Forgotten Title Villainess noble girl reincarnation

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    I’m looking for a book that’s online but was originally posted on web novel. But it’s about a girl who transmigrates into a novel as a villainess daughter of a duke. She’s engaged to the crow prince, and doesn’t want to be because she knows she’s going to have a bad ending, and he’s gonna marry a princess. They meet as children, because he’s getting swordsmanship ship training from her father who’s the greatest sword master in the country. He doesn’t like her at first. She finds out that the prince’s father is mean to him and comforts him, (His dad hit him for losing a sword competition against an older prince from a different country) and he starts liking her after that. She also has a grandfather from her mother’s side (who doesn’t like her dad), and he’s a mercenary(?) or runs a guild(?) and they do business for clothes together. She gets kidnapped at hunting contest when she goes out with her friend. (Her friends brother also has(had) a crush on her and him and the prince are competing with each other for her hand in marriage). They have to win against her dad in a sword fight if they want to marry her. She’s get saved fairly quickly after that happened by her dad, grandfather, and the prince. The prince also starts avoiding her because he knows that she wants to break off their engagement and he doesn’t want to hear it. Right before the festival he gets drunk with her grandfather confesses his feelings to her, she says they try it out, but avoiding him because she’s awkward. The prince after she starts avoiding him kidnaps her at to go on a date to a festival and is interrupted by her family.
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