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    Mar 17, 2016
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    Far into the past,
    I lived in a mute world,
    Colorless and soundless
    But it was there that I saw
    The gentle smile of an angel
    Like flames on the wind
    Her hair and wing fluttered during the night

    The angel taught me words
    And her flaming wings filled my world with colors
    I found solace on her words
    And soon new feeling bloomed

    She inspired me to create
    Turning feelings into words
    She helped me to make a house of my own
    And by turning words into art
    We brought our life into our world's

    But even with all those words
    I still can't express
    How thankful I am
    As you inspired me
    And gifted me

    While I did write riddles and poems for works and RPGs before, it was just after I met a certain bird that I started to see poetry and something more than a tool, I saw that poetry in itself may be an end, a form of expressing your thoughts, your feelings a form of art, complex and simple at the same time, there is simply no end to how many meanings may be hidden inside a few lines of letters.

    While I don't have much confidence in the quality of my poetry, our cherished bird has always encouraged me to keep writing and to make a place to gather my poems, I have delayed doing that for quite a long time, but now it has come the time to do it.
    So even if many of my poems lost through the pages of this site here I am doing this, and since I own so much to @Pyoo I decided to open this thread with a poem called {Gratitude} as none of the works stored here would exist if I hadn't met her.
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    Bielt 『Planets Eater』『The Sin of Animosity』

    Mar 17, 2016
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    "Before losing my sight... I saw the beautiful Sunset and the unsightly of the War.
    Before losing my hearing... I heard the serene sound of the sea and the Turbulent sound of the Storm.
    Before losing my sense of smell... I smelled the perfume of Flowers and the stink of Blood
    Before losing my sense of touch... I felt the warmth of Earth and the roughness of the Rocks
    Before losing my sense of taste... I sampled the sweetness of a Bonbon and the salty of Tears
    And when I was locked in the cold darkness of loneliness that I contemplated the cruelest and the most beautiful of all things... A person's Heart"
    Feb 4/17
    Written on @FuRen 's profile

    "I walked through a long road searching, I walked for a long time just to her
    And when I found her the words escaped from me unable to talk unable to comfort her I watched her face under the moonlight
    her beauty was astonishing. But her loneliness was freezing, filling my heart with pain
    It was when the cold wind blew through her hair, that I reached my answer.
    We don't need words.... We just need to be together"
    Feb 4/17
    Written on @FuRen 's profile

    Confusion clouding mind.
    Doubt dulling the senses
    Secret intentions hidden in plain sight.
    Silly emotions blackening the heart
    Whispered words piercing deep like thorns

    Truth, lies, secrets, and emotions mixed together.
    A net of deception ensnaring, binding all that closes in.
    What is real? What is unreal?
    Illusions that captures even their creators into a maze.
    Lost and without directions soon their confusion grows as do the maze.
    What is left if not suffering for those lost within?

    Bright, passionate eyes
    Cannot be hidden by soft smiles
    Quite, tender whispers
    Cannot hide its small whimpers
    Hesitant, careful prodes
    Scared of the effects it might cause
    Hopeful, purposeful pokes
    Prepare for the dominoes' fall

    An illusion of our own making
    A maze to trap ourselves within
    Captured in our own theater play
    And the permanent mask of smiles

    Even as passion burns bright.
    The shadows of the unknown tighten around them
    Even devotion can't see beyond the boundary of the flame light and the other side.
    What happens next?
    What follows the next step?
    The fall is closing in.
    But what will appear?
    Is it hope or is it despair?

    Hollow smiles on the stage,
    Hiding the faces under it.
    The ever-evolving maze,
    An illusion with a mind of its own.
    Like puppets, the actors move,
    As the illusion wishes.
    Feb 24/17
    Written On @Lady Luck 's profile

    In this sea of unknown,
    I sail without route.
    Through the dark of the night,
    And the thick mist I travel.
    Using my feelings as my guide,
    And your smile as my sole light.
    And when the refreshing breeze blows,
    I know that I am on the right route.
    Feb 26/17
    Written on @Lady Luck 's profile

    A Garden,
    A gentle sun.
    The Birds flying freely,
    The Breeze blowing sweetly.
    The scent of the grass,
    The fragrance of the flowers.
    In the heart of the colorful garden,
    In the middle of the colorful flowers.
    A green field,
    There they stay.

    A beautiful flower,
    A bright flower.
    Standing proudly,
    In magnificent beauty.
    Swaying Gently,
    With the soft wind.
    Puffing her petals,
    Her fluffy petals.
    As her alluring Perfume waft,
    She smiles.
    With her bright mind,
    with her gentle heart.
    She Smiles.
    March 17/17
    Written on @Peony 's profile

    A vast expanse forever spreading,
    All its blue magnificence.
    A matchless sight to behold,
    Making us wonder what lies beyond.
    Inspiring us all to sail,
    Searching for the wonders Hidden within.

    Countless ships traveling through the sea,
    Countless dreams, countless nightmares.
    No one knows what is to come,
    The encounters this trip will bring.
    We don't know where this trip will end,
    Nor what our destination is.
    All we know is that we sail,
    To beyond the horizon.

    Aspirations and emotions which turn into dreams,
    Thoughts and worries which become nightmares.
    Ripples that forever echo,
    As waves through this endless sea.
    Soft waves bringing peace,
    Rough waves of uncertain.
    Joys and sorrows which come and go,
    As we sail in this sea of dreams.
    MAy 5/17
    Written on @Siostar 's profile

    Oh, sweet wish,
    A delightful dream.
    I dream as few inches of water
    Start to boil over in the frying pan.
    And I look at the ring mold which lies over a medium fire
    Carefully turning and spooning so it doesn't burn.
    Watching the cup of sugar melting
    Into a beautiful brown.
    As I keep spooning and turning,
    Before letting it cool.

    Oh, alluring wishes,
    Dreams which start to become true.
    Lying inside that bowl,
    The can of condensed milk churns.
    As 14 ounces of milk is poured,
    White strands mix in making a sweet aroma flow.
    Soon 3 eggs fall over in the mix,
    white and yellow gracefully completing each other.
    Vigorously whipping, Carefully Mixing.
    Blending into a smooth and superb cream.

    Oh, bewitching wishes,
    Dreams that slowly takes form.
    A fine cream pour inside a mold,
    Meeting a dazzling brown.
    A Mold placed over the frying pan,
    Encountering the boiling water.
    There they lie, In the middle of the steam waiting,
    It's sweet perfume captive those who are near.
    Baking for an entire hour,
    it's then let off to cool.

    Oh, Tempting wishes,
    Held within.
    Through the dark of the night,
    In the cold of the refrigerator, it awaits.
    Till the sun arrives,
    And it's taken.
    With the help of a knife,
    It is carefully freed from its mold.
    Revealing a Golden magnificence,
    A Piece of Dreams which became Real.
    May 30/17
    Written on @Siostar 's profile

    "Gentle Smiles to warm the heart,
    Kind words to comfort.
    Masks that hide the truth,
    Hollow words without meaning.
    Meaningless kindness from those who don't care,
    Words of piety.
    Which hurt more than the truth."
    May 30/17
    Written on @Siostar 's profile

    n the world where new technologies rise, making it more connected,
    Where information can travel around the planet in an instant.
    The Distances between places shrink,
    And yet we are all so far apart from each other.
    Our families and friends go too far away places,
    And while we can talk and even see them,
    We are unable to touch them unable to feel their warmth.

    Walking through the night
    The silhouettes of the trees swing in the dark
    The cold wind howl with a strange scent
    Only the sounds of her hurried steps resound on the old road
    Breathing roughly she make her steps faster
    As she notices the shadows sneaking between the trees
    Her heart beating fastly as she moves frenetically
    Her mind becoming hazier as she desperately tries to escape

    False smiles,
    Hiding the truth.
    A gaze full of Ill intention,
    From eyes filled with envy.

    Devising, Planning,
    Away from sight.
    Carefully waiting,
    The right moment.

    When you stumble,
    It smirks.
    A stifled laugh,
    Whenever you fail.
    And when you are at your weakest...
    Its poisonous words will consume your heart.

    In my youth,
    I was imprisoned.
    Studies and expectations,
    Burdens over my shoulders.
    Rules and duties,
    Binding me in an endless cycle.

    As I grew up,
    I became wild and unwinding.
    Nothing could bind me,
    As I roomed aimlessly.
    Following no rules,
    Doing only as I wished.

    When I became old,
    I looked past and saw.
    A young who carried the expectations of many,
    Silently drowning in her burdens,
    Till she rebelled against all.
    I saw a person who lives a ruleless life,
    Aimlessly and without reason letting nothing for others,
    Living in constant fear of being held back fleeing from any responsibilities.

    And then I understood.
    What bound me,
    Wasn't the responsibilities,
    Nor the expectations from others,
    It was my own expectations.
    I understood,
    What I had always sought,
    Wasn't be able to travel to where I wished,
    Nor being free of rules or responsibilities,
    It was having a clean mind.

    Lastly, I understood,
    It's not others that bind and imprison us,
    But our own mind.
    And only by accepting ourselves,
    Only by liberating our own hearts,
    We can truly reach freedom.

    Since the first day I met you,
    I knew that you were different.
    We played we laughed and talked,
    Getting to know each other better.
    And without me noticing,
    I started to like you... To love you.
    An impossible love I know,
    Something that may never bear fruits.
    But there isn't even a day on which,
    I don't think about what we could be,
    If only the distance between us wasn't so big,
    Maybe we could meet.

    Not beautiful, nor colorful but with a sublime essence,
    They are born in delicate buds,
    Simply waiting and swaying,
    They soon start to grow and transform,
    Gaining their colors, their Shapes.

    The petals form a flower,
    A flower who start to bloom,
    In a spectacle of exquisite colors and shapes,
    They reach the climax for their short lives.

    As the seasons pass,
    The Petals abandon their buds,
    Falling in a rain of sublime colors,
    Creating a stunning show,
    With their hundreds of hues
    And thousands of patterns,
    As they dance with the wind,
    Heading for their own destination,
    Painting the world with their colors.

    As they touch the ground and wither,
    As fast they were born,
    As fast as the grew and bloomed,
    They die and disappear,
    But even if their time is short,
    Their dazzling colors will forever be remembered,
    By those who witnessed their show,
    By those who were near,
    Their Blooming lives will forever exist....
    In the hearts of their Family and Friends....
    Erstwhile a cheerful girl,
    Working hard for her future.
    Always with a large smile,
    Spreading her optimism around.
    Always giving her all,
    Showing her brightness on her studies.
    But everything started to fall...
    His poisonous words,
    Echoing inside her mind.
    Slowly corruption her thoughts,
    Making her brightness fade...
    Killing her determination, Her will.
    Making her heart hollow.
    Turning her into a lifeless doll,
    Dancing as he pulled the strings.
    She keeps waiting silently,
    As he cut string by string...

    High in the starry sky,
    The moon shines brightly.
    Watching the peaceful lake,
    Reflecting the night as a mirror.
    My inner turmoils calms,
    And my thoughts vanish.
    The Cricket's chirps,
    Becomes a soft tune.
    As my body relaxes,
    And my breathe settles.
    My existence dims,
    In harmony with the night,
    As I behold this majestic sight.

    Placing her head over his shoulder,
    Her mind becomes calm.
    As the train moves through the night,
    The windows show glimpses of different sceneries.
    Watching the outside,
    In solemn peace.
    Interlacing their arms,
    Hearing each other heart's.

    Feeling each other's presence,
    In harmonic silence.
    Confirming each other's feelings,
    Without the need for words.
    She closes her eyes,
    Letting the warmth of the moment involves her.
    With her heart at easy,
    She rests on his arms.

    The Fated Encounter
    On a tiring night,
    Going back home.
    In the busy train,
    Moving from station to station.
    My blank mind,
    And unfocused eyes.
    Unable to notice the movement,
    As people come and go.
    But something caught my attention,
    Turning the fatigated eyes focused,
    Clearing the hazy mind.

    In the bustling crowd,
    Through thousands of people.
    I saw her,
    A beautiful woman.
    Unconsciously holding my breath,
    At her sublime way.
    The world stopped
    As our eyes met.

    It was just a moment,
    But a moment that was longer than eternity.
    There were no strangers,
    There was no train.
    A World of our own,
    Only me and her.
    In a silent exchange,
    Saying hundreds of words,
    Showing thousands of feelings.
    Uncovering our hearts,
    With soundless words.

    But then,
    The train arrived.
    A single blink,
    And our gazes lost each other.
    To not meet again,
    As more and more people entered the train.
    But even if a thousand years pass,
    I will never forget.
    Those eyes nor
    That fleeting moment,
    In which I met her.

    A Rough Start
    We threw worlds of anger on each other,
    We Scorned each other.
    Because of a foolish misunderstanding,
    We came to hate each other.
    Because of simple words,
    Our knowing each other was destroyed.
    As we grew farther,
    As we turned colder.

    But Even if we regret~
    Even if we sometimes keep imaging what could have been~
    If we hadn't fought,
    Nor judged each other.

    The past makes part of what we are
    And we shouldn't try to change it
    But accept what has passed
    Remembering what was good~
    And learning from what was bad~

    So that in the future
    we can avoid making the same mistakes
    so that in the future we may repair our past mistakes
    While we go forth~
    Clearing our Misunderstandings,
    Forgiving ourselves.
    Overcoming the
    And Walking ahead~
    Walking towards the future~

    Red Apple
    Beautiful Red Apple,
    That brings joy and happiness.
    Poisonous Red Apple,
    That brings sorrows and unhappiness.
    Delightful Red Apple,
    So tasty and sweet when we are together.
    Biter Red Apple,
    That brings me pain when without you.
    Sinful Red Apple,
    That made me unable to live without you.
    This Red Apple,
    That Beat fast longing for you,
    Here inside my chest.

    A lonely sigh,
    Coming from tired voice.
    The heart beating heavily,
    Showing that something is not right.
    Anxiety making the breathing unstable,
    Like there is something stuck in the throat.
    Even though there is nothing to do...

    A second sigh,
    As bad feelings spread.
    Entering bath,
    Trying to relieve it even a bit.
    Many thoughts spinning,
    As the water fall.

    A third Sigh,
    In the middle of the sound of water.
    "What if I had done something differently?"
    "What if I hadn't left his side?"
    Unable to take these thoughts out,
    Despite knowing it isn't my fault.
    I sigh a fourth time,
    Without anyone to hear me.
    I fall in silence...
    The agonizing silence...

    The bell rings,
    As we described a line of light winding through the mountains.
    The bell rings once again,
    As we discern that the They are coming.
    The bell rings a third time,
    As we stand on the walls waiting for their arrival.

    For a fourth time, the bell rings,
    As the earth trembles with their steps.
    For the fifth time, the bell rings,
    As arrows rain down and blood spills over the ground.
    For the sixth time, the bell rings,

    The walls fall and the gates breaches.
    As the bell rings a seventh time,
    The swords clashes, the flesh is wounded, and the blood stains our bodies.
    As the bell rings an eight time,
    Shouts and cries resound, as we retreat.
    As the bell rings a ninth time.
    Our mouths dry and we make our stand.

    When the bell rings its tenth time,
    Our howl echoes in their minds and our swords pierce their flesh.
    When the bell rings its eleventh time,
    The fire spreads and the bloody earth burns.
    When the bell rings its twelfth time,
    The earth embraces the bodies and the sky cry ashes.
    As the mourning bell stops,
    we are no more.

    Not Cute
    Once an astonishing beauty,
    Was touched by the fire.
    Like a delicate flower,
    Burning inside the flames,
    Her beauty scattered,
    Like ashes over the wind.

    The shine of the blue eyes,
    Lost in a turbid white.
    The fair skin disturbed,
    By repulsive scars.
    The cuteness of her face transformed,
    Into the hideousness of a monster.

    With such a face,
    She was rejected.
    Sickened by her ugliness,
    She was thrown away.
    Beaten and humiliated,
    She was betrayed by her friends.

    With a heavy breath,
    And filled with despair.
    She awakes from her nightmare,
    With the warmth and gentleness,
    The touch of her lover's hand.
    His presence and soft voice,
    Calms her mind and settle her heart.
    "Don't cry my love~
    I am here for you,
    My beauty has nothing to fear~"
    He says as he gently wipes the tears,
    From her face full of scars.

    A Promise For Many Years
    Years of the past,
    A time which has gone.
    We played at the riverside,
    Running between the flowers.
    Exploring and playing games,
    Youngful laughs echoing endlessly.

    When the rain fell,
    We hang in your house.
    Read and playing video games,
    Always together.
    Our lives went on,
    As we were slowly growing.

    School and adolescence came,
    We changed and made new friends.
    But we were still the same,
    We played and listened to music.
    Other started to wish for romance,
    And I wished for you.

    In our innocence,
    We decided to be together.
    In our youth we discovered love,
    Bellow the trees on the riverside.
    The same one we used to play,
    We promised to be eternally each other's love.
    ...but then... You ended leaving...

    Countless years after...
    Near that same river,
    I look through the window.
    At the trees that beheld our oath,
    And smile gently.
    I smile at our past,
    I smile at our re-encounter.
    I kiss a picture of you,
    And holding your picture gently.
    A softly satisfied voice come out of my mouth,
    "We are finally going to meet again"
    As I peacefully close my eyes one last time....

    Fairy Tales
    Words of intrigue,
    Flying above the fireplace.
    Swords of paper,
    Running Bellow the tree.
    Boundless evil and rightful evil,
    Intervene in mysterious events.

    Words to read or listen,
    Instigating the imagination.
    Tales of old,
    Or dreams of now.
    Meeting each other,
    Hatching in a myriad of worlds.

    Sang in the past,
    They were written in paper,
    And given life by movies.
    From the past till the future,
    The storyteller words live,
    So let's sing their legate.
    Their fairy tales~

    Like ripples on the water

    Laughs echos through the trees,
    Breaking the groove's silence.
    Children run on the wet soil,
    Playing with care.

    Not far from them,
    A small monolith.
    Dilapidated by time,
    Stone covered in moss.
    A mark of old,
    So long forgotten.

    Lonely and cold.

    The stone stands.
    White and green amidst the brown,
    The first snows fall.
    Soon the stone lays alone again,
    So far into the groove.
    With it's meaning so long gone,
    Who would care?

    If only they knew it's meaning,
    If only saw the words below the moss.
    The so long forgotten words,
    Now covered by moss.

    Moss like rust.

    The only witness of it's meaning,
    Lies not so far.
    Between old branches,
    Accompanied only by the birds.
    Covered by rust,
    The blade stays firmly.

    Rust like moss.

    If only they knew,
    What the silent witness knows.
    Then they would know,
    Where lies the one the children's parents,
    And their grandparents once desperately searched for...
    That she has always been there.
    Within their reach...

    Atop of flowing blackness
    The fire dances
    The sea boils
    As the flames spread
    The ocean is slowly dying
    When will we learn?

    The mountains shake
    Fire burn in its veins
    The air vibrates with power
    As the earth cries
    With wounds so deep
    They threaten to reach its core
    The earth bleeds black
    When will it stop?

    The air vibrates
    The winds howl
    Fire and wind dances
    To a deafening tune
    Consuming and being consumed
    They flare in a blinding hell.
    Why don't we learn?

    The children of fire
    Bleeds the earth
    And taint the water
    Fire consumes with mindless rage
    How can we forget?
    That once the fire breathes
    And the world burns
    All that remains
    Will be our own ashes...

    Visions of Grandeur
    And wishes of simplicity
    Some have hopes for the greater good
    Others have greedy ambitions
    Good people and evil people
    It doesn't matter which
    They all are moved by
    And move for their dreams.

    Yet here you are.
    Without ambition without hope,
    Hollowed by nature.
    You watch the world move
    While you alone stay still
    People rise and fall in constant change
    Yet only you stay unchanged.

    You can't help but question yourself
    Why only you doesn't change?
    Why only you doesn't move?
    Why are you the only one without dreams?
    Why are you excluded from the world?
    For so long you have being questioning yourself.
    Maybe you are broken?
    But at the end of the day it doesn't matter
    For we are still ourselves
    We are still hollow
    Still uncaring.

    One by one they drip,
    Ripples on red.
    Tears on cold skin,
    Flowing on pale cheeks...

    Under the moonlight,
    A glint of gold.
    Alone in the hard table,
    A chalice stands proudly.
    A memory of yore,
    Contrasting in the everlasting darkness.
    Reflecting her sorrowful figure,
    Alone in the once glorious halls.

    One by one tear fall,
    The rich redness ripples.
    The flavorful wine,
    Tainted by the bitterness.
    The goblet stands tall,
    A promise of an ending...
    Oh, gentle breeze~
    You are so caring~
    Blowing softly~
    Through the hot days~

    Oh gentle one~
    Watching lovingly~
    From so far above~
    Waiting for us~

    Oh gentle one~
    Slowly or fastly spinning the wind~
    Blessing our lives~
    With its rotating blades~♪
    Sitting and waiting,
    I look outside.
    I watch the bright sun,
    Giving place to the gentle moonlight.
    Plains and mountains,
    Slowly passing on the horizon.
    As I silently watch the world move,
    On the other side of the glass window.
    Alone I looked to the sky,
    My heart unsettle.
    Like the open sky,
    My heart was hollow.
    A strange feeling crawling inside me,
    Something was missing.

    On the water, I saw my reflexion
    Something unclear standing.
    My image was different,
    Reflecting my heart.
    The world fading around me,
    As more of me becomes empty.
    But something caught my attention,
    And something cold fell over me.

    A woman stands there holding part of an ice cream,
    I barely could see her, as if she wasn't there.
    She looked in my direction and laughed,
    Her voice echoed without sound.
    Even if the world was fading,
    I tried to look at her eyes.
    My vision was shaken,
    My eyes blank.
    As I see her eyes,
    I see myself in her eyes.
    And somehow I understand what her soundless voice says,
    She said that she was here.
    She was here for me.
    Cruel monsters hunting the living,
    Attacking and conquering.
    The evil creatures running amok,
    Preying on the weak to satisfy their hunger.

    Leaving a trail of destruction,
    Leaving only a bare land filled with death.
    Turning forests into ashes,
    With gleeful smiles.
    Corrupting the land,
    So nothing can grow.

    Nature disfigured,
    Turned into weapons.
    Reaping lives,
    As entertainment.
    Imprisoning the living,
    Just to use them as food.

    Like cancer, Like an algoz.
    Unstoppable, Heartless.
    They conquered the world,
    With their matchless cruelty.
    They are...
    Out of place,
    The feeling of amiss.
    A Whirlpool of feeling,
    A maze of thoughts.
    Thoughts and feelings,
    Mixing into a sense of loss.

    Completely alone,
    Without anyone.
    Unable to let it out,
    Without anyone to share it.
    Watching the world move,
    As only you are stalled.
    Without warmth,
    As no one reaches for you.
    Filled with loneliness
    A stake a hammer,
    Breaking the rock.
    Bladed tools,
    Cutting through the wood.
    A single stroke,
    And what was white becomes red.
    The burning flame,
    Melts away the forms.
    Wield by humans,
    Extinguishing what once existed.
    Its nature lost,

    Wielding tools,
    Causing destruction.
    By human hands
    Their nature is destroyed.
    Broken by stakes and hammers,
    Stones blocks become statues.
    Cut by knives and tools,
    Trees become benches.
    By strokes of a brush,
    Red Paint and white canvas are forced together into paint.
    Melted by fire,
    Sand becomes stained glass.

    Their nature destroyed,
    Their forms were taken away.
    To be reshaped in unnatural forms,
    To create new things.
    By human hands,
    They are transformed.
    Is it creation?
    Or it is destruction?
    My head spin,
    As my thoughts swirl.
    Back in that dark room,
    Back where I was.
    Looking at the same old chair,
    Where I used to stay.

    I stand there,
    With my clouded mind.
    Thinking on how things went,
    Why things ended like this.

    The false smiles,
    The hollow talks.
    The Distance,
    I had created.
    The wall I erected,
    Trying to protect myself.
    The loneliness,
    I immersed myself.

    It's just now,
    That I can see.
    The illusions,
    I cast upon me.
    As I look at my hands,
    My bloodstained hands.
    Observing the scars,
    From which blood used to flow.

    I regret...
    Not giving attention,
    Not listening to you...
    Not talking,
    Nor laughing...
    and even more,
    Not being together...
    But now its too late,
    For I am already,
    At the other side.
    What is death? What is being dead?
    For times wondered about that, when blood still ran through my veins.
    Before arriving in this world of grayness,
    This world of rottenness...

    A prison without walls, an eternal torture
    Being free to wander without bounds, but unable to leave.
    Seeing all you love, but not being seen.
    The fear of slowly seeing the chains of memories which they shared with you slowly crumble...

    A prison where your mind is the only wall
    An torture that gives you everything when you can't touch it.
    And the fear of true death,
    at the warmth of the oblivion.
    Once I looked at the Stars in the Sky
    There I met a little star that asked me Why
    Being Under their beautiful Light
    And looking at them brought me delight

    I said that their beauty was Eternal
    A warming sight for the Nocturnal

    A star is a treasure
    That brings Pleasure
    Linking the Future and the Ancestral
    In a picture that can only be called celestial

    The little star noticed the sadness in my eyes
    Sadness for not be 'a star in the skies

    The little star took my hand
    And made me stand
    Happiness is what she wanted me to understand

    Through the void skies
    we traveled until the sunrise

    Her voice soft, and her words wise
    She was elegant with gentle eyes

    After the Sunrise
    She brought me back from the skies
    and for my surprise, I was also a star
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    Bielt 『Planets Eater』『The Sin of Animosity』

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    It was sudden and fast,
    Swift like the wind.
    Now my thoughts come,
    Like a dream.

    You both should join,
    In the creativity.
    Less work for Sio and me.
    Less frying up like a tree.

    Like seen a dream,
    I watched as friendly words,
    Gentle and kind words,
    Were waved like fine jewels,
    Waved like fine ornaments,
    As friends played.

    I felt the will to join,
    The will to participate,
    To play with them,
    To be with them.

    If for me,
    you extend you hand,
    My words would lose themselves in delight.
    ❅Something made on the spot. A simple dance with Biel.❅
    I want to see the light,
    I want to see the way.
    She dances across the street.
    Through the rain.

    She twirl around
    As rain drops fall
    Running down through her face
    They meet a smile

    Her smile so bright.
    As she dances without a care.
    Not feeling the cold.
    Not bothered by the ache,
    Of the wind.

    The chilly rain falling
    Was like a tune
    The whispering wind,
    was her Aria
    She waltz

    Watching her steps,
    As she moves around.
    Watching her smile,
    Without making a sound.
    Happy to stay in this moment,
    Hoping that is lasts.

    A step to the right, another to the left,
    Twirling she waltz.
    With a fixed gaze,
    Her smile widens.
    With a cold and wet hand,
    She reaches for you.
    With a sweet and warm voice,
    She says.
    "I don't know my way,
    But I know you are my light"

    Smiling at her innocence,
    Not putting up a fight.
    She joins her in the rain,
    Dancing without shame.
    Together they show,
    That all is fine.
    Together they show,
    It is their time to shine.

    Laugh echos,
    As they join hands.
    Dancing around,
    Under the rain without ends.
    They may not have a way,
    But they will never be lost.
    For they are each other's light
    Shining through the night.

    And so their day ends,
    With the casting of dusk.
    Blankets of silence surround them,
    As the darkness settles in.
    Lighting a candle,
    To lead the way,
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    Bielt 『Planets Eater』『The Sin of Animosity』

    Mar 17, 2016
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    Enjoying the night sky together,
    sitting beside each other.
    There was no need for words,
    as they knew what each other felt~
    in this moment of peace,
    In this moment of happiness,
    We enjoy each other's presence
    I once asked why he was trying to do all that,
    Why would he want to bring her back?
    and his answer made me lose my will to stop him...
    He simply asked me:
    "What do you think have more worth?
    An eternity of loneliness...
    Or a single moment,
    Of happiness at the side of the one you love?...."

    At that time I was unable to answer...
    But know I know my answer.
    After meeting you I understood,
    I would choose the same.
    I would choose to stay at your side,
    Even if it was just a brief moment.]

    And so my theme for you~
    Its true~
    casually talking~
    placing down our thoughts~
    I don't know~
    If that could be named Inspiration~
    It was something strange~
    A feeling which I am unable to explain~
    I didn't think ~
    Nor did I needed to~
    As I wrote~
    The words wavered themselves~
    Without my consent~
    Without my consience~
    Into what could be called Poetry~
    Placing her mind in words,
    Writing her thoughts on the paper.
    She showed her words for others,
    Happy and fun it is,
    But their words made her embarrassed,
    Reddened but happy,
    She smiles
    We used to talk a lot,
    We used to even like just being together.
    But as time passed,
    something started to change.
    Things weren't the same,
    It was not something enjoyable anymore...
    B-but... I still look at the past...
    Unable to forget...
    ...still wishing that it could be...
    ...like it was before..."
    In the hotness of the day,
    The coldness is refreshing.
    The sweetness spread,
    With such a delicious taste.
    Melting inside the mouth,
    As we take another spoon.
    With a delighted smile,
    I tell you.
    "The tastier way to eat,
    Is eating together with you.
    My dear friend~
    My dear lady of blue~"
    April 27/17
    Written on @Siostar 's profile
    In this beautiful day,
    The sun shines gently.
    We are softly rocked by the sea,
    As peaceful waves come and go.
    I close my eyes enjoying the sound of the wind,
    Which sings as it blows on our sails.
    may 6/17
    Written on @Siostar 's profile
    Falling from the sky,
    their lives soon end.
    Such a small and Irrelevant thing,
    Their lives start and end unnoticeably.
    But even as they fall,
    Their lives are one of freedom.
    Gorgeous petals making the streets colorful,
    The sun shining in the blue sky.
    Red Leaves swaying in the wind,
    The white snow falling on the roofs.
    The seasons pass slowly,
    And the time never stops flowing.
    But I am still here...
    Yearning for you...
    The moist earth greedily drinks our blood,
    And the darkening skies threaten our sanity..
    We hurdle closer to escape the cold as the last of the embers starts to die.
    Trying to find any feeling of protection we hide between the trenches dung on the half-frozen soil.
    The wind resounds with the sounds of thunder,
    And soon the black rain starts to fall again.
    what we fear more is not the black rain...
    .. No...
    It's the idea that we may never leave this place... Like our brothers haven't...
    A sweet voice resounds in my ears,
    Promises of pleasure~
    A tempting urge,
    Slowly grinding my resolution.
    Just a small slip,
    No one will ever notice~
    I giving in,
    And sate my thirst~
    With his blood~
    A spark in the middle of the darkness,
    A glimpse of something other the nothingness.
    Like a person dying on the desert
    You try sate your thirst on the small hope
    Brought from the flicker of light
    A shy smile,
    The sunshine on her hair.
    A glint of light in her eyes,
    The intellect to change the world.

    Or maybe the silver of the moon,
    Reflexions of the night sky on a lake?
    The landscape of the mounts
    The contrast between the green forest,
    And the ever blue ocean.

    Inspiration is a person,
    An object and a place.
    It is thoughts and feelings,
    Dreams and reality
    Mixing into one
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    Bielt 『Planets Eater』『The Sin of Animosity』

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    (Change themes to read other half, or select all for full)

    "Hope in" Words "of Despair"

    Come and see how the sun shines
    Take a deep look as the light won't ever touch you
    Sense the warmth that exists in the world
    As the coldness involves you
    See the many people out there
    Because you are alone
    They are here as you are,
    They won't reach you
    Join in as they laugh
    And People will laugh at you
    Find their friendship
    See how they will stab you
    Hear their words of gentleness and kindness
    As your words, your pleas are ignored
    If you work hard
    It won't really matter how much you try
    Your efforts will bear fruits
    Fruits of despair is everything it will bear
    The world is beautiful
    The world is cruel
    The world is full of hope
    The world is full of Injustice
    As your heart is
    Full of Despair
    Embrace the hopeless
    In your Bright Heart full of blackness

    Huting Monster Hunt

    Sneaking through the darkness,
    Investigating the streets.
    Waiting out of sight,
    Hoping to find a clue.
    Searching for the next victim,
    Trying to find a criminal.
    Following the smell of fear,
    Identifying the next victim.
    Hunting unsparingly,
    Using every tool.
    A trail of bodies.
    A searching team,
    Moving like puppets.
    Following the trail
    Waiting for just a slip,
    A merciless slaughter,
    To sate our devoir!
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    I love writing too and don’t really know about the quality I produce. Here’s one from me

    The Lone Woman

    My tresses dance with the wind

    On the untrodden path, I run and sing

    My destination closer with every step I take

    My strides are the strides of purpose and will

    I travel alone

    It is not that I am forlorn

    My journey is mine as is my path

    I shall stay on even when the light departs

    I fear not the armies of men

    I fear not the lightning from heaven

    I fear no one and nothing

    Nor the storms raging, nor the seas frothing

    With truth in one eye, and reason in the other

    On and on I keep moving further

    Nor Creator, nor man, I answer to none

    I am my own master, I am my own woman.
  7. Pyoo

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    So many reserved
    I realize my own pool needed one more reserves because there were too many poems
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    what the heck.... you cheater :facepalm:
  9. Bielt

    Bielt 『Planets Eater』『The Sin of Animosity』

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    An early morning,
    A blooming smile.
    A Bright greeting,
    A light mood.

    With a hot cup of coffee,
    Sweet words.
    With a couple of cookies,
    Soft laughs.
    As the hot steam rises,
    Our Talks starts.

    Bright days ahead,
    New people to meet.
    New things to see,
    New jokes to make,
    New games to play.

    Bright and Gentle,
    As the morning light~
    Sweet and kind,
    As the soft breeze~
    What is a better way~
    To spend those nice days~
    Than spending with friends~
    Friends like you~
    A gentle smile,
    A kind voice.
    Always friendly,
    Always playful.
    A bright person,
    Surrounded by friends.
    > A sudden stab
    And then death<

    With an unkempt red hair,
    And a gentle way.
    Enjoying the coffee,
    As talks flow.
    Playing with others,
    Brightening the mood.
    >A sudden explosion
    And then dead again<

    With her by his side,
    Their cuteness overflow.
    Walking at her side,
    Learning together.
    Exploring many places,
    Her company.
    >A sudden chair
    And another death<
    But even death,
    Can't take him away.
    For they are together,
    And will always be~

    To many different places,
    They travel together.
    Exploring the world,
    Enjoying the world.
    Walking through catacombs,
    Gazing at the stars.
    Fighting mythical phoenixes,
    And celebrating midnight.
    >A sudden car running him over
    And as death came again<
    He thought:

    She forgot the brakes.....
    ....I really should give her driving lessons"
    Peacefully closing his eyes,
    His mind fades in a sweet dream.
    Till he wakes up again,
    To stay at her side.
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    You are good!
    You should come play with us sometime~♪

    We do some poem chains~
    It's fun ^^)/
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    I still think I am lacking reserved posts! XD
    I want to make it neat~
    Thanks for showing me poetry pyoo~♪
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    Hmmm... You are really good on two faced poems XD
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    I would like that. How do I join?
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    /o/ Where's Osa's Poem?! gasp! XD

    really though, Good job!
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    Writing them is hard but fun!
    @Pyoo @Siostar @SummerForest @Osamaru @Tilgarial @Bad Storm ~!
    One more for the road!
    Pyoo can you adjust the order?
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    There was an Osa poem XD
    I didn't found it to put here tho XD
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