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Cold Ruthless Devil Loli
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Can anyone pick up reversed harem novel. I am big fan of reverse harem cause there are no second lead syndrome and heartbreak. Please pick up one of them

Here is
Moe God Love College funny and fantasy novel.
Dancer Ten Husbands mc is confident and shameless. I like her. ml are shy and cold.
Ancient Madness Love funny hilarious sweet novel with pervert mc
Mafia Lady Catch The World strong gang mc who kill people without blink of an eye. she is ruthless
Through The Public All Husbands Chase Wife. This is very satisfied good novel. I finish reading this in raw This is funny novel with wild and prank girl
This is vampire cold blood mc who is stronger and ruthless
This is cultivating and medicine novel.

Another cultivation and genius mc

Here is another funny novel

Another strong mc

Another stronger and ruthless mc known as devil

Another cool strong mc and adventure

Stronger and ruthless mc

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    1. Alina Moktan Mar 13, 2018
      hope one of this novel get picked up cause all sound interested
    2. Sweet Food Mar 13, 2018
      They should really really picked up one of this novel. They all sound interesting.
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    3. Notaborax Mar 13, 2018
    4. Notaborax Mar 13, 2018
      um if you have a good well written reason why you could make a thread in the pick up section of novels