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    Name:이번 생은 가주가 되겠습니다
    Raw Link:
    NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/in-this-life-i-will-be-the-lord/


    Florentia was reincarnated as the illegitimate child of the richest family in the empire.

    She had thought that everything would go well in the future.

    But her father had passed away, her relatives left her at the doorsteps, and the honourable family she was so proud of was completely ruined….

    But is this real?

    She drank a little (a lot) and was hit by a carriage,
    When she opened her eyes again, she was seven years old?

    Moreover, the Second Prince, who was the enemy of her family in her previous life is following her around like a dog!

    “Tia, you’re prettier than me.”
    “….Are you kidding me right now?”
    “No. I mean it.”

    Alright, both the Second Prince and the family are mine!

    In this life, I’ll have to become the Overlord.
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    Spoiler Table of Contents

    Webtoon Trailer
    Tia’s 1st class assignment
    18 Chapters in
    50 Chapters in
    Why Emperor hates ML's mother?
    Character Spoilers
    Perez (ML)
    Gallahan (Father)
    Larane (Cousin)
    Vestian Schulz (Uncle)
    Characters endings
    Empress's ending
    Emperor Ending


    Chapter 1 - 4

    Chapter 5 - 8
    Chapter 9 - 15
    Chapter 26 - 37
    Chapter 38 - 45
    Chapter 156
    Chapter 246 - 247
    Chapter 256 (Main Story END)
    Chapter 1 - 90

    For more information, please visit: https://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/new-spoiler-plugin-for-the-forums.114103/
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    Its going to be made into manhwa!!(Just found out today, wtf!)
    The artist(@loststars_20)who draw the novel cover will also be the one drawing the manhwa! :blobmelt:
    7B3538D5-9199-4692-BC4D-B9F8F065EABA.jpeg B3C7C8BB-109E-4D71-9C41-62D29A7F316D.jpeg
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    (I read more reviews...)
    I only read reviews from blogs.naver using mtl so im not 100% correct..
    Fl started making talented people by her side...
    This has a lot of bussiness, struggles(A LOT), and difficulties...(FL planned a courier business and cruise travel, created enormous wealth, many jobs, and convenience by using Lombardy transport, and easily solved trade with the East, where goods were difficult to transport through cruise travel.) and some other business...
    Also ML is 2 years older than FL!
    Episode 21: FL 8 years old
    Episode 24-FL Meets ML
    Episode 46-ML, Supported by the Lombardi
    Episode 52: 10 years old FL
    Episode 56-ML, Appearing in the Official Stone Awards
    Episode 111-ML, Admission to the Academy
    Episode 121-Six Years Later (FL Coming of Age Ceremony/18 Years Old)
    Episode 156-ML, Confession to FL
    Episode 214-FL Announces Succession of Lombardy
    Episode 246-ML Proposes to GL
    Episode 252-ML, the Prince's Signature Ceremony + Announcement of Engagement
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    Central Representative Noble-Lombardy
    East Representative Noble-Luman

    Western Representative Noble-Angenas → Brown(originally the browns but the Agenas took it)

    South representative nobleman-Seo Shou(mtled)

    North Representative Noble-Ivan
    before reincarnation
    He lost his mother(killed by the emperor), servants and nanny from the empress. He lack education, food, clothing and shelter.. He grows up, went to the academy, met some talented people, made them on his side and gathered to the capital to destroy the Angenas(empress family) to restore the Browns(lovers family)and became the empror. His lover is Ramona Brown.

    After reincarnation
    What happened in his past life happened again. But....then...
    FL’s father went to the palace with FL, after curing a disease that caused his death, FL secretly escaped and met ML who was poisoned and gave him an antidote.
    they became acquintances...Following the advices of FL, he repeatedly eats poison and eats the antidote, and does not neglect his swordsmanship.
    Later, with the support of FL’s grandfather,FL bought him to another place , he moved from the desolation behind the empress to Poirac Palace, and appeared as the second prince to solidify his position.
    He also heads to the academy like his previous life, and follows the same path as before, but he does not have a romantic relationship with Ramona(his past life lover).
    Even after graduating early from the academy, he traveled around the continent for about a year to win the top...
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    Thank u for the spoiler!
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    ML becomes the emperor and avenges himself.... ML wanted FL to be the empress but she’s already has Lombardi... Under the imperial law, it was difficult to serve as the Empress and the Lombardi family... ML had no intention of welcoming any other empress unless it was FL, so his servants tried to find a way. Well in the end, FL was still appointed as the Empress...:blobsweat_2:
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    waiiittt.... she tell the ML (who is still a kid) to keep eating poison????? ( ͠° ͟ ͜ʖ ͡ ͠°)
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    I think it's for his body tolerance towards poison..the Angenas(empress family) is the villain(?) here. To get rid of the ML, there must be several attempts to poison him. So the FL make him eat poisons and antidotes for his own safety.
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    unnamed.png unnamed.jpg
    Florentia was reincarnated as the illegitimate child of the richest family in the empire. She had thought that everything would go well in the future. But her father passed away, her relatives left her, and the honourable family she was so proud of was completely ruined….

    She drank a little (a lot) and was hit by a carriage. When she opened her eyes again, she was seven years old? Moreover, the second prince, who was the enemy of her family in her previous life is following her around like a dog!

    “Tia, you’re prettier than me.”

    “….Are you kidding me right now?”

    “No. I mean it.”

    Alright, both the Second Prince and the family are mine!

    In this life, I’ll have to become the lord.

    This too will be coming out in 2021 [I heard that the artist who drew the novel's cover is gonna be drawing for the manhwa too]
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    Theres already a thread! https://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/in-this-life-i-will-be-the-lord.109698/
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    I'm liking all the cover art. Hoping that someone picks this up again.
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    We love a cool badass female lead :blobpopcorn_cool:
    Enjoy reading!:blob_grin: I haven't read all of the chapters so I don't what will happen.

    『 』

    ⟸ ♔ ⟹
    "You can't gamble the family's property as you please. This is already the third time..."


    Florentia's head intensely turned to the left by an unpleasant noise.

    "You worthless wretch, how dare you to admonish me!"

    The man screamed while his body smelled of liquor, and he pushed her shoulders away with his strong hands.

    "Come on and go get some rest. Calm down, Astall. Head over there. And you..."

    Belsach, who calmly tamed his drunken and staggering cousin, then turned toward Florentia.



    With a louder sound than a while ago, a five-fingered handprint was imprinted on the other side of her face.

    "After four years of spending lavishly on our family's money, did you seriously think it belongs to you?"

    Belsach criticized the fluttering Florentia as she promptly covers her face which had been slapped twice.

    "Don't be mistaken. Although you and us may share the same last name, however, with that dirty blood flowing in your veins, you will never be a part of our family. All you have to do is to live as our servant."

    No matter how many times she recalled his repeated remarks, those cruel words felt like a dagger that simply pierced through her heart.

    "If you ever say a word to grandfather about what happened today, I won't set you loose."

    Given a warning, Belsach spits on the ground as he turns around with his back faced towards me.

    Soon after, the sound of the moving carriage grew more and more distant.

    Left alone in the dark alley, Florentia tightly clenched her fists and bitten her lips.

    A drop of fresh red blood dripped down her injured lips.

    ⟸ ♔ ⟹​

    Klakk. Klak. "Hee-yah!" "Neigh!"

    The slight sway of the moving carriage and the modest sound of the coachman awoke Florentia from the thoughts of the very distant past.

    She slightly raised the curtain draped over the window and glanced outside, she could see the soldiers of the Imperial Palace.

    "We're were."

    Florentia lowered the curtain again and looked straight ahead, as she set her back more upright. After straightening up her hair and dress which had been untidy for a while, she looked like an elegant portrait.

    In the meantime, her carriage passed through the main gate and entered the Lamburgh Palace.

    Riding in the carriage that was glamorously carved on the surface decorating the world symbol on the outside, the original gold showed off its dazzling brilliance under the glorious sunlight of the afternoon.

    "We've arrived."

    The carriage stopped and the coachman politely spoke.


    Without delay, the carriage door opened and a beautiful man greeted her.


    He kissed the back of Florentia's hand after escorting her out of the carriage.

    It was a kiss with a deep meaning that did not hide the desire in his heart.


    Florentia called him out, but Pherez simply smiled with his long eyelashes folded finely.

    "Let's go, everyone is waiting for us."

    She pulled her hand out of his grasp and before she shifted her foot directly towards the banquet hall and moves away from the carriage.

    Pherez, who smiled once more and chuckled after seeing the tip of her ears blushing slightly, soon followed her back.

    "There's no one in this Lamburgh Empire who can complain against you for making them wait, my Tia. You can go a little slower."

    The two have come a long way for today.

    "As hard as it has been for you to come here, you should enjoy the moment."

    After much perseverance, patience and efforts, it was finally time to eat the sweet fruit of her hard work today.

    "Yes. I have suffered a lot of troubles."

    Florentia admitted plainly.

    We've come a long way back. It's probably even hard to imagine. She said in a small voice that no one could hear.

    "But that doesn't mean I should be disrespectful."

    It was a firm answer.

    The woman who had made him fall in love with her from the moment he had laid his eyes on her was such an outstanding woman.

    Pherez laughed full of joy again.

    Before long, the two figures stood at the door of the closed banquet hall.

    "Are you ready?"

    Hearing Pherez's question, Florentia nodded briefly.

    "Very well, shall we go in, Lord Lombardi."

    He reached his hand out before her.

    "Let's go, Your Royal Highness, the Crown Prince."

    A pale, fine palm held his hand together.

    "Open the door."

    Pherez briefly commanded the servant in front of him.

    "His Highness, the Crown Prince and the Overlord, Florentia Lombardi have entered!"

    Beyond the voice from behind the door, announcing the audience of the arrival and the status of the two hosts.

    Florentia laughed since the declaration sounded like music to her ears.

    The door slowly split open in half and the bright light of the banquet hall poured out through the gap.
    『 』

    ⟸ ♔ ⟹

    The iron gates of the great mansion were closed by the hands of the Imperial knights making an unpleasant fricative sound.

    It was the end of the Lombardi Family, who had reigned as one of the greatest influential family on the continent for 250 years, on par with the Imperial family of Lamburgh.

    Like an ever-expanding world, the family's symbol, the house has always remained dominant soon ended in vain with the capture of Vieze Lombardi, the patriarch of the household, as well as other important figures under the name of tax evasion and treason.

    Hundreds of citizens of Lombardi, a city named after the family, had gathered in front of the mansion.

    There were those who constantly shed tears into their handkerchiefs and those who turned their heads away without even looking once.

    And in the front row stood me, Florentia.


    I said bluntly while gritting my teeth, but it didn't matter now. I scowled at the heavily guarded front gate of the poorly-latched family and uttered a few more words.

    "Freaks, dimwits, lazy idiots who will roll around even when stuck in the fire."

    I could feel the citizens standing around me looking back at me in awe, but what do you think?

    The Lombardi Family is already in ruins.

    Yet, no matter how many times I cursed, the rage inside my heart did not subside.

    "I had already told you that it's not the First Prince. I have often told you several times that he's just a spoiled jerk who will never become the Crown Prince!"

    But despite my advice, the Lombardi idiots still supported the First Prince.

    The First Prince, Astana Nerempe Durelli.

    They said it was because the First Prince was a descendant of the Empress, but as far as I could tell, they only choose the exact kind of person as themselves.

    He belonged to a 'royal bloodline', but had a fat body while drowning in luxuries, pleasures and laziness that filled up his stomach.

    It was no exaggeration to explain that Lombardi's brilliant history was the history of the Lamburgh Empire.

    It was the Lombardi Family that gave rise to Durelli, the first Emperor of the Empire, and ruled the Empire where it is today.

    Is that all?

    Reaching the top, the family accumulated an enormous fortune, they participated in every war and achieved bloodless victories with excellent diplomacy, and supported great artists from all over the Empire.

    There was no place in the world where Lombardi's name could not be reached.

    And it was Lulak Lombardi, the Overlord of the previous generation who is praised for raising the Lombardi's Family to a higher level.

    When the young Lulak had taken over the position as an Overlord, the Imperial Palace issued a royal edict to keep him in check.

    That's when Lulak came up with an idea and presented the scholarship policy.

    The administration had raised the number of talented people in various fields by providing generous support to both nobles and commoners.

    It was no wonder where the loyalty of those who had studied under the support of the Lombardi family would lie. They were not Lombardi, but they were the Lombardi's people.

    So Lulak, the Overlord, had to succeed in planting his people all over the place without even taking a single step out of the Lombardi's territory. Eventually, the Emperor, who had no choice but to recognize the Lombardi family's influence, had to take back the royal edict after twenty years.


    "No matter how ignorant you are, how can you ruin such an influential family in two years!"

    Two years ago, after the death of Lulak Lombardi, the first son, Vieze Lombardi, was appointed to the post of the next Overlord.

    And that was the beginning of the disaster.

    Vieze was a sleazy, passive man who only liked to say a few words, so he couldn't lead the kingdom or his family, and so, the Lombardi's bloodline, a bunch of slanderers, became selfish causing the family to lose their strict ancestry.

    It's so obvious, I don't even have to look at it. The reason why I knew so much about them was quite simple.

    I used to be a Lombardi.

    To be more specific, I lived in a country called South Korea, died in a traffic car accident, and reincarnated into this world.

    That too, in the Lombardi family.

    When I had first opened my eyes in the body of a newborn baby, I screamed instead of crying while looking at my luxurious surroundings that seemed like a hallucination.

    I was finally born with a golden spoon!

    There was definitely a period of time where I had woken up in that mansion, greeted everyone in the mornings, and gone to sleep at night while looking at the fancy patterns carved on the ceiling.

    Sadly, I was just a half-blood.

    My father was the third and youngest son of my grandfather, the Overlord of Lombardi but my mother, who had passed away while giving birth to me, was a commoner and could not officially get married due to the strict laws of the family.

    Born between them, I was technically illegitimate, but with my grandfather's permission, I was lucky to be able to use the Lombardi family's surname.

    However, that didn't mean that I was recognized as a part of the Lombardi's.

    All the time, I was just a vaguely positioned child using the Lombardi family's last name and is not actually a complete member of the family.

    It was all superficial but even then, I was happy only for a short while.

    A few days before my eleventh birthday.

    After my father passed away due to an incurable disease, I was forgotten in the family. I was no longer a part of Lombardi without a father who had linked me to the family.

    Soon after, I was no more invited to any family events and I lost my place.

    However, I couldn't just leave like that, so I started working at the age of fifteen. In the beginning, I began to take care of the library in the mansion.

    When my father was alive, it was the place we had spent most of our time together, and it was almost like my second home.

    But when the librarian suddenly resigned due to an illness, there was a vacancy and I took over the position with much difficulty.

    It was ridiculous to entrust the whole library to a fifteen-year-old child but the surname Lombardi attached to my name had proven to be very useful at that time.

    Ordering and organizing books as people requested were something I loved and it wasn't that difficult for me.

    As a result of working hard while enjoying my duties, the library became more and more pleasant and I started to be recognized for the first time.

    So, one by one, one at a time. Slowly, I started to touch on the affairs of the mansion. By the end of my eighteenth birthday, I began to be in charge of the family affairs inside and outside the Lombardi mansion.

    It was quite an extreme job.

    My father's brothers were all snobbish nobles living in their own little bubble, and my Lombardi cousins were rogues who got involved in some of the other accidents every day.

    And the year I turned nineteen, my grandfather fell ill and I was assigned the duty to assist him by his side. It was only natural that no-one knew the family affairs as well as I did.

    Unlike my cousins, who were born with blank heads, my grandfather was quite shocked to know at my ability to learn anything quickly and fulfill my responsibilities accurately.

    "If only I had known a few years earlier that you were such a child!"

    Like my grandfather, Lulak Lombardi's illness worsened, sighing became a habit for him as he constantly thought about the future of the family.

    "I would have passed down this family to you...."

    Every time, he would sigh and laugh.

    "Nothing would have changed, grandpa."

    "Why do you think so?"

    "I'm illegitimate. How can I become the overlord with a commoner's blood in me?"

    "No, Florentia."

    The voice of my grandfather who was shaking his head was very firm.

    "You are a Lombardi. As long as you have the blood of the family, you're well qualified."

    However, it was only a late regret, and Vieze, my grandfather's first son, was counting the days when he would become the overlord.

    Still, the last three years that I had spent with my grandfather were not meaningless.

    During that time, I was able to feel some affection for the first time after my father had passed away.

    "I'm sorry, Florentia. I should have taken better care of you. And all of that even though you're my granddaughter...I'm really sorry."

    It might have been regretful for him, but it was enough for me.

    The resentment I had felt towards my grandfather since he hadn't paid much attention to me since I was a child had disappeared after that heartfelt apology.

    He had done his best for the Lombardi family.

    With affection, he did everything he could to make the family reach greater heights. I stayed up all night working, and I didn't mind taking care of the dirty work and mistakes of my cousins.

    I really loved being a part of the Lombardi family.


    "Get out. You know what you have to do without me telling you any further, Florentia."

    After my grandfather's funeral, Vieze said those words while throwing a bag in front of me.

    "I had been patient because of your father for a while, but I can't just wait and watch any more. I can't believe I let you stay in my place for so long."

    I've been too patient.

    Were you completely blind to all the work that I had done for the family?

    For all the effort I've been putting, it seems I wasn't a Lombardi after all.

    "You can strip me off of my last name of Lombardi. Let me work for the family. I need to be here." I spoke some funny words.

    However, Vieze only laughed.

    "You still don't know anything till the end. Don't ever come near this place again!"

    I was kicked out just like that.

    Without receiving any rightful inheritance of property despite being a Lombardi. And exactly two years later, that idiot completely ruined the Lombardis!

    That great family!

    The beautiful Lombardi family that I had dedicated my youth to!


    The glass I put down roughly made a loud noise.

    The owner of the bar glared at me, but my anger had exploded and I couldn't care less about it.

    "So the Second Prince became the one to reach the top!"

    It was the Second Prince that no-one cared about because he was the child of a maid.

    The Second Prince, Pherez Brivachau Durelli.

    No-one had ever thought that the second prince, who had been rumoured to have died in the small palace, had actually grown up so brilliantly.

    And with a tremendous amount of talent, he was the first to graduate from the Imperial Academy as both a civil servant and a military officer at the same time due to which he ended up grabbing the attention of his father, the Emperor!

    Not only that.

    The second prince even ate up the entire Parliament at once by grabbing the nobles carefully recruited by the First Prince and his mother, the Empress, due to his tremendous charms.

    Sigh. The Lombardis wouldn't have gone bankrupt if only they had hung on to the right rope.

    "One more drink here!"

    No matter how much I drink, the rage burning inside me doesn't seem to fade at all.

    "If you have two eyes, you should have seen it coming already! No matter who looks at it, it's obvious that the Second Prince is more likely to be the Emperor than the one who has nothing better to do than getting involved in debauchery and gambling!"

    But those Lombardi fools didn't know that.

    Probably because they were laughing along with the First Prince on the gambling table. Eventually, the second Prince became the Crown Prince and soon after, the Emperor passed away.

    The Lombardis, who had done all sorts of vicious things to make the first prince the crown prince was hit by the extreme backlash.

    "Haah...I need to go home."

    I felt dizzy because I had drunk too much alcohol. Fortunately, the house where I lived on monthly rent was only two blocks away from here.

    As I placed the money on the counter, I staggered and walked out of the bar.

    "Bastards. Brainless fools. Worthless scoundrels."

    It was when I vividly recalled the faces of my uncles and cousins that I began to curse.


    One foot of mine slipped in vain, my body tilted to one side and I staggered, struggling not to fall. And the place where I finally stood straight was right in front of a moving carriage.


    Something strong hit me hard at the back and I could feel my body floating in the air.

    I could also hear the hooves of a horse in the distance.

    It's kind of foolish that I had died in a car accident in my previous life, and this time it's a carriage accident.

    When I glanced down, my body that had been floating in the air steadily fell to the floor, unable to defy gravity.

    Very soon, darkness fell.
    『 』

    ⟸ ♔ ⟹

    I could see a brown-haired man in his late twenties reading a book next to me.

    "...Fathe-, no... Dad?"

    The green eyes that resembled mine looked at me.

    "What's wrong, Tia?"

    As I heard the voice that I had remembered distinctly, I got goosebumps on my arms.

    What, is this for real?

    The smell of books and the ambiance of the library were way too clear to be considered a mere memory before dying.

    I tried to figure out the situation by blinking several times.

    Why am I suddenly standing in the library of the mansion, when I had instead been waiting for my death due to being hit by a carriage?

    Why is the bookshelf so big and why is the desk so high?


    When was the last time someone had called me so affectionately?

    I felt like I was about to cry as I looked at the familiar green eyes. My father was the young man that I had remembered in my memories.

    "Tia, are you alright?"

    I don't know what the hell was going on, but first I need to get out of this place.

    "Wait a minute. The thing is, can I go to my room?"

    My father, who had tilted his head, gave me a nod while closing his eyes in relief.

    "Yeah, you can. Do you want me to come with you?"

    "N-no! I can go alone!"

    "Haha. You're more energetic today. Then, please go carefully."

    "Yep. Well, I'll be right back. Stay here for a moment!"

    Saying that I started running.

    As I looked around at the library while running, it seemed to have retained its old look. It was the appearance that had been there before I became the librarian and changed it efficiently.

    It's strange! Really strange!

    As I ran out of the library, a familiar yet unfamiliar hallway greeted me.

    My room was too far, so I entered a random room as its door was open. The room with a single bed and simple furniture looked like it didn't belong to anyone. I thought it was the guest room, but that wasn't important right now.

    It was impossible to count the number of vacant rooms in the mansion, to the point it almost seemed like a village.

    "Mirror! Yes, mirror!"

    Fortunately, I was able to find a full-length mirror placed in the corner of the room. It didn't seem that far enough. But strangely enough, I had to take several steps to reach it.

    And the moment I stood in front of the mirror, I could see why.

    "Why am I so small?!"

    My body was ridiculously small, and couldn't even fill a third of the full-length mirror which was made to fit the height of an adult. Looking down, I could see two small hands that looked like maple leaves, a baby belly and a tiny pair of feet.

    "How old am I now?"

    I can't ask anyone. After thinking for a moment, I hurriedly lifted the hem of the skirt that I was wearing.

    "It was before my eighth birthday when I had fallen and injured myself!"

    There was a time when I was playing in the garden and I ended up scratching my knees severely on the rocks. The scar was so large that it was still present even when I had been twenty-five-years-old.

    "None. No scar."

    The knee looked smooth without any sign of an injury.

    "Then I'm not eight years old yet...."

    I looked in the mirror once again, but my appearance of a child remained unchanged.

    Even though I had just suffered an accident and opened my eyes, I was surprised to see no wounds on my body- nevertheless, if I'm to really talk about what's more surprising, then it's the fact that I came back to the past.

    Even if I had experienced reincarnation after death, it wasn't that easy to accept.

    This is the first time I've ever experienced a regression. My legs were shaking, so I sat on the bed next to me.

    Merely being so short wasn't that easy either.

    The Lombardi mansion's landscape was barely visible from the window due to my small height.

    "I'm really back in the past."

    I murmured as I watched the large evergreen trees soaring deep in the garden.

    These were the trees that had been chopped off when my first uncle, Vieze had become the overlord.

    He had said that it was for the purpose of landscaping but it was quite obvious that he just didn't want to see the trees that my grandfather had cherished.

    However, it was later found that the trees were the ones the first emperor had offered to celebrate the completion of the mansion.

    He was named as the eldest, but that man who was the so-called Overlord didn't even know about the importance of those trees to the family.

    "Foolish Vieze."

    I don't know what the hell grandfather was thinking but Vieze was never suited to be an Overlord. In that sense, even my younger uncle, Laurel was not qualified.

    If Vieze was a man with a narrow and intolerant view, his younger brother, Laurel, was just like a loyal hound who was always moving as his brother ordered.

    If anyone was capable, it was my father, Gallahan.

    Although he was overly thoughtful and somewhat fragile, he was a well-educated person who wanted to go to the academy for higher education.

    But my father had passed away early, so there weren't many options left...

    Wait a minute.

    "My father... Can he be saved?"

    My father had passed away due to an illness shortly before my eleventh birthday.

    At that time, there was no cure, so I couldn't do anything about it, but just a few years later, I clearly remember the news that a doctor had discovered the medicine.

    "I can save my father!"

    My whole body trembled with joy. My eyes seemed to be hot, and tears dripped down my face. I don't have to lose my father.

    He can be saved.

    I don't have to watch my father die a painful death at such a young age.

    It was bizarre, but I was somehow able to return to the past. And right away, another realization came along.

    "Then, wouldn't I be able to protect the Lombardi family?"

    I jumped up from my seat and walked towards the window.

    From the library, the view of Lombardi's huge four-story main building and several buildings built around it could be seen at a glance.

    I could also see the guests, servants, and other men working in the mansion.

    All of this had ceased to exist.

    In my memories, I could see the Imperial knights closing the doors of the empty mansion in front of my eyes.

    "First of all, I have to stop Vieze from becoming the Overlord."

    As the next overlord, it had been his judgment to support the first prince at that time.

    Rabini Angenas, the mother of the first Prince and the current empress of the Lamburgh Empire is also the cousin of Vieze's wife, Seral. With such a relationship, it's inevitable that they would be inclined to support her son for the position of the next Crown Prince.

    The first Prince was the first person who couldn't afford to deal with such immense power and responsibility and moreover, Emperor Jovanes had never been a foolish monarch himself.

    It was Vieze who didn't understand his own mind and ended up supporting the first Prince. If only you hadn't declared your support so publicly.

    No, you had even tried to blackmail and harm the second Prince!

    Otherwise, Lombardi would have remained safe.

    Then, I'd thought I would try and persuade Vieze, but very soon, I realized it wouldn't work.

    Had he been a man who could be persuaded easily, he wouldn't have ruined the family like that within such a short time.

    If so, it means that someone else should be the Overlord instead.

    [ I would have passed down this family to you..... ]

    I remembered how my grandfather would always say that while sighing out of habit.

    "Me... Shall I try?"

    I chuckled because it sounded like I was out to catch clouds.

    (t/n: Catch Clouds: this is used when someone pursues something vague, absurd, or something that is impossible to do.)

    While I had been helping my grandfather and practically taking charge of the family affairs, it wasn't just once or twice that I would have the thought that I'd rather become the Overlord instead of Vieze since he kept ruining all my hard-earned efforts.

    Actually, no matter what I do, I'm sure I'll be better than my uncle anyway.

    "At least I wouldn't make that mistake against the second Prince. Then our family will be safe. I know for sure that the second Prince will end up becoming the Emperor anyway....."

    If so, how about I place the second prince in the line in advance?

    Wouldn't it benefit the Lombardis if we got close?

    Not only that. I had a memory of what would happen at least for the next 20 years.

    If I could make good use of the knowledge I had, I could make the Lombardi family stronger. I can protect my dear family with my own hands.


    "Let's do it."

    It was a family that would be ruined if left unchecked.

    Hundreds of years of reign would tragically be destroyed just like that.

    I couldn't let that happen to the Lombardis.

    "I'm going to be overlord."

    Or I could have my father succeed in my grandfather. It just couldn't be first uncle Vieze or second uncle Laurel.

    "Then, for now...."

    I leaned back on the bed and organized my thoughts a little bit more.

    ⟸ ♔ ⟹
    "Master Gallahan has received a call from the Lord, so he's gone to the office, my lady."

    When I returned to the library, the place where my father had been sitting was neatly arranged and this is what the librarian told me.

    The old librarian whose hair had already turned grey, Brochle.

    It wasn't until Brochle had resigned from his job due to an illness that I started working in the library. He was originally a famous professor at the academy but later started working for the Lombardis.

    "Library grandpa."

    If it were my original age, it would have sounded very idiotic to say that to Brochle, who was once a professor, but what do you think? I am a child now.

    "Please lend me a book."

    "What kind of book would you like?"

    When I said the title of the book, Brochle looked dumbstruck.

    "By any chance, is this something Master Gallahan has asked for?"

    "No. I want to see it."

    I understand why Brochle looked surprised. But I waited confidently, not avoiding his eyes that were practically staring at me.

    This was the book that I had wanted to read the most before I was hit by a carriage. However, it was so precious and expensive that in the end, I was never able to read it.

    After a while, I left the library with a pretty heavy book in my arms.

    "I'll go to the office and wait while reading a book."

    I had asked someone a little while ago and found out that today was the third day of the week.

    It was grandfather's old habit to have a brief meeting with his three sons and one daughter on the third day.

    Except the time would be different every time, so my father and his siblings would have to stay in the mansion all day and wait for grandfather's call.

    Nevertheless, no one could express their dissatisfaction with it.

    Because in this Lombardi mansion, grandfather's power was absolute.

    When I was walking by myself, I found the main building and was able to stand in the hallway in front of the office. It was a place I had visited often when I had helped assist my grandfather in his work.

    From a child's point of view, it looked somewhat different.

    I wanted to take a closer look around the inside of the main building but I had to rest by the window.

    The distance from the library to this place is too much considering my short stature. Moreover, I could feel that my child's body was weak and gets tired easily.

    And then, when I was thinking of taking a nap soon,

    "Hey, half-blood."

    I heard the voice of some cheeky kid calling me.
    『 』

    ⟸ ♔ ⟹

    A shameless laugh was heard.

    It was Vieze's son, Belsach, who had called me.

    A boy with brown hair and brown eyes, who did not resemble his mother, Seral, at all and instead, just looked like a replica of Vieze.

    That grumpy-looking face had many flaws but even then, women would never stop approaching him due to his status of being the eldest son of the Lombardi family.


    But what was in front of me right now was just a little boy who I'm assuming must be around ten years old.

    He was someone who engaged in all kinds of nasty things, so I was the one who had to clean up and deal with his mess. He was someone who made me tremble whenever I saw his face, but as a child, he was pretty cute.

    "Are you laughing at me?!"

    However, that temper wasn't cute at all.

    Still, I was about to apologize because I thought I'd end up feeling bad later.

    "This filthy half-blood dares to laugh at someone!"

    But offensive words kept leaking from his mouth.


    Little by little, I began to remember.

    My cousins, including Belsach, had cursed me to death just because my mother had been a commoner.

    "Brother, I think that half-blood must be pissed off right now?"

    As I turned my head towards the voice that just poured into the air, I could see my second uncle's first son, Astall, standing next to him.

    If Belsach had made me crazy due to his disorderly private life and violent episodes, then Astall had troubled me by becoming addicted to gambling.

    He had become a big target for the other gamblers because he was a powerful, brainless fool whose innermost thoughts would be apparent to everyone.

    Eventually, he almost got kicked out by his grandfather and before he entered the Lombardi knights division in his later years, there were several buildings that Astall had already sold away due to gambling debts.

    That's right, these two would always stick together to pick on me.

    "What would you do if I was angry?"

    "Are you going to cry and piss again?"

    At that time, I had been very afraid of these two.

    Even if it was just a child's prank, the bullying by them had been very vicious. I was too young and powerless to deal with their pure malice towards me because as the saying goes, children are crueler than they seem.

    So, previously, whenever I would come across these two, I couldn't even run away and would only tremble, so that everything would just end quickly.

    Sometimes, it would just end with mockery and some insults, but on days when Belsach wasn't in a good mood, he would end up bruising me.

    When my father would show anger because of it, Vieze and Laurel would often rebuke him and say 'that's how young kids grow up but it's too much of a joke.'


    However, I suppressed my anger. Then I asked them something.

    "Belsach, how old am I now?"


    Belsach looked at me strangely as if I had suddenly asked a weird question.

    "How old am I?"

    Originally, I wanted to make my voice more intimidating and deep but since this was a child's body, I was limited in that sense.

    "You don't even know that?"

    When I spoke in a way that disregarded and looked down on him, Belsach replied angrily.

    "You're seven years old! I know!"

    Oh, I see, you mean I'm seven?

    "Right. I'm seven years old. And you're ten, and Astall is eight years old."

    There was a difference of about three years and one year between us, so I was able to calculate their ages.

    "Now that you're that old, how can you be so childish?"

    Initially, children like to think they are all grown adults.

    "You shouldn't make fun of your cousin by calling her half-blood like that."

    I tried to coax the two as nicely as possible.

    What do the kids know about this? All the fault lies on the adults.

    But Belsach's mood turned rather nasty.

    "Cousin? Childish?"

    Somehow, somewhere, it seemed that something bad is going to happen. I turned myself around because I sensed he needed something to vent his anger quickly.

    Belsach, wheezing, looked down at me threateningly.

    "Are you crazy?"

    And then he raised his hand high.

    But for some reason, he waited for a while before hitting me.

    As if he was expecting me to be afraid.

    But when they didn't get the response they wanted, Belsach and Astall became perplexed.

    And their embarrassment was expressed by the act of hitting me.


    The raised hand grabbed my hair and pulled me as hard as it could.

    With that power, my knees and scalp burned as I fell hard on the ground.

    When I looked up, I could see a few strands of my hair ripped out in Belsach's hands.

    "Haha! What a sight!"

    The face, pointing and laughing at me, was the same as the face of the one who treated me as a maid, asking me to go out to the fountain and do the laundry every time I encountered him in my grandfather's office.

    The anger that I had suppressed inside me by thinking of him as a child soared back.

    "For the lowly half-blood. Are you trying to teach me?"

    Belsach said while pushing my head down.

    "Just because you have the same last name, you've started deluding yourself into thinking you're one of us."

    Astall smiled meaningfully behind him.

    "You're not a Lombardi. So get the hell out of here, you half-blood."

    "I told you not to say that."


    "I said, don't call me a half-blood."

    I, who had fallen on the ground, lifted one foot and kicked Belsach's shin.

    It wasn't a very strong kick, but the shin area hurts quite a bit even if one hits lightly.


    Belsach screamed loudly and fell backward, clutching his legs and rolling around.

    I immediately stood up with the book that had been dropped next to me.


    I could feel Astall step closer in surprise as he tried to help.

    I turned my head to the side without saying anything and stared at that child, Astall.

    That alone caused the timid Astall to become terrified and stop at his place.

    I glared at him one more time so that he could stand there quietly and then approached Belsach, who was still rolling around like a puppy.

    "This spoiled puppy."

    I wasn't wrong.

    My first uncle, Vieze, had no manners and often behaved like a dog to his wife and Belsach was a seed that had been produced to be just like his father.

    Puppy was just the right word.

    A fearless puppy.

    I'll fix your habits.

    "You, you crazy bitch!"

    He was in pain, but his mouth was still alive and loud.

    With the book that I was holding, I began to use it to repeatedly smack Belsach's shoulders and arms.

    It's a pretty thick book so it will hurt.

    "Ughh! Ahh!"

    "Again and again! Half-blood! Half-blood! You made me mad by saying half-blood! You were asking to be beaten! Shouldn't have done it!"

    "Ast-Astall! What are you doing! Argh! Get this nasty thing off me! Ahh!"

    Belsach called Astall desperately but the small child was already trembling.

    The little boy, who was only eight years old couldn't help it anymore.

    "For me! Because of you! How hard it is for me! I know it!"

    Ignoring the hand that was trying to push me, I continued to smack Belsach with the book.

    "Ughh, kggh!"

    Even though I had only smacked him a few times, this young child's body was out of breath and my arms felt weak. If Belsach would have acted rebellious and hit me back, I would have been instantly knocked out, but fortunately, I was safe.

    He started crying.

    "Ahhh! Nngh, save me!"

    My ears were stinging because of how loud his voice was.

    It was then.

    The door of the office burst open and a loud yelling sound was heard.

    "What a fuss!"

    A middle-aged man with a huge, intimidating presence whose neatly arranged white hair and beard gave the impression of a lion's mane appeared in front of me.


    It was my grandfather, Lulak Lombardi, the patriarch of this Lombardi family, who was staring at the scene of Belsach lying on the floor and me smacking him with my book.


    Soon after, someone came screaming from the office while calling out his son's name and pushed me roughly.


    It was incomparably strong compared to how I had been pushed down by Belsach a while ago.

    The book fell far away, and my palm and wrist became sore as I used them to reduce the impact of my fall and avoid hitting my head.


    That's when I heard an affectionate voice.

    My father, who came out of the office belatedly, saw me and approached me with surprise.

    "Oh my god! Tia, your wounds!"

    It's probably because I look like a mess right now.

    Belsach was the one crying, but apparently, my condition was much worse.

    "Brother, Father! Father!"

    But I know how loud Belsach is, and he's going to make it worse than it is.

    "You! Apologize to my son right now!"

    He asked me to apologize without even bothering to listen to the whole story.

    My eyes turned red and I turned my head away because I didn't want anyone to see that face.

    "This, this cheeky thing!"

    Then, Vieze stretched his hand out as if he was about to hit me right away.


    I felt my father hugging me and protecting me.

    But judging the situation, it seemed like he would end up hitting my dad who was blocking me.

    "Stop it!"

    However, the unexpected situation was temporarily suspended as soon as my grandfather voiced out in anger.

    Vieze was still struggling, but he couldn't say anything anymore and stared at me with his eyes as if he was going to kill me.

    In the quiet hallway, only the whimpering of Belsach rang from time to time.

    Me? I was quietly laying down in my father's arms and hugging him.

    To be honest, I'm flattered.

    I wanted to leave a good impression on my grandfather but from the beginning itself, I messed up.

    All because of that stupid Belsach.

    My grandfather, who took turns looking at Belsach and me for a while, then looked at Astall.

    The boy was already hiding away while holding onto my second uncle, Laurel's clothes.

    "Astall, what happened?"

    Grandfather asked.

    Astall looked up at his father for a moment and then replied.

    "B-Brother Belsach and I were just walking and this half, no, this Florentia suddenly started hitting us."

    No, but can you see what that loyal dog is saying?
    『 』

    ⟸ ♔ ⟹

    "She kicked him down and after that, she started hitting us over and over again with her book..."

    How crazy.

    I can't believe you're telling him a lie by twisting the truth cleverly. It's quite shocking that Astall has some brain that could do that.

    I wanted to scream to deny what he told me was a lie right away, but I decided to hold it in.

    Instead, I stare at my grandfather with a look implying 'I have something to say!'


    Grandfather catch sight of me looking at him and asked Astall once again, "So you're saying that Florentia started hitting you and Belsach for no reason?"

    "Tha, that's...!"

    Sadly, Astall isn't so good at making up an excuse quickly and is bad at coping with situations.

    << Among Lombardi's veins, especially those who do not understand if they use their bodies, how can you be a storekeeper who if don't have a brain. >>?

    "Florentia hated us from the beginning..."

    Feeling a sense of crisis, Belsach's voice spoke out loud interrupting Astall's hesitation.

    The corner of my lips was raised in silence.

    "Don't intervene in other people's conversations, Belsach."

    Because that's what grandfather despised the most.

    That's the reason why I've been holding myself back so far from yelling that I've been falsely accused.

    "Where did you learn to be mean?"

    Tears filled again in Belsach's eyes, which had been stopped by my scolding. Still, he can't even whimper loudly because of how scared he is of grandfather.

    "Continue speaking, Astall."

    Now, it's Astall's turn to be tense, and has grown more nervous. The poor boy, who couldn't come up with a proper excuse a while ago, now began to bury his face on his father, Laurel's clothes to cry.


    That was an ordinary reaction of children standing in front of their grandfather when scolded.

    Lulak Lombardi's enormous charisma sometimes even makes healthy grown-ups tremble in fear. They are the children of the Lombardi who have seen their grandfather since they were young.

    Most people dared not to even make eye contact.


    When my grandfather called for me, I felt my father's hand holding my shoulders.

    "You tell me."

    But while asking for my explanation, grandfather didn't seem to have high expectations.

    It was obvious.

    My past self as a child, Florentia was an exceptionally timid and fearful child. My father's timid personality is what I inherited from and because of that, I was harassed by my cousins and they can easily get away just like that.

    But I respond, looking straight into my grandfather's eyes.

    "I didn't do anything wrong."

    "You dare say that when my son currently looks like this...!"


    Eventually, a loud roar broke out of my grandfather's voice.

    Vieze, who was about to chew me up, suddenly died down his tone as his shoulders crouched.

    A little while ago, seeing that his son was scolded for doing the same thing, he couldn't overcome his mood and intervene.

    Like father, like son.
    (Vieze and Belsuch)


    Grandfather told me coldly.

    But at first glance, I could tell that there was something else in that cold eye.

    "I was waiting for my father here. But suddenly, Belsach and Astall came and teased me by calling me half-blood. I told him not to do that, so he hit me."

    "Hit you? Who hit you?"


    I did not fail to lift my index finger to point at Belsach. "And he called me lowly. He told me to go back to the commoner's village."

    Although I'm unable to see him, I know the expression on my father's face when he's listening to me now.

    I can feel his hands on my shoulders trembling with anger. I could've glossed my words over cursorily, but now is my chance and the best time to tell them how I have been treated recently.

    I'm sorry Father. Just hang in there a little longer.

    "So did you hit Belsuch because of that?"


    "Then why did you do it?"

    "That's because Belsuch..."

    I took a small breath in and said my words clearly,

    "That's because Belsuch told me, 'You're not a Lombardi.'"

    My grandfather's brown eyes immediately met mine.

    His brown eyes were plain looking, but I recognize his eyes know so much that the criminals couldn't even imagine.

    "I am half-blood."

    Unfortunately, my mother wasn't licensed to get Lombardi's last name until the end, so I was half-blood.

    I have no intention of denying it.

    "Even if it's half, but I'm definitely a Lombardi. A Lombardi whom my grandfather will acknowledge."

    In the past, I thought I was imperfect because my mother was born a commoner. So I always ignored my commons blood, yet my cousins regarded me as half being with no noble's blood at all.

    He found it reasonable. That's why he treated me like a servant and not as a member of the Lombardi. Though I became aware of how to manage one's household, I only realized when I left. Furthermore, I'm a hundred times more suitable for the title of Lombardi than those idiots who call themselves Lombardi.

    To tell the truth, I'm not inferior as a Lombardi to anyone else.

    "He denied my existence as a Lombardi. And I can't stand it."

    "He didn't make fun of you because you were mean, but because they said you aren't part of Lombardi?"

    "That's right."

    I answered along with a nod and deliberately added,


    This means, 'I am your granddaughter too.'

    I wanted to say that I deserve to call you, my grandfather as much as Belsuch.

    And at that moment, I saw... A faint smile on the lips of an angered, hardened faced grandfather.

    "Do your knee hurt?"

    Only then did I look down at my knees at my grandfather's words. Blood was running down the skin from the fall.

    "Of course, it hurts."

    "But you didn't cry. You were such a crybaby back then."

    I forgot about that.

    Will they think it's weird that I, a crybaby until yesterday, suddenly changed?

    Feeling a little embarrassed, I answered quickly. "I will cry. I will go to my room and cry after everything I wanted to say."


    Above my head, I heard my father slightly laughs. At the same time, the tense atmosphere eased off smoothly.

    That's a relief.

    I secretly swallowed a sigh of relief. The first step I needed to do to become the successor was to earn my grandfather's trust.

    The King of Lombardi is my grandfather.

    From the large and small things of the family to the heirs, everything goes according to grandfather's will. Briefly, it means that once I earn my grandfather's favour, I will receive my grandfather's beauty.

    (t/n: Once she gets her grandpa's favour, beauty meant his title, land, estate, and all his fortunes to protect.)

    Although Vieze and the rest of the family may not like me, as long as I'm favoured by my grandfather there is nothing much they can do.

    However, being out of my grandfather's sight in Lombardi means an automatic death, so that's all.

    This incident happened to be an unexpected accident but to me, this was a blessing in disguise.

    I was wondering how to get my grandfather's attention but it seems like I definitely took this opportunity to get his eyes set on me.

    "Pardon me, Father. I think we'll excuse ourselves to treat Tia's wounds."

    My father, who was very wary of my grandfather, carefully brought out his words.

    "Hm. Yes, you should. Take her there."

    I've gotten permission to leave, I should quickly run away. When I was trying to hold my father's hand.

    "Hold on," Grandpa called me.

    Oh. Why again?

    "Florentia. Does this book belong to you?"

    Grandfather asked, who picked up a book from the ground and questions about it.

    Titled <People in the South>, the thick covered book was not a children's book at a glance. For instance, it was a very expensive and precious book.

    I felt a twinge at the moment.

    It's because I had carelessly forgotten about the book and I knew what my grandfather thought of people who use books without permission and the way people treat them.

    I have decided to turn myself in.

    Grandpa even saw me beating Belsuch with this book, so there was no way out.

    "Yes. It is my book..."

    I replied as I took the book back with both hands.

    "I'm sorry."


    Grandfather looked at me as if he were wondering.

    What is it? Isn't he angry?

    "What are you apologizing for?"

    "Well, that's. That's because of my rough handling of books. Books are meant to convey knowledge, not to beat, no, harm people."

    "Didn't you just say that you did nothing wrong?"

    He sure does have a good memory too.

    I presented not to know and said, "I think it's good to admit you're wrong quickly when you realize you made a mistake."


    My grandfather, who might have laughed for a moment, told my father,

    "Go ahead and bring Florentia to the doctor."

    Inside the Lombardi estate, is a resident doctor. It's a small hospital where students were taught, studied, and treated people under the auspices of their families.

    "Yes, Father."

    My father glanced at my bloody knee and carried me close in his arms.

    Since I am a seven-year-old child, it was natural for a father to hug his daughter, but her healthy mind is of an adult. It felt a bit awkward to be hugged by someone so sweetly.

    Especially to my father, who died a long time ago and never seen again.

    "But Father! Are you going to just cover this up? Florentia made Belsuch clean up this mess!"

    Vieze, who had been crumbling and distorted, shouted unjustly.

    "Florentia must take responsibility for what she did!"

    Oh, you moron.

    I put up with the desire to bury my face in my father's shoulders. Not being able to grasp the mood, you're still the same as in the future and now.

    "Are you complaining about my decision now?"

    Grandfather's voice became harsh again.

    "No, that's not it..."


    "...Yes, Father."

    "You should be ashamed of yourself."

    My grandfather, who had only said those words, went back into the room. The remaining members of the Lombardi gnash his teeth, but there was nothing he can do.

    "We'll be leaving then."

    My father greeted them while holding me in his arms.

    I thought we were going to go right away, but as we passed by the offer in the rain, he halted for a while and said,

    "Brother, aren't you getting too excited about the children's quarrels?"


    I covered my mouth shut with one hand holding in my laughter. Meanwhile, whenever Belsuch harassed me, my father would take care of what his brother had said.

    "You, why you...!!"

    Vieze was so angered that he didn't know what to do but my father just walked away with a straight and calm face. I hugged my father's neck and peek from behind and searching for Belsuch. When he made eye contact with me, he shook his shoulders.

    I mouthed out my words as I try to suppress my smiling face from laughing.

    'I. Will. See. You. Later.'

    The quiet guy suddenly bursts into tears, 'Argh!', I was so nervous.
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