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Bad Storm

"I've been staring at the edge of the water"
Blog Posts:
Hello! I'm Stormy and I do some odd jobs for 99 nuffies.
We can talk about the details.
Side note: Payment first. I'm a borderline scammer.


  • Join matchmaking (June 2019) - I only lasted a day tho...
  • Become a cult of whoosh follower (June 2019) - it's practically free nuffies
  • @lucjanssens 's poem (J12.19) - Rabbits! "The Great Burrow"
  • Steal noodles for @Ram5 (J12.19)
  • @Effugium poem (J13.19)- living a life in an artificial world while neglecting the real world :hmm: "Hero: The Story of Nobody"
  • @Nekorin reverse poem - love! (kinda done but could be improved)

Skills (?):
  • I don't have much skills but I can write poems! I write simple narratives nowadays tho...
  • @Ripple gives awesome and fully customizable hugs~

Founding (and Other) members:

Guild Motto:

ʂɬơཞɱ ɠųıƖɖ
-Est. 11th of June, 2019

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    1. Bad Storm Jun 12, 2019
      @Emmyy The things I do for nuffies. I realize how rusty my poetry skills are....
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    2. Emmyy Jun 12, 2019
      Dammit! Why didn't I think of this...! Actually it looks like alota work tho..:eek::p:cool: :p
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    3. hayyan Jun 12, 2019
      @Blitz, are you asking me about details? I dunno. Have it your way.
    4. Blitz Jun 12, 2019
      @hayyan paid me to make a shitpost. What's the exact details you want ?2 blogs or a thread. What's the topic?
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    5. Nekorin Jun 12, 2019
    6. Bad Storm Jun 12, 2019
      @Nekorin, willing to wait? Any topic in mind?
    7. Nekorin Jun 12, 2019
      anything for 99nufies ee??
      I send 99ñ for someone who could wrote an original reverse poetry..
      Bad Storm likes this.
    8. LuftRauser Jun 12, 2019
      *joining the guid*
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