Chinese The Melody of Tang 唐歌 by Xiao Xiang Dong Er 潇湘冬儿

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    Name : The Melody of Tang 唐歌
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    This is well noted on Douban
    It's from the same author who wrote The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11’s Princess Agent
    This happens in a real period of history and an interesting one
    Description : (i translated this myself so this may be sloppy)
    Su Xiao He, a sophomore girl from the China Medical University, accidentally traveled back to the chaotic world at the end of the Sui Dynasty, a thousand years ago. In the midst of the war, she met the most tough and tough Li brothers* in the world, and when she opened her eyes, she stepped into the bloody and turbulent brotherhood. fight.

    The prelude to the Xuanwu Gate Incident is sung in a low voice, how will a kind woman face those conspiracies and the passionate love.
    When she opened her eyes, she was in the mourning hall of the fifth son of Li Yuan, who died mysteriously in history. History has changed since then.

    The battle of Hedong between the Tang Dynasty's Li family and Liu Wuzhou, the soldiers' bones and blood, in the dark, who is watching with open eyes and cold eyes?

    Who is the prince of the Li family who rushed to kill 800 miles alone and left this amazing and perfect chapter in history?

    For whom did the fifth son of the Li family, who escaped from death, bloom with pride and splendor in his life?

    Who is the prelude to Xuanwumen who planted the seeds there?

    In the chaotic world of war, the most magnificent and perfect love is staged.