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    I'm looking for a novels with the trope: (Red Envelope) Chat Groups

    So basically the MC joins a chat group and picks up red envelopes (usually containing immoral cultivation treasures such as pills). They usually contribute to the group with stuff from our world too.

    Or maybe just a chat group where they get interesting info? E.g. How to cultivate 101?

    I've seen a few male MC ones and a cat one but
    • I haven't found any female MC ones
    • The MC was terrible / creepy. So don't recommend if it contains
      • Misogynism.
      • MC show-offs for no discernable purpose (like throwing money at his ex-girlfriend)
      • Awkward romance
      • MC is obsessed with lolis etc (sounds like a pedo?)
      • Long tangents off plot
      • Harems: No to Male MC with lots of females harems. Other harems are fine. Like BL & Reverse-Harem... :') hehe
    Ones I've seen so far:
    • Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms - MC is disgusting.
    • Cultivation Chat Group - Awkward romance + long tangents.
    • Red Packet Server - Cheaty + Harem
    • A Cat with a Red Envelope Group - Kinda cute
    Would appreciate any red-envelope chat group recs with female protagonist or a tolerable male protagonist (not pervy). I'm fine with boring calculations, scheming, ruthless, psychopaths etc