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[Sloth Incarnate][Lewd Overlord][The mediator], from Classified

Translated Ch 8 of MDQ. Started translation of chapter 9. Oct 12, 2018

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      Translated Ch 8 of MDQ. Started translation of chapter 9.
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      [Chaos Sorcerer] [The Unpredictable One] [Sloth Incarnate]
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    Avionics technician


    Full name: Maria DeKraus.
    Nicknamed: Mary.
    Race: Cat Beastman - Tiger subspecies.
    Blessings: Elemental Mastery, Space magic aptitude, Debuff resistance.
    mostly human with slight patches of fur, and a pair of feline ears as well as a tail.
    The color of her hair and fur is pure white with some black strokes.
    Eye color is Silverish-grey, which turns into vertical red when mad or predator-ish.
    in other words, a Siberian tiger.
    Basic Blessings: Space magic aptitude, Elemental Mastery, and Bad status effects resistance.
    Gained Blessings: [Blessing of the Tailed Fox: Sly Charisma], [Attention: The Queen of Smiles has noticed you].
    Weapons: Staff of Fire (Moderate).
    Aero Blast - A blast of compressed air that knocks back an enemy by a good distance. Deals minor damage but ragdolls the majority of enemies that it hits.
    Name: Naraku Douji
    Domain: The Cycle of Destruction and Creation
    Title: God(?) of creation and destruction.
    Feats: [N/A]
    Karma: 10
    His original appearance is that of a black humanoid made from burning ashes and covered with a metal skin.
    He has two straight horns with flames always burning at the tips.
    Ever since humanity discovered electricity in the first world, lightning has begun to run between the metal plates of his skin.
    His eyes shine with white light, without any irises.
    His Hair is also pure white, long enough to reach his lower back.
    officially he has no gender, but for the sake of simplicity, everyone refers to him in male pronouns.
    His body shape is androgynous, yet muscular, however, his muscles are of those of a blacksmith rather than a soldier.

    Ever since he got bored with his duties, Naraku has been reincarnating into random humans and life forms to study mortals and their culture, thus he can take shape of any of his former hosts.

    During the cataclysm he was unable to prevent, his holy spirit was released back into godhood due to the prayers.
    Since he grew to somewhat like humans and their potential to destroy and create, he used his regained powers to create emergency shelters for the survivors.
    Holy Symbol: Ouroboros
    Name: Shiki
    Gender: male (?)
    Race: Human (Lich)
    Age: 17
    Class: Acolyte
    Rank: E
    Points: 0
    A mysterious figure covered by a black bad red cloak with a hood, and with a laughing mask on its face.

    A cheery young lad, one verge of adulthood.
    Pitch black eyes and hair.
    160 cm tall.
    A well featured face but slightly sunken cheeks with weak signs of malnutrition.
    Skinny body with no signs of muscle or fat, but no signs of starvation either.
    Can be mistaken as a young boy or a girl at times, but he doesn't mind and will just smile while politely correct the mistake

    True form - a skeleton with a white orb shining inside his chest, and blue light glowing inside his eye sockets.
    A truly nonsensical form.
    Weapons: A wood staff, covered with mysterious symbols and writings.
    Armors: a black and white robe with patterns of holy and unholy symbols.
    Coins: 99 Large copper coin
    Miscellaneous: a small shoulder bag, a waist pouch, an old diary, and a very mysterious looking spell book written in an unknown language/code.
    Active skills-

    Aura of death
    - a basic skill of the lich skill tree, saps the life-force of nearby life forms. The effect will be more powerful the closer you are to the victim. The most powerful effect happens by touch.
    The life force absorbed by the skill is converted into mana or health according to Shiki's choosing.
    It takes an hour to kill a being even if he touches it all the time.
    Shiki can choose when the skill is active and when it's not.

    Heal - as the name suggests, it is a healing spell of the lowest quality.
    Capable of healing non-lethal wounds.
    Target must be stationary.
    Single target.

    Recovery - a prolonged heal spell, it works slower than heal but recovers more over time, and can be used on targets that are in the middle of a battle.
    Single target.

    Circle of protection - a low level defensive barrier, which spans in a round fashion around the user in set distance of 5 meters. Can block several low level spells or blows from the average adult/E ranked adventurer.

    Mercy of the healer - painkiller. Relieve the target's nerve system to feel less pain.
    Mainly used during long healing sessions or to help the patient sleep painlessly.

    Bane of the wicked - a magic of the holy system, best works against undead.
    Single target.

    Passive skills-

    Paradoxical existance:
    The conflicting elements and his own dislike of it, sealed away his dark magic and necromancy. While enhancing his holy magic.

    Illusionary skin: an original spell made by Shiki.
    Casts an illusion all over his own body in the image of his former self.
    Always active, and will disable only if he purposely choses to show his true self, or he is knocked out.
    The mana used by this spell is smaller then Shiki's magic power regeneration since the illusion is casted from his memories rather than his imagination.
    None (for now)
    An orphan abondaned by his parents because of their poor financial situation.
    Sold to the slave trader, he was then baught by a passing necromancer during an auction of sex slaves.
    The necromancer noticed the young boy's talent for holy and dark magic, a talent so much like his own,.and decided to raise him as his disciple - which basically means a guine pig.

    After over a decade under his tutalge, Shiki gained skills in both necromancy and holy magic.
    Almost one of a kind mage, second only to his own master.
    Shiki wasn't treated bad by his master, he was well fed (although the damage done by being malnurished in his childhood left it marks on him), and slept in a nice bed.
    But he was forbidden from leaving the hideout.

    However all that changed the night of the ritual.
    The necromancer planned to use Shiki as a test subject for his lichiflication spell since his magic properties were very similar to his own.
    But the spell backfired, killing the necromancer and setting Shiki free in the process... Not before completing it's original purpose - turning him into a lich.

    Now free of anyone's control, Shiki wants to tour the world outside as an adventurer he read about in one of the books his master.baught him on a whim.
    He gathered his personal staff and picked his master's spell book and for the first time in years he left the hideout
    Name: Rei (formerly Raikou)
    Gender: Female (former male)
    Race: Oni
    Age: 19 (formerly 55)
    Class: Ki Martial artist - bare handed
    Rank: D
    Points: 96
    (Berserker mode)
    Height: 1.35 meters tall. (I am changing the height from 1.55 because I messed up in my calculations when I created her).
    Young looking cute and expressionless Oriental face with two short length horns peeking out from the forehead.
    Each horn now has a pattern going around the base (the left has a chain of battered bones enveloped by flames and the right has a chain of infinity symbols and two trees in the middle- one alive and underneath it the same tree but dead).
    Short shoulder-length silver hair, sharp red eyes with vertical carnivorous irises.
    She has a small but strongly built body-frame, Pale light blue skin, and a small glowing tattoo of unknown meaning on her right shoulder.
    She wears wood sandals and white socks, black ops shinobi outfit, grey cloak covering up most of the body with a slim slit up the front.
    Lately, she has been seen wearing a bandage around her head to cover her eyes - the cause is her going blind due to a strong trauma to the head during a dungeon battle.
    First impression - A blind but dangerous tomboy
    Weapons: None
    Armors: Arm and leg guards, light chainmail, armored shinobi clothes.
    Stigmatas: [The Modern Zeus] Nicholas Tesla (SR) X 1.
    Coins: 170 Large copper coin
    Miscellaneous: a bronze adventurer badge, dried meat provisions, 3 water flask, bandages, Dungeoneering Kit, large mana crustal from the dungeon, and a waist pouch.
    Berserker mode - The Oni racial skill, in exchange for an explosive rise in power the user will lose some of their intellect and rationality. The effect lasts for an hour. Side effects after use vary by person and might include, paralysis, muscle pains, hangover-like symptoms, and in case of female Oni - 100% immunity to fertilization.

    Sixth sense - A constantly active skill Rei developed in order to "see" her surroundings ever since she turned blind.
    It utilizes all 4 of her remaining senses - Touch, smell, hearing, and taste- to their utmost limit in order to inform her mind of the world around her.
    It is also based on a Ki art that was using ki dispersed into the area surrounding the user to alarm him of any surprise attackers and ambushes.
    Due to Rei's inner qualities, the area she could sense was not large - before she went blind.
    Now her area of detection is several meters in each direction during her daily life, and several dozen when concentrated in battle.
    However, the skill still doesn't allow her to extend her Ki beyond her body when it is infused with elements.

    Shuten's chink: Minor Resistance to Poison - a racial trait of most Oni, said to have been emerged when one of their early ancestors was slain by a mystic using the poisonous sacred sake "Shinpen Kidoku". Raises alcohol tolerance and removes hangover, however, It also makes Oni sleepier as side effects.

    Blue skin: Slight Magic Resistance - a common trait of blue-skinned Oni, while it certainly exists the effects are too weak to be considered a proper skill. Magical attacks still work however mind controlling type magic has a slight chance to be resisted.

    Modern Zeus(SR): A stigmata of the grimoire and the blade category.
    Granting bonuses to both magic and physical attributes, it is the perfect combination for Ki user's who cultivate Ki within their bodies from both their mental and physical energy.
    Grants a very small boost to any lightning based abilities.

    Ki cultivation skills-
    As a result of the curse, Rei's former path was undone, and thus opened before her the opportunity to redo her cultivation. A side effect of the transformation also granted her the potential to use the Oni elements - flames and lightning.

    Oni Flame arts:
    The transformation suprisingly granted Rei the potential to the flame element.
    After a week long cultivation she partially unlocked this potential and came capable of releasing and controlling flames. However as a martial artist through and through, she cannot make it leave her body thus creating a fighting style of being covered in flames. The flames do not hurt or burn Rei, however they are lethal to other races, and undead.

    Oni Lightning arts:
    The transformation suprisingly granted Rei the potential to the lightning element.
    After a week long cultivation she partially unlocked this potential and came capable of releasing and controlling lightning. However as a martial artist through and through, she cannot make it leave her body thus creating a fighting style of being covered in lightning. The lightning do not hurt or burn Rei, however they are lethal to other races.


    Body enhancement:
    The same as her former self, Rei can raise her physical stats by pouring Ki into her body and raise her defense power by enveloping herself in it.

    Flame enhancement:
    A combination of flame arts and body enhancement, it drastically raises Rei's physical strength.

    Lightning enhancement:
    A combination of lightning arts and body enhancement, it drastically raises Rei's physical speed.

    Defense armament:
    By imagining her Ki to cover her skin and then become hard, Rei's physical defense rises proportionally to how much Ki she used to create it.
    As a side effect, Rei's skin will turn very dark blue or even violet.
    By focusing the Ki in one place in her body, she can raise the defense in that spot in exchange for lowering the defense in the rest of her body.
    The concentrated spot will become pitch black in color.

    Inferno Panzer:
    By combining flame enhancement with defense armament, Rei gains great offensive and defensive capabilities.
    The power of flame enhancement gets trapped by the armament, building up inside of Rei.

    Thought acceleration:
    Lightning enhancement, taken to the extreme, by controlling the impulses going through the nerves, Rei's can think, see, and react in faster speeds.

    Combination of thought acceleration and defense armament.
    Enhanced reaction speed, and the ability to raise the defense in a single concentrated spot, come together to create a strong defensive territory around Rei.

    Shockwave arts-
    Due to her battle with Kathicia, Rei came to realize her weakness against long-range fighters, especially those capable of flight.
    While those weaker than her can be defeated with the right environment, those with equal skill can defeat her by using the advantage of their incompatible fighting style.
    This resulted in the development of two main arts for the sake of fighting flying enemies-

    Shock strikes:
    By storing up ki in her attacking limbs, the following attack can unleash a shockwave that will travel to a distance (current record: 1.5 M) and hit a target in a straight line.
    Hitting a target in zero range will send shockwaves through the target's body that can bypass armors and hit the flesh underneath directly.

    Saint Walker:
    By applying a small amount of ki to her soles and releasing it in a shockwave, Rei can "kick" the air as if it was solid.
    Adding to that, by creating a small platform in the air right under her foot, Rei can literally walk through the air.
    Since her Ki properties are not compatible with this art, her platforms are weak, small and will disappear soon, but it is enough for her to use them as footholds, and together with the shockwaves mentioned earlier, they come together to create a "miracle" of walking through the air - hence the name Saint Walker.
    By the way, the same skill can be used to walk through and above water.
    Standing in place cannot be achieved, however, by jumping in place from one foot to the other, a similar result can be simulated.
    Tattered clothing too big to fit my size, remains of broken armor, the twin arm guards "kanshou & Bakuya".
    Gourd/Jack - Mate, lover.
    Ayumi - Mate, lover.
    Raijun (Jun for short) - pet, tamed beast, Foster child.
    An old but huge Oni (2 meters tall), master of martial arts and Ki arts, and specialist of body enhancement type Ki.
    Thanks to his skillful use of his strong body and surprising speed, as well as many powerful techniques, he came to be called by the name "Lightning Emperor" (a translation of his name from the oni-folk tongue).
    On his journey to find new strong opponents he unknowingly drank water from a mystical lake housing a powerful water spirit. As punishment his body was transformed into a female version of his 19 years old self, back when he just manifested his Ki. All his skills and training since than have been reset, and only his memories of the techniques remains. Now he is looking for a cure if there is one, and hopes to find a clue as an adventurer of the guild.
    Side story - Prologue
    Side story - First day in town
    Quest - Stigmatised
    Side story - week long cultivation
    Quest - Escort
    Quest - interplanetary portal closer
    Side Story - Negotiation
    Quest - Gathering moon flowers and tree sap
    Quest - Shut that guy up!
    Side story - Returning to normal
    Quest - I need a pet wyvern
    Quest - a sparring partner
    Side story - self reflection
    Quests - "Potion testing" + "Free the forest"
    Character Name: Naraku Douji
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 25

    Religion: Shinto
    Personality Trait: Prideful and honorable.
    Extra Information (Personality): pragmatic yet somewhat superstitious, Confident, grey outlook on morality.
    Character Trait:Frank, honest to fault (can't tell believable lies), hates cheaters and adulterers, a bit curious, takes things in face value at first (learned to doubt people later in life).
    Backstory: A young human man working as a mercenary in modern times, a specialist in blades and daggers, witha a sharp wild intuition, dies on a Job because he was set up by the client. As a mercenary he threw away his birthname and picked a new one, Naraku Douji, because of his strength and his nickname in the underworld - "the blade-storm Oni".

    Home Province: None.
    Allegiance: none
    Extra Information (Allegiance): Close friends with Matsumoto officer from Tokugawa's army.
    Employment Status:none.
    Weapon: steel Odachi (tier 2), steel daggers * 20 (tier 2), kusarigama (tier 2).
    Armour: Remodeled Samurai armor - black.

    Known Divine Words: