The true meaning of "No CP"



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No CP = no couple

The protagonist either
1- doesn't have any romantic relationships at all and never thinks about having one.
[No CP] Quickly wear and call it mother [No CP] I am a nanny in Three Thousand World [Quick Wear] [No CP] The Taoist sister of cannon fodder [Crossing Books] 【No CP】Perfect Accompanying Training [Quick Wear] [No CP] [Comprehensive Martial Arts] My life will stop
[No CP] Female partner is addicted to science [Quick Wear] 【无CP】女配沉迷科学[快穿]
[No CP] Reverse Life (Quick Pass) 【无CP】逆转人生(快穿)
[No CP] The gluttonous food collapses the plot [Quickly wear] 【无CP】饕餮吃崩了剧情[快穿]

2- Has romantic entanglement with others, but for reasons such as:

a) being rational, perfectionism or a natural scum they can let go of the relationship and move on, either into a new relationship (which won't be their last) or choose to be a lone wolf as being in a relationship doesn't bring them satisfaction [Aka in this situation the problem is from protagonists themselves] [For example, there was a male protagonist that due to his character back story had a tendency for true love, for that reason he truly did try to have a loving relationship, and when he saw women who were deeply in love with scum and willing to sacrifice a lot for them, he went and helped them move on from that love and shadow, and in the process he did truly loved them and admired them for their deep love. But he truly couldn't continue with those women when they could move on as he was inherently suspicious, if the woman could move on from that relationship, what gave him the confidence that they couldn't let go of their love for him. (he did try a lot, damn it for 25 lives, and even erased his memory twice but at the end, he had to accept that the problem was himself and there was more to life than a simple love of men and women, he became a lone wolf, but not a depressed one, a lone wolf who moved on achieved great things and doesn't truly mind having a relationship in the future, but he won't force, only accepts it if love truly comes naturally. Male with a high position, kicking the male lead [fast wear]] [Another situation is the natural scum protagonist, they are not annoying (like those players and cheaters) on the country they are serious and responsible in each of their relationships but the problem is their love dies as quickly as it comes, and when there is no love, they don't see a reason to continue the relationship, they try to minimize the damage for their lover, and they never hide, their nature from the start. (Look if the love interest can't symphysis with them and start a relationship with a scum, why should a scum who at that point is truly interested in them, let go of the relationship?] But they also know that a forced relationship is more harmful than a clear break]

b) Their love interest(s) have problems either scum or villain, meaning there is no love interest suitable for a serious relationship. In this stories, protagonists clearly know their wants and needs, and the importance and factors of a healthy relationship, they are mature and sensible, and don't mind having a relationship but won't force it


    1. Jevanka926 Mar 16, 2021
      I'm really confused on why a novel said there's a CP when THE FL didn't care about romance and didn't end up with anyone
    2. northerner Mar 16, 2021