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    I don't think so, but it would reach in the near future, I suppose. This may be an indication. The Skills attached to a Myth-rated Item can be Levelled Up. They are essentially like the real Skills. The Items like Legendary (Transcendent) Rated [Beriache's Underclothing] might be an exception (Blood Master Lv. 1).

    So if Kraugel's White Tiger's Skills are as strong as Yangbans' White Tiger's Breath, then the Sword is either about to be a Myth, or has already become a Myth. For example, see the difference between Fly Up Skill, one from the Legendary-rated and another from the Myth-rated [Red Phoenix Bow].
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    If Kraugel is a true transcendent then he gained it based on his own efforts, while Grid had the boost of Chiyo's blessing to unlock it?

    Also was the chapter more clear on the connection between transcendency and super sensitivity when it comes to reaction speeds? It's mentioned that they are the same, but super sensitivity is higher ranked. That means Kraugel won't improve his reaction speeds by becoming a transcendent. However, the phrasing seems like this hierarchy might just be Kraugel's opinion.

    If they were separate skills, then Kraugel's reaction speed would skyrocket with both super sensitivity and transcendency combined.

    Overall, this coming week is going to have some really exciting chapters it seems. I'm looking forward to this arc a lot as Grid revisits Mir! I wonder if he or Kraugel will defeat him -- or if Grid will convince the honorable Mir to join him!
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    Rings a bell?
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    I used that helmet all the time and i did exactly that
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    Why do I feel now that Kraugel has made his own swordsmanship he will give the matchless heart technique to Grid.
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    He already has it...
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    Grid already has the [Matchless Heart Technique]. He learnt the Technique directly from the Sword Saint Biban, along with Mercedes who learnt the Technique because of her [Keen Insight], after the [9th's Test].

    The Original Version of [Matchless Heart Swordsmanship] was developed by the 2nd Sword Saint Biban. The Original Version consists of [Matchless Heart Technique] and [Swordsmanship Techniques] similar to [Supreme Swordsmanship]. This can be fully utilized if you have [Sword Energy] Resource.

    Piaro acquired the Original Version of [Matchless Heart Swordsmanship] (i.e. Biban's Swordsmanship) after he learnt the [Matchless Heart Technique] from Mercedes at Grid's order. He then Transformed it into his Farming Skill: [Matchless Heart Farming] which uses the [Natural/Pure Energy] Resource instead of [Sword Energy]. Later on, after the Dantalion Raid in Hell, he probably acquired a part of [Muller's Swordsmanship] (i.e. Modified Version of Matchless Heart Swordsmanship which uses the Incomplete Mixture of Fighting Energy + Sword Energy).

    Kraugel has acquired many Hidden Pieces of [Sword Saint] Class which includes the [Muller's Swordsmanship], but hasn't learnt them.
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    Wait a minute if if dantalian knowledge fragment leveled up all Grid skills, dosent this means his divinity also leveled up?, i think it went unnoticed
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    Maybe the Sword Saint Grid would come out in the next, or next to next Chapter?!

    Behold the Power of Kraugel's Charity and Grid's 12th Epic!
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    I don't know if he has used it yet, I might have skipped past it but I don't think he has.
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    4 finest gems and 39 best gems.
    Jewels that cannot be dare to discuss the value with common sense of the general public.
    The rare treasures that should have decorated the great nation's national treasures and the emperor's crown are scattered in Elizabeth's workshop.
    Broken things are commonplace, and some are even powdered.
    It was a sight that would remain fainted if the administrator Rabbit witnessed it.
    But she wasn't guilty of Elizabeth. She had only joy in her face.
    'this...! Maybe this can be successful...!’
    It will never happen again.
    Accessories commissioned by a suspicious genius boy.
    The imaginary product created by the family that came to mind in the process of making only seven accessories had an incomparable value to that of the emperor's casket.
    Elizabeth was only her personal thoughts... so she was honestly scared, but at this moment Elizabeth took away all her fears.
    If she did damage to the grid, she would somehow break up her heart, which she was insecure.
    I have to.
    She created a piece of a permanent engine that absorbs mana from the atmosphere and replaces it with energy.
    Although it was still only a few, and even though it was completed, it had the disadvantage that the size of the institution was too large...
    That alone was enough to glimpse the infinite possibilities.
    Elizabeth sensed the birth of a super-sized flying ship that would sail through the skies of Temred, the warships that would take over the ocean, and the birth of a horse that would lay the foundation for domination of the continent.
    A notification popped up in her shivering field of view.
    [You are approaching the creation of'absurd artifacts'.]
    [We haven't produced any results yet, but the fact that we have established a theory deserves a name in history.]
    [Your <craftsmanship> is raised to the level of a master master in recognition of your first achievement in hundreds of years since Archmage'Fould'.]
    Master craftsmanship.
    This means that the production success rate of permanent institutions that are currently being produced will increase.
    However, the part to be pleased now was not the achievements before our eyes, but the rise of potential.
    Having achieved the level of craftsmanship up to the master level means that you have obtained the qualifications to become a legend.
    It's not fluttering.
    The great blacksmith Khan actually proved it.
    “Kak, kak ah! Awesome... uh, huh"
    Excited and unsure of what to do, Eli Javes suddenly felt a sense of incongruity.
    My first achievement since the foul?
    It can't be.
    It is not me who established the theory of a permanent institution, but the genius boy I met a while ago.
    Elizabeth's spine was creepy.
    This day.
    There was an emergency in the shadow group of Tamsok.
    Still, a lot of Assassins were put in to watch Inferno.
    It was Tae, but he was even ordered to search for Lich, who is believed to be a foul.
    “Changes mission priority to foul tracking.”
    Information that Fould resurrected as Agnus' Lich.
    In the past, Crowzel delivered it through the grid.
    This means that Agnus has or is likely to acquire a permanent organ; Faker and the Temporal Shadow had to find it and destroy it.
    The nobles did not recognize it. No, I did not understand even though I knew it.
    Seeing the madman stabbing his sword in the empty air, he wondered what he was doing.
    Only when the sword that penetrated the air vigorously stretched and wrapped around one's own body or the body of a colleague and joined them, the ‘uh...?’ She felt a goose bump on her skin.
    I understand that it is too late at the latest.
    At this moment, the yangban who were exposed to incomprehension were no different from the beombu (凡夫) they had hated.
    A cold weapon that bends like a whip and wraps around the bodies of the nobles.
    Is that really a sword, when Crowzel has a question.
    Between you!!
    The small blades of the intangible sword were twisted.
    The 30 joints moved in the reverse direction to change the angle of the blade.
    The blades, which rose sharply like saw blades or thorns, tore the skin of the nobles held by the intangible sword and carved them into pieces.
    [I got rid of the noble'Sprout'.]
    [The man's'waves' were destroyed.]
    These are the nobles who have already been seriously injured by Crowzel.
    As they oxidized to gray without a pulse, Grid and Crowzel acquired experience points at the same time.
    Clauzel's level has risen. The momentum also increased.
    After recovering from the elixir of Raidan's alchemy, he was shot like a thunderbolt.
    The connection between the power and the frenzy.
    The bodies of the nobles who stared blankly at the appearances of their co-workers who died vainly suffer.
    The yangban became aware of the good blood that had sprung out of their bodies one step later.
    The Crow Gel, who had already stood behind them, was sticking his sword deep into the sand.
    Heaven and Earth bursting radish.
    The large-scale swordsmanship, which was promoted to the transcendence level of Legendry, destroyed the earth, and the swordsman erupted from the cracks of the cracked earth swept the yangban.
    The elasticity of the grid bursts between the nobles. The sword in his hand was still an intangible sword, who entered the enemy camp that Crowzel had scattered.
    If you use the undefeated king's swordsmanship with the Nakmoon Sword, you can easily cut the necks of the Yangban, but what Grid wants is the performance test of the intangible sword.
    An intangible sword that twists, unfolds, and turns over 30 joints and wraps around the bodies of the nobles.
    Gumro, tumbling like a storm, inspired Krausel.
    The scene created by the Grid, where the original'unprecedented movement of the sword and joking around the two classes, flooded Clauzel's talents.
    Kwajaja's own work!!
    Crowzel's sword revolved repeatedly.
    He followed the sword path of the intangible sword and did not get entangled and disturbed.
    His pincer, which manifested his miraculous talent, inspired Grid this time.
    Crowzel's sword skill increases acceleration by drawing a diagonal line after rotation and then rotating again and again.
    It was giving the intangible sword a better, more sword path.
    Grid heard some hallucinations.
    It was the sound of breaking the limits of imagination.
    Quad Duck!!
    “Oh ah!”
    As a result of the severely injured sprout and water, the three men who joined late were in good shape.
    Nobles are strong, even deadly injuries to humans are not enough to kill Nobles.
    Although he allowed Crowzel's fierce power and frantic sword, he immediately surrounded the spirit of the white tiger and minimized the damage of Heaven and Earth.
    Until then, they had plenty of room to spare.
    Until the guy who killed the sprout and the wave with a weird sword used'Soonbo' and appeared right next to him.
    'This guy, rumored...!'
    'It is said that Chiwoo's ordeal has passed...!'
    The nobles were not vigilant.
    If you watch the disastrous appearance of your colleagues who died in pieces, it is a chicken head.
    They were attentive from the start, raised their power from the point they allowed Crowzel's surprise attack, and began to resist with all their might when the lead came in with Sunbo.
    However, the problem was that the grid and the Crowzel were stronger than the rumors. Crauzel's sword path suddenly became complicated and it was difficult to respond, and the otherwise complicated grid sword path became faster and difficult to respond.
    'These guys... are getting stronger in real time.'
    The reason why yangbans use Yeongum (軟劍) is because it is easy to slaughter.
    From their point of view, the lightness of the sword wasn't a drawback for them, with the power to kill them unconditionally at the moment they hit the target.
    However, when fighting Clauzel, there was Mir's instruction not to use a kite sword.
    The speed and anomalous properties of a soft sword that take advantage of lightness and elasticity.
    Neither of these works for Clauzel, so it was a teaching to use heavy weapons to defeat them with force.
    And for the nobles, Mir was a special being.
    Is it an idol?
    There was only about Garam half of the sheep who acted against Mir.
    Even though that Garam has been dead for a long time.
    In any case, the yangban took well into Mir's advice.
    He has prepared heavy swords and yam swords in preparation for the battle with Clauzel.
    But, isn't it the only Krausel that's here right now?
    As you keep getting pushed in the speed battle, your body hurts more.
    The yangban had no choice but to blame the heavy weapons.
    Someone would say it was first, and I unwrapped the sword that was wearing it.
    Speed up.
    Taking advantage of the innate physical body, the anomalous attack is carried out.
    The nobles were more focused than ever.
    It's like challenging Chiu's trial
    However, if you can always give the best result just by focusing, it is not a demigod, it is a god.
    Blah blah!!
    Clauzel's sword suddenly became heavier. The momentum of throwing away the rotation and putting it down was like a thunderbolt.
    The elasticity of the sword was exerted. It halved the power of the white tiger sword it encountered and bounced it off. Yangban was absurd.
    It's like you've been able to spend ten years with just stopping one sword.
    In exchange for intercepting the attack, the sight of the man who was trying to counterattack, followed by Krauzel, who is being pursued by his companion, was inclined.
    I thought my neck was hot, but I was in a state of being cut by a sword like a stick of the grid.
    “Oh god damn...”
    Crowzel flexibly responds to changes, and grid adheres to tactics, as if asking what will change if you change.
    Although they are two people with completely different personalities, they are very compatible.
    Their pincers were like cogwheels interlocking indefinitely.
    A huge cogwheel that cannot but be crushed the moment it is sucked in.
    Is it possible to be a comrade who has crossed the line of life together?
    The nobles who swallowed swear words looked back on today's day.
    Wasn't there anything different from usual? Including things like finding your sleeves a little late when getting dressed, stepping on something dirty while walking down the street, or even minor parts like that.
    Probably today, you have been exceptionally bad fortune.
    So, you must have met two monsters side by side.
    It was at the time when the desperate nobles stepped back.
    Shoot it...
    Fortunately, unless it fits in the hot desert, the flag has been pushed.
    Suddenly, the sand that had risen to the sun quickly froze, and parts of the desert turned into ice.
    Grid and Crowzel's backs were creepy.
    [There is no attack that you are not aware of.]
    When the notification window pops up, it's already.
    Grid was twisting his waist with all his might.
    A ray of lightning burned through the hair of the grid caused an explosion in one side of the desert.
    The explosion was also taking place where Crowzel was standing.
    Did you get hit?
    The grid, which I was disgusted with, was soon relieved.
    It was because I could hear Crowzel's harsh breathing through the hazy dust.
    “You have grown up.”
    A new voice was coming from the sky.
    A man with a sword in his hand that scatters visible cold and lightning like a dragon's tail.
    Mir was his identity as he descended with white coats.
    This is the last threshold of hwanguk, making the grid a'challenger'.

    The appearance of Mir changed the atmosphere of the battlefield.
    The frustrated nobles regained their vitality.
    Grid sympathized with them.
    Grid, which has been through many yangbans including Garam, knows the essence of yangban.
    They notice that they believe Mir will save them, but they will die.
    It's about embarrassing the country, and the shame of the nobles.
    The crime that Mir was going to blame them on was full.
    If it were Garam, he would have killed him with a word of curse.
    -There will be a commotion soon. You run away from it.
    The purpose of Grid's visit to Gaya is to check his skills.
    Even though he knew he was going to die, he stepped on the ground again to challenge Mir.
    He was defeated for granted, and he dared to get the help of Clauzel, but if both of them die, that is the last word.
    Crowzel did not respond.
    The turmoil of the grid didn't happen either.
    Mir didn't hurt the nobles, but instead wrapped them around.
    "Oh, God, as God knows, we are beings made to act as angels. But unlike angels, we cannot reincarnate even if we die, and our souls are trapped in hell and suffer forever. Our gods are in a position to fall into hell. We are lost, and the demons of hell don't respect us. Couldn't you pity us like this and save them?"
    “...Do you really need to ask for it? If you kill us, isn't it just that?”
    “Because I know that if God decides to hurt my colleagues, I can't keep it.”
    From the day we first met, Mir, who saw the identity of the grid at a glance.
    His eyes were truly outstanding.
    He was accurately grasping the current skills of the grid, which had grown rapidly and returned from hell.
    The grid was going to get goosebumps.
    But he did not express it and said firmly.
    “I want to dry the seeds of Yangban.”
    I am sincere, not bluff or provocation.
    People who have stronger power than humans but despise humans.
    There is nothing to benefit from keeping them alive.
    "I'll kill them and I'll die too."
    The eyes of the proclaiming grid subsided coldly.
    The nobles swallowed dry saliva, and Mir looked sad.
    “Is that so. It's my honest feeling that I want to turn God's mind with a better offer, but... Unfortunately, I don't have the right to do so. I have to do my best to fight and keep it.”
    Mir's right arm loses shape and blurs.
    The Blue Dragon was swung.
    The Transcendence of the Grid has been activated.
    When Mir appeared, the god hands, who immediately pulled out the shield, blocked her lightning.
    I didn't stop watching.
    Luckily, the lightning just fell into the path of the hand.
    It was a fortune that occurred because of the irregular rotation of God's hand.
    The grid that lifted his sword prevented Mir's attack from flying like an island battle.
    Noe, Randy, and Temokgol who appeared as if they were waiting, attacked Mir from left and right.
    The intangible sword interlocked with the blue dragon twisted the joint. Like a vine, he climbed the blue dragon island and grabbed the sword and stretched.
    Puff Puff Puff Puff!!
    The rain fell from the sky.
    The number of arms that responded to the summons was more than usual, whether the call after a long time was welcome.
    But everything was futile.
    Noe, Randy, and Tempulgol's surprise attack was in vain because they couldn't penetrate the flag of Mir's veil.
    The Blue Dragon easily removed the intangible sword, and thousands of weapons poured from the sky were blocked by the thick earthly barriers caused by Mir or swept away by the waves of thunderstorms.
    Most of the armaments of the unique level or higher have penetrated the barriers of the earth, and some have gone through the waves of thunderbolts, but have not inflicted such a wound on Mir's solid body in a white tiger posture.
    'The more I look at the fact that it deals with the power of the reaper perfectly, the more it is a fraud.
    Mir, who had already learned the power of the reaper long ago, was not affected by the liberated Jujak and Hyunmu.
    In addition, the growth rate of named NPCs exceeds that of high-rankers.
    He is an ultra-named NPC who dreams of being a god, and Mir is.
    While the grid grew, of course he also grew.
    Of course, the growth rate of the grid was much more dominant.
    After loosening the white tiger's posture and swinging the blue dragon, the chest of the grid floated in Ben Mir's eyes.
    He pulled a new sword in his left hand and swung his dual sword in a clumsy motion, so he wanted something, but he cut his back.
    300,000 troops submerged sword.
    It is the best male and female in existence.
    'I missed the sword for a while. It's amazing swordsmanship.'
    Mir admired purely.
    Grid regretted it.
    'It was shallow.'
    Unless you have mastered the Ido-ryu mastery at a high level, the double-headed sword is discharged.
    It does not demonstrate its power.
    As the weapon is treated as a secondary weapon, its power is halved.
    There was also a penalty in the power of the skill.
    That's why the sleeping sword didn't show its power.
    But the grid knows.
    The fact that the submerged sword would not have crossed Mir if it had not induce disturbance by using a twin sword in an instant.
    Because the targets for a stealth sword are limited to'substantial targets'.
    Grid swallowed a scream.
    It is because the blue dragon, who pushed him through his breastplate, changed his trajectory and drew a diagonal line, and his thigh was cut wide.
    He suffered more than 20,000 damage, so the wound was frozen and the physical condition was abnormal.
    The movement was sluggish.
    When he fought the other day, Mir, who overpowered the grid with only the power of the reaper, was now thoroughly using the weapon effects of the Blue Dragon.
    'If it's a harvest, it's a harvest.'
    From the beginning, Mir made my heartfelt heart to me, and he injured even a little.
    Compared to when we first met, it proves that we have grown tremendously.
    But I am not satisfied at all.
    'He said he risked his life.'
    Wouldn't it make sense to bring one arm in order?
    A grid with intangible swords and selfless swords retrieved and new swords drawn.
    Cold moonlight fluttered from his fingertips.
    It is the emergence of the Nakmoon Sword.
    It's not just the flashy and high coefficient skills that are strong.
    Sometimes, the simpler the skill, the more powerful there are moments.
    Now was the time.
    Instant (close to) sword dance used at very close range.
    It is even a geommu that is used as a nak-moon sword that'must cut the object'.
    This is not Mir, even if the god of war comes
    It was an unavoidable blow, Grid confidently said.
    In fact, for the first time, there was a change in Mir's expression.
    I'm sorry!
    His arm fell off.
    It was Mir's arm.
    The unfortunate fact is that the arm of the grid was also cut off.
    'XX counter...'
    The situation is worse than you think.
    Mir has been fighting back by giving her left arm instead of his right arm holding the blue dragon, while Grid lost his right arm, which was holding his sword.
    Because of that, Nakwolgeom fell to the floor.
    There are no weapons on the grid right now.
    Yeomryong Sword played an active part.
    The Yumryongsword, who was assisting the grid by moving with God's hands holding the shield, quickly judged and blocked Mir's attack, connecting a follow-up hit to the grid.
    Then, using the reaction of the collision, it was sucked into the left hand of the grid and settled.
    “You have a lot of amazing new things.”
    "Heo-eok, heo-eok... You don't think that losing an arm is an adornment?"
    Grid ridiculed the appearance of Mir reviving his arms by operating the aura of Jujak.
    Mir's face still had a wound that was cut by Grid a few months ago.
    "Please understand."
    Mir responds, who lightly stopped Crowzel's surprise attack.
    "It's impossible to achieve my wish with one arm, so I can't help it."
    “No Crowzel! What did you do without running away!!”
    It was enough to accept her death after trying to do her best.
    But the damn thing, Crowzel did not run away, but rather invaded the battle.
    Only then die both.
    It doesn't fit the purpose.
    Crowzel, who stood at the front to give the grid time to recover, said calmly.
    “I do not know the retreat.”
    In fact, even here in Gaya alone, I have run away hundreds of times... but I don't want to run away from the grid.
    How much more to leave the grid and run alone? I'd rather die.
    This is a matter of pride rather than efficiency or loyalty.
    Crowzel and Grid scream at him, swallowing his heart and trying to fight.
    Mir was interested in the comedy.
    “I've felt it from before, but the relationship between the two is unusual. Does God intend to make the sword castle of the world a lion?”
    “Not that, we are.”
    Grid and Crowzel replied at the same time.
    “It’s a friend.”
    "It's a competitor."
    Different answers.
    Mir's still smiling head tilted,
    Grid and Crowzel spoke at the same time.
    “It’s a rival.”
    "It's a friend."
    “…Haha, is it?”
    It's a pair that goes well together.
    Mir thought so.
    She continued, and she felt regret.
    If she had little greed of Garam.
    If Pagma wasn't good enough.
    Wouldn't they have said that by my side by now?
    “As a courtesy, I'll send you two good friends.”
    Mir caused a brain energy. Unprecedentedly powerful energy was released and the frozen desert shook.
    -Do you want to run quickly even now?
    -Do you think I will turn my back with the enemy in front of me?
    -No, I can't win anyway, but I don't think even one person has to live.
    -Yes, I can't win.
    Crowzel nodded and put his hand into his arms.
    What he took out was a book of old.
    It was the book of <Double Swordsmanship>, which contains the study of former swordsmen.
    -But it's not me who survives, it's you, Grid.
    I think I also helped the grid a lot.
    However, it is true that they received greater grace.
    The white tiger sword held in this hand is proof.
    “If my swordsmanship doesn’t fit the name of the sword castle, I was wondering if it would have any meaning.”
    [Overgeared God Grid is about to write the twelfth epic.]

    “I was wondering if I would rather put down Gumseong’s seat.”

    [The narrative begins in the desert where you can see the city covered with ice caps in the distance.]

    "But now that I have proved my qualifications, I can accept the previous teachings."

    [He witnessed a noble conviction.]
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    grid should be above a regular swordsaint at the very least because he's a complete hybrid of the previous legends.
    Bruh you're on point about the twelfth epic but it's kinda like acceptance of muller's teaching for kraugel and grid

    Is this what I think what it is?? Continuation of Grids dual swordsmanship?
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    Another Epic, was it finally the time for Kraugel's new swordsmanship?
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    So Elizabeth now acquired the [Mastered Artisan's Craftsmanship]. Meaning, Euphemina is a Master/Craftsman Artisan (Accessories Maker) who has [Master Artisan's Craftsmanship Lv. 10]. There are 4 Levels in every Production and Combat Mastery Skill, each containing 10 Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Craftsman/Master. Having a Mastered Craftsmanship or Combat Mastery Skill makes you Eligible to become a Legend in your Field of Occupation.

    So Elizabeth might become the Legendary Artisan (Legendary Accessories Maker) in the future. It happened after she understood the Theories related to Magic Engine designed by Great Magician Pauld, or is it something else?! From this, it seems that Pauld is the only one with that kind of Knowledge, so this might be related to the 'Absurd Items/Artifacts' that Pauld can create! Maybe Elizabeth would also be able to create them in the future! However, to me, it seems like Pauld has Higher Rated Craftsmanship Skill than Elizabeth. He might even be at the Legendary Level or nearby.

    However, the point is—why did Pauld give something so precious to Elizabeth? Maybe because He and Agnus didn't have the Production Materials to produce the Magical Engine (Arc Reactor), but they could have asked that from Baal? Well, I am sure that Engine's Name would also have the prefix 'Absurd' attached to it.

    I was also like that, but it isn't the [Dual Sword Mastery] Skill!

    It is the [Matchless Swordsmanship (무쌍검법)] of the former Sword Saint. Well, in MTL, it can be translated as 'Twin Sword Skill' or something like that.
    • 무쌍: This means Matchless, Peerless, or Incomparable.
    • 검법: This can be translated as either Swordsmanship or Sword Skill.
    Well, Kraugel now has Legendary (Transcendent) Rated [Swordsmanship Skill], and it has Potential which is above [Muller's Swordsmanship], kinda like [Mumud's Magic] is above [Braham's Enhanced Magic], so he can do some Charity here. Well, the (Transcendent) might show that it is a Pseudo Myth-rated Swordsmanship Skill. As Kraugel has also become a Protagonist of Myth similar to Grid, so he possibly has gained the [Qualification to be a Myth]. Therefore, his Skills should be Growth-type, similar to Mumud and Grid's. Objectively speaking, I think Muller also had Legendary (Transcendent) Rated [Swordsmanship Skill], but not Growth-type. So if [Kraugel's Swordsmanship] has higher Potential than [Muller's Swordsmanship], then the former has to be Growth-type. The other thing is, Potential isn't Power Level, so currently, Kraugel might not be more Powerful than Muller, but he would be in the future. Well, that is a given because he is Player.

    Lastly, for me, Grid is Song Shuhang and Kraugel is Senior White from the Cultivation Chat Group. Grid absorbs everything that is given to him by his Predecessors or someone else, just like Song Shuhang. Meanwhile, Kraugel remains Pure—not carrying the Legacy of Others, and creating his own. But there is also a difference in this notation, Senior White is more Powerful than Song Shuhang, but here: Grid is more Powerful than Kraugel.

    In the end, according to me, Grid's Path is that of a Legendary Successor—who carries the Will and Legacy of many Past Legends. Well, in Overgeared, this is the most Unique Individual because there may have been Pure Legends like Kraugel in the past, but there is no Legendary Hybrid Successor of Grid's Calibre.
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    Conspiracy: Mana reactor kinda sus,
    Is this how agnus gonna play it? We have no resources available so we spread your knowledge let them build it and we gonna robbed them:blobjoy:.
    But Mana reactor for grids army of magic machines:hmm: it can be upgraded with the help of Braham, I do wonder if It's possible to add some external power resource like thunder stone(purified) for boost.
    A passive all weapon dual wielding muller's edition is the best for grid I missed the
    Dual great swords style.
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    All Magic Machines have different Attributes to fight Dragon, on that basis the Small Magic Machines of Overgeared Kingdom can also be modified!

    I am just desperately waiting for the Next Chapter!
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    Elizabeth can become a legend the moment grid hands her the book from the great demon the increases all skill levels by 1
    So this is interesting. Kragual just turned all his skills into legendary (transcendent) rating. And is about to learn millers secret techniques.

    Meanwhile Grid is about to gain a new epic and all the reward that come with it.
    It might be a series of epics of he frees both gods soon
    Like the next one might be in a month. I wonder if this is the moment his class becomes mythical. Just as Kragual becomes a true legend himself, Grid becomes a true myth.

    Also looks like Oasis learned all the 10k -like 90k swordsmanships and is 1 step away from 100k.

    I wonder if he can give Grid some insight
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    When did he learn any after 10,000?
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    I feel like the author has forgotten about the Deity Stat? Or has he not mentioned it on purpose since it would make Grid stronger too fast?