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    Is there any way for push notifications/alert rss to be a thing for NUF?

    On my profile, @Ddraig helpfully supplied a few ideas, however, none of them would be better than either a native push notification module for NUF or for there to be personalised RSS feeds for out alerts, like we do for novel lists. (Yeah, we have those. Did you know you can get an RSS for each individual reading list you have?)

    The ideas were:
    1. Refresh the alerts page again and again, and push a notification if there is a new alert.
      An issue with this is that I'll have to give whatever is doing this full access to my account.
    2. Use an email address which I route all email notifications to and send push notifications from that.
      This is a much less intrusive method, however, it also requires the user to change their login email address and only works for conversations and thread replies.
    3. Check the favicon or tab name using Live Update Display Options.
      This is literally just leaving NUF on 24/7 and letting something else check the alerts for me. While this does solve the issue, it also doesn't, somewhat.
    4. Beg Tony.
      Where we are now.
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    To add more details, right now we have rss for,
    • Individual reading list
    • Full reading list
    • Every subforum of nuf
    • global rss for nuf threads
    And email for,
    • Followed threads
    • Convos
    This covers all features except for nu's main page and user alerts on nu/nuf.