Chinese Turn on the Love System (BL)

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    Name- Turn on the Love System

    Original Name- 开挂恋爱系统(快穿)

    Overpowered Protagonist // World Hopping // Power Couple // Shameless Protagonist

    Description -
    Tao Yuan was willing to take the peach blossom system to go to different worlds to complete the tasks, and the most important task is to fall in love. And every relationship must be very sweet. He must be extremely pampered before the task is considered complete.

    In short, after hopping, he must be spoilt in every world, spreading dog food (affectionate love).

    White Lotus: I feel the deep malice from the world. If I am the protagonist, why did I end up a cannon fodder?

    Slag Man: This slap in the face came too fast- like a tornado. If God gives me another chance to come back, I will love him for 10,000 years.

    Onlookers: For God’s sake, take those two lovebirds away, we’re going to die of dog food!

    My honest review -

    Protagonist name: Tao Yuan
    3/5- stars for the overall novel.

    I like the concept of this novel.
    The MC has to fall in love and make ML fall too, is a very nice change from being a heartless MC's.
    It would have helped a lot if there were gaps or something suggesting that the world is going to change, therefore the start of a new arc is somewhat unnatural, it would have been nice if MC went to the system space and went over his feelings or prepare himself for the next world.
    Arcs ending is not extended to give more info. on how are the side characters doing and what happened b/w MC and ML (romance) also what about their children? (Adopted once and in some arcs MC gave birth so who are they?) and the story is left open-ended which makes the story not that satisfying.:sushi_sigh:

    ML is not the best nor the worst but I can work with him.

    Arcs that I like are-
    Arc-2: Fall in love with a movie star- MC and ML feeding everyone dog food was the best.

    Arc-3: Okiyoshi in the 1960s- ML was a little hard to get, ML's family was so cute mainly ML's mom was too cute and cool and ML's grandmom was also cool and rich.

    Arc-4: Raising a wolf puppy- MC mom was lovely and caring.

    The last update was on 08/14/21

    Hope a new translator will complete this novel, I need answers~

    (warning- this novel does not have much to offer it is just a bl novel with op mc and ml + WORLD HOPPING)

    NU link-

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