pondering over it.

    “If you hear that you can do something that you shouldn’t be doing rather than being told that you can do it…”

    For a moment, Persilion shuddered like a self-talk, and eventually turned his head away as if nothing had happened. His childhood, which I do not know in detail, seemed to bring back certain memories.

    His childhood is not well addressed in the novel. It was just that Princess Seryl and her childhood were similar, so they could share those feelings, so they got closer, and only the description came out that they were a passionate relationship.

    And Seryl's childhood was very miserable. His mother died early, and she grew up in the duke's family, under the spotlight. Sheryl had to be careful in everything, and he kept his body down.

    Eventually, he showed off his genius in swordsmanship and became the next head of the duke family, but Seryl often remembered the past. And if it's a Persilion similar to that past...

    I used to juice from hell because the relationship between the two of them was good, but seeing Persilion reminiscent of the past in front of me felt strange.

    It is because complex emotions were shown on his face that cannot be explained with just one word, 'sadness'.

    I finally cried out loudly, clenching both of her hands into fists.

    "Majesty! Your Majesty, you can do anything! Throw cookies too! You can throw it further!”

    He spoke with a sullen attitude, like a character from a hot-blooded boy cartoon. He also picked up a bowl of cookies that was placed on the table, Daisy, a cookie pitcher, and handed it to Persilion.

    He smiled for a moment as if he was bewildered at the look in his eyes that told him to throw it away. It seemed that he was seeing more and more smiles from Persilion, so he felt proud. Still, I'm the one in charge of his laughter, so this is it!

    “Can I do whatever you want?”


    “Then do you want to close your mouth? Noisy."

    I naturally shut my mouth at the sound of a voice full of sincerity. How am I supposed to react like this just because I joked with the kid a few times? No, of course, I made fun of you a few times!!

    Persilion raised his eyebrows and said as he was making his lips completely disappear by closing his lips in an unjust mind.

    “If you keep it close, you will find out the curse, so leave it alone, right? I can't seem to find it at all even if I'm right next to it."

    “No, no, I’m working on it! But because the curse medium is so well hidden…!”

    “Are you going to go out and find it yourself?”

    It turns out that the penalty for failing the Laughter Containment Challenge is expulsion.

    * * *

    Really kicked out of the drawing room.

    He asked Persilion how he could let me go, and now he grieved over who could catch the cookies flying to his Majesty, but only received a colder expulsion order.

    No matter how much I think about it, it seems that the next nobleman I will meet will also bring a four-year-old girl, but I decided to pretend to be sad for the time being.

    It is impossible to inherit the nobles who have already accepted the audience request today.

    Instead of letting me go, Persilion brought in the escort knight who had been waiting outside the drawing room. She sighed alone as she looked at the completely closed door.

    She took one step and looked back, took two steps and looked back, and when she took three steps, she just looked forward and walked.

    She had been neglecting the Imperial Treasure Hunt quest these days, so she needed to get around.

    So, just as I had just walked four steps to try to find it, a man came out of the corner of the hallway.

    “Miss Lippi, I have something to tell you!” It was the Earl of Martians who was exiled before me. As I was looking at him with surprised eyes, did he begin to narrate his circumstances with a genuinely earnest expression on his face?

    “Actually, there was something I wanted to give to Your Majesty, but I couldn’t because I was in a hurry to leave. So could Miss Lippi deliver it for you?"

    Yes? If that's the case, aren't there many other ways? As I was bewildered, Earl Martians crept out of his bosom and handed it to me. Daisy did not appear to have been sent elsewhere.

    I looked at the documents in my hand with a puzzled look. It was full of information about articles recommended by the Count.

    The news of the recruitment of Prince Perry's Guards spread, and it seemed that he had gathered this information on purpose.

    However, most of the aristocratic sons filled the list. While I was quietly looking at the documents, I took the attitude that Count Martians should consider it, referring to the story of how he once worked for the Imperial Knights.

    Still, I didn't respond, so I thought I'd take a quick look around, then whispered to me carefully.

    "Actually... Your Highness Grand Duke told me to give it to you."

    "........Yes? That, Archduke Deepke?”

    “Yes, that’s right! He said that it would be helpful to His Majesty, and he ordered it to be delivered. Haha, after all, don't you think that you are the only blood relative?"

    In front of Earl Martians, who burst out laughing out loud, I only had a shaky smile. It is because it is a scene of solicitation and recruitment corruption even if you look at it while rolling forward.

    Is it true that Archduke Difke von Dideus deliberately moved Count Martian's to give Persilion the documents he was trying to deliver? The person most suspected of being the culprit of the current curse is the Archduke...

    As I was looking down at the papers with a slightly unsettling eye, I wondered if the Earl of Martian's was coughing loudly... In a secretive manner, he held out a small box to me.

    Then I opened the box, and inside was a bracelet studded with jewels.

    “Sapphire. I thought it would go well with Miss Lippi, so I brought it.”

    Count Martians laughed, saying that he saw that my eyes were blue during the welcome ceremony, so he noticed it and prepared it with sapphire on purpose.

    As I stared at him, he smiled and held the box closer again.

    “Isn’t it all Ms. Liffey who helps the Prince adjust to the Imperial Palace? So, I'm just giving this as a sign of wishing you all the best in the future, haha. Everyone is loyal.”

    Even if you look at it while rolling backwards, it's a bribe. There was a reason why they didn't have to upload the documents separately and wanted to pass it on to Prince Perry through 'I'. I am the only person Prince Perry has by his side.

    I wonder if I will fall for such a bribe! I said, 'Heh, what do you see people as!' He looked at Earl Martians with the same eyes and said.

    “I will make sure that this document is delivered safely to the High Majesty.”

    The papers were just the right thickness to hold.

    * * *

    While making friends with Count Martians, Persilion met the next nobleman.

    For some reason, the little girl who was with him looked very tired as if he had done something else, but I smiled and approached him and said,

    “I took that bribe, Your Majesty.”


    “The Earl of Martians, who had just left, asked me to hand over this document to His Majesty, and he bribed me like this.”

    Persilion's expression became very strange as Sapphire showed a bracelet the size of a thumb and said. He said with a frown on his face.

    “Is there no shame in taking a bribe?”

    “It’s a sin to hide, am I being honest? Count Martianz handed me the bracelet with this intention! It is to be dedicated to His Majesty.”

    “…dedicated to me?”

    Persilion raised his eyebrows in amazement, and I laughed and shouted loudly.

    "Yes! After that, your Majesty can give this as a reward to me, who has spoken frankly.”

    "......" Persilion touched his forehead with a face twice as tired as before.
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