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    [ -Yoru's PoV- ]

    "......... Looks like... She doesn't need my help? Haha~"

    Anyways, I'm heading her way so.... I should atleast introduce myself to her. I think........ Why do I feel like I'm hitting on her?!

    Thinking about useless things, he stopped running and just walk towards her in the middle of his walk he saw her frowned and sighed.

    I wonder what she's thinking about? Most likely about killing. Welp. Never hesitated even once to kill before so........ Let's just introduce myself then help her with the bandits. Yeah. Let's do that.

    Stopping near her. He then introduce himself, dully.

    (Yoru) - "Hello. I thought you need help earlier but looks like it's not needed. Anyways, the name's Yoru. Nice to meet you."

    After saying that, she then glanced at me and gave a small nod.

    (Levana) - “Help would be very much appreciated. All that’s left for us to do is to catch these ones and bring them into the fort.”

    ....... Ain't she supposed to say "My name's Blah blah blah. Nice to meet you too."? Anyways.

    I stopped thinking about useless things and watched how she fights. Approaching two bandits, she swinged her daggers while activating a skill, easily bringing the bandits down in other words making them 'faint'. It helped that they were already injured so taking them down was actually quite easy for her.

    She's good.... I think she might not need my help anymor- whoops. Spoke too early.

    A stealthed bandit was silently approaching her back. Yoru sensing the bandit, threw his machete to the bandit's right leg, slicing it into two.

    (SB) - "Ahhh!!!!! My leg!! Help!!!!!"

    ......... Definitely not my fault. Yep. Anyway, better finish this early.

    Stabbing the bandit with my arm blades, I ended his suffering and rushed to the other bandits, limiting my strength this time. Moments later. We tied the bandits together and decided that I'll carry them towards the port. She then looked at me and introduced herself.

    (Levana) - "Thank you. My name is Levana, member of the Guild."
    (Yoru) - "Nice to meet you, Levana. As I said earlier, the name's Yoru. Also a member of the guild. Best regard."

    I then shook hands with her and carried (dragged) the bandits while the both of us are heading to the port.

    - Later -

    Delivering the unconcious bandits to the guild staffs, we then split up and said goodbye to each other. I then went back inside the airship and leaned my back against the wall somewhere there's no one around.

    ...... I remember the days where I was hunting and killing preys everyday. Fun times. And the kid I met earlier, I wish my son will be like that too. I hope nothing happened with Sen at home. I asked Lone to protect her so.... I guess I can be reassured that nothing happened to her. *nod nod*

    He smiled for a bit, thinking about how Sen will react once he knew he got home. Eventually, his mood turned serious and a frown can be seen on his face.

    Anyways, why the hell did I turned white while I was hitting the egg that Kynn is in? I Guess.... It was because of the propery of the egg? Maybe??? Most importantly, why did Kynn encased herself? Sigh..... I guess I should ask Lou? Or just wait for her to come out of there. I don't know when but.... I hope it won't take a long time...... Sigh...... Kynn.....

    Having this thoughts, he then waited for the guild staffs to be finished with their business here. So they can start the airship and return back to Aeternus. To where his considered "HOME" is.
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    “All guild members near the manor in east block A-21-E, leave the area, immediately!” Faisal heard his teammate shout, so he turned around and shouted at the hostages “Run!” And fled behind them not forgetting that protecting them is the priority.

    After running for fifteen minutes we decided to slow down and one of the hostages asked “what happened?” and that’s when it happened the explosion, it was loud enough to hear from where they fled to. “I don’t know what it was but i hope my friends are okay” Faisal muttered to himself.

    “Okay let’s go to the docks ASAP no need to wait and see if the enemy is still alive.” Faisal said to them to make them hurry up to the only place he was sure was safe in this foreign area.

    Soon They were in the docks and Faisal saw a guild staff member and he explained the situation to them “alright no worries i’ll take these gentlemen off your hands.” they said with a smile.

    @Nahrenne @Osamaru @Hatchy
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    It’s over, huh…
    It’s been a struggle between both the bandits and the Guild, but we still managed to win in the end.

    “Though… can it really be called that?” I silently say to myself as I look around my surroundings. What was once buildings were turned into a mount of rubble. The streets also didn't make it and even the castle of the head wasn't an exception.

    It doesn’t matter which universe nor timeline I’m in… in the end, it almost always ends the same way. I silently think as an old, forgotten memory almost resurfaces. I tried to remember, but I was suddenly attacked by a severe chest pain as if I wasn’t allowed to remember.
    Maa, I guess it can wait another time. I thought as I focus on the task at hand.

    I glide across the ground with my Dynamos under me as I look for any survivors from the battle and any stragglers from the bandit’s side.

    Thirty minutes later…

    I didn’t find anybody that needed help or needed to be captured in the end.

    I guess the battle’s over. I think to myself as an ideal formed inside my mind.

    It felt old and forgotten, but at the same time, it also felt new and worth striving for. Like a precious promise that was made and forgotten after a long time has passed, then remembered.

    But worth striving for whose sake?

    I felt my chest hurt as if rejecting that question. It felt like millions of swords pierced my non-existent heart forcing me to forget trying to remember. Making me forget that train of thought by using the pain in my chest.

    I had felt more pain than anyone can ever imagine throughout my life and have eventually grown numb to it, but why is it that I can feel this?
    I asked myself for a second time as I disliked, no, hated the feeling in my chest. I eventually gave in to the pain and kept doing the task I was assigned to do.

    While I was searching for survivors around the city, I heard the Guildmaster mark the end of the Raid.

    About time…

    I immediately turn around and start heading towards the Guild airships as I hoped to rest after doing battle for so long. I switch back to my casual clothing by slipping through the distortion that I made which changed my appearance to the white polo shirt and black pants when I arrived with my Dynamos invisible again as I was gliding towards the Port area and thought about the ideal I remembered earlier.

    A world where no one has to cry… huh?

    In all my life, I’ve never encountered a world like that. Even in all of my experience in travelling, I know that a world like that only existed in fairy tales.

    But how great would it be if it actually existed? I thought.

    I kept my face calm as I felt my chest hurt again as I head towards the airships though it stopped after a while.

    “Maa… this world might not be too bad to stay in for a while.” I silently say aloud as I look up at the sky.

    [OOC | I haven't posted here in a while, mostly because school resumed for me. I hope that's okay.]
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    After delivering the bandits to proper Guild staff, I then proceeded to go and look around the port. It had been quite a long day. Yoru, the beastman, had helped me gather some stragglers. Despite the bandits' retreating desperately, so many of them had been captured. Officially, the battle was won. Fort reclaimed, castle recaptured, and the entirety of the town repossessed. The campaign was a resounding success.

    Despite the victory, however, a heavy sense of grief hung in the air. Their town had been pillaged, their people murdered. The sense of security the Masayori had in their home was shattered and replaced by unmitigated anger, disquiet, and perfidy at the audacity of anybody doing something so heartless.

    All for what? I couldn't understand it. I've had my fair share of bandit encounters and there was one thing they all had in common. Quick satisfaction. This Masayori incident was not that. It was a meticulous military operation.

    If one thought about it, how could these three bandit groups even think of allying themselves with each other? Their leaders were so powerful they would never permit themselves to bow to each other.

    Then again, the land was in chaos. Did they really just pool their resources together to take over a titled territory for its resources? Possible. It all depended on this country's political climate.

    I sighed. I shouldn't even be getting this concerned over it. Let Shadow worry about the whole matter instead.

    Banishing these thoughts from my mind, I then went towards the South side of the port closer to the castle. Last I saw the orphans earlier, they had an area there to themselves. Sure enough, upon reaching the location, I saw Gen dazedly sitting on a crate, staring out towards the ocean. The boy didn’t even notice my approach.

    “Gen,” I called out quietly so that he wouldn’t be startled.

    Even then, the teenager jolted out of his trance and glanced towards my direction. With a look of joy and surprise, he leapt off of the crate and stood by my side. “Levana, you’re back!”

    I nod at him. “How are the other children?”

    “The younger kids are actually sleeping quite soundly. I think it helps that they’re surrounded by members of your group.” At this, he looked away and gave off a self-deprecating expression. “I’m part of the Masayori clan and yet, even I feel more secure in the presence of your comrades.”

    I looked towards the residential area and saw numerous wisps of smoke scattered everywhere from the earlier battle. Turning back to the boy, I replied, “Your clan is powerful. Never doubt that. A weak clan would have surrendered long before we arrived.”

    Momentarily, he looked relieved at hearing me say that but then another frown crossed his features. “But, to ask help from strangers is rather…”

    I understood his worries instantly. The Masayori must have been a proud clan. To ask for aid meant they were not strong enough to defend their own land. Despite the victory, most, if not all, of the citizens in this fort would not be so welcoming.

    Gen was waiting for me to say something. Instead of replying back, I walked to the crate he was sitting on and took a seat on it. Patting the side beside me, the teenager hoisted himself up and sat down as well.

    “You know, Gen,” I started to say while watching all the people around us busily running to and fro with their assigned work. “It is never easy to be a leader. There are so many things besides his clan’s pride that your clan head has to be mindful about. Do you consider the Masayori as a powerful clan?”

    With a serious look, he gave a solid nod. “Of course! My father was one of best soldiers and so was my mother. They died fighting for us when there was an uprising in the capital.”

    I wasn’t sure whether or not it was wise of him to say that. I had no idea what uprising he was talking about but I didn’t really think about it too much. “Consider this, then. Being powerful doesn’t assure you victory. Even if you are strong, if you are alone against a vast majority of those who are as strong as you, you are nothing. The Masayori clan seem to be a loyal sort so what will happen if the most loyal soldier dies when its master is struggling to bring peace to their land?”

    I had no idea about what was happening in this country but I could guess at the underlying conflict. Judging by Gen’s paling complexion, I think I was close to the truth. My mother had told me about a time in her world’s history called the Sengoku era. Maybe this land was in the middle of something like it. Hopefully, I was wrong.

    “Your clan leader must have thought it would have been better to live and survive this day rather than dying and being unable to fulfil his duty as the leader of the Masayori. Your clan is powerful. Today, you survived. Thanks to your leader, you can march over the corpses of those who considered you weak. Good or bad, he used whatever leverage he could get to make us earn whatever he offered. He used us so that all of you could live.

    “There is something your clan must do in this land. Even if he had to invite a dragon into his den, your clan leader did so to fulfill his duty to your master. Never forget, Gen. Pride is nothing compared to the obedience and loyalty of a soldier willing to fight for his master.”

    Gen was quiet as he pondered what I was saying. Then, quietly, he asked, “Our master?”

    Perhaps it was all the violence today that made his voice sound derisive but it led me to inquire, “Who is your master?”

    “The emperor is dead. He was our master,” came his bleak reply. Instead of a confident statement, his words ended in a high note as if he was actually asking a question.

    Again, I don’t think I was meant to know that. Taking a gamble with my next words, I asked him, “Do you know how your clan name is written?” The name ‘Masayori’ was very reminiscent of the names from my mother’s homeland. I wondered if the similarities ended there. Judging from Gen’s reply, it was more than a similarity.

    “My father said it is written with the letters representing [justice] and [peace].”

    “As far as I understand, Gen,” I said as I seriously looked him in the eye. “Your true leader is this very land.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Masayori stands for justice and peace. Is it any wonder then why your clan leader would want to survive this day to spread justice and peace onto the land? This country was protected by your emperor. You then should do the same.”

    It was slightly careless of me to say all this especially since I had no idea how these children were taught but I could see Gen was starting to take things to heart. “We protect the weak,” he said quietly. “We bring justice where it is needed. My father always said that to me.”

    “Then train hard so that you can.”

    Gen looked down at his hands that were clenched and I remained silent. Finally, he suddenly spoke, “I’ve been thinking that I wanted to join your guild, Levana.”


    With a small smile, he continued, “But now I think my clan is worth fighting for after all.”

    Returning his smile, we remained silent and watched as people passed us by. Today was the first step into more trouble for the Masayori. For what seemed to be the thousandth time, I started to wonder. What was our Guild going to do next?

    Click here for Beginning of Far East Continent Raid
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    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    Fiddling with the sun hat on my head, I grumbled.

    “This is uncomfortable...” (Kuma)

    “Bear with it for a bit, miss Bear.” (Maligno)

    Maligno said while he fixed the hat, smiling gently.

    Wearing a hat like this would actually be way more uncomfortable considering the fact I had bear ears atop my head, so they would pretty much be squeezed unless I made holes on it.

    Well, I won’t be bothered by this inconvenient anymore, though.

    Where before were my ears, there was a pair of gauze dressings on my balded head. I covered it with a blue headscarf and wore the hat over it.

    My ears weren’t completely healed from the damage as for now, so I had to use a pair of magical artificial ears that they gave me on the infirmary. As my clothes were burned, I was now wearing an one piece light blue dress that had an icy appearance. In my waist I put the flowery silver adorned belt and in my neck there was a ice pendant, a reduced form of Inkarnation des Schneesturm.

    “I look strange… ” (Kuma)

    “Nah, don’t worry. You’re almost in one piece. Besides, you’re really pretty.” (Maligno)

    “Cheap cat.” (Kuma)

    Maligno laughed and said. “I’m quite easy to please~”

    Looking at myself now, my body was almost completely healed after the accident where I took an unexpected bath in lava. The only thing that could not be recovered was my left arm, but I already expected that.

    Rather than an flesh and bone arm, an arm made of silvery metal was connected to my shoulder now.

    “Are you fine with it, Mirea? I feel like I’m troubling you… ” (Kuma)

    [Don’t worry. I don’t have metal anymore to create a human body for me, and this way I can be useful.]

    “I-if you say so...” (Kuma)

    [Fufufu~ In exchange, be my dressing doll from time to time.] (Mirea)

    “Ahahaha~ Of course~ Just don’t dress me like a chair~” (Kuma)

    [...] (Mirea)

    “Hey, don’t go silent all of sudden!” (Kuma)

    Maligno, that was grinning from the side, called us.

    “Okay, enough for now. Let’s go back home.” (Maligno)

    He pushed the tavern’s door as we entered.
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    Hello everyone~
    As promised a new topic coming out!

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    Hearing the sound of muffled voices all around her, Rhialla woke up to see that she was in a bed inside a medic’s tent. Realising that she must have lost consciousness before, in the manor, she took note of her surroundings and checked to see where her weapons and other pieces of equipment were. Looking down, she noticed herself wearing Rhialla’s clothes; her long, flowing, red dress and her hairpiece and thigh band, and so adopted her Rhialla persona before people realised about Nacrene. Seeing that her daggers were safely inside her storage ring, she decided to check on her pact-spirit, Fifna.
    Fifna! An update on the situation since I fell unconscious, please!
    Acknowledged, Eternal Daughter! It has been six hours since Eternal Daughter lost contact with this one and its siblings. The Ghost-bird spirit has been making sure that Eternal Daughter has not been disturbed as the medic said you needed rest in order to recover from your internal injuries. Another thing that this one thinks should be known, is that the dark entity Matthew named Rot, seems to have taken a hold of a part of your body, and is slowly contaminating it, gaining control of you.
    Are you sure about this, Fifna?
    Yes, Eternal Daughter. This one, and this one’s siblings are very sure on this matter. The entity has already spread to your kidneys and liver, and has begun entering your lungs. Eternal Daughter’s left arm is also starting to have the infection spread. If Eternal Daughter inspects your arm, you will notice that it will feel slightly stiff, no longer as fluid in its movements.

    Checking her arm after having been told of her current condition, she did indeed notice that her arm felt stiffer than before, the skin was becoming slightly paler too.
    What else have I missed while being inactive, Fifna?
    The guild raid seems to have come to a close and the surrendered enemies are being allocated different tasks to help aid the recovery of the land and residences. The manor was destroyed in an explosion caused by the captain self-detonating. All remaining bandits within were killed immediately, and Eternal Daughter’s companions all survived. Several hostages did not make it, but the majority did, so do not worry over whether you completed your mission or not. Another thing that this one has noticed is that Eternal Daughter’s spirit power has increased three-fold since absorbing that captain’s energy. Due to this, this one feels it must inform you that this one and its siblings feel a change within ourselves.
    Oh, what kind of change?
    We feel that we would be able to manifest ourselves into a human form, so that we may be of more use to Eternal Daughter.
    That is indeed a change, a very good one at that! Keep cultivating your essence, as will I with my newly gained spirit power, and together we will find ‘Them’.
    Acknowledged, Eternal Daughter! This one and its siblings shall do so!
    Alright then. Go into standby mode for now.
    Acknowledged, Eternal Daughter!

    With that, their conversation ended and Matthew entered the tent.
    “Hey, how are you feeling, sleepyhead?”
    He came up to her and looked her up and down, making sure that Rhialla wasn’t showing signs of pain or concussion.
    “I’m fine, more than that, how’s everything going out there?”
    “We’re cleaning up the rubble and repairing the damage made during the raid. The prisoners are being handled and the bodies are being dealt with. Soon we’ll be leaving here and we can return to our previous quest.”
    “That’s good.” She said as she stretched out her arms, easing the tension in her body after lying down for so long. She got out of the bed and made her way to the entrance.
    “Let’s go see how we can help!”
    She smiled with a beaming grin and walked out of the tent, bumping into Faisal and Hatchy. Seeing that they were both fine, with not many wounds on them, they all went on to perform the tasks of helping the locals bring the town back to normal, before returning back to their own continent. This was one guild raid that Rhialla was sure to remember…

    Thanks for such a good guild raid!
    @Faisal @Hatchy @Osamaru
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    <Unwanted Voices>

    Jin wakes up from that nightmare, his day already going worse than it is.
    Since he failed his last quest, his mood was down and he could feel self-hatred raising up inside of him.

    ‘Calm down… it will be alright, everyone makes a mistake’
    Jin stood up walk to the bathroom and take a bath.
    He looks at mirror seeing his bare face and remembering something from the past.
    For some reason it’s pissing him off. With full force he punch the mirror braking it while his fist bleed.

    ‘Sigh… I’m losing myself again, I even sent killing intent to Bernard’
    Jin covers his face with his bleeding fist remembering how he almost let out his frustration to the poor Kobold. Luckily, Bernard didn’t notice his eyes so Jin feel relief that he didn’t hurt the Kobold.

    ‘This might be bad… I need to release this somehow’
    Jin looks at his bleeding fist and take a deep breathe, deciding that he need to vent out somehow.


    “So that’s why you visited me?” Shamal cross his arm and stares at Jin.
    Jin has drawn a magic portal from his notebook to cross to another dimension where Shamal lives.
    Right now Jin is meditating his mana that was lost from drawing the magic portal for some time.

    “Yes… you’re the only one that could help” Jin begs with a sad smile.
    “You don’t have to worry… I sent one of my black snake with you to see how your mission goes. I already close up that desert cavern so no villager will get harm. Beside the regular tunnels that originally was there, everything is back to how it was” Shamal brew a tea to serve his uninvited guest.

    “Thanks, but I’m not feeling well… that’s why” Jin receive the tea but he only twirls it as he look down.
    “Sigh~ so you want to fight me?” Shamal sit in front of Jin and drink tea.
    “No just sparing will do…” Jin drinks the tea to calm himself.
    “You know if your condition is not well… that sparing you want will become a battle to the death” Shamal squints his eyes at Jin.
    “………” Jin could only be silent as he look down looking helpless.

    After several minutes of silence, Shamal has no choice but to give Jin what he wants.
    “I give… I’ll fight you” Shamal rose up wearing his jacket.
    “Thanks, I’ll definitely pay you back” Jin shows a relief.
    “Don’t worry… your always helping me with the orphans” Shamal starts walking outside his house as Jin silently follows him.


    Outside Shamal home was barren, there were no plants or animals. The place looks like a desolate land without any trace of life.
    Shamal was a snake demon and very deathly poisonous one at that. His blood will kill anyone quickly with just one intake. He could even control its intensity making anything it touches melt and become poisonous. That’s why he decide to isolate himself from others, it would be too dangerous if he kill someone accidentally.

    “Shall we start” Shamal raise his fist and took stance.
    “……..” Jin nods as he silently look down and gritting his teeth.
    “Hmm… I’ll go first then” Shamal runs forward throwing punch to Jin.

    A loud impact was heard as the dust flew away. The punch was at strong force but it only makes Jin move an inch still standing. Shamal then follow up it with a knee kick on the stomach but before it made impact. Jin has caught it with his hand that has a bandage.

    Shamal quickly jumps and kick with his free legs but Jin block it with his arm.
    An exchange of blows happened between the two. Shamal keep relentlessly throwing kick and punches as Jin keep on blocking them.

    “Geez… your block skills are high level as expected for a former knight” Shamal commented as he keep attacking when suddenly he feel a threat. Shamal jumps away his instinct telling him of a danger, he silently stare at Jin. Before he know it Jin appears at his face.

    “Die….” Jin eyes full of rage as he throw a heavy punch to Shamal’s head.
    “…tche” Shamal could only cross his arm to block the attack his black snakes with [0.5% poison] hardening to increase his defense.

    Shamal grit his teeth as his bone crack, the strength was too strong for Jin’s regular STR. He was push back far away.

    “Geez… not those magic tattoos again” Shamal spits the blood from his mouth to the ground and it turned to a little black snake.
    Jin was approaching slowly and a glowing tattoo could be seen in his arms and face. He then dash forward sending a flying kick to Shamal.

    Shamal bones was still recovering when he receives the kick in his stomach spitting more blood.

    Cough cough
    “Control yourself Jin… don’t let it consume you” Shamal tried to reason Jin.
    But Jin only moves forward throwing a straight punch. Shamal dodges sideways grabbing his arm and locking Jin on the ground.
    Jin tried relentlessly to escape from that hold, his eyes burn with anger.

    “Your just gonna end up killing yourself at this rate!” Shamal has notice that Jin’s skin was bleeding from the magic tattoos that activated.
    He remembered that Jin have failed on applying the magic tattoo to his body when he was still a child. Jin could not activated the magic tattoos as he wish. Even if it activated it would burn the skin and making it bleed as the usage prolongs it would only make it worse.

    “SHUT UP!!” Jin use [Devitalizing Howl] making Shamal stunned.
    Jin then swiftly kick Shamal towards the air. He quickly leap upwards throwing a jab making Shamal flew upward and did an air combo.
    Shamals could only cross his arm while his body is full of bruised and blood starting to form into black snakes.

    “This is getting too dangerous” Shamal was trying his hard to solidify the black snakes so its poison won’t kill Jin. As he keep getting hit, the number of black snakes keep increasing making the situation dangerous for the both of them.

    “Snap out of it!! You’re no longer bound by your Mother’s expectation!!” Shamal angrily shouted as he tried his best to control his black snakes.

    “……..” Jin flinches and grabs Shamal’s arm, slamming him to the ground.

    Shamal face cringe from the impact and coughs more blood creating more numbers of black snake.
    Jin falls down on the ground and kneels covering his face. The magic tattoo faded, leaving only the trace of blood and burned flesh.

    “…sorry” Jin whispered as he curled up like a ball. His faces slowly cringes as the pain finally registered to his brain.
    “Did you hear the voices again?” Shamal stayed laying down as the black snakes wiggles around him.
    "……..yes” Jin body fliches after hearing those words.
    “Then that would be dangerous… What happened to the helm?”
    “Its lenses (the red glass) are broken so it need some fixing”
    “Fix it fast, that is the reason you hear their voices. You know that serves as a blocker right?”
    “I know, It been so long not hearing it so I thought….” Jin clenches his fist.
    “So you let your guard down sigh….” Shamal would face-palm if he could move his arm.


    Several moments later, as the two stood still.
    Shamal stood up as his wound finally healing as the black snakes’ moves inside back to his body.

    “You know… you’re gonna die with blood loss at this rate” Shamal looks at Jin whose sitting silently.
    “…….” Jin only weakly smiles.
    “Geez… don’t even think about it as your punishment for trashing me. Didn’t you pick me as you punching bag because I have fast healing rate” Shamal proceed to help Jin stand up and drag him towards his house to threat Jin’s wound.


    “Sorry...” Jin couldn’t move his body due to the aftereffects of the magic tattoo.
    “I don’t need your apology...” Shamal put a herbal medicine that sting and bandage Jin tightly making sure to hurt him but instead Jin only weakly smile. “Sigh... now you’re making feel bad. Now how do you feel?”
    “Guilty… I guess?” Jin laughs softly.
    “Does that even feel better?” Shamal face cringe as he finish bandaging Jin making him into a mummy.
    “Much better than getting angry to myself…” Jin smiles feeling better than before.
    “Well then its good, but you almost lose yourself there”
    “Yes, I know… but you could easily stop me if I ever be consumed”
    “……..” Shamal could only glare at Jin’s stupid remarks. “Stop being emotional and pay me back”
    “Pay back what?” Jin titled his head.
    “As a payment for helping you, drink this Cobra wine with me” Shamal shove a cup to Jin’s hand. “Cobra wine has healing abilities plus normally people drown their sorrow with alcohol not killing each other”
    “Pfft... okay I will” Jin accepts the Cobra wine Shamal pours in his cup.

    Both of them gulp at once.
    Shamal was satisfied while Jin’s face cringe from disgust. Shamal keep pouring to Jin until the Cobra wine was empty.

    <After story>

    Because Jin’s body was badly damage (plus the alcohol), Shamal has no choice but to drag him back to Jin’s followers.
    The 3 Kobolds: Bernard, Sanie and Lavri were shocked and worried seeing Jin mummified.
    While Flyx tries his best to play a soothing song to make Jin better.

    Jin decided he need a time of rest, plus his helm need fixing so while his body heals. He started fixing the lenses of the helm.
    For now until his helm is not fix, Jin decided to control his emotions and try not talk.
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    Hm..... I wonder what did I do to had a system? More importantly, why did it revealed itself just now?

    Yoru was heading to the inn he was staying at while pondering about what happened to the tavern earlier.

    And the scythe..... I almost got consumed by rage, I better control it if I wanted to use it in any way. Tsk.

    When he arrived at the inn, he greeted the innkeeper. The innkeeper seeing Yoru again, got happy and asked why he was not staying to sleep in there anymore. Yoru just wryly smile to the innkeeper's question and went to his room immediately.

    Getting inside the room, he felt nostalgia and just lied down on the bed while in deep thought.

    Sigh..... Nothing to do... No Kynn. No Sentina. No nothing... Sigh...... Anyway, let's fiddle with the system.

    He sat up in bed and pondered for a while, eventually asking the system.

    "Hey. System. Why did you appear now?"

    Asking it a question, letters then start appearing in his retina that only he can see.

    [System: Conditions are met.]
    "Conditions??? What conditions?"
    [System: You do not have the authoritization to know this.]
    "............. Anyway, can you connect me with the goddess earlier?"
    [System: Connecting........ *ding!* You are connected. (Hello, hello~!)]
    "Etto..... Hello? May I know who you are?"
    [System: (Hehe~ You can call me Goddess-sama~!)]
    ".......... Hello? May I know who you are?"
    [System: (As I have said, You can call me Goddess-sama~!)]
    ".......... Hello? May I-"
    [System: (Okay, okay! *pouts* Meanie. You can call me, Artemis-sama~!]

    As I have asked her name, I then asked her background and got a very vague answer. But she said that she's the Goddess of hunting, clearly, and that was where I got interested.

    "So.... Emi-sama. You're a Goddess of hunting?"
    [System: (Hai hai~! That's what they call me~!)]
    "Hoh~? I would like to have a match with you. If ever the times come."
    [System: (Hehehe~ Alright~! Anyway, this has a limited time only so. Bye bye~~! Talk to you again someday~~!) Connection Terminated.]
    "Yes, yes...."

    He lied back down again on the bed. He sighed and started recollecting his thoughts with his eyes close, as if saying he was tired.

    Gods... Huh? I wonder why I got one? I tried to ask her but got a "You'll know soon~~" answer.... Sigh... Anyway, I better check the Scythe.....

    He sat up again and took out Garma's scythe again from the inventory. Just from holding it, he can feel the death energy surrounding it and his mind corruption ressistance skill, rapidly increasing it's percentage of mastery.

    "Tsk. This is still hard to control."

    The scythe was saying something in his head. Over and over again.

    'Let it out. Let your rage out. Let it consume you! Kill it. Kill them. Slaughter them! Don't you wanna kill them? They leave you to die! Now kill them! Kill them!!!'

    [System Announcement: Mind Corruption Resisstance Skill Level 2 => 3 (33%)]

    The longer he was holding it, the higher his resisstance skill becomes but at the same time. The longer he was holding it, the higher the possibility that his mind is gonna be corrupted and be consumed by rage. By the time he put it back in the item box. He was gasping for air, sweating buckets, his eyes were red and a throbbing vein was visible on his temple.


    [System Announcement: Mind Corruption Resisstance Skill Level 8 => 9 (23%)]

    "Ha.... Ha..... Goddamn this.... Haha...."

    Realizing he did a goodjob in raising his resisstance, he immediately collapsed and fainted.

    [System Announcement: (Willpower Skill <Acquired>) Level 3 (0%)]
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    ((Disclaimer: some of the colors might be terrible to read, you might need to highlight then.

    I'm not changing this, it's intended, please keep up with me for a bit more! >.<

    This should happen after my last IC interactions on the tavern.))

    Hikari got back to her room in the inn, it had been a long, but nice day at the tavern, Hikari met Mama, but Mama didn't see nor hear Hikari... Hikari didn't know why...

    There was that strange, but cute girl though... Del-chan, Hikari wonders where she came from... She seemed to know Hikari, but didn't seem to worry about Hikari not remembering Del-chan... Del-chan was mysterious...

    Hikari was in more pain than usual today though... At one point the air on the tavern became easier to breath in, so the pain on Hikari's throat became smaller, but... Hikari's body just got worse.

    After liting up a candle that Hikari had left near the entrance, Hikari moved her wheelchair to the bathroom to try and take a bath, after undressing, Hikari looked at the mirror and saw that the area around Hikari's thigh and belly were still quite red... Hikari was happy to be with Del-chan, but her hug was too tight... It didn't help that Del-chan set on Hikari's legs as well... What to do...? This kind of thing weren't supposed to leave a mark of any sort...

    Hikari sighed... There isn't much Hikari can do about it... Hopefully it will be better by the morning...

    Hikari took the bucket that had already been filled with water by the innkeeper and a sponge, and started scrubbing herself... Hikari was happy that the innkeeper was willing to help Hikari out with this, as Hikari had no way of getting water from the artificial well of the city, but Hikari didn't want to trouble the innkeeper this much... Getting this done for free didn't sit well with Hikari...

    Ah! ... The sponge fell... Okay, move the chair over here, careful... Do-do-don't fall bucket! Please don't fall! *deep breath* This was close... All right, now Hikari just needs to stretch here and... Agh! ... Hikari's back... *huff huff* And... Caught!

    *sighs* To think it would be this hard to get a sponge... Hikari doesn't think the pain on the back will leave any time soon... Great...

    After bathing the best Hikari could while she was on the chair, Hikari dried herself with a towel and went towards the bedroom, Hikari opened the chest atop the table that had Hikari's clothes and put a pajama on herself.

    Closing the chest, Hikari moved the wheelchair back to the entrance, blew out the fire of the candle, and then moved towards the bed... *deep breath* Put the hands in carefully... Bend over and... Roll!

    Phew... Success... Hikari got in bed without any extra pains today! It's an achievement for once!

    ... Haha... To think Hikari needs to celebrate this kind of thing... Let's just... Cover up and... Sleep...


    It's dark... How did I get here...?

    "You're here again? That's sooner than I expected... is Hikari here today?"

    "Hikari...? Who? Hikari doesn't know... Eh?"

    "It's fine if you don't know her... We have some time until she comes back, so... Do you want to talk a bit? Guiding you around wouldn't help much until we're a bit closer to the time."

    What a weird light... Why is it that the first thing Hikari found on this darkness was this strange light... Rather, where did it come from...? I'm confused.

    "Ano... Where is this...? And... Who are you? I don't remember ever seeing something like you before... Rather... Huh? Hikari doesn't really remember... Anything? I don't-"

    "Of course, I forgot, you wouldn't remember the last time, would you?"

    "Last time?"

    "Don't worry, if you can't remember, you don't need to remember.

    Let's just say... This is a place that you shouldn't be, okay? There are a lot of bad influences in here, so it's best if you don't come here again until you need it."

    "Bad influences...? But... There is only Hikari and you here?"

    *giggles* "Closed eyes won't see their surroundings~
    Well, I can't tell you much right now, and you wouldn't remember anyway, so... Should we get going? We can chat more on the way."

    "Go? Go where...? And wait!? What was that about my eyes being closed!? My eyes are open!"

    "When they're open, you'll see what you need to see... Try keeping them closed for a while longer, okay? I... I don't want you to see this yet. It's a bit of a selfish request, but I think Hikari would be happier like this... So, follow me?"

    "I, I don't understand! Follow where!? Explain things properly to Hikari!"

    *sighs* "I wish I could... But... Telling it to you won't do you any good... Rather, it has a risk of calling Hikari here... This is no place for her... Could you just... Come along without questions?"

    I shook my head, I don't wanna! This is all strange!

    "I thought so..." *sighs* "Alright, I'll answer... I can't promise I'll explain things properly, okay? But I'll give you something... Come along?"

    Hikari nodded... The light started moving and Hikari followed... Eh? How am I even moving here?

    "Okay... Who am I?"

    "A tricky question... You're someone that came here multiple times in the past... No, that's a bad word, I was the one that came here plenty... You're someone was here for a long time, and will probably come again soon. A kind soul that is suffering from others' mistakes..."

    "... This... This doesn't explain anything!"

    "I'm sorry, okay? I only have figments to work with... And I have to withhold everything within me... I can explain, but... Not yet."

    "What's the purpose of asking if you won't answer..."

    "I'm trying! I'm not happy with this either! Our time shouldn't be this short! It isn't fair!"

    "Our time...?"

    "Ah... Yeah, we'll be parting before long after all the end is quite near..."

    "The end...? But you told Hikari we still had time..."

    "We have been walking for a while, you know? Look, it's right over there."

    "Huh? But we were here for like... Minutes?"

    "Minutes...? That is... No nevermind, hurry along, we can't waste anymore time, we don't want Hikari coming here."

    "Again with Hikari... Who is her!?"

    "Someone important... And someone that shouldn't be here... A girl too careless for her own good."

    "That doesn't-"

    "Hurry! We're out of time!"

    "Why is time so-
    Uaaaagh!? Wha-what are those!?"

    "Don't listen! Don't listen and move!"

    "Ah-ah-ah- okay!"

    Hikari moved, moved as fast as she could, Hikari's entire body was hurting so much... It was terrible, Hikari's thighs and belly looked like they were about to explode! And what are those shouts on my head?! Hikari doesn't understand! Talk clearly at least!

    "Stop trying to listen!! Please go!"


    Don't listen don't listen don't listen-


    It's hurting... Stop shouting on Hikari's head!

    "There, the light! Go through it and begone!"


    *huff huff huff huff* *cough cough* *coughs blood* *cough cough* *coughs blood* *cough cough cough* *huff huff*

    Where... Where is... Ah, it's morning already... Hikari... Slept...

    Haa... Somehow Hikari feels like she had a terrible dream... Why are Hikari's... Ah... Del-chan... Ugh, Hikari thought it would pass after sleeping... Isn't there a remedy for pain at least...?

    Fuu... Better to not worry too much about it... Okay... Hop on carefully... There, back on the chair! No big deal!


    Eh!? A... A bat? On Hikari's window? Oh, maybe it's Patchy-chan?

    Hikari moved the wheelchair there and saw the bat coming in with a letter... Let's see...

    Dear Hikari,

    We heard from the old hag... You aren't doing well, are you?

    I can't say it's unexpected, but this definitely hit us off-guard, Remi thought you'd have at least an year more... Please take care of yourself, okay? We might visit soon.

    Alice sent us a letter as well, she was angry at me for not telling anything about you *giggles*, but she was happy to see you... And sad... To see you like that. I hope you enjoyed the visit at the very least.

    And... Were you able to meet your family? I wouldn't want you to... Not find them...

    Eh? This is... Kinda hard to read... It's blurry and... Wet? Did Patchy-chan drop something on the letter...? Uhn... Let's try focusing some more...

    I h_pe you're en_oy_ng the time y_u still have...

    With love,

    Patchy-chan... *hugs the letter tightly* Thanks for worrying so much for Hikari...

    Dear Patchy-chan,

    Hikari is happy to receive Patchy-chan's letter... Hikari is indeed unwell, it seems Hikari messed up again... Hikari discovered a tad too late what was making her worse and... Hikari made a hasty decision which made things worse.

    Uhn... Hikari also thinks she has been having weird dreams... Hikari isn't sure, because Hikari doesn't remember them, but Hikari woke up twice already, with a really bad feeling, as if something terrible had happened...

    On some good news, Hikari loved meeting Alice-san-chan! She was really kind to Hikari! And even told Hikari a bit about Marisa-san!

    She still seemed pretty hurt over her though... Isn't there any way for Patchy-chan to help her out?

    Oh, and Hikari found her Mama! We talked some, she was really kind and seemed really worried for Hikari... Rather... Really really worried... We met again yesterday, but for some reason Mama couldn't hear nor see Hikari... Hikari has hopes of meeting again though!

    Hmm... Did Hikari ever know a girl named Del? Hikari met Del-chan on the guild's tavern as well, she was nice and funny, and quite amazing as well, Hikari really enjoyed being with her, but Hikari had no idea who she was... And Del-chan seemed to know Hikari very well, and she wasn't troubled by Hikari not remembering her... Hikari found that to be a bit strange...

    Hikari will look forward to Patchy-chan's visit! Please do come!

    With love,

    And... Sent!

    Hmmm... Hikari thinks she'll ask the innkeeper for some soup... Something easy to go through Hikari's throat would be good... It's getting hard to eat these days...

    ((I tried showing on the first part, a bit of how Hikari's daily life should be currently be like, it's a small exert, but I hope I could give the proper feeling on it.

    I wonder if I was too vague or too obvious with the later part... I'm trying to make some foreshadowing, but I don't want people to understand what is happening yet... I hope I did it properly! >.<))
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    <Guild Tavern>

    Presia was playing with Wunder's Cat “Zoe” on top of a large egg.
    When she noticed something peeking out in its back....

    Presia: "Master Vodka there something weird in Zoe's back?" *shows cat to Jin*
    Jin uses magic word to response [Why is the cat with you? Oh well... hmm] Jin pulled something using his mana to the back of the cat. [Oh~ amazing isn't this something!! This is not an ordinary cat!!]
    Presia: "What is it? Oh my!! it has a wing similar to a dragonfly"
    Jin: [Yup it's a cat fairy but the other wing is ripped out... Poor cat maybe I can find ways to heal it] *pats*
    Presia: "Cat Fairy!! they are rare! but why is it in Junkyard?"
    Jin: [Don't know about that but this right wing is badly damaged] *inspects the broken wing*

    Jin paused for a moment, without his helm he is prone to negative energy, something whispers to him

    Jin: [Hahaha... I remember how Wunder made fun of me, now now] *evil aura*
    Presia: "Oh my~ so what are you gonna do?"

    Jin wrote a letter and hand it to the bartender to give to Wunder.
    [I have your Cat and I'm gonna heal it but before I give it to you
    Kneel down to me and ask for forgiveness for your sins
    Or if you want, we can duel and I will make sure you will experience something new(torture)
    -to Wunder

    "Mrahahaha let's duel! I'll meet you on the Great Plains! My trump card will leave you helpless!"
    Wunder said arrogantly. Maybe it was the lemonade he was getting drunk off (Pierre and his bartender skills), but Wunder was feeling on top of the world after completing another round of quests and being on the verge of becoming a D-ranked adventurer.

    <Aeternus - Floating city>

    While Jin and Wunder went to the great plains to start their fight. Presia and Yoru was following them at their own pace.

    Presia was a bit worried about Jin so she wants to witness the fight. Yoru was a bit interested to it so he offered to accompany Presia to go to the Great Plains. So Presia, while being led by Yoru which is holding her hand for some reason, making her face red as an apple but still gives a composed aura as she covered her cheeks with her fan, went after Jin.

    “So…. What’s the reason for their fight?”
    Yoru said, expecting for a good reason.
    “Umm… I don’t think master Vodka is pissed that much to what that guy did in the tavern after they finished their quests. Master Vodka just feels weird…. As if someone or something is talking to him.” Presia looks down sadly, her tails and ears droops down when she remembered how Jin looks like when being carried by Shamal last time.

    “Oh….” Yoru seeing her like that, walk in front of her to block her path.
    “Umm….. Mister Yoru? Why did you stop?” Presia, slightly startled with the actions of Yoru. Asked him what’s wrong. (JV/N no one is safe from the raijuu powers *cry laugh*) (Y/N: LOL Jin.)

    “No need to be sad Presia. I’m sure he can handle this, she’s your master so do believe in him even if he’s like that. Also, even if something happened, I’m here, so don’t worry.”
    Yoru said that to comfort Presia while gently placing his hand on her cheek.

    Presia shyly nods and blushed.
    ‘Wait What am I getting happy for! Oh no~ kyaaaa my maiden heart.. This guy is dangerous! Fluff! Fluff! Where is that cute trap bunny?Presia fidgets trying to hide her blushing face with both of her hands. Slowly peeking between the fingers searching for Fluff.

    Yoru seeing her reaction, nods and chuckled. Satisfied, he then resume leading her to the plains.

    <Great Plains>

    Jin waited in the Great Plain while meditating, trying to control the inner voices whispering to him evil notings.

    Fluff, a bunny girl (Y/N: A bunny trap to be exact.) and Jin’s follower, was startled and scared when she saw Yoru arrive with Presia. She continued playing the piano trying to distract herself and hoping that he won’t see her. Her expertise of music can be known immediately because one can immediately hear that a beautiful melody was being played.

    “Hoh? Hey bunny. Nice to see you again~”
    Yoru said while showing his most innocent smile.
    “Ah yes…. H-hello Sir Y-Yoru.” Fluff nods and looks away quickly scared continuing playing the piano. ‘Hope he didn’t notice anything wrong but why is Presia with him blushing and now she’s pale?’

    Presia stares worriedly between Yoru and Fluff (JV/N: Flyx in disguised it was TRAP!!) and thought. ‘Oh no.. I remembered telling Yoru about Flyx ability... Yoru didn’t notice anything, right~?’

    ‘Yep, I’m right.’
    Noticing the behavior of Presia and Fluff, he immediately deducted that his claim about Fluff, being the cat from the raid , is right. ‘Anyway. Let’s play “PRETEND”, shall we?’

    Smiling. He then said. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you just a friend of Presia?” Yoru said while slowly walking towards Fluff.

    “Eeh…..? umm that is...”
    Fluff shivers abruptly stops playing the piano.
    “YUP!! Cause she is my friend. I brought her with me!!” Presia shielded Fluff from Yoru’s eyesight. ‘Fluff is so cute~ when scared fufufu’
    “Oh~? So Presia, where’s your “HUSBAND” ?” Said Yoru while still smiling.
    “Oh my~ he went to travel around to find inspiration for a song!!” Presia smiles winking at Fluff making her smile, her bunny ears twitching for Presia’s nice assist.

    “Travelling eh~? Then- “
    When Yoru was about to ask Fluff another question, he was interrupted by Presia.
    “Isn’t that the Kobolds? Let’s go to them~!” Presia locks her arm to Yoru’s and drags him to the Kobold.

    The other 3 Kobolds: Lavri, Bernard, and Sanie were eating popcorn, excited for the upcoming fight.

    Bernard: “This going to be fun!!!”
    Lavri: “I’m kinda worried, master Vodka’s not in a good state.”
    Sanie: “Where is he….?” *curious who is this Wunder*
    Bernard: “Oh isn’t that Sir Yoru from the last raid!!” waves hand to Yoru who was being dragged by Presia, smiling.
    Yoru: “Hello Bernard. You too Sanie and Lavri.”
    Presia: “Hi~ Bernard, Lavri and Sanie”
    Sanie: “Umm… hello, thanks for saving me before Sir Yoru.” Sanie said to Yoru with a smile while nodding.
    Bernard waves his hand while Lavri only nods shortly before observing Jin again.

    Yoru: "You’re welcome, Sanie.”
    While smiling, he then wait with the others for the fight to start.


    Wunder approaches Jin and his entourage, puffing his chest. His eyes narrow at the number of people as he estimates how much honey he would need to flood them all away.

    Wunder: “So… I’m fighting against you all?” (Y/N: Not so MC lines.)
    Presia: “No… you’re just gonna fight master Vodka.” Presia points at Jin whose eyes are closed. Jin was still wearing his hoodie and was still covered with bandages. As he raised his head and opened his eyes, a golden yellow iris was seen and glimmers to red as he stares at Wunder.

    Wunder snorts as he looks at Jin. It would be much easier to flood one person with honey than multiple. He nodded to Presia and stood a few meters away from Jin. He stared at the motionless man, and felt a little more unsure about his chances. However, he remembered how Jin got lost in the mines and calmed down.

    Jin slowly stand up and opens his mouth, talking in a very eery voice.
    “Shall we begin? Why don’t you attack first Wunder..?” Jin tilts his head while grinning like a devil.

    Fluff, feeling the serious atmosphere start playing a Battle Song. (Y/N: Who wants to rent this bunny? Every scene you get a song fitting for the mood! Also, this is not advertising.)

    “I’ll take you up on your offer!”
    Wunder casted [Quickplay] and [Quicken] on himself as he dashed backwards. He threw [Stagnate] at Jin, grinning.

    Jin just stood still, unmoving, his surroundings turning cold.

    Wunder saw Jin just standing there and frowned. ‘Does he have the confidence to stay still? What supports that belief?’

    Wunder realized that thinking about it was useless, so he just began with his strongest card. He moved to higher ground as he kicked in Jin’s direction. 200 liters of [Bee Honey] flooded in Jin’s direction with the aim of sweeping him away.

    Jin face slowly cringe seeing the sticky honey as it touches his skin.
    “Aa-re yoouuu maa-king jooo-ke oofff meee?” Jin still affected by Wunder’s Stagnate slowly talks like a broken recorder. His aura getting darker and darker.

    Jin uses [Relieve] that eliminates bad status effect. Jin blocks his ears and shouted, “Shut up!! Shut up I’m not talking with you!!” as he looks down his eyes showing insanity.

    Strange magic tattoos glows underneath Jin’s hoodie brightly. Jin then casted a magic to deal with the honey.

    “[Freezing Field][Cleanse]”
    the magic freeze the honey while cleanse cleans his clothes.
    Blood started to drip in the corner of Jin’s mouth and eyes.

    “Shall we start…. The experiment~?”
    Jin laughs madly as he rushed towards Wunder. “I’m curious to your time magic~”

    Seeing this, Wunder’s eyebrows scrunched up. He kicks another 600 liters of [Bee Honey] at Jin before retreating. “This is enough honey to knock down buildings, how will you block this?!”

    Jin laughs loudly as he jumps high above dodging the 600 liters of [Bee Honey] and falls towards Wunder dropping a kick towards his head.

    “Just as planned!”
    Wunder smiled and casted [Stagnate] at Jin in the air. Wunder used [Wonder Walk] to travel above Jin and stamp down 300 liters of honey at Jin.

    Jin grins “As expected, that time magic again. I guess only magic can deal with this.”
    "[Fire Wings]"
    Jin’s clothes in his back burns showing a glowing magic tattoo wings. Suddenly sprouting flames of wings as the magic tattoo glows burning towards where Wunder was and the 300 liters of honey are.

    As the honey crystallizes, Jin uses his flame wings to move his body facing Wunder as he move his arm towards him.

    “[Heat Wave]”
    an intense wave of heat surrounded the two which slowly melts the honey.
    Jin gathered his strength in his arm gathering cold air with it as he throws a powerful punch scattering the melting honey and heading towards Wunder hitting him.

    As Wunder got hit, his increased reaction speed allowed him to lift his foot and kick off of Jin’s chest and release a wave of 200 liters of honey point blank. The force of Jin’s punch pushed Wunder back, but by kicking Jin’s chest Wunder was able to diminish the impact of the hit. Wunder used [Wonder Walk] in the air and was able to barely regain his balance. However, Wunder was still seriously injured. (JV/N: Unlimited Honey works *cries*) (Y/N: LOL!)

    “PISS OFF!!!”
    Jin uses [Devitalizing Howl] that removes enemy buffs and disables enemies from using skills for a minute. As Jin’s flame wings floats in the air, more drops of blood flows to his body and the wings flame grow larger.

    Jin wanted to use [Rain of Fire] but seeing the grass field make him hesitant. Instead, he rushed forward to the falling Wunder and grab his head with and slamming him towards the ground at fast speed due to the flaming wings.

    Unluckily the direction they headed was towards Yoru and Jin’s followers.
    “WATCH OUT!!!” Bernard shouted as he sees the two falling towards them.
    “Let’s escape!!” Lavri hold Sanie trying to escape.
    “This melody… sends shiver down my spine” Fluff is to immerse with the music and atmosphere to bother.
    “....!?” Presia was shocked and scared when she saw the evil grin on Jin’s face.

    Yoru immediately moves in-front of Presia while getting the Bloodsword at his item box. He then looked at Jin with a bloodthirsty smile and said. “BRING IT….” While the sword was letting out a dark aura and trembling.

    Jin’s eyes become wide-open when he realized that he was falling towards his followers and Yoru like a meteor.

    Jin tried to stop but he was unable to control his body. He then tried his best to release Wunder from his grip but. “Sorry… about this.” Just decided to throw Wunder to the side. (Y/N: Yep. He was sorry about the throwing. Not the thrashing that almost killed Wunder.)

    Wunder took this chance to activate a skill. Wunder gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. He focuses on a location far away as possible as he activates [Wonder Walk].Luckily, the location he traveled to was deserted. He then falls to the ground, unconscious.

    When Jin saw that Wunder has safely got away. He then looked at Yoru, still in his human form, holding the greatsword that scriptor enchanted.

    Jin shouted to Yoru and smiled ferociously, knowing he could stop him.
    Jin enclosed himself with his fire wings as he falls downward at fast speed.

    “Presia, run as fast as you can and bring the others with you. I’ll take care of him.”
    Yoru said to Presia while still looking at Jin.

    “I’ll leave it to you Mister Yoru!!”
    Presia nodded and slapped Fluff’s cheek to awaken her from euphoria.
    “Ah... right!!” Fluff pulled his harmonica and uses [Haste tone] giving them a speed buff, increasing their movement speed.
    “Let’s go!!” Presia shouted while carrying Bernard while Lavri carries Sanie as he has a high agility while Fluff was to run alone. With Presia’s shout and with the help of Fluff’s buff, Jin’s followers run as far and as fast as they could.

    Yoru satisfied with what Presia did, returned his sight to Jin while slowly morphing back to a beastman. Successfully morphing he then smiled as wide as he can and said. “Hey Jin. Don’t die, Okay~?” When Jin was in almost in range, Yoru then swinged the greatsword, while activating his skill [Savagery], upwards to receive Jin.


    A loud impact was heard as Yoru’s greatsword and Jin’s flame wings clash. A large crater was created on the ground while the winds scatter due to the impact.
    The impact was so strong that Jin’s follower was pushed back by the wind from afar.

    The flame wings started to dissipate and Jin drops down with a satisfied smile on his face.

    “Thank you…”
    Jin falls unconscious as the magic tattoo to his body fades away. He lay down on the ground feeling relieve that he didn’t kill anyone (JV/N: Almost.). Jin enters into a coma state after he almost lost control of himself.

    Yoru, satisfied from the blow that he did, put the greatsword back in the item box and carried Jin towards the running and worried followers.

    Lavri arrives first as he lets down Sanie to heal him.
    “[MENDING!!]” Sanie keeps casting it while crying.
    “Master Vodka!!” Bernard cried nonstop seeing his master bleeding.
    “Thanks, Mister Yoru” Presia bowed to Yoru then stared at the unconscious Jin. “Geez … Idiot!!” Presia angrily pulled a bandage Jin’s wounds.
    “I’m gonna find the other guy!” Fluff said while carrying the first aid.

    “No need. I’ll find and get him.”
    Saying it, Yoru then stand still for a moment and then disappeared from where he was standing. Later then comes back, dragging Wunder by the collar and threw (Y/N: A cool term for laid/lay/lie.) him on the ground.

    Suddenly from Fluff’s bag, jumps a dark blue cat and started licking Wunder’s cheek and meowing as if it was worried. Presia then started giving Wunder a first aid.
    {JV/N: Here is Wunder’s cat fairy Zoe… may Wunder soul safely transfer to heaven lol.
    PS: How did it turn into a death battle just for a Cat hahaha. Additionally, it can fly maybe!!}

    {W/:N: Ahahaha i like it. I’ll just say the tail stretches . . .I’ll try to get someone to heal/make new wing

    “Now that ‘that’ fight finished, if that is even considered a fight. Who’s gonna clean this up?”
    Yoru said while pointing at the honey that was scattered all over the place. (Y/N: Foodfight is considered a fight. Right???) (JV/N: This is not what I signed up for *cry laugh*)

    “I’ll do it!! I’ll clean this up!”
    Bernard saluted and starts cleaning up.
    “...Bernard that might be no longer safe. So do proceed with caution.” Lavri warned Bernard while observing the honey.
    “I’ll use my skill to get slimes over here.” Sanie raised her hand and started chanting. Moments later, slimes can be seen arriving at their location and started eating the honey.
    “The crater here will just be fixed as time pass by.” Fluff observe the crater that created from Jin and Yoru’s clash.

    ‘No shit, it will.’
    Yoru thought. He then took out a container and went somewhere. (Y/N: No shit, it will.)

    While Jin’s three Kobold followers were busy cleaning the place up. Yoru was secretly storing 5 liters of honey, the safe kind, in a container. After putting it back in the item box, Yoru then went back only to be commanded by Presia.

    “Mister Yoru their injuries are very sever. Let’s carry them to the Guild’s Healing Center.”
    Presia gives Jin a piggyback and looks back to Yoru and said with a teasing smile on her face. “You can carry Wunder, Mister Yoru~ fufufu~” (Y/N: I hate you.)

    “This woman… “
    Yoru shook his head while smiling. He then proceeded to pick up Wunder by the collar.

    Presia gathers her strength and runs quickly back to the teleportation site while carrying Jin, Yoru, while carrying Wunder, adjusted his speed to run side by side with Presia. Fluff follows with Wunder’s cat, Zoe, on her shoulder. They started heading back to Aeternus while leaving the kobolds behind to clean up the mess.

    < Aeternus - Guild Clinic>

    They quickly handed the half-dead Wunder and comatose Jin Vodka to the healing staff Marys. After handling them at the care of the staffs. Yoru saw Presia sitting on a chair while being comforted by Fluff. He walked towards them and leaned on the wall beside Presia, silently listening on their conversation.

    “Presia don’t worry. Master Vodka is going to be alright.”
    Fluff says as she pats Presia on the back.
    “.......I don’t know… but something is bothering me... thinking about what master Vodka’s dealing with scares me.” Presia hug herself shivering from fear.

    The 3 Kobolds arrived while out of breath, because they ran immediately back after cleaning up all the honey.

    “How is master Vodka!!”
    Bernard shouted running towards Presia while Sanie and Lavri is following after him with worried face.
    “Master Vodka and Wunder is being healed by Marys on inside. Let’s leave it to the experts.” Fluff tried to calm the 3 Kobolds down.
    “Presia, I’m gonna get some drinks with them... We’ll be back for a bit so. Wait here, okay?” Fluff smiled weakly and then bravely look at Yoru. “Mister Yoru. What drink. Do you want?”
    “Any drink that is not sweet.” Yoru said this with his eyes closed while still leaning on the wall.
    “Okay then… we're going Presia.” Fluff gently smiles and leads the Kobolds away.
    “.......” Presia was just silent as she hanged her head down, covering her face with both hands.

    When the Kobolds and Fluff got out of the building.
    Yoru then talked with Presia, hoping for her mood to get better.

    “You really care for him, no?”
    Yoru said to Presia.
    “Maybe…. I don’t know… It’s just that, what master Vodka is going through reminds of my past.” Presia bit her lips making it bleed. “I just…..ugh! Please forget what I just said.” Presia covered her face with both of her hands.
    “No. I won’t forget it. I don’t like forgetting something important to me. Forgetting makes me weak, it makes me not realize the wrong things that I have done.” Yoru said while getting an item from his inventory. It was a necklace made of fangs. Yoru looking at it revealed a sad, but gentle smile.
    “WHY NOT!!” Presia shouted as she rises from the chair. “Isn’t it better to forget?! If what you done make you feel pain then won’t it better to forget it!!” Presia falls down on her knees crying. “What if you don’t want to remember it… I don’t want to remember it.. Going, insane because of rage, killing people… Please… No more.”

    Yoru seeing her like that, sighed but only he knew what it meant.
    He then went in front of her and sat down.

    “You know Presia. I know forgetting is good, it makes you forget about the pain, the feeling. What’s bad is not acknowledging your mistakes and just simply forget about them.”
    Yoru said this with a wry smile on his face. (Y/N: This is not from a shounen, I swear!)
    Presia’s body shivered from those words and stop crying, “I guess you’re right….” She suddenly slap her both cheeks and smiled. “Oh my, what am I being dramatic for? Geez, all these events are giving me stress! Master Vodka would be fine cause he has high defense while I don’t know about Wunder much, let’s just pray for him. Anyway, I’m going to the bathroom for awhile…” Presia quickly stands up and walks away. (JV/N: Presia used escape!) (Y/N: It was very effective!)

    “See yah.”
    Seeing her walk away, he smiled. He then sat on the chair while closing his eyes. Hoping for the good recovery of Jin and Wunder.

    “Sigh…… Women.” He smiled and shook his head. (Y/N: 10/10 best line.)
    ((with @warlokid, @AmIaCat and sending some casualties to @LittleFox21 ))
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    <Aeternus - Guild Tavern>

    Visiting Jin at the guild clinic, Sanie was sad to know that his master was still in a coma. Attempting to distract herself, she went to the tavern and stayed there for awhile, sitting on a corner while reading a book.

    “Oh. Sanie, hello.”
    Reading there for awhile. Yoru entered the tavern and saw her reading a book, he then walk towards her and greeted her with a smile on his face.

    “Hello mister Yoru. Nice to see you again.”
    Sanie said while putting the book down and then looked and wave her hand while smiling at Yoru.

    “Nice to see you too, Sanie. By the way, how’s Jin?”
    Finished exchanging their greetings, Yoru sat at the chair at the other side of the table where Sanie was sitting at.

    “Umm… He's still not awake.”
    Sanie said while her ears and tail droops down. “When I was taking care of master, sometimes he has this painful expression while he’s sleeping. I don’t know if he's having a nightmare or what but I hope it won’t affect his health...” Sanie gave a looked at Yoru and showed him weak smile.

    “Oh…… Well, he can survive. I can assure you that.”
    Yoru said to cheer her up a bit. “Hmm… Who can I ask……..” Yoru muttered while pondering.

    “About what Mister Yoru...? Maybe I could help.”
    Sanie tilted her head while asking.

    “Oh. I was just thinking about who can I ask to make me mana potions.”
    Yoru answered while still pondering.

    “Oh! How many mana potions do you want? I think I have read some recipe about lesser mana potion in Jin’s book. If you want, I can try to make one!?”
    Sanie smiled as she clasped her hands together.

    “Sure, Sanie. I need about 10 potions, think you can do it?”
    Yoru said, smiling.

    "You need 10 mana potion? Okay! Master Vodka is still in a coma but, I can borrow his research book and use my [Medicine] skills. I'll finish it quickly and be back immediately, I need to go back to our place.”
    Sanie explained. “If you want, you can come with me to wait, mister Yoru." Sanie said with a slight expectation.

    “Nah….. I have something to do, I’ll just wait here and wait for your success in making it, Sanie. Goodluck!”

    “Ok then!! I’m going now!! I’ll be back” Sanie waves her hand and rushed to the guildportal towards the Frontier.

    <Frontier - Askian Village>

    As she arrive, she quickly runs to Jin's room in the Askian Village.
    Bernard and Lavri was reading battle tactics books in Jin’s room when she entered. She started fiddling on Jin' stuff taking out a strange book, some mortar and a large cauldron.

    "Brother please take some clean water and Lavri please pick some 10 white cap mushroom and 10 taproot"
    Sanie orders while still searching the mana potion recipe in Jin’s book.

    Bernard put down the book and runs to get water to the well while Lavri disappears to pick up some ingredients in the forest.

    Sanie started reading Jin’s research books as Lavri and Bernard appears carrying all the ingredients. Sanie started heating the 2 liters of water inside the cauldron.

    While waiting for the water to boil, she crush the 10 white caps and 10 taproot in the mortar while reading Jin’s research book. When the water was boiling, she drops the crushed taproots and white cap mushrooms to the cauldron. A blue hue started to spread to the boiling water. Sanie picks up a large ladle and stirred the potion as she applied mana on it. The water started to go light blue as it finally formed into a mana potion.

    “Well let’s test it if it work”
    Sanie decided to take a sip but Lavri quickly grab the ladle and take a sip instead of Sanie.

    “’s fine I could feel mana recovering in my body”
    Lavri said calmly while Bernard whistles grinning widely.

    “Geez!! Brother” Sanie pouted while blushing. “Brother just help me get the 10 empty bottles those 200 ml ones”

    “Roger… hehehe” Bernard still giggling take some 10 pieces of 200ml bottles. The Kobolds help each other in filling up the bottles of mana potion.


    “10 [lesser mana potion] are done!! I’m going to run back to the Tavern and give it to mister Yoru.”
    Sanie waves her hand rushing but Lavri grabs her hand.

    “I’m coming with you”
    Lavri quickly said, “Might as well visit Master Vodka." Lavri grabs the bag carrying the 10 mana potions as he also drag Bernard with them.

    <Guild Tavern>

    “Mister Yoru! I have completed it~” Sanie waves her hand, smiling widely while being followed by Lavri and Bernard.

    “Oh! Welcome back and Goodjob, Sanie.”
    Yoru walk towards her and pats her head.

    “HELLO!! Mister Yoru” Bernard smiled widely as he wave his hand.

    “Hello Bernard and Lavri.”
    Yoru greeted them and pats their head too.

    Lavri just walk and handed the [10 lesser mana potion].

    “Thanks Lavri. Here Sanie, take this.”
    As Yoru grabbed the potions, he gave Sanie 50 gold coins and winked. “You can take the rest~ Anyway, bye guys.” Yoru walk outside the tavern, waving his hand without looking back.

    Sanie and Bernard wave their hands while Lavri only nods.

    “Well let’s go visit master, shall we?” Bernard grin and the Kobolds went to the guild Clinic.
    ((@AmIaCat ))
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    Here is the reward and title for the member who has participated in the event (Sorted by name)

    @1st Tribulation
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 40 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 80 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 480 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 800 Mercenary Heroic Cookies | 1 Honor Badge]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 80 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 600 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 40 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 360 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 160 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 280 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 40 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 240 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 320 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 160 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 200 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 240 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 800 Mercenary Heroic Cookies | 1 Pack of Red Medicinal Pill Bundle ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 200 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    @Kuma Desu
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 480 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 280 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 80 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 160 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 40 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    @Night Ghost
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 80 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 800 Mercenary Heroic Cookies | 100 Immortal Jade]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 240 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 240 Mercenary Heroic Cookies]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 40 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 440 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 240 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 200 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 560 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    @The Forever Distant Victory
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 200 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    @The One Supreme Lord of All
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 80 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 40 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 6 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 360 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 120 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 2 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 160 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]
    [ 4 Quest Completed | 1 Party Quest | 320 Mercenary Heroic Cookies ]


    "Tiger Hunter" - @seriouslynope : [ 1 x Strong Net Gun ]
    "Challenger of the Giants" - @Zerith : [ 1 x Tusk of Strength]
    "Burnt Challenger of the Giants" - @Kuma Desu : [ 1 x Tusk of Durability ]
    "Culling the Cultivator" - @Razogul : [ 1 x Shadow Throwing Knife ]
    "Death Squad" - @Kroenen , @ToumaNorstein , @Clown333 , @JinVodka , @AmIaCat : [ 10 x Clockwork Remote Mine ]
    "Almost Get Flatten" - @AmIaCat : [ 1 x Super Speed Potion ]
    "Graceful Fighters" - @BlancFrost , @Jibs , @Zerith : [ 1 x Tusk and Fang Amulet ]
    "Deadly Duo - Female" - @ExitedDeviljho , @Siostar : [ 1 x Twin Moon Dagger ]- (note: each one of you get only one of the dagger. Decides who will take which)
    "Dressed for Battle" - @ExitedDeviljho : [ 1 x Dancing Fan ]

    Note :
    [Strong Net Gun] = A gun that launch a net made from steel thread. Comes with 5 cartridges of net. Net can be put back into the cartridge for reuse.
    [Tusk of Strength] = A small bracelet with a small enchanted tusk as the center. Grants the wearer strength when used. Get even stronger when in an angry state. Will not make the wearer gone berserk.
    [Tusk of Durability] = A small bracelet with a small enchanted tusk as the center. Grants the wearer extra defense and vitality when used.
    [Shadow Throwing Knife] = A small knife with magic inscription on the blade. Throw it somewhere and then just call it back and it will appear on the wielder hand again.
    [Clockwork Remote Mine] = A small mine that can be detonated from far by using a remote control. Only emit a small mana when the remote is used.
    [Super Speed Potion] = Increase one's ability to move around. Also increases their ability to perceive things. Last for a few minutes.
    [Tusk and Fang Amulet] = A necklace that has a pair of carved fangs and a carved tusk. Increase overall combat ability for a a few minutes. After that, need to be wait for an hour so it can recharged its ability.
    [Twin Moon Dagger] = A pair of dagger. The left one is a jet black dagger. The right one is a brilliant white dagger. When used near each other, it will make the wielder able to read each other's mind. Also increases their combat ability and become sharper when close to each other.
    [Dancing Fan] = A paper dancing fan that increases the wielder agility.
    [Pack of Red Medicinal Pill] = It is a pack filled with 4 purifying pills and 8 Blood Pills.
    Ask the Guildmaster for more information about the items if needed.

    Thank you to all that participated. I hope you all enjoyed your time writing it~! Have as much fun in the next event~!
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    Legends say that when a great warrior is fighting on the battlefield, and give his all, focusing his entire being on each movement, flaring his spirit, and reaching past his own limits... At that moment the world come to halt and his power will materialize in the form of a heroic cookie~"
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    - Yuki Pov -

    This Egg Looks Cute~ though its Big... And from the looks of it, it was made out of bones... But its still Cute~ somehow Master Kynn is inside this Egg and Peacefully sleeping. Muu- i want to see her sleeping face but this Egg shell is annoying... And Lou's Brute strength cant even Dent it. Muuu... How annoying!!!

    - Lou Pov -

    { ---- and Kynn wanted to sleep so she 'Borrowed' all of Brynd's Bones and made it her Egg } - Lou

    After i explained it to Yuki what happened to Kynn and How She end up inside. Yuki made a scary smile which was directed towards Brynd who was cowering and 'lightly dressed' with bones from Monster Skeletons...

    " this might be bad if you did happen to crack open the egg no? Did you forgot Sir Astalein's Species before he transcended to Godhood of Souls? " - Yuki

    { Fafnir Variant that poison is so potent, it can poison even the souls? Sir astalein really dont talk much about his past that it looks like he really dont want to remember it... } - Lou

    " Really? Ma'am Elaine keeps on talking how small and cute dragonling is Astalein on his early days though? Though it was replaced now master Kynn showed up. Not that i am complaining though~ If Ma'am Elaine could have just sent me with master, Master wouldn't experience being turned into a Imperial Lab-rat... Good thing that place is now a Crater Filled with Corrosive Poison... " - Yuki

    Yuki gives a Gimacing Expression while regretting not be able to exact some revenge onto those Imperial Bastards...

    { Yeah... Lets stop talking about the past now and think what should we do about the Egg... Since the egg can withstand my attacks, it should be safe to assume that its safe from Physical Attacks... } - Lou

    "Hmm yes... Lets not try magic attacks... So lets go back for now? Ride the Ship or Portal? " - Yuki

    Ship... Motion sickness... Im too tired to create a portal... Damned... I dont have anything for the motion sickness...

    { Ship... I really wish i could also enter the egg... im no good with those vehicles... } - Lou

    " Then Brynd! As punishment, You are to Carry Master's Egg to the Ship... And stay Materialized... Till i tell you to stop " - Yuki

    Damn... Thats Harsh...

    { By the way... What Happened to Gen? I didnt see him } - Lou

    " Unsummoned... Got Exhausted and git unsummoned... " Yuki

    Oh... Yuki looks Irritated... Lets just stop then...

    { Yuki~ Can i rest and can You watch over Kynn? Im Seriously Tired and i want to Rest } - Lou

    " ..... Getting tired from giving some potions..... Fine... Ill watch over Master Kynn even you didnt say it though " - Yuki

    Now Rest time... Rest time.... ... .. .

    - ??? -

    Covered with Compressed Dragonic Bones and Reinforced with Magic Protection 200 times over and over again. This Egg can Withstand most attacks the world can offer but seriously will get wrecked if a World Eater somehow poke it with its Pinky...

    Inside it, is Kynn, undergoing some changes, Evolution and some other complicated stuff. And also some Liquid... Slimy, poisonous, corrosive goopy red-like substance... More like blood but it is not... a single drop can melt a Mithril ingot and things below it but why is it inside the egg? From its appearance, it looks like it is helping Kynn from staying alive, or is it?

    - R of Souls inc. -
    - Canteen -

    " Is it really fine to send that Guy on the world of Panderix? Wont he become another one who will stagnate Magic research since he obviously like science? " - ???1

    " Nah~ it wont come to that... He's Timid and Single without a single friend before. He wont influence anything there " - ???2

    " Heey~ Did you know who took the Box on my office? " - ???3

    " Dunno... Ask the Janitor? " - ???4

    " Ahh! Did you mean that box that was Filled with papers? I think i saw the Janitor with it towards the incinerator. " - ???2

    " Ahhh!!!! Those were filled with Resumes of the dead from World Solomod!! Idiot Janitor!!! You're going to cost me my Job!! " - ???3

    Such Scenes are Natural Here in RoS inc. for such a Big Company which is managing the souls of the dead of all known Worlds and Existent planes. They Send, Exchange and reincarnate Souls towards different worlds everytime. Such are the work of These Demons, Angels, Deities, Demon Gods, Gods and other high beings available.

    [ Seriously.... This World is Annoying... Every now and Then This World Keeps sending a Lot of Souls towards us... Cant they atleast let us have some rest? Also what the heck is Kynn doing!?!? I though i told her to report every 3 months! ] - Astalein

    There was just an Influx of Souls just 5 days ago and Astalein was Expecting a report from Kynn yesterday... Everytime Kynn Misses her Report Astalein himself goes and Visits Kynn on Her Location to scold her... Though this time it wont be today or tomorrow since the souls surpasses thousands like the last time... Seriously...

    It will be a big Surprise when Visiting Kynn This time... But that will be somewhere in the future~
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    Jin was leading her sister to the forest where Noshiro is usually seen.

    "Brother isn't this place dangerous?" Veena said holding Jin's hand.
    "Don't worry... your brother is here. " Jin smiled reassuring his sister with his strength and walk onward.

    “Brother, what is that?” Veena points to a large Golem on the side covered in moss.
    “Hmm… that seems to be an old Golem. Seems some idiots throw their stuff here” Jin inspects the golem. ‘Might as well, check that tomorrow. It’s not living, so Noshiro will not complain’

    The two decided to walk again towards the meeting place


    Jin sees Noshiro sitting on a log patting a wild deer. Suddenly Noshiro turns his head and walks quickly towards them.
    "Noshiro!!" Jin waves his hand.

    Noshiro runs forward opening his arms wide and smiled. "ICE CREAM!!!!" Noshiro shouted as he quickly takes the container Jin was holding.

    "ICE CREAM!!!" Noshiro started to swirling around as he holds the container.
    "*cough cough* Noshiro..." Jin calls out to him with a disappointed face.
    "Oh~ hello Gin thanks for the ice cream" Noshiro starts eating it with a spoon inside the container.
    "Geez... you really are, Anyway, I came here with my sister. Come on introduce yourself." Jin started to nudge his little sister hiding behind him.

    "...Hello, I'm, Veena" She shyly said carrying a basket of sandwiches.
    "Nice to meet you little girl, I'm Noshiro" he gives a gentle smile making Veena blushed.
    Jin feels the atmosphere was a bit weird. "Don't get too close with my sister!!!" he went in between them.

    "Geez brother~ I want to talk with him" Veena pouted.
    "Sure we can chat, it's okay right Gin-tan~" Noshiro smiles.
    "I'm not Gin-tan!!" Jin tried to refute but because his little sister is giving her those puppy eyes he has no choice but to accept.

    Jin glares towards to the two happily chatting to each other, unable to join the talk. As lunch time arrive, they started to eat the sandwiches while the two are chatting and laughing.

    Irritated, Jin started to walk around to distract himself.


    As Jin was kinda lost in the forest since his mind is full of irritation he didn’t notice where he was going. Jin looks around finding his little sister and Noshiro nowhere to be seen.

    ‘I should use retrace magic to search the way back’
    Jin started to closed his eyes and focus on the magic to retrace his path.
    "Hey Gin~ what are you doing?" Noshiro moves closer to Jin to flick his forehead.
    ".....where is my sister?" Jin looks at Noshiro startled while holding his forehead.

    “She’s just following me…” Noshiro looks back seeing no one behind him. “...!?”
    “YOU BASTARD!!” Jin was angry that Noshiro lost Veena. The forest was dangerous, he thought with Noshiro, his little sister Veena is safe. But this idiot lost her... no he might be at fault for leaving abruptly.

    “Nevermind… let’s look for her” Jin thought about Veena and focus his tracking magic. A light blue line appears leading to his little sister.

    “Let’s follow the light!!” Jin started running as Noshiro nods and follow behind him.


    The two sees a slime walking away, inside of it is Jin's little sister.

    “Dammit Veena!!” Jin shouted seeing her little sister inside a pinkish slime.
    Veena was having a hard time to breathe and notices Jin. She looks at Jin asking for help.

    “I’m coming!!” Jin rushes forward surrounded by floating Icy Shards. The slime quickly runs away and an incoming large pack of demon wolves blocks their way.

    “Get out of my way!!!” Jin cringes throwing his Icy Shards towards the wolves killing them.

    “AAWOOOO!!!!!” one of the demon wolf's howls attracting more pack of wolves surrounding Jin and Noshiro. This made Jin say cursed words while gathering mana around him with anger.

    “Jin you can go ahead, I’ll deal with them,” Noshiro said seriously while holding his holy spear.
    “Then... I leave them to you” Jin uses wind magic and flew pass by the wolves rushing to Veena’s side.

    As Noshiro looks at Jin disappearing he went forward blocking the wolves and rotated his spear killing those around him.

    “You can’t go pass me” Noshiro grins.
    Suddenly the wolf who howls calling the other wolves started to stand. His horns grow bigger, his fur covers his eyes and the fur in his back turns into tendrils moving around. The wolf turns into similar to a werewolf but still quite different. Evil aura is released in his body and an eerie voice was spoken.


    Jin rushed towards the Slime enclosing Veena and chant a spell while. “[Flame Wall]” A wall of flame surrounds the path of the pink slime making a encirclement to the slime with Jin.

    “Hand her over” Jin full of rage summon 5 [Fire Spears] that hit the slime, melting a part of it's body while avoiding his little sister that was inside. But the slime core is hiding to Veena side so he could not destroy it long range.

    “Guess will do it the hard way” Jin enclosed his Fist with a fire enchant and rush to the slime. The slime tried it’s best to pass the wall but fire was its weakness. After hesitating for a while, the slime takes a gamble to cross the fire. But Jin’s reach its side quickly and start ripping the slime body with his flame enchanted hands. The slime tried its best to hide its core but Jin was able to find it quickly and crush it into ashes.

    “[Heat Wave] [Cleanse]” the slime melted and Veena was held by Jin in his arms without harm. Jin searches her pulse and feels relieved that she is fine.

    “[Heal]” a holy light surrounds Veena making her complexion better.

    Suddenly sounds of steps are heard. Jin’s body suddenly shivers feeling something wrong. He covers his sister with his coat and looks back seeing a large pack of wolves. It seems they leap through the trees to go inside the [Flame Wall].

    "Did Noshiro let these wolves pass...? no that's impossible that guy is strong. Maybe they are from a different area." Jin observes them and looks back to his sister.

    "[Barrier]" Jin chanted a protect magic surrounding her sister to make sure she is safe. Jin looks towards the pack of wolves.
    "You guys sticking at each other just made me want to kill you at one" Jin pointed his hand towards them, "[Chain Lighting]"

    A lighting strikes the wolf nearest as it scatters into a series attacks towards all the wolve near it and electrocuting all of them to death. Another wave of wolves arrives from the forest surrounding Jin.

    "Wow... you guys are like cockroaches" Jin grins as he started to float. "Guess you guys have a death wish."
    As the wolves gathered rush to attack Jin. He moves forward gathering mana to his stomach and open his mouth to the pack.
    "[Chilling Mist]" Jin breathes a cold air to a wide area in front giving damages. The wolves that are accurately hit gets Frostbite. It greatly reduces the action and movement speed of wolves.

    "[Glacial Spikes]" pillars of ice appear from the ground directly in front of the Jin. Some of the wolves were impaled while surviving ones are flinching in contact with the ice which decreasing their speed and ice resistance.

    Jin then finishes them with [Ice Spikes] stabbing them.
    "Well... I'm done, I should hurry to Noshiro's side" Jin don't know why but these numbers of wolves are giving him the bad vibes.

    Jin rushes to his sister to carry her when suddenly something hits his chest making him launch towards the tree spitting blood.

    *cough cough* "Dammit... who was that" Jin tried to stand up but wobble as the pain of his bleeding chest appears underneath the ripped shirt.

    "[Heal]" Jin quickly cast healing magic and search for the source of the attacks. What he sees what a grotesque monster with 3 horns and tendrils moving from it back.

    I have found you~」a creepy voice was heard as the monster grin widely which eerily reaches to his ears.

    "Who are you? no... What are you?" Jin squints his eye as he observes the monster. he focuses his mana to his silver eyes turned into glowing blue. 'What is this miasma!! there are tangled dark energy inside of it and leaking out... It seems it's destroying its mana source but how could that monster still walk?'

    Jin creased his eyebrow puzzled. The monster looks not in pain and even grinning.

    You will know once I take your body~」the demon grins widely and rushes to Jin reaching his hand to grab.

    "[Lightning Bolt]" Jin summons lightning in front that strikes the monster in a straight line with many hits.
    But the monster just ignore it and his hands tried to reach out to Jin's face.

    "[Chilling Mist]" Jin breathes to freeze his enemy. With that moment, he tumble sideways and rushes to run with the aid of the wind to Veena side afraid that the monster will attack her. 'This monster is dangerous'

    "[Glacial Spikes]" Jin quickly creates ice of spikes from the ground where the monster is lunging it above. The monster body was pierced and it started coughing. Then, the monster suddenly starts coughing and spits something out from his mouth.

    "No... it can't be" Jin's eyes become wide open as he sees a severed hand fall from the monster mouth. He could remember that gauntlet that covered the arm and the white sleeves. 'No impossible'

    Jin body shakes and a small tear drop falls to his eyes. His face was full of despair as he stares blankly to the arm.

    The monster's tendrils broke the Glacial spikes and sit down on the ice pillar on the ground. It slowly opens its mouth full of blood and drools mixed up. 「Oh... was that your friend? He tried his best like fly to hinder me from coming after you *snickers* He was an excellent delicacy」

    "You bastard!!" Jin is enraged as he took off his ripped shirt and suddenly blue marking glows in his body. The markings are [Magic Tattoos] produced by Jin's research during the time Noshiro didn't allow him to experiment to the creature in the forest.

    Jin has seen how strong Noshiro was and sees the weakness of Mages. As long as a Fighter reaches the Mage it would spell doom. The fighter can attack relentlessly not allowing the Mage to cast a spell. That's why he searches for body enhancement that could raise his abilities and make him stronger. That's how he discovered [Magic Tattoo] from doing intense research. [Magic Tattoos] by Orc Shaman's blessing to their warriors increasing will power. God's also give blessing with a [Magic Tattoo] to the beings they favored.

    With this ideas and theories, Jin made his own magic tattoo combining all his research. His arms, legs, hands, his chest and even his back was covered with glowing [Magic Tattoos]. Cause his mother hated the idea of tattoos he incorporated [Concealing magic] on it making it invisible when not used. Sadly it just made the magic tattoo into a defect which Jin can't activate as he will.

    "......?" Jin was confused as he didn't know why the magic tattoo activated but he didn't care. It might be a blessing in disguise as a power-up to annihilate that damn monster from existence.
    "DIE" Jin raise his arm and pointed it to the monster. The magic tattoo on his arm glows gathering the mana in the surrounding as it sends it to the tattoo on the back of his palm which increases the output.

    A large pillar of fire was released to Jin's hand and start to rotate with the help of wind magic making it into a [Flame Tornado]. The monster was engulfed in flames. Jin leaps to the sky with the help of the magic tattoo on his legs that decrease gravity and increase speed. [Flame Wings] sprouted from the magic tattoos to his back and he quickly hovers in the air.

    Jin proceeds to open his arms wide.
    "[Lightning Strike]" Multiple lightnings strike down to the burning monster.
    "Not yet.. [Lava Pillar]" Jin created 4 lava pillars and used his mana to push it towards the monster crushing it in between, making blood spurts in the edges of the Pillar.

    As the monster trapped and died, Jin suddenly feel something happening to his body.

    "...Ugh" Jin falls down as the magic tattoo fades.
    "Arghhhhh!!!" Jin screams in pain as the marking where the magic tattoo has started to bleed. The intense prickling pain was felt in his skin and he could feel his mana heating up from mana overdose. Even his mana source is overheating due to the excess mana it absorbs.

    'Seems like *cough cough* the [Magic Tattoo] has a dangerous side-effect. This might because of the clashing of the different magic formulas'
    Jin grits his teeth and pull himself together, luckily he has his innate [Dense Skill] that ignores the pain for a little bit.

    "[Recover] *cough* [Healing] *coughs blood*" Jin muttered in pain with a low voice as he tried to get up. He went to her sister side and tried to carry her. 'I feel my mana is in a chaotic mess, it hurts even to use magic. It's dangerous when I'm this vulnerable'

    Jin drags is a battered body while carrying his little sister on his back as they move towards a safe area.


    Jin stares at the thing that blocks their path. A large Golem covered with moss looks at them with eyes glowing red and giving an ominous aura.
    Jin laid his sister in the corner he tried to gather his mana to cast a barrier spell. But instead, Jin started coughing blood and he could feel pain in his body.

    As his eyesight go blurry, with all his might he still summons an attack magic toward the golem, "[Ice Spears] *coughs*"
    Multiple Ice Spears flew out of control, some hit the golem while some scratches it.
    The golem still continued moving towards Jin with heavy steps.

    Jin started lost unconscious but before he could fall to the ground, the golem grabs his head and pulled him above.
    The sky started to go dark as the raindrops fall. He could feel the raindrops on his skin and the taste of blood in his mouth as he lost strength.

    Just hand your body quietly child...」a fiendish voice commanded waking up Jin.

    Jin opens his eyes, he sees a scenery familiar but has changed from the last time he saw it. The rains drop falls making the scenery wet. On the surrounding were broken trees, burned leaves and lots of blood.

    He stared at the source of the voice. A golem filled with ice spikes and scratch. As he looks around he could see his unconscious little sister. And not too far away was a severed arm with a silver gauntlet.

    Child, If you give your body willingly I'll spare your sister」The golem spoke as a dark aura leaks to his body, it's eyes glowing red.

    Jin recognizes that fiendish voice, it was the monster he killed. He looks at the pillar of magma stone. He could see the crushed meat and blood peeking out in the corners. He finally understood, this was not an ordinary monster. He read about them, their existence that seems like a fantasy. Devils the creature of hell who tempt the mortals and possess the living to bring chaos.

    "........." Jin bites his lips realizing that devils would never honor their promise. His eyes filled with despair as he clenches his fist.

    I guess your silence is a yes right~」 The Golem mouth suddenly opens and black tendrils when out of it creepily moving towards Jin. It started to move touching Jin's cheeks trying to pry open his mouth.

    Jin cringes at the disgusting feeling as he tries to resist opening his mouth. Maybe because Jin is too tired, his mouth was still pried open. The tendrils started to move inside of his mouth.


    Suddenly the Golem was pushed back with a great force as his arm cut apart making Jin fall to the ground.

    Jin moves his face to see the source of the attack.
    "Idiot... *coughs blood* what are you a hero? choosing to be late..." Jin's voice was weak but he showed a wide grin.

    The man walks toward the severed human arm and carried it as he walks towards Jin.

    "So need a hand?" Noshiro waves his severed arm towards Jin smiling.
    "Idiot... I thought your dead" Jin wanted to laugh but his body hurts a lot. He then notices that Noshiro's arms are not missing, it just the other one has rip sleeves. "High regen huh... *coughs*"

    "Hmm... yup!" Noshiro laughs and went to Jin's side to carry him.
    "Don't mind me *cough* go tend my sister" Jin pointed out.
    "But you look more...." before Noshiro could continue, Jin glared at him so he has no choice but to pick up Veena.

    As Jin sees Noshiro carrying his sister. He tried his best to stand up but staggers. Noshiro quickly catches him to his side.

    "Can you not use recovery or healing spells?" Jin inquire.
    "Ahaha, nope I have zero affinity to holy magic" Noshiro shrugs.
    "What a weird crusader...." Jin moves forward. "Let's go"
    "You know... I could carry you?" Noshiro walks by Jin's side while carrying Veena in his arms. Jin only shakes his head as a refusal.

    As Jin walks forward, he suddenly thought weirdly of Noshiro's timing. 'Strange... why does Noshiro arrive when I'm almost possessed by the devil? His actions are too suspicious plus the fact that he can one-hit that Golem.'

    Jin looks back at the golem seeing it scattered to pieces, his eyes full of doubts towards Noshiro. Suddenly his body shivered as if cold air is gathering around him. A voice suddenly whispers to him.

    You can't trust that guy... look isn't he lying to you

    "......!" Jin was shocked was this voice in his head?

    He just wanted to be the hero to steal the limelight, while you almost died trying your best to save your little sister

    'That's....' Jin's eyes wavered.

    Are you not angry that he just leaves you in pain when he can finish it quickly. Wouldn't your suffering pointless then?

    'NO!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE' Jin refuted.

    Bet his laughing at you... when you were struggling


    Jin suddenly stops moving......

    Noshiro looks back to him, "What's wrong...?"

    Jin bodies suddenly shake and he started to clench his stomach as his face drops to the ground. "HAHAHAHAH!!! that's right I was just made fun with!! Maybe I was even made into an entertainment hahaha"


    Jin slowly raises his head, as he covered it with his two hands. "Unforgivable....."
    "What is wrong Jin?" Noshiro tried to reach his hand but he was electrocuted as he almost touches him.

    A fiendish voice escapes Jin's mouth echoing with his own voice. “「Hahaha! finally, the perfect body... this abundant knowledge and a enhance body is truly excellent!」”

    Jin no... the [Devil] started to check Jin's body grinning widely.
    Dark tendrils are picking out his mouth as his pupils turn to red.

    He raises his hand and pointed it towards Noshiro. “「Wind Slicer」”

    "Jin!!" Noshiro jumps sideways to dodge the sharp winds. "Snap out of it!!".
    “「Lightning Bolt」「Chain Lightning」” the devil keeps using Jin's body releasing magic as it attacks Noshiro.

    Noshiro has no choice but to keep dodging it while carrying Veena.
    He blinks away from the lightning attacks so fast he becomes blur.

    “「AMAZING!!! You are strong human!! I want to dissect you!! AHAHAHAH!!」” the devil laughs loudly. While Noshiro still keeps dodging to incoming chain lightning as it chases him.

    “「Wind Gale」” the devil uses wind magic to rush towards Noshiro and opens his mouth, “「Chilling Mist」”
    “...tche” Noshiro feet was frozen making is movement speed decrease. Noshiro hugs Veena tightly enclosing in his arms as he sees the devil unleashing a strong magic.

    “「Inferno」” the devil summons a fiery inferno that burns anything on its way.
    Seeing that he was a trap unable to move. Noshiro faces the fiery magic with his back as he shielded Veena.


    Smoke emerges as the fire magic hits Noshiro. As the smoke disperses Noshiro's back can be seen burning as clothes and skin were burned. The burns his body quickly regenerates at a high rate.

    “「AMAZING!! so that's how you survive even I rip your arm off!! the perfect specimen for an experiment! hahaha!」” the devil laughs madly as it's body shake from excitement.

    ".........." Noshiro quickly glared to Jin his aura getting stronger. A strong gust of wind was released on his surroundings as he stands up and looks down to Jin's eyes.

    "Wake Up" Noshiro golden iris glows as it gives pressure to Jin's Body.

    Suddenly, Jin's consciousness returns seeing Noshiro get hurt by him and also almost hurting his sister in the process. He tried to regain control of his body but the devil is too strong and still keep releasing magic attacks laughing insanely.

    "Stop!" Jin's body covers his face with one hand. "I won't allow you to take control of my body you disgusting creature!" Jin shouted pulling control of himself.

    Hahaha it pointless your body is already mine!!

    "Like hell, you can...." Jin grinned while chanting a prayer.
    "[Holy Burst]" a powerful light is emitted to where Jin's was standing as it grow larger and burst of holy light is release above.

    aaahhhh!」the devil inside Jin scream in pain as it starts to dissipate. 「noooo!

    "Serve you right" Jin laughs as he falls down badly wounded.
    Jin opens his eyes to see a tragic sight. The forest which he considered his only safe haven is engulfed with fire. Noshiro and his sister were lifeless as the fire engulfed their bodies.

    'No no!! this can't be !!!'
    Jin shouted but no voice came out to his mouth. He tried to move his body it won't listen to him.

    'Where are you going!!!'

    The devil started to control Jin's body as it walks away. Using Jin's memories the devil walks towards his home.

    'No stop! please stop!'
    Jin fell in despair as he could see the devil laughing at him.

    'Stop! Stop! someone, anyone please stop.... me'
    Jin tried his best to fight back, to take control his body.
    But nothing happens, he could only see how his family has been killed cruelly and the people murdered by his own hands.

    Red tears fall from Jin's face as he stares at the genocide created by the devil using his body.




    'Nothing matters... it doesn't matter anymore.'

    His body opens its mouth widely and a crazy laughter was heard as the people scream to their deaths.



    "......!" Jin quickly wakes up sweating and a pale face full fear. He covered his face with both hands muttering something.

    'Wait!! Veena!!' He decided to stand but felt an intense pain.

    "...ugh" Jin feels his insides are torn and body aching.
    "mmm" A voice suddenly distracted Jin from the pain. Beside him is his little sister sleeping soundly. Feeling relieved, he showed a gentle smile on his face as he stroke her hair.

    'Where am I..?'
    He looks at his surroundings, 'So I'm in my room did Noshiro carry me, but how did he know where I live?'

    Jin raises his body and walks toward the door, 'I need to find Noshiro, his hiding something from me.'


    As he walk towards the exit, suddenly he sees his older brother in front of him.

    "Oh, where are you heading?" His older brother notices him leaving.
    "....Your here brother? I thought you will stay at your work. I'm just going to the library" Jin tried his best to smile as he uses the same old excuse.
    "I have something I needed.... But It's still 3 am, you should sleep"

    Jin look at the window, 'Wait how long did I sleep?'
    He still remembered before he lost consciousness he could still see the sun is bright. Seems like he slept pretty long time.
    Jin said to his brother that he would return to his room but instead went outside to the window as he heads to the forest.


    He started to search but instead what he meets are wolf pack.

    "NOT YOU GUYS AGAIN!!" anger roused inside Jin unable to notice that they were just regular wolves, not demon wolves. He unleashes multiple [Flame Spears] aiming to the wolves. Suddenly he stops as he notices a baby cub.

    "...ugh, what is happening to me?" Jin grabs his head and tried to calm himself, suddenly he hears a voice whispering to him.

    Just kill them」「They are just lower life forms 」「How about experimenting them instead」「Kill... kill all of them

    "Shut up!" Jin shouted as he tried to control his emotions. The wolves ran away scared by the aura Jin is releasing.

    'My mind is in mess, why am I hearing voices'
    Jin bites his lips, 'Don't tell me the devil is still in me? Dammit this is the worse'

    Jin thought of ways to deal with it and remember about a magic called [Holy Cross] that extinguish evil. What if he uses it to cleanse his soul? He has [Magic Tattoo: Lifesaver] it's the small cross, just right in the center of his chest. [Lifesaver] activates when the user is close to death making sure he will survive for 1 minute until first aid comes.

    'During the previous fight, didn't my magic tattoo activated? maybe it would work'
    Jin has no choice but to take a gamble. Being blinded by fear from losing himself and being possessed by the devil. Without hesitation, even his mana is still in a mess he started a prayer.

    A glowing yellow light appears as it's pointed it tip to the center of his chest forming into a cross. Jin hesitated, afraid of death.

    As he closed his eyes, he hears their voices whispering him their evil desires. He remembered that awful dream where he killed everyone and losing to the madness. Jin grit his teeth, no he won't live in fear, he rather die trying to protect his loved ones. Besides he has his ace, the [Lifesaver].

    "[Holy Cross]" Jin finishes the spell and made sure it is aiming to the [Magic Tattoo: Lifesaver].


    *Coughs blood* He falls on the ground as the [Holy Cross] pierce him. 'Dammit, it still hurts! At least I hit the right spot'

    Jin stared at the place the magic pierce seeing the cross tattoo glowing. Jin could feel the voices screaming and disappearing in his ears. He waited to make sure he couldn't hear them anymore.


    'Thankfully that works, now I only need to take out the [Holy Cross] and heal my wounds'
    Jin started to chant a spell but he miscalculated.

    *Cough cough* Jin keeps coughing as blood started to drop to his mouth. He forgot about the side-effect of the magic tattoo which messes his mana circle. He forcefully activated it again when his body is not completely healed last time, his desperation and anxiety had made his plan fall short.

    'Am I going to die?' Jin stared hopelessly at the night sky as he waited for his death. 'It would not bad I guess? Wouldn't they call it a sacrifice for the greater good?'


    Suddenly a sound of footsteps is heard coming close to Jin.
    A person looks down on him from above.

    "Are you really that idiotic Jin?" the voice said with full of disappointed.

    As Jin opens his eyes he sees a white hair and golden eyes.
    He tried to open his mouth and mutter in a small voice, "...So it's you"

    Noshiro was staring at the dying Jin with an emotionless face
    Noshiro stares silently to the dying Jin waiting for an answer.

    "........." Jin tried to open his mouth but he could not mutter anything due to the numbness. His complexion is pale and his breath is weak, he could only give a weak smile.

    "Are you truly fine with dying? If you die you can no longer enjoy the joy of learning a new knowledge?"
    "......." Jin's eyes wavered from those words.
    "If you die won't all the hard work and love of your parents will be gone to waste?"
    "......." Jin's face started to show guilt.
    "What about those people who care about you? How about your little sister Veena do you want to make her cry? You think it's heroic to sacrifice yourself when you will just inflict pain to those who are left behind?"
    "......." Jin's face started to show sadness.

    A short silence, tears suddenly drops in his eyes.
    With all his strength he raises a hand towards Noshiro seeking for salvation. He still has a lot to do, a lot to learn and he doesn't die without anyone to remember him. He tried all his best to mutter those words, "....I want to live"

    Noshiro nodded and raise his arm. He pulled the [Holy Cross] that was pierced to Jin's body.

    *coughs blood* Jin spits more blood flows to his chest.
    Noshiro then slashes his wrist and drip his blood to the hole where Jin's was pierced. His eyes glow more golden and the blood turns to gold as it went inside to Jin's wound.

    *cough cough* Jin started to cough more blood but his complexion started to get better. His wound started to heal up and closes down. Jin's eyes started to feel his body light and enter to a blissful sleep.


    Jin opens his eyes seeing Noshiro sitting far closing his eyes.
    He then checks his chest to only find his wound healed.

    "You're finally awake?" Noshiro looks at him with empty eyes.
    "....thanks" Jin has many questions but he needs to give his gratitude but before he could continue Noshiro raise his hand to stop him.

    "You don't have to say thanks, cause I let it happen to you"
    "What..?" Jin was shocked by those words.
    "My mission here was to check why there is a devil aura gathering. When I found you, the reason for it"

    "Yes, the devil was attracted to your intense greed"
    'Wait I don't think I'm greedy with money? I don't even like buying stuff and I don't even care about material stuff' Jin was confused.
    "You are wrong those are not the only thing that Greed covers" Noshiro suddenly answered Jin's question.
    "Wait you can read my mind?" Jin faces' looking pale.

    "Hmm... yes but that's not important. Your greed for knowledge is the reason" Noshiro looks at Jin's book that lay beside him.
    "My Greed for Knowledge?"
    "Yes... you always curious to new magic. You always want to research it and your eyes become blinded with greed for more"
    ".....but that I don't think that's only the reason. There are more mages who are greedy for magic more than me" Jin refuted.

    "Well, do you think there is only one devil, plus a young healthy body isn't it a better deal?" Noshiro shrugs.
    "...your right" Jin looks at his own body.
    "Additionally you have high holy attribute"
    "What...? That doesn't make sense at all!" Jin argued.

    "Having high holy attribute meaning resistance to dark magic. Do you know what that means?" Nishiro stared at Jin waiting for an answer.
    "Hmm... is it because a devil once possess a human vessel their energy will slowly destroy the vessel so it's better to have the resistance which is usually found to those people with a high holy attribute.

    But having dark magic also increase resistance for it because of the exposure and expertise. Dark Mages usually make a pact with the devil and work together. The Devils might be seeking for a vessel they can have for themselves

    Secondly, I heard the devils like pure soul, so is a soul having high holy attribute considered pure? Another thing is a younger body have higher adaptability so the vessel will change to what they want as it grows......" Jin started to think deeper on the reason why the Devils want his body.

    "Wow, you got a lot of theories... Well, some of those are correct, additionally, you also did experimentation with your body right?" Noshiro tilts his head.
    "Your right... so I just dig my grave huh?" Jin expects the [Magic Tattoo] engraved to his body that is now invisible due to concealing magic. Jin suddenly notice something wrong with his body. He immediately tries to meditate to find the problem. Noshiro only stared at the forest where the fight occurred silently.


    Jin slowly opens his eyes finally seeing what's wrong, "It seems I'm pretty useless to them now. My mana circle is badly damaged and tangled up so much, that I could no longer use magic. Maybe basic magics are still possible but every time I try to use it, my body will receive damage.

    No this might be good... if I can't use magic the chances of the devil wanting my body badly will highly decrease" Jin tried his best to smile but a small glint of regret could be seen in his eyes.

    "So what you will do now? aren't you mad at me?" Noshiro inquire.
    "No, I'm not... if you're not here, the worst possible scenario is that my body has already consumed by the Devil or me killing myself" Jin smiles.

    "Besides, I always wanted to try that" Jin looks Noshiro.
    "Try what?" questions mark written all over Noshiro's face.

    "I always wanted to try to become a crusader, being a fighter using your body strength seems cool. Plus, training my body rather than using magic enhancement is likely the best choice" Jin smiled.
    "Hmm... that's good" Noshiro slowly stood up and walk away.
    "Are you going now?" Jin remembered that his mission is already completed so he has nothing left to do here.

    Noshiro stops from walking and move back to where Jin is. He grins and rubs Jin's head roughly. "Hahaha"
    "Hey stop that" Jin tried to hold his arm but Noshiro was stronger.

    "I enjoyed talking to you Gin-tan, goodbye" Noshiro let go of Jin's head and slowly move away.
    "Thank you very much" Jin bowed deeply to the fleeting back of Noshiro who is just waving his hand.


    Noshiro took a last view to the forest.

    "Jin, sorry but I didn't tell you about that the devils, they are still waiting and observing you. I wanted to see how you will struggle and fight to your fate" Noshiro look melancholy on the place as a small grin is shown in his face.

    "I wonder if you will be able to survive? Will you be devoured by my blood or make it your own? Only time will tell"
    The man disappears from that place and was never seen again.
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    Wunder stepped out of the teleportation portal in Desert Village and to Letto and Zoe who were waiting for him. He walked through the village, thinking about what the Fairy Village would be like. Would it be like this one? Would it be the opposite? The curiosity bubbled within Wunder.
    “Letto, I’m ready.” “Meow”
    “Are you sure? This is going to be a long trip.”
    “Yes, I’m okay. Let’s get Zoe’s wing healed.”
    Letto summoned a barrier around Zoe and Wunder, protecting them from any dangers. Letto floated high into the sky and blasted off like a rocket. His full speed broke the sound barrier as he sped off. Wunder and Zoe looked through the transparent barrier following Letto. The scenery passed by in a mix of colors, making Wunder dizzy. Zoe looked at Letto’s wings flapping furiously, propelling him at supersonic speeds.

    ~Crooked Mountain~
    Letto flapped his wings once more to slow their landing. Throughout the entire trip, there was no turbulence, no distraction. It was peaceful through and through. Perhaps some monsters may have tried to attack, but they were outsped almost immediately. They probably wouldn’t have been able to cause Letto any trouble, anyway.
    Wunder landed safely on the grass after the barrier was dispelled. Zoe was on his shoulder, still staring at Letto’s wings. Wunder patted Zoe, snapping her out of her reverie. Wunder asked, “Where are we?”
    “Crooked Mountain. I have a temporary portal here that connects to the Fairy Village. The portal is very safe in a cave near the peak, since all the monsters here are powerful. Even I don’t dare to fly to the top. The rulers of the sky live on this mountain, but they won’t bother with those on the ground.” Letto said while trekking up the mountain.
    Wunder followed. “Isn’t Crooked Mountain extremely dangerous, then?”
    “It’s alright compared to the Unknown Lands. Fairy Village may exist in the unknown lands, but we have never been able to travel far from home. The only way for fairies to get out is through portals like the one I’m taking you to.”
    “How were the portals set up then?”
    “There was a very powerful fairy a long time ago. His wings matured into the extinct Xerces Blue wings and his successi - cough, cough. Basically, he was powerful enough to travel unimpeded in the world, and set up multiple portals that connected the Fairy Village to the outside world. From those, more fairies made more portals.”
    “I understand. Do fairies all have abilities like that? I mean you’re so powe- Monster!”
    In front of the group was an Undead of epic proportions. The Undead looked at the group and stepped with it’s massive foot. Letto glared at the monster and raised his hand. A blue barrier formed at his palm that shot out at the monster. It hit the monster’s chest and pierced straight through. Letto moved into that hole and grabbed the monster’s core. He enshrouded the core with a barrier and escaped the collapsing Undead.
    Letto stalked away after nodding at the others, leaving Wunder staring at the man’s back. In a world where strength equated respect, Letto was a man worth respecting.
    Perhaps the rest of the monsters had heard the commotion and learned of Letto’s ability, but no other monsters interrupted their silent walk. Zoe leaned her head against Wunder’s cheek as she ruminated. Wunder put his foot in front of him, step by step, as he thought about the Fairy Village. Letto marched in front holding onto thoughts unknown to either of the other two. Like this, they arrived at the portal.
    Wunder and Zoe watched as Letto muttered as he poured mana into the [Portal Stone]. The stone’s inscriptions highlighted slowly till all of a sudden they all lit up. About a half-meter above the stone a bluish circle appeared. It looked like a whirlpool made of the sky. Letto turned to Wunder and Zoe. “The village is through here. I’ll go in first.”
    Wunder gazed as the whirlpool absorbed Letto as he glanced at Zoe. “Your wings are going to be healed soon. I hope you’re as excited as I am!”
    Wunder closed his eyes as he entered the portal.

    ~Fairy Village~
    The sun was shining, bees were humming about. Birds were chirping and great, big trees lined the sight. In the middle was a small hamlet where children with butterfly wings laughed and played. Such was the Fairy Village.
    “Beautiful, isn’t it? I may travel far and long, but this place will always be my home.” Letto smiled.
    “Come, let me take you to meet the chief. He can do something about Zoe’s wings. And don’t mind the stares. We haven’t had a visitor in a long time.”
    The chief’s house was a cozy log cabin a size bigger than the other houses in the village. The chief himself was a kindly old man who looked patient and understanding. On the walls hang paintings of nature and war all apparently drawn by the chief himself, and the two contrasting concepts provided a gravity to the man.
    “I am Befont, the chief of this village. I hear you are a friend of the fae? That is obvious, I guess, since you would not have been invited if you weren’t.”
    “I am Wunder. This cat fairy is Zoe. I would like for you to take a look at her wing.” Wunder passed Zoe over to the Chief.
    “Hmmmm . . . I see. Yes, this is something that can only be solved by me. You see, I am a practitioner of the ancient [Restoration Magic]. [Restoration Magic] is exactly as it sounds like. It can ignore damage, time, even death.”
    “That’s great! Can you restore Zoe’s wing?”
    “I’m not finished yet. However, like all magic, there is a price. Most magic require the sacrifice of mana. This primordial art requires much more. I have only used this magic twice in my life. The first time, I had to give up 50 years of my life. The second time, I had to give up my succession.”
    Letto’s eyes widened. “Chief, you can’t te-”
    “Quiet, boy. I’m not done yet. Wunder, friend of the fae, the price for restoring Zoe’s wing is not simple. A fairy’s wing is their magic. Besides, it is not her who must pay the price. She is fine without her wing. I can tell. However, you are the one who wants to heal Zoe. Therefore, you must be the one to pay the price.”
    Zoe’s ear twitched as she turned to Wunder and pawed his pants. “Meow!”
    Wunder looked at Zoe trying to stop him and smiled. “I promised her when we met that I would heal her wing. I am not going to break my promise. What price do I have to pay?”
    “I see your resolve is firm.” The chief sighed. “The price you need to pay is effort and talent. Your most valuable efforts and your most valuable talent. They will never be recovered. You will lose them permanently.”
    Of course, Wunder’s most valuable efforts were the years he spent becoming a Mailmage. To pay the price, he would no longer be a Mailmage and become classless. Perhaps he might even be kicked out of the Adventurer’s Guild. His most valuable talent would be his [Minor Time Ritual Magick]. It was what set him apart, what made him unique. To give that up is also to give up his grandmother’s heritage. Still, he had no hesitation. He took off the [Mailmage Uniform] and and his [Stopwatch]. He took out his [Time Ritual Set], [Hourglass Set], and his [Magick Ritual Watch]s and placed them in another pile. “I’m ready.”
    The Chief watched this happen unblinkingly. He watched Wunder give up his future and his past with no hesitation. And smiled. “Child, come with me. I will not betray your hopes.”
    They stepped onto the Chief’s basement floor as Wunder noticed a giant magic circle connected to two smaller ones. The Chief pointed to one and directed Wunder and his stuff there while Zoe went into the other. Zoe looked at Wunder with despair in her eyes, asking him not to do it.
    Wunder closed his eyes and breathed in. He was about to lose his talent and efforts. But he felt no regret. “Chief, start!”
    The Chief complied as he began chanting. The spell circles began glowing. “I, the avatar of Restoration, declare that the exchange begin . . . the sacrifice of the ‘talent’ and ‘efforts’ of . . . request the restoration of Zoe . . . “
    The things in Wunder’s circle began to fade as a feeling of desolateness grew within Wunder. He was losing something, something important, a part of him. This feeling grew and grew. Wunder knew that he was losing his class and skills. He had tried to prepare himself. But the feeling of emptiness depressed him. He grew sullen and lonely. That was when he saw Zoe. She was standing and looking at Wunder with sorrow. For some reason, this allowed Wunder to recover his mood. He decided not to regret his decision before, and he wasn’t going to start regretting now. Zoe, on the other hand, was feeling blissful. Although her sorrow drowned this feeling of bliss, it was truly comfortable having her wing restored.
    “Thus is the completion of the exchange. I, the avatar of Restoration, declare dismissal!”
    The completion of the ritual was the hardest blow. Wunder could now never recover his abilities, no matter what. The emptiness became permanent. Zoe, though, began floating as her other wing had recovered. She instantly flew to Wunder and licked his cheek.
    The Chief watched this interaction and chuckled. He walked over to Wunder, ignoring the animosity given off by Zoe. “Congratulation. Only a honest person would be able to do what you have done. You are deserving.”
    Only Letto, who had been silent till now, realized what the Chief meant. “Are you really going to let him enter the sanctuary?! Wait, I guess then it all works out, but . . . “
    The Chief frowned at Letto muttering to himself. “Just ignore his ramblings. Let me tell you something. In this village is a sanctuary. Every fairy, beast or not, are sent to this sanctuary to ‘succeed’ their fate when they are born. We call this a ‘succession’. In your terms, it would be a class and its respective skills. Letto, here, for instance, became a Barrier Master.”
    Wunder’s mouth dropped at the statement. “Does that mean . . . “
    “Yes, child. You have proved yourself trustworthy with your sacrifice. I will let you enter the sanctuary to accept your fate. You will not recover what you had previously, but will instead gain new prospects.”
    “Th-th-thank y-you . . . “ Wunder began to cry at the hope placed in front of him. He had given up his abilities with the promise of no regrets, but he still felt sorrow at the loss. This new hope let him regain his life.
    “Come, child. I know this is a busy day, but I know that you would want to fill the emptiness inside you as soon as possible.”
    “Yes, sir!”
    ~The Sanctuary~
    The sanctuary was at the center of the village, and was surprisingly a small building. Composed of some sturdy, white material, it stood out among the log houses. The Chief said, “You’re lucky. Nobody is inside. That means you can go and succeed your fate, now. Good luck, child.”
    “Good luck.” said Letto.
    “I’m going.”
    “ . . . I have always wanted to be good at something. I could use time magic, but I could only use two spells. But I realize, there is a sky above a sky, always someone better. Maybe power is important. But I will never be the most powerful even if I follow the first path. I have never been hard-working. It’s something I regret. I can suffer difficulty if it comes down to me. But I know myself enough to understand my shortcomings. I am not meant to travel the second path. I have always wished to be special. I wish to have power and ability, but to know I’m unique is what I most desire. I choose the third path!”
    The moment the voice finished speaking Wunder felt something flow into him. It filled the emptiness caused by the Restoration ritual. Knowledge filled Wunder’s mind as he muttered “. . . [Witch Doctor].”
    The Chief was the first to ask, “What did you become?”
    Wunder, realizing the best proof would be the Adventurer’s Guild Card, took it out. He viewed his Card with shaking hands, hoping it wasn’t just all a dream. And sure enough, under class was [Witch Doctor]. Wunder teared in delight, happy that he had truly been able to fill the emptiness inside. The Chief walked up to him and said “You must be tired. Please, stay a night.”
    “Yes, I’ll be taking you up on your offer.”
    That night, Wunder lay on a bed in the Chief’s guest room, thinking about his experience. He had truly experienced despair and ecstasy in one day. But what surprised him most was when he checked Zoe’s status. The skill [Fae] was extremely powerful as it gave immunity to both mind and soul attacks. But what threw him off was the [Fatal Signet]. It blocks a single, fatal attack. An amazing skill.
    “You’re so strong . . . “ Wunder looked at the cat curled up next to him. “Better go to sleep. I experienced a lot today.”
    The next morning came by in a flash. Letto came over during breakfast and dragged Wunder off to be the tour guide for the town.
    “ . . . and that’s the town hall, for legal procedures, and that’s the sanctuary! I think that’s all, any questions?”
    Remembering the thing he wanted Scriptor to build he asked, “Can I have some bees?”
    “That’s a weird request. Oh! I know someone who’s perfect for the job!” Some two minutes later, Letto came holding the hand of a fairy beauty. “This is my fiance, Aerwyna. Her succession is a druid, so she can control animals to a certain extent.”
    “Nice to meet you, Aerwyna.”
    “Nice to meet you. I hope Letto hasn’t been causing you two any trouble?”
    Letto refuted, “Aerwyna! Of course I haven’t!”
    Looking at the bickering couple, Wunder smirked.

    ~Fairy Village Outskirts~
    “I brought a [Bee Box],” said Aerwyna. “so you can carry around the hive with no trouble.” Aerwyna whistled and a bunch of bees fell asleep. She easily walked up to a beehive and put it in the box.
    “Thank you. That would be a big help.” Receiving the box, Wunder declared his gratitude. “I’ve already said goodbye to the Chief in the morning. Letto, let’s go.”
    “You’re ready?”
    “Yes. Goodbye Aerwyna.”
    “Goodbye. Make sure you take care of him, alright, Letto?”
    “Bye, sweetie.”
    The trip back was uneventful. Nothing happened. Letto dropped Wunder and Zoe off in front of the Desert Village entrance and said “I’m going to be moving the portal. No offence, but the fact that it’s isolated is what has kept Fairy Village safe all this while.”
    “It’s fine. I understand. Goodbye, Letto.”
    “Goodbye, Wunder. If fate allows it, let us meet again.”
    Wunder watched as Letto flew away, feeling dignified. He had both lost and gained on this trip to Fairy Village. He had lost one future, but gained another. He turned and said to Zoe, “Let’s go. It’s time to return to being adventurers.”
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    [Phew...] (Paradise)

    I breathed out a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground. The goblins also did so. Eris refrained from letting herself fall on the ground since she could crush someone.

    We were all exhausted after the almost non-stop corpse festival we had just now. After the end of the last battle, I had collected quite a bit of corpses from the battlefield. Of course, I had to hand over the citizen corpses for a proper burial, that was a given. But the Guild kindly let me keep the bandit’s corpses.

    I planned to absorb them little by little using the room in the inn, but as soon as we said the numbers, the inn staff went pale and scolded us. In the end we had to go to our base in the great plains, where we were building our dungeon.

    As we arrived, we discovered that the Third had made some progress, albeit not as much as we wanted. But it was enough for we to establish the ‘Dungeon Territory’, finally.

    Among many functions, the main one that we wanted was the corpse absorbing one. Inside the Territory walls, floor, ceiling, every part of the dungeon was able to absorb them.

    And was like this that we started our party of corpses.

    The bandits flew out of the Item Box and were carried by the goblins, me and Eris. It felt like we had carried a thousand or two bandits, but in the end they didn’t numbered more than three hundred and half. That was a bit frustrating considering how tired I was right now.

    We took the chance to dump the corpses we had piled on our last quest plus the ones from some unfortunate bats that tried to get inside the dungeon to make their home, and the amount of mana ended up a little bigger than I expected.

    Mana Absorbed: 11876/1400

    This raid was truly a jackpot! Though most of the mana, or at least half of it, was going solely for the dungeon building. For now, I only upgraded our dungeon rank to G and rested for a bit.


    Some hours later, after we had all rested, me, Eris and Grom’s party assembled to discuss about the dungeon construction. The Third had only progressed in making a large stairway that went at least seven meters down. It looked just like a big pit, but with some fancy stairs.

    We were having the meeting in the former cave, now entrance hall of the dungeon. The earth golem made an impromptu table and chairs.

    [So, let’s start the “Great Dungeon Meeting~❤”~] (Paradise)

    [Wait a minute… why the ❤ in the end? Is there even a phoneme for ❤?!] (Eris)

    Eris raised her hand with a confused expression on her face. Hm… That much is expected, though.

    [I’m sure there is!] (Paradise)

    [I…. give up, let’s continue.] (Eris)

    Opening a smile, I continued.

    [Good~ Now, onto the main topics, we have mana. A lot of it. Though we don’t know what exactly we want for this dungeon.] (Paradise)

    [Sorry, we’re newcomers in this business… please bear with us.] (Eris)

    “Don’t worry. That much is expected from the Ladies.” (Lela)

    Ouch, Lela… were you always this blunt?! The mage goblin adjusted her small cane on her lap and smiled wryly at me. The rest of the five great goblins nodded in acknowledgement while Gen, the relatively new one, just shrugged. You guys, have some faith in us!

    A vein was popping at Eris’ forehead, and I probably had one in mine too. Nevertheless, I had to continue smiling as I proceeded with the meeting.

    [Our objective at the moment is to provide a good training ground for new adventurers and mercenaries! So we wanted to hear your opinions as our fighters.] (Paradise)

    At those words, a goblin holding a spear tightly snorted and said.

    “Fighters my ass. I’ve been stuck in this cave with those midgets ever since we fought those lizardmen. They have barely grown at all. If you want a fighter opinion, go search one with elsewhere.” (Miha)

    Lela retorted mockingly. “If you don’t find yourself fit, please leave this table already.”

    The lancer goblin, Miha, pursed his lips and reclined in the dirt chair. Seeing that, Lela smiled and nodded in my direction.

    “I think more space for fighting would be good. Mainly for us, magicians.” (Lela)

    [That’s almost a given. Though we also need places for the monster who excel in fights with less space.] (Paradise)

    [But we need at least to make so that someone like me can enter, though.] (Eris)

    From Eris face as she raised her hand and gave the suggestion, I could feel that the fact of not being able to enter the tavern really got her.

    The goblin with a longsword leaning in his chair cleaned his throat.

    “Space aside, we need to decide also which creatures will be put in the dungeon. We need to have in mind what those who’ll enter the dungeon can and cannot fight.” (Metch)

    Grom and Gen, the ones who had more experience at the moment nodded to his words.

    We continued discussing for a long while, and when the sun was starting to give signs of setting, the meeting ended and we quickly started working.

    The structure of the dungeon that we had accorded was quite simple, since this was only the start, and welcoming to new adventurers. A four floor structure made with E rank adventurers in mind.

    The first floor was mostly comprised of two main locations. The first one was a large and wide corridor, that started from the stairs pit, with four meters wide and six meters tall, and it grew as you went on, reaching fifteen meters wide and eight meters tall at its max.

    This large corridor was holed here and there with many others, forming an structure that remembered an ant nest.

    Both those and the main corridor were illuminated by crystals in the ceiling and walls. They consumed a small quantity of mana from the surroundings to generate the light, and were quite cheap.

    The second location to be noted in the first floor was at its end. A fairly large circular arena with ten meters radius and with seats prepared for expectators around it. All the corridors lead to this place, and past this place was the entry to the stairs to the second floor.

    The second floor didn’t had any notable place nor a large corridor, different from the first, and instead was a maze-like place with a considerable amount of rooms.

    There were traps too, different from the one before, and it was easier to get ambushed. It was the perfect place to show the new adventurers the price of carelessness, the proving grounds.

    The third and fourth floors weren’t much different from each other, but totally different from the ones above. While the two first floors were composed of corridors and rooms, at the third floor, those things completely disappeared. Replacing it was a huge open space.

    The scenery that looked just like the plains that were above the dungeon extended through the large third floor and the even larger fourth floor. The only things that stood out in this peaceful plains were the large natural pillars that supported the ceiling covered with lightening crystals.

    Each of those floors had one special place. The first one was a small graveyard-like place in the third floor, while the second was a small lake in the fourth floor.

    With that done, the structure of the dungeon was finished after a week worth of work. The building, as expected, took roughly 70% of our current funds.

    We had a little more than three thousand mana left to start summoning monsters. Since summoning they one by one would be a pain, the Dungeon Territory would come at handy.

    The dungeon worked just like the core itself, so it was able to absorb corpses and, of course, summon monsters too. Though, a catalyst was needed. A ‘Nest’.

    They summoned monsters using the mana stored in the dungeon core after a certain time passed. Their appearance was just like a crystal, but had strange formations inside of them. I should check later if I can discover something out of those formations, since it can help us find just who put us here.

    In any case, I spread some nests in the dungeon, leaving me with a little more than a thousand mana left.

    The first floor was to be occupied with wolves, some dog-sized rats like the ones from the quest before, rabbits and a few wandering goblins at the end. The second floor was filled with rats and goblins and some kobolds.

    The third and fourth floors were just like common plains. Wolves, goblins, kobolds and the like wandered around. I restrained from putting creatures like lizardmen and other D rank subjugation targets, though.

    The rest of the mana was spent with the last preparations. When it comes to dungeons, you can’t not have a boss. And I had plans for each floor.

    The first floor would be left to Miha, our goblin lancer that showed a great talent at leading other goblins.

    The second floor was left to a wolf-sized rat that I summoned and evolved into a Rat Captain. It had a lustrous black fur and round black eyes, so it looked really cute. Of course, if you ignored the fangs and claws.

    The third floor was left to a skeleton magician that would reside in the graveyard-like place.

    The fourth floor was left to Gen, the now kobold knight, that would patrol around the lake on a wolf I gave to him.

    I was sincerely exhausted after working non stop in the dungeon for ten days straight, so as soon as it was completed, I headed to Aeternus to rest. The Third was left to oversee the dungeon while we were out resting.

    I should report it, but I’m too tired right now, so I sent Grom and Gen to send the report to the guild staff and sunk in the inn’s bed. Eris, of course, didn’t had a bed fit for her, so she slept in the ground. I felt kind of sorry for her.

    In any case, let’s sleep for now.

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    I need to stop my habits of writing things late.

    I'll edit my sig later, since I'm too sleepy now...
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    Events before reaching the graveyard...

    I literally stumbled into the graveyard. Upon my arrival here, nothing looked out of the ordinary. Gravestones, marbled statues, and even epitaphs engraved on wood instead of stone. I took note of the overgrown grass and poor condition of the place but it was more a passing thought due to my arm hanging useless on my side. This place didn't seem like it had a caretaker. What a shame.

    Dagger still unsheathed and grasped in my right hand, I looked around in search of a make-shift splint and, thankfully, found a fallen tree that had a good batch of sturdy looking branches. Normally, I would have taken out my my sharp knife to hack off some wood but I couldn't afford to do the chore. Cutting down some branches, I then sat in a safe corner of a small, run-down crypt.

    The first-aid was tedious. Of course, first I had to prepare everything that I needed. Wood for splint, torn fabric from my already tattered cloth wrapped around my waist while using what remained of it as a sling, and some meds to help me bear through the pain.

    It was excruciating. Especially since I had to set the break back properly to make sure it would heal correctly. Thankfully, the broken bone didn't pierce through skin.

    The whole process was slow work since I wanted to make sure no problems would arise in the future. Once the broken arm was properly splinted, I had it hang on a sling to not aggravate it further.

    I was out of breath after the whole ordeal. When everything was in order, only then did I drink some low-level healing potion and even some of the painkillers I had gotten from a past quest. Only then did I get some relief.

    Thinking back to what had happened, I could only curse at my luck. I was in open plain! How could I have not noticed a huge cyclops coming my way? It was ridiculous. Sighing at my mishap, I cleaned up whatever excess items I had taken out of my bag and stood up to leave the crypt.

    When I stepped out, I froze and stared...


    Where was I?


    Did I make a wrong turn?

    Of course not. There was only one way in and out of the crypt. What in the world was going on? The graveyard I entered was a dilapidated, overgrown mess that needed a lot of caretaking and cleaning. The graveyard before me on the other hand was a gigantic, domed cemetary. Marbled pillars and statues were all shiny and majestic as if they were often cleaned. Greenery abounded and trees reached high onto the glass ceiling, unable to reach its panes. Except for a few birdsong in the air, there was no other sound in the stillness of the cemetary. It wasn't an errie quiet but a relaxing one.

    I was so confused.

    There was no danger here. At least, I didn't feel like there was any. I refused to unsheath my dagger because it seemed offensive to do so. Still, I was extremely cautious when I started to explore. The more I saw, the more astounded I became. Asiatic altars, black stone tablets, and even mini mausoleums could be seen inside the cemetary. Each as majestic as the other. Small or large, each grave had quite a dignified air to it. How incredibly fascinating.

    As I continued my perusal of the area, I could feel myself getting better the more time I spent here. Thanks to my Kalman Väki blood, I was getting healed faster than normal being that I was in the sacred ground of a cemetary. It would take me a few days, a week at most, to fully heal my broken arm if I stayed in the vicinity of a burial ground. Thank the heavens for small favors.

    At this point, I was now very much relaxed. There was just something about this place that made it feel safe and I knew it wasn't because I was half-fae of the dead. It was a vast cemetary to the point that it actually felt like a small city. How on earth could this be hidden like that? I had no right to be so surprised when the very temple I grew up in was hidden quite similar to this. However, unlike our temple, I couldn't feel any array, any sigil or insignia, any magic, or even guardian beasts to allow for such secrecy. This was some high-level technique at work.

    My level of amazement at the place was reaching its peak when I felt, rather than saw, that this cemetary even had catacombs and vast crypts underneath the ground I was standing on. When, suddenly, I heard something that clearly didn't belong.



    I turned quickly to look at my surroundings.

    There was nobody there. Immediately, I tried sensing the ignis in the area and only then did I find the culprits. Before I could even call out to them, the two took the initiative to show themselves.

    "Tsk. She found us so quickly!"
    "How droll."
    "So boring."

    Two fairies, half-a-foot tall, came flying out and doing somersaults in the air. They had wings on the outside of their ankles, one on each hip and bird wings for arms. Patches of their skin were scaled while feathers covered their heads and meandered down towards their tail bones. Finishing it off, they both had four eyes and wide, gaping grins adorned with sharp white teeth.

    [OOC: Will redraw when I have time o/]

    "With human skin."
    "Come to play?"
    "Or rest herein?"

    I was very cautious now. Fairies, if given an inch, would take a soul. I didn't answer their inquiry and merely eyed them suspiciously. The one on my left, with skin more blue-gray than purple-gray like its companion, gave me a disapproving look. Then, I decided to answer the question.

    "Safe haven. I needed a place to heal."



    "Heal among the dead."
    "A cemetary bedstead!"

    They laughed and guffawed at their own joke. I let them continue for a few beats then asked, "What are you two called?"

    Both of them looked impressed since I didn't ask for their names because I was sure they would never give it. Know their name and you practically owned them.

    "I call myself, Grave!" Exclaimed the purple.

    "And I am, Digger!" Declared the blue.

    A laugh and a snort and they were flying around in circles with unmitigated glee. Their appearance was too sudden and not to mention this graveyard. Too many odd things happening was leaving my head to reel.

    "Who are you two?"

    Suddenly, they froze and proceeded to do some strange, choreographed dance that ended with both of them interlocking their one wing to each other while mainting their flight with their free ones. It was a strange maneouver and I wondered how long they practiced it. Then, they took turns speaking.

    "We take all those we want to keep,
    And safeguard them from harm.
    We watch and guard both arm-in-arm,
    While Adventurers here do sleep."

    "Why do the dead here need protecting?"

    "Because they're strong!"
    "Even in death they can be used!"

    "By what?"

    "A lich, dark magic!"
    "Mighty powers overused!"

    I sighed. Did I stumble on something I shouldn't have?

    "Why am I here? Did you let me come here?"

    They both shrugged.

    "We don't decide."
    "We merely guard."
    "These vast, huge space,"
    "The Venturers' Graveyard!"

    "If not you two, then who let me inside this cemetary?"

    They looked a littled frightened at this question and shook their heads quite vigorously.

    "We cannot say,"
    "Or else we die."
    "Have mercy, Miss Fae,"
    "Else, we say bye-bye."

    I would have sympathized if not for the impish expressions on their faces. It was hard for me to control the strong urge to roll my eyes at them. If offended, I had no idea what they'd do.

    "Well, as lovely as this place is, I merely came to rest and recover my broken arm."



    "What broken arm?"

    Having heard what they said in unison, I didn't comprehend it immediately but when I did, I was alarmed. True, I hadn't felt any pain for a good while now but for them to say that posed a serious issue. Carefully, I tried moving the fingers of my left arm and was unnerved when no pain errupted. Then, I seesawed my hand up and down slowly to check if discomfort would shoot up from my wrist. None came.

    Instead of being happy at this discovery, I grew incredibly apprehensive. A few checks more and I found that Grave and Digger had been correct even though they didn't directly point it out. My broken arm was healed. I knew for a fact that such a speed of recovery was not normal even with my Kalman Väki blood taken into account which left only one reason I could think of.

    "How long have I been here?"

    "Tsk. You catch on quick."
    "By our calculations."
    "One month and a week."

    Damn it. I was actually brought inside a localized construct of some sort. Time played a different role here and one which I didn't understand. What felt like a measly five hours had in fact been longer.

    "How do I get out?"

    "Only by the will of the Guardian can you leave."
    "This is truth, we won't deceive."

    "How do I know you're being truthful in the first place?"

    "We won't do tricks on you."
    "We fear your father coming here."
    "And killing poor us, two."

    I was mildly impressed that they could tell what or who my father was from my aura alone but I pushed that aside for more pressing matters at the moment. I continued interrogating them but they were so tricky with their answers that I grew tired of it and decided to look for a way out myself. However, I couldn't find any plausible exit for me to leave this place. It was practically a vault and I was stuck inside. Soon enough, by my count, the amount of time I've wasted in here equalled to roughly two-and-a-half months outside.

    I turned my attention back to the two fairies who were following me and gave them a deep frown. "Is there a reason why I'm here?"

    "It was a simple mistake,"
    "We thought you were kin."
    "Kindred, we cannot forsake."
    "Else, end in coffin."

    "But then you appeared, Miss Fae."
    "Such a huge surprise."
    "Death, indeed, so faraway."
    "Northern Child defies."

    I had been walking when they started their jabbering but had to stop at that last part. What did they mean? Before I could ask them, I suddenly felt the ground shake and tremble in a groaning manner then stopped.

    "What was that?"

    "That was the great, Lord Hoard,"
    "As we so fondly call him."
    "Greedy dragon from fjord,"
    "Deep in catacombs so dim.

    My heart skipped a beat. "There's a dragon here?"

    "He belongs to one of the dead,"
    "So he refuses to leave."
    "A top class and true thoroughbred,"
    "Here to wallow and to grieve."

    "So that's all he's here to do?"

    They nodded in unison.

    "His pain too deep and angry too,"
    "For therein sleeps his wife."
    "Her end too sudden for adieu,"
    "Treasuring grief and strife."

    What a sad and melancholy tale. "How about your kind? Are there more guards here like you?"

    They looked offended at this.


    "Tsk. Of course not, silly Northern Child."

    Which reminded me. "That thing you said earlier. 'Death, indeed, so faraway. Northern Child defies.' What did you mean by that?"

    This time there was no laugh or joviality which chilled me to the bone. Instead, their eyes gave off a hint of red when they replied.

    "How silly."
    "How queer, Miss Fae from the North."
    "Can't you see those three lines,"
    "Marking your dear throat?"

    I blinked and when I opened my eyes, I was greeted by the dilapidated graveyard I had first arrived in. The suddenness of the shift gave me vertigo so intense I actually doubled over and vomitted. Groaning in displeasure and pain, I waited a few minutes until I had my bearings back.

    Once I felt well enough, I used some water I had stored in my wineskin and gargled to freshen up my mouth. Looking around me, I saw the dismal view of broken trees, cracked tombstones, and overgrown plants. That transfer was too quick that I knew I was lucky I hadn't passed out.

    Another groan escaped me as I tried to walk but ultimately failed. "Grave! Digger! Are you here?"

    I knew I wouldn't get a reply but I felt the need to call out to them. Despite feeling disoriented, I forced my mind to remember everything that had happened and make sure what had transpired was real. I never liked the idea of anybody playing with my mind.

    First, my current surroundings. Grass was taller, moss on wood and stone indicating constant rain, and climate had a slight chill carrying in the wind. Seasons were in the cusp of changing to a colder one as compared to the more humid and dry atmosphere of when I was last here.

    Second, the crypt I had used as a temporary shelter to fix my broken arm was more run-down than before. A few days would not have given noticeable changes but the outside of the crypt now had overhanging vines that were a lighter shade of green indicating it's young age. A fairly new addition to the structure.

    Finally, most telling evidence of all was my broken arm. It was now, without a doubt, fully healed. No twinge of pain or discomfort to be felt anywhere.

    In summary, I was, quite simply, spirited away. My father would not be pleased. What was the point though? Was there a reason why I was taken or was I simply used to cause a bit of mischief?

    My head hurt.

    Again, I eyed the sad looking burial ground around me and started to wonder. Which exactly was the real Adventurer Graveyard?

    [OOC] @Bielt Was this okay or did I go overboard? Please do tell me if I have to do some big editing :blobsalute:
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    [OOC] Should've been my last raid post so yeah, not being constrained by the 750 word limit turned this thing into a 3k plus...

    Kroenen’s group has now disbanded, dealing with the stragglers left in the city would need more personnel and they have to spread themselves apart in order to not miss any stragglers hiding inside the city.

    Kroenen decided to patrol the area, taking out the M20 BSA motorcycle in order to navigate the clutter and debris on the city streets as he makes his way towards the residential area. The damage to the city is considerable, the waves of bandits thrown at them now lay dead across the streets would need clearing at the risk of a plague. Still, he doesn’t buy the story that these are simple brigands. Mere banditry cannot explain the amount of resources that these people have acquired and were willing to throw at this city, whatever the angle is here might be subject to the guild’s concerns. But that's for the future and right now he has a job to do.

    He reached the residential area and started guiding a couple of civilians out from their houses and into the medical stations near the docks, taking note of any structure that is in danger of collapsing and setting up necessary warning signs was what he did next. The masked man had already expend a good number of steel wire spools for his grapple gun by fishing for bandits and hanging them on posts and archways, most of them hang alive with only a steel hook lodged through their leg, shoulder with steel cables attached to them. Kroenen rode once again.

    "What do we have here, gents." Asked the masked man to a group of militiamen that were stacked behind an upturned cart on the corner of a street.

    "You're one of those reinforcements from that airship fleet? We were pursuing a couple of stragglers when they decided to make it a standoff, they're up in that two story building and have barricaded the doors, they're also shooting arrows and spells at anyone who gets close. My men had the perimeter secured but we can't rush in, they've got hostages inside." reported the commander of this group.

    "How many bandits and hostage?" Kroenen parked the bike and dismounted.

    "Around a dozen bandits, they are pretty generous about the use of crossbows. They are using three civilians as bargaining chip." Said the militiaman before taking a sip from his water canteen which turned out empty, the standoff seems to have been going on for quite some time by the looks of it.

    Passing full bottles to the men, Kroenen decided to take on the problem. A tricky situation considering that he does not know the layout of the building's interior and the fact that he isn't as well equipped as he had liked to be for such occasions, time isn't on his side as well seeing as these men were getting desperate by each passing moment and that means danger for the civilians trapped inside.

    "I'm heading in, get your men ready. Anyone that gets out should be restrained and checked to ensure that they really are civilians." Says the black clad soldier as he takes off his greatcoat.

    Hanging his coat over the motorbike's handlebars he then makes his way towards the house across the street of the bandit's holdout. After handing water to the militiamen on the first floor Kroenen went upstairs to observe the house across the street as best as he could, there he changes his loadout in accordance to the demand of this particular situation.

    After donning a web gear he loads the double barrel shorty with breaching rounds made of sintered aluminum powder designed to smash locks and immediately disperse without endangering anyone directly on either side of the door, at his right hip is the Browning Hi-Power while the snubnose .357 revolver was holstered under his left arm. All his pistols were loaded with jacketed hollowpoints to reduce the risk of over penetration and collateral damage, bullets that can pass through the intended target and multiple walls poses danger to the hostage and the militiamen outside. A rare and irritating occasion where Kroenen doesn’t have the best tool to solve this specific problem, it could be worse and there are less ideal but viable options available.

    Even standard FMJ 9mm has been known to be able to penetrate couple of stacks of lumber and standard building materials while retaining lethal velocity, the fact that all of the ones in Kroenen’s inventory cannot feed hollowpoints reliably and are open bolt design that are a bit difficult to fire accurately when precision is essential to the context of a siege with hostages involved makes submachineguns suboptimal. Shotguns are a good option provided that they are loaded with #4 birdshot and fitted with a proper choke to mitigate spread and pass-through but the low capacity and slow reload can make it hard to work with when faced with at least a dozen foes and using a full-sized rifle firing powerful ammunition that can punch through a house or two is just a plain bad idea. High capacity, laser accurate at close range up to 300 yards with very manageable recoil, shorter than a rifle and some shotguns making it maneuverable in confined spaces with the only caveat of firing a cartridge that still risk over penetration makes an assault rifle the best one at the moment and though other firearms of the same category are a bad option the one he has is quite suited and less risky. An accurate closed bolt submachinegun that can be fed with hollowpoint bullets without issues or a highly specialized CQB firearm would be the best option for this assault none of which are something he has in his inventory; he’ll need to fix that soon.

    The StG46 is chambered for Kroenen’s slightly modified version of the .223 Remington, an experimental intermediate cartridge made by collaboration between Fairchild Industries, Remington Arms and several engineers as a result of the US Continental Army Command (CONARC)’s request for a lightweight combat rifle to compete for the US trials. The parameters set by CONARC for the design was that it needs to be a weapon chambered in a .22 caliber bullet that can exceed supersonic speeds, penetrate a US steel helmet on one side and .135’’ steel plate at 500 yards, has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds, select fire for both semi-automatic and fully automatic use, an overall weight of 6 lbs and still has the accuracy and ballistic characteristic equal to M2 Ball ammunition (.30-06 Springfield) with a wounding ability similar to the M1 Carbine. Using the AR-10 design that is set to compete with the trials for a new battle rifle as a template they started work designing a Small Caliber High Velocity (SCHV) firearm, the design’s liberal use of aluminum alloy for the receiver, phenolic resin for the furniture and the high velocity .22 caliber bullet made this rifle the service arm of the future, turns out that it's too far ahead of its time for some. The SCHV design and the AR-10 battle rifle lost out to the US Army’s homegrown T44E4 prototype that is now formally designated as the M14 which fires a new full rifle caliber designed to replicate the ballistic performance of the original 1906 load for the .30-06 Springfield with a shorter overall length designated as 7.62x51mm M59 cartridge, a damn shame in the masked soldier’s opinion because it sets back the arms technology of not just the US but also its allies by a decade or two with their “No less than .30” dogma while the Soviets and the Reich are already fielding their own intermediate assault rifles by the thousands.

    There is something to learn from their blunders. The use of synthetic polymers for the furniture to make the rifle lighter and to mitigate the issues with using wood such as warping or cracks on different climates, emulating the AR design’s tight tolerances in order to prevent ingress of foreign materials that might cause malfunctions, chrome lined bore and improving on the .223 caliber by strengthening the case walls to permit higher operating pressures as well as customizing the load with a 55 grain Full Metal Jacket boat-tail projectile which is the best Kroenen currently has for the fight he’s about to head into. Loading a 30 round magazine into the StG46 means that he’s got more bullets than there are enemies but still, Kroenen chambers a round before engaging the safety on thinking that nothing beats excess anyway.

    Picking the front door as an entry point he hid inside the house across the street of the occupied structure and loaded his grenade launcher with smoke rounds. The crash of three smoke grenades in quick succession aimed towards the windows was the signal for the start of Kroenen’s assault; two was aimed at the first floor and one at the second floor window in order to mask the masked soldier’s approach. Cries and barks of questions as to what was happening can be heard from the interior as man in black dashes for the front door, crashing three smoke grenades to the windows ended any attempt to prevent his entry by the besieged. Reaching the door uncontested he let his rifle hang by the sling and grabbed the double barrel shotgun on his back. Two blasts aimed at the hinges and a boot slams the doors open, Kroenen flowed inside weapon forward and coiled like a loaded spring ready to kill anything that needs killing, hugging the walls of the entrance hall to prevent framing his silhouette against the door frame to present as little target as possible he advances forward weapon raised, trigger finger straight and off the trigger with his thumb gently resting at the safety as he scans the immediate area for contacts at a pace fast enough to not be ponderous but slow enough to properly scan and if needed reliably fire at targets with sufficient accuracy. The wide hallway branches into three doors and a stairway, the billowing smoke coming from the rooms where the smoke rounds ended up was starting to leak through the rest of the house. The hiss of those interdiction devices echoes, skittering type of canisters propels itself into a spin as it belches out obscuring smoke.

    A person stumbles out of the door to the right coughing as the room he was desperately leaving fills with smoke and it took a split second for Kroenen to properly identify the person, armed with a crossbow with a quarrel and a sword by his waist, wearing armor that is not the same as the one the militiamen were wearing, anyone inside armed that isn’t him is likely to be an enemy combatant. With a flick of the thumb he disengages the safety lever, the moment the gun communicates that it is hot and ready to fire his trigger finger moves to take up the slack on the two-stage trigger, squeezing lightly the sear releases the hammer which accelerates as the hammer spring acts against it, at the end of the hammer’s travel it strikes the base of the firing pin driving its head to protrude through the bolt head and in contact with the impact sensitive primer at the base of the bullet igniting the priming compound, in turn it ignites the powder load which burns rapidly generating a volume of hot and high pressure gas, the expansion of that propelling gas drives the bullet through the bore where it engages with the rifling that imparts it with the spin needed to stabilize it through its flight before leaving the barrel.

    Lex III: Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi.” Newton’s third law of motion.

    Seeing as the StG46 isn’t a locked-breech action and works using the roller-delayed blowback principle, as the bullet makes its way out of the barrel the propelling gas that pushes it forward also pushes the bolt backwards. The rollers that protrudes from the side bolt assembly which interfaces with a recess cut into the barrel extension when the firearm is in battery and locks (not really) the action plays its role, as the bolt head is driven rearward by the recoil force the rollers are driven inward against a tapered bolt carrier extension. The bolt extension accelerates first as the rollers acts on its inclined surface, this delays the movement of the bolt head long enough so that the bullet has already left the barrel and the chamber pressure has gone down to safe levels before the bolt has opened up and reached full acceleration. The extractor on the bolt head pulls the empty casing out of the chamber as it moves rearward and kicks it through the ejection port, the back of the bolt carrier group resets the hammer which resets the trigger and the at the end of the bolt carrier group’s rearward travel the recoil spring pushes it back forward where it strips another round from the magazine and pushes it into the chamber and the bolt extension travels forward a little bit more and pushes the locking rollers out into the locking recess on the barrel extension resetting the whole firing process once again, this sequence of small but deadly events all happens in milliseconds after Kroenen had pulled the trigger and was repeated again twice aimed at a single target.

    Hitting the center mass of a target 15 yards away using a long arm is a trivial task for Kroenen even if that target is moving and oriented sideways. The first shot hit the bandit at the upper arm with the bullet hitting the femur shattering it, secondary projectiles composed of bone fragments, lead and cupronickel jacket resulting from that fragmentation severs the brachial artery and left a gaping exit wound. The second and third shot entered the side of the torso with one low and one high, both illustrates why it’s not wise to underestimate a .22 caliber bullet. The first of the body shots slipped between the upper ribs, the light, small and fast 55 grain .223 inch diameter bullet traveling at around 3000 ft/s at the muzzle end means that it has a tendency to yaw and destabilize faster upon hitting soft tissue. The shearing force of on the bullet as it travels 90 degrees from its original trajectory through the tissue often tears the bullet into pieces, thus creating multiple smaller projectiles and increasing the chances of all the parts of that bullet to remain inside the target to dump more of its energy which means severe wounding. That energy results in a temporary cavity causing a pressure wave that pulverizes small blood vessels in its path which in turn results into deep bruising around the area where the bullet struck, this may result to organ failure on vital organs around that temporary stretch cavity. The last shot hit a rib demolishing it along with the projectile causing havoc as the combination of organic and inorganic shrapnel rips through the body. Two of the three shots left gaping craters of an exit wound while the third didn’t exit the body which is all the more lethal.

    The bandit drops to the ground as three of its comrades emerge from the same room, gawking at the sight of their friend slumped on the hallway floor they looked at the culprit. Kroenen just raised his weapon once again and bathe them with copper jacketed lead at a rate of 700 rounds per minute. Out comes the reason why the .223 Remington was what Kroenen had chosen in this situation.

    One shot that entered the thoracic cavity of one bandit failed to yaw and fragment inside the body and penetrates intact hitting the wall, losing quite a bit of velocity from passing through someone it lodge itself firmly on the wood while another which did yaw and exited the body base first which fragmented after hitting the cabinet. None of the shots Kroenen had taken has left the hallway and even if they did, the likelihood of them resulting in serious wounds to anyone they hit is unlikely.

    The masked soldier entered the room that they vacated where one civilian was left huddled in a corner that was still to be occupied with the smoke, putting his firearm on safe he handed the lady a damp cloth to use as a makeshift gasmask before escorting her to the hallway covering the uncleared rooms as she exited through the front door where the militiamen are waiting. Advancing further into the house he moves to check the closed door on the left of the hallway where the second smoke grenade landed. He checks to see if the door is barricaded and takes out a prybar once he was positive that it wasn't, prying the hinges off the frame and a boot opened the door this time but unlike the first door he kicked down this room is occupied with four bandits that opened up a barrage of crossbow bolts and magic as soon as the doors went down. Diving clear off the enemy fire from that room Kroenen engages another pair of hostiles coming from the door on the far end of the main hallway which he dispatched quickly, he turns his attention back to the occupied room. Hearing footsteps from that room he opens fire through the walls, enemies standing on the other side of that wall got hit by a combination of key holing bullets that managed to stay intact as it passes through the wall and sprays of wood splinter and bullet fragments that may not be immediately lethal but can still cause serious wounds depending on where they were hit. Inserting a fresh magazine the soldier in black rushes inside the room shooting at two bandits hiding behind upturned tables thinking that they were adequate cover, another three already lay on the floor wounded and at least one of them blinded by fragmenting projectiles coming through the walls. As soon as he was sure that there’s no civilian in that room he quickly executed the injured and dying ones and left the room to check the one on the far end of the main hallway where two other bandits came from earlier.

    That room was clear of hostiles, nothing but cluttered furniture and a dead body of a man, probably the owner of the house by the look of his outfit. All that’s left is the upper floors but, problem is that the stairs are blocked from access with what looks like every furniture on the second floor. Would be effective, would be inaccessible. Problem is that these world seem to have yet perfected the concept of combat engineering, no structure is safe from a skilled sapper.

    Up the ladder four more bandits wait their magic and crossbows at the ready, two watches the windows while the last one waits just outside the room where Kroenen’s gas grenade entered through the window while the last civilian they are taking hostage locked in the room that is the farthest from the stairs. The hopeless situation they found their selves in was already apparent even before they occupy the house, getting cut off from the main force and the route going back to camp was the signal of things not going their way. Banking on using the hostage as leverage in order for their group to escape the city turned into a standoff, the crash of broken glass was the first sign that it’s nearing its end. They all heard the footsteps, the gunfire; they all heard the screams and then the silence. That uncharacteristic silence after the cacophony of violence was unbearable, the waiting was gnawing at them and one of the ones waiting on top of the blockaded stairway moved forward to listen if there was someone behind that barricade. That curiosity saved him for as soon as the he left the other three the floor beneath them exploded, the one in the epicenter had the lower part of their body completely obliterated while the other two had their legs blown off and fell through the hole. From that hole emerged the masked soldier propelled by his grappling hook who largely went unnoticed because of the stunning concussive effect of the shaped charge he used to create the breach, reeling himself to the ceiling he shoots at the one near the barricaded stairs twice before turning to face the one on the hallway. The two that were watching the other windows now enters the fray as they make their way to the second floor hallway, using their weird repeating crossbow they attempt to kill the figure perched on the beams of the ceiling. One crossbow bolt skid harmlessly against Kroenen's bulletproof mask as he rappels down while returning fire forcing the bandits to grab the nearest cover and as soon as the masked man reached solid ground that return fire became more accurate and consequently deadly. Volume of fire certainly played its part.

    Kroenen make the rounds to ensure that there are not hostiles were left in the house, once certain that there's no bandit remaining he checked on the remaining hostage for any injury that needed to be addressed before moving in to clear the barricaded stairs. Signaling the militiamen outside that the deed is over they moved in to assist the civilian while some of them cleared the bodies from inside the house, seeing the corpse of the old man being moved out of the house the other two civilians started wailing in despair. The soldier did his best with what he was given but he's still just one man, having other militiamen enter the house with him will slow him down and risks having more casualty. He'll need people trained the same way as he was with the proper equipment in order to improve on the response in such situations. The personnel might be a problem but the equipment is something he can solve easily enough, in fact Kroenen already has designs he's running through his head based on the lessons learned in the hostage rescue operation. With his job inside the city done he still has something to do on the south gate, removing the obstacles and demining at the southern gate is his last agenda.Unexploded munitions whether they be duds or untriggered are a hazard if not dealt with quickly.

    [OOC] Reading (and seeing) medical reports of gun related injuries as well as reading a paper made on gunshot wounds of usual combat cartridges by a Special Forces Medic make the bit on the .223's wounding capacity reasonably accurate...and graphic though I did tone it down a bit.

    [OOC] Warning, some gun-nerdery and a bit graphic description of terminal ballistics are included.
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