Chinese The Scum Gong Wants To Remarry Me (渣攻想跟我復婚[重生])

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    Name: The Scum Gong Wants To Remarry Me (渣攻想跟我復婚[重生])
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: This novel is better than the vast majority of the Yaoi/BL novels being translated these days. Although it has elements of Quick Transmigration, its unique.

    Xia Xi unswervingly followed Qin Ruilin for ten years, but ended up leaving the stage with his reputation in tatters. After his rebirth, he decided to stay far away from scum men.
    Qin Ruilin had never directly faced his own male wife before, but he suddenly came to his senses on his deathbed. After his rebirth, he vowed on his life to win back Xia Xi.

    "Master Qin's been so heavily injured."
    "He was definitely abused by sister-in-law last night."

    "Master Qin didn't resist?"
    "Tsk, he's been henpecked to that degree, how could he resist?"

    Friendly notices:
    1. Text with mpreg
    2. CP: Gong who's tyrannical to others but sweet to his own shou x Shou who's kind to others but harsh to his own gong
    3. 1v1, ending is HE

    Thats a rough translation of the synopsis provided by @emiliers.